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tlir.l im.KX K AVAI AN( II! . HT.5t.AV MPIIMnm 12, Vl
Idaho Kiwanians Arc Trying
To Effect Better Marketing Conditions
For Their Enormous Potato Crop
The effect of Kiwaniiins influence
placed baik of the economic proh
lems of Ihi- nation is yet to he learn
but we Mitmit that the following
letter in worthy of line's ronsidern
tlun, ami believe that in the writer's
attempts to create bct'er nnikoing
condition fur tin- prnilui'i mention
ed he is pulling some mighty strniu
levers for bringing about a practical
solution to the problem.
This, it happens, is the first letter
of its kind brought to our attention
this is the first instance of a local
Kiwanis rluli getting buck of a nn
tioniil problem, anil we hetirtily ceo.
grntuliite the writer for taking such
practical steps for discovering a
medium through whirh to deliver
his message to the people.
The Kiwanis club is one of mag
nificent possibilities, just like the Ro
tary, I. ions and nil other similar or
ganizations. These clubs are composed of men
whose efforts are to he so directed
that constructive work might be tba
Ultimate results of their labor, and
we believe that the Nampa Kiwunis
Club secretary has started sometluvK
that will discover the great influen
tial power of the Kiwanis club.
The letter is as follows;
Nampa Kiwanis Club
Nampa, Idaho
Kiwanis Club,
Lubbock, Texas.
Iear Kiwanians:
Our attention has been mlled to
the fact that the potato crop in
America this year is menaced hv the
most un-favorable market ronduioi.s
that have ever confronted the in
dustry. It is apparent that.the great oo
tato crop, which the American farm
ers have produced is, on account "
bad market conditions, not an asset
but a liability in many sections of
the country. The farmers of Itbtho
have produced and have ready for
market, over iMl.not) cars of the tin
est potatoes grown in the world,
with no market at the present time
and with the farmers in many in
stances unable tn hear the expense
of harvesting their crop.
The total potato crop in the Tin
ted States is estimated by the De
partment of Agriculture at -I 10,
000,000 bushels which, wih one sni
ffle ex eptuiii, is the largest crop,
ever produced in this country. This
condition, toirether with the r.-tilr.d
and coal strikes and other economic
drawbacks, has caused our potato
crop in many sections to be of prac
tically no value and to be worth less
than the cost of production in prac
tically every producing section in
the country.
Our Chamber of Commerce has
started a "Buy a bug of potatoes"
and "Buy your winter's supply of
potatoes now" movement, which 'heyi
intend to extend to every ottter
State producing potatoes in tomniir- i
rial quantities and they have asked j
us to send this letter to "very Ki j
warns Club in America with the sur-
gestion that each of your members I
buy a bug '' potatoes or buy their
u inter' mmiik now. at a fair mark
et price and liiat each of your mem
l,cr unciv-l this to his asoi itres
and t:eu.'hbors. We do not nl; 'ha'
you loiy Idaho potatoes but do uk
thnt yoi buy any kind of poiiitois
that iire avail.'tMe and suitubb.
Since one of America's git'trct
nirru ult un. I industries is on the
verge of bankruptcy and po'at"CS
are a necessity in every home, we
urife ivei v Kiwanian to heed this re
quest, believing that your purchases
and vour influence will nave a ire
metiiluous effect in improving t hi
potato market at this time ntul tl.a
not i.fdv the potato grower but 'he
entire country will be greatly bene
fitted by suving the industry fioir,
We have hesitated about taking
the matter up through Kiwanis but
concluded that a service could be
rendered here by each KiwatiiHn a
no individual and that it would not
be improper to ask that publicity
be given the fact by reading this
letter at your next meetine and
would appreciate your advising us
just what action is taken in the
premise and greatly oblige.
Respect fully submitted,
Nampa Kiwanis Club.
Vic K. Stolle, Secretr.ry.
Hamilton Shcppard, vi San An
gebi, superintendent of the l.ittle
field school, passed through Lubbock
Friday, enroute to that place from
Canyon, where he attended Teach
ers' Institute. He was accompanied
bv O t). Hilburn, superintendent of
the Sudan school, and M. V. Merrill,
instructor in the Littlefield school,
and assistant coach of athletics in
that school.
Sheppnrd had one of the fa test
basketball teams in the district last
season, nnd declares that he is go
ing to make the winning team this
year, else make the team that does
win get up and hustle.
He is well known by the Senior
students in the Lubbock high school,
and in other schools over this ter
ritory where he took active part in
all athletic event, he having ref cr
eed some of the fastest games played
in the district Inst year.
School will begin there Monday
Plainview, Sept. I To F'.lmer R.
Anderson, carrier on Route A, out
of Plainview, goes the honor of be
ing tin- first mail carrier in Plain
view. He started on his rounds this
morning with the shrill whistle com
mon to his fra'ernity. An examina
tion will be conducted here in a
short time to secure an eligible f'U
the place now held by Anderson on
the rurul route. L. L. Estes of
Qiianah, will be substituted on the
city route.
Funny things hnppen. A Mexican
general died a natural death.
From the loaf of bread baked in
the stone vessel of Pre-Historic
Man, to the loaf of todav which is
the Achievement of Modern
The loaf of todav is the
Martin's Bakery
Cold Drinks Pastries and Whitman'
Alitor H7fi r
Austin, Jb id. IV - Purine August
Federal piohihtion nffi.crs ill Tum
arrested Ms'l alleged violators of the
os'vad prohibition law, according
to the monthly report of David II.
Morns, I edcral prohibition dueit ir
in Texas. Director Morris said that
the Texas Natiotal prohibition unit
was busier in August than In many
previous months.
The officers seined property of a
value of approximately $,77l. Of
this amount of property !' I was
destroyed, while 7,H10 worth of
property was retained either for
evidence or to be sold a confiscated
Thntccn distilleries were nifeil
nnd destroyed and three seized and
not destroyed. Twenty-eight stills
were seced and destroyed nnd eight
een were not destroyed. KleVen still
worms were seized and destroyed
nnd thirteen seized and not destroy,
Liquors seized during the mon'h .
(insisted of ihH gallons of spirits;;
f.H9 gallons of malt liquor, H71 gal-;
Ions of wine, 3, 7X4 gallons of mash.
Kighty-eight fcrmentcr were seired. i
Kighty-eight automobiles, in which 1
it is alleged liquor was being trans
ported, were seized during the j
month. Their value is estimated at
to, ('.Ml.
A number of huge seizures of
ey'racts ami 4 " r pounds of sugar
were made.
A young fellow passed through
town the l'ir't of the week, who was
returning home from the Kansas
wheat fields. Said he had been fol
lowing a harvester gMiiir from Den
ver plumb to the northern border
of Kansas.
Work was plentiful, and the pay
good, and everything went along
swimmingly until the raili'Wtd strike
was called Then the harvest field
suddenly swarmed with rvlmad men
out of a job, and our Denton boy
found himself out of win k.
He tried sevet-d pho e but found
the same conditions everywhere,
meanwhile his money gave out and
he bnd to beat hi way home.
"Why didn't you go to the cities
and get a job that the railroad tutu
had thrown lit'?" he wis asked.
The boy grinned: "That's d ffcr
en'. I wasn't ready to commit syi
c'.le yet, and you know while aj
union man has no simples in taking;
a non-union man's job away from
him. if the Litter should turn the
tables on him. it would mean
frouhli oodles of it for the mah.
- Qitanah-Trihiinc-Chief.
Ward V. Croft, who has been in
Lubhock the greater part of the
summer to organize a Junior Cham
her of Commerce U"s Hand, left
Friday for California, where he has
a hand under instruction in one of
the leading towns of that sfii'e. Mr
Croft made many friends while here,
and the fact that his band was mak
ing rapid progress, and that nil of
the boys enlisted in it were enthus
iastic about the work speaks wei! of
him, und it is regrettable indeed
that sufficient salary had not been
received to induce him to stay here
un'il the band was well ct.oir h
along to go without an instructor
He took un act'-.e part in everytt.u.j
lie-irned to help Lubbock I nn
a Wetter city during his stay heti.
winch was admired hy his mi.'
! riends.
' unilcs'aiid a m ni. r .' i
'cr.etc ed band men will build ,.p an
ig iruiition and be ready W'tb n
few weeks to offer concerts, etc, nnd
their success is grea'ly lb-sired hv
everyone interested in I.ubbo, k
The big stock of the K C. Kim
mon.s Furniture Company was mov
ed into the new luck building on
Broadway between 'he Lender De
partment Store and Joe BiildridgeV
Grocery Wednesday and Thmsdny.
anil nil hands are making prepara
tions to serve their customers thee
in the least time possible.
Simmon-, is one of the progressive
merchants of Lubbock, and we aie
glad to know that he is given ad
ditional space in w hn h to di play
his splendid stock of furniture.
Broadway is one of the ln -.e t
streets iii the city, the many i.ew
buildings that were ci.n .c t...
then- this summer arc now li"n-.n:
tiirivini: businesses, and We fe s,,.,
lliat Simmon will keep apace w.'h
that section of the ci'y in le-iii' .ty
ing bis spacious building.
The members of the Don a.- Sjii
d.iy School class held an ull il.iy
so.n Tuesday at the Baptist church
The day was spent in quikit g a quilt
for Buckner's Orpbun Home The
quilt was donated by Mrs. pnl'iim.
and the cotton batting by Mrs Noi.
Miss Ida Crouch is the efficient
teacher of '.his wub-awak" ci.vi
Tho.se present were Mcsdanics I'ul
lum, Dixon, Shelton, Neves, !.eo,
Cowan. Akers, Wuldmp, By num. and
M.ss Crouch.
Amiirilhi, September R. A crowd
estimated from lfi.Ooil to ilO.tloO
witnessed the first public in.t.atioii
i' the Ki Klut Klan in the I'an
hutidle but night when .17 lai.d -il.te
Im came nienibeis u! a i,re.
inoriy held in u Valley, two mi! -vie-t
of Amrillo. Ti th.ui-ciinl
.lt itlloln'es Jammed the nr ef h
rolling hill nvei lookii f the l.ni
f erv ii'io in fr.oit of win. h hun
i. lit in
.! iii mt i 0 r !e i S. 1,11 i.f
KUn nen and v i -it . r wire I,, r
fr on iit.iny I'mihwiollc ai'il N,
)1I, 1"Wlli, ll')' l.tlgi d- !e-
galh.lK I nil g rM "lt'd fl 'IM t Ul
rude n, I i. olc, .. mi h,, tiii.l .,
ri.n , 't.. i r..it. ., m
of tobid f g'ires pelted th.-ir
in the Hid e I :el ,,f 1 1. i X, :
In Our New Home
.Simmons Furniture & Undertaking
Company are Now
One of the most beautiful and complete stocks of furni
ture that we believe the people of Lubbock have ever
had the privilege of viewing.
Won't you come in and inspect our line before you
make your purchase?
1111 Broadway
Liibhock, Trtas
American Legion
I t Societ D 40 Homn- S Ck.
'raut O'fanirrd
Allen Brothers Post. American
I.egmn has had mi re new lif in
serted into It 111 the past several
days than in a like period since its
organisation. ,
The fact that the American Vir
ion nceilcd a little play program ad-'
ded to it.s national aleiuUr has long
been recognized, and p..w I .i! b.. k '
is joining hands with the buddies
ahnut over the Ktates in making "l.a
S icte De 4i II imtiif et t Chav-;
taiix" the playground of tne l ec et..
there being held here just reiently a
meeting where th wniety was or
ghhii'.cii, I iiiik Mulli'im aitn-g
i hairman i.f the nuetii-g
There is tin limit to tie fun the
Will l..c.
1. tile
varieus pi'fraois of the new society.
The ti.iine of I he siety is a Je1.
ir.g ri m.ii'lcr el et;e of t tie most
seen signs iii F i'h'i e through.' j' the
war. and few of the men who were
there will full to recall s. rne l.iuir'i
uble incident eonlie'-ted with it.
The sin n ty is to be still ifnal.r
and mole pruinnient ttian the or g ri
of It- Mime. The tune has .one
when a !iUl fun is net ded to stimu
late pep and energy, and if nothing
happens to retard the progress -if
the new organisation, one of the
greatest Mimulants that was ever
uncorked bus been brought to l.ub
buck. The Allen Brothers Post has not
been asleep by any means, and the
thing the Post has at conipl n-hed is
monumental to the membership's
energy and abd.ty to do things, utid
with the new 01 gam.ation ' add
zest to the work, we are sur Ikat
even greater progrenn will be made.
It is lumori d among the veteiain
that the full i oimiiitlt e will be le-iiie.-teil
for a day to be designated
"Ligieii Day," dunng whnh time
a little ai Lou on the putt of ti t
4(1 Homilies ct S t haveuux will be
W It nested.
At any rate, Mr. Kx-Sctviie man,
there IS somelhn g ill the Legion f i r
yuu tliut is reuliy and truly wo.th
while, and unless you get 411 touch
with the Legion heads who are put
ting tin- new sotiety 111 action iii
Lubbock, you are missing something
Boost, back, bo..in " Soi lete
De 4(1 Homme et B Chaveaux" end
see if the reuction of your boosting
dii'-'sn't bent fit all 1 uriceriied.
Sherman. Sept. 6. Marshall Fn-
rrli.-th, one of the prisoners who
inked Jailer Rosa SUrk in the
Cray sun county jail this morning
and escaped, was recaptured two
miles south of here. Sheriff Koyd
I ra.g and bit deputies aie seeking
Ihe other twu who ci aped. The
prisoners still at liberty are Cbas.
Kinu-ht and Itib Miller.
The JjiliT U Hot injuied
linking Ross Stark, jailer, in
nil, three prisoners, two ef whom
are said to be notorious luminals,
rs. apul tins morning from the coun
ty j til here. I'ut-es of deputies
ami lltllens, led by Sheriff H"d
Cinig. ure . cvirig ti n city and
ill intituling iiiuittiy fr the f,i;i
lives Lteiy avi'ime of r ape frmn
) I., 1 man Is g urdi tl
WAVI D -Clean lottun rg
llrliY thtin t the AUfitb and
get ii isb fur lb in il If
Time Savers
Graduate Veterinarian Pu4no Tuner, Phon 43S
Interstate lnMe tor U-ve ordr, $uninnn-t Jn.
Office Phone 2f8 dertaking Co . South Sde
Residence Phone "OM Square
Real Estate and Fire Insurant- Hematite hing and Dies Mak-
Citirens Nat'l. Bank Bldg mg All work Guaranteed
Phone 271 nt Pr'c et reasonable.
LabtWW Texas I 009 I 4th .Street.
Texas Land F. M. Maddox
Exchange Farm Lo.n.
Owners Agent fci L,fe liUranc
Farm.. R.nche. and Citv Qffice 5n ubbock 5,.,.
PrPerty Bank Building
Lubbock, Tetas Phone 302
C. W. Alexander , ....
J. E. Alexander 3 10 1
Guarantee A- M- HENSLEY
1 . .0 t:iI contractor and .
Abstract & litle builder
Conipany '' ckou buiiaui
locatioas oa wkicli I will kutlJ
rtialac for sal. an II
Lubbock. Texas .
fan mmmt a bona.
AbstrscU to Lubbork, Hockley. PHONE
Tochran Counties, and Town- g29
sites therein
Wan luge lu ennes issued to date
by County Clerk Herbert Stubh. ara
as follows:
t T. Lokey and Mildred Ilrown;
Pauido Frescos and Winnie Molina ;
A. C. Bryant and Mvrd Thomas;
Krain lm Olgiu and I.ibrsjtL r'lor's;
J. T Allen and Mr. Kdna Warren;
i Shi rley Bobbins and I.eola Bj;
Kied C. Marr and Mrs. Pauline tw-
11s; J. M. Pray and Mrs. Maltie
Carmi. Intel; Kied H. I .owe and tier
tintle Williams; Trais Tubbs and
liessie Siiiiiiis; II. IJ. Stoke and All
en .McDonald; Jno. Alb 11 llttlttoii
and Alleiit. Ibtkcr; 4' pp' Martin
and Libel Stt vii i Ijde I'd
winds and Velum Slaughter; " r'
M41t iol.de and llclle Smiihi W. A
long and Veigie lUrtin. Newton tl
Tatmn aid S.0I1.1 A. Simmi.n.
( lydu ILiilcson and Maiy Killer.
I tf t too ahull tJ g i throoKtt It
In I lrl li.
Fort Worth, Sept. 5. Anne Bur
nett, millions, married Guy Wag
goner, 4tt, in New York yesterday,
according to messages received here
by friends.
Miss Burnett is a daughter of
Tom Burnett. wh was tut otf by
his father with only f.'tt.oui) a ytar
Incidentally Miss Burnett become
Waggoner's I u.rth wife
Y. It. 11, in fit Id, who with hia
family U-t wick stepped in Fbiyd
tt.la rnruiite by Hull from Veiimsi
In I ubbiH k. Is at llie ( bildt rs Sani
tation! let o tl leg flout let amis,
wblth tlt'Ml'ptd (loin Infettiiin In
an li. jilted finger about the tun i.f
lis annul hi io Ilia tnndititui was
ipul serious f r ntcral day
bletbll of tbu si k lil HI line J
err this midweek fiont Vtllien ..
r!"'l.i l II prian

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