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Meets' Leaders of Party to Dis
cuss Situation in East
ern State
Assnrtsted Vrc.-s.
New York, July .II.- Frank Hitch
cock, chairman of tho Republican
rational committee, today nipt the
New York slate leaders and dis
cussed with them the situation hero
a It relates to Urn national campaign
During the early part of the day he
met Herbert rarsons, chairman of
tb New York, county committee;
Wro. L. Ward, member of tho na
tional committee from New York
KUte, and Timothy I Woodruff,
chairman of the nut committee.
Th tenth floor tower of the Metro
politan Life building, which Is to be,
occupied as New York headquarters
of tho national rommlttno Is receiv
ing the finishing touches tnday.
Part, of the, rooms.wlll be opened to
morrow. X
latere Ming NtaMstira Proving Ama-
rlllo Quern City of the riains.
(From Saturday's llally.)
Mr. T. J. Conaldine, Aniarillo's
usathrr prophet rhnrarterlres last
night's rain and electrical display as
nothing extraordinary and onlv what
wao really to he expected from his
The heaviest full was fr.irn mid
niRht until 1 a. m. when .'Jl inches
's recorded; from noon yesterday
until 1 a. m. 1.51 Inches f.-ll.
The month' record shown an ex
cess over July's precipitation nf 1.711
over the average July fall difln;
the history of the station, tt.trty
three years there having fallen 4. OS
inches as against the July average of
3.17 inches.
The heaviest previous July rainfall
waa In !&! when a fall of 3.55
4nrhao am racrlttfArml Thn nmcnnl
month's fall exceed that already by
1.41 and morn rain Is expected to
day The average temperature la also
considerably lower this month, than
In any otnrr previous July, excepting
one, there having bnen a daily
shortace of 3 degrees as compared
with the average. July temperatures
Of the past thirty-three year.
The. highest temperature of the
month was recorded on the 1 1 1 h
lnst.. when the thermometer soared
to 96 degrees, and the lowest w;is
on th 7th when the mercury sunk
to 55 decrees, making he. average
7.1 degrees. The exception above
noted was for July 1896, when 72
degrees averaged.
The heavier rainfall cause a
general decrease In the wind veloc
ity and the, total wind movement for
the month haa been approximately
7,000 miles, as against 9,600 miles
(or July of last year.
These statistics are Interesting, as
proving beyond a doubt that Ama
rlllo with her salubrious climate
Should constitute an Ideal summer
resort, and her reputed lark of rain
Is but a myth and that the Panhan
dle in general Is the farmer's para
uwnatea rress,
Hit Springs, Y'a . July 31. Wil
liam H. Taft today Is entirely free
from politics, bo far he Is con
cerned. A game of golf in the morn
ing and a drlvo with General Corbln
In the afternoon makes tho days
plans for recuperation and exercise.
New lUilroiui Proposed to Take In
Hutchinson County.
(From Saturday's Daily.)
Tbp citizens of Moore county met
a few days ago to formulate plans
to combine with the railroad people
at Hlgglns, and in Lipscomb and
Ochiltree counties, and a committee
.was nelected with Bob Poweil as sec
retary and Wiley Fox, chairman.
This committee will meet with the
people of Hutchinson county on the
4th of August and it la Intended that
a Joint committee from the two
counties will adopt means to take
tor-lt In the railroad project from
wrafl point on the Santa F at sr j
near Wgjlns to Palhsrt. Texas.
Another conference will he held
Wednesday between the Hutrhlnfon
and Moore county committees, and
the people nf Pal hart to Induce the
Palhart people to talif, slock In the
nioxenient to an extent, sufficient, to
have the railroad run from Palhart,
by way of .n,n.MR and then cMt-l
through Hutchin,nn touny, theme
iner the route derigned by the pcV
pie promoting It. from the east.
Hear Canadian nonets.
Henly. July fll. Th l.cander
ere beat the Canadians In an eight
oared race held hern tfiday connect
ing with the international Olympic
I'nlted Kingdom oarsmen defeated
all Continental rowers who partici
pated In the races, l.eander led all
the way today and won by two
lengths and a half, covering the half
mile course in 7 minutes and f-
"Gasplpe Thugs", Prominent
After Quake, Met Fate To
Associated Prss.
San Fiancibco, July 31. John
tfieiiihorv and Louis Pabner, who were
execuied in San Quentln today, com
mitted a series of crimes in San
Francisco soon after th0 earthquake
and fire, and from the weapon they
frequently used became known as
"gasplpe thugs." They were execut
ed for the murder of M. Muiakata, a
Japanese banker, but according to
their own confessions they were guil
ty of two other murders and several
asmults and robberies.
Associated rrenS.
New York, July 31. Arrange
ments for meeting of $8,000,000 of
Wheeling & La!te Eric railroad notes
which fall duo tomorrow, were com
pleted today by Kuhn Loeb & Co.
and Blair & Co., according o an an
nouncement mace ny bankers. H is
stated that, no Issue of additional
security will be required under the
plan, but the consideration by which
Gould was en.tbled to meet the notes
is not made public.
West Virginia Mining Town
Sustains Heavy Loss By
Powder Explosion
Associated Press.
Huntington, W. Va., July 31. In
The mining town of Stansford, Ra
leigh county, last night 100 keg&.of
powder and the powder house ex
ploded. Nearly every building In town was
wrecked and several people seriously
hurt. The worst injured being Post
master Munce. Several persons were
blown out of their houses. The dam
age aggregated $200,000.
Associated Press.
Constantinople, July 31. The re
lease of 950 ordinary criminals from
the central prison, on orders from
the palace Is regarded as showing
that the ministry is not yet free
from palare Interference and Indi
cates that reactionaries are at worn
on an organization of he "black
hand." with a view of provoking dis
orders and casting the responsibility
on the people to the disparagement
of the Constantinople regime. A dep
utation of Young Turks and Jour
nalists waited on the grand vlzer
and protected against the release of
the prisoner. It Is reported Klamll
Pasha Is resigned to lh consequence
of the action of the ministry and le.
lievcH h will ultimately succeed
Said I'ni-ha as grand vi?er.
' The Vail and military commander,
inrhlef of Adilanopln have been
dismissed by ih Young TuiKb.
Two Killed and Two Wounded,
Fiend Takes Own He in
Seattle Hospital
Associated Press.
Seattle, W.ish.. July 3 1 . ---Jer.r-e
1'ifcr, a gripman, killed his K-ycar
old daunher, Hael, and Mrs. pen
nls Nilioul, a confinement patient,
fatally wounded his wife, Mrs. M.
Filer and seriously wounded Mrs.
h'thrl Warren, his sister-in-law, In a
private maternity hospital here lust
night. He thn turned the revolver
upon himself and committed sui
cide. Kitcr and his wife had been
separated and t-he lived at he hos
pital. Although forbidden to go near
the house, he made his way Into the
place through the basement. After
finding his wife seated in a front
room of the place, he started shoot
ting. The lights went out after the
first, shot and he lighted matches to
see the victim to shoot at. His
daughter and Mrs. Nihoul he drove
into the street, where he shot them.
Associated Press.
New York, July 31. The Bright
on Beach Racing Association, which
concluded a racing meet at Brighton
Beach race track Wednesday, was
indicted by the King's county grand
jury today on a charge of aiding
gamhlers to violate the new anti
gambling laws.
(From Saturday's Paily.)
R. G. Allen, of Pumas, Is In town.
Joe Klllougb ia attending to some
business at ZiU.
C. W. Nesbltt, from Chicago, la
here on business.
"W. A- Jackson from Tucumcarl,
N. M . is here for a day.
L. C Llcncnsteln of Fort Worth,
came in on the noon train.
H. Elmer Brown of Waco, Texas,
has been visiting W. M- Jeter this
Miss Ida Conoley 0f Hereford, reg.
istered las evening at the Amarlllo
Mr. and Mrs. p. N. Oreen returned
yesterday from a month's visit at
Carthage, Mo.
Harry H. McClelland of Claren
don, Texas, Is in town, having ar
rived last evening.
Mrs. T. S. Hnrd went to Newton,
Kan., last night to visit her mother
and family for two weeks.
L. R. Watklns of Pumas arrived
at Amarlllo last evening after a few
days visit to bis ranch.
W. C. Streety of McLean, Texas,
who has been visiting A. H. McNeal,
left this morning for home.
Tho law firm of Gamuell & Dun
can Is now pleasantly located In Its
new offices In the postoffice build
ing. Rev. and Mrs. Jnwell Howard re
urned yetserday from Claude, where
they have been assisting In a pro
tracted meeting.
C. O. Wolflln and wlfo left last
evening on the Santa Fe for Cali
fornia, Mo., to attend the funeral of
Mrs. Wolflin's mother, Mrs. McVane.
Sheriff J. F. Wood, of Fort Worth,
is In town recuperating from the ef
fects of his strenuous and hard
fought battle at the recent primaries.
G. II. C.ato, of Fort Stockton, Tex
as, who came In last evening wWr
J. H. Avery, leaves today for his
home, over the Pecos Valley.
Horace Gooch of the Amarlllo Tel
ephone company, has gone from Chil
dress to Fort Worth in the Interests
of the new toll -ine now being In
stalled. Mrs. R. D. Stritton. of Texhoma,
Okla., has returned home after a
month's visit to her parents Mr. and
Mrs. W. f. Stephens, 1303 Harri
son Ml.'-s Florence pope mid seeral
others took u trip to the Canyon ),'
terday in an automobile and two nf
the party fired several shots at a
wolf, which was i-pied, Just this side
of the canyon. The party returned
home at 5:30 p. m
Judge J, L. I'cnty baj accepted an
Invitation of lod?,e ;irt of the
Knights of ryt'Jlas to attend a ban
quet at Shamrock "n the 0th of Au
gust, to deliver an sddreKs on ' I'ra
lernallsm," and any other subject
he niy chooco.
H F. Smith of b" Morrow-Thnmm
Hardware company, leaves todiifnr
Mineral Wella for s ftay of seval
days to recuperate.
Some Ileal IXate Sale.
(From Saturday's paily.)
l.akenan Barnes this week sold
to Mr. Penham of Missouri, the i-ec-tioii
of land Just west of Amarlllo
now occupied by Arr& dairy, for
This firm also sold to R. p.iwn
Ing for a honn the elegant tl room
cottage at 150 Polk street for $3.
000, und sold to W T. Pouglass of
Oklahoma, a block of ground hi tho
southeastern part of Amarlllo.
Mr. Pouglass exp.'.ts to erect sev
eral modern rottag.-s on his block
Itefiises Ke(i:et.
Ai-rociaied Tress.
Scrauton, Pa., July 31. Presi
dent Truosdale today refused the
switchmen's request for a conferne
on troubles on the Buffsflo division
of the Delaware, Lackawanna R.
Western railroad. Grand Master
Hawley of the Switchmen's Union
said a strike declaration seems in
evitable. Horn
To Mr. and Mrs. tienrgo Richards.
.iOs Harrison street, a ten pound
hoy, Thursday. July 30.
To ptM-upt Jlarriman Syndicate.
Associated Press.
Chicago, July 31. Record Herald
today says:
"Special agents of tho government
are In Chicago trying to collect evi
dence to substantiate proceedings for
disruption of the Harrlman sstem
of railroads upon the ground that
the combination is In violation of fhe
Sherman anti-trust act. It Is under
stood the suit will be simitar to tbat
in tho Northern Securities case,
which resulted In disruption of tb
Hill roads so fsr as the holdings of
the company Is concerned."
After ,Tp sax! (Iilneso Smuggler.
Associated Press.
San Francisco, July 31. Startling
revelations which it Is intimated may
involve immigration officials at Pa
cific coast ports and Rlong the Mex
ican border, are expected as an out
come of an investigation now being
carried on by the Federal govern
ment, regarding Illegal entry of Chi
nee and Japanese coolies Into this
country. It Is Teporled a ring of
coolie smugglers has been discovered
which Included some big merchants
in Chinatown.
Afodated Pres3.
Falrvlew, Neb., July 31. Oremo
nies attending the notification oj
William J. Bryan, of his nomination
for thp presidency will be strictly
non-partisan. This derision was
reached at a conference today, which
was attended by Governor Sheldon
and Mayor Brown of Lincoln. In
vitations will be extended to all stat
and city officers of Nebraska and
adjoining states.
Bryan is engaged in preparing his
speech of acceptance, and Intends lo
have it completed early nert week.
Associated Press.
Washington, P. C. July 31
Word was received at the s'ate de
partment, from Del Rio, Texas, to
day, that tweny-four warrants have
been Issued for Mexicans who from
appearances were involved in the Las
Vegas, Mexico, raid about a month
Luther T. Ellsworth, American
consul at Porfiro Diaz, Coahullla,
has advised the state department
that the report of a fight said to
have occurred several daya ago near
Cometock. Texas, was erroneous.
Asorlated I'refs.
Troy, V Y.. July 31. -Coroner
Strope today made public his find
ing as a result of an Inquiry Into the
death of Hcl Prew whom bedy
was found In a pond July 1 nth. that
death was caused b a blow on th
head with sonie blunt Instrument In
an unknown manner. No arreils
have yet been made.
Assrwlsled rresa.
ft. Joseph, Mo., July 3!, Gover
nor Little, of Arkan:a:i, has been
placed in a sanitarium here, )a
has been suffering from a nervous
breakdown, which developed almoat
into acute melancholia. 11 In condi
tion Is not encouraging.
Associated Tress.
Washington, P. C, July 31.
The average condition of cotton was
83 per cent July 2 ." t h as against
81.2 a month ago, and 75 a year
ago today according to the report of
the department of agriculture given
out today.
Weather forecast.
Aseocia'ted Press.
Oklahoma: Tonight and Saturday
generally cloudy, showers tonight of
FaBt Texas: Tonight and Fatur
day generally cloudy; showers In in
terior tonight or Saturday; light to
fresh westerly winds on coast
Associated Press.
Berlin, July 31. The Berliner
Zletung today publishes a dispatch
from Constantinople saying the Sut
ton of Turkey ia preparing to de
clare himself emperor of tho Mos
lems, abrogating the title of Sul
S. D. Fry, who died suddenly in
a Bowery hotel in this city Wed
nesday, seems not to have borne tho
good reputation elsewhere thatwas
reputed to him here.
V. II. K tiller, who until recently
has conducted a cleaning and pres
sing establishment on Folk Street
in this city, knew the deceased
quite well in Weathcrford, Okla
homa. Mr Fuller is respossible for
the statement that the deceased
was earnestly urged to leave that
city unceremoniously; vague hints
of tar, feathers, rails, etc., had the
effect of causing Fry to lose no
time in leaving,
These threats were made because
of Fry's implication in a double
tragedy in which Lee Leedy shot
and killed his wife and afterward
waskilledbyapos.se which was pur
suing him, although the coroner's
jury returned a verdict of I.eedy's
suicide at the inquest. Fry's in
timacy with Mrs. I,cedy was the
cau?e of the trouble. A brother of
the deceased, fiady Fry, lives at
Enid, Ok.
(From Saturday's Pally.)
There is now in operation at
the local postoffice rn automatic,
electric, self-feeding canceling ma
chine. The machlno has a capacity
of 600 letters a minute and Is do
ing wonders toward facilitating the
work of the office.
Amarlllo peopple have advant
ages over many cities en times Its
size when it comes to good street
car system and amusement park like
Genuine, Naf ural Whiskey
Is a tonic, the medicinal qualities of which are Inlly reeoRniicd
hv the highest medical authorities. II your system needs
building up or if your nerves are "on edge" try
Sunny.Brooli '
It will restore your old time vigor in almost no time by using
Sunny Brook moderately you are bound to benefit yourhealih iu
general. See that you get the genulno-ccpt no substl
lutes. Every bottle bears the Government "Oreen Stamp
certifying to the eiart Age, Proof and Measure. Ho homo
should bo without It.
L. Craddock & Co., Dallas, Tex
H. Brann & Co., Fort Worth, Tex
fl Bottles $1
.11 l-5th Gallon
NT Rys or Rourbvn u
bhlppI In pltla boiM.
P.O gooai
Edited Vy Jonn FiclJs, wlio was Director of tie Oklahoma Agricul
tural Kxperiment Station from 1899 to 1906.
Published Semi-Monthly. - Subscription price: T One year, 50c;
Three years, $1.00: Ten years, $2.50. . Stops when time is out.
Absolutely Non-Political. Gives just the pews and information
about farming that the farmers of the Southwest want. Now read by more
than 30.000 of them. Send for Free Sample Copy or call at the office of
this paper and let us show you the paper and send in your subscription.
Trust Go,
Corner Third and Polk Sts, Opposite Amaeillo Hotel
We ahve a number of bargains to offer to buyers for good rlrbi
level farm lands, both in ISO , 320 and section tracts, well
located as to railroads towns, schools, etc., and oa good rea- i
sons bio terms. Also some large tracts that I can sell at whole- '
sale prices.
A good, wnll improved farm of 120 acres, south or Kan- ,,
sas City, Mo., for sale or will exchange for level Panhandls
lands. !
If you have good, rich lev el plains land to sell, list It with, T
me. I hunt bargains, and find BUYERS.
Come to THE TANHANDLE, the country of Hogs and at-
falfa. ISSZTT2 C2a ftosT'
Fortune knocks at your door. A word to tho wise ought
to be sufficient.
Place Your
nOULDINO.5 and
Amarillo Lumber
Telephone Orders Promptly tilled
Bottles $1
Full Quarts i
Rye r BaiirbM
SnH ranritunca wHk y"f erdw.
ppra "
Up Capital, $50,000
Banking Department
Ample capital. Reliable and prompt service.
No account too small. None too
large. Interest paid
on time deposits,
Trust Department
Make jour will and) name this company as
your executor. It is better to leave
your business in the hands of aa in
stitution that will not die, nor
abscond, nor resign. Leave
your will in our vault
for safe keeping,
OnMilt us confidentially about this Important
matter. Valuable papers kept for you fra
j. C. Paul. Pres. lay. Wheatley, Cashier.'
Atery Turner, V. Pres. Chaw A. Fltk, Jr. Sec',1
Orders for
and Coal Company
Yard. 3nd. nd fllmo

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