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TH WiiliKXY MliKALD, JANUARY i'A lyoI ...
Jestl Opeimed Sale
V i i
Now is your opportunity to get a ten-acre home for the price of a lot in Amarillo, and on terms that will place it within reach of all. This is one of the
finest pieces of land in the Panhandle, adjoining the well known Famous Heights on the south. Come early and get first choice. Will be. glad to
show property at any time. If you want City or Farm property call and see us, . We have some choice blocks in the south part of town to sell at a
bargain with liberal terms, at;
If you have anything to sell, list it with us.
j t t t
For complete information, call at office in Russell Building
No. 125 East Fifth Street
ThowiiF. Turner W.Boyct
Turner & Boycc
Offio, Ovr Amarillo Notional Bunk.
Amarillo Texas
John H. Wills,
Potter County Orgnnlwd, AmnriHo Laid
;pi;t and Jolni II, Wills' Und Office 15.
sbiished in ih7, ', .,
1 f. C. Batratt Soth W. Slewwt J. A. Timptrton
Barrett, Stewart & Templeton
AM AKl 1,1,0
.Damage Suits a Specialty.
!jjlic Billing rtORHI
fti. T.Vlnyard, M. D., Ros. Phono, 263
f. P. Vinyard. M. D.. Ros. Piions, 808
Vinyard & Vtuyari,
Ollka in Holland Duilding, Upvtalrj,
Jooin 1 and 2.
Phont 273, Amariu.0, TbxaS.
Eye, Eer, Nose and Throat,
Glassos Fitted.
Rooms 7 and , ; V.lierstadt Building
Arnolds Bldi. rt. Worth, Tx.
Practice In State awl Federal Courts,
Business of non-residents Riven per
onul attention, S. W. l'Uonc i8o.
,:Dr, Horace M, Walker
Xhteopathlc Fh.vilcUn
' Graduate of American School of
Osteopathy, Kirksvillc, Mo.
r Office ia Carxon Mtfg. Phone 33
James F, I-lcFaddcn
Of'thc Indiana Laud and In.
'cstraent Cotnpntiy'of Mount
Vernon, ,Ind., lias opened a
branch office at
3room Texas
J'cMasjlTanU'd Kcvr ivci,nor
.'. f-cliitedPrcEs.
Harrlburg, Ta., Jatu' 15. Ed'
v.uvd t3. Stuart, governor vt fGnn
ifjlvaala, today succeeding Sa.muol
", rpnijypacker, to .whoso law of-
c fHuart when aa errand toy; le
!'.'.' rod' booLa. Tixo Jnauguratioa
, a Implo ceremony.
tr you want a situation, wo Dally
'.ui!ki!:(219 (want columus.
fsovoranfesct by
Trainmen Killed, Others
Injured In Wreck of a 1
Associated Prows,
KanswB City,
Jan, 15. Two
trainmen nro known to bo defld nm
another believed to bo dead, . and
a fourth probably fatally Injured
In a wreek at Wuldion, Mo., twelve
nilk'g from Leavenworth, Knu., laat
liliht,' caused by a head-on colli
sion between, JUoek lalnnd paason
ger train No. .28 and a freight train.
Several pan.scnKcrs were sllfihtly In
Jured. TJio dead aro Knglnoor
James McQueen,' ot tho frolfiht and
hiicitairo man. Charles Hart. Engin
eer King 'of tho pnssieiiser train In
nilitnlng and Is believed to bo under
tho wrecknfio. Fireman tl. S. Moll-
wood, is probably, fatally Injured.
An open nwltcli was tho cause of,
Iho wreck.' -
Three Kyo licasuo Meeting.
Chicago, Jan. , IS. Tho seventh
anuual meeting of tho Thrco I base
ball lenguo la being held today at
tho Sherman House, ia respnTiao to
a call Issued by president Edward
Holland. Tho circuit for tho com
Ing season will bo agreed uon and
offieers elected for tha enmtlng
year. 'HI10 rranclhs left vacant by
the retirement, of Davenport will bo
awarded to either Clinton, Ia., or
Danville, dll. A majority 'of ';ho
niagnatos arc said to bo In favor of
tho former town, which has boon
released by tho Iowa leupue.
Kftiitum I,cuKno Meotlng.
Special .to Dally Panhandle
roffewlllo. Kan.. Jan. 15. At a
meeting 61 tho Kansas State leagucj
hero today a circuit will bo decided
upon a secdnlo commltteo ap
pointed and tho Balary limit and
other Important matters considered.
TrcBldent Fred McDniiUda of 13ar
tlesvillo, I. T.i will preside at the
' i." ,
Ausoclated Trees, i . ' .
Jefferson .City, Wo., Jan. 15 The
houso 'V .jcjsy over tho protest of Its
Republican, members endorned tho
action of Presidont ltootiovc.lt in
discharging tha ucgro soldiers con
nected ,vlth tho Drownavlllo riots.
Tho resolution endorsing find ap
proving tho action of tho President
was passed. Democrats voting for it
and Republicans ngalnfit It
Dispute Is Settled. '-- .
Assodatoft Presi.
Kew Orleans, Jan. IB. The Tia
ayuno says: ' ,
"Th . dispute which has oxlstod
for semal yoars between Nteara
gua and Honduras as to tho bound
ary lino upon the north bas'beon
settdKd. This question was left to
tho f?mg of Spain ns referee and he
gavo Honduras all claimed by
President Socila and more. ,
Texas Brews' Association Helping Prose
cu'Jon of Cases for the Illegal
Selling of Liquor.
(From Tuesday's Dally.)
The unusual spoctaclo of an aaiio
clatlon of liquor dealers assisting
lii tho proHorullon of other liquor
dealers Is presented In tlio ease now
being heard before tho Jcounty
court. " This afternoon tho first can''
catno up for trial and 11. J. Ponoek
tho first witness called to tho stand
mado a statement, of his connection
with tho ease.
It. V. Hall, of Hall & Fredericks,
who represented tho defenso cross
'examined tho witness and asked
qu-jstloiia concerning Ihls occupa
tion. County Attorney Umphres
objected blit finally ullowed tc
wltnecs to answer on tho ground
that the question had to do with
his credibility.
"1 11 vo In Galveston," said the
witness. "That Is my permanent j
homo but I havo not been there for
a month. I nm employed by the
Law and Order department of the
Texas Brewers' "a ssociation. Mr.
Puckott, my companion,, is also cm-
nloed by that association. Wo
tamo hero first on tho 29lh of De
Tho young fellow Charles Eatls,
who Is tho defendant In tho case,
is charged with Illegal liquor sell
lng, was In a Uowory saloon wihen
Ponoek met him. "Ho told me,"
said ponoek, "that has business was
peddling .whiskey In' local option
towns on week days and bootleg
ging it in Amarillo on Sunday He
said ho mado good money ' at It.
We had sonio other talk about con
ditions In Amarillo'. llo said he
wasn't sum about panics going on.
There had boon ono going on In a
llttlo houso behind a saloon but ho
wasn't Huro whether It was running
then or not. That was 'Saturday
nlht. Ho Bald ho would pet mc
soino whiskey on Sunday whenever
I wanted it.
. 'Tho next day, Sunday, I met
him in tho evening on a street near
tha Bow-try. I told hint I wanted
a pint of whiskey. Ho got It for
mo and. I gavo ltim"n dollar for it.
1 , have tho whiskey hero. The
county attorney and 1 hnvo had the
whiskey ever since 1 K'lt it."
,Tha pint of whiskey wac exhib
ited in tho court : room ond mado
part of tho evidence. Tho hear
ing of tho enso continued all aft
ernoon. Sllno WorUeis ttpcm Co"vention
special to Dally Panihaudlo. .
Indianapolis, lnd Jan. 15. Del
egates from all 'tho coal districts
of. the country aro in attondanco at
the eighteenth annual convention of
tho United Mine Workers 'of Amer
ica, which opened this morning.
Owing to tho fact. that there is no
gcale of wages to bo" considered the
meeting is not largo or Important
as that of last year. Thoro will bo
nr opposition to tho ro-electlon of
John Mirxholl aH president, T. L.
Lowis as vleo president and W. D.
Wilson aa becretary and treasurer.
Ono of tho mont 'important matters
to bo considered is proposed legis
lation for -bho protection of tho min
ers and rigaluat injury und dU.
Republican National Committee
Arranging (or Campaign
Gf 1908.
Associated Press.
'Washington, D. C, Jan. 13.
Plans for tho national campaign of
1908 aro already being formulated
by tho Republicans. , A meeting of
tho exccutlvp committed' ot-tho Na
tional Leaguo Republican clubs is
being held in this, city for tho pur
pose of making preliminary ar
raiiKemonts for the; openlug of the
campaign. Tho committee consists
of ono member from ench stato and
tho representation at today's meet
ing la lnrp;e,
Tho delegates wore given a ro
eeptlon at tho Whlto Houso today,
tho President extending to each of
his callers hearty , greeting.
Associated Tress.
Indianapolis, lad., aJn. 15. The
eighteenth annual convention of the
United Mine Workers of America
opened hero today . with 50(1 dele
gates from tiio bltumoiis districts
of tho country and 250 delegates
from thrco districts of tho nnthra
cito field. Tho affairs of tho or
ganization aro in a qulotor state
than for yearR. , ' ,
Paint Which
Painters ,s and all "others
who understand paint,
know that white lead and
linseed oil make the best
paint. Good, lasting paint
cannot be had if cither pig
ment or oil is adulterated.'
Many of the so-called
white, leads sold now-a
day- l:;.vi I'-ntcs, rock
dust, silica, gypsum etc.,'
in them, ' aiid .-. little real
white lead.'. '
Linseed oil is also fre
quently adulterated, s Such
mixtures orcj dear : at any
,: : Collier
Turo Whito Lcad
JSladc b, lh Old Dutch Proctw)
. ii V - -
is absolutely pure, and
makes lasliiig- paint. - . '
CW, Ave. w4 lUtU St U. Luui. Uo.
For tde by firnt class dtatein ,.
4 '
(From Monday's Dally.)
IT. T. Groom, of Groom, wag in
town yesterday,
A. P. Garrett, of Roswcll, was lu
town yesterday.
Sam K. Davis, of Paris, is in Am
arillo on bsulness.
Mrs. Hill, of Quanaih, is visiting
Mrs. W. H. Fuqua.
E. W. Whlto Is Buffering from
a severe attack of tho grlp.
E. L. Dohoncy has returned from
a short business trip out of town.
Joci Carter of Hereford, Is' trans
acting business in lAmarlllo today.
Dick Harris, of tho Western
Stockyards, is visiting in MemphiB.
Georgo Williams Is enjoying a
ten days' vacation In San Antonio.
, Max Roberts, tho Hereford real
cstato man, was In Amarillo yester
day. Judgo Ed. McKlmmon of Tascosa
Is attending the Knights Templar
S. II. Madden Is in Clarendon
looking after soma cases before
the district court'
Henry Boyea and family left ycs-
torday to Join tho Amarillo colony
at Corpus Chrlstl.
A. G. Boyce and family left yes
terday evening to spend the winter
at Corpus Chrlstl.
J. D. Thompson is up from Hero-
ford for treatment at the hands of
tho Knights Templar.
Sam Dunn, tho Hereford cattlo
Inspector, Is here today for a .visit
with Amarillo friends.
J. S. Rider, tho Tampa merchant
and business man called on Ama-
ruio friends yestorday.
Jim Ivey tamo up from Tcxlco
yesterday to attend tho meeting of
tae Knights Tcmplar.;
A. P. Murchison and Ed. Cocnell
aro hero from Hereford for the
Knights Templar gathering.
Mrs. R. L. RobertB and children
have' returned trom Waco , whore
they havo enjoyed a holiday visit.
Mrs. A. L. Anderson, of Hail
Center, Is visiting her mother, Mrs.
Gorman at 810 Lincoln street,' lor
a few days.
Rev. McQueen Gray will arrive
this evening from Carlsbad, N. M.,
to deliver a lecture for the Epis
copal Guild.
Captain, Will A. filler and wife
left yesterday for , Corpus ' Christ!
where they will spend the balance
ot the winter.
J. W. Thomas left yesterday Jor
fmnnin in rnsiionan to a telo-
gram telling of tho death ot his
Mr. Barnhart.'a cigar salesman
for a drug house in Muskogee,
Okla., was making tine rounds o!
Amarillo merchants yesterday.
Frank Pierce, tho contractor for
the new, Morrow-Thams .building,
has returned to Roswell to look
after some business affalrB at that
J. W. Brltt last week eold';the
Grceg county school land, Borne
thine over tour thousand acres in
Castro county, to William H. Bur-
son, of Wabash county, Ind.
H. F. .Smith,', Wilt Johnson and
H.R.Morrow of the Morrow-Thomas
Kansas City to attend tho lumber
and buggy men's convention.
A. W. Loomls of Sterling, Kan.,
has returned to his (home after
visit here with his son, F. W.
Loomls, of tho candy factory. Ho
ia greatly pleased with Amarillo
artd expects to roturn.
W. E. Williams and W. A. Noel
returned last week from Panhandle
4vhcro they spent a couple of days
establishing a local board of the
State Bluldlng & Loan association
of Texas. This association rocelvcd
its charter and commenced buslnoss
about four weeks ago and has al
ready finished and (has in courso of
construction ton neat louses In dif
ferent parts of the city to be paid
for by occupants on monthly payments.
If you have anything to sell or if you want to buy City or Country
Property at close prices and good terras with courte-.
ous treatment, first see . "
i '
F. W. Zimmerman
CEUTFRPE Booklet entitled "Drangh-
Or.HI riiCL on's Eye Opener." It will
convince you Uiat Draughon'i Collogos
can, oy ineir buiuuuh uu wi
by their feurfciuui; ana tun-
RIGHTED methods, toach you more'
Jtnnn nnn fft mnitnl! 2S Collcce3
DnClTlfili? secured or money refund- I C ADM Iaw, Bookkeeping. Shorthand,
fUOlllUiia ed. Written contract giv- renmanship.Drawing.DVMIl I
en. iorCotalog and "Eve Opener," Arithmotio, Bus. English, He.""""":
call, 'phono, or write Jno. F. Draughon, Satisfaction wwranwed. Writt lof
Presltlont, either placo below mentioned, prices on IIOMli, blUDi.
Dalla. Ft. Worth, San Antonio, Tyler, Auatln, Waco, Calvealon, EI PaM,
Denlson, St. toulis, Nashville, Memphis, Kansas City, Knoxville, Etc.
Railroad Time Table.
Arrival and departure of all trains in
Southern Kansas
aoi. arrives.....
...9:05 a, m.
...7:00 p. m.
302, departs.
Pecos Valley & Northeastern.
301 departs
.otto a. m.
202, arrives.,
...6:35 p.m.
Chicago, Rock Island & Qulf.
No. I, West, arrives. 3:55 P-
Nb, 2, East, departs.......-.. 12:25 P- tn.
Notice Important ChangesEffective Sunday, November iS. Trains mint
bcrs 7 and 8 do not run north of Texlinc.
We buy Xife Insurance Policies
' Than the companies issuing them
We also buy policies subject to
Mcknight Williams
General Insurance Ac'ents
Ebrtadt Building
Telephone Number 76
Dr. AUx-rt 3. Caldwell and Dr,
Jns. W. II ids, Hpoclullsts on dls
discascs ot tho Eyo, Ear, Noso und
luroat, Kaklo Building, Amarillo.
Hrnata Agrees to Appointments. )
Washington, D. C.,, Jan. 15.,
The Senate committee Jon flnawea
today agrcod to report favorably,
the nomination of Postmaster Gen
eral Cortclyou to tho socrctary ot
treasury and James , It. Garfiold,
commissioner of corporations, to bo
secretary of the interior.
The vote on both Cortelyou and
Garfield was unanimous, tho mom- .
bcrs of the commltteo assenting to ,
tho view that tho President should -be
allowedj to Bclect hla own ad- '
visors. .
J. B. Allcnsworth.
Bookkerring In THREE
months than others can in t(
MX, and that Draughon'8
Colleges teach only tho
""'.'"B"" '""if (niVnivn
uisi systems oi ejwuiiiaii.
in 16 Stales: 17 years' euccesa.
and out of Amarillo, Tex. Centaal Time,'
Ft. Worth & Denver City. '
No. x, arrives 11:55 P in
No. 1, departs............. ... 12:05 a, m
No. 7, arrives....,......-.-..l2:30p. m
No. 7, departs ,.-12:55 P n
- . SOUTH,
No. 2, nrrives..........-5:2oa. m
No, a, departs t'i0 o
No, 8 arrives.............. .........4:3op. m
No. 8, departs.,......- ....5;oo p, m
and pay
lans. - Call or write for terms
Amarillo. Tex w
'-J J
' - ' ' . .-. c
i A A f; l-p r - 1 f f I 4i..,-'j,-.f. i.-v,
. ' . . i i ..j j r, If : f, ( 'i r C A l (' f r,(, , ,i 1 , 1 ,,,,. . .
- , ' ......... -l-.,, m I ' -- ' r
. IKn . y ' f-l-,iH;l.f',i'rf.nM.l,HM,M,,4
'" . ! ;
t 1

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