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The Lubbock avalanche. (Lubbock, Tex.) 1909-1922, December 19, 1912, SECTION TWO, Image 9

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aU " r f . k " 1 f W j- I 'i V kl I .'la t
-. k'- T. !J . .
1-4 s. Vv
4 V u
s '
Wf of
HERE r thM an
!, lntil)l to
mortal y, aod
bow mar ntnr
tala tbm? Thoy
ar In tha spirit of
C'brtntmaa, In that
tUd f.-lltic la thn
heart whirl) know
thvra la rwaaon for
y and ahlrh tulla
ua to do all wa can
for othvra.
Whn wa trana
(ra against thn
la a of Joy and
klndnaaa wa ara
turnlns tha Yulw-
tlda anaola from
our doora. Whon
wa opn our hnarta
fully to th t hrlt
ataa aiiirtt. in
lha word. w ara flnlii
ida I. la portala to Uia wlni;-d ou
id aprwadlng tha baiicjuat thy lova.
To coma down to plain, avarday
kaklnc. bora ara a faw of tha tlna
a moat wull ninlii ovrwma com
it ai'alnat tba bollnoaa, loa and
tl'ort of tba Chrlatmaatlda.
It rtluiil knuwa ttlMt VUP h Vajkf
a ahooa maka a alraauoua aftrnt to
ioouija tba tally buying of gtfta.
brlatataa good a ara put on aala quit
waaka twfora thay ara BMdad,
hllca ntany a hiarcantlla advartlaa
nt opat.ly ikada tha ca of tha
io aopl. Wbn wa out off our
iylu until tha lvatilh hour, man,
iuiH and children all of whtMii
a a riui to ihuir oa anara or
llirutiitaa must work ovmtlma.
iiblug la aald of tba aaful bt of
Va rroadd hp of tha aihanstad
t, of tba tolling balnta whu awwlinr,
end In I' r Uramhla, ha faint and,
ibni, ara kiiiiit iliiiM ili.'lii ad fur
4J'iHr a H h Ilia lal bldiou bat-
u i t bioli'g I'nl iIi.im who aia b
In4 H" ' know It all and air
4it H In biiiuaii Jt,'1! Uiul
v1 i.a tlo aldt i,t Uia IbiUUiaa
tba Wuu i;da,
i How tnudxqiiul la tha hint ninnnnl
pr.'tinit boti nli t umliT aiirh roiidlllona
tha uaunl comllMona In rll!'-lo
xiprcsa lha rightful (hrlslniM snntl
nii'tif. IiiHinad of tflling of l iirlul mua
Joy If It could but aiwak tha gift
would aay:
"1 bring you a fr1ind'a Irrlt ahill I li-n
and a ali' woinun whllo rhooka.
and a llltia onh glrl'a aolta, and wish
you a mlKrnlila Chrlntma " In abort,
this bHnl"d irrhnso, olitalmd with
nrh effort to all Hincrned. carrl-a
with It tha iinhi'urd toara and algha
of thn Tulctliln aiiKf'ls, Ihoaa ahlnlng
I'lrita of gludmiaa wn turn from our
doora. Thnra la a way to ra this
Tory grtat annovmica tn nurmdvo and
Injuatlra to other. Thn ihopa ara
ninr rowdnd In thn anrly morn I tic
mo do thn abopplng then with thn riry
flrat hour. Or If you am a btmlna
porvon and cannot apara tha tlmn,
wrlta tha frlmd whom you rwall at
thla lnta hour a nlra lltMa notn full
of ('hrlwtmaa fcollng or ln run
around tha corner and buy hir a
bunch of brtcht bnrrlca from any of
tha tmpora,ry ("da. which If not
palmtiliod would mean ruin to their
ownnra. At any rata, however, you
aolra tha problem, korp ona thought
In Tour heart:
Penca on earth and good will tow-
ard alt tha poor aoula hlrod to aell
(.'hrlatma pr'a'nla.
Thn next alnnera agalnat tha Ttiln
tlda angela ara thn family ogrea who
deny thn hnma rhlldren their rightful
ahara of Chrlalmaa Joy, who fret
about having thn llttla t'hrlatma trea
with Ita trifling girt, who shatter In
fantile Idota by raveallng tha sacred
niystary of Santa Claus, and so and
so on. Ah, nw, ah, ma. could I not
tell weeping itortea myself of tha
hardnasi of grown up hearts at thla
tlma alorlea of tba dark and dread
ful day when a silly aunt of seven
teen mocked m for my Ullef In good
Krlsa Krlngla and when, a llttla later,
tha adlrt want forth that I was too
old to "think much of t'hrtslmas" any
mora, la anybody avar "too old" to
think of t'hrUtmaa? la tha heart aver
too hardened not to sulTer when tha
learaat of Ua aalitta la rutblaasly ta
ken awav?
A to thla rubbishy talk of tha Phi 1st-
mas tra blng Umi iuuuU troulila, or
too ttonh aipeitaa, II nuly liirsas
thai tba grownups ara Ihliialiig aa
llt.il of lliviusrlvea, Ihera ara I (trial-
tnaa liana and Chtlaiioaa Iimi, and
ha ilitfal and llttlaat loay In lug
lul a mm a y to small boaiia a
tba aosi ru , la rit, I
bavn seen Illtlo Chrtsttnaa treea bur
dened with tiny girta, and gay with
candles, that cost no mora than a
cottplo of dollar. They wem set up
with lovn, and trimmed with love, and
revealed with lov; and thn children
and the grown ups were all aa happy
aa happy could ba becausa they had
liivlti-d eri-ry ona of Uia Yulotlda an
gels to thn fun.
So don't rob thn children of th-lr
good Christmas saint, Hnnta Claua,
but leavn them to find out the facts
of ChrtxTmna giving themselves. And.
ba your homo ever so poor, save some
thing from thn housekeeping money
to glvn tha children ihelr rlKhtful
Chrlstmaa Joy In another way when
the tree cannot ba managed. An
oranre. big, rosy apple, and a walk
OWS the lonB, groy
tounfry road an u
to mob tin ratno
whlzxlnsr ahesd of a
cloud ot diiHt Hint
rolled awny behind
It llkn smokn from
a bomb. In thn
middle of tha road
Imlf a doien tur-
keya w-ra congre
goted, long of neck,
long of limb, fnt of
body, Juli'r, tempt
ing bnsklng In Out
fnll suntlKht. Hud-
denly thern wns
rattling gobbln from the horn of thn
machine, an answering gobble from
tha throats of tha turkeys, a cloud of
feathers In the air and th man at thn
wheel pnssnd on with a bnckward grin
at thn fowl as It Iny fluttering by the
wayside. "One morn gobbler gathered
to tha etcrnnl rootit," hn chuckled.
rrom o'lt of thn long grawa that
fringed thn waysldn a "win anise, lean
and hungry, and stood looking at the
still kicking victim. Then ho drew
a huge, old fHstilor-ed silver watch
from hi pocket and glanced nt It,
"Just dlnti'jf time, and I haven't bnd a
trntte of a lurk In a ynr. Ctioss this
I my lucky day," hn aollloqulned
Then be picked up the bird and start
ed for the brook near by.
Ho aeatd himself by thn bank nnd
commenced dressing his find, tossing
hnndfuls of feather to thn winds,
feeling of thn plump body with grins
of satisfaction. Then all at once he
looked up. A sour fuced man with
big star on his cost wna standing over
him. "Come with mn," he command
To where?" grunted Hobo Jim.
'To the plai-e where all turkey
I It In vos should go to thn coop."
Hut I didn't steal this bird
Jim began, then topx-d short, Hn
whs staring Into the oien countenance
of a dlsHtrrei-nble looking revolver and
he dropix-d hi prey. "All right. I'll
tro," be said, sullenly.
Night hd smothered the country'
side and from out of It the snow was
f!on to rut yit In asln npon ttiHpl-1 ctnn, and thn proper admltifrfrntlo)
v f f
"Coma With Ma," Ha Commanded.
coming down In hard, froien particles
like sifted sanda. Acrosa tha fields
tha wind cam nipping Ilka a sharp
clou, (let nut of here, thief."
"il'it I didn't steal Hint bird "
whined tlm culler. Then ho pulsed
suddenly, fur once morn lie it s'linx
In'o tlm inollth of timt rtmn unplelin
r nt i.oVn revolver "Oh, I'll k'
rlchf," hn add 'd ItiiHtlly.
l'j thn rond hn weni hurrying, an
gry, dlsnpi oliited, Intn 't ier and cold
er than ev -r. In th bottom of u p"ek
et whero hn Ii.it pltii"'"d n limitl for
warmth his b', oMfashloned wutrh
lay tlcklnir nml his ilni"-r rbmed
ubotit It fondly. It win IiIh only n,
serlon of sl!Klit''t value. Tweety
years hi" It hud h'-t-n given to him
utn a Clirlrtlinns eve twenty years
m;ii In tlm dnya of Ills bnvlutod, utul
hn hnd curried It with him IncesMStilly
throurhout nil his wundertng. "I sup
pose 1 could get Ilio price of a meal
and n bed from Mint old tlclier," he
mused, then his Jnw set. "Put I
wouldn't pnrt with It for Its weight In
grecntiacks. It Is thn Inst thing sho
ever gave mn, and I'll hung on to It
If 1 hnngfor doing It. I'll beg, starve
yea, or help myself when nobody Is
looking before I'll pnrt with It." Hn
shoved It deeper Into Ita place and
bent forward against the wind.
Five minutes Inter he again paused
suddenly. Ity the wayside another
light wna shining, and with a quick
glntira up and down thn road be stood
listening. Nothing came to his ears
hut the low growl of the wind and hn
hesitated no longer. Sneaking Into
the yard with feet that fnll as softly
a tbo snowflnkes themselves he onre
morn peered through a window. Thero
was no laden table here, but Instead
hn saw a bed Uon which lay a whit
fnced boy with a woman close besldn
hltn, He put hi esr to tha pan and
listened. H waa not long before he
learned that tha two were alone
In thn house, and at that good news
Hobo Jim smiled approvingly
Ho passed quickly to thn kitchen
door nnd tried thn latch. Thn door
wn not locked and hn entered with
the stenl'Ii of a panther. A spare bed
room with door ajar wns adjoining,
an forming hi plans as be sneaked
along Jim crept within. Hern, In the
darkness, he would hldn beneath thn
bed, wait until all wns still, and then
In thn parly morning hours fill his
stomach and pocket from thn pnntry
and silently steal away. Instinct told
hi in that the woman would sleep be
side thn sick boy and he bad little
fear of lielcg discovered. Anil what If
hn wns with a lone womsn and a
helpless kid n his only bar to escape!
Noiselessly hn crept beneath bla
shelter and lay listening.
Through the rtlllncss their voice
came to him In murmur. It had been
bad year for the two In thn next
room, a year of privation and want,
and thn morrow would bn thn hollow.
est mockery of any Christinas that
hnd ever com to them; a day when
a skeleton would preside at their
board and hunger be an unwilled
guest, l'ntlently thn woman wn ex
plaining to thn sufferer, telling him
that she fesred that thla )ear Snnta
Claus would pus him by without
stopping. Hut the boy was unbcllar-
'Santa Clnu doe not forget.
Hang up my stocking, jilense," be
told her. and Jim beard her sigh aa
sh crossed thn room to obey hint.
Then aa the warmth of thn house
rume stealing softly over him Jim'
eyelid fluttered and closed, the Inst
thing ba remembered hearing being
tha woman's voice aa It began read
ing to the sick on.
More blessed to give than to re
ceive" Ilut Hobo Jim waa now
He waa awakened and raised hi
head a trifle a ba listened. There
had been an accident In the room, a
serious accident a b soon gathered,
for through some misfortune the
clock had been knocked from thn
mantle and now lay a ruin upon the
floor. It waa the only timepiece they
had, and the woman was worrying
over It considerably, for she no long
er hnd tba mean of telling when It
waa tlma to give the boy hi modi-
Ing stick of striped peppermint candy ! """"""d Inrrlcr, and Hobo Jim glanced
iwst but little. Y-t the bunch of cheap
things will seem like Chrlstmss, the
real true true Cbrl'tmas. when It la
dumped out of the Utile stinking.
Concerning more Important gifts
than these, they also rr-sy b of the
cheapest sort. All a llttla child ex
poet I something new, so the trifles
bought at a reasonable hour at thn
ten-cent store, tha cheap, home-dresa-
ed doll, thn nickel watch or fifteen-
cent box of paints, are all equally
prised. What thn kiddle want It to
(ed their Yuletldn angels near them,
and a little extra bother, a little ex
tra patience, will achieve this bless
ing. Hi'lM'mhcr, too, tba child with
out the galea, for It need a share of
your Joy. 8it up a llttla later for the
next alg nlghla and sea what you ran
maka out of pretty scrap of stuff on
hand, tb colored picture lu the old
fashion books, etc It all tba chil
dren who rroea your way feel some
ot tha gladnea that I la your own
heart. It ta so easy. Iton't grumble;
do what you raa with enthusiasm and
glva everything with love.
Thn worst alunera againat Christ
maa peace ara those who feel the
season I a nuisance and who do their
level best to maka others feel the
same thing. They bat the excite
ment, tha exchange ot present, tb
letter or cards they must send, the
Idea of having to glvraui money,
the dinner tliry must get Up, these
which they must attend. And la bal
ing these, and all lb doiea and on
dull of the t 'hi 1st mail Ida, thoy
bale everilhtiig-the ) that I lu
lha air, the sweet iliiiiib belis. the
rherutilm and avisphlia of lit Iblvheiu,
ad lil ill win eniwliig Ibe
ITcUI Mltalt futtduU tl kbd We
nnxloualy about through the gloom.
He had been released from tha "coop"
only that day after two month of con
finement for having been caught with
a dead turkey In hi possession, and
ha shivered a bit beneath his thin
clothca aa he hurried along tha lotio
road. To make matter worse h wa
J'ungry, broke and friendless, and to
! hungry, broke and friendless upon
Chrlstmaa eve I bard enough luck
for any man. Then aa he peered, he
saw through the darkneaa of the road
side a glimmer of light that twinkled
before hi eyea Ilk a great star ot
hop and b paused with bla gsiu faat-
ened wistfully upon It.
With a. caution grown of long ei
perlencn he passed quietly to the back
or in uuiiiiing and peered tnmugh a
window. He could see Into tb dining
room from here, and aa be gaxed and
sniffed at a crack deep within him hla
stomach began clamoring Ilk a fam
ished wolf pack, for within a doien
feet ot him waa a table piled Man with
good thing to eat, while about It tba
gorged family still aat nibbling.
"There la enough left for a dosun
lunch, and still thing to throw
away," he muttered aa bla eye roved
over tha board. Much enotiursged by
tha sight he strstched forth hi
knuckle la a timid tap, then putting
oa bla most woebegone face stood
awaiting hi fata wlib a heart that
fluttered anxiously.
1 he dMir opeiti 4 and a man Blood
before It peering Into lb dl .
And Hi, lamp litt fxnu wlibla fell
iipu lb houu flinging form, lb
fat's of Ilk one tiptm lb lliiuslmld
tUlki'iied until It In Kind the His lit.
'Iu II I t" - sneaking Bi'iiind beia
and lHikiug fur linns uf lor t4ikr,"
Im sIJ IhieeUMliitljr, ''I ) a e
of 'ho tio dn lnn v. us a very Imimrtatt
iniilt- r to thn sic': otut. "Tliut s kind
of toui-li o-i the li..," t'lt-ti.lif the
holm from ills hi'llrg p'.'cv Put It
v CM I'o f-iult of bin ami aiivwny ht
had tio'ililt-H t tiott :li of Ills own.
Mldnlrlit ctii", and for thi last
hour I'll Imd In eti s'lll as a cavern,
t '.nr. loimly, silently, J'.:ii t u' l.od out of
Ii:h lair and r.:itiK to hi f-''l stood
nVrt. Hy Hie dim light from the oth
er r-xiin ho could i he print ry.
Tln-ti he (ttive a smut of disappoint'
meiit. T.'iero wna not enough upon
t)i lir-rren shelve to fill otto rorne
of Ms IioMii'.v Mto'iiHi h, and he.- wcrj,
a woman and a sb-k boy l. feed off c'
It. It was dlf i-UHt Inir. Sllpplnx mere,
ly a crut.t of breud into bis pocket ba
crept out again.
From wheri bn stood he could so
thn Interior of the dimly Hclited room
beyond, and curiosity anmn et it lit :a
him. With the trend of a prowllm
fox liu stepped to the threshold and
('' 1 I"- :
Slid th Watch lnta the Stocking.
peered around thn corner. Thn bo?
wn sleeping now, while beside th
bed thn woman w-'n sitting wlih head,
drooped forwnrd a worn out frori
her long vigil she had fallen asleep In
the midst of her watching. And n
he gaied at their tired fitcea thera
came to Jim a picture cf many lonf
yeBrs before, a picture of when h
bad been a boy and sick aa this ona
now was, when a woman had snt be
side him thn long nights through glv
Ing him his mediclnn and inlnlsterlnn
to him as shn rend--what was It sha
had read? Yes, hn remembered now.
"Morn blessed to glv than to re
celve." That waa It. lie had never
had a great deal of confidence la
these words and bad never tried them
out, still ha bad sometimes thourht
thst one day be would put them to
the test. Hut h had never bad enough
for himself, let alone others, while)
now bis eve fell uion the stocking
banging from thn mantle and a cjueer.
bok ciime creeping ovur bis face.
They certainly were lu tough lurlt,
tougher luck than hn was In himself,
and thn tuiiashlng of the clock bar
been bnd bimlness. For a full mln
Ufa hn stood blinking at them, then!
for the second time that night ba
chuckled as bis hand wandered Into
hi one good cket. Then he with
drew If, and stretching forth a lonpj
arm slid tha big silver watch lntq
tha hanging stocking.
Along thn black rond Jim wen!
hurrying, hunger gnawing at hi stom
ach, thn teeth of tht wind sharper
than ever. In onn hand lie held tha
crust of bread mid now and then ha
bit at It savagely. "More blessed to
give than to receive," He laughed aa
he buttoned his coat around hla throat
and bent further forward agtluat tha .
"I dtinno I dunno, .but anyway I'ya
tried It out at Inst, Only thing I'm
sorry for I that I won't sea that sick)
kid'a face when ha find that old
ticker In the morning.'
. , .e -w-v WW -WV- - - .
How Far Is It to
Christmas ?s
By Wilbur D. Ncsbh
r-r . . -if J
h TTozv far is it to ChristmefsK It's acrossjhe M
.j.. " mtwwfM wmw m mrffi rrm r. vi'rig'r i
M M sr arw W ww MM m f w w m rr rm w n rr
vallcvs and the ci'ctsinzhhstrcams. atuLut? (ft
smiles until you reach theJordcr of th&lahd V
Pl-Jt's fat MifuTand ncarAtrt it is there, and. X
t T -is. -la m a a . V 1 T.l
r uosc a: iianaon, earnest true tciioiv. can I Vir
s makcyou-uttdcrSlandT f au lie awake and
A whisper, you cuunt.antticount the daysiMndhA
V try to bring it neatxrJn t jiUndred x-ariedicaySlX
kh z--" f A? "i-Ot V
V A Weadu you haxHXw'v'b iLin a gleam ooyK)
tyl afar, have seen its dbyjlpproachinj: in ff: X
' -. .t l r. . l . ..... ..... . . . u ., i i. .ii. '. i
s,s. iii-if ii7 i w aiMff yiu nvur ii jr liuri r
V ftnule and the t latter of hc honfj th0tt(fix(jnrA
ii sons of gladness as they jrlVup ot) the roofs !J
It's Wot so fat V
TJow far is it to Christmas T It'shlot so fat
awiiyfor all 1 know, already ltia haw f
and hold the day; it has no time no season; it t I
A .a a. . a i. . r
ts not jri'f apai f, cut miuj usMejts'dJutur;::;
to every little heart, s v
S !
. w M

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