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The Lubbock avalanche. (Lubbock, Tex.) 1909-1922, April 30, 1914, Image 1

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After lllntii of About On Week
Oitd at Hit Horn on West Broad
way Tuesday Morning
The entire populace of l.nbbock waa
Argentine, Brazil ind Chile Ar Taking Steps in This Direction
United States Still Preparing for the Conflict Shou'd
This Mjvement Meet With Failure.
Sine we last had an i(Mrt.inH y . er., as well at the enemy's fornflra
Important Dcc.tion Mad by tha Su
preme Court A fleet. nj School Land
And Other Surveys
I am Infiirini'cl by wire from Austin
ilial h Supreme I'o.irt has today de
cided tlm case of the State of Texas
aaa.nat f. W. Post, and It elfecta
lire far reaching. I give the facta.
in October, I'.fil. J. ... Kctner. Kd
S. I miiii uii and other iltirens of l.ytin
county, made proper Hpjillriii to
purchase trotn (In- Smt.' certain land
u public m hind land, la i :i; in I.) nn,
mid Oara counties, between two'
made mu by the announcement, Tues
ilay a:t-r:ioon, that ir. Han I ay u-m
Jn ii .ri ur-ly ill anil hopes of his re
covery ere v.-n u by the attend
In,' physician and that this good man
could live b.it few hours, at the very
most. Hopes rt ill remained In thej
mind of Hie people, mid thoiiKh hlaj
death was not uhcxpxted when (he
announcement w.ia inadH at S i'i p j
fo report on ih sltnaHon which at f tlitim. These machines are to also' to reanrvey the land thev were sell',,, art In every sense of the word
the time of our lst la.ue coi.i. d j rBrry Dm!,, wllll ,1,1,1, to dislodge ' "!"' b,lv,ns M,,t "f "' l,in'' A. Mntrlay was bom In I'enn
iar,-e blocks nf surveys, but not he m. that Mfe bad left I lie body of It. A.
in mcludid in cith-r. .ilial action Harrlayr nil who heard it were sad.
waa delayed by the laind Office for Mr. Ma relay waa one of l.ubbork'
some time, and in i!e;. c. w. rout ' r.et and in. at huhiy respected citi jit is a Very Important Matter And is Often Treated Slightly By The
s.urru irom ine i.iaioi i nine aim, inn; a man in wnom an nan tne ut
f'jaiure Company the Unci included '. moat confidence; a man who had
in ttve block of survey, east of the friends by the score everywhere, he
lund sought to be purchased by Kcl-j went; a man whose business anaonates
ner and others, and I'oat and Idgno . appreciated, ami a man in whom the
Vile & I nature Co. run neat d the' public In general placed confidence
tfien Commissioner of the C en era I ' and honored with public trust that
Ijind Office to appoint .Mr. Twitched allowed that they knew him to he a
Patrons of The School But They Are The High
est Kickers in The School
very enthal ami war aiared iiMin
the enemy who may he in t)ie mount
j waa patented The land In contro- vanla In the year l.2. he had re
A few weekH a-;o the Avalanche, not the old board ihould elect
contained an article about the B'0'"j Hrlntendent and teacher for the
in 0 or truneea tor tne enHUing year,
and Htresml the imporUince of it to
men term, or leave It with the new
iia aa the only way of adiuntinK mat I v. my waa all In the ainooth plain ,ded in lt.liioia anii MI.h-.oiiH. then 'the u-onle of thin commiinltv. lol0"1"' ttna w9 t("' Judgment of
tnre b"tw.-n Provisional I'Teeldeiit ! I'aaaea. J)llowln the heay ar Mlil) )r,)H,y lutli , ,,.,.n H,lrVMy,,( t.UII1(, t th,i1H whei-e be located in 'awaken them to the Importance or1 majority of tie board that the new
Hueru and toe Cniied Stalea iov J tlllery will come the liu'it Infantry, j when It wtia ba nted, and I'a location ' I7, r-Ht'1:tiK in tlie l-ne Star State ' !' t ing thexe iio nihera of the chooi ! board had beat perform that arduous
emment, but juat at that time Ar : The cav.i'nry will, of course, h,. uw ii'roMld only i. deternilned by cfiiime the balanre of Ut life, the last thir Imrd. Since mat time aonie Intereat ' tank, hence Hie el.c;ioon of the fac
nentina. Hrall and fhlle, apiar.-d b the Meld artillery to aid in clear , and dit.inre from n.ilural and nnl teen irf wtmh ho hud "pent in l.ub ' haa ben aroused nd It la to be!,ilty waa pontponed until after the
on the acetie with tlie propoitioii vt tw tbe path. fl.ia! t bj. ta .tatiliahed Hev,-t;l ml,. x-; county. lln'lH-il that eiitlitihiaH'n will run lilirh ! clet-t Ion ut Iruateea on Saturday,
mediation, and both the tinted S'atea ' 1 lie line from Vera Cru to 'helta. flie rfurvey w.i made by Mr. Harclay waa a con cc ruled 1 In thlc matter next Safurduy at leant, Met ween now nd Saturday men
and lluerla ha cohaetiicd to hear riMr of the invading anny. la to be. extending ibe iIIhIiiik e ralbd lor In Chrtatlan ueiiib'iiian. a faithful mem-'when an el.ctioii will he held for tho'HboMld Iw aelected to place heforw
their proponlilon. wht li haa uot oeeu pnieci.d by the itiHrlnea and hailor the field notea of the bind IWt wn ber if the Mnitiet church, highly ap-i t-l (ton of four Iruateea to Nil tlie'the votera of the Lubbock Indeiajiid-
plaiea of K. Iiicklnson, t.eo. a. ent Shmd DiHtrlct fur election a
lieiui, ItnH-ne Wil-ion and Jaa. I.. low, irtiate. a; -.rd these men ahould be
wboxe ternm of olllee explri- Ihla year. ' r 'iiaulted aa to their willinKneaa to
made public at this wrlMim. I from Ihe hlp This will l- ke(t ji o I r I ti e. aiiiTden! to n-;ich the preelnted in the cliurch work, always
Ab:le these several days of delay oj.cn to prold" supplies frmn the lil-n-k west of it. which line bad not reaily and willing 10 d-j his mrt In
rom further acllou on the part of base at Vera fnir.. and to etve fn limn nreyed. which was made a nvervth.tm tli.it cam before the
the I nulled M'at.-w navy and armies, loiiiinnnicatioh from ttir nuerior. ;e..r niter than tn ri block, anil chiinh. Ho waa ( huritable- - wlllltK ' The holdover trustees are K. Carter, serve In event or their election, so
therv is no change in orders ao.eru ! "The second e (.edit Ions ry for. e ihls took Into the Post surveys all1 1,, help those In ne.-,. and w;ia loved' Ceo. '. WoirT.irth and J. A. Wilson. I ti.a' the appointment of someone to
inc the movement of the I niled will start fri.tn the northern border 1 the land laxliii; le tween It and the' by his ehurch and associate. j So far as we know, there has hewnhelr place will not become necessary
Knin nay and arnib-a. and prepar and ill le-nHra'e Mevico over what libs k weal of it and Including the (w R member of the Miisonic ' no ticket elated lor this elertimi. but ' on the part of the board. It fa up
tmns continue on t he part i f our gov ! la deserfted as ihe Plateau pvtte. 1 land Ktti. r and oi hers hoiikIiI to pur- rfd and aas faithful to the tench-! we believe it shoulil be done, and'tn the voters to any who shall be
ernment for the conlict - wliich la This r.ute lies hetw.wn the two cho . ' n of this order, mid by his death ! that Immediately. It is too Important 1 trustees, who will take part In the
most sure to c"Uie. should the med'a J nfiigea of mouiitalns slid ettends from! ti I'l.is. the ConniMoner of the t,s lodge loses a g.s member. Inn election to let voters aelect' men ' selection of the faculty for the ensu
Il 11 propes-als he turned down. , the frontier 10 Vucatan. TM force ;enral lai'id t Iflu-e decided 10 rer- He hl msd" quite a fin.incial suclto vote for as they appear at the'lng year.
The Kl Pas'. Times aayt. regard . 1:1 posh ahead It. rough the lonsti oa'ne the appHeat'ons irf Kettier and and a th time of bis death was' polls. The selection of men to put1 The Avala'iche hopes that wine a fl
ing the Intentions of Ui t nlted tutiona! lines If neis'Ssary. to Met o others and sell the land laying be- the ssess.".r of a goodly amount of I l tor the vi t.-rs on Hist dny should ' ! etbms w ill he made and that men
Kutea in the event this peacemaking 'Cltv, and il! frm a junction ther ' 1 .-,. the I', .si block and tlie M.sk ti,(H worlds goods. Had provided 1 be the fruits of dilUent Investlga-! or women will be pjaced on the hoard
aggregation should fall III their at wph the invading army from the west ..f it. six! before the detail of ,nHf Hllrt loved ones a spiendid ! Hon and deep huuutit. as they navel hn urs willing to lay aside their
tempt ,esM. ; exwutlon of oblh-aHona and, the home In l.nbbock. aside from bavins I Hie affair of the l.uhbis-V chil to I personal views and worti untiringly
If the me.listl.in phtnned hew.-en ' The in ihiIh will then demand award. Post Instituted suit against nn, ,. rM, n u, , (ity He wis'eniw with fi the next tan years: ! for the best Interear r the achortl.
the rnlt. d States and Mexico, la the sur-e"dcr of Vevlm Ctv. and the K-tn. r and others and enjoln-d the also a shareholder In Hie laibbie k : hence the importance of Mtttng men We feel that l.nbb-vk schools have
whleh Ar-'ent'ne. ryil and Cht'e ar- rsHial ,i!rreider ofiieneral lluerla lomnilseioner of the tieiiersl Uud stat iarK. one of the cirya most! alio are desirous of malnsalnltig the' made nurked pmgress during the
taking the letting part should fall. "Thlsin a general way. Is the cam -Office from selling to Isnd. and when ,.,bslHCtll bunking liistHuthMis. iindlhi;h standard to which the school past few years and would regret very
the Wjr lot Lute at Waohl'igtoo has pa'gn lan as It now st.uids. I' msy.the . aie irm- up for trial 'he Stat. Bies d pendent upon him ellhss been brought, and to build up murh for any serious blunder at this
planned a dire, t eampetgn against .if -wure, he alter somewhat All of T xas intervened, clnlming St.it provided. and strengthen the school wherever time that would Impede the prog res
Mexteo ri'y. involving the Intetitton w h plana a are mer. lv on paper' 'he land mit-l.le of t. orlKlnsI sur He had lieen prominent In the tie-! such is possible. c,od schools are we nre mnkliig.
nf not only rapturing th nnllonal are alter . I when t'.e smiles get in made for I'o-t U-long.d to the , ..pmetit t,f this community. Ilef essential to the community, and with- Come to l.nbbock Saturday,
capital M Mallei, but tafing Oneral th- field. Mut utiles the President state mid wns sut.j.ct to sale us puh- MH ,,, ,( n w , ; ,, K t(, , his out l.ublxs k has good school, she Votes in tr.isfee election Saturday,
truet-ta into cusiivdy. . v.iim-s be s. Ii.uie, if the existing lie sclnad land. lM ,,,,1,0 1 iHin j of the town. j "III he let attractive to the home-; KHrt cool-headed, conservative men
These plaji . otii.-mplnie two ex e-nc pinus .' ill t.enerai M'teru win ny exiei,,niu l"e e'irvevs ns Mr n served the people of this county I seeker and the investor. S. hools are or woiiin for trus'ee
pedltl. ns into the heart of Mexico : pcwed.-.l janl'ist from two sides.. Teil'-liell did, be Included severs! IM tIH ,-Kpaclfy of Counlv Conmils '. corn! mid progressive assets, and too
one from Vera Crtu. and one from and his fate is obviously a foregone 'h.iu-aiid ac-es of land more than !,,r i,,r , ,m,!n,r , r ear. vol aas'itircli Import ante lanmn be nttnehed
Jaarri or some other northern base, coticliisli-ii. .was included 111 ibe original i-itric-.s. i,Mie.l n. be conservative In Ilia views 'to nir public schools.
They prl'l for (lie use of the recu-
In order to make up t! ex.edl
Ti e aclli 11 of be court l to bold
lar armv. spiMrte. in one In-lancc il.ui ib,.t s.ii. 'rom (he nort'.eru ba-, tint the s irv.y 01a. H by Twit.hetl, u, il( ,),,, n,,,,,
voliiuie.-rs will le rilered for tate Sir'n-vor, npunted t.y Hie h ,f)(. ,ouniv
oti public matter ami Improvements.
wf n Is .tent li .-.erv
ruitity (oinnils
T'l- present lionr.l he'd a called
session la t Thursday evening, for
'the purpose of riwccsslng whether or!
Our Ticket
We sucgest the following ticket:
OKO. H. p.KAN.
S. .f. WINN.
M US. c. r". STl'IlMjl.
by the mar in"., and the other by a
vnluntis-r army of not lesa tlian .".'t- the nest ..ut to Texas ami will ' omnili-a'oner of the lieneral laud ,i,nHr ,.,n, , ;, i-Hndiilate for re-elet
vs men. .r..ts'ilv be mo'.ll .-l njht here In "dice, is void. In so f..r u It inclml (,,, having no opisinent. ' !
"The army to ! mohllled at Vr Kl I'asu Th.we who are not sent ctt sltbln tie Post mrvv ollw-r and ;H ,.,,v.a ,, aif,. i ,ubbik and!
frm, I. in linn wd through the moon- aloft with tlie r.-gulara will be left idilifl- nal land. 10 that originally In- , nenliew Krank Marclav and t . ... . . . , ..
. . . .... . , .1 1 j i 1 nepii.w, nans iiarriav. ann a -r A Witcher of Brownwood Seek- H. G. Guinn and Party Have Come.
tji.,- If...... 1l 1. 1 1 , u r..ni ,.f Iw-tiOijI 1.. t'.iwr.l ft... M.rri.,r o.L'a iKf C lid. -d In Ms Mir.. ..... . .. . , ....... i ..... I " '
" m" .-. - - niece. .Mrs. 1.0111s istvie. who resides r.-;
I ..'a tv vuM.oco v.umu.ity Dl bon.ca- I
the present Mexk an railroad, and. If r-ialliig partlea and to maintain a line "Us ruling Is Important, as If Is , marlllo. .Hbles a number of olh
rata Veteran for U. S. Service
pleted Their Work of Running
County Line Lubbock Short
tfti mute can Ih maintained, the of communication for the invaMIng un.lerst.sid that sev.-ml million acres r..,,iiVes sh.i will feel tieenlv thel
troops will he moved over It. If not. force. J of public lands have been included '.,.,.. . .ia and fond1 n- .. . - . .- . I .-
they .re ,0 proceed along the high- "The em, ,..., of aeroplane. 1. 1 in resurvev. .lmi,Hr,r lnrt1. ,nd , i J'T ". 7V" T' 1 ''","e ,n"nth """" '
.y which piercew the mo.tn.U.n this campaign will t e the Mr time lart, ..,. , be apprnprtaled bv In- r , ..rtr ,m ,,, ! '' ""f'-rate v elera... a or- re-survey.ng the line, of IWkvcIx
r.re. and ..nally end. at the capita. .U-y have !. used In war on .hi. '"Md,,.., under rc.urvev. by State ,,rM chur, h Key U T ,""7T ' , , l' . C'"",i,J",1"n
" ... , .. . ,, .... Mrv. H., ii ,rf ikkT liaiHtst iniinn. nev. i i . f((r ,(rvk.t Mexle... He haa Issued by the County Com mi oners, and tt
of the republic .continent, and Hie greatest interest Purveyor, under Act of ISs7. Crumble, uastor of that church, con- .. ,,.. ... - .......
' i . ...........-i..e..i, .a.ioig ji.i i'"' nior was nnnny ueciaeq inwi aurvey
i nm imr n miatm .hi. mm. ... eetuera in n.. p Bvuiii.r, lift- an, .i.uir I si. eniiiiovpn nv rveinstr ann .. n. j . .. ......
. " ' , V . , . . "iing ine service, ami one o. it.. ,mm1i,((J Tp,rans. Hm, wants them should be made. In every way com
be throw auead and a way cleared, usefulness as It may he deinonstrrat- era I 1ot, to secure lease land for p.r,rH, rruwd ever aasembled on i.. . . , .v. . . . . , L 7
Aeroplane, are to be uae,. to marked bv th. Inv n of Mexico and the! Ketner nd other., and my ennee- ZZZ nwa. preset After "he ' h 7"h , A "".T' "'" ,hp "f th'
he prewet.ee nf Mexican aharpshoot- -lege of her cap,,...- ..o w.th ..... claim and th. auit P.va c IZ'Zrc, lb ST "V '"',m'"r ' "
' . ... , ,. . . , ... aetic(e at me tnurcii, me aiasoni. company and Witcher ay he will veylng.
iisu iiisiiiuiea is wnai la aiiplasea to .,aai, chars nf tha renisliis . . . i
. ijonge usw i narge or ine reniaiua. nn , rll .... . v ..i,.,. n ln iha hnn.i Th. ...... An. ... .k. - w
I - . n . ' .... . ..c ' r J n nnu. . I IIC buviw
.. have lndline.1 Ihw lli.hla.lT Vn.nin . .... ... .. . I
KNTIrxK TOWN DtSTROVIO i atlll raining; ;reenville. 2. tlll, " u"..' '"T ",nou,la t" u' 1 emetery. ; dred .. Ms in,r tljutM, wrio, wrrt cort,er of wb.rer county for
(raining; Kerrvllle. J.I.' incne.; K.sp-, ..,., ' h. . . ""-ce m.erment waa maoe won r -. foll)tht , thw W,r bHwwn h. atHa.'a .tartlng psdnt. and ran to the eaat
Jaiod Storm Pjaee. Theeuah ttene. perl, i IrK-hes: Ixtngvlrw. I Inch:; ... . allsiic rerrnioni..
candidate for thatiiet Judge, and the
All member of hi company will be line of Hale county, or to point
CO years old or more, far past the where the east line of that, county
' r - ' arfiim nf tha 4linMm I 'n..pl . J ' "--. .si . .n a unr ins rw line ut 1111, county
Of rooek entirely , rtl.ermn. iX atlll r.tnii.g. ,'tosi'" ?V V,,:.'!! J Ih church were director, of the I -ub-. , ,Bnlt ln th armj, but WWchM.! ,,louId ttlm unf j,,. cor.
... ... . ... ... iviiita.il mii ui in tiitw iiiriwinpH i mw ... . . .s i - i
I.., mveraioe. w.c. 1.1 Tera-j . .,, "' "c" . T "wr""V I confident b c.n get an egoeptlooi rect point where the north line of
tds iol ur ruaoori, t nniM nt pm. .; waiaharhle. l.t.4; WewUier-, ' r.uia. n. ti. lowrey. w. v . f rom the. w-r department. If
" " "i"i McCmmuten. w. I.
border for fighting, he say.
of Stamford, on the Wlohiu Vailey ford. I.IK; atlll rmliiing. Lairapwsa.
rallrowd. Waa deatmyedil Hunday af- Z.I"; Swii Angnlo. Hallluger. iTillilress
teraooa. a combination of rln and aud Wliiilt Kalis, all hard rains;
wind weetrlnn the whole Mate, baa ! HenrieUa, .; Ilouaton t. inch. Mot
crippled railroad, swollen every : ley county I. flooded. Advice from
stream la the state and wrought Bar- llstador say that the new steel
oo la general lnoe aooa Hunaay. bridge across Pease river waa waati
The Trlalty river la rnn Worth '; ou Hn-V wlkJit.
threaten to leave It banks sod over-; Rill oounly (treain are overflow
flow the lowland. I et U1 rain still falling. Waxahachlu
not. I Ixbbock colintv should tve. which la av
llenaon. t. Uith.. i. ... .. 1 . . ... .
clltn of Ketner and other., which .. .. . ''"""'oj ""li"" w wi ra oi in pre-
- ----- niiviin ann r r rt 'ei. n a .vibimiu u: i
-- i
i-oai enugni .o aoenrn into ni. .ur- M1 bearer werer K. H. Iawrey. T.
r- t' SOV- lH. Kill. Jim Hoi... N. K. Porter. B.
I O. McWhorter and Geisrge farter.
MAYOkLL RCEO DEAD 'wuy-alg Maaea joined In the finer
11 proceealoa and paid th last trtb-
Mr. H. T. Twltty received a mes- ute of respect to their deceased broth
age Wedoeeday morning to the ef ir.
i fret that her niece, Maydsll Ke.-d, ofi
! It. P. Ikmalavtv I. back In l.ub
M..r.1 t..1. inli.el In th.. Wired thai tha Ikscenitior fl.Kul Sl.k. ,
rWrk cyclone; J. B. Hmlti. and reeche.1. ,h. ...., ... , ,s. ,1 ' ll'jr' .ZLu ..... s. v. annlveraary of the order. I k Cl",n,' " frora "
ent line: running west, they found
that the correct tine I. bslf a tullai
north of the old supposed lino at
Ahernathy. throwing moat all of Ah-
The local lodge of Odd Kellow had;,rntn'r ,nto ntr- At the Bona-
v-ry enjoyable bmqiiet at their ,-t con"r of L"bw'' 'ouaty. the
haU In thl. city last Tuesday eve-, liM ' ll,ctd three-quarter, or a
ilng. The subordinate and thr ! north of thm P"ot loxoa.
wlv. were Invited and aplendld , whlrh mvit to. la round flgTirna,
rogram was rendered. The occasion Aboul ,X "" t"t I-""-
WaMer Toati. ud being among the; Stamford gut 1.3 inches since r'rt-1
aa she sent om tlm here last in the mountain, of New Mexico and
and Invited guest were present frwn roun,v- Th urey.irs also went
, number of th neighb.rmg lKl,-ea. "u'h and "'"""d the d stance
.. w. ...t ... . 1 . .. kill tlMf.
i"iujvg. iiursi UM tajiiii wrvxaj kin1' - i i , , - , . ...
ed when b..rn. Were crushed hy the, OiUdrc. report.: -Hal. In t ZT'irJ'l " "'J ,..,- ac.lv. par, the Dro.rm of f"'m "" '
wind. Kvery residence aad bu.idiu. .euta. wh ..yy e,.wtr,c and tVlU ' Tv ZIP am7 hl.Td
l tlie toaa either lost Ha roof or actrixiipmilmrul centered over tlusi I j.i.v me amount max in nao
Waa entirely desiroved. The cyclone oiililt last niaht. Teleursi.h ami tel..
cut a wide cwalli through T. las. de- i hrnie wire are prostrated a.id the
iroylna rauch houaca and farm I in train are held berk by waah.Mita. A
pnvainenls. The c) clone narrowly lluch rain aloug It.-d river I. not
nilsaed Chlldreaa, 'and sisd over thought to have hurt wheat.
Red rlw into v esters Oklahoma,
late last night.
k Company, and la greet ng hi old
lime freiends there. He ssys the
Mr. and Mr., a l Hopkins lefL 'ear that It ws. reported ale bltn upj J- r'laher. one of Cilne coun !
from Wilbarger county established,
Moiiuay afterius.n. In response to a last Inter, la still of iitisatlstted ap
lelepht ne tneasage from relative In reille, so far a. he Is concerned.
Kn.u City, a.lvlsiug them thai Vr.i
j Hopkln father waa dangerously III.
ly prominent dork fanners. sini
a. Hi enure r-xuity would necea-
. . .. . ... . , . rlly hate Ui be moved north to civ
Tuesday afternoon and VI ednesday In . . "
i.ik l. . , . l-)h her pr ip.rrtlonate territory.
I.tibbock. on hi reutr from a vilt .... .
Heuiia says: "Aa a r.i,)t of ler-,Th Avalanche .ad the m.nv friend inUsi.mer Courl ha. he In session
rifle rain, which have fallen since ;f r. nd Mr.. Hopkina are nope- during the greater pari of the wees.
,rlB -I'Mhlngand n.l.H.lKl.t. s.-ri,.... damage i threw! -, fu lh U fln,, , ,int.tmi ,he ni.cto.g being for th purp.HM ol , ""'c to hi. ran. h In C
pro.UMi f.ay (he hunielea -o,.le. etie, u the lowland nf .,ar crm-k , m.,a Improved, aii.l thai he may r rnsklt aettl.u.eiil wilt. th. rviuala -t ulhweat rt of Calnes cooiily.
went frxui VMchli. -:t, to lb slrlrk-. In ih;. tui.nty. - tosnr fp,w MUvll r,eef ibe.r c.l tor. c..n.miHi.H..r. rM liig.m.i
live for many year ?et lo mine. I
j tmm ig aleadiir e. a day
Mslvlo liiiilad, who ha ba Vl,b).a Review.
en villa of Peacock Hunday night.
V e loud Karat nearly flooded Hunts j Mr. and Mr w. I. Holl.ad, Ui.
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