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Vol. 5.
Canyon City, Texas, Thursday, November 14, 1901.
No. 33
All Kinds of Field eeds.
The Largest and est Wagon
Yard and heds on the Plains.
Your Business Solicited.
Kansas City Stock Report.
Kansas City Stock Yards
November 11, 1!)01
- Cattle receipts during the iast week
have been only moderate nml with
tin exception of stoockers find com
innn feeders all kinds of cattle have
been In active demand. There was
a noticeable falling off in the receipts
of cull lots of range cows during the
past week and all grades of cows
were wanted nt prices that ranged
from steady to 20 cents higher as
compared with the prevnling values
of the week before. The highest ad
vance secured was on stock cows
and hlcfcrs the best heifer calves hav
ing sold at all the way from 4..10 up
to 5.80. The best offerings of feeders
hoIu up to 4.-10 and all good lots
were readily disposed of at satisfac
tory prices, but there was littlle de
mand for the commoner grades and
local dealers accumulated some Hold
ings that they were obliged to carry
over the end of the week.
Corn fed cattle and desireable grass
beeves sold well although the former
showed a weaker tendency towards
the clone of the week. The top price
for the week was reached on Tues
day when ajot of i:!771b natives
brought (i.GO, and while there are no
toppy gras.s'.-rs offered, competent
Halesmen quoted them as worth .".00.
The lirst fed steers of the winter
were received in the Southern yards
and consisted of four loads of the A.
(. l'annill cattle from Kaufman, Tex
as, 2 loads of which averaged Oilllbs
nnd 8old,nt at 4.50 and 2 loads 10(54
lbs that realized 4.(55. llange cattle
were well received and sold generally
at 3.08 to 4.00 and 50 to (10 cents high
er than at the low time in October.
The poorest of the Southern cows
sold at 1.75 to 2.25 and fair to good
lots at 2.40 to 3.00
There was little change in the hog
market dating the week and the
closiug prices were about iiko those
of the previous week. Theeonsensus
of .opinion Is that there will be little
if any greater reduction in hog val
ues for some time to come nnd that
there need be no fear of not receiving
remunerative prices for hogs fed on
high priced grain. The best heavy
hogs sell at 5.90 to 6.00; mixed and
medium weights at 5.70 to5.90; lights
at 5.25 to 5.S0 and desireable pigs at
Our Mr. Donaldson is at home after buying
the largest stock ever brought to the Plains
who put in six days in the
week striving to please with
bargains in all kinds of dry
goods, clothing, boots, shoes,
hats, caps, and in fact, any
thing needed by
You can always
you want to eat in
or fancy groceries,
candies,, pickles
etc. at the
on Mercantile Co.
5.00 to G.:s5.
Kecelpts of live stock for the
past week were:
Cattle........ , 48,000
Hogs .' (58,000
Sheep .' 22,500
For the p recced lug week:
Cattle 44,000
Hogs 50,200
Sheep 24,200
Corresponding week last year:
Cattle 34.300
llogs , 47,000
Sheep 1(5,200
A Violent Attack of Croup
"Last winter an infant child
of mine had croup in a violent
form, " says Eider John W. Rog
ers, a Christian Evangelist, of
Pille', Mo. "I gave her a few
doses of Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy and in a short time all
danger was past aud the child
recovered." This remedy not
only cures croup, but when giv
en as soon as the first symptoms
appear, will prevent the attack.
It contains no opium or other
harmful substance and may be
given as confidently to a baby
as to an adult. For sale by t he
iadley Drug Company, the
Leading Druggists.
The valedictory of brother Alf. V.
Collier, of the Trinity Valley Herald,
Bridgeport, Texas, strikes a respon
sive chord and tender spot In our
heart. He is leaving his best years'
work behind him, being compelled to
give up liis paper for lack of cash pa
tronage enough to pay his honest
debts. We thank him for the help
his example has been to us in our.
work and wish him the success he
deserves in any business in which he
may engage.
Many people are suffering fearfully
from Indigestion or dyspepsia wheu
one single bottle of llerblne would
brlng.abouta prompt nnd permanent
cure. A few doses will do more for a
weak stomach than a prolonged
course of any other medicine. Price
Of' at lladley Drug Company's- 35
find anything
either staple
canned goods,
dried fruits,
Nice line of Taint Brushes now at
the Canyon City Pharmacy.
The county attorney tendered his
resignation this morning to the com
missioners' court.
Harter and Sparks are rushed
with work these days but never
too busy to do their work right.
When in need of any kind of
blacksmithing or woodwork call
at the shop next door to Canyon
Mercantile Company.
Mr. and Miss Howard, Miss
Long, Miss Johnson, Miss Gass,
Miss McDonald and some gen
tlemen whose uames we did not
learn from Hereford came down
for the League Mite social last
Friday night.
We are offering some excel
lent things in clothing (espec
ially youths and childrens) at
prices never before equaled.
See our stock. Smith, ' Walker
& Co.
Fanchon, Texas, Monday Oct.
11th, 1901. Dear Stayer:
Shipping cat
tle and finishing up the feed
crop is now the order, and, I
think this week will finish up
the latter almost entirely, while
the cattle shipping will continue
HraniM,ii" 'Unite "1
put she or m. T. JONES LUMBER CO.
brisk through this month, and
possibly well into next as the
owners have yet failed to find
buyers for the several hundred
red bald-faced yearlings, hence
they are shipping out their sur
plus of fat cows in order tealize
the necessary cash to carry them
through the winter, and also to
enable them to feed and care for
the steers the better.
Messrs. E. G. Knight, E.
Brooks and others, are now in
Kansas City with a few car
loads of fat cows and others will
follow the later part of this
Health of the country gener
ally is exceptionally good, I be
lieve, better than the writer has
seen in over two years residence
on the Plains.
A singular combination of
singing and writing school be
gins this morning at Fairyiew
school house (Rowan school
house) taught by Rev. Mr.
Chambers, of Scurry county, who
seems to be the right man and
gives full satisfaction in his line
and we understand that nearly
all of the young ladies and
gentlemen for quite a distance
around with smaller fry thrown
in are going to attend.
". The people around Fanchon,
old and young enjoyed a singing
bee at Mr. Jim Cox's last Sun
day evening. The singing was
led by Bro. Chambers with or
gan accompaniment by the
young ladies.
Mr. Shaffer and family landed
in our midst last evening, from
Hillsboro and has bought a sec
tion of land about 12 miles from
u in Ue Lone
community. Here is our right
J" brother Shaffer. We have
room for more like you.
Messrs. Holder and Stanley
Key are kept busy all the time
sinking wells for the new com
ers. Old Spike.
The lladley Drug Company
have recently overhauled their
store and find they have a large
stock of fancy and plain station
ery which they want to sell
right away. Call and get bar
gains while this lot lasts.
Try Harter's blacksmith for
steel toed horse shoes $1.75
Midway Park Items.
The Stayer made its way to
our little home last evening,
laden with encouraging words
from the'eousins all along the
line. It is cheering news to get
word that all is right with the
cousins and one by one is added
to represent his community.
This is right. Why live to
yourself and keep all the good
things in the back ground or
forever hidden from view. We
can say things and do things
that cost us but little and be
glad tidings to some weary soul
in some remote corner of crea
tion. Just look for instance
what that good clever "Jasper"
has done for me, to make my
heart leap for joy, pictured a
nice little home with a beautiful
dishwasher. Home, that name
touches every fiber ot the soul
and strikes every chord of the
human heart with its angelic
fingers.. Some years ago twen
ty thousand people gathered in
old Castle Garden, New York,
to hear Jennie Lind sing as no
other songstress ever had sung
the sublime compositions of Be
1 bo ven Howell & Co. At length
the Sweedish Nightingale
thought of her home, paused
and seemed to fold her wings
for a higher flight, she began
with deep emotion to pour forth
Home, Sweet Home. The audi
ence could not stand it. An up
roar of applause stopped the
music and tears gushed from
those thousands like rain. Be
thoven and Howell were forgot
ten and after a moment the song
came again, seemingly, as from
heaven, almost angelic. "Jas
per" has been a Jennie Lind to
me in describing or representing
X. T. Z's. new home and the
sweet ladj' who decides to make
that home angelic or otherwise.
Cousins come on with your
mite of good words and tell
them through The Stayer that
they may be gather up and
bring forth much fruit.
The news items in our commu
nity are not very exciting this
Most everyone seetn to rejoice
that providence has' smiled ou
tlieiu auu the fall's work is about
W. D Patton.
Drugs, Patent Medicines,
Druggist Sundries, Toilet Articles, in fact,
Everything usually kept in a first class ;
. Hay baling in the neighbor
hood is in full blast by Mr.
Blanton, from Armstrong coun
ty, who has the reputatiou of
turning out more bales per week
than any other man who has
been among us. ' .
The gentleman who bought
out neighbor Lef trich is now lo
cated in his stead, whose name
is Chancelor, seemingly, a very
clever bachelor and I would
suppose him to be of the age of
twenty or thirty years. We
gave him a very cordial greeting
but intimated in a quiet way that
single blessedness was not to be
continued as selfishness had
been abandoned on the Plains.
We would advise our sister
country cousins to look out for
this young heir as he tells us he
ouly requires a little time that
he may make his selection.
J. W. Prunty, late of Plain
view, has located in Amarillo
and he aud his good wife have
been spending a few days with
Dr. Cartwrigbt's family on the
Mr. Kilburu, M. S. Park and
Dr. Cartwright sold a few fat
cattle last week around the
twenty dollar mark.
Miss Lottie Park who is po
sessed of all the good qualities
of noble young womanhood, is
doing a good work in the school
room and her pupils and patrons
like her.
Grandpa and grandma Ste
vens will spend the winter in
Amarillo as Dr. Cartwright and
family leave for South-west
Texas in a few weeks to spend
the winter on the Rio Grande
river. With the best of wishes
for The Stayer force.
Yours, X. T. Z.
Mr. J. M. Vansant is now in
the real estate business and so
licits the patronage of the pub
lic. Give him a trial and be
pleased at the results. tf
Last Saturday Mr. II. E. Rog
erson, well known as one of the
most enterprising, whole-souled
and generous hearted gentlemen
that ever lived in this country,
gave a magnificent dinner at the
Rogerson Hotel to many of his
friends. It was the pleasure of
the publisher to enjoy the feast,
(the editor being absent.) The
meal was properly cooked and
nicely served and it was a feast
for a large number of people.
Uncle Frank Lester and the
publisher of The Stayer after
eating a full shareof fruits, veg
etables and turkey, turned their
attention to a large coa-coa nut
cake about 12 inches across and
five inches thick, and when they
were ready to leave the table
there was less than half of it
left. Of coarse, Uncle Frank
says the publisher ate it, and
promises to have a special cake
baking for the purpose of filling
him up, but we will leave it to
the public ito decide whether
Uncle Frank has the appearance
of one whOW':il sit idly by and
Dn. J. Ed. Crawford.
see another eat five pounds of
cake without help.
Mr. Rogerson is having this
hotel ' refurnished throughout
with nice furniture. .He has put
in a splendid range, the Majes
tic, bought of Stringfellow
Hume Hardware Co. He bought
his furniture of Oscar Hunt &
Co. This shows the gentleman
is in favor of .building up our
town by patronizing home con1
Oils, Paints, brushes, .lead,
etc., in fact, everything usually
carried in a first class drugstore
at lladley Drug Company's, tf
Persons desiring fruit or or
namental trees, flowers, shrubs,
or other nursery stock will do
well to see S. II. Baker, of
Wright, Texas. He is repre
senting the celebrated Stark
Bros., of Louisiana', Missoifri.
Dr. Thomas O'Dell, of Gaines
ville, Texas, has located in Can
yon City and will be associated,
with Dr. D. M. Stewart, in the
practice of medicine.
M. C. Chamlee, the Jeweler,
will soon have on hand a stock
of watches. Call and get his
prices when you want a watch
or clock. tf
M. S. Lusby has been under
the weather for several days.
Home Comfort coffee is the
best. J. A. Wansley & Co. tf
Dr. Guest, is in town looking
out a location for himself. He
bought land about thirteen miles
south of town for his father.
Would quickly leave you, If you used
Dr. King's New Life Pills. Thousands
of sufferers have proved their match
less merit for sick ami nervous head--aches.
They make pure blood and
build upyour health. Only -'."' Money
back if not cured. Hold by lladley
Urns' Co.
A petition for a road to run
south-west of town was present
ed to the commissioner's court
this week and denied because
the route was impracticable.
We understand -that it would
Lave bad better chance of suc
cess had it been over different
For nil fresh cuts or wounds, either on
the human subject oron animals, Hal
lard's Snow Liniment is excellent;
while forcornhusker'sspraincd wrists
bnrlM-d-wire cuts and sores on work
ing horses, it cannot be too highly
commended. Price, 2.1 and .10c at
lladley Drug Company's. 53
See Our
Shirt Waists
He fore Huvino;.

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