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Least expensive and most satis- f
factory, the best drinking and $
storage tanks on the market.
For Ranchmen and Farmers; write
for Complete Information or See
J. D. Willis, Canyon City, Texas.
i Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Territory.!!
Hereford's For Sale.
Ten head registered Hereford
cattle, four bulls, six females.
For prices apply to 1 P. Reid,
Mobeetie, Texas. 37-8t
For the lover of good liv
ing with the advantageof
'having the very highest
quality of eatables at
price that arc no higher
than arc charged for gro
ceries of inferior quality.
We have c choice ship
ment of California Bell
Flower Apples which need
no introduction to the
lover of fine fruit and are
the best ever offered on
the market.
Heinz's Celebra
ted line of table
A Wholesome Sermon 011 the Val
ue and Usefulness of the Doc
trine of Qreat Humor.
Meadow Gold
Creamery Butter
White Falcon and
Horeshoe Flour
The btst that wheat
A Constant Demand for High
est Grade of Country
We Have a Good Strong Line
Of Clothiu, Shoes and
Hats, which it will pay
you to inspect before you
make a purchase, II. S.
& M. clothes, Hanan and
Florsheim shoes, Stetson
and Knox hats, looks for
midable don't it? The
only thing that is not too
strong is our prices,
"The sad old earth must borrow its
It has sorrow enough of its own.
A woman who has always lived
on a farm and whose life was made
of constant toil, repeated failures
due to drouth, and sickness, says
the American Farmer, (though she
would have had no failure in Potter
county on the first score and bu
little on the latter) explains why
she was always cheerful, in this
"You know I have had no money,
J 1 I lit V k
ana nave naa notning 1 could give
but myself, co I made the resolu
tion I would never sadden anyone
else with my troubles. 1 have
laughed and appeared cheerfu
when my heart was breaking;
have always smiled in the face of
every misfortune, I havetried nev-
er to allow anyone to go from my
presence without a happy word or
a bright thought to carry with
them; and as -happiness makes
happiness, I am happier myself
than I would have been had I sat
down and bemoaned my fate"
No one can properly estimate the
cheerful woman whose cheerful
ness is not too much affected by
dark days or little disappointments,
or whose kindness does not become
rancid in the midst of prosperity
The magnetism of the cheerful wo
man's smiles and brightness in
fects every one in the darkest
hours. The husband goes to his
work feeling that he is part of the
world, and that he can contribute
himself, heart and soul, to advance
ment The work of the day will
tire and worry him, but the thought
of the peace and comfort in the
home across the field, renews his
strength and energy and he en
dures to the end.
The cheerful mother sends her
children to school with the sense
of something to be won, a work to
be accomplished, and they do not
find it very difficult to be brave,
courteous, truthful and just, obedi
ent to teacher, kind to school
A low-spirited, fault-finding wife
can kill the last bitof hope and en
thusiasm remaining in a troubled
heart, while the cheerful, hopeful
one lends courage to press on or to
begin over again .with a "heart for
any fate."
The prime requisite to the suc
cess of the farm is cheerfulness.
The mother who allows the blues
and sulks to overshadow the home,
who allows herself to be moody and
disconteiited, fails in a chief duty
and places a handicap upon her
husband and children in the race of
life. ' -
Cheerfulness is largely a matter
of cultivation, for each heart has its
own bitterness, each one of us has
trouble, trials and vexations; not
one but has some grief. It is a
selfish woman who broods over her
sorrow, and her fits of despondency
and moodiness throw a shadow over
the household.
Let us "right about face" and
ascertain if our influence is helping
or hindering the lives of others.
Are we making those about us
happier, stronger, braver and
truer? Or, are they made less
hopeful and less courageous? We
do not wish to add to another's
burden, or make the atmosphere of
those dear to U3 unpleasant. The
law of love is the law of life and we
recoil when we are told that we
are doing others a positive injury
18 it not asm to go through life
with a frown upon the lipe? Does
this not discourage, does it not
make life harder and place obstruc
tion m the path of our friends? If
we commence the day by fault
finding, or with a sullen silence
which is worse, we have com
menced the d-iy in sin. Some peo
ple fall into the rut of complaining
and all their conversation is about
their ills, their miseries, the dis
heartening things, real or imagin
ary, wrne we should talk about
the pleasant, the cheerful things
of life.
"Talk happiness. The world is
sad enough
Without your woes. No Dath is
wholly rough.
Look for the places that are smooth
and clear,
And speak of those to rest the
weary ear
Of earth, so hurt by our continuous
Of human discontent and grief and
1 VLrLr JLrtJUll J
wr ill
taJ. g lillp
111 I
Ml infill f"' a-TyrJ' '
4 vv "V r
Finds mc with the largest stock wf
of furniture we have ever car- iv
ried in this city and the most
extensive assortment of house fcQj
Furnishings ever brought to jg
the Panhandle, jfi My large
commodious building cn Polk f$p
street contains furniture of ev
ery description and for every
use from a kitchen cabinet to
the most expensive patterns in JiL"
bed room suits. J I am
complete outfitter for the home
and in my mammoth; stock I JT
can show you many special 2f
attractions for the complete if
comfort oi the home. j For jfi?
Xmas presents no more beau
tiful selections can be found
than in the varied assortment fcTf
of my showing in Haviland 2
and hand painted China, blow ff
blue and toilet sets. & JSr
A 1I C A VI C Xi?
Its a silly Goose that Comes
' to a Fox's Sermon.
Lack of precaution as to quality is
a pitfalll to many housewives who
are obliged to lose their temper
through the refusal of poor coal to
burn. 1 here is a hot time for you,
plenty of comfort and a heap of
satisfactin when you burn the good
clean coal we sell.
. Why not try us cn a Sample
This beautiful quarter-sawed Oak polished Rocker, reirular fiinppai niDPCTno pmrai iipd
T nrinn 1 t p 41 nu,J- 1.. r
t"fvo. ' ui uUi u.ov6th and Polk Sis.
Telephone 21.
0. 1. SELLARS.
50() Tyler Phone 105
The Presence of God.
Cod is everywhere and in every
thing. His mystery is in every
bud, and blossom, and leaf, and
tree, in every rock, and hill, and
vale, and mountain, in every spring,
and rivulet, and river. The rustle
of His wing in every zephyr; its
might is in every tempest. He
dwells in the dark pavilions of
every storm-cloud. The lightning
is His messenger, and the thunder
His voice. His awful tread is in
every earthquake and on every
angry ocean, and the Heavens
above us teem with His myriads of
shining witnesses. The universe
of solar systems, whose wheeling
Neuralgic Pain,
Rheumatism, lumbago and sci
atic pains yield to the penetrating
influence of Ballard s Snow Liniment.
It penetrates to the nerves and
bone and being absorbed into the
blood, its healing properties are
conveyed to every part of the body,
and effect some wonderful cures.
25c. 50c and $1.00. Sold by L. 0.
Thompson & Bro. 36Ftf
To build a business for the future
as well as for the present. We do
only the kind of plumbing work
that is honest and reliable. We
charge only prices that are fair and
square. We give each patron such
satisfaction that each job is a fore
runner of future business.
407 Taylor street Phone 442.
orbs course the crystal paths of
space, proclaim through the dread
hills of eternity the glory, and
power, and dominion of the all
wise omnipotent, and eternal God.
Robert L. Taylor,
The Town Without Trees.
A town without trees and grass
may be a town of industry and ac
tivity, but with its barren streets
and cheerless yards, hot and dusty
in summer and cold and forbiding
in winter.it is not a town of attrac
tive homes or inviting appearance,
pleasing ana restful to the eye and
inspiring content and cheerfulness,
says the Nashville American.
Where the beauties of nature are
altogether eliminated an unsatis
fying condition is created. The
love of the beautiful is often uncon
scious and should be developed
and encouraged, because it has a
practical as well as aesthetic value.
Even a barn or a warehouse should
be built with a due regard for har
mony, proportion and restful lines.
Cleanliness and beauty are neces
sary to the bestthoughtand action.
Trees, parks, grass fountains, stat
ues, flowers, attractive lawns,
yards and gardens, clean streets
these are surroundings that lead
to a higher appreciation of beauty
in its multitudinous forms and con
tentment of individuals and com
munities. Man's Unreasonableness.
is oiien as great as woman 8.
But Thos. S. Austin, manager of
the "Republican," of Leavenworth,
Ind., was not unreasonable, when
he refused to allow the doctors to
operate on his wife, for fe
male trouble, "Instead," he says,
" we concluded to try Elec
tric Bitters. My wife was
then so sick, 6he could hardly
leave her bed, and five 5 physi
cians had failed to relieve her. Af
ter taking Electric Bitters, she
was perfectly cured, and can now
perform all her household duties."
Guaranteed by L. 0. Thompson &
uros., druggists, price 50c. 36Ftf
Adjustable Steel Pokes
Our Cowboy, CracKerjacK
and Acmepokes
keep breechy cattle
where you put them.
Fits any cow or bull
If your merchant does
not carry our goods,
have him write for
circulars and price.
CD, Poke Manufacf'g Co
181 1 Harrison St.
Kansas City, Missouri.
Dunaway Stack Anchor
fl.30 Pr Doita.
Screws in like
a corkscrew.
Cheap, eco
nomical, money
and time saver.
Does away
withe oid sys
tem of weights
and strings.
Texas's New Game Law.
The quail season cper.ed Noy. 1,
and since that time many sports
men have taken advantage of the
open season and are enjoying some
fine hunting, especially in the Pan
handle and portions of western
Texas. The new law governing
hunting in this State is causing
much trouble and resulting in many
arrests among hunters who are not
familiar with the provisions of the
law. Under the provisions of the
new law it is an offense for any
one to hunt in a man's field with
out first obtaining permission. It
is not at all necessary that the old
sign "Posted, keep out",, be placed
on the gate or fence this year. As
there are comparatively but few
people acquainted with the new
law it is expected that from now
on until the close of tha hunting
season many complaints of unlaw
ful hunting will be filed in the
From Nov. 15 to 20, the Tailoring house of
Will have on display at the Union Shoe Store, 510 Polk street,
a line of their finest suitings, which will represent the most ex
clusive display of its kind ever shown in Amarillo and at prices
that are winners. If you want a suit or overcoat do not fail to
see this line.
Fit and Satisfaction Guaranteed
E. D. GREEN, Prop. 510 Polk Street.
Farm Machinery
Harness, Vehiches and Hardware
OUR large stock in each of the above lines consists of goods from the most reliable
maufacturers, the best and most durable makes, and the latest imrrovements
We can furnish you everything in Farm Machinery, Windmills, Agricultural Im
plements, Iron, Wire and Hardware.
' GUNS AND AMMUNITION--A new and large stock of hunter's and
sportsman's supplies, . .
. HEATING STOVES, RANGES, OIL STOVES--We can please you in
price style 'and quality, and are pleased to show you and quote you lowest market
prices on pur large line. A straight carload of the well known Bain Wagons just
received. See and inspect our line of Gang Plows. You find everything needed
on a farm or ranch at
Corner Sixth
and Poll! Sts.
and Retail

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