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We want
No Order
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Large to
Receive our
7 civ.?rrc7TvrTro -v
M iisic. Ifceitals.
Tlic school i if music of ('any on City
will give a parlor recital at the resi
dence of Mr. and Mrs. A. Krnsberger,
Friday evening, Nov. Ill, beginning
at 7:M; also a public recital In the
high Hchool room, Thursday evening,
Nov. L'7, beginning at "SiO.
The parlor recital is free to all mu
sic pupils anil their parents.
An admission of 15c. to defray ex
penses, will be charged to the public
recital. The proceeds will be used
for the benefit of the Canyon City
Music Teachers.
Mr. C. M. Hardin of Amarillo,
general manager of the Canyon
Lumber Co., lias been seriously
ill for some days and is still
confined to the house.
Last Saturday night at the
mass meeting G. C. Long, Earl
Cobb and M. S. Lusby were ap
pointed a committee to solicit
funds to be used to aid the lo
cal officers in enforcing the laws
against the sale of intoxicating
liquors. This is a very strong
committee, Mr. Long having for
years been one of the leading
spirits in every move for bet
tering the morals of the commu
nity. Mr. Cobb has been a citi
zen of the town for some years
and shown great ability as a
manager of affairs. Mr. Lusby
is an earnest worker, though
very young in the cause.
Mr. J. T. Money's little boy is
quite sick this week.
Come to the lecture tonight.
Jolin Ilouser, our old time
friend, was down from Stratford
this week and made us an ap
preciated call.
Uob Roberts was in the city
the first of the week.
F. J. Trigg was down from
Amarillo this week attending
Commissioners' court.
C. M. Harrison has qualliiied
for Count' Surveyor.
If you want to try your luck
at guessing, be sure to go to A.
L. Anderson's who is giving a
brand new high-grade sewing
machine away free of charge.
ilea Who Do and Men Who
1. 1 1 -; ! i . 1 1 n 1 i t . 1 1 : .
Men, atler all. are. and always will
be, of two kinds the men who ac
complish nnd the men who don't.
The ot her day there was ail impor
tant conference In the ollice of one of
the biggest men In American liuauce.
it begun early in the morning, and
at noon it was not concluded.
Promptly at half past twelve the
clerks went out to lunch. The finan
cier apologized to one of his steno
graphers for keeping him ten minutes
after the regular hour Indeed, if it
had occurred often t he stenographer
would have indignantly sought an
other position. He did not, howev
er, apologize to the other seven or
eight millionaires who sat about his
desk until well after 7 o'clock, w ith
no thought of luncheon or dinner.
These men were were willing to make
the sacrifice which success demands.
There Is no dearth of opening for
them'an who will lit himself to ac
complish. Tlie fact is that the de
velopment of business lias been more
rapid than the development of men,
and today there is a greater need of
men of the right sort than ever, and
every great business is looking for
A Midland cowman last week
sold a hunch of calves on the
! '.;ni.;'. Oiiy n;.irkvi. at 815. Such
an occurrence as this furnishes
indisputable evidence that Mid
land cowmen are getting mighty
close to the real thing in the
production of cattle for the
market. Midland lit porter.
Norman Laughlin is staying
iu town going to school.
Mr. J. M. Rockwell, of IIous
tou, president of the Canyon
Lumber Company, was in town
Miss Mary Burrow has re-
Amavillo and other places.
Chas. Burrow has returned
from a visit to bis brother at
Ed Connell, a prominent stock
man of Hereford, was in the city
John Houser, the newly elect
ed county and district clerk of
Sherman county was in the city
Ibis week shaking hands with
liis friends. John is a Randall
county boy ot whom we all feel
proud, and his friends here are
linch elated over his success.
We feel that he justly merits
and will fully pay, in good ser
vice, for the honor his fellow
citizens have conferred on him.
Mr. It. (i. Oldham has sold his in
terest in tlie Canyon Mercantile Co.
to Mr. V. K. Fair. We are not in
formed as to what business Mr. Old
ham will engage In; but whatever it
may be our best wishes go witn him.
We have transacted business with
him, for about four years and we
have always found him to be that
noblest of (tod's work an honest
mail. He has always been found iu
the front rank of those who uphold
morality; and every movement for
tlie moral, social or financial Im
provement of tlie town has found In
him an earnest and willing worker,
always ready to give both time and
money to help. No call for charity
ever passed him unheeded. Such men
art scarce and their places hard to
Mrs. Nannie Curtis, state lec
turer for the VV.'O. T. U. will be
in Canyon City Nov. 13-14 and
will deliver a lecture each even
ing. Let everybody interested
turn out and give her a full
Tyler Courier: We are all agreed
In our opposition to the way -off-yonder
trusts, hut we do not show
a solid front In opposition to tlie
home trusts.
It is surprising th.it our enmity is
directed to trusts other than our
own? Does the Courier know of a
single business within Its knowledge
that is not either In combination or
has an understanding to maintain
prices with other like businesses?
Can the consumer buy directly from
the mills such things us branand the
like? Can the consumer buy from
the wholesale grocer? Has not the
time come when understandings and
agreements between lines of business
are general? Are not these under
standings more or his within the
meaning of what we call trusts? It
is laughable to hear, cereain lieslness
men talk about the Injustice of for
clgli trustn when they themselves
are bound to other business men by
ironclad agreements to maintain
prices. Dallas News.
Mrs. L, T. Lester entertained Mrs.
Nannie W. Curtis this week.
A period of our greatest prosperi
ty appears to be on the country now.
There has been almost as many new
cars called for within the last six
months as were'cnlled for in the year
previous It Is impossible to supply
the demand for steel for rail roa Id.
The newly elected officers
have all qualified and things are
running smoothly in the county.
J regret that my remarks last
Saturday night at the meeting
were misunderstood by some.
I did not intend to convey the
idea that Mr. Ci. C. Long had
abandoned his prohibition pro
clivities or is in anyway less
devoted to the cause than here
tofore. Iam thankful that a
part of the audience understood
my meaning.
R. W. Morgan.
Kussia Seeks To Take Away Our
Meat Trade.
The efforts; of Great lirltnln, France
and Germany to develop supplies of
cotton grain and cattle in Africa, In
Mexico and iu South America are be
ing supplemented, it ueeius, by a sys
tematic plan to greatly increase the
British supply of meat from Kussia.
It is announced therefore that this
other competitor in the F.ast is des
tined soon to come into prominence
as a chief factor In the British meat
supply. Tlie success of America and
other countries In supplying Kuro
pean markets Is not without its cf
effect. Iviissia has observed the
growth of our export meat business
anil now seems to be coming Into
tlie market for a portion of tlie trade.
To this end the Russians have
equipped a line of ocean steamers to
ply lietwecn the home country and
Kngland, so that fresh meat may lie
lauded on British soil within three
days after slaughtering:. The com
parative nearness and tlie eousciucut
reduced cost would indicate that
fume time Uu.-sia will be a funuldiu-
ble competitor.
The most Interesting-facts connect
ed with this new movement is tlie
fact that leading Kuglishnien are
said to be at the bottom of it, and it
and It Is given out that It is but the
beginning of a change from present
methods of securing a meat supply
from the United States. Kussia
trades freely with Kngland and tlie
latter trades freely with Ilussla
Manufactures may lie exchanged for
supplies of grain and meat. This Is
the design, as it is set forth, and of
course Americans must consider
such movements in time to lose some
of their very best customers.
It Is explained that, during recent
years Itussbins, and particularly the
wealthier classes, have been pa, big
some attention to the mat ter of Im
proving 1 1 u livestock of the country
by tlie Importation of pure-bred an
imals from abroad, (ireat Britain
lias naturally been called upon to
meet this demand to a, considerable
extent. The stock Imported has not
been of the high test, ipiality and yet
it seems that there Is a growing
element in Kussia that appreciates
the need of Improvement in order to
produce a higher grade of meat, and
that a lioiid lias been formed by
which the two countries are to be
brought closer together iu matters
of trade, which matters have been so
long hindered by International
grudges of vast dimensions. If the
present movement scout In ue to grow
it may not be long before Americans
are brought to feel keenly the need
of courting customers and bidding
for trade In the good old way. Dal
las News.
The many friends of M r. and Mrs.
Knoeh Iloren will be sorry to learn
that their son, Olin, lias been serious
ly hurt and Is confined to his bed.
We have been unable to learn the
cause andlils condition, but sincerely
hope It Is not ho bud as reported at
Kev. T. F. Kolieson Is In Canyon
this week visiting his son and
T. I (iilleland was In town this
week on olllcial duty.
Kev. Italia ri I has ret urned from the
Baptist Annual Conference at. Hous
ton. N. Carl Peters has returned
from a short stay in Amarillo.
P. J. Kesseler was down Sun
day from Amarillo.
Needeil Protection.
"When' did .fags get that beauti
ful pair of black eyes?"
"Why, he got those from his
"Family jar, eh?"
"Yes. she gave him those for stay
ing out so much nights and having
her alone and unprotected." Hous
ton I'ost.
W. D. Kirkland went to Ama
rillo Wednesday.
Kev. .f. A. Wallace is attending
Methodist Conference at Temple,
Miss Maud Long was in town last
Fripay, the guest of Misses Onu and
Jessie Long.
Helpful S"""' '"'P'lpcrs
. ' print matter to (ill up
KeaUing. hpce, Much of this Is
really harmful reading. It Istheaini
of The Semi-Weekly News to
give helpful reading. Thousands
will testify to its helpfulness to them
Ask your neighbor.
The Farmers' '"''i"''1
rx . , many. It, Is not
Department thet ryoffar-
niing written by college professors
and others up North on conditions
that don't fit Texas. It is the actu
al experiences of farmers her" at
home who have turned over the soil.
Special ,f.v,m nrti ""t taking
The Stuycr you should.
Offer t H l.lpfui to the best
interests of your town and county.
For ?I.."iO, cash in advance, we w ill
mail you The Stayer and The Gal
veston or Dallas Semi-Weekly
News for 12 months. The News
stops when your time is out.
50 YEARS' .
II. E. Wesley, of Ceta, was in
town the tii st of the week.
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