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The Lubbock avalanche. (Lubbock, Tex.) 1909-1922, August 11, 1922, SECOND SECTION, Image 10

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71 IF. l.UnnoCK AVAtjNCHr. FRIDAY. AUGUST It. I922.
We Give Green Stamps
As an extra inducement for your patronage. The prices on our groceries are a low as
legitimate business will allow. Our delivery service is prompt and we handle our ac
counts accurately. Trade here!
Palace Grocery Co.
Ja. A. Hughes, Prop.
i f i
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ousness, insomnia, hy
steria, nervous dyspep
sia, nervous prostration
or any ailment due to
a disordered condition
of the nerves?
will give you prompt
and lasting relief.
It produces refreshing
sleep, builds up the shat
tered nerves and pro
motes a normal distri
bution of nerve force.
Your Druggist Sella It, Atk Him.
Jim Ferguson Given
Place On the Second
Demo. Primary Ballot:
Dallas, Auir. 7. By unanimous ;
vote the Slate Democratic Exccu-
tive Committee today decided to j
certify the mime of James K. Fcr-!
guson of Temple, to the county .
ehnirmen, as one of the run-off can-1
didntcs for the United State Sen-1
ate in the primary August 'JO. i
The motion to certify Mr. rer-
truson an a candidate whs seconded i
by Judge Harry Miller, who wbs the i
manager of Senator Culberson cam- I
pnign for the Jnly primary. Judge
John W. Caincs of Sun Antonio,
who sought to prevent Mr. Fergu
son's name going on the ballot fori
the August primary, spoke again
certifying Ferguson's num.'. At the i
end of his speech the motion to j
inl.iot the resolution naming Mr.:
Ferguson with Karle B. Mayl'ield as
the candidate lor tne senatorial
nomination was put and adopted.
Jiidve (iaini- prote-t was the on
ly on- against the action of the
Committee, which recessed at noon
until '1 o'clock.
When the committee reconvened
Mr. Ferguson was present, but did
not remain until the final action on
his candidacy. Mr. Mnyfield was
not present in person, hut was re
presented, lie has made his posi
tion plain as opposing action which
would eliminate Mr. Ferguson from
the August primary.
The committee today first can
vassed the vote of the July primary,
Mccormick and peering binders
Ready to go into your fields and do the work you have for
them in the quickest and most satisfactory manner.
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i , , '
i : " "i
That if it is a City Farm or Ranch Loan
They can pet the Best Sen-ice and
Options here.
City, Farm and Ranch Loan.
Citizens National Bank Building. Lubbock. Texas
lw.n certified the names of
candidate in the same order as the
unofficial tabulation of voter bv the
Texas Flection Bureau showed the
respective positions.
J. C. Cromer, one of the fellows
vho has been on the plains long
nnugh tn be drouth wise to the ex
ont that he is not worrying about
be present momentary need of
rain, was in tiwn Monday transact
ing business.
It sounds pretty funny to -ay
anything about those fellows coming
in "on bus-mess, when as a matter ol
fact the t"wn is filled every Satur
Hnv with them, but it is a fact that
tbere was a genuine reason for Mr
Auto Tops
Specials on Gasoline Irons
and Alarm Clocks
We also make keys and repair
all makes of guns.
Don't forget we are headquar
ters for Oil Cook Stoves.
Moore Brothers
N. Side Square.
Lubbock, Texas
From The Crotbj-ton Reiew
R. I How man, one of the leading
citizens of the old Emma commun
ity and a member of the County
Democratic Executive Committee,
was in town Saturday to help can
vass the returns and in commenting
i.n the run-olf of the Senatorial
race said the isue would be stru'
iy wine and beer versus tar and
f'..il,.r. un.l lint hi' would take
the light wine and beer in "hisn"
in preference to tar and feathers.
' Mr and Mrs. Joe K. M. Puff, of
I the Fairvicw rommuni'v, nf in
I t.,wn .,me d.ivs ami. Nil. M l'utf
m lor sr. . - ' - , - .
Cromer ho.ng . in town M- .y- ' , ,.im. ,,
that to bring in a few salable ar- ( 'V ,u pf .
tides from h.s farm Vjh.ch he has j - arp M knw
h regular ha bit of dome, wh nh , rpth is B-r.d-.ally coming
helps to make hi farm a paying k h fornirr f01,
proposition ,,: health mav soon be fully established.
He reports everything Mr. Venter Hal.om returned last
along fine and dandy on his farm Luhho, k Sanitarium
and though . g-MMl rain wouM i-nme un(Jl.rw,.,,t an operat.on
in mighty handy and ik needed to ,r ,...,.i
i.i.. .......... U ku. nl 1 imr unjn i r. ... - i -
started a calamity howl as yet, and
doesn't intend to.
Stay in there old man Cromer.
We'll bet a pint of ink against the
I juciest ear of rorn in the county
that that kind of optimism ronsiani-
ly practiced is worth more to Lub
bock county than all the ran mat
could fall within forty-eight hours.
When the bowela are constipated,
the lower bowela ar large intestine
I Mine packed with refuse matter,
rhat is made up lurgely of germs,
'fbose germs enter the verm. form
i.i'oeiidix und set up inflammation,
which is commonly known as appen
dicitis. Take Chamberlan's Tablet
i-l. ..n vw...iltfl nml kiin vioir bowels
j regular and you have little to fear
from appendicitis.
Colorado, Aug. H. Eiuborute
plans are being prosecuted to make
the .Mitchell County Fair to be held
here September 22 and 23 a suc
cessful exposition, according to K.
H. Katliff, aecretary. Cash prices
will be offered for agriculturul ex
hibits and for best animalH and
poultry shown.
"My husband bought a $'! trim I
bought a Coc box of KAT-SNAP.
The t'ap onlv caught 3 rats but
HAT-SNAP kiil-d 12 in a week. I'm
never without RAT-SNAP. Reckon
I ei.uldn't rai.M chicks without it."
RAT-KNAP comes in cakes. Three
s jo.i, 35c, .')C, $1.2.. Kold ai; l
guaranteed by Cole-Mynck Hard
ware &. Implement Co., and City
Drug Store.
Entrust your fire insurance needs to us and we assure
you that your property will have ample protection
with a policy in a good, sound company.
We Have Federal Farm Loan Money to Loan
Citurnt Ntiural Dank HaiMo!
. Lnna that uhf T kteHilllv imiiroV
ing and may soon regain her former
til tu ri tT. K
Levi Anderson. Jr. of Dcs.lemon-1
ia, who is connected with the State
Banking Department, was a hume-s
vmitor in our city Wednday. 1.
C. Rous carried him Lubbock
in the evening in his car, they be
ing old friends.
Rev. F.!gar Pippin, Baptist min
ister of Chii'icothe, and al--u a trav
eling representative t.f the Y.urray
Gin Compary, setit Wedneday
nigh! at thc'City Hotel John K.'s '
jilace. He told the Revo w man that
many gins were being erected all
ever thu country ly the Fanners'
Union and thai be had heard a new
gin was being talked of for Crosby- j
ton. lie left yesterday morning for;
Lubbock, but expressed the thought
that he would return some time
next week and would be glad to get
in tou' h with the promotors of the
new gin. I
Ir. and Mrs. F. A. Greene went j
to Plamview Sunday and are spend-,
ing the week there with friends, j
Fred Greene motored to Lubbock
with them. '
The friends and admireri of Rev.
J. B. Cole, former Raptist pastor at
this place, now residing at El Paso, 1
were pleased to have him with
them from Saturday evening until
Sunday afternoon. He filled his j
old pulpit at the 11 o'clock hour;
Sunduv morning. Pro. Cole and ,
wife had attended the annual re-,
union of the Hedgeco. k family, Mrs. j
Cole's people, that met at Post City. 1
and he took advantage of the near
ness to Crosbyton to run up and
be with bis friends here again whi'e ,
his good wife visited her sister,
Mrs. Haynes, in Lubbock. No j
preacher that we can remember j
,. . ver bved in our town that I
i better liked than Hro. Cole, and
we are ulways glad to extend him
a welcome and hearty handshake.
His removal from our midst was
for his health and we were glad t
nee bim looking so much improved
and hope he may soon regain hi
former good health and strength.
He reported his son Fred as doing
a good business in El Paso, and that
hi daughters, Miase Ruby and
Ina, have been employed to teach
in the public ichoola of that city
the coming acasion. The many
friends of the family are pleased to
know all are so pleasantly aituated
. . ....Vm tn thnii new home.
W. S. Roberson, a young barber
' P. It kua fitted un a shop
i next door east of the Highway Gar
; aire where I e will l e plea-rd to
meet the public. He is ma'-ing a
rut in the rncrs of barber ork.
r i on DP THANKS
V"w w - -
I take this opportunity t'i thank
...! of I.ut)to a rounty ior
Of thanking my friends who supported
me in the July Primary for Commis
sioner of precinct No. 1, and solicit your
continued support in the run-off primary.
It has come to my notice that some
residents of the precinct, thought they
were voting for Charlie Burrus and after
the statement published by Mr. Burrus
that he was not a candidate for any of
fice, it was understood that I was out of
the race. This is all an error. I am in
the finish unless counted out August 26.
I stand for a strict business administra
tion of the County's affairs and solicit
your support and influence.
J. H. (Jim) Burroughs
Pile Cured la 6 to 14 Dy
jtoMIms rrnuwl mnorr If PAZ3 OINTMKN7 I .
ocurr luiui.i. bail J. Bieol i df Prutrariui
nxantlr icIm-vm lithm t'i. aw' yuu eta t
uiul Ue iu lt K auiwcauua. I'"" "
Diseased tonsili ar disease ports
of entry.
Coma to Lubbock.
Urife majority you gave my old
..itvip chum. S. M. N
Mirrs, f"r
Stat ftiipcrin'endcnt of t.iiucation
in the firtt irimary. and earnestly
urif- you t. give him your vt
agti.n in tbe r. olid pumary. lie i-
the candi U'" of the h l I pl
and eot of the i lupi anj kl tns.
47 Jt M. M I'LTIIK
Try Aalanha claMiflsd iJklV
Jackson Brothers
Phone 505
Our Specialties Milk Feeds, Cooking,
Heating and Furnace Coals, nl.su Tank
age and Chicken Feed a. Wo buy and
4eli grain anil hay in car lota or less.

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