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The Lubbock avalanche. (Lubbock, Tex.) 1909-1922, January 11, 1912, Image 4

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1R. G. Way Grocery Company
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Daughter of Winfield Scott
Doesn't Seem to be Satisfied
with Amount Left Her.
In the Fort Worth Teleirram
of u few .lays ao we gather the
following information with re
gard to the late will of Win
field Scott, who was very exten
sively -fcnown in the western
part of the State:
Mrs. (Jeorgia Scott Townsend.
daughter of the late Winlield
Scott, multimillionaire oil opera
tor, cattle king and capitalist
will engage in in a legal hat
tie with her step-motrer, Mrs.
Klizabeth Scott, and A. 15.
liobertson. executor of the will,
for $l,rMM).MK, which she claims
is her portion of the estate in
lieu of the income of about $1)0
a month which she is given
by the terms of the will. At
torneys for Mrs. Townsend an
nounced Tuesday that the suit
would be tiled within the next
ten days.
For some time there have been
reports that Mrs. Townsend
would contest the will of her
uther, but at one time there.
was a contrary report to the
Hl'ect that a compromise had
been ejected. The announce
ment id' her attorneys Tuesday
was the first definite one of
her intentions.
The Scott will, disposing of
property valued at approximately
$4.(HM),(XH), was admitted to
probate by County .Judge I'.rat
ton Tuesday. Mrs. Kli.abeth
Scott, widow of the late finan
cier, was present in court and
was represented in the formal
proceedings by her attorneys,
Capps, Cantey. Hanger & Stout,
and Miller & Stephens.
In her contest, which will be
filed as soon as the executors
file an inventory of the estate.
Mrs. Townsend will be repre
sented by McLean, Scott t- Mc
Lean, and by Thompson. Spoon ts
it P.arwise.
It is probable that the contest
will be filed within the next
ten days, but the trial cannot be
held until the county court.
Under the terms of the will
the bulk of the immense .fortune
goes to Mrs. Fli.abeth Scott,
the widow of the dead capitalist,
and to Winfield Scott. .Jr., his
ten-year-old son.
Mrs. Townsend is left a life
interest in the Seolt hotel build
ing. Second and Main streets.
It is cstimalod that the net rev
enues of this property are not
in excess of $1." a month.
At Mrs. Townsend' death the
life inerest would pass to her VV
year-old son. Winlield Scott
Townsend, the child of her first
Mrs. Townsend is the daugh
ter of Windfield Scott, by his
first marriage. Her mother
died when she was two weeks of
Her father married again
, about seven years later.
' Mrs. Townsend claims a one
half interest in all the pn perty
which her her father had acquir
ed up to the date of his s nd
' marriage and one fourth interest
in his subsequent accumulations.
Her total claim will reach
The tight to break the will be
waged on the ground that undue
influence was exercised over Scott
at the time the instrument was
made to such extent that he was
not of testamet.tary capacity.
Mrs. Townsend is the wife of
a Denver merchant. -John II.
Townsend. She was marri ed a
the age of IS.
I'nder the terms of the will
Winfield Scott. Jr., was made
the richest boy in Texas w ith an
estate valued' at :t.MNl,(MMl.
which he could dispose of by w ill.
Mrs. Scott was left seven
buildings including the Metropo
litan and the Majestic hotels,
the Kli.abeth building and three
others located in the business
section, and also the residue of
the estate, which included hand
some residences and life insur
ance polices that amount to $100,
The will recites that property
valued at J 1. '. already had
been niven to Mrs. Townsend.
A fund of !? 1 I li M 1 was Set snide
bu-attorney's fees in case the
Will sll mid be contested.
The irreat fortune, vvIiom- dis
tribution will be fought o'it in
the courts, had its found ition
laid when Wind. -Id Sett got his
first remunerative job a- a weed
chopper. It began to grow w hen
its promoter entered the cattle
business, and made his first big
stake, and further imp-Pis was
given by investments in Fort
Worth real estate and oil mill
properties all over Texas.
The will was drawn up Sept
ember. 1 and was tiled for
pn.bate a few days after Scott's!
death. Oct. US.
On Monday evening at 7
o'clock., Mr. ln liolleymoon of
Cochran county and Miss Lillian
Denton of this county were
married. Kov. H. V. Wilsford of
ficiating. Lon is manager of the
"Mule Shoe" ranch in Cochran
county and savs that several
good snows have fallen on his
range this winter and as a re
sult the country is in tine shape.
Mr. Ilolle.vnioon is atypical West
Texas cowboy ami his frank,
cordial disposition makes him
friends whereT he goes. Sem
inole Sentinel.
Kev. I'. F Dixon and fainil.v
left last week for Flams, w here
they will make their future
home. I'.ro. I 'iV'ii h.is a place in
the State field missionary work
and moves to l'iairw to he
nearer the center of temtorv.
I'.ro. ,1 ioti and famil.v w id be
missed from our tow n probably
mote than i i , tin !v ' Jtha'
have mo e avvav . lb- has
been in to.idi the I. jUm k
people for a number of ear an i
the farnilv has many friemts in
Lu bb H'k.
.1. I!. I'osey was here Saturday
from the ranch.
l'.cniLicltehusncss, In
dirtstior heumatlsni,
pL.iplcs, :hes, yellow
complex! etc., arc all
signs of ns in your
blood, ese poisons
should biven out, or
serious '""V "suit.
. A I
io get r u!,c
the old iahle. purely
vetctabl-cr medicine.
Mrs, 1. rosier, of
Spartanl S. C. says:
" I had headache, for
years, t had most of
the tim' o-ied Thed
ford's I -Draught, and
now I better than
when I Ifi years 1d.
Your dst sells it, in
25 cent -ages.
- fMf
U a nation builder. Nome owners arc the hope of all nations.
II, 371,000 Bales Ginned
iana. o.-2.HK; Mississippi. 1.0.7).. KATY SUED FOR BEING LATE
(KM); North Carolina, i,1"1.
n thP Oklahoma. 5U2.tHHi; N.uth ' aro- state asks ior uv,vuw ... . r
United States to January
1, 1912.
lina. 1,.)0'J,(MM): Tennessee, VXt.
000: Texas. ;Uo.",00: Virginia,
11:?,(kki. Total 1U71.IHMI.
alties for .a.lures of Katy Tra n
to Run on Time
The National dinners' Associa
tion trives the amount of cotton
jj'nned up to January 1. as
Suit to
e ; ..f lt,.,.L -to i- Ci.untv Austin. Te.X..
III t'naio, 't -'s ....... .111
Oni immi i.i.n:ilf it4 tor HJt) wa e.i;iesiel nv tin
forty miles west oi i.uooock. . -v o -..-. , -
was'here l'hursdav trading and late train service was tiled here mission to procee.l avrainst
i l...1J..nt fo,l;,v in the FlftV-Third District Kat for these reported
.i t ti'ilflllil till lit tl i;n ii.-uih
:;,1,(K'0 ba e. .... . ,. . , ;,.e, ,v, l ,ri kxn- lions of its t irtv -n.muti
i i,,. c..i..a i ml -mil aut loi l.eu US io Keep ou. k . noi.-. m.
I he amount jrinned 1 J t-t s ,;,.,,,,,, tt.swni l(kHirt
f,.l(1ws. Alabama L .J..(o,. send n, the Ml r m ( th. violations was m,v,l
imio; r lorma, ". m.r'"'o. , . ..
Hockley County this ear. al s i ePanmeni u..-
Arkansas. (s .J
(nd; Cieorvia,
2,b lot(iMI; Ijouis-
iM'half. This suit follows the ( len. ral af:d ot her papers in the l'tpi. w . re ' t hir t v r
n,o..tw.,,r.,.,i:on(.(l of b.-lated train matters a lie re c.-nt.iS.d with t U-tw . .-nl a'' I 1"
situation, a! the instance of the certain pleaUirik's in a land cas.
K.iilro.-ei (' omission, but not in the Attorn i ier.rral's I epart-
the current situation. The late- tnent a.-cordirnr foot fihe as-
riess is alleged o h'ie ocenred sistatits t'Mlav.
H'twe-n Sept. sand Nov. .s.ltM". "': Tw-. , u
The State's law department loriK' The delavs in o;T,t'!?.tf l"er.
com- k'er trair.s or w hi. ti this ,,t is
Wi'e stated in the report res
e. of III.' I'oad i'N the commission.
It appears ''' it passet..-r 'ra.i.s
N'os. V ar. t J"' : th- K a1 v mam
hhe fron I ir'iii." io A 1 . s i ; i in
the Ht -day period. ,,.e :.i!l of
late. I t.n t preseni d is
not les 'h' a da tor
. . ...!! I .
urn 'i'' m. m
..f k' .i inMm n late on
o. Jir. i,n thirty
rVHte. j
fifty d.iN
days, m !t
State's in traris!.i;ssi..n to th
U U I Phone 05
f f
. 1 ,i,,th ti. .uvonliiur to late reports. Neither are necessary in the Lubbock count r
anu i'ciipic naw iiun. uv"" n w 1 . -
We have a Kod supply of the different kinds of feed stuff for the livestock and plenty of a, Kood coal as ou cut heaved into a j, nas j j
do is to rinK three-two-four and ue will do the rest. Lei us hear from ou I 1
c.,r,,r ,.uth w R HOWNlNCi & COMPANY--n, I 1
and Chestnut Mrcei ' ' - -
Fl I 'a
l ..oU u-h.. was in Fort Worth LINK .VI .MILLS U.S.; the line is c.tip..-r,.. to r.i i ao nn wm -
. t .. . 1 1 ....... i. 1... ....vji- .-o:.,u I..- 'I. v.i .V I ':.) tie wii: la.e mir.us t..,- f t been deter 1
lliursuav. rresiu. ni ii.arus u i.io.o. .... .
r-f i .uu. u.. f I to have thiis connects with the I'enver. I'e .- eimpe t it ion !t of, - o. -j ..r: h io -t. F
u Mil Ftn:on ot the Acme . ..... ,-,,. fiff mi l.id t o i t I , r 1 i i .in (ur uImhiT thf r:nlriil tinan;ia
" sixtv .lavs. s;irveors are now now in operation ,u.u ..- on. -.. - - ,
n.nfih amd Parfr ' ', ". ,. , .r ' . ... Uii,at u-.ll li.n..ir. to the border ci ? v b. '!. herner look forth Nuthwesl. f
making live uioerera rouies ...u ... n.o.r ...... ... . . . ., . .
..fl'a lucah the president ter- ate-1 by .he extet.sion. can com- to ( uar.ah and to . than Iheco.intr. sa 11 i . .
.... , ..- ... I. ere within twelve hours, orover b the Texas IVihc. U.arus. "is in hne
.tf n nwin rrotn u.e r .i i mo...... ... . . ... runs nao , "
Worth Telegram renews the "This will develop a ne w n:h. spe ml a . nere am, n- r. ,
. ... ...hh.... t..,T i .ri n I. in. ill1 w.iiii,- ill. -ill. . ...in.. . ... ... . -
I ra' o" irr I I mm . i'.i i "i v r- .
l ort Worth om r the t'.anah roj.j will bv from inert
". i i t,. .'!7."i nuif i n ir lM ii This
Puducah South-west
three! i'
15 fl
vourtry n th,. v
r. Solj(VV,-. f-tl
he CM;.ita!ist are
uid IM ,tv f0r more
uctnn and more
eriienr than has
A-. O
t i, a
ntl-.n r.( tin pvt.'. eii.n of til
Acme Ouanah and Fac.tic from If IWlent U.arus plans are in, miles ,rorn
earned ro completion, run niri" .
... -.i i . ... . I. .. Tl ..I....J .."
T'n,,,nul, Acme .V FacitlJ Will 1 Wltmn oas.ness uis.an.e , ,....o. ...
, . .i...i than fiftv with ixunts in Nutheastern New project tne( i;
Will Ur fJirnuru n.w.
:,.. ..,f.at with Fl Paso Mexico that now trade withksn- the terntorv
. Ur-,-or.tinL' sas ( .tv and other northern To ka A: Sant.
tne uiwmaic uuihnu. -
to President Sam Icarus of St. points.
tK,i.lf iire orilxTouS
' A f
railroads are wMi" ': il ;
and facilities 9
fl w n..iv rountrv. . -
. i .
nd n.. .futluk,
'Her and the rml
yha.,. tm.ible in
"i iiprnent neo-ssa-
Mr. L..arus wu however, is a fafure plan and "Capital in the North WM l ace. mpanil
mah road witt.in n--t f.,r in,:i e i.a cor.st.ict. -n. . is not ntaff(nistic towi. , pOI1 w.irtli by
of the Atch-soi, lYedentIa'ar:,sav.that the as it um,I to I. 1 hvf brJr of 1.,,ls
, Fe. which, art us exte,sn ,,., d for itnm, diate that TeH le,.slaturel -nd assistant
this trade to the north. When cot,s'r:.r'i
o, ' w,;l not extend over want to discourage therr
-gttttttTT iiiiiimMH
- .IT W -
It becomesn dutyloyuurwelfloKel the beBi. Tly 1"'JY "
-iihf w vuc clnlmJprourselUL-s mid wo only nsi. i -.... Llinz,
:::?T- V I AIUkJnd of repolr work LL- ,
i is
W) J NDSfJEt. I v;- ...7ZLJ

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