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NO. 53
Thousands of Bodies Lie Beneath Ruins In Many Towns Human
Loot Dead, Dying and Living Fife Adds More Terror
Associated Press,
. Home, Dec. 21). The disaster in
tho province of Calabria and Island
f Sicily today assumed staggering
Each successive report from I lie
ttrirken region makes it more appar
ent Unit (lie first l 1 H ies of llic wide
vproad destruction were little If any
Messina alone reports 12,000 vic
tims, hut it fit feared this is only a
piirtiul list of tho dcnil anil wounded.
Report we coming In from oilier
(owns giving estimates . of the uV4
I heroin from ."00 up ! several thou
sand. Heggio still rcniHiiis in isolutioii.
It 1 impossible lo gel word from the
Mriikcn rlty and silence gives rise
lo the most foHi'ful apprehenslop.
associated Press.
Palermo, Sicily, Dec. 19. Kail
road communication with Mesitu has
been restored. A trainload of ref
ugees came In here this morning, ibut
they aro all maddened with terror
and none are capable of giving; a con
pceted account of the catastrophe.
All agree that Messina was de
stroyed and victim!) will be counted
by tens of thousands.
The Trianorla hotel, with ninety
guests, was demolished. The city
Palermo, Dec. 29. Refugees from
Messina say there were 100 foreign
ers in the Hotel Trinacria and they
all lost their lives. Tho hotel was
completely obliterated. It was one
of the best in tho rlty and patronized
almost exclusively by tourists.
Associated Press.
Cantanla, Sicily. Dec. 29 The fol
lowing graphic story was told by a
woman who arrlvej here from Mes
sina this morning, badly injured:
"Infernal is tho only word that will
describe tho fearful scenes," she said.
"When the first shock came most
of the city was asleep.
"I was awakened by the rocking
of the house. Windows swayed and
ra tried and crockery and glass crash
ed to the floor.
"I was balf stunned but knew the
only thing was to make my way out.
Streets were filled. Everybody
imt4 tLi) U aiJt fclothcs heedless
Xcws conic from Messina, eight
miles nortli of Itcggio, hut no re
liable estimuto of the dead (here is
Vandalism of the worst kind has
broken out and tho government has
adopted most severe measures, Jol
liprs and loot els ai'o .shot on sight.
Tle prison at Messina, collapsed,
some of th prisoner being killed,
but .survivors escaped and joined the
Imodium) who aro sacking the city.
Such confusion reigned that rob
bers met no resistance,
Tho liven chief of police lies dead
in tbe ruins of his office.
Itarraeks nt Messina were demol
ished. Tho commander of the troops
was killed outright mid many vie
tinis are among the enlisted men.
The government last night sent
hall, hours, telegraph offices nnd
barracks were also destroyed.
Thp tidal wave was thirty fret
high and swept up three streets of
the city in the luUht of the confu
sion. Hundreds of half dressed men,
women and children were caught in
the onrush of waters and drowned or
Refugees declare thp entire coun
try around Messina has been de
vastated ami that several villages
disappeared. Reggie Is described as
nothing but a vast sepulchre.
Malta, Dec. 29. British battle
ship Exmouth and two cruisers left
here today for Messina to render
every assistance to tho survivors of
tho disaster.
of rain which was falling in tor
rent .
"Terrific shrieks filled the air and
wo heard frantic, appeals from un
fortunates pinned beneath ruins.
"Walls were tottering all around
us, and not one of our party expected
to escape alive.
"My brothers and sisters were with
me and In frenzy of terror w0 groped
our way through the streets, holding
our own against panic stricken peo
ple clambering piles of ruing until
we reached a place of comparative
"But thi was not done before I
was struck down and badly Injured
by a piece of furniture that fell from
an upper story of a bouse.
General I'elrra de Cossatto, an army
corps commander, to take full charge
with troops of the devastated terri
tory. One of (lie first moves will he to
declare! martial law. Rubbers pil
lage, ruins of shattered buildings
and oven stole clothing and valuables
from bodies of victims. They were
not deterred by flames that broke
out tn several sections of the city
hut took advantage of the light's
glare for vandalism.
The night In Messina was one of
horror Indescribable fire, robbery,
dead and dying on every side, the
city in tbe utmost confusion and m-o-pie
panic stricken and under a spell
of terror.
Troops began to arrive at Messina
last night and this morning n num
50,000 DEAD
Message Gomes to Italian
Ottical Telling Worst Story
From City
Home, Dee, 20. Tho minister of
niariii,. at 5 o'clock this afternoon
received a wireless message estimat
ing the dead at Messina ut 50,000.
Xo news from Itcggio.
Rome, Dec. 29. rromier Giolittle
has received a telegram confirming
previous reports of the complete de
struction of Messina by fire follow
ing tho earthquake. Tho dispatch
says the dead at Messina number
tens of thousands.
"All along the road wo were
jostled by scores of fleeing people,
hal clad -like ourselves,
"The houses seemed to be crash
ing to the ground in whatever di
rection we -went.
"Suddenly the sea began to pour
into the town and this seemed to
mean the end of everything.
"Eventually w reached tho prin
cipal squre of Messina and found
two or three thotisand people, utterly
terrified, assembled.
"I saw one bis building on the
squar0 collapse.
"It seemed to mo scores of people
were buried beneath the ruins. Then
I lost consciousness and remember
no more." " -
MessidReports 12,000 Dead Great Buildings in Ruins-King
and Queen to Work of Rescue Army
hep of steamers arrived from the
peninsula with soldieis.
Patriots nt one,, organized and ef
forts were made to bring some order
to the situation. Hand of riti.ens
formed who helped tho work of res
cue. Many courageous nets were per
formed by soldier and citizens
alike, and in come rase the rescuers
themselves lost their liven trying to
help others.
Toward morning several of the
worst fire ,; extinguished nnd
,m it
looting was under partial control nnd
comparative order was restored.
Everything possible was done to
succor (he wounded, but relief meas
ures are Mill utterly Inadequate, ow
ing to the Immensity of the disaster.
The finest palaces, churches and
Rome, l)cr. 20. -Quern Helena re
fused to allow her husband, the king,
to go alone to the scenf of the dis
aster. She said she would share her
husband's dangers and consequently
hold left Koine this afternoon for the
It is announced here that the pope
London, Dec. 29. A special dis
patch from Rome says the pope has
been notified thai tho entire religions
communities of Messina and Reggio,
including bishops, priests, monks and
nuns were wiped out by tho earth
quake and flrc.
Rome, Doe, 29. The minister of
the Interior has a telegram from Mes
sina saying that tho bodies of sev
enty Knglish travelers and thirty
Germans are burled beneath the
ruins of tho hotels Trinacria, Victoria
and Rellevue at. Mossina.
Washington. Dec. 29. President
Roosevelt, through tho utate depart
ment, today sfnt to King Victor Em
manuel of Italy a dispatch express
ing his horror and a1ro that of tho
American people over the disaster
which has befallen southern Italy
and Sicily 'by the earthquake and
tendering his sincere sympathy.
The president also notes that the
American National Red Cross has is
sued an appeal for contributions to
aid the sufferers, and that organiza
tion has notified him it will Imme
diately communicate with tho Italian
Red Cross.,
Tbe fitato denartment 13 without
theaters of Messina are heaps of
ruins. ,
Countless bodies are in the wreck
age nnd decomposition doubtless will
bring pestilence to add to tho horror
of the sit unt ion,
Iievastation of the entire district
is more ()r less complete. No part
of the province of Itcggio dc Cala
bria escaped.
The disturbance was most severe
along the shore of the Slraljs of
Messina, where the cities of Messina
and Itcggio are situated.
In more than one town the shock
caused gas meters to explode and dis
astrous fires resulted. Flames helped
greatly to swell tho death list.
Configuration of tho Straits of
Messina has been materially altered.
The tidal wave which completed dc-
will inaugnratp the establishment of
ail international committee of Iloman
Catholics tho world over to assist
tho survivors of the great ratantro
phe. Pope Pins heads tho subscription
list, with Iji'-'OO.OtlO.
It Is understood tho king will give
$100,000 for relief.
Naples, Dec. 29. Kin? Victor Em
manuel will proceed to Calabria and
Sicily and do all In his power to fur
ther the work of rescue.
It is reported here that tho pre
fect of Reggio waa killed in tho
earthquake and an inspector general
from the homo office has been sent
to replace him.
A prpfect is the head of a province
nnd corresponds to a governor of a
state in America.
advices from It3 diplomatic or con
sular offices in Italy regarding the
At Messina, where the results of
tho earthquake arP appalling, tho de
partment nasi both Consul A. S.
Cheney and Deputy Consul Joseph
II. Pierce.
As private cablegram after cable
gram confirmed the frightful extent
of the catJibtrophe. the Italian em
bassy attaches freely expressed grief.
When Slgnor Roberto Centaro,
secretary of the embascy, read a dis
patch In which the Trlbuna estimat
ed 75,000 killed, he seized his head
In his bands and exclaimed: "My
God, how terrible! Can It be true!"
Delay in receipt of official news at
and Navy Busy
Mrurtlnn of the work of the earth
quake wns thirty-two feet high.
Wireless telegraph has been no
of tile greatest assistances ill getting
reports from the devastated regions
and Is aiding the authorities to real
ize the extent of the disaster and to
send help tn places where most urg
ently needed.
A flying squadron of the Italian
navy, composed of the three battle
ship which had left for a cruise he
fore th,, disaster, was reached by
wireless and ordered lo Messina.
Tho ltritish squadron at. Syracuse
also left for .Messina. Also several
Russian ships nt Syracuse.
Tho dome f the cathedral nt Ca
tania collapsed and other churches,
as well as the city hall, threaten to
fall at any moment.
CHRE Only Few Thousands Lett
Once Populous, Gay
London, Dec. 29. A dispatch
from Canzor says only a few thou
sand of tho entire population of Reg
gio have escaped death or injury.
Lieutenant (Jenem! rierni di Cos
satto has ordered all looters and rob
bers shot on sight.
Martial law will be instituted in
the earthquake zone.
The population of Reggio is placed
at 50,000. The city Is south of Mes
sina. Paris, Dee. 29. The minister of
marine has ordered two French ibat
tleshlps nnd three torpedo boat, de
stroyers to proceed to Messina to
succor victims.
the Italian embassy is taken to tiieim
that ihe officials in Rome are giving
all attention to aiding tho stricken
Rome, Dec. 29. Th0 Tribuiia to
day estimates tho total casualties In
Calabria and Sicily ibetween sixty
and seventy thousand.
Reports have just been received
from other towns in Calabria, Cas
sano and Cosenza. Cassano is said
to have 1,000 (lead, while the wound
ed number 500. At Cosfono S00
dead have been taken from tho ruins.
Cassano has 6.700, while Cosenxa
Is the center of the community with
a population ot 2,100. . ..
HI T0f,1B
Remarkable an J teslnj 0c
enrrencs Regarding Gover
nor's Order to Obey
New Rrnumfels, Dec. 29. Sunday,
for the first tim0 fclnco this German
village wan founded tho demand ta
observo tho Raskin-McGregor Ia
was followed after several confon
ences between tho governor nndth
county attorney.
As far 03 can bo learend thfl Lv
waa strictly observed, no nldu o thud
doors being open.
"Liberty" waa placcwj la a cofflt
and burled by citizens Juv t on th
outskirts of tho city. j
Tho coffin was preceded by fcrast
band mid tho funeral was an cla
borate one.
Somo of tho most prominent cltli
zens wcro rnllbearcrs. -
Snn Antonio, Deo. 29. Judgo Ed
ward Jlwyer of the Thlrty-seventl
district court, returned today from
Austin whero ho conferred with ttu
governor regarding th0 recent difc
fic.uliy over tho liquor laws.
Judge Dwyer 'brought with him th
commissions of Rexar county offi
cials which the governor had held up.
Governor Campbell Issued the com
missions upon tho report of Judga
Dwyer that, tho Raskin-McGregor
law hereafter would bo enforced.
Sheriff Lindsey also called on th
Witnesses In Hoed
Brown Case
V-Tlie ease of tho state of Tea.i T9
I. X. Thompson on trial beforo Jass
ticn Kerr and in vthlch tho defendant
stands charged by complaint with an
attempt to luibo ' tho prosecuting
w it nibses 1 itiho rase of Llm slate of
Te.vaM vs. J I h I Rrown, lias tioen
carried over to bo finished Thursday
afternoon upon application of counsel
for tho defense. .
The chief witness In this complainfl
against Thompson is Mis J into Vo
mack who is (ho parly alleged Ui
have been injured in tho case of tho
state of Texas vs. Ilooil Rrown.
llrowu was recently given a new(
trial anil it change of venue to Arm
strong county atler having been con
vlcteil of statutory criminal a s-.au IS
with ft penalty of five years in tha
It was following the granting of
his prayer for new trial and tho
change of venue that the alleged n
tempt to bribe was committed in tlii.4
It Is alleged that an effort waq
made lo cause loo witnesses to leavo
this dist rii t and section of the state,
no that procoH could not be had in
compel I lieni to appear In a second
trial of lb case which is set for next
week lit. Clarendon.
Tho witnesses upon whom an nt
tempt is alleged to h.ivo been niadd
to bribe, will he held in this rlty un
til they aro needed nt CInrendou to
testify in the case, provided tho hear
ing is gono into during tho oncoming
term of court.
i:i.ui:r r iiniiiAKi) nncovKunva
Buffalo, N. Y., Dor. 29. ElberU
Hubbard, head of the Roycrofters at ,
East Aurora, la ambling about his
preserves with tho asrlKtanco of a
cane. The Fra had the mlsfortuna
to got on the wrong sldo of a falling
tree and a limb f of the tree) con
nected with his ankle. Me was badly
shaken anti nt the time fears wera
entertained that ho was seriously
hurt. A spralnej ankle, however,
was the wor:t injury ho received anj
uat is now; rapidly; healing,
i -

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