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The Lubbock avalanche. (Lubbock, Tex.) 1909-1922, September 29, 1922, SOUTH PLAINS FAIR AND BIBLE CONFERENCE EDITION, Image 16

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Tim mmocK avaiancih:. nmAY mi t ion, m rr. 21. 1022
'ulj!ihcfi l.very Tuesday and r'tiday ry
( Incorporated )
IAS. I- DOW Lditor and General Manager
Nal Douglass. Jr. Citv Editor
J. E. Grilfith-. AdverlisingNtanagei
Catered at the Poatoffice at Lubbock. Texas lot
transmission thru the mail as second class matter.
$ubncription Price IVr Year $2.00
NOTICE It in not the Intention of the Avalanche to
eaat reflection upon the character of anyone, knowingly,
and if thrown error we hhould, the management will
appreciate having our attention called to ume, and will
Iiadly correct any erroneous statement made.
Avalanche Publishing Co.
1 1 lOUSANDS Sf'.F. 1 1 IF. KAMI
Advertisers, contributors and all parties inter
ested in the Avalanche please remember these
things: We print the Tuesday Avalanche on
Monday, press hour, 8:30 p. m. Friday Avanche
on Thursdays, press hour 3:30 p m. Please have
eopy for local notices In not later than noon Mon
days and Thursdays. Ad changes and copy should
not be later than 8:00 . m., Mondays and Thurs
days. It taVes a schedule like this to get your ads
in the paper in good shape, and helps us pive our
readers better service, woich means that the paper
will be of better service to you, whi.h we earnest
ly desire it to be. We do not want to be exacting
but we must demand some thinjrs of you, if you ex
pect us to come up to the notch.
, One notirenl.le feature, at well as a mml com
! tnenel.ible cne. of the f.ir is the splendid order
with which it is bring handled. The trafie depart
ment is cerlainly maintaining a splendid system,
land keeping thing moving in a way that indicate
I ih.it no mistakes have been made in the selection of
' men to handle the trafi: during the fair. Ihe
J streets are parked and jammed and the fair ground
is a ma of humanity, automobiles, etc., and still
everything is moving about with perfect ease, and
not a single accident has been reported to date.
The big crowd is orderly, and not a single instance
of rowdyism has been seen. ITie people are here
in great numbers, but they are on their very best
behavior. They are enjoying their visit to the
South Plains Fair, and there is plenty of entertain
ment for everybody. The fair is indeed a big show.
It is growing every year. It seems like it is double
that of last year, and there is Nothing but praise
heard of the manner in which it is being conducted.
The old pessimist who sat back and howled "it
can't be did"' has not been seen since the fair open
ed, and we are sure will not show his head again
till something else comes up that he thinks he might
kill by his chilly words. However, he has a dread
ful life in Lubbock, and indeed, we scarcely see
how he exists in a place as full of pep and commu
nity spirit as Lubbock. Ihe South Plains Fair is
trie greatest success of the Plains this year. It is
the bipRest one held, and the number of people
who will attend will far surpass any previous fair,
or any fair in this section.
i Are you taking part in the "Careful Crossing"
campaign? You have seen the posters and when
you looked at the pictures of that motoring party
about to be struck by a fast train, you have imagined
something of the horrors attendant upon such dis
asters. Maybe you will ask how you can assist in
impressing upon the public the necessity of using
greater caution at the railroad crossings. There
are several things you can do all of them quite
simple and elementary in character. First of all,
if you drive a car. you can be an example of what
a' careful driver should do. There are times and
pi aces where haste is necessary and commendable,
but it is important to remember that circumstances
alter cases. You may be driving somewhere on an
errand that is pressing, but whatever the business
may be. the need of hurrying is only zero compared
with the safety of yourself and your passengers at
the railroad grade crossings. Most times, when you
have to cross the track there is no train near enough
to make a hazard. Vigilence is necessary --every
time, and the very occasion when you relax your
viligance may prove fatal to you. That is the way
those crossing casualties happen. Read the papers
and inquire of the witnesses of crossing catas
trophes and you will find that if there had been
reasonable care exercised by drivers, they would
have been alive today. Talk about the posters
and spread the news that at last people of this
country are aroused and determined to make it
decidedly unfashionable to risk human lives at
railroad crossings. There are drivers, not a small
number of them, who are adopting the habit of
stopping a safe distance back from the track until
the train passes. This is a fine idea and often saves
the engineer a lot of worry and anxiety. It take
but a minute to stop and when you do stop and
look for approaching trains when you are Hear
ing a grade crossing, you are doing so in the in
terest of your own life and the lives of those who
may be riding with you in the car. Safety first
rule should always be applied when iippro bins;
the grade crossing. Cross Crossings Cautiously!
Play Safe I It Pays.
The same principles that are laid down in the
above regard ng crossings of railroads should also
apply to the people who drive cirs on the public
streets. There is much danger of smashups on the
streets when auto drivers do not use the necessary
precautions regarding the way they handle their
cars. You are just as much a murderer if you dash
through town and run over some one and kill them
as you would be to deliberately drive through town
and shoot some one down with a rifle or six shoot
er. Let this soak into your head and be more care
ful in the future. Keep a clear record of never
having hurt anyone by reckless driving, and it will
be one worth while.
Lubbock, Sept. 25. Two frame business
houses on west side of the square were totally de
stroyed by fire here Saturday evening, including
a loss of several thousand dollars, with only five
hundred dollars insurance. The building was oc
cupied by a cafe and general merchandise store.
Quick work on the part of the volunteer fire de
partment saved the destruction of the entire block
The above news item has appeared in nearly
every daily newspaper in the State. which is abso
lutely false. There hns been no fire in Lubbock,
and especially in a frame building on the west side
of the square in this city. As a matter of fact there
is not a frame building on the west side of the square
in Lubbock. They are all good, substantial brick
buildings and to people who do not know better
this report is received as true and damaging in i's
Fellows from the one crop sections of the State
are seeing the fair with murh interest this week
They see very plainly that the South Plains' style
of diversifying is the system, and are either going
to find some way of changing things up at hinoe
or moving where this is practical. Diversifica
tion has made possible the best fair ever seen on the
Plains, and it is making possible bank accounts in
stead of demands for loans to buy supplies for the
family and to buy feed for the work sto k. The
showing that the South Plains Counties are mak
ing at the fair is convincing to anyone, and even
if a fellow comes here a foot thick with prejudice,
he has to admit that this is the most favored sec
tion of the State.
Lubbock people are certainly enjoying a treat
in the messages of Dr. Morrison at the Methodist
church twice each day during the Bible Confer
ence, now in sess.on here. Dr. Morrison is one of
the strongest preachers in America, and bis ad
dresses are rich from every point of view. Large
congrepations are hearing him. and before Sun
day arrives, the large auditorium and gallery space
in the Methodist church will not be sufficient to
accommodate the people who will want to hear
this noted speaker. The entire program of the
conference is interesting and instructive not only to
the membership of the Methodist church but to
those of other denominations.
Lubbock is getting the strong endorsement of
the entire South Plains as the fair city of he South
Plains. That the fair continues to grow every
year is a sure indication that it is a very live institution.
The many visitors here to attend the fair and
Bible Conference is an indication that when Lub
bock opens her doors as hosts the people are anx
ious to come. This is a reputation that is enviable
and pric eless. There is nothing like hospitality as
an asset to a city. Let it be known that Lubbock is
a town that holds a welcome to all good people,
and it will be the most popular place on earth. There
is never nay.hing lost by being courteous. We heard
it said by some visiting people here Monday that
they just naturally liked to come to l.ubboc k, be
cause everyone was so courteous, and seemed glad
to f.e 'hem. Keep up the friendly spirit folks, il
pays big dividnds.
I ..LI I. I J.,.L . knJ kail learn in lininfT
up for a fine record again this year. TTiey made a
fine record last year, and it is stated that the team
for this season is even stronger than last, and are
in line with a determination to win. They have
put in some good practice, and will no doubt be
in the front line when the season closes. Watch
the Lubbock foot ball team, and boost them at
; every line. They are winners, we are sure, but w ill
win much easier when they know they have the
backing of the home town.
Lubbock is taking care of the double header
events in a real metropolitan style. The immense
crowds attending the fciir is being taken care of
and the big lot of delegates and preachers to
ge'her with the large number of visitors are being
made comfortable in the homes of the people of
Lubbock, while they attend the District Bible Con
ference now in session at the Methodist church.
Lubbock's bigness is not confined to the number
: of homes and business concerns, but her hospital
ity is equal to that found anywhere.
! With our gins all running full blast, and with
J the people of this country producing worlds of
I poultry, and cream, butter, eggs and pork, there
is every indication that the people of this part of
the country are going to be on independence street
I this winter.
are hm infill to society. Kor Instance
if a youth Is arrested on a theft
ihiiigi', n Mi "1'iipir elm ii"t pub
lish Ins tiMinc. tne piper hns a heart
aiwl want the hid ti have every
rlwiiice to reform ami mnke good.
Miiny persons die In the course of
the year. I he newspaper Is Just like
the preacher is not wanting to bring
out tlii- unpleasant detail In time
of death. Many persons' lives could
not he lulled without causing un
due soi iow. The newspaper in such
Instances dues not want to give the
"whole truth". Hut your avemge
newspaper Is correct despite the er
rors thut creep in. Amarillo News.
It Is time that Fort Worth assert
id the majesty of the law and the
i ght of the human being to its pro
tection and the "enjoyment of life,
liberty anil pursuit of happiness."
It is time that the streets and other
places of Fort Worth are made un
safe for the killers who do not hesi
tate to strike down men against
whom they have a real or fancied
grudge, depriving wives and chil
dren of their support, and usurping
the powers of justice reserved to
the people for orderly exercise thru
the system of justice provided by
the constitution and the laws.
Murderers ami maimers are wnlk
i n tr the streets today free men, while
citizens who have committed some
minor offense are doing time behind
the bars or working on the chn'ii
rung. It is even alleged, and is
. ommon talk, that some cf tin s"
killeis have been out on bn l in tim
enough to stnnd in the crowd that
watched the undertakers move the
victim from the sidewalk, where he
Ihe lives of honest citizens ire
.jeopardized, not only by the pos-i-hiMty
of mistaken identity, but thru
he promiscuous raining of bullet'
on crowded thoroui'hfares. The law
takes human l.fe onv nfter the
mo-i pnin'-taking study of the fact-,
with witnesses under oath. The kill
er slays on the uii'tippoitcd word
of some garrulous gos-ip or on the
meip promptings of a jealous cr
disordered brain.
Vn investigation of some of the
slaving where love or the protec
tion of the home is given as an ex
cuse will reveal a sordid sort of love,
indeed, as the basis for the crime
If h- -layers devoted their live
to making a home life worth while,
no smoking automatic would he
net d for its protection.
The plea of "self-defense" luc
b n made a mockery by the case
ui'h which tt is raised and the
fl m-y pretexts n which it is invok
ed. One elite for th's is the sup
pression of of unnecessary practice
f "irtin-totinir," another is a revis
ion of public '-cntiinent that will
mate occasion for such a plea very
rnre, and a third is to more careful
eam nation of the merits of such s
plea by our j .-ties.
The easy bailabili'y of per-otis -i
used of the capital crimes is a scan
dal. In few states outside of Texas
j first .d prfe murder a bailable of
feme except in circumstances whete
the iruil of the accused is very un
likely. Revision of laws in this re
card is needed and stricter construc
tion of the laws by the courts s
Public incl'tTetem-e o'l these l
e. ts does not prove 1 lift t the public
has r oonve t oris on the ma 'it,
hut it has permitted h weakening "f
andard" on the patt of a small
portion of the bar wh'ch, unle-s
checked, will lil'imalely brieg 'he
whole I-ir.il profeion into di-re-tuite.
The "?eord does not make
the charge, hut when the conversa
tion of reputable citizens upon the
streets declare that in some cases
lawyers, if one can so ue nn hon
ored rimc, have been retained in
advance of layir.T' to defend the
pro' ec live murcb ier, thine haw
come to an alainunir pass.
I'nleis the ei.il.ivie of murdet
jci.d he iliscrgai d of human I.f and
the rights, nd only of the vi, tim
hut of their dependants and of so
ciety is checked, the time may come
when an enraged people will rise
and rend the killers and their
cessones who. in the name of
law, bring disrepute upon the
they are sworn to uphold.
The renutabV members of
public-spirited men who serve as real
off uers of justice, may Well take
the lead In the musenient to scutch
the killers aid tu outlaw those who
would debauch Juslii-e fur filthy
tin re. - Fort Worth Itccord.
The Ited t'ros work In t.uhho, k h
a woik that is most commendable
and our people should be liberal in
tluir support of it. Quit wasting
so much money by contributing to
"fake charity," and give your mon
ey through the medium of the Reel
Cross und it will do more good and
not he wasted. I.ubhock Avalanche.
The collection hat is going around
too often for charity in just about
any of these cities. The average
pel son does not object to giving
sonic money for charitable enter-
irises, but he does like to feel that
lis contribution will go mostly for
the purpose he gave it. Occasion
ally, one reads about investigations
and learns that 40 to (10 per cent
of certain gross contributions are
given to the collectors and overhead
rspciwrs. Any sui h sytt-m as Uiat
Is n t J i t to the donor and will
have a te ndem y to make people
wary of many other worthy, char
itable enterprises. The smaller citie
renerally have too much duplication
of charity work. The overhead n
pcno is too greut. When people
i an be made to believe that !0 to
t. cer iint of their contribution
will -i direct for charity, then the
will be more liberal. The In! was
turned on some of the charity work
at the end of the war. It was aa
eye-opener to many persons to find
that their contributions did not
reach the original purposes announc
ed. Ouring the past year there have
been charitable campaigns conduc
ted in AmarillJ. There have been
field directors here and it is doubt
less if the receipts were one-half
of the overhead cost. The Red
Cross is a mighty good local organi
zation and can do charitable work
in an efficient manner. Few con
tributions given to local Red Cross
work will be wasted. Amarfllo
Don't fail to read the Avalanche.
a -the
bar, that overwhelming major. ty of
What Kind of Printing
Do You Want Done
From the highest grade of book work
to the simple jobs, such as circulars,
letter heads, envelopes, butter-wrappers,
The Avalanche Job Plant
Can Do It Quickly
Because we have one of the finest
equipped plants in West Texas.
"Printing gets things done and the
Avalanche gets printing done."
A representative will call and give
trices, etc.
Lubbock, Texas
Mo-l any ma" editor,
A!l the eelilor has I" Is t sit at
a desk six d)'s a week, four weeks
a ntonih and iweke months a year,
and ed t such aluff as Ibis:
"Mrs. Jones, vi Cactus mk, let
tan e.i.ritcr .ii Ut wcrk and tut
herself to the 'itli ; "da Hr;hl
l,rn a rs-ciiHiig Mis ,uM
Wis fiom lh ,huich ...ual Ul
Saturday nmtci a ai!e attack
II.. to mi l b l Mr. t.r.ci oil ti n
I'ublie ..ci; Mr ". w'olo lew-
M.,u.r a i i..i.i. la-t hoiurlay,
kokee l Jll "ielh wf hl4 iccO Uib'
. i in.culh I '
Nowtpapor Hoaoslr,
(an a new simper tell the truth?
Yen and no! It can if you men will
help II, if you will tvll Its reires.ci-tiititc-
what Vcol believe U the truth;
It can If yon will dpport the hon-
c tt nrwiicrr no, I tid nne gueiiy
; for sensation and thrills at the r-
,rl.r of lelisbilitv ; It van if oU
I w ill Miilr a ii.llcelic.il t.i the editor
when a mitake ihcuis, it can If you
l will tod be mi fiacilic for hill iiu-ms
coi k. i.i Irii.c ii have it in your (... r
! I., makce better iiew.,aei by s.ii
j ..iltHHf a Heeeeil l.scc r and i "II
il.'ini.ii.e one !.' lint and lit Ihe
Re. I He Jcul.l,'' n ire .,,,
lieat i It deMitrei l,i.iuin
Net. (.aft! llulhfl
thrir hicinii wf iccs Ilia asf
age newspaper man can write nearly
any news story M-curately if the
source of information is torreel.
Mure errors in newspaper are due
tie reports given them than because
of indifference or 'ari'leeiies en
their part, if you ro to a inectieK
and see a newspaper mall there, .ul
will tic tu e liitl.iliy biew ari'UIMte the
re-col! . lent let seeint- line flee
eiv Ihe l.j i.rt lo a lie w ,iitper and
1 1 i-'l'i nt I V l.ti'td are cuii fiix il. N.ecicua
ale I. ,11, .ll.ii. Illitc.iU aie tunieel in
wieiiiK. i.i.iliiiiie, aie iuiifuoeil and
ii. imy it ! r lie lull aie tinted up
Yhe teal liuth In Ui.cl ll.ee evelaace
pecseen laiiiint ' or hear uiati iy
ami has a peeeir nemmy. I hat baa
pieeVril line lo leeceit lest cineciiy '1 ea
peliuina eve Ihe atlli it t I In II
l.cllco alee t eeiel I ael.e le.l y Cell the W ll
Itvsa staled N apci deeii'l pi ml
the wheel liulh In leeai'l l..li,
ill. vtilt.es, Ihe y C'pj'lt.eM si. . i in thai
I ecoiroiiATl.D
)anu(tcnrifi( Gngrcrtcrs xifu) Stationers.
Ochvoi und College Otationery? Lhrtstmas Lurts.
Qlfiiru 'SfnvHatiofts. Sine Social atu)
Ztiusiness (JuttonenS'
s 55-
Exclusive Representative in Lubbock
Phone 14 and We Will Call With Our
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