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I'I'umc kai.i:.
J I will tiHI ul public iiik'IIoii t my
eslde.nct), S mile .M t.1. of Aiiiiiilllo,
mlloa went of Washburn, eoinuii'iir
ir at J: 30 p. in., h liurji. in v niirc
Do Of llOI'ftTS, tllllllM, (IIWS, ho-s
i!:(piic ss7,
COTTON fiKV.D. Cuke, Meal and
llnllx. (ii't our (irlt'cs In-fore buying,
Kit fl it- ('urn. Mnlo, Cnin mid Mlllf.
Si'i'd; ret our nrren before nclllnu.
M-mlnu inipltuniMiis, honyHioM uoods it uin 11V vim m nnrn ith ... ,,
- l In- above. Ka fly f; vain &. Iluv Co,,
in s
SAI.K fnw (-iltctkod ( n-
Ar, H'Ml Hole, of wM tnnlf. fur
iiirlllo Inform? propeiiy, ,' winootli
jinn land, J. S. I.lttlo, lino ll.ii rison,
Aniuillio, TY. Ot'fliy h 11 (I Ware-WANTKI)-
riowins in iniy amount
from :'i)0 lines up; inn brnli 60 to
Til acres u l:o . Slain prlco will
pay and Im-wiun. Addrcbn hox 762.
Amarillo, Texas. " -2p
Anti-Cfgaretfe Mass Meeting Develops Much Enthusiasm and
Promoters Outline Some Pretentious Plans
? 177 fTTT-v
my mm
You will find it a great satisfaction to do
fa 'More Home Baking
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clean, fresh and tasty better every way
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Dr. Price's Baking Powder is specially
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baking easy and a delight. It will pro
tect you from the dread alum baking
powders, which are too frequently found
in the ready made articles, and insure
you food of the highest hcalihfulness.
H. iH i j y.,,. nip ,i i, in, i,,, I,,,,, in wmiumi q
The nm nirotlnjj laf.t night nt
the First IbtptlKt rliurch under the
Imdernhlp of Ir, Horn Murfin, na
(IoiimI ciU'ini'T of I lie .iitl-( luarclto
I.eHnir, whi m pronounciMl MiiccesN.
It roiibldored sutc to Infer thnt the
"Voiidr Men'4 Huslni'ns club" will lie
launched at the beylnnlnn of the in
coming week,
W, II. Ktiiia, prcNldcnl of the
Fii'Kt Natloual bank, Is prrsidelit of
thfi execullve ronuiiitU'e, tind J. II.
Stanford I" secretary. The commit
tee roer Is to ho composed of a
memher from each of the city
Hum lira and to be nnmed by the
pa-stor or a tiiibtttltute acting la their
Nfrad Id the event any arc absent.
Today the nucleus about which
the organization is to be formed In
being ccuted. A pledge is being
ttigiied by the boys of the public
Nchools, In which they declare that
they will not Indulge in the Hinoking
of cigarettes until they are 21 years
of agp. From nlno to twenty-one
years ar,. the agea of eligibility. r.
Martin will spend all of today and
tomorrow in the schools, having
Mated In thr meeting last night that
that time will be required to work
the field.
1 fk sii
KuF .i4 'Ail-.Mry SrM.WKlton f- .. U"1 -f-f. .-Kt A"V..y. . i
l! M
The Tonic Properties of Old WhisKey
are recoenized bv all physicians of standing whiskey to be
medicinally pure must be the real article such a whiskey it
It is distilled In the good old honest Kentucky way and its rare
mellowness and richness of flavor comes only from years of
perfect ;ring. Every bottle is sealed with the Government
"Green Sump" upon which is clearly printed the exact Age,
Proof and Quantity of whiskey within each bottle.
'L. Craddock & Co., Dallas, Tex
H. Brann & Co., Fort Worth, Tex
Bottles $1
I-5tb Qalloa
fly r Boarboa It
Bottles $j
Full Quarts j
Ky or Boarboa
Shipped lo plain toM. Send remittance with fear erder.
t0 gWM HOippvu w v.
- Jm
During tbeweek tho exeoutive
flnanr committee will bold a meet
ing. Tb committee, So fur as al
ready named, is enthuslnBtlc over the
outlook. It Is one of the duties of
this commlt(ee to raise the neces
sary funds for the promotion of the
scheme, and 11 s tnt' understanding
that by next Sunday all if tho prin
cipal work with regard td financing
the movement will have been put In
tangible shape. With Mr. Fuqua
it i ho bead of the movement, with
I 1 i' CsnliApn's t- fi Tin I . Atl lll,nnl
douafion of ranh and his offer of a
freo lease for five years, and other
men equally enthusiastic, the out
look could not be more promising
than at preaeut. The committee
named today, and headed by: the
gontlemen already mentioned, will
have a report comprehensive and full
of lntereBtlng detail for a gathering
being advertised for Sunday after
noon. Mass Meeting Sunday.
For Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock,
It la announced that a mass meeting
will be held or boys, their parents
and all other persons interested,
which the promoters hope will
ecllpse anything of Its kind ever seen
In Amarillo. The meeting will be
held In the First Bapthu church and
will be presided over by those in
present authority of the movement.
Dr Martin will spend the remaind
er of the week with the boys and
with their parents, teachers, pastors
and guardians. She was delighted
with the turn of affairs shown by
the meeting last evening.
The boys during this week will be
taught songs and yells, and the en
thusiasm manifest by the olders will
be Infused among the Juniors, and
today, as a starter, Is expected to
make possible a demonstration that
will mean much toward suppression
of the cigarette habit among Ama
rillo lads, and for tho strengthening
of character, aiding them to become
strong men la the community.
The pastors of the churches took
heartily to the plan, and while none
of trem will likely bo on the execu
tive board, yet tftty will be willing
to give their services in any ca
pacity. '
Just for Hoys.
Tho organization Is not under the
guidance of any particular church
society. It la one for the boys an
strives above all else to awaken the
spark of self reliance, self dignity
and Independence In tho nature of
tho lads. The entire scheme hinges
upon tho worth that a boy attaches
to his word and his own personal
The demonstration now on foot for
Sunday, will carry with It features
unique ' and Interesting, but yet to
he made public. It Is the Intention
to bring all e'.iglbles Into line re
gardless of social station. The mor
al, and those more fortunately en
vironed, are to Join in an effort to
reclaim and sustain those of differ
ent habits, and whose surronndings
are not all that could be desired. It
is to be a campaign of the boys
mothers of the city t become such
characters as men nhould be.
The meeting for Sunday afternoon
Is expected to fill to Its utmost ca
pacity the. Baptist church. The de
tails of the meeting are being ar
ranged. Tho boys are being (old of
the worth of tbe enterprise. Parents
and teachers are bolng acquainted
with its workings. A number of
mothers have voiced their aproval of
the work, and success seems certain.
Dr. Martin Outlines Work.
That a definite Idea may be had
regarding this work among tho youth
Dr. Martin was asked to outline It.
She stated; "The work Is one for the
prevention and cure of evils among
boys between the ft69S of nine and
twenty-one years. It is proposi
tion long past the experimental
stage, and has been gloriously and
successfully in operation for a num
ber of years. We base the opera
tions of the organization on a fight
ugalnst perhaps the n'0t. pernicious
and all destroying practice among
tho young-r-the cigarette habit.
From thl8 w hulld characters that
are manly and true, characters that
are honor, not only to themselves
but to their, parents and the com
munities in which they live.
"It Is scarcely necessary that I say
tbe work Is one whose Influence upon
tbe physical and mental Ufa of the
coming generations will be measure
less In its scope far good, realizing
that the boys aed girls of the pres
ent day are the fathers and the moth
ers of tomorrow. We propose to
erect for tho boys and assist them
to maintain a home for their society,
the Yung Men's Business club. In
this club or home they are to have
gymnastics under tbe Instruction and
guidance of a capable director, one
such having promised three months'
free services as a donation to the
work. They will have baths of dif
ferent kinds and such games as will
prove stimulating to their mentality
and to the developing of tbe muscles.
It is the aim and the result of tbe
Institutions to give to tbe member
ship healthy minds and bodies, ef
fected by surrounding them with
healthful influences and conditions
In both departments.
"The boys, under tho direction of
the executive committee, are allowed
to manage their own affairs. A sec
retary may be selected from among
their number, preferably from among
the high school students. A treas
urer may be had from the same
source. They are permitted to give
honorary membership to their elders,
at such a fee as may be determined
adequate to meet the demands of
the institution. They will have the
advice of the committee, but will be
expocted to attend to their part f
the business of the enterprise.
"After the charter members shall
have passed the ge Hotlt they will
by operation of their by-laws become
honorary members.
"Heading rooms, furnished with
literature good for boys and good
for men, will bo supplied. Rest
and lounging rooms,' with an audi
torium suited for medical end re
ligious lectures, will be provided. It
is probable that no initiation fee
from the ellglbles will be required,
and it is also probable that tbe hon
orary membership fees will be suf
ficient, In connection with the enter
tainments and other things of a
similar character offered by the boys
to defray all legitimate expenses of
the club. These, however, are mat
ters that are to be worked out later
under the direction of the committer
by the .boys.
"Tbe scheme, as I have said be
fore, Is one that has been fully
demonstrated to the entire satisfac
tion of even the most skeptical, and
the results hav0 proved a blessing,
not only to the present generation,
but will be sa far reaching that none
now living will bo permitted to know
the full extent of the good accom
plished. To Purchase a Lot,
A vote of thanks was extended to
II. B. Sanborn for bis kindly offer
of a free lease of five yeorg on a
valuable lot, and for his offer of a
donation of $155 In cash as a starter
In the movement for the rescue and
preservation pf the boyj of Amarillo,
even while personally without sons.
Me was tiianked heartily for his
among the boys. They are to bo as
sisted by men of means and of moral' magnanimity and his deep concern
tone, they are to be aided by the in the character bulUlng for tiie fu-,
turo men of this city.
Then came the suggestion thnt a
lot he purchased and tuo 1,,U1J0 ten
dered by Mr. Sanborn be declined.
This sentiment grew with each suc
ceeding speaker and in almost lous
tlmo than is required to tell this part
of the story the leaso Idea was side
tracked and tho suggestion of a pur-
cua8e became a fixture n the general
scheme of absolute ownership. Quite
a number spoke t0 this phuse of the
issuo, all favoring it.
This was by no means disparaging
to tbe generous offer of Mr. San
born. The permanency of thB en
terprise, however, Instantly becamo
a ruling passion In the meeting and
eliminated entirely any suggestion of
a temporary arrangement, such as
was at first proposed. The workings
Incident to securing this plot of
ground will bo determined by tho executive-finance
committoe at a mect
lug to brt held this week.
The VarlouH Speakers,
Opened by Dr. Martin, the meeting
became ono In which many short
speeches were heard, all concise and
to the point, showing lntense Inter
est In the "boy question." Dr. Mc
Gee told of the evils of tobacco from
the standpoint of a medical man, and
the worth of personal example In im
pressing tho youth of the country
with the deudly work fit the weed,
both mentally and physically. The
aged physician expressed contempt
for a man who will bo guilty of a
vice and then sjhastlse his son .for
a similar wrong act.
Rev. T. L. Dyer, pastor of the
Congregational church, expressed his
hearty approval of the movement,
and as a teacher with more than a 1
score of years In the public schools, ;
gave hls testimony relative to the
evils of the tobacco habit, tolling of ,
Its paralyzing Influence unon the i
nerves and mental faculty of stu-
dents. Hn declared against minis
ters and teachers who are adieted
to the use of narcotic. i
Frederick Kendal! expressed thanks '
in hi. mr.lhor anH t .1 . U .. . ... I
' M.viMoi nnu u UUU lUai 111!
had early in life been cured of the
tobacco curse. He is heartily In lice
with the movement and will work to
the end of Its perpetuation.
- Rov. Jewell Howard, pastor of the
First Christian church, favors the
scheme, and became active in tbe
meeting, assisting to the cloco with
the suggestions relative t0 commit
tees and pther business. He sees
In the tobacco evil one scarcely less
hurtful than that of Intemperance,
and enters the fight heartily,
W. H. Fuqua expressed unequlv.
ocally his approval of the move
ment for the betterment of tbe boys,
He quoted the Apostle Paul when he
said, "Raise up the child In the way
It should go," and added that Jonh
Billings, hundreds of years later, had
given strength to the quotation by
saying, "Raise up the child in the
way it should go, and then thai
way yourself," lllustaUng the worth
of personal cleanliness of character
and habits.
Rev. L. C. Klrkes, pastor of the
Fillmore Street Presbyterian church,
expressed hearty approval, and of.
fered his serrlce to the end of In.
augurating reform among the boys
of tho city.
Rev. R. E. L. Farmer, Baptist
missionary for the Panhandle, Is In
line and will give his time and ser
vices where needed.
Mrs. Twltchell spoke In the Inter
est of the movement, and displayed
enthusiasm In connection with the
final determinntinn to carry tun luua
through to the successful Issue.
J. M. RuR.sell expressed approval
and was Instantly In line for buying
and making the proposed organiza
tion permanent.
Mrs. Stanford was enthusiastic
over the outlook and felt grateful to
Dr. Martin for coming here and
making this fight for the liberation
and protection of Amarillo boys.
Mrs. Green told of an effort bolng
mado In certain sections of the city
among the boys under the title of
tho "Sons of Daniel Boone." She
stated that thrs organization will bo
glad to merge with the proposed
Young M-n's Business club.
J. T. Fryer, who has had much
experience w'th boys and young men
along the line of temperance work,
In methods calling for personal en
deavor and exercise of their inde
pendence and will power, will Join
hands with the movement and assist
It in every way possible.
Dr. Martin expressed thanks to the
Dally Panhandle for lt publication
of matters pertaining t0 the meet
ing and declared hersef in love with
the city of Amarillo by reason of
the cleanliness of the citizens. She
stated that the sidewalks of tbls city
are about the cleanest she has ever
seen to a city of thl size.
.1 'r .
t. i,
l r . y . i
U if
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