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The Lubbock avalanche. (Lubbock, Tex.) 1909-1922, October 09, 1913, Image 5

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23fr Mori
soil wster bv plnwiag before the! Catarrh Cannot Be Cured
rain rnme, it might be well to) :V.VV !.:,' ,iVi:'Li 2f
at 4 nriWr in i-tf H fx I avrtl K
a tne result or one i - r-,ir
stare that
determination it waa
there were one hundred
1 antral mit
vmrxiffi 7
hat gtinne
(if f Ionia.
"The ShU AVith
I . rr. promt of the rurt t
named cur fc'irli pnwi
loiino mat !.. h.h j , ,.m . i...ir
( W M a4 a-aj t J ih. hN( 4yMr.a
m inn nionirr m in aVr.iiv ... .
tons more watT in an acre '" "' ' frjr- .
I that had hwn so treated L;"l;',;;:.7J!:S', V."...:.;".'. "V
VrT j than in a similar aere not fall-i r i,r j,,'.,? -t '"
Vvff plowed. In another inatanre. j ""'".
er inn oi iouneen aetermmauons :
' fall-plowing showed a larger I winter and early spring.
water content in every instance, j Turn the land if possible to a
; ranging from seventy-two toi'Pth "f at t eiht inches
two hundred and sixty-four tons I anf ,nn fallow this plowing
per am more water tnan was to j w'tn s,,me implf-ment in each
be tound in a similar acre flowed I fu rrow that t"' the noil at
era have
ni( k-nnmcd cur 'ira powdef loada. lo R'-
round the rOojWrv anT"tir ihem. talk about
The OH Rel.ahle ell
cherry tfreting nH a fn trfh
Sew CluW Shrift mr ty ti-
hHa of fKit country Stamdr.raor over 50 yrart.
TK N. 2 Prtnr (ivrt apnuppv urnttion anrrt and
quicker than ymi usually hnd in powder hell.
Fir retnka ta vntr 4iohrt n4 afirym 4
l M1 nmunrtfrtfi - rHi r BU Ms'b dr er boa.
pfmi'f blarfc powder
Remington Arms-l'nion Metallic CarfriJtfe (.
7" Bradtf '4 Srn York
least another four or six inches.
With such preparation before
the rains come, such soil should
FAIL PLOWING SAVES MOISTURE 'this rainfall, but bv proper hand-
j lintf of the soil much larger
Tern Industrial Congress Issues quantities of this moisture, than
ib upiiauy uoiTf, can navfii.
j from the surface and evapora-
The Texas Industrial Congress; tion from the soil durinir dry
after the rains were over
! "Another potent factor in en
abling our noil to drink nn
and store an abundance of the n,i W1" abs"rb enou,?h watr to
(winter's rains is the presence of ! int,ure 8 cr"P next wmr.
Idecavini? vegetable matter in thej whelher ,he ram9 are 9carc or
oil. This decayinir matter acts i n"t- "
i as a SD'.nife, fillinr the spaces. To Curt Coi In or ny
; between the soil drains and ab- j ft, X lt;l!X'&;'J'tr.t
Sorbin,? and holding large; LWSr:Vt
quantities ot the rains that come.
To show the effect of organic
' matter in increasing the water
holding power of soils it was
found that in one hundred
pounds of ordinary sandy soil
Married '
iof Rev. and Mrs.
I l at iifluallu ArwiA MAM Yn aiiArl
Bulletin Treating rail Plowing i ... .,
6 . i The chief sources of loss
and Conservation or Moisture rain water are the running off
At the horn
J. P. Word, last Friday evening,
Mr. Arthur Howard and Miss
Lula Gray were united in mar-
Rev. Word officiating.
water. On the other hand the! -ir. nowaru nas teen tne cn.er
same amount of garden soil well(c,erk in ,ne "''ward Hotel ever
tilled with vegetable matter. ! 8ince 11 nas hpf'n under the ma"
conuined fifty-three pounds of : amenl of Mr. Howard, and
water, or nearly three times as ha" ma,,e niiiny fnemls. Misa
much as the sand. If in addi- f;raV 1B on,",f LublvM-k'a splen-
1 1 did vountr adies and the fnenda H m '" x"""'-1 k""" '
St. Peter it The Cite
M Pefavr ttfawf aT'ianl at thm fnMen gat
W th a ififi mien arret an4 atr mimtm
When tip ffi the tnp of la anVa ttatr
A man mrxi a wman aMnIM the.
AiillH fur atlmiMHin Th rem mt etivwl
HerireiHi IVtff, at erreit and
rwt th f'ltv tf ! t wn
ni ak ,4t. Vlr U Irt tem In
I'he wonmn ai tall anJ Intik. anH ihtn,
Vith at irwv hrfirrflel iiprt rti-r rhtn;
Th tuna th--t. and ihtt li aitiH tMit,
da att.tttarh w Ituilt m tt rciirMlM mit.
)(i fur- wki nleaiarit. a nrf all the white
He wore a kirwtly unit ertrntnl -mil
I'hf hr-ij m the lietatii-r the- erh'te wte.
An! the nun kpt t til whil the wtman epke
"(h, thou wlui ifunrHt theirale, eai'l h'.
"Wrtnnim hlthfr IkmreN'hltiaj (hew
! lei u ntt the havenK lantt.
Ani lav mr harfi with the anirfl ttar el.
Of me St H't-f, there i no douhl
Therr te ntithtnir fn.m hmvm w mr me mit;
I have vn t. mwllntti tlir-r tlmr a wewk.
And almtwi alwav I'd nae ami nk.
I've tht- i nnrw ahftiit the day
Whim thpyd reM-nt thtrevll wav,
I have t.ilrf mv rteiirhlMir. I have uUJ them all
Rout ArUmarHl Kve. and the primal fM:
l e hnwn them what they il hav to .(
If thev'd pa m with the rhom few;
I've markKil thHr path of diitT rlerjr
l.atd out the pUn f4r ihHr whole rare-r:
I've talkfd and talktvj to m loud and Ion.
Kot m lnrtir are art tod and my voire i etrfrn-r.
f-od St. Per. you II rU-arly
The irate to heaven it oien to me;
Hut mv od man, I re are? to aay.
Hasn't walked eiartly the narrow way
He Minae and he tweam, and grava fault he'i
A;d I ilon t know whether he will pa r nK.
He would never prav with an honest vtm.
trgtr revival, or join in the hymn,
So I haul tti leave him in sorrow there,
hile I, the 'hoen, united in prayer.
He a'e what !he iiantry ehaneed to a ford
While I, in mv purity. sang to the lnrd:
Arid tf rurnnterti were all he got.
It'e a rham-e rf he merited them or not.
Hut. oh' St. I'Her, I ltve htm n?
To the pleatuiren of heaver), pleewe let him go!
I've i.ne entnirh - a int I ve been-
n l tha atone t an t you let him m"
Wrif ht's Stove Auction Sile
Ae hid been advertised in the
Avalanche several weede prior to
the sale, last Saturday U B.
Wright opened the bids in the
auction sale of Cole's Hot Dlaat
stoves, in which he was offering
a $VXt; heater to the highest
bidder. M. K. Merrill was the
highest bidder, his bid being
$1.7."). Mr. Wright is highly
pleased with the interest mani
fested in this proposition.
(i. W. Guver. of Bangs, was
Tiere Monday, and authorized us
to send him the Avalanche for a
year, also to J. W. Harbert, at
Sheldon, Mo. He was much
pleased with the exhibits at the
fair, especially the showing of
agricultural products.
...... l...An,WAM A - . . . M .
HHV1. WPH I IT. AH M niXILffT III ! H I - m . I
..... ... ind rWnfhia full than m a i I C0 pie are
ir ii a i&'Aii a nnwn i r rnir ran i n aartinne ttreiaat thu mih.1"'"' uv' k "
even in the more humid climate, fall in fremienf and wrtl net Put int them a" the ww Vt,
.i. . i i net me linrepemini mult trt lemw;
extending to j , ,., ,,.,. w., h.t
,:them hearty congratulations. ' nnmimnr who .iw u. m?
.... .. i I n fl V u 1 1 1 niinfiniia f. ti .... -" . wn n i irT.
a crop is seldom raised that has over fifty per cent of the water ftao'e matter tnai is upon mem , ik.iwi,. m-i
j..., ;...L.. . :. ; in the form of cotton stalks, corn kuDhock their home. o ,. r,i,n,. )W ht .w ...
ii'. m. F'mr liiiit: iiuiiiik tuai iriimrs ill nils inrrn is an-
growth sutTered for water. This(sorbed by the soil. The rate stalk- raM and weeds, we will
need of moisture is especially with which soile abm.rb rainfall. in8l,re their holding much more fjjf -q (JOSt
lei: over trie larirer portion or varies ooth with the kind of soil ' vu,,J)
Texas and the western country. ' and the rapidity of the precipita- 0 W"M ca"e' lne
Yet even in the driest aectiona of, tion. Coarse grained !, an,i earlier thia is done the better, ae
our country the annual rainfall! anile, the surface of which are thereby not only assure the
is generally ample to make at ; kir and open, will absorb and r,tohinK of lhe larKpst amount
leaet one croo a tear. The .atnre much more of the ram 'of moisture by stinng our lands
great trouble ia not that there water than will soil that are
, hae not been auffi :ient rain, but fine textured and more compact,
that a large portion of that rain , Again, if the surface of the soil
came at a time wben the cropjia level, it will be able to absorb
did not need it, and instead of la greater portion of the rainwater
being held in the xl until it was j than if it has an incline, and at
needed, the greater portion ran ( the same time the same soil will
off or evaporated. Twenty absorb more of the water if its
inches of nin. the average for surface is rough and uneven
evenythe driest sections, if it than were it perfectly smooth.
early, but give plenty of time
for this vegetable matter to rot
and so render its plant food
"By deep plowing before th
raina. followed by good cultiva
tion to save the stored water,
the amount of water
for our planta can be
of Living
a Slap,
BYE 3.
They will
color Wool,
Silk, Cotton
available and Mixed
increased Goods at
nearly fifty per cent. With such
wpreill ved and suooliedto; ih. an increase there should never,
the crop a needled, would supply Texas and our western country jeven ,n our (,rlest actions, be
enough water to make one consists of fine clays containing ,uch a l,"rcity (,f water a t0
hundred and twenty-u bushels very small spaces between the CU9 ,OS9 of tne croP- T"he
of corn. Of course, it will sei- ' particlee of soil for the absorn-1 le,t insurance against a drouth
save all of i tion of water, and. further, since ! next summer is deep plowing
I the majority of our rainfall!
I comes in heavy downpours and j
d im be possible to
r MV
mmm j So that IhHr relation, ran amhl throtjirh.
; And iai. St Iviw, it wm tn mi
l rhn rat i,n t krt aa it iunht to l:
kYw ouirht In ,tan! h that nnlna ihn.
- And 'tvr ,11 ilowti in that mnt rhatr:
Ami My. St I'rtw. my nvht la ilimnwd.
Hut I (on't lik th way your whiakwra ara Irtm-
The Public Srhitol m on- of thf (fTft
wt factor in our country. V'h-n r
infiirritl by gtmii. wholeioinc. rliabl
m-wapatwr. it gv th American
child a practical HueMion. Without
the aid of n-aTrife the public school
can not (five a bof or a nrl that rgr
of Ktncrnl intllhcnce that you wmh
your childrmi U'tiave. You can now
IfetThe Avalaiwtii" and The HallHnSemi-
Weekly rarm S-wn for on" year, three
ianeri a week forSl.TR.
We accept and receipt for ubncriu
tions at thin office. Do the ordering
and take all the rii-k.
r r -
1 m m V se i I
. TW aarr laiiiila7a7ar77yW
rataaJ ib TrWal aa. f ri
Sara, tuiaall. aw tel. V Iir3
4 MarfM avakaacari U m
1 hauiii If U haaa4
rWaaVa Jii LW anatajiif
ad a y Ww tax
ki lf,ia,,i
Aal la raaaal MaS
Telegraph ui
TtltiMt Ci.
at a time when our crops are not
'growing upon the land, thia
problem of saving the moisture
within the soil until it will be
' needed by the planta, is of para
I mount importance and yet after
i all a comparatively simple one of
' solution.
I First we must take steps to so
nrenarn th anil that it will iinra
as much of the moisture that
comes to it as possible. The
way to do this ia to plow that ysars, wiui
one boiling.
Light color,
ed garments
can be kept
looking aa
good as new
by d I p p i n g
them occa
sionally In a
warm or cold
solution ot Putnam Fadeless Dya
After Foar Tears at DiKoarafinf
CoaWitioas, Mrs. Bullock Care
Up ia Despair. Haioaad
puM to Rescue.
Cairoa, Ky. In a, intemtinf Idler.'
(rota tnit ; pUcc, , MfS. Betlte Bullock ,
tPllowf'l tasaercd lor four i
ly Moublas, and during
Death of Mrs. Denton
aleminota rWrittn.:
Mrs. J. L. Denton died at her
home 15 milea ntrthwest of Sem
inole Wednestlay morning at 1
o'clock, after an illness of over
two weeks. For several days
her condition was such that little
soil aa deeply aa possible before i Un could. ssfly m up lor a hula hope was entertained for her
the usual winter or early spring
rains. The deeper this is done,
the greater will be theabsorptive
area, and the more moisture will
be stored within the soil for the
use of our planta next summer.
It ia of especial importance that
this fall and winter breaking
j shall be deeply done, aa we must
j store the moisture deep down in
the soil so aa to prevent it being
lost by evaporation. In break
ing the land for the saving ot
moisture it will be well to break
! it in rows or leave it rough while
the rains are coming. If the
j land has a fall in one direction,
j then run the rows nearly level
, so that they will catch and hold
! as much water as possible,
j "To show the immense gain in
wade, aad coasl not a aaywhert at recovery, and while the sad news
so. Ai hra, I would haw sever paws j of her death was expected, the
Tltf doctor ww called land Ms te" to the family and the com
ktm reievstf n loava wh. but I as i mun,t v o this good woman is
sooa cotajacd w my baaWgiia. Aiitr I felt none the less keenly,
mat. noting seamed to do me say good. The funeral services wer e coo
Lup1:; "lted t the family residence
At last, my hutbaod rot rae a bottle ol
Cardui, Ow weouM's tome, aad I com-
satnced Ukiiu it Proai tbe vary hrat
dose, I could teO H was helpiag mc. I
cm bow walk to miles without its
Niag mc, sad am dotag my work."
n you arc all rua down from woaualy
this morning at 10 o'clock by
Rev. C. H. Ledger, and the
remains were laid to rest in the
Seminole Cemetery this after
noon at 4 o'clock.
Mrs. W. R. Slaton and
They're cut wtde em, out wftrd Uias;
Th d liwib better nsrrrwsr, rul trmisxht arrn;
We-ll, we rttiiet lap wng our erewna to win.
So mrn. Si. IVter, and we'll iiswa In."
St. 'atar tMt iuiet ami itroked hie etairT;
Hut eptte it( hm omm he haul to laiurlr
Then dtnl with a tier? gUamm tn hia e:
"Who teruhnr fh4a vviewa.- you or IT"
And then he roee in hia tat ore tsvil,
And preaeed a butttn e the waiJ.
' l-enrt thie ladv arosjnd to hetlf"
The ma etmid ttill aa a ptere of atone-
Stniad faadle, rkimmty. there ilon;
A hfsvlnntr etttM Meet he haW.
I"hat hia wife waa atiaj and he wae bawl.
He tbnuaht if the wmn went down helriw,
That ha would rertamly have to sro -
Ttat if h went to the rlimuti dim.
There wwn i a rMt of a ahadnw for him.
Slowly ha turned hv hahit rw-rU.
Tn follow where ever the woman went.
Ht. iVrer. eranditir on dutw thwre,
Ovtawrved that the un M hie head waa l-ald:
"r'rifnd. how lotiir have ru hesn wed"'
"Thirty yeare ' (with a wreir eiarhl.
And then he thouahtfuJIy ldd. "Why" ,
SI. r'ettT waa ulent. With head bent down.
He raifked hie hand and eeratrhswt hie crown:
Then eeemmaly a different thouvht to take. j
Slowly, half to himaHf. ha eoake '
"Thirty yeaare with thai wmn iher' j
So wwntler tw man haan t any hair!
Sweanna ie ww-lied. emoke e not frf.
He imohed and ewnra- I ehouW think he would -Thirty
yrare with that tunajue eo eharp! j
Ho. AnMatKtsMf iiiwm him a harpT
A iewh-d harp with aaotin etnne;. 1
I aud eir, paaa tn where the A mreta etnt '
(abn4, him a aeat asnoe
Ona with a cuahnm. up near the thnm,
up em Angeia to play their heat.
!.at him enjoy the entitle ia raet;
!U that oa hnesH ambroaia he fswde.
Ha e had absMst aU the betl he aewaa.
It Ma t wet hardly the thin to do.
Ta naeax htm on earth aad the future, tuu. ' 1
TWy rave hisa a harp with guhlea etnncv. ,
A gUltannc rnbe with a paar of wtntre, i
Aad ha aad. aa ha entered the Keai erf f"ay: j
"Weii. chia heata rarmbjera, aaf way! '
And aa the Senpuaree had nai tu paae.
'TWtaat ahall benret aW the Iral eaaU he laai."
- Joaaph Ben Rattle
That you can get
on your clocks,
watches and jew
elry; right here at
home , as, you can
get in any of the"
j large cities?
,- i , )
Well jusMer that
fact hit you square
in theface and the
next time you have
: I have employed the help
if . .-.L 1
our care.
trouo'ea. doa i rivc up ia dpa- i ry daughter, Elizabeth, returned
Cardiu. ttw woman a Ionic. It tut helped , . , , . . .
mote ttwa a million women, ia n j0 1 Tuesday from Plainview where
years ot v ondertui aucceaa. and should they have been for the past
aureljf help you, loo. Your druiu4 haa i L. vi- , i.;i
aold ta.dui V year. He knoTa what fV'ra' re KIM to
u lit do. An him. lie will recom- learn that Mrs. blaton reports
memiu. Bem taking Caidiu today. Mrs. Stone, who underwent a
wr. ia.- c....n.. m. c. t er'ou operation a few weeks
Aa.arr .ia.. "a i.. .'".. m r. .j , ago, very much improved and
Julrvliwl o rt .MaiM Kana. H,a Ti . V K aua
traaiawanlarWaaa. aaal ia Siaia aranaar. Iaa able tO be UJk.
t A r- 1 t rt .
at. v. vaoavR ana uee ieizer j ,
were over from Ranger Lakeland am PParcd to turn
this week. They report every i out promptly and satis
thingmgood condition in that factorily any work left in
Kcvaiuii uie country. nr.
Cannon says he expects to locate
in that part of New Mexico.
Dutch Malone waa right pain
fully scalded about the head last
Saturday by the bursting of a
team pipe where he was work
Ing. The injuries were not
serious however, and he will be
alright again in a few days.
District Judge W. R. Spencer
made a business trip to Plain
view Monday. ,
in Lubbock Drug Store
Lubbock. Texas

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