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VOL. XXvv;Vv;
NO. 59
Representatives From All Over the World Are
in Attendance at What Promises to be
. ... ,. the Most Important Session Held,
Premier CarapbellBannerman Welcomed Them and
Paid Tribute to Emperor Nicholas, SinK That.
Although Dissolved Russian Parliament
Would Again Exist.
London, July 23. Th fusion of
the Interparliamentary union is be
in hld In tha royal gallery of the
houe of lords. Delegates from ev
ery rlvlilwcl nation are In attend
ance. The American delegates, head
ad by Congressman Bart hold t. of St.
Lout, held a meeting immediately
preceding the. opening of the. cn
frsp, for the purpose, of definitely
agrteing on a program, an it Is ex
pected that the representatives of
the t'nlted States will take a promi
nent rlaee In thn deliberations. Tho
opening session of the congress was
devoted to the dlaruislon of prelimi
nary work, and the real work of t h
delegate will not begin until to
morrow, when the president, and vice
pri'sidrinta will be decided on.
.fne of the most important, matters
to come before the. congress In tho
uport. of committee appointed at
n nesslnn hdd at. Hruss-.ls last
fur to consider tho establishment,
6f an International congress wllh at
leabt advisory powers, and which
mittht, in time, become vested with
actual n uthorjlty. Credit for stiggest
Ing this idea Ik due to Congressman
Bartholdt. chairman of tho( Ameri
can delegation. The committee. Is
composed of some of Europe's most
distlngulbhtid statesmen, Including
Lord Weardale, who was recently
elevated to tho peerage because of
bis valuable services to his country.
U If thought that a favorablo report
will ho made, and that the Interna
tional congress will soon becomo a
real! tod fart.
Other matters which will eomo up
for consideration are the drafting of
n standard treaty of arbitration and
other questions to he submitted to
The Hague tribunal.
Various entertainments have been
nijsclyiinn of Russian Douim Um Rpvnll,
Martial Law Exists.
( Ajson.-itfd Pro:,'-,.)
: i fViei-ubiirt. .1 I V ''' p
in The ininv il mini. iter: hue ier
ommend-'d tnat i n-. rmprmi - - a
uKa e pi 'I r ' r: i i n p, t lt
pne or an upper bou
( -rum' -tl, mi in -.
p,u liammt.
aranged tor by the t'.ntl..h member.!,
including a reception by the king at
Windsor ra.tle, and a liiiuTicl. at
Crystal pala.
Many prominent. Fiurnpoan st,v-5-mn
art' present at the enngrcs;:, in
cluding Marquis r.indolphi of Italy,
II. ItorM of Norway, Mh roll d'lls
touinellen do Constant of France,
Senator Hcnil LaKontalno o( Pel
glum, and Count. Albert Apponyl of
illiilijiw I 'rum t uion.
Hardly had Hi conferem c openei
this morning whi'ii, amidst, a scene of
considerable, ..'xrlleiucnt, h member
of-the lower house of lht Hussiau
parliament, announced that In) and
his colleagues, representing, until
yesterday the youngest psiilanviil. In
tlio world, would he obliged to witjt
draw in consequent.' f Hie disnslu
lion of Hie body which lliey (ifllclully
were appointed to rep. ., n .
The delegates cheoivd to I he Kus
slan representatives to I lie echo. Pre
inier Cnniplell Hannorinuii, in a
spvch, greeted them, and also paid
tribute to Emperor Nicholas. It
could be thought, he said, that the
Russian parliament, all bough dis
solved, was sure to coino into exist
cinco again.
Then, in a sudden excess of vn
thuslasm, ho shouted: "The Russian
parliament Is dead; long live tho
Russian parliament. " Delegates
rose to their ftvt, amid a storm of
cheering, which lasted several inlu
u tea.
In conclusion the premier said
that at tho next peaco conference at
The Hague a general act would be
drawn up for tho submission of all
questions of dispute without, restric
tions to Tho Hague tribunal, for the
universal good of humanity.
'.I rotr r;.bii eg, .lulv '.'". Tho env-
ernuien' h midnight, roi rtvtai. in ciu.
nlung Hie parlianvint , and lh: ap
point ment of a new premier, Is al
i.iH'ly havlnr; the effect of uniting all
of the discordant dementi of oppo
sition Already a clear i sistancn
Is being made. A' cording lo advices
trom ibore, memher. of the purlin,
uiept who (led to Finland Intend lo
defy ilieir r.ovorelEii. They are ir
tnally rofiiftng to i r-rni.o I bo e
i tf o of di r-olution. tlne- boins'
;,er--irtn whs held l-v.t night In lh-'
ftinlns room of a hotel, at which all
the fornidiitier, of a ropi'm' t.ca;.ion
v.5ie ob.servod. I he leaders and all
-"iip . at s-olid. annnnted r.ot-lv by
.itdet'-'rmination to w'nk all their po
litical difference:; ami lo pre;. cut, a
.olid front againM. Hie nation atid
Hi'i government in the pi A...'nt cii;,ir;.
Only about Ufin mcml'cr:; wero pres
ent, however.
Countrle:; f tln Interior r.-porl
that a foi mental ion in the cities has
already heeun. renewal of lh
:tril,ef; in Poland and the souili, anil
r-omo tloting is reported from Khar-
lioff. 'roni ovi-i'v iliri'itlon (hero
come reports that an era of retires
lion ban been Inaugurated, iuclini
ini; (onllscalion of all Hie radlca
newsnaiiiu's and Ihe wholesale alli'st
of political and iwoliiiionniy sus
irili, Theto is every indication that
the most serious oullneaKs will oc
cur in tho ciiies of Southern liussia,
and that an uprising of pe:o-anls will
begin in the Volga region and In the
la mill" si rieken central provinces.
A ceneial f"ai' is expressed by Ihe
li: T.ilri lliai I MV hiilliary " 11 sit
round and capture inonibers al. VI
boig, on the ground that II. is a rev
oluiiunary iwsenibly. Ominous fore
bodings of Hie coining storm tire ap
parent on every band. I'airols are
being reinforced, and excited groups
are seen discussing the situation on
every corner. 0 nasionally gendarmes
with drawn swords pass by escort-'
iilg little bauds of n crested persons
lo prison. Tib; railroads leading out.
of the city have been plncwt under
niarllal 'law. Willi the regular gar
rison there are now morn (ban GO,
ii(M) troops massed In (lie city. Proc
lamations prohibiting meetings, both
public; tinrt private, and tho raising ot
flags and singing lu the. streets, and
ordering nil to aid the police In main
taining order, have been posted
throughout, tho city. Newspapers are
being strongly censored.
' i hi -m -i I
Heart Faiiiire-Vas Called "The ?m
of Wail Street."
( Aicocutcd rrcs? )
New York, July 2,1 Russell ,;.age
died suddenly ye:.terday at hta conn
Iry homo, Lawrencp, l,ou' Island.
The iininertlale caut'e of hlf death
wars hvart failure, ler-ulling Irntu a
roniplication of disease:, lii'ld'til to
old age, He ):i known H Ihe yeleian
financier, and would have celebrated
hit POth birthday Aurint I. Mis
d'Mth Is probably a : mail fai tor in
today's stock, market, y,Mrii opii. d
heavy. The Russian douiiM. r,w'i'-en
ally conversant' with die aft'an" of
th late Mr. Si?;e, t-tid thai be bad
roninaralivdy little money oul on
loans, and that the 'bath of tv
rlnani Ier would hardly di.turb Hie lo
cal financial condition;;.
Iitrl ting tho Territory.
(Special, to Dally Panhandle.)
Washington. July 23. Tho board
engaged in districting Indian Ter
ritory preparatory to the constitu
tional convention, has Issued a state
ment through Vs chairman that ses
sions will bo held In Muskogee for
five days, beginning Tuesday.
Hearings will be granted to repre
sentatives qf political parties, cities,
commuuitlea and proposed districts
for the discussion of tho work of ap
portionment. It is thought tho work
of thfl board will bo completed by
'August 115, and that tho election of
delegates to the constitutional con
vention will take place on November
6. Another Important evenl in the
territories next woek will be the clos
ing of the rolls of the five civilized
tribes, as provided for by congress.
The closing will be final, and strenu
ous efforts are, living made to get
the nanv,s of all members on the
rolls within tho time limit. Tho num
ber of Indians entitled to allotment
Is very nearly 100,000. Many of
these will recvlve money, ns them la
not enough land to go around.
nu'-.:,e)l S'HCe, tho neat financier,
w"ho died yesterday In bit Long I si
and home, was a character without a
parallel. Tneie have been many
rb-li men who have ln:lutncei ihe
world more than did Kns.el.l Sage,
and there have, been roiee men who
have attracted attention by (heir
meteoric careers, but of tho rich men
who have been content lo an annulate
wealth for itself alone, there have
been none lo equal this Nvw York
slink broker.
Ite.aii Life n Cleik.
Horn of poor New Fimlfcud par
ents, and with the most, limited op
portimitie. Mr. ting.v came lo New
York as a dork. llin wages were
small, but. hbi expenses were always
smaller. Tlio comp.'iati e pnierly
of liN New Iviglnnd boyhood, and
Ihe pinching vconoiiiies of his young
manhood fastened themselves upon
Sago as tho stronwosl habits of his
life. Instead of hoarding his sav
ings, however, young Sage began In
vesting lh-.Mii, and It was in this
choice of Invest mvnts that, he dis
played the genius that, mud him
later the wealthiest speculator In
New York.
ean and Discount - $46,105 79! Capital Stock - - $200,000.00
Pnd and Rl Etat - -SO.OOn.oo! G,)rph and Undivided Proflti 106,052.73
Redemption VunH - 1 0.000.00, - . ... nnnnoA,n
Cash and Fx. 343.02fi 2.'. )
Demand Loan 583,377.5 1 I
Tot si - . $1,483087.8.'
r26.95Ss6 nn-ititt.
W. H. Fuqua, President.
Chni J. H. Lowndes Cashier.
J. S. Chesnutt, Asst Cashier,
W. A. Smith, Asst Cashier.
lie I in largely In tenement,
houses and residence pioprty of the
very poor.. His Interest, however,
unlike .laeoli rtiis and some othr ten
einent owners, was nol for tho nil
piovi ns iil, b" might, make. but. for
ib, money he tnialit collect front the
dwellers In these wretched buildings.
Attempted AsMiNsiiiiii nn.
In addition lo his gra ping hah
Its, he refused to take lutein;, t In
public oiks, chantte;., etc. It. was
a;y to arouse preiidlce;i alnr-t
rik h a man. mid Rui.sdl Sage came
In for a great deal of sensational
abu.je. About tlfte.-ii ;, ear;, ar,o. dur
ing a teniporar-v panic In New York,
a man attempted lo blow up Jace'R
oflii-e with a'honib. '1 h-.i man, whor.e
iih niitv wa., never wholly discovered,
was himself kille.l. an I Hie financier
('si apt d Injuri. ;''lin e that time Mr.
Sage has hrvn extremely careful in
admit I ing i iters to his ot'ice.
No lillMM'is fee Sage.
The i ;u itu; habil woih 'uliii ainount.
ed to a uiania Mai titoi ies, fact
and lictii, v.ero lol l of hi i uimil
llliCllcss to spolid even the thia'lli'st
auxiiiiil. lie ni'ver tool, a vacation,
but day after day, Kept al. his work,
lie disclaimed being a speculator, but
called himself an "operalor." His
judgment on slock conditions
amounted almost lo second right, lie
never, howevvr. attempted to make
large sums by great slroke.t, but. con
tented liiiuself with scalping out
comparatively small prolits, and nev
er linpairii.g bis credit.
Us Wcallti.
He had no intimate fii-nds, and
not even his clerks know Ills real
wealth, lie had no pot charities to
devdope, and his wealth will go to
few remaining- relatives. Some of
these are In extremely poor circum
stances, but havo heretofore, receiv
ed scant help or non.i from their
weall hy kinsman.
i and
Trust Co.
I Amsiillo,
Paid Up Capital, S50.000
Banking Departmsnt
Ample capital. Reliable and prompt tervlce.
No account too small. None too
Urge. Interest paid
on time deposits.
Trust Department
Malte your will and'tume this company a
jour executor. It is better to leave
your buBiness in the hands of an in
stitution that will not die, nor
abscond, nor resign. Leave
oiir will in our vault
for safe kenping,
Consult us confidentially about this important
matter. VsluaMe pspers kept for yon free.
J. C Paul, Trett, Ray. Wheatlcy, Cashier.
Aiery furner, V. Tres. Cltas. A. Fitk, Jr. Seo'y.
Points About
5ve -SVftdfvc
5Va Stow
9 '
Saves rtinniug lo and fro from
a hot stove, and prevents the
working in a stifling room.
All the heal is concentrated on
ironing surface where it is want
ed. An even temperature is always
maintained, thus giving perfect
Cool, clean, safe and cost hut
Phone 20 will tell you about it.
Vlborff. July 23. 2: 10 p. m.
The governor of Viborg has just ar
rived mid announced that. It hasieen
ordered by the governor Roneral of
Finland to Immediately dose the
meeting of the members or parlia
ment, and to use Ihe military force,
if necessary to dispose of them. Proc
lamations have been Issued by tho
members of parliament containing a
protest against, the illegal dissolution
of the parliament, unci an appeal to
Ihe people to refme to paf taxes or
receive tho army, or to recognize In
nny way the Issue of a government
loan. The address iiniottnls' to an
apponl to the nation to seize that, lib
erty which thegoveriiinetit has denied
them. Tho manifesto was uol. adopt
ed without ti struggle, a. strong fac
tion having striven to check tho im
pel uoslty of the radicals. Thv radi
cals Insist thai members of the par
liament should placo themselves nt.
the head of tho revolution, it ml. if
neccssnry. they should die In slht of
tho people.
At ihe last monienl the constitu
tion democrats, under the Influence
of a threat, of martini law, swung
Into line villi ihe radicajht and tho
address lo the country wits adopted
wllh practical unanimity. The Poles
will udopl a separate statement. The
former members of tho piirlla'iiivnl.
(hen adjourned, I'eull.liiR I ho hope
lessness of refusing' In rcipgnl.n the
cdht. of dissolution In I I'm face of thn
bayonets of the governpieiil.
Twenty-Two Indictments Returned and Five
Hundred Witnesses Subpoencd,
(Special to Dally Panhandle.).
Springfield, Mo.. .Inly 23.--Tlm
Greene county criminal court, which
convened hero today, will be the
most Important session of that tribu
nal held in many years, owing to the
trial of the alleged members pf a
mob which liangvd unci burned three
negroes in this city last April. The
special gn.nd jury called to investl
gale the affair returned twenty-two
indictments, all but two of which
are for first degree minder. Only
three of tho cases ate docketed for
this term of court - "Doss t.al
braith and .1. Hill Clooch, who hi'ij
charged wllh first degree murder for
alleged complicity In the lynching,
and. Marry llaeckcr, charged with
perjury before the special grand
Jury, being tlio defendants. !noi li
and (ialbiailh aro blacksmiths, and
are now frco under bonds of $7,U(H)
each. It Is believed that a K'st. cuso
will he mado against Hooch, and, In
the event, of a conviction being se
cured, Ihe prosecution of tho other
men Indicted will continue.
Prosecuting Attorney Koscoo Pat
terson ban Issued subpoenas for over
.".0(1 witnesses to appear at. this term
of court, and testify against Hie men
indicted In connection villi the
It, Is not believed thai any judicial
clemency will be shown tho accused
men In case of it conviction, as Judge
A. V. Lincoln, who Is presiding over
tho criminal- court, has more than
one.) expressed his olm lal detestation
of the cilnie wllh whldi they are
charged. In addressing the special
grand Jury called to Investigate Hi.'
lynching, .ludgo Lincoln said:
anlt of Commerce
of Amarilio.
a B
Absolute Safety
Liberal Treatment
"AH persons and their alders and
abettors who' were engag-cd In this
shameful otitrago are, In tho 'eyes of
tlio law, guilty of first degteo mur
der. You aro oxpycted to do your
duty without fear or favor, let, tho
lash fall where It will. The path, of
safely lies In the most rigorous Inves
tigation and the most vigorous pros
ecution. The deeds enacted by tho
mob haw turned back tho dial of
Tim lynching of tho, three negroes,
t'oker, .Duncan and Allen, who worn
alleged to have been Impllcutod in an
nsH.'iult, occurred on Iho night of
April I I, this year. A mob of sever
al hundred men overpowered the of
Ihors at the county Jail, carried tho
screaming negroes to the public
square, and hung I hem to a statue
of Ihe Uoddess of Liberty, Later
the bodies worn taken down and
burned In a great, bonfire, which
lighted up tho business section of
(Ik- I own.
The Sunday following was a day
of wild cMlietiienl. and u race war
was averted only hy tho arrival of
stale troops. The negroes thirsted
for revenge, and on Monday nlghl.
following Ihe lynching two blacks
made an al lack upon Leslio Peters,
a Iti-year-old whilo boy, who wan nc
couipaiiving his sweetheart homo.
Out' of tho nejo-ois was shot, and kill
ed by Peters, who was presented
with a purse of several hnndivd dol
lars by the busine-is men of the city
us a reward for his bravery.
The lynching nud snbseiiieiil Hon
worn the cause of nun h cunimenl.
ihrotighoul Hie count rj, and tho o
cllemetil h. re did not. wholly subside
for weeks after the Iragedy.
The stale and county olliclals, led
by Attorney tlencral lladley, have
made (l. ieriiilneil efforts lo discov
er and punish Ihe guil'y parties, and
the outi otiio i.i nwallcd with wide
spread Interest.
Exceptional service in every department of banking Is
offered patrons of this bank.
Capital $75,000.
Vice Pres't.
Rock Island Construction Company Operates
In State Without Authority.
(Special to Dally Panhandle.)
Austin, July 23. Some weeks hro
complaint wus niado to tho nttorncy
general that the Itock Island Con
struction company, a corporation In
corporated tinder tho Oklahoma laws,
was rngagod In the work of construc
tion of tho Texas, New Mexico &, Ps
ellle railway, which was recently In
corporated, h lino running from Mc
Kinney into New Mexico. Investiga
tion in tho office) of tho secretary of
slato showed that the construction
company above mentioned had neith
er a Texas charter nor a permit, lo do
business in Texas, and luvusllgatlon
at McKlnney by Klrsl. Assistant At
torney tieneial W. 10. Hawkins, dis
closed the fact that tho company
had actually begun the- work of
constructing tho iiliovc-nientioned
lino of riillway, and was stlll-cngagcd
In thai work, under contract with
said railway company. Chapter Ha
of the general laws of TVxas, IHiKI,
"That no corporation exiept one
chartered under the laws of the slate
of Texas shall bo authorized or per
mitted to construct, build, operate,
aiiulre. own or maintain any rail
way within this stair'." '
The attorney general held that this
law prohibits, a foreign corporation
from i onsi ritcting a railway, in Tex-
hs, even under a contract with a Tex
as rsllway company, nnd accordingly,
notified tho officers of tho construc
tion company that they would not.
be allowed to further prosecute! the
work on tho railway until they had
taken out a charter under tho Texas
Tim construction company imme
diately ceusocl operations, filncj then
the Kock Island 'Construction com
pany, a Texas corporation, harf been
organized, and today filed its charier
In tho offico ot the secroiary of "stato
at Austin. Tho attorney general had
been Informed that other construc
tion companies Jiud boon engaged In
buildins railroads in Texas without
havlnn a Texas churler, and Is Inves
tigating lite report a with tho view of
tiling proceedings In tho courts t
compel the observance ol tho above
mentioned act ot 1 HO j.
0 a raa
Farms, Ranches and City Property for Sale or Exchange
125 Fifth Street. Russell Building. Phone
' are now permanently loratod
In our nw oftico at 123 Fifth street,'
where we will bo glad to hava you
visit ns.
CO. Thong 6 27
Oklahoma (Vlcbratrs Statehood. '
(Special to Dally Tanhandlo.)
Oklahoma City, July 23 Thin Is
Statehood day at. Ih Oklahoma City,
t'huuiatiuiia, unci hundreds of people,
from surrounding cities uro hero t
take part In tho celebration, Numer
ous decorated carriages and automo.
biles will take part In the grand pa
rade this afternoon. Concerts will
he given hy tho First. Regiment band,
ot tho Oklahoma militia, and by thi
Oklahoma City band. Senator Dol
liver is expected to arvivw thlii after
noon and deliver an address, and.
other noted speakers will bo prfMOitr,
Nearly all stores and offices ia tb
city wore closad thtu afternoon.
i-. .

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