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IMF-. tt 'MKX'K AVAI.ANX IIF. llTSDAY. (XnofUH 17. I2.
ir rira f the plains
"The Wonder Play of a Thousand Delights"
Would you look into the heart of a man and tee only mock
ery for a trusting wife and the pillage traits of men since the
world began then see this picture.
RALEIGH BROWN and his Orchestra
Patroni of the Lyric Theatre in Lubbock enjoy the highest
class of Music. We doubt if another in West Texas can compare.
Nation's Crop of
Corn Is Greatly
Reduced This Year
Vn'Htni:t'i!t, Oil 0 Tli- nntnu.'
i urn i r.ii Him n :i-.ci l.y '.! I .t'ltlD.OUi)
Ini-tii t li i i-i njsr Hi ptcmluT I'nmim
iifily ilit- to (Iriiilth wh.ih 'ri'niliMl
in unify of tin1 nun jrrnttinir tnti'i.
niTiu ilinir tu tin' pi'i'Mi trrirnt i I
A(fi'ii,"l'inM''H furi'i nut el' priilm I in
liict il on l omlilinn nt Ihr i nil nf t i
'I'l l- Di'Ilm it nn'tit fiiiioi-t a i rnp
df l'.k.'i.'I, :!'.:'." .iisli,.K m ,-,,m-pun
i. n with thi- ti.tal of 2,K7.'i,OtKi,.
000 ImstnN fnicrn-t nt thi rml nt'
Ti e sii inif vlii'iil i rnp w.n r t i -nri'i
'l dy tt.i' ('in tnirnt at "iH,
lj.ooo tm-iii'is, hii-h i-.min t -.!
with thi' furi'i n-t i.Mn,,., n ni'uitli
ii in f n rr.p iiiiviMtit tnr to 277,-
(1110 ()(!(.
Cr ij' I'linhn't inn this yt itr w;is n
mpiiiikmI tmlay liy th Hcpnrtmi'Ml nf
Airrii'iilturo in prcltrninai y rtimnii
for somi' rroim and forecnits, hin d
ion mnilitionfi tlrtnlicr 1, for other
(tn ttuniwinit.s nf liUHhrlH except
where noted I as follows:
Spring wheat preliminary 268,
814. All wheat, preliminary 810,122.
Corn, forecast 2,8.r3,S9!.
Outs preliminary 1,220,774.
Harley preliminary I9.431.
Buckwheat forecast 1 5.0.r I .
White potatoes forecast 43.1,01.. I
Sweet potatoes forecast 10r),490. !
Flax need forecast 11,725. 1
Bice forecast 89, 1R!.
Tobacco (pounds) forecast 1,-1
Softer.?. j
rw.'hes forecast nfi.121.
Apples foreca-t 2i3,(ifi7, I
Sniritr heets (tons) forecast 5.-
070. j
Urnin sori'luim forecast 95, R10.
I'onrmts forecnit 4fi4,47S.
Pcnns preliminary 1 i.Ol'f.
The condition of various crops on;
; Octnher 1 wn- iiiinoiim ed ii fol
lows: Coin, 7K.4 pi r cent of normal,
Bu. kwheat. H:t.K.
White potatoes, 77.3.
Sweet potatoes 79.0.
Flux seed
! Rice Sr..:t.
Tnhacio 7N.92
Suirnr beets H.1.1.
drain sorghum tI4.9.
( ) rttnweting the Inllenl Ixiildiog in the
world, Pie Wnolwnrth. a mnnnmetit to
nicklet and dimes, is n pliantotn strtxlure
of Ic pierrs which sliows the niilit of pen
nies, if we will nil hut putisp, think, art.
A ff.it international h. inker estimntes ih.it
the L'mtril ,S,itp r.iirici fdrtunrs iiround
in it wi rk pocket every d.y, year in and
n.r out. The nverage is $1.50 em Ii for
every soul of our 105 million popul.itin.
lliat means 315 million dollars, idle doll.its
which should h- ertrninu $12,600,000 mi
nimlly or 1,260,000.000 pennies, vhi.h
would pile hi'ulier thun the Woolworth
lh.it Rrrat sum represents only the nor
ni.d 4 percent earning of money we carry
in our pockets as loose change. Think
of the wheels of industry the principal
would turn if deposited in banks and put
to work.
You owe it to the nation, to your own pros
perity, to put all loose change to work.
It will create a reserve fund of surprising
strength for you in a very short while, if
you make deposits regularly.
Then comes intelligent investment and fi
nancial independence.
The Lubbock State Bank
"Tho Bank for Everybody'
Cotton Producing
Record Made On
100 Acre Patch
Austin, Oct. 7. Total motor ve
hicle registrations for the nine
months of 1922. ending Sept. Uu,
was 4'.,42M, which is an increase
of 19,491 over the registrations dur
ing the enure year of 1921. accord
ing tu figures lompiied hv the Stale
Highway J)cpart merit and made pub
lic Saturday.
There were no cars registered in
Cochran lounty, which is the of'y
county in Texas with no automo
biles. I'mi.isi'i couri'y is nee of the few
ri'inainii g cuuntiis in Texas that .
limn g.ini.ed. A number of people
resiilc in Cochran hut the cars are
registered in Hockley county, to
whuh county it is attached for
j.idicial purpose1.
W. A. Terrell, at Phone 58. will
hid on your old furniture, sell you
furniture at the right price, repair
and upholster your furniture. Use
.in- phone. 00-tf
Mis nf tho. ,ghl usually
i.y ex. cs. l.agg.u'-'.
V Jolly fnr the lict grade
i s 57-tf
In spite of the continued dry
weather, J. N. Fair, whose farm is
eighteen miles southwest of Lub
bock, will gather an average of a
half hale of cotton per acre on one
hundred acres of cotton grown on
his place this year.
Sir. Farr was here Wednesday cn
route home from 1'ost City where
he secured the heip of ten men in
gathering the crop, they I. ft Wed
nesil.-iy evening for the farm, and
as the entire one hundred acres of
crop is open and needing attention
he exoects to make regular trips to
the gin
Mr. Farr farmed for several years
in Hell county, and declares that
as a cotton producer it is far behind
the times us compared with the
Plains country, and emphasized the
fact that farmers who farm as care
fully here as in Central Texas will
find the Plains a leader in produc
tion records.
To raise one-half a bale of cotton
this year he wa. compelled to culti
vate the growing crop five times,
and as it took continual work to ac
complish that, his teams were never
out of the field, as just as soon us
he had finished going over tho crop
the first time, he started over it the
second time, keeping what moisture
that had been in the ground intact,
and the plants were kept growing all
the tune.
Ills first planting was hailed out,
and the crop irom which he is gath
ering the r"inarkable yield has heeti
made absolutely without rain, which
is further evidence of the quality of
Plains soil and the adaptability of
cotton to this section.
When asked how much he would
have raised this year if more rain
had been received, Mr. Fair refused
to make any statement as to the
approximate yield, other than that
'"cotton pickiiig would have lasted
far into the spring."
"Too much I nn! under cultivation
hv one farmer is the cause of .some
of the short crops," Mr. Fair s.i d.
. Lubbotk
Our Motto: "SERVJCE
Lone Star Stage Lubbock to Spur
Every Day In tb Year
6:00 Morn. Lv. Spur
2:00 .
fl.00 7:00 " " Crotbyton $3.50 4:30 "
$1.50 7:30 ' " Rails 4 00 5:00 "
$2.00 8:00 " " Lorenso $4.50 5:30 "
$2.50 :00 " " Idalou $V00 6:00 "
$8.00 11:00 " Ar. Lubbock $6.00 7:00 "
Lia Lubbock on arrival of tbrouak train 5:53 moraine from
Swaatwatar to Clovii. Sao tba Manager and arraaga for tborl
top for butinata only. Persons or arlitlm antruitad la our car will
b taken cara of. Courtaty to all. Cadillac and Dodga Car. Ex
perienced Driver.
Phono Merrill Hotel No. 100 or R Phone 39J or 593 J.
Austin, . t, 10.- -Letters v.. ; a !
ilie-cd t.xi.iv l v Se. r.-aiy of S a..
Staples to Herbert IVaie. K i i! i
: can candidate for Cutigr s at l.aig
i and F. A. Chapa, Rcpuhlimn can
j didate fnr Land Comim.s-noi'.er, stat
ing that their names had been ier
tified on the ntficial ballot as ic
' ported by the Kepublii an ihn rm.in
and secretary, letters were receiv
; ed today from both candid. ilcs a-k-
ing why their names were certified
Pr. Ferguson, in Conlejr Bldg , is
still makii.g tln.se splendid fitting
dates at fifteen dollars. rhone
61 tf
Fyc-opctici are eye-c l. sc r-
The Use of Nature Material in The
(By Emma B. Dashley)
The little child idiould make na
! mi's acquaintance as a friend and
playmate and in so doing he will
store up joy and peace for his afler
viae. knowledge of nature mak:s
a child realize more fully his part
in the infinite conception and gievs
hun a background of beauty, thru
play the child ran first be introduced
"i the absorbing world of nature
about him.
The stringing of nature mateiial
in the fall is very fascinating to
hildren because of the various col
ors and shinies available. Corn and
peas, pumpkin and squa-h seeds may
be gathered and strung with the
join! weed that is found in damp
places and can be cut in inch
lengths. This reed grows to a height
of two feet, and has a him k ai.d
white ring between the joints, whiih
adds greatly to lis appearance und
beauty. Kosc-hips, thornappo s, bitter-sweet
and mounlaiu-ash berries
are very artistic strung with this
joint-weed, comfcinng one, two or
three of the red with one of the
green. We string them in the fields
using No. if Shurpe's needles and No.
30 thread, and let the children wear
their c hains home.
Milk weed pods give much pleajre,
and nmi y tilings can be made from
them. By placing two black pin
near the thick end of the pod for
I'Vi s, we make a hud W ith a beak.
Open the slit ah'tig the side, look I;.--ide,
and t on m a fish with s ales
(ieedsi. I he children take the con
tents out, und use the empty pod
for a bout, putting un inch slick
across the center for a seat, and
suilmg it on the water. Out of doors
it is fun to blow some of the mm. Is
up in the air, and try to keep them
Mothers can make beautiful fluffy
pillows from the down of the milk
weed by taking off the weds and
putting the down in a case. Du this
before the down becomes too dry,
or it will fly all about. The pillows
are very useful, us they are soft and
fluffy. F.ven the brown needs may
be utilized if saved. In the winter,
the children und eve n the older peo
ple can play with them in masses on
the table, making circles, squares,
wreaths unci other fiut pic tures.
Still another use call be mude
of the pods on the htaiiihes. J Ic y
can he puintcd blue to resemble
l-li.c-l'.r'-.'f . cr other cluis hi. e.-
1 inli.'.r, (-liver, or gold. Use thin
il pauii.s. The c wi'ri bitter-sweet
lei lies, sumac, cat-tuis, colored
teasels and giic-MS, nuke a pretty
win' r bouquet.
Ferns and mma leaves, oak and
maple leaves in clusters, may be
pressed in books or between sheets
of newspaper and pinned on the
walls at Christmas time. They bright
en the rooms wonderfully. Snnll
ferns and pressed flowers may be
used for place cards or favors.
llorscchesnuts utTurd a great deal
of amusement. To make a baby
doll, use three sizes of these nuts,
the email one for the bead and the
large one fnr the base. Punch a
hole through the center of the mi.l
d'e and lower om , mid the I-um- of
the upper one. Then put a tooth
I i k Jl.ro'. eh to loiiinct the 111 und
"The Manhattan's business is growing as fast as Lubbock
and if that isn't fast enough, just come in ancl ride with
Seriously: If you are hungry, thirsty and all out of
sorts come to the Manhattan we'll fill you I
Manhattan Parlor & Cafe
320 acres, newly improved farm in the Lake View neighbor
hood; ten miles northeast of Abernathy. All fenced and prac
tically level ; 2 1 0 acres in cultivation. Two and one-half
miles from a consolidated brick school house. Splendid neigh
borhood to live in.
Will trade for good business or income property.
See or Write
Abernathy, Texas
use half Htuks fur arms. Maik or
loer' e e ves, nose and mouth for the
!faic. .S'lc. t a large flat nut for a
stool, ijsjog three pins for legs; or
put a mw of five pins on top abo e
the edge and weave yarn in and
out for a back, and w have a chair.
Both n jt and cones can be used
for hiding games and nine-pins.
In gathering seeds, look fur as
many of their seed houses as you
can; und in opening the pods, em
phasize the protection afforded by
each. In this way, the children come
to know more of nature and her ten
derness of the species. These points
can be amplified when the children
grow older.
KockcfclUr bus books shutting for
eveiy penny be ever earned. Bit
there aie Kt.ll other reason f.r the
aper hhoi tagc.
Austin, Oct. Bond Issues ap
proved by the attorney general's de
partment during September, totaled
$.1,377,97.1, bringing the to'al
amount of bonds approved by the
state department from Sept. 1st,
mo, to Oct. 1st 1922, to approxi
mately $b9,000,uii0, according tu in
fuunulion obtained from the bond
department today.
Si hool bonds represented the lar
gest portion of the bonds approved
during September, this class of
bonds aggregating I.420,OUO. Road
bonds sln. d a ch so second with is
sues amounting t.i l,.'ltirt,(ioo. Other
rlases of bun. Is approved follow:
Water wmki, lev ve and reclamation
w.rk, $:,9l.ou0; ,ity lull, $2u,u00,
i niil thollM', f ."i0.
Phone Orders Get Quick Attention
Not oiily quick but tairful. Vein can get your giocriira whru ntt want litem ancl at the rita you aie wanting lo pay
if you will just I'hcuie this store. I in fioils and vegetables aie always earned in slock.
Palace Grocery Co.
Ja. A. Hughe!, Prop.

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