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Talk of Men Suitable for
Cabinet Members Bryan
Not Mentioned.
i After a day of lengthy confer
'encesin Trenton, the most im-
j portant of which ws with Wil
liam J. Hryan, President-Elect
UVoodrow Wilson returned Satur-
j So far as shedding light on
on the gofsij) as to Mr. Bryan's
future relations with the admin
istration, the conference be
tween the two men today was
productive of nothing more than
speculation. Mr. Wilson said
very frankly that while he had
talked about men for his cabi
net with Mr. Bryan, the name
of the Nehraskan was not men
tioned. As to future confer
ences with'Mr. Bryan, none was
arranged or talked of, Mr. Wil
son said. While discussing to
The Country is Being Developed Cattlemen are Prosperous. Farm
ers are Hopeful For a Better Year in 1913 and are Putting up
Many Substantial Improvements
Manv people who have resided! now grace the prairies that were j
in Lubbock the past twelve' nowhere to be seen last year ait;
months hnve probably never this time. New school build-j
given the progress of the city n j ings and new churches are nw
thought. They have not taken beirg erected where lastytaratj
n inventory ft wh.it ha h ip-this time cattle and horses jrath j
Easterners at Midland, Tex., Try
ing Cut Spucidl Breeds
for Games.
Midland, Texas, Dee. 21.
There is great activity around
Midland at this season in polo
circles, a number of match
games being played here against
polo players from the East.
Several E is'ern buyers are here
and have purchased a fine lot of
ponies, some to be shipped di
rect to New York, Home to be
played at Camden, S. C, while
others are being tried out here
on the field. The buyers claim
the ponies to be far above the
average and expect great things
of them in the East
There is sIfo activity in the
cattle market and top prices
were realized. The range con
ditions are excellent and Midland
CJiinty has not as bright pros-
Santa Fe Will Complete the long Talked of Cut-off Which Will Mean
the Connection by Rail of Coast With Coast
Big Development Expected
pened during the past twelve
months. Seme of them are
even heard tossy at times that
there has been nothing doing in j
Lubbock the past year. But
they are mistaken. Lubbock
end their daily rations, and
where the lonely coyote vould
tr ad. People have moved here
from other parts of the state and
from other 6tato. They have
come with the intention of mak-
peets in yenr, especially
' weather conditions.
has lxen on the line of progressing it their home. They are farm-
all the year. She has been on ers and know their ousiness art
the firing line. She has been in ; t '"l mean a great deal more to
the thickest of the fijrht and has ; the country than merely so many ! many of ,h(1 Avalanche readers
niht the subject of Patronage,
the President elect made it evi
dent that those who pxnert to
... c i Tuesday evening at A.'M)
h,m had better not manifest their ! 5'OCk' th iMy Ju''e "
amhitinn in nprn r, j Ottice 8 q-JlK Wf.Ming Was BOl.TIl
H...w.t.U . ...... .-. v..
rectiy to him in any way.
rigation plant is an assured fact,
there remaining only a few mi
nor details yet to be worked out
none of which will delay the pro
gress in the development of this
very itnjtnrtant item of improve
ment. Another important event on
Mrs. Walton Doing Nicely
It will be rememln'red by
accomplished a great deal in her
added to the population. It will
battles with the knockers.
When we say knockers we do
not confine the statement to
local pull backs, but there are
knockers on all tddes of us.
They are jealous knockers;
would be rivals. They are will
ing, in some instances, to use
false statements in order to
swart the best interests of our
city and to hinder our city in hen been steady.
steady ad ranee and improve
ments. In spite of all this how
ever, we hate moved steadily
on. Many changes have been
brought ' about in the town of
mean much more farm produce.
It will mean the raising ot great
er numbers of livestock of4better
grades, and it will mean that
more schools will be established
and it will mean that the coun
try has been transformed from
a bare prairie to that of beauti-
ful homes and rich farms: The
progress of this country has
We havj not ex
perienced a boom, and do not
want to, the growth has been so
gradual that people hardly no
tice it. but the records will tell, i
The Avalanche is willing for
that some ten days ago Mr. J.
G. Walton left with his wife for
Abilene to place her in the San
itarium at that place. Mr. Wal
ton returned Tuesday and in
forms us that she was operated
on and was getting along
nized, Jude E. II. Hiynca per
forming the ceremonies in a
most impressive way. The con
tracting parties were A. E.
GreenhrfT and Miss Artie Collier.
Mr. Greenhill was formerly a
business man of our city and has
a host of friends in Lubbock and
surrouhding country. The bride
resided with her father some few
miles northeast of town and
numbers her friends by her ac-
Lubbock in the past twelve any one to figure it out and bring
months. We have practically ! it in for putilication. We want!
changed the business section of tne people abroad to know about j
the city from wo den buildings 'he development of the great!
to that of brick. All modern in South Plains country, and if you
their construction and exci elir.g- doubt the correctness of thfs ar-
ly substantial, adding verv ma-.licit we ask you to hVure it out!
terially to the hoks of the town for yourself.
as well as to the convenience of , f
. . i j j ' Wofford-Brott
those who use the buildings. ' . . . i
Numerous improvements havej Laat m.rnmg atj
L made in the city and if you ' 'fn 0 ; atr residence
will sit ,Wn with vour nnr.l " preuy
and a large sheet of paper you
"ill be aurpnsed to know just
fim mtifh vikii nnt nnurn t.
the credit of improvements dur- Wfori and ,M,SS y,ma Brof
ing 1012. Do your home town Immediately aftr th
justice by giving it a fair repre-f mony e happy couple took the
aentation to your friends and" foLr Abernathy. where they
relative abroad. From the date 1 9pent the, h?U Ja' vi8'tin lthe
of this paper only five days re- eni' " 1 D!nae-
main of this good year 1312, and ir' 19 yn man
but little more can be done for!0" xcellent. buaineai qualifica
tions ana nas many friends
nicely. There ari? many iquainft)nces.
friends here of the family who The Avalanche and a host of
will be glad to know that this friends of these people offer
gocd ladyjs doing so well. them connratulations and wish
W. C. Holt wasa business ' f them a bountiful amount of
visitor in tl.5 cily from Slaton. the pleasures of this world.
E. Howard was down from
Plain view Tuesday.
Ii. E. Meyers of Phvnvie w,
spent Tuesday in Lubbock. ;
While recounting the things
that we have done during the
year just closing we do not. for
get that there are still greater
thinirs contemplated for the com
ing year than wo have ever wit
nessed in the growth and devil-.
opment of the city of Lubbock
and the Lubbock country. While 1,1,1 development, calendar of the
.this year has been one of won- jUl -'"" trv is that of the
derful development 1913 will be- completion of the last link in the
yond doubteclip.se anything that !rn'at ra''a.v system of the San
the Lubbock country has fallen , tH tt connect coast with
heir to. A number of new brick ! C0!,st and K'lv u" service that
buildings will in all probability on'y a tew towns can ever hope
be erected early in the new year, ! t0 nave- wi" h don next
not counting those now in course j8Ummer: not awfty out in the
of construction, besides a num- dim future, but it is plainly in
ber of new residences are b-?ing ! 8'hT' Other railroads will also
planned for the new year fiure largely in our 1913 devel
building list. opments and the next twelve
The irrigation proposition in I months will show great strides
Lubbock will be worked earlv in in tne direction of making Lub-
the new year and plans that have tne ""'road center of the
been on the shelf for several (South Plains, and forever set
months are being worked over ; tne Question of the exact
and will be put into use. 1913 Pt on the map where the me
w.'tl be a .banner development i tropohs f the West is to be lo-
vonr for irriiTDlinn nn lk C..utcBted and its nfimo shall lx I jiK.
X M. Lane was a Pai.,i Lubbock County will 'bock.
Wstinoorcty 8 b Prii of .SViefaK Th.-Avalance raff prophesied
Houston. V ) i,-f,ir-iiJ.intS hrkTirp tr, k i much, and much of what it 'fiS.-
Andy Pettitt of Abornathy, 'install. d early in the year, be- sai11 in tnis way ha come to
had business here Tuesday.
; sides the big demons! i at ion ir-
oi nev. vv. n. Lane, a
i wedding was solemnized by that !
'worthy gentleman, the contract-
ling parties being Mr. E. E.
I Krt iiriHfliiMint? nf Ihm tAtvn in
lhat length of time, but you
might um the remaining days
shaping up for good start on
New Year's morning.
Let every good citizen of Lub
bock be ready to place hi shoul
der to the wheel of progress the
first day of the year 1913. with
the determination that they will
push with all of their might
every enterprise tnat is helping
in any way to build up the town
and develope the country iu a
legitimate wayt Let us keep a
keen lookout for new enterprises.
Remember that smoke stacks are
splendid city builders and every
one that presents itself should
receive a hearty welcome.
Not only has the city of Lub
bock undergone many changes,
and good improvements been!
made, but the country cousins
have been busy also; cattle men
are prosperous and are re stock
ing their ranges with better cat-
kle. i!uch improvement has
Zretn md in thi rural district.
Utny new farms have been
oneJ up and r.?ty cew farrr.s
here. We are not personally ac
quainted with the bride, but we
know her to have many friends
in Lubbock and Abernathy, and
we are sure that this young
couple start out with' bright
prospects for the future.
The Avalanche extends con
Clyde Crawford was up from
Post City Saturday.
Jack Linn of Lorenzo, was. in
Lubbock Tuesday.
J. M. Webb waa here Tuesday
from Lorenzo.
M. L. Cotton ot Lorenzo, had
business in Lubbock Tuesday.
J. D. Tinker was here from
Kress today.
U M. HarUett of Tulia, spent
Christmas d? in Lubbock.
H. K. Johnson is here today
from Seminole.
Ed Little of LittletieTd. was in
the city yesrdsv fi today.
S. F. Joiner of Ljrnz is In
' '
Fasfl. Watch its columns for
further mention of the develop
ments cf the great South Plains,
and through its columns watch
our fit v k row -then come to
Lllbt (M'k.
M. E. M ('(' nf Dallas, was
Urines visiter I ere Friday.
Am lvtlgtin m4 by tM Wiacenrn Liliu- 4 clo h fa
JVS tfptojr. Ta Wtltirt Cttrnwifi tn,
thai It rulr4 Ml i ttr.f 1S I
N. J. Nunn wps up from Sla
ton Monday.
! S. Culberson was over froia
Crosbyton Rfonrlay.
I vy. II. Gray of Abilene, was
' here the first of the week.
W. J. Nunn of Slaton. was
here on business lat Friday.
VV. C. P.rown was in town
J from the Spade ranch Saturday.
i Mr. and Mrs. Hila Iioyd were
j in from the ranch Saturday.
j Mrs. Collins was in from the
i Boyd ranch Saturday shopping.
! J. M. Kilpatrick' of Ralls, is
j spending the day in the city.
j W. II. Gist was here from
j Meadow yesterday.
J. F. Miles of Lorenso. spent
yesterday and .today in Lubbock.
: S. A. Wilkinson was herefrom
Dallas this week.
0. Webbs of Dallas, was a
; business here yesterday.
i W. F. Cone was here from
Cone, todayt
; Mrs. F. Kobinson of Dallas, is
visiting her fmnds. Mr. and
Mrs. Hopkins.
Attorr.ty Fred C. Pierce was
here from Plain view Friday and
( J. E. Grivgs was here from
i Plsinview the latter prrl of last
J. II. Joy act of Loa Anrli-s.
was a bt'sineis visitor here Monday.

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