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The twice=a=week herald. (Amarillo, Tex.) 1887-1906, November 16, 1906, Image 1

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r r " .''VV' ..; v, , ., ....
fH wv -' 0-ini
t . ' 1
11$' i I I - , . - t . ,
II k& ju-
TwScaW eek
NO. 92
' - :- "1
Fifcii Hundred Delegates Are
Gsltad Li St. Louis
Msny Are Prominent,
Oip.aiiKjtion 1o be Completed, .Which Wi;i
Wnrlt ThiDUfch Riv",r Iinprovntncitt As
socijllons. Gov. Campbell Prtssnt
Lciul . Mo, i.;.--No.iriy
1.5 rttlcsaiort, inrJudltu numerous
governon;, niUirs unl represiti?a-
iei,, .tie i'jiliriii nt lh, Oili'Oii to-
I 1 1 . -)) re 'hi' oporiiux session ni
!;.' r-:(", V.torw.tyH t onvont inn Ih
.n ii:f'i.-. i . r-Li. Anions tlio iliMlnul.vh-
I a ii i'ot s. m my of whom will deliv
er add i esse , .110 tliij following;
Ch.'tites. .1. ilnii.ip.u te, seriot.uy nl
ih navy; Joseph Cannon, speaker of
uc liout-i ; senator ormaok 01
Tcuuctnec. Itailcy, of Texan; Wei
tr and Siou--. of Missouri; Allison,
of )ovn: M Cn-.-try, of Kentncky;
ll pmnway, 'f Iii'lUna: Aiiketicy, 1 1
VCa'hinjjton, and Governors Fo!'s. ut
Mls'.ouri; l-nci), rf Ulluols; T)als
"f Arknnwfi: Lrnward. of. Florid;
Fraiitr, of Oklahoma; Bl.mchard, of
l.otiliiiaui; Law&on, of Went. Vligla
l i, and DavJ-Jin of Wineon-slu. Gov
oi unr-olo' f. T. M. Campholl. of Toxns.
vol) al.'rt iell"l n U addict;;;.
Tin I'fciot ohjcr.l. of lho rauutlng
1' tb rto:atIoft of river transpor
I i ion by deepouhr.; tho rhannela,
hut. bnnzlnz bo.it transporlatioo In
to o'u petition wjtH iho railroad.
A permanent hO'iy will to organised
which will work throusli the. river Ira
fuovoninit. associations of tho Upper
MiSFissippI, tho Ohio, fho Missouri
iind the lower Misni8Klppl. ns ell u
various cpinnmreil bodies, to neeine
nppropituUoUd from con,;r.i for the
lijjprovew 'iit of Iho internal wnter-
wnys of i lie tommy. ,
Acoor1inj to the report of tit of
f!i;lali of t hi Uusitii3 Men's league
under whoso iittxpl.'vs the coinon-
Hon is hclusf Lull, tin? work of cou
nt: iirlln a waterway fioni tho lakes
to 'the gulf lwn alrciuly boon half n
intnplUlKd, without r"si to tho tfnv
rnmut, hy thu cotuplctlon of tho
Chicago snnllary uud ship eunal.
roiigrfh will ho urwd fo romplotc
i hin. vork by niakliig a foitrtct.'ti foot
rb'LanM iroun?t;tiiij iho cannl,
through t'hn niimdst river whli thu
MI-'if:slppl. H. is I'cMtnalud that this
.iuld (.orit. ahnut $31, 00(1, 00(1'. Any
wn:hp now afloat, It in said, could
through but h a r-hannrl.
Th roDvwttion will vUtnv tonior-
cveuloj with the mo t elaborate
i muol. i.vor i Kl. Louis. Thu
!jir will 1uk placo at llio .Icffiifsou
'I and many of tit" li;tliisnIshoil
rors will riifooud to toasts.
'voiary Hoot is expwtud to arrive
'.' :; tomorrow p'iilug and innv at
i' lul tho haimuut.
Ak no irtiirtiK h tvn horn jjraitieft i.i
fHti.4ila for lhtr prilcniiH.il ra-n,
tt: tn xpm ti1 thai p- i liaim nt Km
'itiiit or aboll-h thm. j
U U llkclv t.hc. thrt Innnifi.i.ftloi)
qtifMlon will al.-r tal,o up nm- Jd
crahlo portl-ifl of tho Mm,, ,,f tn,-.
nxMiibcrt ot pir Lnavtit ,t thu roc
Mr' .iou. I'. ix j'en'-d 'Ut Chins
meu 8L-t dioj ,1 ii fMi-at
immljtT.i) 1 r o bin. Jul
i he contry tf 1'0 h oi i
iil foil In pro'f p I n )
p:u I.Kitint h fTio I1' ,' ,
ugh Hcsidsnt Atlornay, Procriojs Kavs Bcon ljiiulei Under h&f
mm Anti-Trust Act, By Filing a Peiillon of Equity, Asking
Tii2l the Gomfctelicii !i3 Declared WM
Ued into
. tod )(
' llIO!l
NVrfiiVl.i'Wii, Biul pnni ;oi
Oliilld lUplJ.. f ii b., yo-, i;,. ....
Mik Ward and Ifn. ry ' ''i .f 'hll
adelphla tv fip' . , in-vii n
l'!S pOIIDd:! In id I;. MM .!;. pon
tho nialrh wiih i;i . I .s is con
bblored ly h; Vf.ir.l'j h.i K. ,r. Im'
th toccni let 'riei. if h i hii
d"pnl.it) over riixcr.il.i ail,- nnili-.il-t-rty
h le pil a lilf -rciK ii'.pcct o
the pioli,ibL .:-.--, it U. ri ,)ir li ,nt. T!v
X'imicr will he tnatdK.I .linn, v
(Jai (liifr.
It. ( !l
Ihe. strongfil aud mosl
hifth carrion steel lorji c.
din aKlc
a i
Open Automobile Si Inml.
Tarrylown, . Y., No k I.',
aiitfirnotillo. school was fMiy : irl'
by fi' local Iniititli of tho Yimhk!
Mi u's Cliri.itiati us.;n j.tiioii'. The:
eotirM' mi huli H a hltIok of lei tiuc:-.
by nu n cimtiei I'.'d wiih lm ai e o'r.r
car I'.irlorii', n well a; .stei,, o:l,
wnri na.:ieal to.irl ti-;inlt)'.
Mjmrj e,a! Mcody Stales Tf.at This Ftys.i Has Been GarsIy GansfSsred by Fresidsnt
p.l and Sc It,
fl ri' !4
Cs!!Retfe0i1 Tlial i!i3 Standard GO snd Its Sevenlv
C8jlfe3ts a-ji Parfershijj Csjfrsl Pa Csnl flfts Ciitput.
SI. l.n'il.-. Nov. I'p. 'I'iH' Ii 'ailn.:
'I' depof Ii i-ms nl' iiic '.. I . ti in lie.
C'l.f'i.r Mm of thu ;.T'' of Mi.-toun
,(;',iiu:-l !h" S:, ail ,.ir,!, U'j i i ; I'ie
.HliI I!' i I t liiic fill ( oiii i,i n : v. is 1 1
.-i 1 1 1 1 1 r I tinlav.
.awHuce. KjU., Nov. ir-.- Tli! an
uu&l convention of. tho Kansiiu
Uiakcis' ashociaiion nprnofi nhh
aUcnionn with an a.idrff-s of web
conn. ty 'o!rJ;:l i. , yiui)t. oi
this city. More than lOo vifilor
will libttoti to addrM on financial
topics by Mirue of tlic lnatlin bank
vn of tho state, including a rom.id
crutiou of '?e''rtoil AnK'iulnn nr.s ro
the WMMnf Laws." by ,1. q. Koyco,
etate bark eouimiuHioiidr. The Unal
hankers will tender a banquot iu
the. visitor IQtilyht. Tomorrow ait
ernoon the delegates will he kIv h
nn anioniobile rldo o the tao uni
vorsity, where they will IIhIiu i() an
.! l-t IHII
n" pi a
i.'in.i i!(o sin
ll-nr.v :,,.;
lob ii D. An-),
Mid ( ii.i 1'
i i ! . la i'i
I'l II ll
in : )" i'ie,.' ),.-,.
''' e .Ic'im I")
W'l'iaiu Hi), ii.'li-l'ev
'' . ii i M. Fl r;l ;
"i I. f)l'' r II. I'm u.
r. hi
'ml of
address on "S'oeliit l'uradoxe?
rrofewor K W. Blackoiar.
convention will thn adjotirn.
' by
Con ven tion of Hoibts
New Orlcuns, La., Nov. i;
Sontliern F'lorlsts' awoi-lutioi) opened
its annual aesrion here today, with
member from all over the Soutn in
attendance. AJdreHos will he de
livered hy many an til oil tirs on ,,mt
culture. Tho convention will lisi
throe dav.
New ork Hiwinj; K'ttds.
New Vork, Nov. 15. ThU U the
)nil day of raclnfr ou ew York
UckK tjiia e,i.on, tho meet at: Ac
iueducl. elohing this ufterUoon. From
icip the hort-M ud turf followers
i. ill go In Washington, where the.
tieunlngi; tnecl. opens tomorrow and
v.i)J last to the rint day of nxi
'non I Ii.
mm 91mm
OUawa, out.. Nov. 15. Tho (ina
iian psrllanifni. rensiemblod today
i' r w hat will probably be Ihe longewt
. riion in Its hlKtory, come of the
c-mbcr I'XpresKlng Hie opinion that.
i will not tloKo before next May.
riu Insurance question, tho revision
c'' '.he tariff and ih'' Immigration
-Kohlcm wit! :iMb"bly be the fea-
' i'."' ijf the :;j'.-ifti'.
In reird o tariff r' i.iimi , I'le-
v.'.it r l.cirler '.odyy iiatiotiueed thai
K- v.'Mi-c.i ?a'.l'!.al thaegjs In Vho
Vleksliiirg. Mis$., Nov. 15. (iov-
trnor AHicit M. (.itmiiitiis of luwa,
aceompaliled In hi official party,
tho Kilty- fifth Iowa rej;inien:ul band
aud neveral hundred veterans of the
Hawkcye ntio ure lioie to partlcl
pate today in tile unveiliun of thv
Iowa monument at the Ninhmal Mil
U.aay park. (Jovernor Vardeman of
MlssiaIppl will deliver an addros;-.
Tho monument will be nnvcilefl bvf
Mls Graeo Iti.uhy aud Mis lClnora
Stanton anil will be presented to the
governor of Iowa by Captain John
lr. Merry, chairman of the Iowa Mil
itary Park eommlwlun. (ioveruor
Cumtmlnii will In turn pretmnt the
memorlHl to the L'tilted Stat" gov
ern mem, rep re el) ted hy Conceal
Oreouvllle .f. llodse. At tho onclit
sloti of the cereiuonioH ihe school
children of Vickebnrg will join in
singing 'The Star Spangled Ilanner."
Chairman Mnrry of tlm low com
miiibton originally wujj&esled Iho 0?
tabllhment of tlie Vlekuhunc Na
tional Military pari. aud was Influ
ential In acrurhiK the ;-nsae of the
act. of congress making Mr appro
priating for that purpose.
.MlOruej s, l.llA.
a.iii.'rto3. r. C. No. . 15
torncy G"jen Ua1y toll y
through the ri';-id'.r:i Cn'. d Si a:.--,
diHtrlcl aftorn-y inatiiHu-d 'pro,..e(t
ingn a,-Mir;:t tin; t-Xnid.ird Oil ot New
.K'vnoj i:dor the : li"rin,ij. an'! fl-'t
act, by ril.nn 1:' tim I 'uitej . t it's.
clrcui! court at St. r"i 1 1 1 a (it.;'.ion
in oijiiity ap.ar.iv it an I i".-. sevenry
oonstltueni corporaiions ;n'd pait
l;er:.llip'! and seiil 1 n J i v i cl i . ) il j
f -ndniM-;. a lr; 'til .1 ihe -i iu : i iki -lion
lie decia.ied mdiwiul mid u iji
future enjoined r-.on etiierinn Inlo
a contract "It coinbin (;lon In re
straint of lia e,
AMormy Cetieial .'li'iodc publicly
made lite staieni, ur today in whi 'll
lie raid in part; ' In June last, by
Mn' ilirctioii of io I'lVTitdfli:.
M-vr.-. Kelln; a nl ,'.iori'i.-.on were
appointed ny ;nf ..s mk ' I u as::is;an'c
tn the ct'ornov ::ei.',,il In ; c 1 Willi
nt'll,irit Artorney (lercral I'urdy,
to inalie all in 1 m i :a t Ioh of the re
lations of the Si ir.i'.ard Oil romp my
of New .k'ti-ov 10 the bu-iness of
reflniter, iian ;poi lation. d: .1 . liiui in -and
fiC'lliiv; of nil t hroushoiii the
I " 11 i : fil St i'es. 'I no coinn.el have
compl.'led lllal dull and the leimrl
of their, InvoKibvrbm has received
careful colliiilefa lion b. the I'lesi-
dotii and hi caiiine:. Inl'ot net'em
aVJliljble 1(1 lite dei;. t 111 'C ierid-l tn: ; , , ,,.,...!,.
now inai iite various 1 orporation. h m t, - ti,,
rt'iitps. under the con-
nidard Oil company 01
j.'::w Jersey, pro hue. transport and
I sill a built in;' cent of :1m refine.)
oil proiIuiT,?, irauspoi led and sold in
tie' Culled .Slates for done-:', ir use
and n lion t ihe same propor1 (on of ro
fined oiT ej,nirie, Iron) the I'l.'iied
Staies: 1 h il this share of tei.-.Ine. ..
has been procured by ,1 course ni
I'I. 'I. I I d.'M'.'i
li'n ne. on' pji
tv: i-Clcrpri-e Ij.e; li-'eji 1,1 sup.
:S COlUpeti.'cJII .(lid (ulna .is ti
iis potsibbi i, iiK;;i-ije . : t n.j t be
iwrf!) l.7 and 1SS.' the d"si;-u ;..
nfl'i ft .) tht'i-i i.'li an av.ro.. mom In...
tvci.'i iun- p-i ...ni- and npni,,.
iioll.-: 'lilt I 1 J. V j t::(;
' V: ' ' .'J 'li'iin h i'.i:;ii.
iCX ll.lli' trustee. Inrludu:r five of
the ahovo n ri tned, Miffioieut Mori; it)
f liirty-aiije eorj.oiaikins 10 eti.ihh
Hie U ll.ite...J- V! con.Vof 'iie duels f jons
111 Mith a i thai ennhie-jii,,,! WAy
Hillipl e'.-sed.
"That piali mils mii'd on iiu'll d"
clai'i " Illegal by the jinprem,. court
of Ohio ! isi.'; that during the
seven years loilowim; ih, s.inie in
dlvidnals as a majority of lirpi Id.! n
Iiuslfef., ..ei'e pn.iia.iinn in
d.i;e ilic trii.it. but. as a mattm- 01
fact were nian.'int; (lie corpora' lorn,
in the same May; ;liat lu 1 x ; 1 ; i()
di idn 1! d I'endunts llli-n.,1 e, the
:-.'ocl; of ie SMlidai'd Oil n'lno.tl.'.
of New Jersey from $ 1 0,111111,1010 i,
S 1 1 n nun, nun mid a--ulr.'.1 ,iii r1(.
F'O'k ther"'ofurti coin rolled hy the
rntiiees. p;ivit'K 'therefor by the le
t.'ie of :s uw;i sliaros In cm haii'ii ;
tl'.al tli.' parpe ,. nl.d eft, rt of ihe
U'-e ,,f t'ne Jl.and.ird Oil company of
' 'he prut l-hiiis of t,
Ii.in Ulls die hi'fii lie,
"ndar I fill company o
and M'vciity o;hcr cor
d ll.ill.'il par'nershlps
nbit.c named
1 ' I'rnjl i -. it; '
Sola Agent,-
Li .v.'"!-
eiiiili. 11 a 'I '
: In 1 in.. n a. :
ay Ma 1 ,ie ;
Nov .l-t
ro.rriot,.. , 1:
hii.I s"'i . n imlividii.tls
hi mi I't-'iitu 1'idii'i.i
' :-". I.o.i;.. tn ),.,. sab! inn,:
joa et! iii'iv.. d m:i:.i.iiI ,.,nd
1 01 jioi.it ion," pmli :.j ed 1 lU;n d"
i.K. . p.v.M-: oily diMd.-ui to
f '.itid.ird Oil m N.-.w Jeriey a:id jt.'
he ep.joir.ei: 1,0111 oJltOilll. ill''' m tii
r 1 lori'ii'.ii; ,niv conti ari ,r "o:.i .. i ft!
n -J ' J . ' : I to I est Mill l.i(e :i;i, 101,1. : J)
till '!' or Ml HlOloiO;:e ll-S'ie ti 1 f, r I
fu' iire.'- : jj
L fiiir,-. ard D'tcount
Pcnri 4rH R' I fc'.iUt
Kodcmp'ion Tend
Ca:.h Aral Ex. J'HI ol . 15 1
Demand Lesn .".ID.lllll.lT t
$i.d.:;;hi 07 Capiui stock
-oO.UiKiO'i Gutpiusand Dndindnd Piofit.s
lewT.ti' Depa&it
W. II. rtiinin. President.
Chas.l. E- Lowndes, Cabi
J. 5. Cliesnutt, Asst Cashier,
W.A. Smith, Af-stCeahicr.
Paid Up Capital
.......v. .
Nov Jeiscy
v. a-i l'.-ee ;e!.
:"M' iind elf
of ihe :ri-.
an't f iml uifi
"i"ve i.itnl. Olilo. Nov
.-.".;) 1 1 I - lip to men tc:d,y f.,l..,J (i j
fnd .1. M. It-.be!., (I. .. Vl'.is re.
ii. y lu'odi, iii,. .s.iiuu.nd oil f-n
flciuls n im .-' Indicted to'-i' iif-rlS
wl'h John l. Kockefollor at
y-sterday afiernoon. Tn
didn't isp : '-e home 01
e.aN. 'I
1... n-p.r jjJI
I'ln 'I!n ij
lie ll I 1 1 'C J i
li'ifHefe!!", j'Jj
as th. i I Ii was know n 1 "..it ti,;1
la ter Has not there. Th,. oilmr
1 ..... 1 . 1 1... A : i 5S
i'"' 'i 1 in 1 -. in- ---'im , 1. f, v.k 1 o lopj ,
were 1-if ' of :o'. n. The Indict mentis
1 liar;.e a 1 i'.lalion of ihe ';i nep In,. I
itili nil-.; law.
l,iii,liifoot l'recul.
St. l.ouis. Nov. I 5. A st.l-.t:. 11 1
toi ll-y CiMi-Tal Jewell P. ,:(ht
fooi of Tcmih. Is heie toih-y and bv
:;ii tal i.tii; depositions in Hi,, suit
lnoue.a! by the state of Texas to
Trust Go,
1 ll-' lioldiiii; company ousl ihe W'atei's-l'i-'i'c,' OH) chiii.
'lie : 1 1 - as the i.tt:--! nanv f 1 otii dolinr business In th.-.,
rVpn-itlnns were liKep ,,..
a notary yfind n :ifcoi',.laiu:e I
I'f la'vs p.nvernin tn,. utile
e.vas. They wore conduet"d In
t se-slon.
of - In' appoint -ai 'tit i sla e,
hc'i'i-tf.if.ir." r ".., rf d ! 'ore
Banking Departmanl
Auiple-jj-itdl. KeiialVift znd prompt' ervire.
.No aei ount too small. None too
laigc. Intciei-t pdi-1
on time deposits.
Trust Departed
M.ikr your will and uatv this company n
Kr execute.!, ft it. belttr to We
your buftimss in th hands of an in
Mitution that will not die, nor
abscond, norresiiru. Lcwe
xrur will In our vault
ter sf Vseping,
C'timtlt us confidentially alout thitt important
matter. Yalnahlo paicrs kept for j-ou frc.
J. C. Paul. Pit. Biy. Whcatle. Casbiur.
A)ery furiter, '. Pres. Chas. A. Fi..k. Jr. fno'y.
Jafc im
in S'tppt
s'i comji.'
111 ! hod
iti'ia; I v. i !
aided! -if 'I
by tile e;,t;ili!! lini"nt -of t i-i!: o.id 1 '
li '.i s whirl) i!Im riiiiiualed In f.ivoi !
1.0 ni" corpora in. is, no -e mIocU war
held b.e 1 1:;. haldlUu ennilialiv; th:((
tii' i o1'ii.:mi h , been ab.. In obi.ifu
:i monopoly, wiMi the icmiIi t.'tat
prices are w-m mil' Ii 7 1 i j ; 1 1 1 ; to fho
tcei.sti mer than in the nrri?ory where
tompei.iiion to some (tent. still c-i'-'tcd,
A-1 ordinal, a potitinn In
Slainlanl Oil Mock.
New York', Nov. 15.. Tile Stand
aid Oil. company of New Jersey todiy
declared o quarterly dividend of $10,
or .he sain..' amount, as lo.: l.jj cr) at
thh lime list ar. Shortly ;:fici
111 declaraiioti the stork snld off n
polnlK to 5 '15.
pels of ho' h I he Individual au-l team
fOlltusl s.
Amoiiii Miners' Coutosl.
IMioenlx. Ariz.. Nov. 15. -A tuin
ern' drilling eon lest for the ch.im
pionahip of Arizona In a unique fea
ture of the .program at the. territorial
fair ami has attracted Ko.oros of
mle.erH from tile various Arizoua
Mississippi I'ii'eineii Iri- iiii.e.
MaticL-liovii. Miss., Nov. .",. ,
pei inatieiil irv.a n ixiii ion 01' !h" fire
men of Mis.-issippl will ino'ed-'v be
efl'ecl.Cil as Iho result of a coin eii inn
ilich opened here ,'idil..
yrii'.ra:.r;.i1 terlti, wiiiob now favors eatiiui-,. Iltindsouio eupe. auliably ln-
flip'T;::':'".! Kinsdr ajidteoloot.vurjJ, will he prenntcd.t0 tho win- cordanoe with Hie order of johu
New York. Nov. 15. -Too an
nouncement lllai Senator T. ('. I'J.tti
arid trife had xgreed io J.wparuli; and
had signed papers to th.d ff. ,-; was
no surprise to The pu'ilie. Thai Ihe
senator has mad,, a. j - U 1 . m 111 was
tho general opiuiou amnn friends,
but. It. is nol kilo vu what it ;is.
The arsuined i'.uludes propr'it t
Highland Hill wh. ie Mrs. pi.-o i .x
ma'.ini; h"r home.
Admit Southern Cattle.
Toneka, Kau., No-. 13, In ar
il. Il.il.er, si lie Iieli,ck Sanilai V
.oiini).ssiiin..r, vruiinern caitb will
be admitted to Kansas at'-cr lin.p c
llon, betluniiie loiliiy, liispecloih
have 1 ,-A' n placed nl nil lm;,oi;..ini
it 'lions on th. south Hiate line and
will examine all sonl'iarll c.iltle to
lil'i'lnnl T.i.-,... It,vr,i, 11 II...,
j I " 1 I ..... i iiii.v l.j'll. I 'IV
open season wi'l cud January 3),
icni'Kiwiir a I'lco Coinpany.
N'. w Vork. Nov. 15.. ... meelini!
of Hie vt'ickli"id :rs of th-' Atlantic
nice Millltifr roinp.'iny today it njlt
probably be d-riilcd lo dissolve tin
New V(i'k co'pnr.i'.ion mid rooi-;an
ittc Under ihe laws of Te.,is.
action m b'iir? la'.eii in order to
facilitate ih-' transaction of th,. emu.
pan's business in Texas.
Headquarters of the company mi
der Hie no v li:f"l porallon Will prob
ably he , siiibill'-'d a: li.'iiiiuioul,
Doitylicrtyfoiribier l.lout.
H'lvenport, Iowa, Nov. I 5 - -.1 imm v
Uatduer and Jack lom;iierly will
fi:hl. lifU'cii roiiads ii! caich w-UKhi
u Hit; main event of u milt matinee
io he irivon by Hio Ti i-Clty Athl'dic
club toiiigni. Dougherty Is in fine
conditio,, ;,nd Is exp"('ioi Io put up
ii stiff
liii.o. the champion
fust, bouts .have been
arr,in;,'.ul for this even in;,', Packer
McKavliitiil of I'lhfcar.o will nu-e
Votinr, Morris of Kenosha, Wis., hi
a leu rotiud toniOi.,t. and .lohliiiN
Conloti of Chicago" and Kid Kilcnel
of St. Louis will ?,u e,thi rounds.
s mum
New Vtirk. Nov. 5. l'h, sicl.i ns
from all over ihe country, win, or"
uei c in ni lend Hi-- Aiiii-rU a)i-l.ritt i -Ua
i. i. ii 1 1 Tubfi'ciihi.d ; cour,re..s are
iioldiin.; a conference ;,i ih,. Hudson
iliea'er lo-lay for the pui'iotc of or
vaioziii'; a sin -h.'ty Io work lor the
cnafmont and cnfoi cement of laws
agnlmd ;ill kinds of iiieilical quack
ery. The sncii.dy, which will be lia
tioiul ill i( scope, will nliio sock to
pre.M'in 1,. aduIU'i'alioii of druui
aud foods an will oppose the sale
of alcohol and lunmticit under the
suise of proprietary reined leu.
1(21 DdilUUi UUIinilijIUu
of Amarillo.
Absolute Safety
Liberal Treatment
Exceptional service in every department of banking is
Zoffered patrons of this bank. :.':
Capital $75,000.
Vice Pros't.
A'-k Money for CoreKts.
Sim Hoi liardilio, t 'al., Nov. 15.-
V niinen'iou of reprei-oiiiativ-'s ,,f
ill i he towns relyiiii; upon Hie San
! I.'.i-rn irdinn watershed I;' b'-ini held
here to mali" a
Washington for i
whicli io can's forward Hie work
dnrinn 'he winter season and io
tineiiik; the danger ot dronttlil.
l-A.-imine Midshipman.
nii,.p'lis. Aid., Nov. 15. 'I'lio i'i:.
uuili'd aiijieal to! ainiirtiion of Hie miriikipnvn gxad
iPiiiopi'latinns willjl "3,"H f,r '"? ni'vnl neademy rJaan
rent ora i ion aud to brine;
be ter pro: en! i m for th,- forest re
serves. Professor T. P. l.ltkoUs, foi-
m''r supervisor of tho San Hornar
diUo and S,ii (labricl resurverf, d.
c.l ii-os that if t. ha work of re.foientiiif,
the uioutnains In carried on in an
inU'lliscnt mi'iinJr, flvi waitrBlieds
will be Hhadt'd by towerinn trees,
preserving tho rain waters, that fall
J'l'Mi bovi'ii loday. Inst.ruc'iotii
about! "ere sent, in tile Pacific and AeIiHo
stations to brtld thole oxjmlnatioiiS
today, the idea bein? to have a wm
ulfaa-ous date for Hio event.
The successful mi-ldlos will loj
proiuoio-1 io tho rank of ensign.
.Many of Hie RraduatoK hava spent
the iuimmfr on shipu of tho Atlantis

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