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New Perfection
Oil Stoves
and wicks are on display in our store und we will
appreciate your calling and looking them over.
We also have just received hipment of a complete line of new RUGS
of the very latest coloring arul design. A visit to this store will convince
you of the superiority of our stok, anil our prices are in line with the quality
of our nier imndise.
Poultry Show and Farmers Short Course, Lubbock, March 20-21.
Simmons Furniture &
Kxcitrrm-nt remains high in Colo
rado with the. probability at hand
that Morrison No. 2 will be sub
jected to a shot of "nitro" Thurs
day. The explosive for the task is
on the ground, but no definite do
eision as to ita use has been made.
Swabbing at Morrison No. 2 con
tinue with an increasing response
from thi! veil, according to reports
from the field and arrangements
have been made to handle uny
amount of oil resulting from the
shooting of the will.
The Rio Grande Oil Company
representative in Weslbrook to
oversee the layinir of a pipe line
between the Morrison No. 2 and
Wrathrook, the nearest railway sta
lion to the well. When completed
the F.I I'aso refinery will buy all
the Underwriters' oil that is offered
for sale, according to the repre
sentative now on the ground. This
jupe line will be approximately two
and a half mile in l.tgh, " a
Allison & Phillip of Abilene have
just purchased all available lots and
other acreage about Weft brook and
will open a new townsite, it is
stated. The company i ry muh
amaied with the tni. of the
Underwriters' wells and believe that
Weatbrook is destined to become an
Important oil station on the Texas
aV if it railroad wiihin a very
ihort period.
People from prad i ally every
point continue to MMt the will by
th thoosnnil to watch the tab
bing and drilling operations. More
than three thousand persona were
at Morrison No. 'I Sunday after
noon despite the inclement wen'her.
F"r the past fi w day an addi
tional number of scout and oil op
erator have arrived upon the scene
leases are trading at recurring
higher prices
Being confident that they have a
paying well and that this fie'd la
the next new big one of the stale.
Colorado and West brook citizen are
snaking the aetting for a big i il
boom in the very near future.
Sweetwater Reporter.
Now ! What do y -u think about i
e not having any winter weather?
Mr. (har'ie ( ; .eland, ,f the I ir. j
Mean rn h, spent Tot sd.tv and ,
Wednesday night at Mr. King's.)
While th'-re he bought two ,s of j
feed whhh he took away Thursday.
Meadame (hiin and Sw.j.fo.lj
Spent Monday eeti;rg at Mrs. Tea-i
Mr. Mjrrav visited in the P. II !
Metres hume Tuesday. )
Mrs. J I.. T-or:, Tent Thr....y .
evenir.g ' the Pi, I Mur'nv h"Oic. j
Harry Pnlnn-r and J- red Pce.cs j
went to i.iitii.'M k rridiiy av,i i.mu'm
out a truck load of freight for tne
Mr. White thinks there is no rca
aon why he should keep a rn-e horrr
aa he makes more rut of his store
on Kodeo day. On la-.t Wednesday,
Rodeo day, he aolj upwards of $10
worth of groceries and gaa ( includ
ing smokes, of course.)
Mr. Swot ford, of Moody, and Mr.
F.vans, of Ropes, wera callers at
the county seat Friday.
Tha trusteea at Moody achool were
Invited to meet in Joint session with
the trustees at the Ropea Bchool lust
Friday afternoon. They went, but
for some reason there was no meet
ing. Annie I-ou Thorp i spending the
week with her sutler, Mrs. Wesley
Prof. Teiiruc and family were
I.til.boik visitors Saturday. They
were pleasantly surprised upon re
turning, to find a dressed hog,
weighing two bundrdeil and forty
two pound" in their kit-hen. This
was made possible by kind friend
nf Moody, with a full fhnre of cred
it belonging to Mr. Graves of Rop-s.
Mr. Boyd has been quite sick for
a few illiv, but. is Bonie better.
Mr. and Mrs. Hill Murray took
dinner with Mr. and Mr-. John
Swofford Sunday.
John loyli hili been in the Lub
bock Sanitarium several days. Ib
is suffering fnm libs, ess of the
Prof. Teag le and family and
Fred Reeves spent a few- hours at
the J. I.. Thorp home Wednesday
ruirht. Thty report a very pleasant
Rather a large crowd met at the
Cla id Haven's home Wednesday, to
enjoy a social evening They all
Miy they had the best time ever.
Ropes, we thank you for con
ceding all the ra rs and game to
us. Put w do not need them as
we always win, anyhow, in a si litre
ileal. Then Smokie must have won
at Meadow, e'se I fail to see the
application. for, if his opponent
iniide her legs g) up and down like
immp handle, a you fay, she must
have stood in the same ids-e. I've
never yet seen a pump handle with
an onward movement and, too, your,
little bird informer mut have got
ten some mud in hi eye else he
mold have seen that the mare did
have her tail tied into a c.uence.
I, too, might boast of the good
play made by "Ilabe Ruth," but I
fad to see where any credit belongs
to Moody.
We art glad you're pleased with
your whool a wa think ours is
second to none. We know all about
your a- hoot, even more than you
yourself. We know you have as
fine and brilliant a set of pupils,
even though they are labeled,
"stupid," w iihh i not trie I, in
we've ever met. We love them ail
it ml only wish they Intel the i ranee
thiv so richiy deserve.
In the Rodeo exercise Wednes
day, w hi. h was viewed by a great
nun.bi'r of people, L'lis King won
in a foot race over, a Mr. Hu k
atiee, of Hmwrifield. A Urownfield
horse, owned by Milt Goode, won
over the ( harhe Copeland horse.
Spot, a mare belonging to Mrs. Hill
i.i-iii, won ovi'r the Hrownfield
hoi-..' that was briLi-ht to run
against Smok.e, aid Smokie was
loa'en by a mare from "God only
knows where." Some say it i Mine
from I.ubboi k, stone say Plainvivw,
some Anianllo and some Midland.
Hut the only thing we know is that
they the mare and jocky too, hid
until time to run That alone ;cnk
for "Smokie." The mare was (). K.
and showed that site was well train
ed. John Swofford rode the two
Moody horses in the race. Mr.
I-anrlcy rode Smokie.
The singing at Rill Murray'a Sun
day night was certainly enjoyed by
all preaent. There wa some fine
singing of both old and new sorg.
Pro! her Rons preached here Sun-I
lay before Sunday school. We hail
Sunday St hool afterwards aa Pro. 1
Ross hail sick people at home and
was anxious to get home. I
Prof. Gunn, of I.evelatnl, attend-i
ed eh ur h here Sunday.
Mr. Boh Swofford gave a picnic
to her Sunday School class Wedncs-
day the 22. She served Divinity j
candy to the little tots and ahe also .
gave each a bean bag which was a I
source of amusement to them. Those .
resent were: Rexie Swofford, Juan-1
ita Teague, Willie Mae Mice, Don j
Swofford, Johnnine Thorp, lean i
Cheeney, Palmer Kinir, Teddie Joe I
Palmer, Justine Murray and Hern-1
ard F.van.s, of Ropes. I
Motion Pictures Will
Be Shown to Illus
trate Lectures
We've Got
What You Want
There's a lot of satisfaction in know
ing that the drug store, where you go
to buy the many little things, has them.
There's lots of satisfaction in knowing
that the drug store where you do your
business takes great effort to keep the
prescription department up to the high
est standard. Know this satisfaction by
becoming one of our customers.
Motion pictures, both interesting
and Inertly educational, wiil be
uniting the big features on the pro
gram at the Agricultural Short
Course to lie held in I.'il b o k, March
These will consi-t of nine reel
dealing with various subject of im
portance to farmers, to housewives,
to those living in town ami those
residing in the country.
One of these reels, devoted to
sheep, has been pronounced by ex
perienced sheep growers end promi
nent live stock nun all over the
country as the best reel on aheep
ever rod it ed. It covers M.-iilbul-ly
every problem in the raising and
(are of sheep and is both pIcaHng
ly entertaining and instructive.
F.vcry sheep grower, whether ex
pert need or not, every farmer, ev
ery town dweller, every man, wom
an and child should see this reel.
Two reels will be devoted to corn.
One shows the harvesting, storing
ami testing of seed corn, step by
step, illustrating h"W simple and
easy, ami yet how important, it is
to provide ourselves with seed that
we know will gTow. The other
corn reel deals with the cultivation
of corn and how best to utilize it in
feeding live stock.
Another reel shows the farm trac
tor engaged in numerous tasks,
from plowing a town lot to pulling
&2 plows on the open prairie.
"Home Conveniences" ia the sub
ject covered by a reel whn h will
prove of -meat interest to women
and ei(ially interesting to men.
' Home Canning by the Cold Pa' k
Method"' will be hhown in another
reel. Thi illustrate every step in
the canning of various products.
"Milk -Nat ure's Perfect Food'' is
the title of a reel which tells the
value of milk arul how to j r.'diu '
and use it.
Another red, "Make More from
the Farm Poultry," deals wi:h poul
try raising from the farmer's view
point. It tells the thingi we ouifht
to know about poultry.
Still another reel bears the title,
"Farm inconveniences," and graph
ically portray some of the foul
things we do.
The other reel. "The Pit Silo,"
hows how to construct and uw this
home-made silo that i so cheaply
built and is so practical for dry
No admission "n ill be charged to
any session of the short course. The
public ia invited. No one will want
to misa seeing these moving pir-turea.
Suits reflecting latest style tendencies. Models abloom
with the beauty of Spring.
These are strikingly smart SUITS from the "PRINT
ZESS"line. Just received.
Here's a chance for the women of Lubbock to buy a
Spring Suit for a little price, made of Trictoine, Serge,
Poiret Twill, in Drown, Navy, etc.
Some beaded and some embroidered and then you'll
find the plain semi-fitting box back and blouse coat effect.
S. & H. Green Stamps Lubbock, Texas
Ben King, Marshall Stewart, B.
J. I.eedy, Buddy M'Gonigall,
Ben Moore and last but
not least Ktlitor Robert F'. ITaynes,
all of Tahoka, were here Friday ami
from all accounts their entire at
tention was given to placing a boos
ter sign, a great big one, at tho
corner of the Slaton-Tahoka roads,
one of which ia commonly known as
the main route of the Puget Sound
Gulf Highway.
F'or auch a little bunch it is hard
to find a noisier, livelier, more prog
ressive lot than those Tahoka boos
ters, and we believe Editor Haynes
i taking his part and even doing a
little of the leading once in a while
It takes a town to make people 1
proud of where they live, and real
boosters to make a town, and if
Tahoka isn't place to be proud of
we are a little behind with our es
timations. It is brim-ful of good live people,
who are striving constantly for the
betterment of their homes and the
general welfare of the little ci'y,
which i making a rep with the
people who are familiar with their
Hats off to Tahoka. May it cos-
tinue to expand tinder the leader-
shin of the good peop,j is our
Joe I.ane, widely known rattle
man and ranchman of this section,
was a pleasant caller to this city
the latter part of the week. Mr.
Lane has quite extensive holdings
In ranch property around Cap Rock,
N. M., hta raneh romprising about
seventy-eix regions, on which he
grate sixty-five hundred head of
cattle. lie says hi cattle hare stood
the winter fine, however, the lat
snell has been noticeable on them,
from the effect ef the snow-storm
and hlnxard. which has been raginf
in his section tha last few days.
Scratch p4a for ami at thte aftW
Tha Call of tha Clock
By Nelia Gardner White
Dear Mother:
Have your children ever said "I
can't come just now, Mother I'm
busy with my blocks!" No doubt the
building of blocks was at that mo
ment very important, more im
portant than we ran realize. But
more important still should be the
response to the demands of time.
Some of us are martinet always
insisting on the accomplishment of
a p-wen task at a given time, till our
children come to look upon time as
a relentless, hateful giant. I think
a great deal of the slothfulnesa of
this world come from that arbi
trary insistence that thing be done
on time. The things hated in child
hood are gladly cast aside a soon
a maturity come.
But isn't there some way to make
punctuality and a well-ordered life
a beautiful and desired instead of a
dreaded thing? F'or it is beautiful.
Time is not hard and relentless; if
it is used rightly, life beeomes
smooth, peaceful and hanpy; if used
wrongly, life is a tangled mass of
folks who always had to rush to get
to places on time who rushed to
get their meals ready who 'Vshrd
about their cleaning and their sew
ing. It is an unlovely quality. It
i near'y always when von come
down to the fact the result of prev
iously not having done thing on
time. Their clothes weren't in order
for calling the dishes needed
weren't clean their materials had
not all been purehaed for the pro
posed aewing there wasn't any
aeouring powder on hand for scrub
bing. Not one f us wsnts a child
to grow tip to be that kind of a
Person, who neither givea nor gets
However, that state Is only a nst
oral one, arising from a failure to
appreciates the importance of time.
It is tic, the 'rusher' who has the
most kdsure time. It is the one
who Anen each task a it comes,
doe.' it thoroughly, Irare nothing
forf'aonve other time.' Of course
we'ie all only human and we all
hav lapse, btit it's just in so fr
aa ws meet duties unafraid and will
ing! that or work become easy,
pllaaur instead of dred
Can handle some good brick building
loans. Loans closed promptly.
Lubbock Stat Bank Bldf. Lubbock, Texas
But how ran we get nir children
to see the importance of this? First,
I think, emphasis should be placed
on the pleasure that accompanies
that instant response to the call of
the clock. The "Come this instant
or you won't get a bite of supper!"
i only too common. It seems to me
it's only fair, while the child is
young, at least, that he should be
told that supper time is near at
hand, that shortly he'll be called in
from play. Perhaps you can let
him know of something he likes
that's going to be for supper. You'll
find that he comes much more read
ily when it is time. And soon
promptness becomes a habit, pleas
ant habits cling to us. Why not
work to make into pleasant habits
all necessary duties that have to be
observed through life? Wonderful
result come' from the expenditure
of a little patience and time.
Von can nave a game of g-iing-to-bed
time, and exploring trip of Mr.
Soap of wash-up time and an inde
pendent, j-rown-up event of dress
ing time. Punctuality really isn't
hard if we ran only remember that
the accomplishment of thine at a
certain time is what w-e desire, not
the accomplishment of thing be
cause we order them done at a cer
tain time.
Let us keep this leon in our
mother consciousness if we want
our children to become men and
women whose lives are smoothly
peaceful, ordered so that thejr may
find time for thing that make for
culture and soul-growth.
W. M. Rice, contract or of Ama
rillo, was a pleasant cal'er in the
city day or two ag. He. was en
routa to Tahoka, wher he contem
plates figuring on a itic-a building
for that plac.
Insurance and Bonding
Real Estate
Will E. Ballew
A crowd of young folks and sev
eral oltler ones met at the si hool
house Friday nieht and sung.
Mr. F. A. Sims left Saturday
night for Dallas to visit his mother.
Mr. T. E. Jones was called to
the bed-side of her mother Sunday.
We hope her mother wit' soon ba
well again.
Misse Artie Bond, Thelma ncn
son and Bes Sims visited Mis Opal
Burrough Sunday afternoon.
Mr. Guy Carey of Rail, ia vai
tire his uncle, Mr. W. A. Casey.
Misses Bonnie Bond, Mrrtle Bur
roughs and Mr. Tomie Sims spent
Sunday afternoon at the Coffey
A large crowd gathered at the
home of Mr. and Mr. Clifford Bond
Saturday right and srent several
hours playing interesting games.
You Slide and town folks come
Mis Ted Sim fent Sunday af
ternoon wi'h Mi Bernlce CaeT.
Mr. C. C. Caey and wife visited
the Goodpastura nrme Sunday af
ternoon. Evenrona is stajrleg by the fira
these daya, aa tha North wind and
snow isnt very comfortable.
Very few pupils wero at s-WI
Tuesday on accouat af tha weather.

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