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m nm WHO mm IAII, ! heavy. snow. storm in is , TODAY IS THE LAST DAY YOU
iiniii v. ... - . CAUSE Or HtAKtBULUlNU UJLr
IN SEPTEMBER IS RE-CAPTURED! lapsing and many were killed
Accompanied by Brute MHehell, Sheriff of Crotby County Left
Friday Morninf for Am tin for Necessary Paper, and are
Now in California to Receive the Prisoner.
JUm Cate, we are advised ha
been apprehended in Indio, Californ
ia, and Sheriff Charlie llolcomb left
Saturday morning to bring the Pris
oner bark In Lubbock. Being ugi
tivc from Justice, arrested in an
other state, it wa necessary for
Sheriff llul.omb to rush to Austin
and confer wilh Governor Ncff and
obtain the necessary extradition pa
per before going t California to
receive hi prioner; these were !
Iivercd to him by the Governor Sun
day morninir and he lift immediately
to bring the man hi' ha been chasing
the pat four months, ba. k to Lub
bock. Our reader recall the history
f Che Sam Cate caw, but for the
benefit of those who are not ac
quaintcd with the fa. !, f will tate
the matter in brief.
Km rt- indicted by the
Crosby County Grand Jjry on May
10th. 190, for the murder of Judge
J. W. Burton at Crm-byton, on the
I. W. Iiurton ' v-rosnyiun, on
night of March Kth that year. I
... tried on May 20ih, ItfL'O, the Ju
finding htm ".:s!t7 charged in tl
indictment, and assessed hi punish-
mrnt at U'J year in the penitentiary.
The Court of Criminal Appeal, at
Auntin, reversed this sentence. The
case hav.ne already gamed wide
spread notority, it was impossible to
secure another Jury in Crosby coun
ty, and on change of venue, the next
trial was hrld in Luhhi V. and the
Jury empanelled returned a vcrdit t
f 14 yearn imprisonment in the pen
itentiary. Cute' attorney, Bled-toe
A Mullicsn of I.uhbo. k, W. K. Huff
nine and l.bvd A. WuU, of Kails,
immediately filed motion for new
trial before Judge W. It. Spencer,
and it ws overruled, a second Stipca!
wa then taken to the Court of Crim
inal Appeal. The last trial held
June 4lh, 1921, at Lubhm k. It wax
Win; the pendency of this appeal,
and while Ca'e wa in the l.ul.boek
County Jail that he and hi cell mate,
flultet P'tn'h, alo of Cnmby Coun
ty), and J. IV Cnlluhnn tr.eil to over
power Sheriff llol.oiv.h anl hi wife
at the noon feeding hour, ( 'e dur
inir the euffle emned p-.-i.n of
the Sheriff f in nn I held him at buy '
for 1'inir ten or I i minute, and their1
eeape w. prevented at thHt time by
the que k wit of Holeomb'a deputy, J
Jno M Cullo. h who came to hi re- j
eue, firirif on Ca'e. cnuinir him to J
jump b' k in hi cell peputy Mc-j
Culo h w at diadan'ae a he
had to 'hoot thrn'ijrh the Imr and
in hi e'fort to jet oteady aim, Cate j
nied him, jumued to one ride, ami
the bullet hit hi arm. Thi w thej
erond attempt, the f'r-t plnn to Ket
away w nipied in the bud The
third and f.nal escape W perfected
n the riifht of September ii'.ith.
Cate and II ibct Smith were con
fined in the Hurk cell, and by the
manufacture of a crude mechaniin,
made from their cot rotiml, rinir,
etc., they miinrcd to work the com
hlnat ion on the drk i ell, and irnininir
further aeee In the roof by npen
ina; five door with a key they had
manufactured from the clip on their
hammock. For almort four month
Khenff Holcnmh ha been chaing
many upeeta and fallowing out dif
ferent rluea which proved to be un
verified. While very little haa been aaid of
hi eacape. it ha all been for the
better. Sheriff Holcnmb ia a very
jtiiet, un"Mmfnr character, ever
alert hut hi plan and i heme of
thi nature are alway kept cnnrejil
ed. He i an untiring worker, a
fearleaa officer, and ever attentive
to hi dutie aa Sheriff, and he 1 to
ba congratulated In hi effort in thi
eonnection. While the public ha
been kept In the dark, the aheriff ami
hi deputies have been on the Cate'
trial for many month, having kept
track of him in Old Mexico, and hi
final rapt lira w expected dully.
Not only will Cute have to wrvc
out the 1 1 year allotted him for the
murder ch.irre, ha will have to an
awer a charge by indictment of aa
wult and attempt to murder the
Shenfr, a penalty of 2 to 10 year.
J. B. Callahan, hi companion n ths
attempt to fct away and aault on
the Sheriff and hi wife on Sept. 7th,
aa aentenced the part week to ft
year in the penitentiary on plea of
gtidty. Several charge of forirery
are pending in Crosby county against
Cate, thee too, will very likely he
tried before he i allowed to begin
serving time. Huiiet Smith, ho ac
companied Cate in the final get-away,
ia at ill at large, however, we
have every arurane that hn will be
raucht in the very near futtiri.
I ight sleet fell for a few houra
Friday, displaced by warmer weath
er and mist all day Saturdpy. Sunday
morning the eloud were un
UI Bine o'clo-k, but by noon tho in
waa out, and a e-eiilar eprii .r day
aa enjoyed. S-ndr night the nusty
weather became heavier afin, an
Kaa not teamed to this time, 'on1a
4:05 p. m- ( I
R. A. Day was kere from
Evangelist Lockett
Adair in Meeting j
At Nixon, Texas;
Ihh licit Adnir. the evant'clixt,
whore home i now in Lubbock,
rlosed a most successful revivnl
nt I'ost City Inst week in which
more thnn two hundred conver
sim.s were hiid, and I'ridny niu'lit
he left for Nmon, which i orJy a
few mile out from San Anotnio,
where he will conduct a meeting,
which will last for acver-i! weeks.
Uxkett Adair i one of the most
forceful preacher of thi dity and
time. He ha had enough of the
experience of the world to give
him real inside information of men,
arid he appeal apecinlly to them.
I'robnbly more merj are converted
under hi preaching than any other
evangeliat, because of the fact
that he is able to touch their live
in ui h a practiial way, llmt they
rnnot get awuy from the utrong
argument that he prewnt in per
s in. I.i g them to change their way
of livirg
Mr. Adair also hit grriit auccess
in getting the various rhurch or
gnnir;iti'i!i, regiirdles of ibnouii
nation, to work together in the
meeting, which I a great factor
in the turces of ary revival effort,
and give him a greater opportu
nity to reach more people with
hi great message.
The Avalanche hope to resirl
great rurress in the Nixon meeting,
which we'll hear from at interval
during it progress.
Criminal Cases
In County Court
Heard Last Week
La t week (mm hnrd work wa
d"ne in the roi,n'y court to i lenr up
he criminal ipxket, but only three
ca"e were tied. Owing to the fact
Hint many witnesses were tried in
each case, a jrt-eat ileal of time whs
i . r - ii n ill in taking eviilence.
Attorney Hnldw-in, of Slnton, ar
rived Tin -ulay and Msite cuiinly
attorney John It. Mctjee wi'h the
The fir-t case trod was the State
of Texas vs (in Ca'awny, for gam
ing, a verdict of pot guilty wa re
turned. Immediately following the ilitni
al of thi caw another ca-e, the State
of Texas vs Con Caraway wa tried
for ga ning, and a verdict of guilty
wa returned, with a fine of twenty,
five dollar assessed, being the full
capacity of the law in a i ase of it
The third and last case wa the
Slate of Tela v. Jesse Kulton, for
gaming. I-ate Saturday evening the
jury wa evenly unable to agree, and
the rase will be brought up in an
other term of codrt.
J. F. Goodnight, of the Canyon
Community waa here Saturday
trading with our merchant. He
i one of the most successful
farmers on the Plains, and ! ex
pecting a bumper crop thi year.
The cry to all the farmer to di
versify their crop I of little con
cern to him, a he learned through
the hard school of experience a
long time ago that it is the best
to take advantage of everything
ttjt will grow on the Plain to
make each year prove profitable.
For diversification of farm pro
duct and livestock there i no
country on the face of the whole
world that will beat Lubbock coun
ty, for the ideal climate, abun
dance of feed that can be raised
and plenty of pnsture lands are es
oecially favorable for ail kind of
live stock, and the wide variety of
field product cover ur many mar
keta it is impossible fur the mar
kets for these producta to all be
down at the same time.
St en like Mr. Goodnight have
proven the advisability of diversi
fies , farming a good many year
ago and their knowledge of that
artis everywhere evident in the
u -sa they have made of farm
in badminded, educated and well
V.Q I'd farmers are doinf mora for
t .dvancement of Lubbock roun-
ery day than we ran all rea
nd the worth of their work
proven enly in comparing
success with the success of
,rs who are not so prone to
rard Welch sold bis heme n
e 1 last week to W. M. Rob
, formerly of F.atlaaL
Washington, Jim. L'H. -The bodiei
of twelve dead from the Knicker
bocker Then! re collapse had been
irathrred late tonight in the First
Church of Christ, Scientist, near the
theater. These twelve, added to po
lice report of others, brought the
death toll to seventeen, but many
whether dead or ulive, no one knew
were still held beneuth the fallen
Washington, Jan. 28. The col
lapue of the Knickerbocker Motion
Picture Theater tonight, Waahlna"
ton'a worst disaster in nuinr year,
took toll of al lent thirty dead and
2.'0 Injured, according to the latet
estimate by police and firemen. Fig
ure .hi.rtfy after midnight were:
Identified dead, li
l.'nidentified dead given as 12.
Many more believed buried In the
Rescue Work Difficult
Difficulty in getting to the victim
pinned under Hie heavy roof made
res ue work extremely alow.
The sudden disaster, brought about
by the collapse of the Knickerbocker
r.of under the weight of a heavy
now, stunned Washington end left
a trail of tragedie that reached out
tonight into probably M)0 household
of the national capital.
Only the severity of the hlizr.ard
West Texas C. of C.
Rep. to Make Lub
bock Headquarters
it. V. Ileiuiett, field manager of
the West Texas Chamber of Com
mi n e, Panhandle-Plain district, wa
here Saturday making arrangement
to establish head'piarter here.
He will have nis office at the
Ilriggs-Denmnn Insurance Agency,
nnd will make hi home here a oon
a a location can be found for hi
Mr. Hennett said the work they ex
pected to do here wa of the growing
species, and might soon necessitate
the employment of a large office
force, nn hiding a publi. ity director,
and other field representative and
t enogrnpher.
That Lubbock "liould become the
hendipinr'er of this office i en
couraging, a the puLlirl'y we will
reccle through till office will be
very beneficial to our growth as a
tov tl
Mr. Pennett i a booster who
knows bn work and will prove a great
H-et to this section of West Tex.n.
Me said Saturday that the husi-rie-
nien of Abernn'hy had shown
more intend per peiuilM'ion than
any other town on the Plain, as
there are twerity-thiee members in
the Wet Texas Chamber of Com
mcrie in that town.
Mith Mr. Hennett constantly push
ing the interest of the West Texas
Chamber of Commerce in thi sec
tion we feel tl.at they will soon find
the business men of our neighboring
town nnd Lubbock willing to con
tribute to everything that tends to
make West Texas any better or
more widely known.
Southland is Taking on New
Life and Out of The Ashes
of Recent Fire New Aspiration Arises
,'. inent visit of a Fort Worth Hee
"rd staff correspondent 'o Southland,
brouirht forth the following report of
the revival of business interest:
"From the ruin of-a diatrou
fire that swept over the little village
Jut above the caprmk about two
month ago, Southland i rising with
aspiration to become a larircr and
more important city. In the first fire
almost a solid block of huinc
house was consumed. Woe upon woe
followed. A large gin wilh many
ton of seed fell prey to the ravage
of the fire demon.
Roy S'eren. cashier of the South
land bank, i very optimistic over the
prospect of the town regaining its
former business prestige and becom
ing one- of the liveliest towns on the
South Plain. And to judge from
the new buildings under erection or
planned, one would find that Steven
l not prevaricating or deluded by
hi dream.
Joe Davie is now erecting a frame
structure in the burnt district whose
dimensions will be f-0x7f feet. K.
M. llasinger i ubtituting for his
consumed wooden structure a brick
building i0x7S feet, lleginnirg on
March 1. the Planters rin will begin
the erection of a five stand airblast
gin. A two story brick hotel i also
beinr considered, and will be put up
during the spring.
Steven declare there 1 a marked
Ire-res of new settler into the
Southland country. Almost every
freight train seta out from one to
three "rulus," or emigrant outfi s.
Then many prairie schooner are
rominf up the ranrock with new
people and farm chattels to settle the
many thousand of pristine acre aull
avsi'able in thi section.
Durine the fall of 121 Southland
hipped 2,20v) bale of cotton, tatn-
raging here, the worst since 1890,
previ nlcd a far jrtcntcr loss of life,
a the usual Saturday night movie
crowd wa kept at home by the anow.
It wa believed that not more than
fiOO person were in the place when
the roof collapsed, carrying the bal
cony with it.
The great ma of metal, concrete
and timber maihed into the orches
tra with little warning.
Soldier Remove Dead
A detail of soldiers wa ordered
out to assist in removing the dead
with army stretcher. Kecue work
proceeded slowly during the first
liour because the roof had to be torn
open wi'h crowbar and axe.
Thi delay added to the agony of
the clamoring crowd at the police
A fireman carried a little girl
from the ruins in bis arms. Then a
woman, growing hysterical at the
night, plunged through the police
cordon screaming for her i hild which
w;k pinned in the wreckage.
A miiiiII number managed to es
cape when the roof crashed. The big
ge t part of the audience were well
ilmn in front and therefore few
wi re aide to take advantage of the
momentary wUrniiig given by the
sound of the roof support a they
gave way.
Cotton Farmers Get
in Bad Plight Bor-
A subscriber write Farm and
Hani h in part a follows:
"I have been a cotton grower wilh
a few hogs of doubtful breeding, on
th side. My wife developed an
interest in poultry and finally se
cured two good cows. It leemed to
me ituit she had enough to do around
the house and that chicken and cow
were just so much added wotk, and
fi r that reason I never mnde a move
to give her encouragement. Last
year and this 1 have borrowed money
from her. 1 intend to pny it back
ui'h interest, but I am afraid I never
will if I stick to cotton alone. So
I am going to try and 'el into the
dairy business and add some good
anneal of other kind", ai.il ty di
versifying, I hope to sipinre accounts
with t;er. At any rate, I am n'i
ficd that she won't let me starve if
I show a willingness to r.c!; her with
her poubry and use iny head in pl.in
mt g icy other farm vork
'I Iris are niiiny of "ur f irm v iii' ii
demons' rating their ability in fa"ing
disc riii'ing condi'i'nc "Juicing"
enough cow to supply the home
table with butter and mil'c and cu
ing for a good fl"ck of poultry should
not be considered beneath the dig
nity of any farmer. A a mutter of
fact, it i considered n highly im
portant part of farm work by those
who ure making progress. Generally
speaking the one crop fanner has a
single track mind. N' t that many
good farmers do not -nerialt.e, but
our best farmer all tirteuvor to pro
duce and enjoy the fruits of garden
and orchard and supply Iheir table
with their own dairy and poultry
products and other foods in season.
ty-nix cars of wheat also helped make
up the outbound shipments. Thou
sand of ton of milo mai7.e are now
being old and shipped to South and
F.ast Texa points. It is now bring
ing about $10 a ton. The latter
i ron wa unusually large in 1921.
The Craft Grocery company give
one an idea a to what is doing in
the poultry burine nt Southland.
The tnanairer informed me yesterday
that he wa paying out on nn aver
age these winter days of f 00 a week
to the farmer for their chicken
alone. Cream sale by farmer are
averaging about $250 a month.
In the next sixty day 1,102 head
of cattle fattened under the special
proce Initiated by J. F. Hartford
of Post, will be shipped to Kansas
Sunday evening while car riding
with his family, Chief of Police Huf
stedler drove ocrosa the canyon, cart
of twn in time to see Judge Hrown
in flight after five young men who
he thought had set fire to the grass
in hi pastare near the canyon. The
chief invited him to ride, and in the
Ford two of th young men were
easily caught, and oon convinced
the Judge and Chief of Police that
they were not the one who had act
th grasa. Their cause for running
wa or ether rein. and they were
turned loose. The other three were
not followed. Onl about two acre
of grasa wa burned.
Joe R Stacy wa bee Monday
from bia home at Snyder.
J. O. Jhn3. of T Vka. was
kere yesterday, traaaactinf bstfiaeaa.
If the ProyrcM of Lubbock Continue, and the Moral of th
Country are Corrected and Improved, the People Mutt See
to it That the Proper Men we Elected to Office.
District Contest
To Be Held in
Lubbock in April
The Kxecutive Committee of the
l.'niverity Intcrsrholnxlic League for
the Lubbock district met in Lubbock
Saturday an transacted the follow
ing business:
Date for district nuel fixed for
April II and 15, IDTS.
Contests were arranged for Senior
girl basket bull (it is the opinion of
the executive committee that after
thi year no contests for girls basket
bull will be provided for in the div
trbt meet).
Contests for m'rl' volley ball were
arranged for in thi meet.
ContciM in baseball have beef, ar
ranged contest ing team to elimi
nate to four team on or before April
In addition to the regular literary
contest in debate for bo'h boy and
girls tenms, Junior ,and Senior dec
lamation, for both boy and girl.s, and
essay rnntex; contests were arranged
for Class A and Gins B school in
all trmk and field event, (for Sen
ior contestants only. It wa the
opinion that Junior trmk and fi'dd
event for boy should close wi'h the
county i tiniest).
The usual contest for both boy
and girls in tennis ore included.
There will be contest in singles and
"Question for debate; "'esolvcd
thnt imigration to the United State
should be prohibited for a period if
two year.
The following are the offii era for
the Lubbock district: M. M. Dupre,
Lubbmk, director general; Mi Ma
jorie Griffin, Post, director of de
bate; Jas. K. Park, I'loydndu, direc
tor of declamation; M. H. i'.rnwn, of
('rosbyton, dircitor e.say writing;
W. F. I'a'ty, I'l iit'vicw, dinc'or of
atlilet it
Conn' ics- Huiley, Bofllen, Cot h-1
cm, Crosby, Dawson, Dickens, Floyd,
(nine, (inrza, Hale, Hockley, Land),
Lubbock. I imi, Motley, S -urrv, Ter
ry anil Yoakum.
A. G. Hushing, of Pearl, New Mex
ico, pasted through Lubbock Satur
day with n vtoi k car in whii h lie was
shipping a fine Hereford bull to hi
ranch, vibii h was bought at the Here
ford sale of Dnm-'ron-Jore. at Here
ford, at the hund'iome figure of five
hundred dollars.
Dow Wood, of Loviitgton, New
Mexico, also purchased a fine Here
ford cow1 and calf, for which he paid
two hundred and ten dollar and a
Hereford bull for which he paid five
hundred dollar.
Mr. Rushing told an Avalaneh re
porter that the better stork of cat
tle were taking his country in a hur
ry, o the ranchmen have decided
that there i no difference in the
keeping cost of the two kind, and
the thoroughbred demanded much
better price.
Ranchmen are making a business
of their work and it i not at all ex
traordinary that they would nay a
big price for the leaders cf their
herds, when it i so easy to figure
the advantage gained through the
better price offered for the off
Spearman Iteporter:
(In the face of the return from
Tuesday's election it would seem that
Spearman ha lost the county seat
fiirht. Over confidence nnd a lack
f thorough organization of the
Soearman ! orci s may be given as a
cause for the defeat. Also, the cat
tlemen i f the west end of the country
have been bithard by iow price am.
they were ulraid the removal of the
county sest would incur an additional
expense which would have to lie met
by an increased ta on their lands
and herds. Precinct one and five,
which vote at Spearman, stood by the
color loyally, counting out 21n for
removal to 18 against. Put Mulock
take the cake as th champion ex
ponent of removal, giving the propo
sition a solid vote of thirteen. Kim
ball gave 10 for and 14 r.gainst;
Grand Plain, 3 for ard 41 agsint;
Pleasant Hill, 5 for and 43 against,
and Oslo 4.1 against, . Total: for re
moval, 247; against removal, 157. It
will be seen that a great majority
i f the people of the county favny the
removal of the county seat to Spear
man, but the return show a lack of
88 vote of giving the two-thirds ni-
iority ne-riisary for removal. Or, i
bad the opposition re-eived enly nine- j
reen lewer voi" pprarmu wmiu
hav wca tht t Ufbt.
C. F. Sbvum. ef O'Donald, wan
r itaurdxy wit his tnn, John
Lewie, at the West Texaa HoiU'.
Today is the last day in which you
may pay your poll tax and get a vot
ing privilege with it. There is a
grand rush on at the tax colle tor'a
office today, and will be till tli last
hour of the day is spent, but d i not
let thi stop you from going right
ahead and paying it Just the snme.
Pay it if you have to stand in line
till the clm k strike twelve touight.
It it just that important. So many
thing of vast importance rnut be
decided by the voters of this city
during the next eleven months, that
you should qiuili f y a a votei at all
hazard. Upon this depend the fu
ture of our city, and look ut the
proposition 'a though your vote was
the thread upon which the prog-res
of the community hinged and who
knows that it will not be?
The future of the city, in matter
of government will be largely ef
fected by the men you elect to carry
on the work of the city for the next
few years.
The future of the school of thi
city will be determined to a great ex
tent thi year, and if you are with
out the company of a poll tax re
ceipt your will not be able to my
much about it. You could not vote,
and your influence would carry
mighty little weight if you do not
have interest enough to pay your
poll tax.
Then, your poll tax ia a wonderful
help to the school fund a the greater
percent of it goes to the upkeep of
the school. Pay your poll tax to
day, and be ready to vote when the
time comes,
Y'oii folk, who have been kicking
about the way the fellow down at
Austin run things, and how the Lub
bock school in carried on and how the
city of Lubbock is going to the dog,
and how the officer have been let
ting the bootlegger and the gamb
lers run thing in this city, get your
self together and get u poll tax re
ceipt if you have not already done
so, anil tie rcatly to swat the fellow
with n red hot hi ne -d to goodnrsm
vote against hl"i. See t) it that
there is a man sent to the legislature
the scna'c, to congre elected iua
ti e i f the peace, i onutatde. Judge,
h.-nff, and every other office that
is f or the betterment of the morals
of the community, for the sta'e and
the United States, an. I this will lie a
bettei world in which, to live, ami this
von tannot do unless ti pay your
pull tax before toh 'Ink to
night. You have put this important
matter i ff a long time, and you
phoubi hate attended to it M'veral
w eek a g i, but if you l.nve tmi dune
so gr.ib y Mir tint or your bonnet nnd
vi'it the i ity colle-tor and the s'ate
collector, and get a receipt before
the clmk strike you out and you
csn have no say in mutter of gov
ernment, except to stand on the side
line and tell the other fellow to go
to it, anil then they would not have)
a great deal of respect for you.
The Avalanche and every good
citizen i. vitally interested in the fu
ture of the city, anil we are inter
ested in the cleaning up of the moral
of the land from the smallest pre
cintt to the wide expanse whiih com
prise the United State, and the
ballot box is the best place to begin.
To the good women of the coun
try, who feel a delicacy in voting
should get away from that and take
their place in helping to bring about
many reform that will necessarily
have to come by way of the ballot
box The women who are nn the
other side will vote, and you will have
to do your part to counters t th"i
or, we men folk will have a harder
time than ever putting men in office
who have the nerve and ability to d
the thing r.fcessary to make thi
country a decent place in whi-h to
Pay your poll tax today. lie a
litiien, don't merely live here.
A very unique attraction, combin
ing magic, mirth and mystery, is '
playing at the Lindsov Theatre, the
first three dav of this week. It I
the Fmmett Comedy Company, said
to be one of the best ,hows of its
kind coming to Lubbock.
Mis Fvelyn Jennmg. farmer
student of the L. P. C, and who
ha been in the employment of the
Itryant-Link Co., of Kali, a book
keeper, has returned to Lubbock and
accepted a position with the Citizen
National Pank.
Among the new student who baxe
enrolled in the past few dav arej
Vis l.M.-u Klli of Lut-Wk, Mi
M-y Witt of LuLSoek. Vi. Ruby
Bradley cf Wichita Fall. Mr. R. K.
Robbictt f f Brock. Okla.. Mr. J. W.
Rrbbiia. cf Port City and Mr. Earl
E rw rd of S'aton.
Mr. John Witt who bat been out of
school tine September is back at bia
de- and he aay that bockkeepiax
lo k food to kinv

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