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Luy Youths Sign riedge U Abstain
From Cigarettes m1 Tobacco
la General,
More thaa 00 youth brtweca the
ge t aadi Jit, wrra rernt je.
trdsy atoraooa la tlio nias mrru
lug la U First llaptUt chnrrh and
signed tin anti-tobacco pledge.
The ateeUBg was la charge of Dr.
Dora Martin, the anil-cigarette nil'
slonara. Dr. SfartJa tolj of her work
With the Amarllla ncliools, of the
rare iromUa for tlio Yoang Men u
Ruslnrsfl club la this city, and Um
splendid oatlook for a higher and
grander moral plane among the buy.
Dr. Martin wan at her bout in the
meeting, and mud ono of the most
helpful addressed from the boy
,fandpoint perhaps ever heard In I hi
It), i
A', II. Kuquua, chairman of th
executive committer, outlined Uie
work incident to (lift appointment of
the committee of which bo 1m chair
man. It wan dated that each of the
churches will have a man in I ha work
nd that under direction of Ihlg row
11 ill too the boya will be enabled to
inaugurate a system of self-govcrn-nirnt
that argue well for tlio ad
vance, of nil the faculties of the
Mr, Fuqua called attention to tho
fact i hat the boys of today are the
men of affairs tomorrow; that the
coming mau of affairs needs a clear
brain with all or his senses alert.
In fain of the fait that competition
will be among men of that character.
I ho boy ho blown a large amount
jf It Ik mentality through hla none and
!iiouth In the form of foul cigarette
.inol.e will scarcely be the one that
nen will seek to put Into the fore
ront of activity and to ninnage var
oua Industrial and . political cam
paigns, It In the man with the cor
rect habits that Ik and will be la
Later In the meeting Mr. Fuqua
will; "1 love Texas. 1 love her bis
'orj, her boy and her girls, I
o her institutions and her laws. 1
iru io lunch In love with Texan, with"
iiuarillo especially, that. I expect to
umiinue to live here, to die here,
rnd, lastly, to be hurled here, 1
rm, ti. u matter of fact, afraid to
;nvc Texas. I am afraid that some
.blng good will come and 1 will not
uc la oil It, The most of th good
Mings come from Texan, and I am
(sorry to say some of the bad ones
pkluhoma complains that Texan la
furnishing her' with cigarettes."
Rebukes F.astc rn-rs.,
Mr. Fuqua told of having been on
a train a few days Hlnce, attached
to which wan a magnificent Pullman
far tarrylug a party of millionaire
'tiiine ow ner8 en route to the south
went to impect their properties. He
recited how when the Texan line had
been almost reached, the conductor
canio through and apologized to his
.distinguished passengers, telling
them that they -would not b0 permit
ted to drink liquor, nor play cards
while In, Txas.
' Mr. Fuqua then told of the anger
engendered by, reason of thlg an
nouncement by the conductor. He
Stated, Incidentally, that he had al
ways made it a rule to etay out of
"conversations that were not address
ed to him, but that finally the epi
thets of the party were exhausted
Fo far aa the state of Texas, her
tawa and legislatures making them
were concerned, and then, came a
jrocted to the individual citizen. It
.was recited that anyone who would
Jive In Texas wag of a certain Impre
iienslble character, and that was suf
ficient to bring Mr. Fuqua Into the
Ho told the men that he "lived In
Texas, was proud of the fact and was
glad that the laws forbidding the
playing of cards and the drinking
of alcoholic bad been paeeed and
had no apology to offer to any who
happened not to like them." Mr,
Fuqua stated that "they finally ad
mitted upon malurer thought that
there was good reason tor the pass
age of the laws," ,
Others Speak,
Mesiin. Fryer and Rusnell, to two
members of the committee present
aside from Mr. Fuqua, spoke briefly,
giving asKurancea that they will aa
slat wiih the undertaking, being vi
tally Interested In the proposition.
It was later intimated ihat In the
interest of the Immediate activity
of the boys, that temporary head
quarters may be established while
the plans for the permanent home
i.re under consideration. The mat
ter was held by the committeemen
to be one of aucb Importance that It
cannot be looked upon with light
nesn. They will lose no time, there
fare, la getting the boya to work,
Juntas; tbem J bald ha lwplratloi
gathered, unJ build It upon a firmer
foundation of h-lf reliant o and Indi
vidual effort.
Ur. Nunn gave evidence of the
ciiltninU-ni lunplred by tbo prcMWire
of the bo.M, the greaiert gathering
of litem he hud ever seen In a church.
He fcitn wordit of cheer and enrour
ageinent, and exprc..nrrt hlnmclf as
being denlrous of a-hlHtlng with the
movement lo ehtablluh a ni!iiiti)ciii
home for th( onihtiMIng nf the cig
arette evil. Mr, Kuqua reiterated
bin atatenient (hut he would advance
the enterprise hik h aid as ll acemcd
to warrs it, after ll bad i"eii launch
ed. The othr coiuioltteeiucn and
thou,, outside of the cotnmlftie ex
lirennoil I nii lf ai being willing
lo give liei.
Dr. Martin denionvlrated tbo una
ucr In which the oiganizutlou or tlie
boys has been effected. They Were
divided undi'r the hb'' UivisIouh, thiit.
ia, one or mora aecreturies for Hie
boys ot eitch age, In tbU uiaiincr
the boyn had their cards of pledges
ready for the collection. The young
fellow expressed their enthuHlasin
In th new work in which they uro
dentlued to be such important factor.
They hud their distinct yells, each ac
cording to hi classification, show
lug that Dr. Martin wan extremely
ncthn during the limited time at her
Dr. Martin prayed at Hie close of
tlio meet lug foe the Niicceaa of t lit)
movement, and then marched tho
boys out In an orderly maimer. She
was very complimentary to Amarllla
boys, declaring them to be tho best
and n,nst niunly lot of young fellows
that she had ever piet,
Cpon the sugKetlou of Mr. Nunn
and Mr. Fuqua an offering was tak
en to defray I ho expense of Dr.
Murtiu. 'I'll ii waH douo by the boys,
four of them passing through the con
it re Kii t Ion.
This forenoon Dr. Martin left for
Dnlhart, where she will conduct a
short campaign mimi'thlng after the
order of the one In Amurillo. She
will not Rive very much time to Hal
hart during this visit a alio lias an
engagement In Perry, OUa.. cover
ing at least g'portlnn of the holidays.
It Is presumed Hint the executive
and finance committee will have a
meeting this, week looking to the
perfection of arrangements for secur
ing the temporary quarters for the
If yon auf far from bleeding, Itch
ing, blind or protuding IMIeS, send
me your address, and I will tell you
how to cure yourself at home by the
new absorption treatment; and will
also send some of this home treat
ment free for trial, with references
from your own locality If requested.
Immediate relief and permanent cure
assured. Send no money, but tell
others of this offer. Write today to
Mrs. M. Summers, Box F, Notre"
Dame, Ind.
The party given In honor of Miss
Cowan by Misses Sheets and Doul
ware at 901 Tyler street, proved a
great success under the chaperonage
of Mrs. John S, Harper. Miss Cow
an leaves todsy fur the winter for a
point near El Paso, and the event
was one Well calculated to show
forth the esteem In which she la
held by hostesses' and their guests.
Games of "42," wrwsi and euchre
were enjoyed. Iflss Itoot presided
at the punch bowl. During the even
ing the Kuestg were regaled with hot
chocolate, frulr cako and fruits.
Following is a list of those In at
tendance; '
Mines, John S. IIarpr, Maud Cof
fey, Misses Lucrella Cowan, Katie
Hoot, Kdna Gillespie, Cecil Gillospto',
Evelyn llorsbrugh, Clara Bruce Sml-
eer, Mary Smlser, Margaret Houl
ware, M. A. Sheets; Messrs. J. P.
Fogarty, Bergcr, Noel Cowan, Elgin
Doulware, Lee Kenyon, Charles SlrtH1
man, Paul Sklllman,
Captain Will A. Miller Joined by
hla sonti, Will A. Miller, Jr., and
Stuart Miller, formed a coraplimentry
theater party Saturday afternoon
from the ranks of tho United Confed
erate veterans. The aged wearers
of the grey were oVt Interested au
ditors. At many turns In the pro
duction of "The Clansman" the for
mer fighters In behalf of the South
gave lively approval." The Grand
opera house has sever held a more
thoroughly appreciative theater
party than that organltcd by Captain
Miller and his sons.
The warriors ot other days had
rc-aj with pleasure tbo books of
Thomas Dixon, Jr., and tho Inter
pretation of the works on tho "tage
was extremely gratifying to them.
They expressed their thanks lo the
entertainer of t ho party in no un
certain tcrnm.
Dr. and Mrs, William Snellen left
yeHerday afternoon for their home
at McHseua, Iowa, after a visit of
sevtral week with their daughter,
Mrs. I i;. lioesen at 1409 Harrison
Htrcet. Dr. Huelsen ha visited In
Amurillo before, but tl l the first
visit for his wife. They ara both
highly pleased with Ibu Panhandle
and partic ularly o with Aniarillo.
The greater part of the visit of Dr.
Miol.fiMi was spent la hunting. Ho
visited ii number of the localities la
which name abounds near tho city
a i ul hlH expedition proved miceea
fill. I lo rauin to. the Southwest for
a rest, and expressed himself fre
quently us eujoylng the outing.
To frlendH her Dr. Snelsen stat
ed his belief that Aniarillo will make
a city of great Importance, lie la
u man who Is well versed not only
in the fdenre of medicine but ono
who has kept n keen e upon tho
development of the I.'nlied Slates as
u whole, and his opinion ,s one of
C. II. WIlllnRham, formerly of this
city, but now of Kl Puso, la visiting
In Aniarillo. Mr. Wllllngham lias
many friends in Amurillo and will
remalu here until after Christmas.
Charles A. Kisk, .1 cashier of the
Amarillo Hank Trust Co., left
yesterday fur Sherman to spend the
holidays. Mi's, l'isk has been In
Sherman as the guest of her parents,
Captalu and Mrs. C. A Andrews, for
the last Dion Hi . and will likely re
turn with her husband.
Miss Wyatt of the Amarillo public
schools left yesterday for Henrietta
where she will visit with relatives
and friends until after, the holidays.
,.' ...
Mm. Dolllc R. Creon hnsreturn
ed from Tennessee to Amarillo after
an absence of almost two months.
She went to Tenncsesee for tho ben
fit of her mother's health and states
that tho .parent was greatly Im
proved. ,
Mis. R. 0. Atcn has returned to
her home In this city after a visit
of severs! nocks, w ith her mother,
Mrs, W. J. West, in North Waco.
Mr. and Mrs. Richards left Sunday
for a visit with their relatives at
Memphis, Tenn. They will, return
through Arkansas stopping off in
some of the cities of that state.
Many holiday shoppers are In Am
arillo, from other, cities and towns.
Miss Haney of Canyon City was
prominent, among tho number Sat
urday, She wits the guest if friends
while in the city.
, Ford Brandenburg of tho First Na
tional bank, has gone to Brownwood.
He will spend tho holidays with rel
atives and friends at the point nam
ed, returning to Amarillo about the
first of the year.
In a paper read before tho South
Texas Medical association. Dr. J
Mark O. Ferrell, of Richmond, calls
attention to the inadequate provls
ion for the care of the insane in Tex
Io part Dr. O, Farrell's paper reads
aa follows;
Our alienists every year, In sta
tlstical reports, show u Indisputable
evidence of the alarming Increase of
our Insane population.
These reports show not only the
normal increase due to a growing
population, but year by year with
hcvor a halt, the per ccntage of fhe
insane has gone higher and higher
until their care has become of grav
est importance.
That asylum room is not now suf
ficient for their accommodation is
known to every county Judge in Tex
as; that it bag never, with tho excep
tion of a few brief periods, been ade
quate has been told to every legisla
ture for years In the biennial reports
of asylum superintendents.
Whenever a little additional room
is doled out to an institution by a
grudging legislature a rush of appli
cations go 'forward and ere another
spasm of generous dealing overtakes
our wise solons tbe jails are again
crowded with these unfortunates.
Now as to results: 1day there
are In jail and on poor farms of tbe
state several hundred Insane people.
This unasylumed insane, .while, of
course, varying as to Identity and
numbers, is practically conslstant. A
few of those couvlcted are committed
to an asylum within reasonable
time, depending altogether upon the
lurk of the Individual in losing his
sanity during a gencrouu fit of the
state and a consequent spurt la asy
lum room. Some nty In Jail a year
or two, nd a great many dm before
provision Is ever made for their
proper care. In answer lo Inquiry
by mo, one of th.i asylum superinten
dents wrote thsi bo had admitted
to his iiiHiltuHgii patients who had
beer confined In' jail for ten years.
What per cent of theso peoplo do
you suppose pass from tho acute to
the chronic and Inctirnbln forms of
Insanity through thrs Improper en
vironment and lack of skllle,i atten
tion? It is well known that treat
ment to avail in cnrsble rases, must
not only be of Intelligent direction,
systematic, constant and tinder suit
able conditions, but must be begun
early, Tho inaane. of our Jails are
almost never given any attention oth
er than that received by their fellow
prisoners, They cat the same food,
are locked In the same cells, recelvo
the same cursings If the icuard hap
pens lo be brutally Inclined', and get
the samo consideration In all things
as do their companion Jn misery.
With them ar prisoners charged
with various offenses against our
Isws; some guilty of daunting crim
inal practices, many vt the lowest
human type, .filthy us" to personal
habits; these are the constaut asso
ciates of the Jail Insane. Some
times male and female, the criminal
and the crazy all bunk together.
This is not a pretty picture, nor
Is It pleasant to exhibit it, but If
you think it overpulnted, make your
own Investigation and you will find
that the average Texas Jail, while
often beautiful In architectural ex
terior, would put to shame the so
called "Mexican dungeons" soiptly
expressed to our mind the kind of
prison wo would expect In a seml
clvllized country, but that, we have
"dungeons" at home coulj not for
a moment be acknowledged. There
are of course exceptions, .but In gen
eral. In place of soap and water tho
Idea seems to prevail that onn stink
deserves another, so that the aver
ago 'commissioners court provides
easy money for tho" agent with the
patent disinfectant. ' His stuff1 us
ually costs a few dimes a barrel to
make ahd nets him as niany dollars,
but what's the odds' whVn It is guar
anteed and kills the smell.
This U iiot all you' will find. Un
der the law the snerirf 6f the coun
ty feeds hlH prisoners' at so much
per head, the contract varying some
what, but the amount paid Is barely
sufficient to puTchase"and have pre
pared the plainest food, especially at
the preseurhlgh prices, but he Is al
lowed aa profit every dollar he can
squeeze out of the margin between
the cost of the food and the main
tenance of his prisoners.'
There aro very few who do not
make this margin profit him, even
if it sometimes Is at th expense of
human stomachs. '
As phyvkians to several hundred
state convicts I have tho medical care,
of numbers of those received direct
from Jail after conviction. Admitted
ly, -long conflnqjneut will so soften
a prisoner that he i unable to do
hard work when first put out, ibut
r V.
4 W
icca numbers of these newly
received convicts' weak for the lack
of food, and 11 '8 w-ell understood by
tbe sergeants in charge that new
men havo to bo watched to prevent
their overeating, the state, by the
way, providing aft ' abundance of
wholesome food for tbem.
This is the treatment accorded
our mentally sick by tne groat state
of Texas, and it' Is a thame that I
hope soon to see wiped out,
As n mutter of present day ex
pediency, il may be tiiat the confine
ment of o:iv Insane lu tho jails to
gether with the criminal classes, In
stead f m suitable retreats for their
detention and treatment, la the very
best w can do; but it Is repugnant
to modem civilization that disease
should be classed with crime, and it
Is the duty of otir profession to lend
aid in so educating 'the publUMhat
justice snail finally 'fte oona
Should Buy ' the hed Cross Xmus
' Seals ahd Further a Good Cause.
The following request from Mrs
J. D. Dlbrell ot Seguin, president of
the Texas Federation of Woman's
clubs, is self-explanatory i
To the Club. Presidents: Tbe elev-
enth annual convention recently ad
journed' at San. Angelo passed a
Ti:R-lAi;jiiCAD World-
The sum of $3,000 was contrib
uted from various sources dining
the month of November tor tho sup
port of railroad men's home, at
Highland Park, 111. Tim Panhandle
railroad editor while, grutcful enough
to appreciate and approve tho spirit
prompting these contributions, does
not coincide with this met hod of
supporting old and disabled om
raden, who through misfortune and
other causes has not been able to
lay aside a small competency for old
age. Some of the best men of our
country aro engaged in the hazard
ous occupation of railroad work nnd
devote their lives to tbJa important
work How many aro there la any
branch of skilled labor who ar un
able to provide for old. age. Many
thousands. Our government nnd
our states provide for their old sol
diers by giving them homes. Many
railroad companies re providing
pension systems which are excellent
methods of taking care of aged em
ployes. But some of their restric
tions are so severe that all can not
profit from the efforts of the sys
tem. We think the best method for
handling this question, which is one
of Importance und a growing one '
as follows. Let the four great or
ders, the B. of L. K.. the II. of I K.
and F., th(. 0. It. ( and the H. of it.
T., each contribute an equal amount,
$50,000 or such an amount as neces
sary, and build und equip satisfactory
quarters at tome designated point
and build it In such a style and man
ner as befitting to the thousands of
men represented. After this home
Is build let it be maintained by these
organizations dividing the expense
pro rata among them with reference
to tbe numbers belonging to each
order. This would prove an easy
plun and one that is entirely feasible
and should meet with the approba
tion and encouragement of every
man In all the four orders. This
would provide aplace for those w ho
needed tho benefltg of such an Insti
tution and there aro many, would
put the "expenso whero it belonged
Instead of having a homo maintained
by contributions. Further, any man
who had been a member of any of
these orders a number of years and
still In good standing and should
meet with bad luck, ho would not
feel so manv qualms of conscience at
going to a home supported by his
brothers and which he had helped
build "and support as he would In
going to a place supported by con
tributions. Thts Is a subject that is
worthy of consideration and discus
sion and we hope to hear further
from this matter through other pa
pers and tb Panhandle railroad man
would be glad to Tecelve and publish
any communication relative to this
matter. Hope aonie good brother
will start the matter rolling so it
will get before the grand lodgo as
fast as the annual meetings take
place, j '
Brakeman W. D. Sims Is laying oft
for thirty days and has gone tp St.
Louis accompanied by his family.
George W. North, brakeman
laying off for thirty days.
Conductor W. O. Armltag0 Is oa
a ninety day vacation.
M. J. Cain, formerly a member of
th Cder (division 41, Auiarilio,
Texas), was killed at Gouldsboro,
La., November 19. o one seems to
resolution recommending all club
women to use the Red Cross Christ
mas seals for packages. ' Mrs. M. A.
Vallaway, 323 Forest avenue, Dal
las, Texas, has had many thousands
of these packages shipped to her and
requests that tho clubs In different
towns Induce their druggists or oth
er dealers in holiday goods to. send
to her at once orders for these seals.
All clb women ar requested to
seal their Christmas packages with
those emblems ot a noble band of
workers. Yourg respectfully,
President T. F. W. C.
These little Red Cross seals arc on
tale by a number of Amarillo mer
chants. Atoention is called to tbe
fact that the sales are of no profit
to the dealers, as they handle them
only for the benefit of tbe move
ments sought to be aided by the
Texas Federation of Women's clubs.
Amarillo ladies are Interested in this
movement, and a large sale and a
liberal use of the stamps will bo
highly. appreciated. This is one of
the means of moulding sentiment in
favor of the movements sought to be
forwarded, and as the cost of the at
tractive litUo stickers is trivial, all,
may afford them for the sealing of
the Christmas packages.
iioiMi .utoi r tut: utv.
a 4
Mif OterhuU Arrives Mit Fan
nie Overhuls hu4 returned from hot
studies at lhi Denton Normal school
to spend tho holidays with the family
of her brother, A. M. Lewis, at 1701
Tyler btrcet. The young lady will
bo hers about two weeks. MUs Ov
erhuls graduated In the Amarillo
High School la.-t year, taking the
highest honors,
Court Adjourn Judge Browning
udjouriu'd disiricl court In this city
Saturday evening. The court was
convened at Farwcll today and after
a week at th0 point nameil will go
to Clareudon and thenco to Claude,
Kn Itouto (o i:i Paso Mrs. Fitz
gerald of Shawnee arrived In the city
yesterday vti routo to Kl Paso, where
ulio will visit duilni; ;t ln winter.
While u Amarillo she was tho gucM
of Mrs. Katie Zook.
Installation Cercinoiiles 'I'hn lo
cal camp W. O. W. will enjoy ono
of the most pleasing events In Its
history tli0 night of January 5 in the
form of a public installation. The
program is being arranged. There
will bo a splendid offering of sea
sonable music and other numbers in
keeping with the generul elegance of
tho occasion.
I nla nt Hurled The infant of Mr.
and Mrs. W. (i. llerbst at 702 East
Seventh street was burled yesterday
Visit Fort Worth A. P. Mitchell
left yesterday for Fort Worth. My,
Mitchell will not return to Amarillo
until after tho holidays.
Here from Boise C. V. Small
has arrived in the city from Boise,
Idaho, lie will spend tho holidays
with hl8 sisters, Hr. W, L. Ponder
and Miss Small.
Interesting Meeting W. B. Plem
ons camp United Confederate Veter
ans held an Interesting meeting yes
terday afternoon at tho courthouse.
Announce Session Amarillo Elks
announce a meeting for this evening
at the ball In the Grand opera house
Taxes How Tho payment of tax
es Is reported as being a llttlo slow
at tbe sheriff's office. The payment
has not been so early this year as It
was last, but a heavy Influx Is ex
pected next month.
Patient Improves Max Zwirn,
who has been 111 for the last week,
was removed to tho sanitarium yes
terday. The attendant physician
states that he Is somewhat improved.
Aniarillo Keulty Market A. Eb-
erstadt Is authority for the state
ment that th0 business outlook from
tho standpoint of tbe real estate man
is all that could be desired. Fie
states that the new houses Just fin
ished for him have all been sold and
are occupied by owners. Tho fur
ther information is given out by the
gentleman that he Is now preparing
for tho contracting of four other
buildines. From other Intere?tc2
In the real estate business It Is learn-
know anything about his relations,
or to" whom to give his personal
property. Anyone knowing any of
Mr. Cain's relatives kindly commu
nicate with Brother M. A. Smith,
119 Dauto street, New Orleans, La.
Carpenters arc remodeling the up
stairs of the general office building
to a slight extent, so as to use the
offices recently vacated.
Conductor W. If. Ryan has gone
to work after a forty-five day lay
off. He has taken 37 and 38 be
tween Canyon and Clovls, bumping
W. S. Tlaccy who goes on L'0 1-202
between Amarillo and Carlsbad, re
lieving J. F. Carder, who will take
527-528 temporarily,
One brother, who has retired from
railroad work, writes from Melrose,
N. M. Gentlemen: Owing to a
change of occupation, my address,
in tho future, will .be as above. I am
now engaged in checking up the
number of furrow s(turned over In a
day's run, and instead ot punching
tickets, I am punching holes in the
ground to put fence posts in. and the
wires stretched thereon will not be
burdened with any inquiries as to
the cause of delay, or with an order
giving me an hour and thirty min
utes' "lay out" six miles from home.
Yours truly,
OCT siNCi; ntlDAY IN J AM Eh J
XOT .AfillKK. !
Hauncvllli', Ky., Dec. I -Afr
having beeu out since U-i l'ny
tho Jury In tho case uculn.il Jsrjs
H. Parrish, the Owensboro, l
tuck, bunker charged with tcio
lug a deposit when his bank, h
Oweuslioio Savings Uanl K- Tril
Co., wart Insolvent, today leporti
that it could not agree and was d
Th aliened liability of about $
000.000 Is Involved in a rciciversh
binili disaster which last April ai
feitej Western Kentucky, Southcij
Indiana and Cincinnati correspond
ems nd. depositors. It. wss th
largest (allure In tli( history of Ken
Tho specific charge wan Unit oi
H. T. Martin, who asserted that Par
rish, who with two brothers.r-vas ii
charge of the Owensboro sVyng
bank affair, received a doios!ol
$130 ii few days before the bmil
fuiled !
't ' 1
Where was it, dear, that we met b
For surely we met in an anrien'
Perhaps twas a thousand years o:
In somo far-off star or alien clime,
Was I a rower in Cleopatra's barge ,
And you thc maiden who held hei
fan, ,
Or wen? you a lady at Nero's four)
And I a slave at your bidding ran;
Perhaps 'twas later in Louis' time,
Ws mot at Versailles, 'neatn th
sunny skies.
Where Montespan's sight and Main
tenon's miles
Were naught to the ligTit of youl
soft, sweet eyes.
It might havo been In the forest's
I paused and landed my bark ca
noe, Ana you. were a dark-eynd Indian
And I was your Hiawatha true,
What matter? We met and Hfe waj
sweet ;
Wo loved and parted and died.
Who shall say?
And I've come back to earth just ta
find you, my sweet,
To love you again In this new
fashioned way.
Today as we pass on the .busy street
Do you remember the time we
And are you guessing where we shall
When we shall die and the world
Margaret Hobson.
ed that a liberal building Viove !
expected immediately after th, firs
of the Jear. The tendency In at
lines of business, t is stated, is foi
the better. ,
to stop a cough or cold Is Just as soot
as It starts then there will be no
danger of pneumonia Or consump
tion. Just a few dosos of Ballard's
Horehound Syrup taken at the start
will stop tbe cough. If it has been
running on for sometime the treat
ment will tie longer, !but the cure Is
sure. Sold by L, O. Thompson &
Washington, Dee, 21. Congress
man Cooper of Texas today said
Roosevelt had not a position to of
fer him; that he has not seen thn
preaident since congress opened.
Special to Dally Panhandle.
Dallas, Dec. 21. Fire early
this morning destroyed three
homes a,nd their contents on
Haskell avenue. The loss was
$12,000. Mr. and Mrs. F. A
May3 narrowly escaped death.
w being forced to jump from a
k window to Save their lives. They
it were scorched and badly
w bruised.
t r r t r t r ' A t' n i r .r '

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