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The Connally Mercantile Company for UpToDate DRESS GOODS
New Goods !
Fancy Wash Silks, Silk Organdies,
fancy Organdies. Plain Organdies,
Lawns, the newest Patterns In ail
Grades. WhUe Goods, 5c fo 85c yd.
EmbFoldery and Lace Sale Wednesday
Three and one-half section pas
ture near Panhandle for rent, or
will pasture stock by the month.
Good fence, well watered and fine
grass. Judson Skaoos,
25-2t Panhandle, Texas.
Now that the public schools are
closing, many of their pupils and
teachers will enter the Roljerts
Business College, Howie, Texas,
for the purpose of preparing to
stand the Civil Service examina
tion. Thev do this for the reason
that the government is several
thousand short of hook-keepers and
stenographers, and the pay ranges
from $840 to 5i ,400 a year. Don't
you want to put youself in shajK
for one of these positions ? If you
do, write Roberts Husiness college,
Howie, Texas ;Chickasha, I. T., or
..Shawnee, Okla. 25-2t
Witherspoon & Gough.
Pumice Ston?,
A valuable deposit of pumice
stone has been discovered on the
places of J. S. Akers and W. E.
Salter, eleven miles north of Mem
phis. Mr. Salter and Mr. Akers
have leased one half interest in the
deposit to the Ft. Worth and Den
ver R. R. Co.. and Messrs. A. J.
Fires of Childress and Willingham
of Wichita Falls. These parties
will begin operations at once to de
velope the deposit and if the stone
is found in sufficient q lantities they
will put in a big outfit to get out
the stone and prepare it for market
The stone is said to have a very
high commercial value for various
purposes. Memphis Herald.
Feeding Cattle in the Panhandle.
If you are hunting for the next
section of country that is going to
develop as a cattle feeder and fin
isher, you want to head for the
Panhandle of Texas. This was in
substance the language of J. W.
Dorr of Des Moines, Iowa, who
was a guest of the Transit house
last night. Mr. Dorr is a cattle
man of wide travel and experience
and let loose an interesting talk on
Panhandle possibilities.
"They raise plenty of kaiTir corn
out there," he said, "and it makes
a splendid food for cattle and hogs.
But the people out there have not
yet learned how to feed cattle.
Up here in the corn states when
the experienced cattle feeders gets
his steers on full feed he shovels
out com to about the capacity of
the said steer's appetite, and if he
is a decent steer and weather is
right he will lay on fat at a good
rate. Out there in the Panhandle
they get into the habit of shovel
ing out nothing more than an' ap
petite teaser and call it a feed. I
have never been in a country where
they had all conditions both for
raising and finishing cattle com
bined as they have out there, but
we have not yet seen any finished
cattle coming from that country.
It is because they have not learned
how to feed."
The whole range of Mr. Dorr's
talk was full of thought germi
nators. In discussing the feeding
proposition in the corn belt states
he says: "No more long feeding
forme. I have quit carrying cattle
through the long winter months.
Six IIkkauds one year $.3.50, see
club offer. !
Architects, Contractors
and Builders
Ovsr First National Bank, Amarillo, Tex.
Take a good thrifty steer weighing
around 1,000 pounds right now
and the corn that it would have
taken to carry him through the
winter from December to March
and make a small gain will carry
him through to the summer market
and make a good fat beef of him.
I empty my feed lots in the fall and
fill them up again about this time
of year. That style of feeding
may not suit some people but it
suits me first rate." St. Joseph
Interview on Cattle.
A telegram reporter obtained
the following from A. B. Robert
son of Colorado City at the Fort
Worth convention this week:
"As i matter of fact, both year
lings and twos are much scarcer
than ever before known in Texas,
and this fact is known and con
ceded by the buyers. The range
country was never in better con
dition than it is now at this season
of the vear, and these conditions
not only obtained in Texas, but
they prevail throughout New Mex
ico and Arizona. Some of our cat
tle are thin, but early grass and
abundant grass is absolutely sure.
This is quite different from last
year, when many cattle were sold
at a sacrifice on account of the ap
prehension of drouth. This spring
no man is compelled to sell his stuff
on account of lack of grass.
"Texas has some young steers
to sell this spring, and expects to
sell them; but it may be safely and
positively asserted that she will
demand and receive more money
than was paid for the same class
of stuff last year. I think our cat
tlemen ought to have from $14 to
$16 for their yearling steers, and
from $18 to $20 for their twos.
"This same class of cattle on
the fat stock markets s brii ging
Unusually low rate of 50 CENTS a year for which wc offered the
TWICE - A - WEEK HERALD, as we told you, expired on the 28th ult. While
we have increased our list of subscribers more than double, and there are but few
homes in Potter county where the HERALD is not read, there are yet a number of
good progressive people in the Panhandle who have not subscribed for it, and for' the
next 30 days we hope to interest them with our
i i
The TWICE-A -WEEK HERALD will be sent for One Year to any ad
dress sent us before May 1st, 1905, for 75 cents Remember this offer will posi
tively be withdrawn MAY 1st, 1905.
I is working for the good and further develop
ment of each section. If your county has advan
tages and possibilities that are attractive to home
seekers, see that you are represented by an able
correspondent, who will furnish a news letter to
the Herald each w eek of facts that interest. Write
us for suggestions and details,
each issue, beginning today, which will be
of interest to everyone. The Herald will add
many other improvements just as rapidly as our
patronage increases and our means will allow.
We are striving to give you a good paper, and
show our appreciation of your patronage by con
of the Herald is mailed every
Tuesday and Friday. If you do
not receive it promptly advise
this issue, for some of the best
Home, Stock, Ranch and Politi
cal Papers which we giye you at
greatly reduced rates.
be the best in the history of the
Panhandle. Let us, by our
united efforts make it so. We
Twice-a-Week Herald
17511 I
Stoves. Cook Tables. Kitchen Cabinets, Safes. Cooking Utensils and
Linoleum for the Kitchen.
Dining Table, Dining Chairs, Side Board. China Closet and
4 Art Square for the Dining Room.
Iron or Folding Beds, Springs, Mattress, Dresser, Commode,
Matting for the Bed Room.
Parlor Table, Sociable, Handsome Leather and Upholstered
Rockers and Rugs for the Parlor.
G0.r)-607 POLK vST.
from $3 to $5 more per head than
they sold for at this time last year,
and our friends who come down
here to buy must concede this
point, which in itself justifies the
advanced price demanded by the
Texas producer.
"I think some of the estimates
given out as to the number of
steers that will be offered for sale
above the quarantine line this
spring is quite excessive, some of
the figures I have seen placing the
number of twos as high as 150,000
In my judgment there will not be
exceeding 75,000 head of twos of
fered for sale above tne quarantine
line, and the number of yearlings
in the same territory will not ex
ceed 125,000, and many of the
latter will not be offered for sale at
any price.
"The calf crop for the past year
has been very short out in the
range country, and much of it has
been shipped to market. There
can be no doubt of the fact that
Texas is very short on all classes
of cattle this spring, and prices at
which our stuff is sold must be bet
ter than those prevailing last year
at this time.
Other leading cattlemen inter
viewed expressed about the same
ooinion as Mr. Robertson.
Sentences from a lecture on Vic
tor Hugo's masterpiece, delivered
at the Vine Street Congregational
Church, Cincinnati. Ohio, by the
pastor, Herbert S. Bigelow:
"The military hero is like a
meteor. With the flash of his
sword his glory is gone. For it3
fighters the world has fulsome
praise and short memories. But
the thinkers and lovers of man
kind shine as the stars in heaven."
"Victor Hugo believed that in
every human soul there is a primi
tive 6park, a divine element, incor
ruptible in this world, immortal in
the next. He held that there was
in every man a angel whom .ignor
ance could blacken and hate trans
form into a fiend of hell."
"For the unfortunates, society
has hard judgments and prison
bars. Church and state unite with
hangman's noose and dungeon cell,
to condem and punish and kill these
miserable ones. For the disin
herited children of hunger and neg
lect we build jails and scaffolds,
pausing once a week to worship
with Him who said: "Judge not.
Resist not evil. Love your ene
mies!" "The slums have been made by
social injustice. Vice and crime
are but the vomit of the slums. It
is infamous for the state to punish
as criminals the victims of its own
stupidity. What men need is not
law but liberty; justice and not
punishment. Were they truly free
Notice to Tax Pavers.
All parties not having paid their
taxes are hereby notified than an
additional cost will le added after
April ist 1905.
J. 12. Huoiiks,
22-4t Tax Collector.
they would prove their inherent
goodness. This was the philoso
phy of Victor Hugo as it was of
Jesus, and Les Miserable is the
sermon on the mount of fiction."
"Jean Valjean spent nineteen
years in the galleys for stealing a
loaf of bread. We have no use for
the word "galleys" now. Thank
God, that is one word we have
struck from our law books, We
may measure the progress of our
race by the words which it out
grows. In the dictionary of the
future the obsolete mark will be
found after the words monopoly,
poverty, millionaire and gallows,
just as now we have relegated the
words galley and slave to the dead
language of a more boarbarous
"But let us not grow complaisant
The equality of men before the law
is still an ignorant or , hypocritical
boast. The other day Congress
voted itself $190,000 mileage
money for. a recesa which did not
occur. About the same time, it
was reported that a man in Dele
ware, after a trial which cost the
county $225, was tied to a whip
ping post and flogged by the warden
for stealing three mackerel valued
at twenty-seven cents. Who will
6ay that big thieves stand on an
eqality with little ones, or that
human rights are as sacred as pro
perty rights in the courts of our
"Jean Valjean was angered that
society should deprive him of a
chance to work. He saw the bread
in the window, He thought as the
starving children at home. Witha'
flash of resentment, he said: 'If
they will not let me work, I'll
steal.' "
"An imprudent act, you say!
Yes, imprudent, but not wicked.
If there was any crime, it was the
crime of society in doing what it
does even to this day in permit
ting some to monopolize the com
mon gifts of God. and condemning
others to beg or starve or steal."
"Les Miserables tells of the hate
fulness of force, of the power. of
love When will the world forget
that deathless story of the common
sorrows and the common hopes?
Jean Valjean and the Good Bishop
they are the children of a noble
genius! These lives, exalted by
the greatness of their love and
their pity and their sorrows are
like the mountain peaks that rise
above the clouds of night, flashing
from their crimson heights, the
light of a better day. They tell of
the vast sunrise of liberty that is
yet to dispel the gloom of ignorance
and shine upon a world where laws
are just and men are kind."
Tor Sale - Residence property on
corner Filmore and ICleventh streets.
Residence is new and contains six
rooms and hall. City water. Lot
120x120. Cash preferred, terms if
necessary. Call on or write Afrs.
A. S. Dees. 23tf
As well as Fire, Tornado.
Life and Accident Insur
ance. Phone 35,
MoKnlgHI & Williams
W- offer instruction in Shorthand, Twpewriting or Book
keeping at the low price of Ten Dollar? for tha remainder of
the term, about two months. We offer this special inducement
in order that you may become interested in the work, While
not a complete course, it is a good start in your preparation
Amarillo Business College

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