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One That Can B Ued for All Purpose u What it Needed at Thi
Time With Seating Capacity of Not Lew than Two
Thousand Five Hundred People.
"There' where we need that au
ditorium." That is the way every
discussion of town growth and de
velopment comes to sootier or later.
There is . ldom question of any
kind thul comes up that does not
sooner or later come ln k to that
limiting claiuo. Maybi' the nt na
tion i to be remedied It in plain
ly up to the folks of Lubbock.
Summer meet mgs r' cimHnc on.
The ( hautauoua will soon be here.
Commcn. emeiit program nc" d dou
ble any scatit g capaor, y we Lave in
town. The farmers' Short Course
in right on us. A plat e for the
Senior nd Junior band to practice,
for the Klka to stage n.msirel,
the Legion to stage a thow, the
Musi" and Dramatic Clubs to Mage
a program, a I1'1 large enough to
hold a Chamber of Cummer u ban
quet of it entire membership, the
Traveling Men' bnnuet, a joint
meeting of the Rotary and Kiwanis
r I iba with their f ni r.iU these ami
dozens of other need rry forth the
demand that I.ublmrk ft busy and
put up an auditorium that will stuct
at leant 3,U'u folki at one time.
It will be UK'd an average .f three
evenings a week throughout the
More than t hat Luhbm k ray at
least a third of the cost of nab a
building ea. h year in leasing tents,
building temporary tabernacles, hail
rent and other way of puttii.g out
money without any permanent re
turns from it. A good sized tent
for a two week mret.ng will eosl
around $2'.0 and you have nothing
when the time is over to show for
your monev. The Chautauipia will
deduct between 1 00 and $2'iei from
their co-itract price where an audi
torium In furnished. Such a build
ing will last at leant eight years.
Aren't we raying pretty high inter
eat on ojr money through losses in
thee various ways through not
building such an auditorium?
And yet one dollar per head in
tbe rl'.y of Lubbock will build u h
a building, mat it, light it. paint it,
and eiv u a real place to live.
Would a dollar a head for the town i
m. If it cl..mM then e km
Mil. wn . - - .
ruineil already and just don't know'
d m l snow
lYsee' werej
it. Flans are under w
this matter to a head ami
We atand. When the committee cail
ram your hand down in your jeani
and drug forth from to i I t't) (
and let'i ift t this thing in sii.e;.e for,
the hrt Course the 2o;h of this j
month. It can be done but to do
It will be to break all exiting rev-;
crds for t omnium!)' cooperation. I
The buibiiMg, a propo-cd. wi'.l be ,
Hi) feet by 12.i fee'., mlh ample,
light, venl out ioM and room to ha.'.dlc
approximate y 'O0 f ,ks. It will,
havee a 40 by 'Zl foot stage, with
drea-in? r
either aide,
pP tuie bo
a wireless
in, s wuh rooni, etc. (ni
Ji will have a moving ,
li for s:ie-ia'. occasions I
receiving room lor the
of equipment to make '
available wireless
up from Dallas,
programs picked I
Chicago, Denver I
and other pom's. Once or twice
month it can be arranged to have
a full program with music, addresses
and sermons to which the public can
be invited and in this way take ad
vantage of the best that is to be had
in the way of music, shaking and
last minute report of important
world events.
The possibilities of such a builj
Irg are limited only by the ambition
of the city and county to do thing-,
to exercise their individual abilities
and rnjoy the delights of frequent
community gatherings and soi i.d re
lationship f .r their individual and
the entire community good.
It is planned to lAve the Presi
dent, Chairman, Commander or what
ever else bis title may be from
ea h dub in the city to compo-e the
Hoard of Directors in control of the
completed building. For -xanipi.
the Rotary ilub, the Kiwanis duhj
the American Legion, the Pastors
Association, the Lubbock County
Singing Contention, and the other
recognized civic clubs of the city
and county will each detail their
presiding officer to Fit upon this
board, to assist in making our rules,
regulations and granting permission
fur the use of the auditorium and in
this way avoid any conflict or mis-urdr-rtandings
and at the fame
time mke the building availabl t for
the general public at all times.
It is true that money is titrht
that we ar all strained to meet var
ious obliga,i'ins that it seems ths
iust as soon s one thing is done
bobs un th.it tales mire
All of that is granted. H it j
hat of f, if '"" didn't expect to
carry your end of the development
cf the town wh didn't you move
t some finished town where etne
of these thinr remain to be d"re,
here a rent hntjs can be less than
hslf whst they can in I.tibNv c and
where the only new people that eer
come to town are bom ther and
the death rate so nearly balance
these arrivals that the pootJatinrt
of the towns for the past sfry years
read like a freckled f-ed boy stut
tering Just a repetition of the same
thing over and over again, nrer
irettmf anywhere.
Snh towns can be found but
thank goodness not in West Texas.
It ih even said that there is one
town of 3,000 population in the
Mute thnt does not have even one
Land Agent in it, only one piece
of property has ( hanged hand there
in fifty years anil that was because
an old man died and left it t- n
mail in W est Texas v. no didn't
like it (here and had to trade it
for six bushels of potatoes and a
spindl" legt'ed half-breed ea'.f.
l.u'.bo. k has a'aiMed a s'a'ol nif
thnt carries wiih it no li' l" buirn-tn-n.
A f. liar that folks d m'l think
much of don't have to d nur h "o
live up to his rcpiitaiiop. II it if he
builds a reputation i t being a
good fighter, tree (IrllltT, g uit
toner, calf rider, first b.-iiinan, or
what not he must keep taKu g hi
ihances of getting his neck hrol.cn
or e'e I Hoe bis re;iui a' ooi. So
ui'h I.'ibbo k we hme i n i j ! y no
choice in the matter. The world
knows t: as u town that does things
so we Mmtily must dig down and
T lit this thin-7 over-- iM-n f
li'enk our re k-. -and bar.'; a . .-r'-i
doing it.
I'n with the Auditorium
I't s Go.
Rimer Cober, widely known base
bail m.'tn, e-pecuilly of 'he Pacific
Coast, has been signed up by the local
West Texas League 'bird sucker.
In all probability, Kays Mr. Morgan,
president of the board of directors,
Cober w ll be signed up as manager
of the local diamond.
Me comes to us with the highest
of recommendations, both as a good
clean hall plaver, and as a progres
sive, forward looking cit en, and we
feel that Lubbock is very fuirtu
nnte in securing such men as Mr.
tiber We are always glad to wel
come them to our midst. In talking
with him we can't help but feel en
couraged ever the prospects of the
loud team for the pennant this year,
and we ih for them all the suc
cess possible.
p. , . -
DlShOneSt 150
Betrayed by Voices
Blind Man Says
i vcr. Col
Mar. 1.
I- y.
voice honest?
A straTieer stepped up t
men .
1- .lie
Ki.1.1, a blind n m ml -r,
sunny afternoon," he began,
y i i i hange f .r a five s; .it T
"It is a fin" afternoon ad
lieve I have change for the
I be-
replied Kidd He dove deep into his
po- ket with hi left hand (the other
is rut m ; at ine einowi ami orew
forth four silver dollars and DM
rents change returning it to if.e man
togetner with a copy of a local pa
per. "How do you know that was a
$." bill I gave you?" queried the
stranger. "It might have been a
one spot."
"It is what you said It was.
Your voi-e is honest," Kidd replied.
Kidd then rxpluincd hw blind
rwrsons jvdge character, by intui
tion and he con'inued that "they
seldom are fooled."
"The average di-honest person
can cover un a dishonest heart but
he can seldom hide it in the tone
of his voice," Kidd delated.
"Women make up the majority
of dishoiic-t person and it i ! f-fi-nlt
H tell it by their Voice," the
b!ind philosopher continued.
O B. Thook, of Dallas, of tbe
Shook Rubber Company, of that
i lace, has come to I.'ibbo k to make
his home, and will ha'-e hend me
ters here, from where he will work
the W'ct T' xai territory.
Mr. Shook is a live wire and v.-e
are indeed glad to have him added
t the force that is golntr to make
Luhhork the mot prominent city
in t(,is se-tion.
Mr. Fhof.k is going to have h's
headd'iarters in the Lrbhork Ti'e
a"d Vul'-anirirg offj e, where he
v i'l be find to meet te people of
Lnhbock. I'" it at ak an! on 'r-e
job, and l!ndt-ftaf1 ), ti,e t tTr Jr.
nes thoroorh'y, hsvirg been
raeed in that business for many
L-hWk is r'd ti welcome such
ciiT'ns, and mav tcir coming here
add gs-ea'ty to their welfare as to
the city is our wish.
R. V. CM ver, presdrt Kir-t Ns
tien.l P"nV of Stamford, also eon
neted wfh the Rryant-Lirk Co.. who
have a chsin of stores through this
section. ws a r'ssnt caller in the
city reeentlv. in the interest of his
hnsinesa. f was arcomnanied by
Mers. Link ef Sour; Ttryant ef
Stamford and Speck of Post.
The recent cold snap doubled the
i. . t .i.- i i ...... .t.. f the
vxcoa oi tot: ioi in iinj.v, -
American lied Cross, and the sec
retary. Mis Muia Lllia, has been
busy relieving distress in every sec
tion tt our city. If it were possi
ble for every person In the city
to know exactly what the Red Cross
does each (lav. there would Pe
trouble in the fall to raise a
cient budget for this work.
examole :
A two room house, or rather one
'r.o.-n ur.d chcd room, in a certain
1 m-i't.cin in Lubbock, houses a family
'of seven, the mother, father, and
i ... . i i i . .u;..U
five children, me oioei ui wmco
I . II 1.1 .
is nine years oiu, ana me jrounK- i
two weeks old. Iliey
' meal
cook and eat in ttie aneci room,
eep and emeiwio. i ir
tors in the other room, whicn
ti.agnii'ic nt. unpapereil. frame huilil -
ing. ai me cio't- iov irvo.
time the secretary
vi-ittol them, tne entire lainuy ui
K't'cn were in bed sick.
The h.ishind his been a steady
worker in the city throughout
winter, and is a good,
1 ihoi t-r, but w ilh such a
large fam
ily, u gnat de.cl ol sickness, and
other udverse conditions, he has been
unable to accumulate any great sur
lus fro ii his labor. When sickness
struck the whole family, of course
his pay stopped, and without the Red
Cro.-s .'tid the n-sistance of his neigh- f
bor, there would have been actual
suffering: but as it is, the Red Cross
is furnishing groceries, coal, and as
sst.rg the neighbors in caring for
the sit-.iation, and an effort is being
made to provide a nur -e. F.very day
calls are made for clothing. Five
Allen Brothers
Held Livelv
Alien Ilros. Post No. 14s, the
American Legion, net in regular
biisine-s session lat Thursday even
ing. Af'er considerable g isin and
the usual ex -hange of blood-curdling
evperiett es preceding a meeting of
this kind, we delved into the regular
busine-s of the organization. A gen
rral discussion followed, preceded
by a debate on the ranse question,
as follows:
"Resolved that the United S'at.j
should cancel all war debts con-tra.-ed
by foreicn countries during
the Great World War."
Argument waxed hot on both
ides, as there are men in the Le
gion capable of handling questions
,.f tKi.i kiml nd have stud.ed ll"-
qiifsf ion more or le -s, howev. r, thi-,
was a very extemporaneous ir.s-j
The st.i'us of the Bonus bill was i
d.s.ii--ei! at bni;;h and inon a te-1
vote beit.g Uketi it was found thai j
f,u tier cent of the nu n r.rc-eni j
wo-j'd i hoo-e the insu-nnce t i v of j
the bonus over all of the oth. r f--ir j
i lai. s cmb.n-d, incl udir.g -a (
lar.d settlvmctit. vocational training j
and loan to purchase or improve i
farm or town home. It nnpears th..t
this bill will he pn-sed by this ses
sion of cotigre-s ard in pa-t settle
tin obligation that is already three
years pa-t due. Hut the payment
iif this adjusted compensation will
not forever settle the matter as far
as the Le gion is concerned. It v ill
take a provision of congress where
by in case another war is ever
forced upon this country, that every
citizen in the L'nited States will be
conscripted for service upon the
same basis, regardless of whether he
carries a gun, serves in the Artil
lery, Signal Corps, buibU ships,
muses blankets, lis bonds, or runs
a plow. When every man in the
nation is conscripted upon a ba-is
eonum-nstirate with his actual stand
ing in the scheme of things t h n
there will be no adjusted compcn i
tioii bills or misunderstandings t
come un af'er the war the profi
teer will le practically d ne a.v y
with, inflation of wages, prii es, ( .
will be reduced to a minimum ar d
war will not be so popular.
Information has come to this ri'y
that Saturday rvrring at about a
epiarter to nine n't lock, Cath 'ic
(ricst Kelley, rf Sla'on, a t.nk-T
c ha'ir" of l y a n'tmhr of l.ubbi k
county citizens, ard taken to a place
abntit a mile from town, wcre he
was jriven a coat cf tar and fea h'-rs
and .vti'r-! tipen the things that
he had done to bring about this
punihment, and riven till 11 "'0
o'cWk tbo folliwing day ti rs k
his duds and remove himself from
the comm"niy.
PrieT KVllev it is stated s
found living in adtiltrr. and '
JTiiltjr of ins'ittiecr lid1" of toe
romtntmity and other thirto ur)e
romirg to a ci'izen of Arrerv a. and
it was for this thsH he was meted
out this punishment.
W understand that Kofley left
Slaton immediately and vaa sera
children were
each one day
given a pair of shoes
this week by the Red
Cross through donations upon it by
the following firms: Mills Cash Store,
K. Carter, Harrier Ilros, and A. H.
One dry goods firm in town, do
ing a large volume of business, re
fused to donate even a cheap pair
of shoes for the relief of these
youngsters. The records chow thnt
this I beral-minded and large-hearted
man contributed one dollar to the
Red Cross in the Fall, and considers
h's obligation to the unfortunates
of this city settled for one year, but
thank goodness, Lubbock has com
paratively few of tins disposition.
. c 1
a whole, the merchant" are ever
ready to more than do their part
whenever called upon by the Red
f r(ms thp chamber of Commerce, or
other worthy organisation. Ills
unf,tunHte that a city is unabl
! ( hiMiM, jt, ;t J7i-n -h i p. and more
...-lull v Its business men, as dors
pnvite club.
In addition to these five, other mer
. . . : . . I I r. I
e Hants oi tne city nave ie;i a m.imo
nig statement with the Red Cross
that whenever they ne-d anything in
their line, for the Red Cross secretary
to call upon them and they will as
sist in meeting the need, and that is
te s;iir t that justifies a man'a ex
istence in the world, and entitles him
to be called a ctizen of the city.
An average of thirty visitors per
d.iy has been reported for the mouth
of February at the Ladies Re-t Root,
operated by the Red Cro-s in the
court houe. All of these things as
;..t m niakini? Lubbock a more de
sirable place in which to live and
do business.
American Legion
Meeting Last Thursday
Post Commander Resigned
Post Commander, Curtis A. -Keen,
on account of stringent and neces
sary duties connected with his latest
venture. "The Plains Magazine,"
tendered his formal resignation to
the organisation as its head, which
i",T considerable argument, was
rVIu. tantly accepted. In losing
Commander Keen as executive heaJ
the legion loses one of its strong
est supporters, from the executive
taff, however, we do not lose Keen
from the organization. The Legion
was very fortunate, however, in se
curing as his successor, O. D. Pill
Sin, iter. Dr. W. K, Cravens, who is a
,very ardent Legion supporter, ami, J3..ri jn. Man h 2. M;nu'e., vvhi. h
! having had several montns experi- . fcaV(, jusl hl.vn piJi,js(.(J h(,rp o
lence in the front line trenches, we , r, ,., w.,.r,.t invention of German
feel that we could n-t secure a bet- i n(J Swjss nri,w,.r, j1S( ,lse that tht.
tcr m;:n t carry on the great work , ,ri.H1.r, j,,nii,t,.d th. v fca-cl prohi-
started by Commander Keen. bi;in would sweep Km.pe.
I Ry unanimous vote it was decided' It was decided at the convention
I to send the N"W Commander, Criv- j immediately to s. nd a i cpreseniative
ens a:id Adjutant Single to the Di-jnf the Rrewers, Dr. Neumann, to the
tri-t convention to he Held nt .-v rtiu-
to be held
riilo on
Saturday. March 4th, a
port of which will oe I'Cini! else
where in this paper.
We had with us as visitors, Capt.
Watk'tns, field representative of the
Salvation Army who is here in the
inter.-, of the Stale Relief Fund,
and Judge W. W. Campbell, local
chairman of the Advisory Roard of
the .same organization. Capt. Wat
kins gave us a short outline of his
work and what the Salvation Army
is really doing. It is a great or
ganization, doing a great work, and
should have the hearty co-operation
of the public when a call is made.
After a real snappy toast from
the new Commander from the Le
gion Loving Cup, we were lead to
the Manhatten Parlor A Cafe, where
refreshments of sandwiches and cof
fee were served.
We had a good bunch of fellows
out anil everybody enjoyed the meet
ing, but we need better attendance.
If yoi arc missing thee meetings,
you are missing something worth
while, ami we urge y .u to come
nut to these meetings the first
Thursday in each month. Get in
ttie bunch and let's put things over
in the proper way. Come we need
to board the train at Lubbock Sun
day afternoon, and start for parts
It wi'l be remembered that Kelley
was mixed up in several acts of
disloyal'y to the American Govern
ment during the recent war with
Germany, and rattled considerable
trouble along this line at different
$94,000,000 TO VETS
Washington, March S. Without
a re-rd vote, the House today
passed and sent to the Senate a bill
appropriating approximately $10t,
600,000 to meet deficiencies of var
ious Government departments.
Tho largest iter carried in the
me a ssi re la 19 4 ,000,000 for the Vet
trans' Bureau.
The Merchants Offer Various Rewards for Winner in Many Con
tests During This County Gathering of the School at
This Place All School Out to Win Prue.
Flu Pneumonia Is
Taking Its Toll in
The United States
K..r several weeks, Klu has been
raging in Kurope. One thousand
death -i a week have occurred in Lon
don from the Flu, and a similar
number in Paris.
F.xtra precautions have been tak
en to prevent a recurrence of a Klu
epidemic in this country by keeping
in quarantine any passengers on in
coming steamers, showing symp
toms of the Klu, but precaution
were unavailing. One thousand
i ascs of flu a day are developing
in New York City. The death rate
in New York City in tine week
j imped from 14'M to 1837. Just
think of it. An increase of four
hundred or .'!0 percent in one week
over previous J'cnr deaths resulting
i from flu and pntiemonia, yet this
increase has not been (unfilled to
New York City but is general
throughout the l'nited States a
shown by comparison of death rate
for week ending February 4th,
1!)L'2, with same week of 11)21.
Comparison showing how general
is the increase in death rale for
week ending February 4th, 1122:
Against the same week in l'J2l:
Flu and pneumonia constitute a
real menace at the present time
throughout every city in the
States. The biggest increase in
death rate since the flu epidemic of
1 'J 1 8 will be noted in New York
alone. There is an increa: e of four
hundred deaths or 30 percent against i
last year.
Brewers Fear
Prohibition Will
f-l 1 T '
SnrPlfl in r llrnnP1
i ( nitcii ."-fates to study the effects
c f prohuut ion there an I to 'art a
campaign in the new s;apc m of Fj
ropc against prohibition of the u-ic
of alcohol. The camiaign in the
press would attempt . prove the
tonic advantages of alcohol, espec
ially with regard to the order.
Dr. Kcury, president of the Swi s
and Prohibition Asxoci.'tt inn, assert
ed that it was nei essarv for the
brewery interests of the world to
unite in a campaign against the anti-saloon
movement and particular'y
to fight together ngainst the antag
onists of beer. The newspaper ad
vertisements, he added, must repre
sent the view point of the users cf
the beverages and not over estimate
the benefit ial effects of alcohol, lest
there should be a reaction against
the brewing interests.
Texas Lawmakers
Will Vote With A
Machine Hereafter!
Austin. Texas. March 2 -When
the Texas legislature next convenes
the votes in the house of represen
tatives will be counted so quickly
that a considerable saving in
and expense will result.
Heretofore, it has taken about 20
minutes to take the count the votes
' in a roll call. The saving in time
will amount to from five to ten
minutes or more on each.
A voting machine was ordered In
stalled in a resolution passed at the
second called session of the 37th
. . . i . . i
turning a key on their desks. One hearing h.m. The cost vf briiigirj
turn of the ley to the left regis-! l," speaker hero t snujll as eom
ters a -yes" vote, two turns a "no" r""1 wijh the good whi h will bo
and three turns, "present, not vot- 2-rived from bring rg him,
ing." Each turn of the key fljshej
a Pent on a large hoard ahove the
speaker's s'ar.d. On this board
is I
the name of earh member.
If a "yes" vote in rast by a mem
ber, a red light Hashes o"nite bis
t ame: if a "no" vote, a Vine light,
and a white l.ght for the "present,
not voting" signal. At the srsp
time tho Utter Y" or "N," whi. n-
ever the vote ts sprn-s's cpnosite
the name of the legislator
the vote.
casting '
I.andi is suggeeted as mayor of
Oitcagn. Sine be will give a!! bis
time to basebe'.l ho U q'talified.
Hurrah! For Lubbock County
Schools, March 18th, 1922. Coun
ty Meet.
A day off for pleasure ard prof
it for your g and old in every s hool
di-tri t in the coon'y. Come ea'ly
to Lubbock on that morning o the
High School and hear your boy or
girl debate or "speechify.'' See
him w rite, spi lling or an essay. 1
yoj can't be a booster, be a e?ood
lis'etier. We need people pe-f rm
ers. and :.!. tators, to make a "gi"
of mos1 any'h'ng. So be on band
enrlv. Watch for program and iliiei
in later paper. After noon every
body rioiair to the Friir Gro nda.
What ibd you say? Oh! no. Don't
take any money to the Fair Grounds.
For on- e, vee want a whole day of
free exhibition of children's activ
i'ies in a'hletics and education. No
har"e. p'ensf the boys and g'Ha
by fi'liPtr all the vrvtce. Let's nmko
this a stici es. Let evprv tea-her
urge his pupils to a-k the home-
folks to be present, both at the
school buil'lirur rind the race track.
Now a confidential word to tha
teachers. If you have not made
your entries yet, in some or all
events, do o at once by mailing to
me at Lut. bock. M;ir h first vaa
the clay, but by nrf antrement, the
time is extended. Relow is a li-t
of premiums geiicmosly offered by
( it y nterch-ints. Tea. hers, pleasd
read the li.-t to students. Insist
on hard training, f r thereby wo
v.in in any phase of life.
To the students: Get a copy of
J this lis, for I'll isue a password
iron, win r-ui. ir lot- winner in en' n
event, to receive his premium, pro
vided he knows where to go to get
his premium, and all you must do is
learn who offers prizes and what for
and locate your prize.
Forward !
Boys' Debate
Roys' Donate. l 7o Hov Candy.
Manhattan: Girls' Debate, $1.50 Bo
Candy, Ma'tin's Bakery.
D dsmstiona.
High Sr. R y, $1.J0 Tie. .Tone
rr""-i " cr curl, noiiie i"iipi
Water, Floyd B.-all: High Jr. By.
General Ticket to Lind.ev Theatre;
High Jr. Girl, General Ticket to
Pros.; H'gh Sr Girl. Rottle Toilet
I ire's v Theatre: Rural Sr. Roy.
f LCO Tie. Oli-m's Family Shop; Rur
al Sr. Girl, Jl (HI Rnx Chocolates,
Theatre Confe -t ionery ; Rural Jr.
Hoy, General Ticket to I.indsey;
Rural Jr. Girl, Hose, Harriers;
Fssav Clas.i A. H v Stationery, Lnh
b.ik" Drug' F-kiv. Class Li. $1 00
Pri :io im, Texas Variety Store; F.'s
i ay. W ard. $1.0.1 premium, K. Car-
F-av. Ror.-il
F.ver. l-aro I'. n. il.
Gift Shoo: Spe'lir
i ini. Lender; Socl
Pen il. R. d Cro
Sub. Jr., Sl.iii)
T, Sr.. tl if) Prem
itnir. Jr., Kversharp
J Drug; Spelling.
Premium, Hodge
Junior Track
TO Yard Dah, good hae ball,
I ubhoek Variety Store: 100 Yard
Dash, one meal, Minute Lunch ro-m;
440 relay, meals for 4 boys, Del
monte Lunch! High Jump, belt, W.
Thorpe; Broad Jump, 1 Gen.
Theatre Ticket; Pull up, 1 Gen.
Theatre Ticket.
Class B. Tra-k
120 Hurdles High. Gen. Theatro
Ti ket; D'O Yard Dash. 75c meal.
De Luxe Cafe; .'0 Yard Dah, Belt,
Moore Bros.; 440 Yard Dash; 22
Yard Pa-h. Moid. Flk Cafe; K8t
Rr.n, p'c Gloves, Vullips and War
ren: 1 Mile Run. Silk H .e, $1,00,
L. K. Hunt el- Co.; I Mile Rday,
Gen. Theatre Ti. l.e. I.ihd-ey; Proad
i Jump, .'ti Tic, Mi'l's Drv Gonda,
Co.: Hl.;h Jiiinn. Pc, ket Knife, Colo
Myri k; 12 Shot l'-t, F tcntain
Pen. Civ Drug Store: Dis-us throw.
I Gen. Theatre Ti ket Pole-Vault.
(ien. Theatre Ticket.
V. M. Pevch.
Director CeneraL
W. H. Grimm, of Guymon. Okla-
Iti.iiwi, was he re Saturday work'ng in
. . . ,
rne inieresi i me Keupain-norner
I Ly. cum Bureau, and conferred with
I officia's of the b al Kl'vanis Club
I to bring Jodire Per. R. I.indey,
I Juvenile J'idgo of Denver, Colora
do, to Lubboi k ti s"-p.ik here.
The matter will be discussed at
i the next meeting of the hoard of
j directors, and it i likely the speak
I er will be brought here, as thcrw
are manv Im al oeople interested in)
itAs.i snu iLsniens
Washington. March 2. Texs
ros'rrtss'ers norriirat-d : G lden T.
Thorrss, ChnrrTp: William T. Al
len. l'swkir: Fsrl B. Tra.-y, Ji"r.
ttn: Cary W. S ni'h, Kres; Rub K
W. Riclirrr. Markham; Arthur G.
Skinner. Palacr.- Jre R. Darts.
rearsa'T; Jsmes I Noel, Tilot P" "t;
in. ie ti"ieT, rroctor, and w n.io
Culwell. liitman.
Oklahoma p.e-i master nominated:
7.ack T. Prjrw, Msrcrim, and Jame
S. Goodwin, itt rat ford.

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