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' i
Cffort Will bt Made to Have Treee Where the Methodnt Mlnietert of the
Planted by at Many People I N. W. Te.ie Conference Will be
Poatible I Located Thie year
A i a nit-iit meeting or tuii Chli! Vw i. ii. T' m. Nov . 17 Vi-I'in j
league it wa decided to make a ; inlnler r attending t Ii Northwe-t
cumpalcn for nmrt In- lor Lubbock Texa- Ali-tlitnli.-t confcrem , here, ten
TIiIk I. a move In the illit directum terdav Mllcd I lie various pulpit nf'lhe TWO HIGH POWER
Tu tin- Mianger coming from an did i lly, 'i he tueiinir'al xcrvlre wax held
cr purl of tlie country where ahade at :l p m Sunday I
treea are plentiliil, the i k of Hhade Hia'i'ip All-in antiiiiuii eil the ful i
tree I especially nntlicahle. Me; '(mill. i oint iti.-ntH : j
think of the ImeiiHe elms and mu j AblVne IMxtrlci --Prealdlng elder. I
pies, apreadlng their brunt-lien ui ' N. .V K.tkujii. Mill' tie. Klrat '
The Work of The Leiue His Been to Gret AuVintase
Its Oreanizition, And They Expect To Ac
complish More Net Year
Yesterday at the high school's thorough cleaning ud
building, an interestinjf meeting ( rubbiih around the citv.
cftha rivio T.eari wnn helri ' "c ""v 'ummar)r
of the
and some interesting things for
the upbuilding of Lubbock and
oivic improvement of the city
The committee that was ap
Dointed at a recent meeting to
go before the City Council and'
ask them to have a crossing I
placed on
Second Streets for the eonven
ience of the school children, re
ot the
League meeting is given as a
matter of news and it is god in
formation and the tone of the
meeting was spiendid. The
members of the Civic League
deserve a great deal of credit
for good work done in Lubbock
already, and by the hearty co-
received favorably by the coun
cil and something will likely be!
Broadway and South :wil mnli.
" "v vvui'iiiii iiiuvii III vi v III
the next twelve months than in
'that nnar Th T oiitiia ia laaa
ported that the proposition was j tha g ynf nd th()UJch the
membership is
ftmall taUtntw intA anaii4ate.fr iain
done at an early date toward jtne importanw of the ja.
this great jmprovemeot. It is j fjon tjl wht few do M
greatly needed d C';.re working with all their
Councl will get on vote of,mijfH ind Lub5ock wjl, th
thanks when th.a work is com- L,tw fop tn. Ut9 h.vi
pleted, if they never get another. onranjzed
It was agreed by the League Ut
that a can vas of the town be jtherni!lve. up witn the ,
made to' ascertain as nearly Bnd hdp twm Jojn
u i poss.b e just bow many tree, ; yo)11 duf pajd up tnd end theffl
.11 be planted in Lubbock this phy,jca MitUnlx ,nd
wmter and coming apnng. , y,up mfntA he,p jn the furthep.
A strong sentient prevailed of th thjngi that wi make
in the League in favor of most Lubbock a higgw and ttM
sanitary regulations of the town. ! town.
the residences, public t-!Min.7s. j All together with a long steady
stores, offices, markets, dairies. ; pull in Civic League harness for
etc, kod to begin early to make' Lubbock.
nu't each other from the oppoHite
Kldei, of the dtreet. hlle It Ih llll
polbe to JCl " It trwen here, yet
it U pimsitile to (sniw other vurletlea
hlch will hud Ueaiity to the atreets
It luf nnl a Utile more ire here
Hut tile hhade trwrt 'nil be nrree
ful r xroMti In l.iihbock, aa evidenced
by llie niimher tlutl are planted In
our court llouae ngiiHie and around
many private houiea
Wherever a, property owner lur
planted tre-- h ha not only bean
iltiPd an made attractive hia own
home and Increuaed the value there
of, but he hii proven himxelt to he
a ttood i lMxt-n. hecaimc lie hai In IxmI
make bia treit and city more at
inu'lhr. One ha only to alk
around our city to aee plenty of con
lrHt One homw Kill have e
cured for tret-en and lawn, and the
otawrver hi a fe-ln of pliuaure to
(lime over him aa he looks lUil
next door be nny aee a yard " here. :
apiarHitly. ilieiv hua Iwu no eflort
made to make heautifid the surround .
niK-v aud he turua aay. and If a
Ntrnner la ith hlra. he tries to net
the Ktranser to look the mher way
until they net by. ,
.So the lvlr l ait'ie. In taking auub
a alep. la worklna; for the bent in ;
tervHta ol the whole city Th ,
hturue baa arommltte,' mho will
perwonally canvaan tiie city, urulnt;
all U Join In thut N-autlfyltiK ram i
pa tin Let evr ow nir plant treeo
not only wltere he uvea, but also or
hl vacant lotn. If hn liaa vacant lota
Chiirih. f. W. Ilearoll. Ahilelle. St
! TaulV. I' M. WiiodHard. Aiimiu. A
It. Wallace. .XiiKfiit. K. I.. Veali;
! M. Sla'tin lialrd, A. W. Winldill:
, Cap)- II K. I. SlutiK; ( lyd" and Ku-
la. j. VV Siiiiih: I loh- l laliix. K I..
Sink; I hi ley. J T. Uokk- Merkel. K.
Ovalo X I) JaincKon; 'riicolii
llMiri SuiiiIIwimkI ; I 'm mi in and Mo
rau. J (aldnell. Trvnt. C. W
: Voiinit. aupply; Tye, M. II. Hudson:
! View. T II. Davia, aupply; Clvde. i:.
'A. laincan. district commiasloper of
education. Comer M. Woodward.
Amarlllo DlKtrlrt- I'reiddliu; elder,
J. T. Hk'ka Aniarillo. folk St . K.
; K. llohltiMin; Amartllo inl-n1on. W. I
I'aiKhraii: Itovina (' I.. McDonald;
Imnnlnr. II K .Monroe, aupply; fan
yon Station. K. M. Nea'. Canyon in ia
ion. to b Hiiimlled DaJbart. J VV
Mayne; lumn. II J. (Vborn: (Jlazter.
to b 'ip,'lted llHUk'ord and I'll m
on. Cluirlea U. Thomait. euppb ;
Men ford. J It lleiim.n. IIUKlua, C
H. Pirtle. Ochiltree, to be aupplied:
ratihandlc. P U Huffman; Stratford
J. I" 1'atterw.li; Texllne. V IV Kd
wards; Wlldorado. ( T Palmer; IHs
trlct commKhlouer of education. K. K
Hlff Sprinipi Dintrtct -Presidinu e
ritolie. Hi Spnnua Mlotou. .1. T.
dt-r, W II Terry. Andrewa. A C
Prlc, Kiipplv. Ill 3prlnf Station. A
L. Moore; ItrownhVld. J. It Mr Hey-
McMillan And Wortham Wei's Will Be Well Equipped As Soon
As The New Engines Are Installed Both
Have Powerful Pumps
wells will
Mr. Wor-
While Lubbock has not made who is familiar with
such great blows about her great ; admit is some water.
irrigation wells and claimed that'tham expects to develop one of
we have water enough to put I the largest irrigation farms on
the Pacific Ocean to shame, still; the Plains, and the eouiDment
that he has. there is little room
for doubt that his accomplish-
up to his
we have some water, and our
people are going after it in no
uncertain wav. A number ofments will be fully
our land owners are spending ' fondest anticipations.
money and making great im
provements, and are installing
irrigation weIN that will some
The second engine was of the
same type, but of sixty horse
power, and it was taken to the
;od: Coahoma, Thomaa Hauks; j day jn tne very tr future prove McMillan ranch
Mil. 1 , Mian. Ul'MJ , Iir-lt. C . . llla.fL kA
hi. dm: o rionneii. t a. fackHoti; I to the outside world that Lub- of Lubbock a tfw miles.
Plalna. S Cox; Pout. l W. IU hofk cotintv in not outclanaed hv 1 Hp nlnce-rl
jp for aaJe.
be alll find 'hut
! with ahade treea ution them
prlce than thow which are left un
Improved. Hut trotn hateer mo-
4.- nl .. t (m..' And u M run Htl
iuo " - ....... -
' ScoititlTia awply; Clamle, C 1) Weat
C A Clark, aupeniunierary ; anadl
an. M K llakln CaUllne, I.. B
Smal'wood (loodnlirht. W H Airert
t. 1 , 3 I .... I at II . Oinn
ton w. c Hind: Tai.oka and nation ! ny "r action of the great
J P t'allaway; dlhtrlcl rommtaxioner state of Texas from the Stand-
of ediM atlon. A I.. Moore
Clarendon fiiKtrict Prvtildlns el
!der. J W. Sfory. Clarendon atatlon
more heartily. ' otue to
- -Cotitrthu'ed.
An IntTeaae of afprotlmatelv !m'
Church Notes
lour ignorance, truly we are
j busy women, but have you ever
noticed that the busiest of us
! ft nA a Jn V. :
(W will b. flwl to make any an- ' ",,VJ" U J unnK we
nouneimenu of Church Service. Pro-1 really Want to do let US have
wy.r in thl matter."
from th aervtoe. - Editor. 1 Publicity Superintendent.
How we wish- very Methodist! south side christian ciickch
woman in Lubbock could havej Incident to the protracted
been present at the all-day j meeting to begin r-ext Thursday
new penlonera I enected for ne
nett quarter, accordlnt t. tn p.-na n
comtnlsaloner, die to the amendment
to the penatoll law enactment by the
Last laurialature. Till will win the
number rloe on to 15. '""
ala eeran who wUI be receivlnn
pen-dona from the atale Cm I T the
old law only veteran who came to
Ten a a on o r before January 1. ISW.
were e'iirlble to fwntlona. hut the lat
letrliilatnre chanced thla to Januarv I
ivxt. thru a lettlnn In a amall arm.,
of old aoldiera who came to Tetaa 20
yearn later In thla connection. Cap
tain Kytter, the penalon commlaalon
er. declarea that thla Inrrease w-UI
ratine a aMht delay ill the lutn of
the penalon warranta for the quarter
end In on the laat day of thi month
there will, however, be no derreae
In the amount to be paid, that bein
SI" 50 for the quarter Instead of
the warranti beinn mailed ou'
j promptly on IWvember I, It may be
i ten daya later before thla l aec,n
Ijillhhed. Kach new api.llratlnn hs to
i no throtinh certain routine and thl
alo caueea conaldcralile d day with a
bin percentage of tlie new appilca
aupply; Medley, U. M Hryant; Ijike
i lew, T A Sharp; Memphla. II W
liodaon; McLean and Pamna. J. P
lwrev; Mohte. J . Carpenter;
Ne-wlln. C O. Huff; Plymouth. I. 8
prayer service last Monday. It
was most helpful and interest
ing from start to finish. .
- The committee in charge of
the service feel a vote of thanka
it due the ladies, those who
prepared and reed such excel
lent papers, and those who ren
dered such sweet music
The sacred hour and lunch
was a great success. The song
by the Juniors waa much appre-
Saturday,' Nov. 22, the Aux
iliary will serve turkey dinner
and hold a btuaar at the opera
, We hope, to have a Urge
:rowd eat with us.
Monday, the Bible and Mission
Study class will meet iff the
church at 3.00 p. m.
In every department of our
work there is a crying need for
Information. If our women do
not know how can they feel? A
knowledge of the needs in any
one of our fields would cause a
person with the least degree of
sympathy in her heart to want
t help, but if we do not know
a nditiifis bow can we be inter
ested? Thore are many mission
ary books well worth read! ug.
and maay others which would
aot be classed ss missionary
literature but which tell of the
countries end the cuaiU!n ia
whit-h we s-VjuM be tetsfcrtci.
fvifeUUttijtt rjctr-tj tj
night, is s special feature for the
last week, December 813. The
cnurcn nas secured the promise
of the presence of Rev. S. VV.
Hut ton and wife, Sunday School
experts and musicians. Bro.
Hutton will hold Institutes dur
ing the day on "How to Build
Up a Sunday School." It is
earnestly hoped that all the
Sunday Schools of the town and
community will be represented
at these Institutes ss they
will be devoted to such themes
a . "Worker's Conference,'.'
"Teacher Training." "Organized
Classes," "Missionary Meth
oda etc A complete program
will be announced later. Bra
Hutton is the man who made
the Magnolia Avenue Christian
Sunday School, of Fort Worth,
Texas, the greatest Sunday
School in the State. Come and
get all the good you can from
his efforts.
There will be no services Sun
day night, Nov. 23rd. The con
gregation will participate in the
Temperance meeting at the
Lyric, conducted by (juincy L.
Mrs. Brtgge Robertson, of
Slston, visited at the home of
her suter, Mrs. It Q. Pierce
this week.
Confeder 1 Aron. "PPl.v- Shamrock, VV. M Pop
ii, ri. ionner auperniirn'rary ; nana
burn A I.) tin riMv. Wellington ata
tkm. A I.. Uowman: Wellington clr
cult, K'drldte; Wheeler. A V
Hendru; pre-drient Clarendon Col
lege, (J. S Stover, profeaaora Claren
don Co'lfxe. S K il.irkhend. P K. Kl
ley and W V Swltiter; dtatrlct com
uiioaloner of education. II M Ijiiir
Mamllnlltru.t lYealdtnij elder. i.
S Hardy. Ap,Tinont M M Heaver:
Mamlln, J K. Steheni. Knox City. J
II Hamblen; Jayton. A. II. Keene-I
McCauley. C. H. Smith: Peacock. ! j
VV Smith; PinKerton to be aupplied:!
Itixh.Mer. K I) Stewart; little. ( M !
Addiaon; Saniterton. I. K Malone I
MiPldy : Spur, t! J Irun: Spur mla ;
alon. to lie aiH'Plied: Sylveater. K. T j
.I'lhnenn; Vera. C. H. Pipkin: Tunelo j
M I tiood di let rommiexioner of
cilucntii n. .1. K. Stephen,.
Plalnvieii H'-trlct lYewidlnn elder
O P Kik-r A-'on. .1. M Owena. aup
,U . Mam -'ulte, l C lloaa;
'on. I . K L un . Mnnmitt. I
point of water supply for any
The last days of last week
there was unloaded
cars at this station
engine which was taken out to
the Wortham farm just east of
this city and will be installed at
his big well, a halftone cut of
which gives faint idea of the
flow with the pump operated by
a traction engine which is never
verv satisfactory. The new
engine when properly hooked up
will no doubt put the flow of this
well over the 3,t0 gallon per
minute mark, which anyone
and farm north
It is to
operation right a
way. This well has been in
operation some months, but the
power has never been sufficient
to run the pump to its capacity,
and though the demonstration
from the the past year with crop has
monster been very fine, there is room for
improvement so far as the power
to operate the pump is concerned,
and Mr. McMillan believes he
wil overcome every obstacle
with the new engine.
Xubhoclr is coming along in
fine shape, both through dry
fanning and by irrigation, and
she will open the eyes of many
people within the next twelve
Come to Lubbock!
Mlka Knnl Oahorti- . who ha been
with her tter In-law .n (jmy County
the naM two montha or more, re
turned home thla afternoon
U-.nev ; Tell. J. I.. Kucker: Vernon
elation. A W Hall. I.. K. Kldle. en
pernumerarv: Vernon circuit. I . I!
Toole) : district cominlsHtoner of edu
cation. II. S. Wyat
Tranfera A C. Smith. Central
Tea conference; S. It Twltty. Lit
tle Kock conference: T S. Ilaicua
Central Texaa conference: L N. Mey
era. Weat Texaa conference; T K
tiraham. Kit at Oklahoma conference:
Croioby -i " iHiak Ira C. Kiker. Uordun It
V Smith ;:' "r""r- r" leaaa eonierence: vv
Hannv M i H Carriaon. Kant Oklahoma confer!
Mewlamea Hennr end jtnlieth
who have been vtaltlne rWatlve in
Kaat Texaea the put month, return
d bom Monday.
l-lovrla.'tt I". y Shearer
T -i. p. . i '..nier I 4 4m i ence , l.avln C. JackiMin. Nea Mexico
tiev; Kreaa It W. Wllk'lna; l.ublvock ton Terence.
W M I. -e I lefleld. V. iHckln !
i, l ii u .ni.m. . i nen. I The MethilM SimkIbv hcIiihW Ih
S. J. l'pton. 'i.u.ply; LaH-ktiey mla-! ' npletidid l-ronreea (ioml want tO buy anything put an ad
It Pays to Advertise
John P. Lewis is authority for
the statement that it pays to ad
vertise. He placed a short "for
rent" ad in the classified columns
of the Avalanche last week and
he said he had received a large
number of applications, and the
property was rented wishin a
short time after the ad appeared.
If you have anything you want
to sell, swap or give away, or
mn. V. u rormav, aiiptuv: stata-;'""""" ' " "-
dor. J n. McCartev; Plalnylew ata- " th'nlitm III" weather waa very
tlon. d. A. Harnea. lon Hendemon i unfavorable. Kourtwn teachen. out
Uiinemumerarv; Plalnvlew mlaaion. 7. of the sixteen were ureent and the
It Kee; Sllv to. R Kort. aupply :' abeenteea were aOMent from the city.
ITuha. M. S. Iviredne; Turkey. T C .Only t,ne teacher Umr. and a very
Wlllett; diatrlrt rommlaaloner of edil !mll per cent of u.e pupiia were
cation 8 A lUrnea. i late. Quite a rlvaln exlta between
well SS great men. It will take! Stamfid IHatrlet Prealdlne. elderithe Jiinltvr Itaracaa ,md the yomu
J O. Miller Albany. () P. Clark ; i Pheiatneana in eiiroiimmii aueiiiiaiu e
Aroca and lletbel. II II l.llea: Ro i and rollerttonn and each c'aaa repot t-
marton. U N. Llp-oroh; Ooree. J. II led IS.7J ofterlnn lt Hunday. If you j merce Commission
Itiiaaton. W. M. Murrell. aupply; Ham : are a !ienooiai ana rm a live m f, . . u.
Watta: Haakell atatlon. W. P. Oar i ber of the Methodiat Sunday achool. I 'OOU inai me Companies per-
vln; Haakell mlaaion, I. U Mllla eup ' you are loatnn aomotninn that t real suaaea me Commission that they
ply; Munday. W. t". C-blldreaa; Mey , y worta wntl. xe nave a ciaaa tor
rnour atatloo, Ben Hardy; Seymour j you. renardleaa of aire, aex or general
ford, St. John 'a. W. K. Lyona; Thrork- appearance, and each claaa baa a
(nemortoa atatlon. K. U Meadow; gol and etltclent teacher: come, be
rnrocimoTTsn mianiou. to oe aup-iwttn ua next nunuay. w a ore d
piled; Ward Memorial and Lender i In the Sunday arboot. Everybody tan
Texas Needs Great Capital i
Texas needs great capital as'
largo volumes of money to de
velop our mineral resources,
make needed improvements snd
extensions in railroads, and build
factories necessary to our growth
and progress, and this money
must come from outside
Stores to Clese Thanksgiving
The merchants of Lubbock
have decided to observe Thanks
giving Day aa a holiday and all
stores will be closed on Thursday,
November, 27th. They respect
fully request their customers to
mske their purchases Wednesday
fur what they need Thursday.
W. a MrKeowa;. Welnert. V. II
Trammel I; Wood Hon. J. W. WaUoo:
Weetover, K. tJ. Tharp; prealdent of
Stamford Colieere, W. K. Slrother;
rommlaaloflorof edncntln of Stamford
4 oHena. I. II. Meador: atndenU ot
HouthweaterB rnlverwlty, O. II. An
til; mUelonary to Hohee-o. Chat
heln ua bul'd In numbera nnd In-
rreaae thn wrhord'a Inflttenoe.
( hval: diatrlrt coram
ration, lien llaTrty,
Sweetwater (
der. J. M HUw
(inula; Cot'
Cnmp 8a--
- ut edit
Investments will follow lines i
of least resistance and puisuej
Ail t aL4t reUaStl SattPttar I Ua i
V WJ v m lirvwe wiu es ve v Wt VV W ay
have the big attractions and our j'
s. h. v
C. I!. T
rain. C
on. J,
fM . an J a. . k I . ...
r w;;cf is ncrs uus hutne ulU t
opportunities loom up
mountainous pniimrtions
when capital feels mvrei"
Texas than other t' -migrnte
to Tev
Bomar M-"
1 el-
, In H
i Ihmn.
. .ant: l
nnd lloya
woe. M. W.
, Hunt. Sweet
A Shaw ; Ha eel
C MiM.re; Weal
Camiack; riitHc
education, J. W
.trw-ll'rldlns elder
M t hildreaa alauon, J. T
, A. T. Cullierton. auiady,
t Kllulnl, J O Ljllallletiaum
ha. M I'helan. ( roaeil. It k
vl. Iiiiinl J W Martin,
T II Unburn, Kirklaiul. T. J
.-a. l-atartte. J H ra.., auppia,
Mire. 4 II, !, IMI. Ia-ali
radtaa. I I nine, oa
rogram for the Busy Sen Band;
Tke followtnn I the protcram for
the Huay lice Hand af the Cumber
land Prewbyterlan Church:
Song "The Little Mtaalonary "
ITnyer Hy tha leader.
Scripture lon .Matt. 6:115.
Queetlnne tn leaaon.
nerltatlon He, I'uchnnan.
ItacltalKin Kthel 4.aWeII.
ftiiaineeaa Period.
Itoll Call: T I nnaaered by one
of tha apoatlea nainew.
Minntea of lal nuwilng.
Heeilalkai--K. I". Karhart.
Kenatatloii Worine Hiabanan.
Sottn "I Waul to 4.e n W orker "
jin the Avalanche, and await
i A postponement of an order
making a sweeping reduction in
express rates from December 1
tto February 1 was announced
last week by the Interstate Corn-
It is under-
would not have time to prepare
for the new rates if they went
into effect on December 1.
Prof. Terry In hia hypnotic
stunts appeared on the Lyric
stage Monday and Tuesday
nights and also put on a vaude
ville show.
The little s.m of Mr. and Mrs,
I. A. NVeiUlcy suifered the dis-
guMk i iihHt. II g4aah,eVt!iNI 0( tt!S ISft shiMililer lasl
1 fc. Ha. -a. leleeal, J A. t lT-,'?.
We hsve a communication
from Mrs. C. R. Naler, Mc
Gregor, Texas, requesting ua to
send the Avalanche to Mr. Naler
at Ashville. N. C. .'care of Way
ne Sanitarium. She did not
state for what reason he was at
that institution, but we inferred
from her communication that he
would likely be there for some
time hence.
John R. McGee has moved
his office from the building on
the north aide of the square to
his own building on the south
side, and he is now snuggly lo
cated under his own roof.
According to reports J. W.
Kokernot lust week shiired
eight rsr ItNidsof fine cattle from
Slab to eastern niarktts.
IZiss Wra Jordan rtturitrj
i.wtJ-y frscs a fsw days vi
with her sicr. t'ra. Utz

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