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Vol. 6.
All Kinds of Field Seeds.
The Largest and Best Wagon
Yard and Sheds on the Plains.
Your Business Solicited.
Kansas City Stock Market
Kansas City Stock Yards, Kept. 14,
At a meeting; of the live stock com
mission men Thursday afternoon It
was decided that the visitors to the
American Royal show "and sale,
which Is to be held in the new fine
stork hum at the Kansas City Stock
Yards, October 21-20, will he enter
tained by the members of the live
stock exchange. The commission
men were enthusiastic and all agreed
that the provisions for entertaining
the visitors should be on an elabor
ate scale. A com ni It tee on arrange
ments was appointed, consisting of
0. M. (Charley I Wnlden, president of
the livestock exchange; Kugene Rust;
traflie manager of the Kansas City
Stock Yards Company and II. S.
Rolce, who are to have charge of the
whole, matter as to the character of
the entertainment. It would be dif
ficult to select three more energetic
workers, or three men better quali
fied to form a plan of entertainment
than those chosen and as any ar
rangement they may devise will be
supported to a man by the members
of the exchange it is safe .to say t hat
the reputation the Kansas City coin
mission men have already establ lshed
as royal entertainers will not. suffer.
The generous rainfall during the
past week has replenished the fall
water supply anil enlivened pastures
to such an extent that there has
been a visible falling off in grass cat
tle receipts. One extensive shipper
from a Western point stated a few
days ago that he would be able to
hold his cattle a month longer and
thought they would Improve right
along. The market on all grades of
cattle during the past week was ac
tive and strong and leaves tin; yards
at the close of the week with only a
few cattle in sight in the hands of
speculators. Corn-fed beeves sold
with slight fluctuations generally at
4.1)0 to 0.00 and grass killers up to
4.(15 while Western fed steers were
tuken at 4.75 to 5.75. The market
was practically cleared of cows and
heifers every day, with choice cows
selling at 3.50 to 4.25; fair to good
lots at 2.50 to 3.50 and canners at
1.40 to 2.40. Prime heifers sold up to
5.50 and the general range of the de
sireablo offerings changed hands at
3.50 to 5.00
The rains put a better feeling Into
thestocker and feeder market and
prices on all grades advanced l.V to
25)'. Most country.ibuyers have be
eome Bttcklers for quality and were
irratlfled by the exceptional run of
good offerings. Shipments to the
country amounted to 17,200 head
during' the week and brought the
;Dr.W.D.Patton, Dr. J. Ed. Crawford.
I (myon drug (a, I
Drugs, Patent Medicines,
Druggist Sundries, Toilet Articles, in fact,
Everything usually kept in a first class
total for the first half of September
up to about 34,000. Heavy feeders
sold at allthe way from 3.00 to 4.15
including branded lots up to 3.75 and
the popular range for medium to
heavy weights was from 3.10 to 3.90
Choice spring steer calves 300 to 400
tbs average brought 3.75 to 4.25
Hog arrivals were light all week
but packers were loath to pay pre
vailing prices and succeeded in de
pressing values slightly during the
first few days. The close was strong
with quotations on a basis to equal
the highest of the season. Prime
heavy hogs sold up to 0.05; mixed
and medium hogs at 0.30 to 0.05;
lights at 0.10 to 0.50 and dcsireable
pigs at 5.00 to 0.00
Utah sheep were again in the ma
jority during the week and received
the benefit of the generous' advance
In prices. Slice) first showed signs
of strength on Tuesday and sold 15f
to 25c higher on the day following.
A consignment of 1)1 lb wethers sold
at 3.75 which was the highest price
at any of the River markets and
most of the Utah and other western
wethers realized 3.50 to 3.05. Lamb
values crept up 15C to W and t wo
liberal consignments from Utah sold
at 4.05 which was probably 10C un
der what strictly choice lambs
would have brought. Ewes sold at
2.75 to 3.25 and feeder wethers were
taken at 3.00 to 3.25 while feeder
lambs advanced to 3.25 to 3.50. The
demand for stockers is fair with well
bred ewes quotable up to 2.75. Pack
ers were again obliged to bring
sheep from other markets on account
of tin? liberal demand for muttons
and many more would have found
ready sale at this point
Receipts of live stock for the past
week were:
Cattle 52,000
Hogs 40,000
Sheep :... ..15,000
For the preceeding week:
Cattle. 50,200
Hogs 37.N00
Sheep 20,000
Corresponding week last year:
Cattle 5S.500
Hogs ." 40,000
Sheep 10,-'00
When you want a pleasant
physic try the new remedy,
Chamberlain's Stomach ' and
Liver Tablets. They are easy
to take and pleasant in effect.
Price, 25 cents, samples free at
J. N. Hadley's drug store.
Mr. Frank Henderson, of
Ploydada, is in town this week.
VVv ' ''l ' J "etinies
NX AY Y y'K;i
'i ntul
City, Texas, Thursday, September
Midway Park, Randall coun
ty, Texas, September 12, 1901.
Since the change to the South
west has brought us some good
fresh air to enliven us, we come
again with a few items from the
North-east end of the county to
inquire, how is the South-west
era and the Stayer the headlight
of Canyon City.
I was glad indeed to learn a
''country cousin" by the name
of Cricket was on hand with
good news but I failed to see it;
suppose will come in next issue.
It wiLl be nice when all the boys
and girls from the different
points of the compass come in
with their mite of news. . No
doubt some of them will tell us
in describing their farms, cattle
and country, how many nice
watermelons, peaches and good
things they have on the farm
and we will know'just where to
drive in passing by to spend
the night with pleasant dreams,
etc. That is right; come on
boys and girls and do your part
as good local citizens keeping
all of us, and The Stayer, too,
when news dots get scarce like
stock water did a few weeks
ago. Midway Park is frank to
admit she has not done her duty
on this line but there is no law
against amending your ways
and we will try and be ou hand
hereafter and tell as many good
things as we can.
The neighborhood is in very
Now carries the largest and most complete line of
in all the latest designs. No order too small, none
too great to be filled fiom'the stock at once.
fair shape. No weddings, no
deaths, no fighting nearer than
Amarillo and what little there
is, is mostly confined to com
missioners, judges and editors.
Suppose the higher class have a
corner on the fighting as we
hear of none of it in the coun
try. It is hardly necessary for me
to say it's muddy and very mud
dy over here, its commoa now,
and about all we can do is to
wade the mud and pull weeds,
grass and morning glories. 1
certainly like to see everything
nice, grow on the farm, garden
and yard and the ladies to have
all the glory they wapt if they
will just leave out morning glo
ry. Just think of it. Two days
hard work in pulling up vines
and when I went out this morn
ing and saw more pretty morn
ing glories than I could pull up
in a week, should I work to save
my life. I might save some good
husband a lot of trouble should
I give my experience in this
matter but perhaps the wife
might interfere and I be the
cause of some unpleasantness in
the family so I will try to be
content and say to the husband,
if wife will have the vines in
the yard, go out and work off a
Mason & Dixon line and say;
just go so far and no farther and
and stick to it until dooms day
if you don't want to pull morn-
ing glories all the balance of
your days.
School opened up Monday
with Mrs. Neoma Parkas teach
er and as she comes highly rec
ommended we feel that the
school is in fine bands and look
for good work in the school
room this winter. It would be
unfair to overlook the interest
the trustees have taken in look
ing over the grounds, repairing
and putting everything in shape
to make the bright-eyed youth
feel happy and comfortable.
This is right. Too much atten
tion on this line is not common.
Who knows but some of these
schools in Randall county may
furnish material that will some
day stand high in state and na
tion. Just here might say Can
yon City should be proud, and
no doubt she is, in having such
a worthy teacher as she has,
with words of praise to follow
him in the highest to follow him
from all parts of the compass.
We are sorry to announce our
neighbor, M. S. Park, is quite
ill and is now at home with his
good wife who is giving him her
undivided attention, and by the
way, she is a splendid nurse and
we trust she and the Canyon
City esculapians will soon have
him on his feet, ready for busi
ness. What has become of our good
friend, Bob Campbell, not a
word from him since he made
the introductory speech to the
cow boys at the Re-union. It so
happened while a lot of us girls
were together the other day
quite a joke and a hearty laugh,
the result of something he said
in his speech, in way of advice
to young men, (in lassoing the
girls. We all take pains now to
notice, when we see a cow boy,
and the first thing we look f or
is a lasso, and if we find he has
no lasso, we know at once he is
no expert with a rope and we
get out of the way at once, as
he advised the boys to bulldoze
them. Respectfully,
X. T. Z.
Rates of Tuition of Canyon
City High School.
First grade, $1 per month.
For each additional grade, 25
cents more per month. Overs
and unders and all tuition pupils
charged according to the grade
thev stud v.
Tuition payable at the end of
p.-irh scholastic mouth to the
principal of the Canyon school
All tuition goes to supple
ment the school fund and ex
tend the term of school.
Bv order ot the Board of
Who are tuition pupils? All
unders. overs and non-resident
pupils who have not been trans
J. C. PipkiD,
F. P. Wilson,
S. A. ShotwelL
tter condition I
than It has
.s over.
y jewelry
.11 HO Mlllilll
'oneself or
.id they will
19, 1901.
I Lbackon 1
The following is a tabulated statement of the condition of the'
Reunion funds as shown by a transcript of the finance commit
tee's books.
The following amounts have been collected by Geo. C. Long'
I c.:..fn t. ii.
Canyon Mercantile Company
U. S. Gober '
M. T. Jones Lumber Company
J. N. Hadley
Smith,' Walker & Company
Stockmens National Bank
Oldham Hardware Company
Canyon City Pharmacy
Canyon Lumber Company
Oscar Hunt
R. E. Muncey
Plainview Telephone Company
Jno. W. Puckett
W. C. Baird
Wallace & Hicks
J. H. Dunbar
II. M. Peeler
B. D. McLarry
J. w! St. Clair
G. C. Long...;
Will Steen
S. B. Lofton
lv blcs Bros
The Stayer
Crawford & Lewis
J. T. Parks
Canyon Grain and Coal Company
R. W. O'Keefe
A. P. Baird
V. S. Baird
a! N. Benson
L. C. Lair
L. G. Conner
W. D. Orr
VV. J. Luna
Ed Baird
J. R. Barter ,
J, H. Garrison
B. C. Taylor
R. B. Redfeam
L. Bentley
D. M. Stewart ,
J. M. Cooper
Balance on hand from last year
Aug. 2. G. 8. Ballard payments
for bread
Posts sold
Our Mr. Donaldson is at home after buying
the largest slock ever brought to the Plains
who put in six days in the
week striving to please with
bargains in all kinds of dry
goods, clothing, boots, shoes
hats, caps, and in fact, any
thing needed by
You can always find anything
you want to eat in either staple
or fancy groceries, canned goods,
candies, pickles, dried fruits,
etc. at the
Canyon Mercantile Co.
Kindly have your comma
mentions to reach us as eaiv
ly as Tuesday morningi
Mr. Julian Bassett is in the
city this week. Mr. Bassett
says they will make feed feff
the saddle horses on the ranch
probably no more than that.
Mr. .1. II. Holland, of Wayside,
was ti town Tuesday trading with
the Canyon Mercantile Company.
releives the Intense itching. Itsoothes
heals and cures chronic cases where j
surgeons fail. It Is no experiment: Its
sales Increase through Its cure. ..Er' j
erv bottle guaranteed. Price, .Win
bottles, Tubes 750 at J. N. Hadley's. )
.iffhest nniAiir )
o nmiuKS,
saxte you money.
oda pop
Come in and examine ot , ,
Fall and JV inter ffoolcns and Tt'us .
show you what we can do.
' mnil
, ,..$25.00
. .$30.00
. ..$30.00'
. . .$10.00
. $5.00
; $2.00
: 5 00
on rights 150.00
sold 5.00
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