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Outing and Educational Features
On Program of Club Boys and Girls
Two Day Encampment at Post City
Coarse WiO B Instrument in Interesting Farmers in Raising; More
and Better Hofs, and Will Increase Dairy Production
Through Proper Feeding of Cattle.
Th Avalanche contained an ar
' ttcle on the front pair omv time
ago setting forth the merits of a
abort rouse in Vocational Agricul
ture to ho conducted here August
14tb anil we arc of the opinion
that' most of the farmers of this
section understand to some, extent
th., value of sich a course to them,
but nevertheless, we believe that the
proportion merits further publicity,
and wish to urge every progressive
farmer in thia section to get in
touch with Farm Agent Jennings
and get detail a to what is re
quired of entrants.
The school will le conducted by
Prof R C. Mowery of the LubbocK
" High School, whose under tand tj;
of the work certiur.ly should have
Itm bearing upon those interested
ia bettering hog and dairy attic
reeds, and we are mire that the
urrm will be a aw-cess under his di
rectorship. , .
Prof Mowery will return to Lu
bock Friday, August llth, and wi
immediately act to work making all
preparations to open the s hoo the
14th He ha sufficient ftt hooks
n hand at this tune, and r.o'hit g
kat ben left undone in the at'empts
ef the Countv Apnt And others in
terested in the roiii-,' t make it
a aU'-resa throughout.
Augu-t Hth whs rhiwn as the
Hate to begin the school owing to
r.. ih.i at this time there will
K u mnnv of the farmers
are laid hv that they
will nave
sufficient time to attend the classes,
and we are mire that with plenty
of time in which lo take the instruc
tion Lubbock county farmers will
take another Ion step forward in
-4evelopirg ho raising and dairy rat
tie keeping on the farms of this
neinuy. . .
Ow.ng to the fact that hogs and
4airy rattle are the most profitable
animals to bo raised on the plains
and that the climatic and physical
eonditions of the country assist ;n
every way possible to make their
growing a profitable industry, les
breed inir and feed-
of those animals wll consume
th entire stmly periods
Fred rWrncr, l.'.bt.o. k county s
most s-ic. eshfiil grower of tboroi gd
bred h"if. told 'he writer Tii'irsdny
while d -si u- mg the merits of the
short course in vocational agricul
ture (hat Lubbock c.emty is with
out parallel in-.f.ir as be in if a fer
tile field for the development of the
Bog ra.sing industry is concerned
and expressed the belief thai if
farmers are given "tier idea as
to how to care f r them is concern
ed, and instruct them in sin h man
ner that they wll easily discern
the better type from the otrbreed,
they will soon he eipnpped to go
into the business in a winning fash
ion, as a result of which that in
dustry will ha atimulated to such
extent that a peep at freight ship
ment from Lubbock county will be
increased beyond the. expectations
of our most optimistic citizens.
The farmer of Lubbock county
are irtven one of the irretet oppor
tunities that was ever offered an
r .... r .1
ng Lveni ior ine
Cumber lands is
Home-Coming Day
To all Cumberland Presbyterians
.mj friends of ths church:
On Wednesday, August DUi, at
10:45 a. m., you r requested to
aanrmbls at the church on 10th
Street, and at promptly the above
amed hour Rev. Oscar N. Baueom
ef Fljydada, the pastor at that
piacs, will preach tha opening ssr
won tar ths 14ta Homocoming and
Rally Day smc, of ths Lubbock
Oimbr.and Precsbytenan congrera-
At promptly 12 o'clock in ths
Cnbrland Park just north of ths
church will bs axrved a bssket din
mr and from the reports that havs
com to ths oars of the writer there
in sure enough going to be some
thing good to eat, and plenty 01 but
nil eold drinks. You had better
euwe and see about this.
The services of the afternoon w.ll
Verm about I vr 1:30 and continue
Dt.l about 4 o'clock. A room will
be p,'Jly prepared with beda and
their for mothers and hahlea com
fort of the Cradle Koll department
and also visiting mothers and habie.
Now don't stay at homa on Habv's
a -count for every effort will be
sade for roiiifort as ll at
All Christian Kndeators will be
aJied to fd si. r un sriuinif In the
saik and there has bn p.cml ar
ranneeo itts of S tble aiol wim one
r H4in their dull" the dci fol
lbs Uiofit "f "Ula" Pruplv'sj
eik. At this telde .n will 'nd
agriculturist in this short course,
and the Avalanche is hopeful that
they will grasp that opporunity with
enthusiasm, and accept it as a step
ping htone lo better conditions
throughout the cunty.
Wonder how many thousand of
pounds of mt'at could be raised on
l he feed that is wasted in Lubbock
county each year through improper
feeding, ilus feeding to improperly
bred swine?
That ipicstiin is
so far as mathcma'i.
is concerned, but vie
the average Lubbock
er is smart enough
al corrrctnrs".
are sure that
county farm
to admit that
are wronir ways am) nirht
ways to raise hoirx, and that with
mt few exceptions the average
farmer is mi'-sinif the r'ifht track
hv a few degrees.
That is just what close applica
tion of the work which will b is
sued to the farmers by Prof. Mow
ery will eliminate. The matter of
breeding for superiority is one thing
and feeding for superiority i anoth
er, and hv combining the two cor
rei My, I.uiibo. k cunty farmers can
produce thousands upon thousands
of pounds of iork annually whii h
has hcrct"f ire been wasted through
reffr ient feeding and haphazard
breeding, and it is h'gh tune Mat
fiey faille the mistal es of the
pnst and get down to work out a
-ys'ematii f'dirg and breeding
plan hwh will result in keeping
be'fer hogs on the farms nf Lub
bock county.
The same thing that applies to
the hog raising industry is also ap
plicable to the dairy rattle induf'ry,
and the farmer who thinks it take
a pen f ill of cattle to produce a
b'leketf'ill of milk is missing his
iriess. There is more profit im
keeping one good enw on proper
ration than a half ilor.en fed in a
ha'hii7ard manner, and Prof. Mow
ery lias spent a young life-time
learning the lessons that that sub-je-1
involve, and he will he glad to
as.si-1 the farmers in getting hold
of the cold facts as he has learned
'hem. He is an admirable voting
o wh.i'i' I no'l"l('e m V" ntiofi
airrieult'ire was tho'ough'v dem
onstrated by th" work his team in
'V- Inst term of High S hod did in
g; nintr hiirli honors as Stale Chump
io.s in stock judging, and other
:e-!s re.inrirg 11 complete under
standing of the work.
Mr. Mowery i more pru'tia!
Mian tbeoret ! m applving vo a-
t iinal elui ntion to the farms of
t"dnv. and the fact that he learned
a irre.it deal of uhat he knows aSout
the subiects mvoKe from actual
experience eipnps him doiddy well
for the task of .nstrnting the local
If you farm, farm intelligently.
The 1'rnted States llureau of
Agriculture, through the State De
partment represented by Mr. Mow
ery, ia offering the farmers of Lub
bock county an opportunity to learn
hog and cattle breeding and feeding
from a seientif.r tatwtoin', and
every farmer should avail himself
of the opportunity to receive those
mat ructions.
the book of registration, and a
badge of loeal Christian Fncleavor
colors for this occasion. This wll
be a great day for the young people
of oor ehiir'h.
Now lisien, please muki' a sac
rifice arc) let us just spend this day
in social as well as spiritual serv
ices. Plenty of ice water and ice-cold
lemonade s"id a genuine old fash
ion Cumberland Presoycriaii wel
come. Come and let us have a sure
enough good time.
Mrs. A.
citisen of
M. Rhodes, an old time
Lubbock, is in a local
suffering with a broken
ankle and
other bruises as a result
of being run over by an automobile
driven by W. L. McDill, at the cor
ner of Avenue I and 12th Street,
Saturday evening.
Mrs. Rhodes nad started across
the street toward the courthouse,
and waa unable to get out of the
way or me epeoutng automotnie,
which k"-tandr claim to have been
going voout twenty-five radre per
J. II. Roles of Khallowater, prin
cipal of the slit.o at that pis e,
was In Lubbock Thursday on bui.
nea. He reports the h bola.tic pi
pulullon of that Immediate itina
iifhat improved over last ) ear's
cvlisu, and that prnvUiort hs been
ms.U lu tale for Iba tstra number
in the mo uniil mannor possible.
A.l w.ll
htno live,
your tl-lhere ell the
Post City ia gettinir down to do
ing things as a town, and from th
accounts we have had of the activi
ties of that city wt are prone to be
lieve that a sure enough live citizen
ship peoples that city .
The next thing for Post City is
a Club Hoys and Girls Em ampnient,
to be held there two days, Thursday
and Friday, August 17th and ISth,
which is to consist of an outing for
the boys and girls, mixed witn msny
educational features', whkh will
make the encampment profitable as
well as entertaining.
A d-sirable camping g'ound has
been provided, and that will bj one
if the biggest and most interesting!
occasions the ( lub Hi and Girl'
of '.his r cction hriv enjoyed fori
some time, and we are sine thrill
their impression of Post (My will !
be that that is one of the dandiest I
towns in West Tevai. I
. 1
Lubbock, Dawson, Dickens, ( p&
by and MoMiy County Club mem
bers will aMe'nd, with Miss MhIiIc
Mar.-h, Home Demonstration Agent
of Lubiioc k comity, and Mi"s Mable
Spanii, II one Demonstration Atrent
of Nolan County, to chnpemnr the
girls, and have chnrue of their work.
Nearly One Thousand Attend the
Third Baptist Encampment On
the Palo Duro Camp Grounds
Hetween iSlMi and 1,000 N'ope
were camping lit the Baptist F.n
1 ainptnent Grounds southiast of the'
city ye-terday, according to a state
merit' given the News by Kev. B. K.
Kronabarger, general manager of
the 8-ernbly.
The Third Annual Assembly pro
gram opened yesterday with grent
interest and enthusiasm, and will
continue untd August 11.
Mr Fronabnrger states that there
are representatives from every town
from Vernon to the New Mexico
line cm the north : from Higgins and
Clovis, and as far south on ths
Santa Ke as lYst City. Cars started
to arrive Monday, and there ha
been a continual stream coming in
from e'i ry direction, and will con
tinue to do so throughout this wee i.
There were 'A'i tents for rent tin the
grounds, all of which were soon
taken. Most of the campers brought
their own outfits.
Sunday will be open day on the
"Not Guilty" Is Verdict Returned by
Jury in Case of State of Texas vs. Mad
den Brothers for Killing Brakeman
Never before in the history of
the criminal court of Lubbock coun
ty has a murder ae created more
widespread interest than the one
coinnletecl Frolay the State of Tex
as vs. J. Y., and Will Madden,
brothers., for the killing of Jerry
Itedden. brnkeman on the Santa Ke
Railroad, at Roundup, IK mile
trial thai,
the jury,
interest ed
of Lubbock on June
inore ladies amended the
..ny other, and it was
thai as the eae went to
and only th ise intensely
in the verd 1 l rendered
for their return, a large
of the crowd was lubes.
wl.o bad .-ipent long, tirevom? hour.:
li-tenmg to the ease proceedings,
ai,.i 1. hi ther or not ihey vere
nles.,t nr ditlcaei with the vt-
I diet tumid is lift to tbe imagina
tion of those who nearci many re
murks throughout the trial.
Selecting the jury from a sneci.il
venire started Monday morning,
which consumed both Monday and
Tuesday, i-ighty-right men havinir
been examined before 11 jury eouid
! selected, and taking of evidence
Plains Visited by Local Showers
, Sunday Night, Which Will Mature
Crops in Communities Near Lubbock
Telephone reports prove the
rain that fell Sunday night to hare
consisted most! ot local showers, as
there was practically no rain here, but
from the various communities over
the county reports are that from one
to as much as three Inches of rain
itrtween Lubbock and Abernsthy
sufficient rain was received to with
in five miles of Lubbock to mature
the crops. Olton, lmb couMy, re
reived good rains, which were gen
eral all over the north end of Inib
county, but no rain was received st
l.ltllri icltl. Amenllo, reports ho
Was visited by braty khioeers.
All Indications Sunday nutht '
thai a heavy cloud would sweep
uvr the I'Uin. si.d II was disk
pointlng irnlisd lu Isein "'of
local buvtris were reoivvd.
Il iluuds have ht.wnJ wr
the lUiti fr (he last 'ltia
The following agents will attend:
J. W. Jennings Bnd Miaa Marsh, of
Lubbock; J. W. Jackson or Kails; C.
T. Wataon of Ijimesa; J. B. Johns
ton of Spur, and T. P. Metcalfe of
Miss Murray, Poultry ex;iert of
the Extension Department of A. M.
College, and Sterling Evans, of A.
& M. College State Club leader,
will attend ana assist with the work.
Miss Murray has accomplished
some great work through the local
t-oi.nty and home demonstration
ugen'r. und ninny of the Lubbock
County Club hoys and girli will
deem her part of the program worth
the time spent at the enenmpment,
and are looking forward to the time
wl en they may get first hand in-
ructions in their work from iier.
l'ost City citizens, we understand,
are co-operating with the agent?
:r ciry way pos-ible to nuike the
1 11 ampnient just us plcustml for the
I r 1 1 1 pants as it is .it all possible,
nrd vc assure every render of the
a'ain he that when that Post City
wd n'fvmpts a thing thry usually
inc out winners, we are glad In
. cl that ii"r local Club boys and
is will be entertained there.
g-oi n'ls, no admirsion charges being
iiiscle Kev. Kronabarger expects at
It u-1 'J.'olO people to attend the serv
ices Sunday. He cautioned Canyon
pec. 1 e coining out Sunday to bring
lh ir dinners, us it would be im
pc ss ble to feed them at the one
c at ng place on the ground.
'I he ieople are highly pleased
wiMi the Assembly grounds, accord
ing to the words of praise Mr.
Fronabnrger has heard. The WBter
s esiierially fine and is being high
ly appreciated. The dam is 36 feet
w cl", 14 feet high, and nearly filled
to the top with water. Water is
ba ked up for a
place i fed by
water, ice cold,
half a mile. the
500 prmgs, and
t to be had in
There will be no services at
local Baptist church Sunday in
der that the congregation may
tend the Assembly
yon News.
meet in gs. Can-
was started Wednesday in,,rI,inir,
v he h . roc ceded throughout th" day,
arid Thursday, the case having gone
to the j.iry at four o'tlock Friday
afternoon. A verdict of "not guilty"
was returned at nine o'clock that
evening. ,
Tbe courthouse was jammed to
full taraeity throughout the trial,
and Ibstrict Judge Spencer certain
ly had a time keeping the room
nuiet enough that the evidence
could be heard by the many attend
ants, which he finally succeeded in
doing by havng it thoroughly under
stood that thone who must talk
should leave the room.
The fact that the defendants are
strangers here didn't in anywise
create any less interest, as both
those in sympathy with them, and
those in sympathy for the railroad
men. were present.
The Madden boys are still in jail
awaiting the court's action on the
indictment held against them for
assault with intent to kill Conductor
Jim Vauirhn. which occurred at the
time Redden was killed.
hours, and all indications are that
the rain man has not forgotten this
Denny Hilburn, of the Lubbock
IVmting Company, Is making things
look mighty prosperous on ISth
street, where workmen sre erecting
a nl' eevn-rom brick residence.
The building will be modern through
out and when romplelod will be one
of 1 he most ettrtttlive r"i, lepers in
Intboik, It Is lotat'd Hear (he
fourteen ihtuo-aiid dollar home of
J. II. I'ryor, win. h makes thai pait
if Ilia rily look ni.cliiy prosperous
llrv. IUrde.lv, plor ef I lie) ol.
lea IUi'U.1 bin. h, s hi lubbots
Mwltilrtf UH !'ti4lllM.
The Prixe List Has Been Prepared for Publication, Which W3l At
tract Many Exhibitors, At Sums Offered for Winners Will
Encourage Producers to Exhibit Their Animals.
Officers and dire- tors of the Pan
handle and South Plains Fair Asso
ciation are getting down to real
business in efforts to put over the big
event in September, and we are glal
to report that they are meeting with
much helpful assistance from every
angle of the country, the various or
ganizations doing everything possible
to further the work.
Putting a fair as big as the Sep
tember one will be, into running
order is no small job, and the fel
lows realize that. They know that
something must be done, and done
quick, if the thousands of visitors
from nil over Texas and in parts
of tithcr states are not disappoint
ed in what Lubbock i capable of
doing, and certainly they are not
going to let the job lag under those
1 ircunistances. Something must be
done and they arc devising Means
and ways of doing it in the least
time with maximum efficiency.
A meeting of the Hoard of Di
rectors was held at the Chamber
1 f Commerce yesterday, and task of
drawng up a contract that would
be favorable to the Association with
a large Carnival company represen
tative, was left to President Klc'i
and Secretary Martin.
The prize list as it will be printer!
in 1 he catalogue has been arranged,
arid we are glad to report it look"
m'ghty good, as many of the priz"
run into a good many dollars which
will make exhibiting here a thing of
profit to thise holding winning ex
hibits. The Association has wor't.'d
that phase of the fair out system
atically, making the things which it
cost the exhibitor most to iresent
receive the highest prize awards,
which will stimulate showing hogs,
cattle, sheep, horses and other ani
mals on whi h transportation to and
from the fair will cost the exhibitor
a irr'-at denl of money
Following is a list 1 ' the ofTb'ers
and members of the Hoard of Di
rectors: K. L. Klett,
L. Slaton, treasurer;
secretary. Directors
Moore, L C. Kllis, E.
A. W. May, Ceo. W.
president; (.
L. T. Martin,
: Louie F.
L. Robertson,
Foster, K. C.
Simmons, and D. M
Holland of
The following department-" liav"
been organired: Ib g department, J.
W. .Jennings, sureroi'emlo'U ; It.cli's
tri.il department, Karl Hunt, super
intendent; Agricultural department,
Austin, Texas, Aug.
Neff tot In y commuted
nrisonment the death
Ernest Vickers, cortvi
murder of J. H. Loper
4.- -Governor
to life im
sentenee of
ted of the
in Ft. Worth
last year. Vickers was
to hang in Fort Worth
morning after a week s stay ot
ctction granted by the governor.
Governor Neff said that after a
careful consideration of the facts
and circumstances of the case that
he was of the opinion lhnf the
punishment for the crime commuted
will be "properly administered by
confining this defendant at hard la
bor in the penitentiary during all
the years of his life."
Vickers, according to evidence in
the case, shot Loper, a railroad
special agent, one night last Atiir
ust when he refused to hold up his
bands after Vickers had commanded
Hm to do so. The attempted rb
bery occurred in the Fort Worth
railroad yards.
The Tanhandle Christian Endeav.
or Convention which meets August
L'5, -J6 and 27, will be at Amardlo
the guest of the Christian Endeavor
Societies of the First ( hristian and
Centrsl Presbyterian Churches. This
convention includes thirty-seven
counties of the Panhandle, as well
as Clayton, N. M.
All members and friends of
Christian Endeavors are eligible to
become delegates upon the payment
of the regiatrstion fee of fifty cents.
K. D. Miller, the convention chair
man, predicts a 100 pet cent regis
tration and -attendance for several
sorieUos. Both registration and
mileage banners are being offered
by the entertaining societies which
end the first 100 per rent regis
tration, as well as for Ine greatest
total number of miles trsvvled by
tha entire number of delegates from
snv single society.
The program will Include such
speakers Kev. Paul J. Merrill, of
Pampa: P.ev Garland Shell, of Chil
dress; Dr. R. II. Thomeen and lu-v
I mini It Mnoie, of Aniarilln, and
Jack lluprrs, the state secretaiy, of
Dallas. All percHtna dratrmg further
Inf.irniaiiuH vliould addivM Mr. Mil
ler, la cm of the t'rniral l'rby
leiian thui.h, Amardlo.
nin puple sre sevr attuned
Here s whets a eook'a husUsnd IS $
leg Ltr f.tr iltvwive.
Geo. W. Briggs, superintendent;
Floral department, Mrs. Lon Mulli
can, superintendent; Culinary de
partment, Mrs. J. C. Morris, super
intendent; Textile department, Mr.
Fred Hoerncr superintendent; F'ine
Arts department, Mrs. Walffcr M y
ric k, superintendent; Red Cross de
partment, Miss Mina Ellis, superin
tendent; Public Schools department,
K. R. Hayries, superintendent; Poul
try and Pet Stock department, L. C
Kllis, superintendent; Automobile
and Truck department. Ceo. Ben
son, .superintendent; Fire Works dis
play, H. H. Griffith superintendent.
It is pointed out at the office of
the secretary thnt those in charge
of the various departments are ot
liberty to chose who they please to
assist in that special work, the re
sponsibility of the department's mc
1 ess falling upon them.
Firi works mnterial has been pur
chased, and that part of the pro
gram will be the best ever. It is
believed that the success of the As
sociation to make the fireworks in
tcresun"; is one of the greatest as
sets to the program, and Mr. Grif
fith's experience in that work will
enable him to entertain the specta
tors in th" best fashion possible.
Miss Mable Marsh, county home
demons: ration agent, will have
ihuige of the ladies buildirg, imd
will ct everything poss-hlc to mike
the rest room a source of pleasure
for them, as well as to assist the
various department superinter: lei-ta
arrange their displays with the most
exacting care.
What we want to impress upon
the minds of our readers is that the
F'air Association officers and direc
tors are sparing nothing in making
this one of the greatest o-easons
for many moons in Lubbock county,
whi. h will rival in interest the lay
ing of the first road steel a "rose
the plains.
If you as an individual can fiid
a place to work for the betterment
of the fair, take off your coat and
get into the shuffle. The officers
and directors are going to muster
every available ounce of energy in
the county to make that fair a snc-
s , r.nd they will appreciate the
fis,in e of anyone in a position to
do anything.
I'.oost, back and boom the Sep
tember Fair.
Let's go.
J. D. Hilton and daughter of
Eastland, who have been v:si!ing
A. J. Hilton of New Home, Lynn
county, and G. H. Hilton, of Lub
bock, returned to their home Sun
day. Mr. Hilton is highly pleased with
the plains, and we are not at all
surprised to know that he was, for
a comparison of the oil fields sec
tion and the plains, so far as agri
cultural and ranching possibilities
are concerned, places the plains far
ahead, and after figuring the worth
of the two sections one might have
to admit that mat section certainly
needs oil felds to make things even
up with the hinds of the great not:th
plains, of which Lubbock is the
Abilene, August 3. Stamford has
tiuit the West Texas baseball league,
Gordon W. Northern, league prest
dent, said today. The Stamford
team will be carried by the league
until the franchise is placed else
where, he announced.
Two capacity audiences
heard Evangelist Arceeeaus
t the Community Auditorium
Sunday, August 6th.
At the morning hour Rev.
Arceneaui discusaed "Monu
mental Institutions of the Pi
Me.'.' In the afternoon "Di
vine Revelation Science and
At the conclusion of the
morning sermon, two young la-
dire confessed their faiih la
t hrut. and were baptised - in
the afternoon.
Monday m-rning at 10:00
o'clock, about one hundred and
fifty piKipIv had a cI.scini.ion
from Ruin. 11. Ist availing
I Vangeiitt Arceneaus Ske un
the "Mysleraa of the lli'.le."
I hi tvm.iif ; "How tbe loll
has been handed Jmn llirvl
the as."
We or "J attend Iheae
HI v h .
J no T. Ssuih, I'svtor,

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