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You can hava
The best Teams, Rigs, Livery Bam and Wagon Yard
in West Texas. Coal, Grain and all sorts of Field
seeds as cheap as the same quality can be bad from any
one. The best and nicest bus in the country to meet all
trains. Fair and Courteous treatment to all. Business
South of the square
tco, if you trade with
mf?!!fin -ow spike,- we M c chamlee.
coal, Grain and Field
Seed of All Kinds.
The Cleanest and Best Wagon
Yard and Camp Houses on the
Plains. Your patronage solicited
Give us a call when you come to Canyon City.
L. T. Lester, W. C. Baird and other cattle men who have bad
much experience in tbis "country say that the rains are not hurt
ing the grass at all, that the grass is fine and cattle are fat.
Beverly Briefs.
Here we come again, very
newsy you know, as we always
No marriages.
No deaths.
Some sickness but not any se-
rious that we know of and those
C ji sj ft o n
bHlltfl, WfllfeCF CC CO.
that have been down with slow
fever are all up now and getting
tnuug an i ijju i.
Tl - 1 i A . U
xiarmers are aimust wiruujjn
with their feed and rejoicing be
cause they have beat jack frost.
Mrs. C. Adair and her cabinet
arrived at the JA ranch last
Monday, the 28th.
Mrs firpcrnrw and little daurrll-
" & j o
ter, Miss Mattie Hyatte and Mr.
Tom Ridgeway, all of Canyon
City were down visiting friends
and relatives this week.
Mrs. Dover has been spend
ing a week with her brother, at
Mrs. Webb and daughter, Miss
Lillie, visited Mrs. Helms Sun
day. Messrs. Holland and Julius
Pietzscb are shipping cattle this
Mr. Williams, one of the Old
ham Hardware Co's. itnen, was
down in this part of the country
seeing how much cash he could
Mrs. O. S. Jackson spent last
Saturday in Amarillo.
W. H. Lemmons made atrip to
Canyon City after more goods.
Mrs. Lemmons and Miss Gray
son were the guests of Mrs. Lin
deman last Sunday.
Mr. J. E. Pietzch has gone
to Bartlett, Bell county. He ex
pects to be gone two weeks.
Miss Minnie Pietzsch and Miss
Yula Jackson accompanied him
as far as Canyon City.
Mr. Hal Holland was down in
this' part of the country Thurs-
Wbat has become of X. T. Z?
Off hunting bim a wife? We
guess he hasn't time to write as
he has so many dishes to wash.
are plenty of girls that would be
glad to wash dishes but they are
not in this part of the country,
Come again X. T. Z. and let us
know when you get married;
and that cowboy that "rides in
the canyons and gal lopes o'er
the Plains," we would like to
hear from him again as he is
such a nice poet. Jasper.
X. T. Z's. home.
. Messrs. J. N. Hadley and Os
car Hunt will soon smile regu
larly on the dear people in the
southern country. They will
make the round of the lower
country in the interest of the
Hadley Drug Company and Os
car Hunt & Company wholesale
furniture dealers, quite often.
When things are "the best" they
become "the bent Belling." Abraham
Hare, a leading druggist, of Bellevlle,
O., writes: "Electric Bitters are the
best selling bitters I have handled In
20 years." You know why? Most dis
eases begin In disorder of stomach, liv
er, kidneys, bowels, blood and nerves.
Electric Bitters tones up the stom
ach, regulates liver, kidneys nnd
bowels, purifies the blood, strength
ens the nerves, hence cures multitudes
of maladies. It builds up the entire
system. Puts new life and vigor Into
any weak, sickly, run-down man or.
woman. Price 50?. Sold by Hadley
Drug Co.
Kates of Tuition of Canyon
City High School.
First grade, $1 per month.
For each additional grade, 25
cents more per month. - Overs
and undersand all tuition pupils
charged according to the grade
they study.
Tuition payable- at the end of
each scholastic month to the
principal of the Canyon school.
All tuition goes to supple
ment the school fund and ex
tend the term of school.
By order ot the Board of
Who are tuition pupils? All
unders, overs and non-resident
fmpils who have not been trans
ered. J. C. Pipkin,
F. P. Wilson,
S. A, Shotwell
We carry a nice line of seasonable goods and our staple stock is full.
Quality, the BEST, and our prices speak for themselves. All we ask
is that you see our goods and get our prices You be the judge
as to whether it
New Passenger Schedule.
RECTIONS between Canyon
City and Kansas City,
through sleepers between
Carlsbad and Wichita.
Beginning Sunday, November
3rd, the Pecos System will put
in effect a new schedule of pas
senger service, the changes be
ing of special advantage to pat
rons of the line. Train No. 202
for the north will leave Canyon
City at 6:08 p. m., arriving at
Amarillo at 6:55 p. m., where di
rect connections will be made
with the Southern Kansas of
Texas train for Kansas City, ar
riving at Kansas City on the
evening of the second day.
A special feature of the new
schedule will be through sleep
ers in each direction between
Carlsbad and Wichita, Kansas
making close connections with
the Santa Fe Kansas City sleep
ers. Train No. 201 from the
north will reach Canyon City at
10:05 a. m., leaving Amarillo at
9:25 a. m. tf
If a person will look over
Canyon City and note the shab
by painting that has been done
within the past two years he can
realize that the coming of Mr.
Trimble to our town was needed.
He should not be expected to do
good work at shabby prices.
Mrs. R. W. Morgan left yester
day for a visit to her mother, and
daughter at Bowie. Littte Edna
accompanied her-.
i s. g
; ? IS tt? spKi &
M. C. Chamlee
Can fix Your watch
"Any Old Time."
Tk Appropriate Thtmg.
Jack Do you remember that Mis
Hubb, of Boston?
Jill Oh.yeal
"She had birthday party 1m t
Indeedl" . '
"Yea; and aha bad blrtMs cake.
. "Of course."
"It wu made in the ahape of a,
"No?el idea., wasn't It r
"Yea; and the cake wsa froated and
had icicles ticking' in it Instead of
candles." Yonktrs Statesman.
Never try to coax a cold or cough,
use the remedy that unfailingly con
quers both. llALLAKDH HoHKHOUSI)
Syrup Ih the great specific for nil
throat and lung troubles. Price 25 and
!)0f at Hadley Drug Company's .15
. Judge Lair, Miss Mae and
Rev. J. T. Burnett are in Ft.
Worth this week. Miss Mae
will probably visit relatives be
fore returning.
Nice line of Paint Brushes now at
the Canyon City Pharmacy. '
,iBtiautiiitiititMii.itit.iiiH'i. x
Mr. I. G. Trimble has the job of
painting Mr. Lester's residence.
is to your interest
Eggs are very scarce and high.
If you have any don't wait until
the market goes down, to bring
them in. Hens are molting now
and soon there will be a general
laying and prices will tumble.
Judge Lair sold 28 sections of
land in Randall and Swisher
counties during the month of
October. That is truly a "land
office business. "
Commissioners' court will be
in session next Monday.
This has been demonstrated by the marked Improvement
in conditions ttloiijf
Whither other lines have come to share In the results of
the good times In that section.
The Chicago. Rock Island f Mexico
Already crossing "The Denver Road" at Dalhart.
The Choctaw, Oklahoma $ Gulf
Soon to Join "The Denver Road" at Wichita Falls and Amarillo-
The Blackwell, Enid ? Southwestern
Now building to "The Denver Road" at Vernon.
The Kansas Citj, Mexico 4 Orient
ExiKJcted to Join "The Denver Koad at Chlllcothe.
The Frisco System
Which may meet "The Denver Road" at Acme.
The Arkansas 4 Choctaw '
Headed for "The Denver Road" at Wichita I alls.
All this, taken with the activity of Immigration and real estate agents,
many new settlers, numbers buying Slcial :W i Day Hmm- ers 1 U kets
and others seeking information, indicates that "THh Dh.N Ml KOAD is
considered good company in a desirable neighborhood.
A. Q. P. Q.A.P.D. T.P.A,
The Fort Worth k Denver City Railway, Fort Worth. Texas.
N. B. If you want to get choice of best locations you may have to
hasten; and remember this: 'Only Om Road," uml "i'wu Dou t Have to
Greatest Variety of Styles
Newest Colorings
Ask your dealer for them he will order for you '
or write direct and receive descriptive price list.
HENRY H. ROELOF8 A CO., Philadelphia.
Canyon City has had a super
abur dance of 'Cheap John"
business. These are usually the
product of some one who wishes
to make money by pandering to
the desire of the people to get
goods as cheap as possible, and
usually results in dissatisfaction.
While prices too high should be
condemned, yet, we must be
Th haf la thA chAABMt."
1 ' ajBBMHM
T a
j 1
with especial force to a Musical Instrument, which, if properly con
structed, will last a life-time. The name of ESTEY is an assurance of
first-class work, the finest tone quality and fair and honorable dealing.
I-New Catalogue mailed to any address free. Flease mention
this paper.
to buy from us.
60 YEARS' .
Trade Marks
Quickly ascertain our oplnum free whether an
iiiventlnn H pronnblr putcnttiblo. Oininiiinlcn
tlnnsntrlctlrcnnnilanUiU. Handbook an HalouU
ant free. Olilnat auency for iecurlnii petenta.
Patent! takon through Muiin ft Co. receive
tptcial notice, without chnrito, la tbe
Scientific American,
A liandaometr ir.netmlad weekly. I. areeat cir
culation of any nclenuiio Journal. 1 ertin. U
years four month, 1L. Bold byaH newadealera.
MUNN&Co."""- New York
Branch Office. (B4 BU WMhlngiun. D. U
1 N.
careful not to condemn lionet t
profitable prices that yield gen
eral prosperity and produce
"Cheap John" establishments
that give us Inferior goods and
keep us continually buying.
This is worse than the other ex
treme for it causes men to lose
confidence in his fellow men and
begets a desire to retaliate.
BEST in Tone!
BEST in Quality!
BEST In Everything!
This old and true saying applied
8T. LOUI8, MO.
A Htaiok,
She I want you to promise to dd
what I ask before I tell you what it Is.
Papa But why not tell me what it is
"Oh! if I did you wouldn't do U."-
Brooklyn Etttfle. ( , -
II Eer to Oct. Bmt " '
Towne I understand it's hard US
get a cook to go to the suburb.
Subbs Hard, nothing! Why, man
we've had 32 at our house tn the past
year. Town Topics.
Weekly Stock Train.
Amarillo, Texan, August 21), 11)01.
We have urrangwl to start a Weekly
Stock Train for Kansas City, begin
ning on next Sunday night, Septem-U-r
1st, 11)01. It is expected thutthls
train will leave:
Carlsbad 12.H0 A. M. Monday
Roswell 4.00 " "
Portnles H.'M "
llovlna 10.:w "
Hen-ford 12.30 P.M. "
Canyon City 2.00 "
Amarillo 4.00 "
Washburn 4.W " "
Ianhandle B.35 "
Miami 7.:t.- "
Canadian "
lllgglns .M "
Gage 10.45 "
Woodward 11.35 "
Where It will connect with a tram
on the Atchison lino that it Is hoped
will put cattle Into Kansas City fof
Wednesday's market, hut it mcstbm
TTV-riKRHTIliiD that wk do not quar-
are liable to be delayed In gathering
shipments all along the line, as this
train contemplates, and may have to
unload for feed and rest, In order to
comply with the law. We have se
lected Wednesday's market for th
reason that we are assured that the
market on the following day, Thurs
day, Is equally giHd, and our pat
rons are therefore protected an far aa
we can protect them against loss on
account of possible delay as above
We will still continue to handle
train load shipments, with proper
notice, on any day of the week ad
suits shipper. This weekly stock
train Is simply intended to take care
of shipments that would otherwise
have to 1h handled by way freight
trains and neccessnrlly suffer consid
enible delay. Don A. Sweet.
( Traffic Mauaer.

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