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The Lubbock avalanche. (Lubbock, Tex.) 1909-1922, April 23, 1914, SECTION TWO, Image 8

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7 J
ccoiMC drugged
itxturvs arc
A Carelessly Treated Cold
htrXc' tourci of most kl
yrufxand a
cqjiqin inn
oar tLtnuutgn nas Deen reuea upon ny
pnysiians lor lony years ns in s.ns ana Sv'msidi
rerndy to suppress the cold and build up the
enfeebled forces to avert throat and lung troubles.
n't tolerate alcoholic tutstitutes, but hisisf
on the Qenulno Soatt's EmuMort One belli:: usumly
lasts longer than a cold. Every druggist has it. u :s
jut emu x vmm ) a 1
largely to the Htork and continue
j the IniHlneas. Mr. tinrrlson and family
by ! tililtt week moved to a farm near
Ijorenzo. where they will iimke their
future hoit
K. A. SowdiT, ciinillilnto f r District
Deputy Organiser Hlnimnns, of the , Attorney, wan. here from liiftliork on
W. O. W.. mho has bwn here for the I Tuemlny, r-trculiitlm; among the vo
ir vt five weekn, wnrkhiK In the In-, tern. In the Interest of his candidacy,
llereal of tills lodge, left Wednesday .Mr. Sowdor ix a brilliant lawyer nml
Local Items of Interest as Told
The Raid Banner Last Week
April 17th
No Great Social Affair Will Be
Made Over Ceremony at White
Houee on May 17.
WiiKhlimtiin. Apr.l 17. fundi matlon
of previous rlrt, Ihnt 'Mix Wen
nor WiImoii would b quietly married
tii Ser. t.-i r .MrAdoo on May 7. wan
given In an olllilal statement iiwde
ut tlii White House, today. It fol
low: "I he President and Mr. Wilson
announce ti.day that Ihn wedding
Mli-e K'UMinor Kahdolph Wilson and
Will In ra tilt 1 MrAdoo wlH take pla
on Tlmradny, May 7.
"In accordance to the wishes o
Ml Wllxon and Mr. McAdoo, tlie
wedding will be very amull; only the
Vice I rcHldcnt and Mr. Miirslull, the
calilnct and Immediate nii'intxT of Hie
two fuitillW ore to be present."
W. K. Srhenck has returned hnme
from a business trip to Hrownond.
l,nllK-k. iMirliiR hi nullity to
tor hi home at
hie stay here. Mr. Simmons has add
d to the membership of this camp
47 member, besides organizing a fir
0e erf 18 member. We are not at
aC mrprlned at the excellent work
lie has done In thin line, aa he I
one among Lubbock's "do-lt-now" cit
izens, wtio lets no opportunity llp
he aspires I
till the office to which
Aheninthy, Te.. Apr. 1". J. J. Hnr
tonton thla morning delivered to K.
H. Con, of Kiireka, Kiiiia, IM head
of 4-year-old atoera. These Hter
Uat haa for its object the betterment had been fel on enllKe and were
and advancement of the cauae he I ( nelirhed at the feed lot, brintrtnit
worklnn for. Hence, hla efforts imvn .PntH per pound. Thl la the firat
teen crowned with anceen. j bunch of heavy ateer fed In tlila lo-
Mr. Ed Clendennen, of Rail, and j rallty and has been watched with a
Mlas Jewell Sanders, of Loekney were great deal of Intereat by the cuttle
married on Sunday eveiilns nt the, men All pronounce the reeulta very
home of the lrld's parent. Thn( aatlafactory.
Banner Join their frenda in wlahlim
them a pleaannt and happy voyage, Adl Watjwn, wno Uumhtj
aoroa the nncertaln water of the tn tdiilu school tne past term, left
Matrimonial Sea, nm weak for tier home In Indopen-
h. B. Garrison has Hold itla atork denoe, Texas. MIsk Wataon I a
of uroeerle to Ixm H-iblnpon, who, niece of Mr. Joe Penney, of this
we UDdcmtand, will Immediately add city.
K? r
I make sick ones well. Also make keys. Also
sell electric strophes. See me. :
-The Lock Doctor."
I el aJntinct value the farmer
and to all wwellar ievritre die
trict CeamvnirapVw 1 Watweea
iiMnbtnel tb mmOf 9
aiwtvd frem Mch hr can W
MiclilynJ MOVactwWly OMablita.
ed by alphW end aaly aa4
vrry.,ii.p.lla In tinx W ekh.
Mta- 41 t'eubU.
turrit It tvpph'vd al very
low tct. Our immt awnaf
williurnUli inlersMtiam, e wtMe
Tlfe Southwestern Tele
graph and Telephone
mm it
Rope the Property of'Sherift of Colt
mnn County Will Be Sent to
Pecoi County
Bherlff W. I.. KllUh. of folemiin.
na received the following letter:
"W. 1 Kutih. Hherlff, t'oleman Ten :
")-nr Sir:- l.eon Martinet, ren
fenced to hanit for the murder of
a white plH (Ml flrown) nt Sam-,
itofa. about year bko. will he;
handed here April 21t. I umlerat ind j
ou have a ri'pe and a cap that hn
dftli lated several times In thexe nmt-1
tera. I would like to use them, If!
airreenhle to yo.t, and nu are In j
vlted to attend If you care to come.;
-Tom llarrlmin. Sheriff Reeve Co.. I
Texas." j
Mr. Fut'h hi forwarded the rope!
nn.l cap by expresa to Sheriff llarr! i
nn, at f'eco. In thl connectlon.j
It la Interesting to note the history i
of thla haiipmaii's rope. It m the.
property of fanner Sheriff llirfwrl i
lloodfellow. and a trained at Uie;
the otllclal eiicnilon of John I'earl.
nt (Vb miiD. who n convicted of
the murder of Kd TukT. a Cennani
farmer, in Brown county. In 190. j
The rope was net um-d at Italrd.j
In l!o7. In execution of a Mexican j
who wan convicted of the murder or
a white Kirl, Mla Ktnma ltlakely. of
faluohan cunty. In 1Su.
In March, 1HI2. the ne wa uied
In the execution of a nexro. Pan Mr
('line, convicted of the murder of
another nearos;, Roa Tubbs. In KaMs
It wlli likely be ued for two exe-j
cations at Pecoa. there Is another j
death aertenee pendina: tn thai coun f
ty. The rope i the property of '
Sheriff Futcb and will he returned,
to him after It he served Its pur-!
car. rorcl
ir tne
If you had a mint of money
you couldn.t buy a better
crit has made
-St an st
your if
car of nil
Til fltrVndaAirV
l ive nLndred dollar I (he price of the
l ord runabout; the tourlafr car i five
fifty; the town oar aeven ftfty- f. o. b
Detroit, complete with equipment, (let
catalog and particulars from Bradley
Auto Sales Company, l.ubhock, Texas.
There ts a ntoat del(Wd awakt-nlnc
of the people to the new duties and
opporuinltleii of cltlzenaiilp. Party
polHica, In the old sense, never made
p.e at Peco. nty.-foleman Dem ; mi , ,h toUv UMitJ
ready seen It. Tho (fhica) Public.
W. R. A Ulna, of the McAdam
iMimber Company, made a hualnea
trip la Plalnvlew and Floydiuia the
early part of thla week.
Turning: the rnecnJs ouL" haa reaa-
' I ed to be our ohlef national diversion.
J. P. thelhume. formefjr of thl n,, tr-ngn voter ts romlnj to feel
county, now farming tn New .Mexico, )ma concern about the personality
wa here trading last Monday. Me of (n, cnndldate and the party to
nays he and family are getting lnnjmhlch he belong. Uian what tlie ran
nicely In their new locstion. He haa ,illt mtl do when he haa been elect
preempted .120 a ree of land and un whl :. lernJa to a keener Intereat
der the new law which will In a few !n fundamental and a better lone
day go Into effect he will be allow m .pew-he and editorials. Thla doe
ed to file on another half aectlon. whlcfi Bot ,(y tht Lie millennium la
adjoina hi home and which wHi tn W'MMll . flr tha pepi ar
ail make him a nl e home. He still groping, and the politician are aa ' I
like to come to libbork and expeU nin ledr of the blind. The
to do the main part of bia trading tblnit toward eeng the llcht.
here fr aom time to come. (however, ta the wliUi an new It. and
there were never before so many ; T
M. f. Adama, of Brownfteld. wa eamemt men and wimien honestly
I. Adama, of Toe urn county, wit
here the first of the week, and) left
for points north over the Plalnvlew
branch of the HanU re.
here Monday; looking after bumes nm king the iruth. nor su h rare op X For
porttinitles for thooe who have al
k l" V T mHl r,.l i
TWH lull. I
HMIi.Hlff ni.xr
Sale by H
ltw.fl f
hi aiirn
HK l mtU hlm Vuu.
i kM(i imdmr'
pk in 's Drug Store. I
' '"'X; '"j
KTMe OF 12
Seven premiums t
jranization or order o
a M t v i
guaranteed Jr luyar
eah $250WemnNVs.
7 is a cas
are irood fo til amount of
; given aw
b til
r ex-
mmmunity, church or-
. rmurs a $400 Piano,
nnuuroz ana is a casn cermicaie.
5 ii-aash certificate, each $235. Prem-
rtnTcate, each of $220. Cah certificates
jch one on the purchase of a new pirmo.
m .... . . .
A o.mmjnitv. church or (. Jjr wishiivzto cvfTTr cl.ntcs f'Xunc orlis seven pmniums win scieci someone i intir comimumy, tiiurtn ur urucr
to l e thur u iUestant or rt prec illative for tie JnnyyvM , Ouirch or der. iairt will be registered here and Riven a mnnber to be kivmn bv. Tbe
p.uple or eacli community, church or ordJr J.iha a tuntelaiiyir a representative in the race lor the piano w ill rcci Ive in return for each cah
purchase the amount of their purchase in tiiVtfm of a cash ccrtilke. liach purchaser will give .the cash certificate t their contestant or rep-
rt....,it .fivonn.n n wek and tliL- contestant or reuresentatlve will 1 ice a month return the certificates to our store wnere tney win remain lor me
final count.
Five Premiums to be given away to inividuals. Aiy person can make the contest for these prem
iums. These premiums consist of oneGent's Elgin Gold Watch; one Ladies I:lgin Gold Watch; one
Graphophone; Two sets each of 42 pieces tf Chinaware. Any one is eligible to be a contestant here, and
the person holding the largest amount of cash certificates will get first choice of the five premiums, and
so on until all 5 has been ;:kcn up. ,
r a ri p
O nn

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