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'i ' "
"I liavs suffered a good !! with
tiialurl and stomach complaints, but
I hav now found remedy that
keeps mo well, and that remedy li
j:iortrlo Hitters; a medicine that in
tnedlclna fop stomach and liver trou
bles, and (or run down conditions,"
says yf. C. Kk-atler, or Halllday,
'Ark. Electric Bitter purify and en
rich the. blood, tone up (be nerves,
and impart vigor and energy to the
Teak. Your money will bo refund
ed U It ia lis to help you. 50o at I,.
V. Thompson A Co. 'a drug atore.
and Mechanical
of Texas
H. H. Harrington, LL. D. Frai
Thoroagh Training; la Fraclcal
Regular four-year courim In Asti
culture, Animal Huabandrv, llor,
ticulture, in Architectural, Civil
Klectriral, Mechanical and Textile
ICiiKineering 1 1 1 1
iBHlrurtion aim given in KnjjIUh
History, MHtlicmnticn, Drawing,
rhjsic,Chrmiatry, Modern
Military Traininff and Discipline
Necetaary expeiuea, eicluaive of
books and clothing, One Hun
dred and I'ifty.nve Dollars
a Seaaion
File Your Application Now
For Catalogue Address
College SUtiom, Texas
We have sold our extensive medi
cal practice at Fort Worth. We will
open offices in Amarillo about January
3rd, 1909. .
We will make Amarillo , our home.
We come here to stay.
We have practiced 12 years in Tex
as. We had the largest special practice
in Fort Worth. We sold out on ac
count of Mrs, Duncan requiring a higher
We Are Specialists
Dr. T. li. P. Duncan, Specialist Eye, Ear,
Nose and Threat and Chronic Diseases of Men.
Dr. Blanche A. Duncan, Specialist on
Chronic and Nervous Diseases of Women,
Our office will be the best equipped in
the State. Every Modern Electrical and Me
chanical Appliance will be added.
Special Offer
To the first 25 patients we will make a
special rate.
For a short time we will give free con
sultation and free examination.
Yours Truly
T. H. P. Duncan, M. D.
Blanche A. Duncan, H.D.
Ifilbourn-Thompson Building
P9IH Street.
Ktliii of Tragedy In Arkaiua When
. VVoinun U Itcafen to lentil.
lipuly Sheriff hid lloiiit, brother
of HliiUff Hoiipt of Garland county,
ArkiinMNo, arrivcil in the city Ut
nluhl from lint Spring, bclli-vliiK
(lint Arihln ItanUtcr, wanted there
ou charge of murder of Mr. Ada
ItltK'tir-l' July (I, Inxl, had been nr
rented In Amniillo, The officer
Mopped over ut Auxtln long fuimikIi
to filo appllcnilon for it'(iilxl(lou of
Archie ItiinNli-r nud cmiie on to Ama
rllh) In li followed by the document
from Governor Campbell today.
IteachliiK Amarillo, Houpt went to
the ciiiiiily JhII mill there met nud
talked vWtli Arthur HaiiWtcr, brother
of Archie HuiiiMcr, I lie ace un-d of
the murder. The pii-oner ivlio l
Im-Ihk held In the roller rounly jail
iiMn a mlnoi' cliHrice, Mate that he
Iimm not heard direct from hi In-other
itlucc aoino tliii In June, flt which
time lie hU alu.nnliir on a hotel
register lit an Oklahoma, town. Jin
Mated that at that time he Old not
nee the brother, only hla iimiiui upon
the register of the hotel. Mure then
he haa nut ouly not aeru Archie Un
Ikter, but liua had no communication
from hi in, or regarding him.
Arthur naulmer disclaims all
knowledge of the Hot Springs trauii
K llon, and declares that if hla broth
er In In this section of the Mate, or
the country he knows nothing of It.
Deputy Sheriff Houpt. after talk
ing with Arthur DuuiHter, wired IiIh
brother, Sheriff Houpt, ull of the
factH gleaned by reason of the Inter
view, li atated later that he does
not know what course will be ptir
Miied regurdltiR the man hold in Atna
rlllu. He will douhtlemi get u return
wire this afternoon with Instruction)!
from the sheriff regarding future ac
tion. AtriMioii Murder.
Thp murder caiiMlng this agitation
wan one of the boldest and at the
aaino time one of tho most atrocious
and cold .blooded ever perpetrated
In the state of ArkanKas.
July 7 of thin year the lifolegs
form of Mrs, Ada Klecher, a beauti
ful woman of not more than thirty
years of age. was discovered lu a
cottage I" Kirk atreet In Hot Sprlui;
by Itobert Harris, a ll!-yoar-old boy
renldlog In the neighborhood. Tho
diMcovery, made about 9 o'clock In
the forenoon, was reported to the
chief of police without delay. En
trance waa had to the houve from the
rer. The entire front portion of
the cottage was found to he locked.
The nurder was committed with a
machlnlat's hammer, the woman's
forehoad being beaten to a pulp.
Upon the hammer was found no
blood, but a bit of cuticle from the
woman's face had adhered to the
faco of the weapon. A towel wan
hound about the woman's head, and
a portion of It thrust Into her mouth,
thus preventing any outcry. She waa
lying face downward In a l)ol of her
own blood and her hair and fuce
were badly blood clotted.
The. room was In period order o
far as the bed and the miiln furnlHh-
lngn wer concerned. Tho bed hart
nut been occupied, but the content
of dieter drawera were Miewn
a bo ill die apartment. Suit cases
worH ripped open oml other recep
tacles that mlitht have held artlcli'M
of value were disturbed. One of the
womiin's stocking In whh h li' whh
known to have curried a considerable
amount of money wax rlppi'd almoxt
entirely from her limb. Diamond
worn on her hands and In her eiira
had ln'en torn away, as well a.s other
ibllH of Jewelry known to have been
In hr poHHeHnlon.
Mun unil lh(. Children.
On the afternoon prior to the
finding of the dead woman a nun,
who had been seen at the home of
Mm. JUecber, was noticed to have
tukcu the three children of tho dead
woman to VYblttliiKton park. A
neighbor llvlnjf next door remem
bered to have heard tho man tell one
of the Hill" boys that if they would
b good liH would take them to the
park for tho afternoon. The chil
dren of the dea(j woman are Orgle, a
girl uged H, l'hlllp, b years, and
Kiank 3 years.
TIih man went to tho park and
telling the little boys to remuin near
the auditorium until he returned lie
took their Mister with hi in, try
ing he wanted to wash his IiuikK
This was iiccordlug to ihe story told
by the eldest of the boys on the day
their mot bet's body wan discovered.
They waited In obedience to hl In
structions until it was lute and then
wandered back to the cottage in
which Jay the dead woman.
I'pon reaching homo the children
found the doors locked and were
cared for during the night by neigh
bors. It is ibelleved that the mother
of the children had been killed prior
to their removal to the park.
The man having the little girl In
charge Is believed to have hired a
rig and driven Into the country,' as a
man with a child, both answering the
descriptions given, were seen shortly
after the hour they must have left
the park, Tho man gave a fictitious
name and stated lhat ne uua reached
the city but a few hours before.
Later the rig returned . without a
driver and was taken In charge by
Agaiii at Little Hock a day later
a mun answering tho description and
accompanied by a little girl were
seen at the union station. At the
station he disponed of a diamond
ring at a very low price id stated
that he waa suffering. W lieu asKcil
by the purchaser of the ring what
address he should keep for the re
demption of the ring, the seller
would not write a nam,, but simply
called himself by a name t hut ho
said fcould be sufficient. Thin was
the last tace of the Individual until
the line or Inquiry that leads to tho
present agitation.
(ilrl Is Discovered.
A few days later the little girl waa
discovered lu Birmingham, Ala.,
from which place she was later re
turned to relatives. She stated that
she was drugged aoon after leaving
the park and did not regain conscous
ness until she had reached a point
far from there. After she did re
gain possession of her faculties she
was kept on the end of the soat In the
train nearest the window and as
not permitted to speak to anyone in
the coach. Kho was taken to Bir
mingham and abandoned, and later
found there as has ibeen stated.
It is the Impression of the orfloers
that the murderer took the little girl
away to prevent her telling of his
presence In the house, and what she
might develop In the matter of dis
covering the dead body of her moth
er before he had made his escape, -Nerured
The dead woman and her husband
Harry P, Klecher, were separated at
the time' of the tragedy, he being her
second husband. He did not come
to Hot Springs with Jier, being a res
ident of Oklahoma and she coming
to Arkansas from Dallas, Texas. She
bad been In the city only a few woeks
at most and had roomed at a public
house until about two days before the
killing. It was in the payment of
the rent for the cottage Kirk
street that the fact of her possessing
a goodly amount of money became
known. A woman to whom payment
was mad ctated that Mrs. Rlecher
exhibited large roll of 'bills and
took from it J15 with which payment
was made. The remainder of the
monyy was placed In her stocking.
The beauty and bIzo of the diamonds
worn were noticed by the landlady.
Following Investigation officers
swore out complaint charging Archie
Banister with the murder of Mrs.
Rlecher. Circulars and telegrams
were soon on their way over the
country covering a radius of 600
miles. Local officers spent the re
mainder of that day and the follow
ing night In ft fruitless search for
the murdered. From that tlmo fol
lowing much time nl money have
been expended in the i-uase, which
now gives some promise of success.
Texan Sheriff ftunta.
Sheriff Adair of Kaufman county,
Texas, was In Amarillo a few days
since and later went to New Mexico
In his search for Archie Banister,
for whose arrest a goodly reward is
offered, a portion of which Is put up
by the former husband of the mur
derer woman.
Chief of Police Snider knows both
of the Banister iboys and has more
than once arrested Archie Banister
upon misdemeanor charges. He
states that the descriptions issued
by the Hot Springs officers are as
perfect as could be mads with the
possible discrepancy as to height and
age. The Arkansas officers make
tie man little too nlfh nd trifle
Clarendon Chronicle; Tho acqui
sition of the K. W, & I), and C. & Ji.
ro.ids by the 1 1 ill syndicate gives tun
latter control of over 20,000 miles
of road and roaches from the Pacific
to the tiulf at. tlalveston, giving an
ocean outlet nt ilmih terminals. It
will make the H..W. & D. a part of
a great trunk line rrom ikthii to
ocean and we nuiy look for a fine
road bed and a wonderful InrreaBed
t raffle In the near future, and ulti
mately a double-tracked road. This
means much for Clarendon, and will
bring her much more prominently
before the traveling world.
Quanah Trlbuno-Chlrf : Since the
Denver has bworao part of the great
Uurllngton syHtom there arn plans
on foot to doublo track It. The
amount of freight panslng over It
would almost Justify it now, anj how
It will lie when tho freight from tbe
great northweat la conducted over
It to OalveBtou may be conjectured.
Instead of occasional blokades we
Hhall have them often then. To
furnish more freight for tho Denver
we expect Jim Hill to employ a fleet
of steamers between New York and
(ialventon. The old Scotchman may
be trusted to work up business for
his roads. And lie will develop Tex
an like he dnvelouej the great north
wesr. 1 '".
Cleveland Leader: The newspaper
man Is going to be the salvation of
the American singe, Junt as he has
been that of England and France.
The best plays of today the iblg
current successes and'thobp that lap
ped over from their last year's runs
are the work of newspaper boys
who are still newspaper boys despit?
their new surroundings, tins Thom
as and tlene Walters and Paul Arm
strong and George Adn don't see life
a bit differently now from what, they
saw it In the cas when they were
reporters and thanked their stars
when they got assignments that put
them behind the scene and revealed
the reul workings of the human in
tellect and tho humau heart.
A woman's Idea of having great
charm is for you to tU her so.
About the meanest trick tho aver
age girl can play a man Is to be his
A girl could f-el romantic even
over a love letter he had to write
to herself.
The kind of dinner a woman en
Joys is when it's beta and you tell
her how good It Is. ,,
Men wouldn't even want to go
fishing If that was a S'0(1 way to
earu their living.
A great advantage in being a bach
elor Is all the rclatlves-ln-law you
don't have to stand.-
What a woman adores about a
stage hero Is alio couldn't possibly
live with him If they were married.
The best man In tho world would
want to cuss once In a while just to
make sure he is a human heing.
The thing that tickles a man to
death Is how people can't help ad
miring him In spite of his unpopu
larity. A woman can have a grand time
writing a letter unless there Is some
news to put Ih and take up room she
needs to tell about how the baby Is
Just as cunning as ever. New York
Newspaper men enjoy a Joke, and
when It follows along the line as in
dicated below there ia added flavor.
W. A. Itica. the wit of the Dally
Panhandle office and the circulator
of the paper in Amarillo. is, with his
family, enjoying the hol'daya at bis
old home In Kentucky. The follow
ing letter wus received from him
Chambers, Ky., Dee. 26, 1 908.
Daily Panhandle, Amarillo, Texas:
Stop my .pa iter. The boy did not
leave me any paper lust night. Take
my ad. out. I told you a week ago.
I will not pay for it. The book
keeper made a mistake in my bill.
I don't like the editorials nor the
local news. . W, A. RICE.
Just think, If those pulsating, pal
pitating, perambulating Panhandle
folks were In East Texas, how much
better tl'cy coul, enjoy Christmas.
Nacogdoches .Sentinel.
l.r.Vf you there which the
Panhandle people have not which
would have added to their Christ
mas enjoyment? If there Is one
single blessing in Eastern Texas
which can not be found in Western
Texas, no oitlr.en who knows both
lands has ever been able to realize It.
. The editor of the Sentinel Is in
vited to come aad live in a real live
land and leave, hla provincial shell
behind him.
too old. Chief Snider has rendered
excellent service In the matter,' and
the force f Sheriff Hughes stands
ready to bo of whatever help that
Is possible, ,
about yourself whea you're crippled
with rheumatism or stiff Joints of
course you've tried lots of things and
they failed. Try Ballard'B Snow
Liniment It will drive away all
aches, pains and stiffness and leave
you as well as you ever were. Sold by
lu O. Thompsoa 4. Co. .
Houston Chronicle: At San Ber
iiurdino, California, a man's mind has
been restored by a "during surgical
operation." Maybe If congress
would havo tho surgeon generul rut
Into tho cranium of Cromwell It
would restore hla memory as to who
got that Panama $40,000,000,
Tlie young mun of Vienna who
promised his nuut ho would never
jmrt with any treasures she might
bequeath him finds himself tho
proud possessor 'of fifty-six cats nnd
wants to buy a' terrier.
" Governor Deneen will attend an
agricultural college to learn nbout
the needs of farina and farmers. For
political purposes he might read
"Maud Muller," aud James Whlt
comb Riley,
Perhaps Jf the Interstate com
merce commission would X-ray Har
rlmun'a head they'd find out what
tho I'nlted Rtates supreme court
won't compel his tongue to tell.
A tobacco expert nays one girl can
make' 27,000 stogies In a dnyt The
female monster;
The Correct Time
to stop a cough or cold Is Just as soon
as It star. a thou there will be no
danger of pneumonia or consump
tion. Just a fuw doses of Ballard's
Horrhound Syrup taken at the start'
will stop the cough. If It" has been
running on for nome time the treat
ment will be longer, but the curP I
i'.'ici ialihli Coining Here,
Dr. T. II. P. Duncan and Dr
Blanche A. Duncan, of Fort Worth,
were in Amarillo a few days ago to
rent offices and to make arrange
ments for their permanent resldenco
Dr. T. II. P. Duncan Is a specialist
of eye, ear, nose, throat and chronic
diseases; Dr. Blanche A, Duncan Is
a specialist on the chronic and ner
vous diseases cf women. The doc
tors are well known In Texas and
will likely have many patlentH as
soon as their offices are opened. Dr.
Blanche A. Duncan is tho only lady
physician In West. Texan and Is said
to have enjoyed the largest practice
of any specialist In the South, hut
owing to close confinement and over
work Is compelled to seek a differ
ent climate. There Is every reason
to feel that fiie will be benefitted by
the climate here anj both of the
doctors are well pleased with It and
with tho city.
For Sale
Medium weight to 1,00 pound
hot-sen and good work mules. Cull
on or ddrc
J. T. Smyth
One mile went of AVahhurn, Texas.
WANTED Woman to do general
house work; must furnish reference,
Postoffice box 52, Amarillo. 2c
BARGAIN In' set of fine oak post-
office fixtures. Would sell part.
Address First National Bauk, Ama
rillo, Texas. 1002wlc
WANTED Vendor's lien notes. Will
buy a few at proper discount.
John S. Harper, 127 E. 5th street.
WANTED To lease stalk field con
venient to Amarillo. Postoffice box
G2, Amarillo. tfc
WANTED Woman to do general
housework; must furnish references.
Postoffice box 62. Amarillo. 2c
FOR SALE 30-horse power nuber
plow engine. Also Case separator;
one tank wagon and pump all com
plete. All machinery good as new.
Will sell cheap and give good terms.
12-ir-6p Amarillo, Texas, Boi 813.
I will sell at public auction, at
my residence, eight miles east of
Amarillo and six miles west of Wash
burn, on Monday, December 21, 1 908.
my entlre farming outfit, consisting
of mules, horses, cows, hogs, farm
ing implements and household goods
J. F. SWISHER. 1-p
WANTED Plowing in any amount
from 200 acres up; can break 60 to
70 acres a day. State price will
par and location. Address box 762,
Amarillo, Texas. Vv'-Ip
Declares Condition, Here Ai'e Hpleu
itiil for (Growing the Beet and
for Mii.'iulucture of Sugar,
is in
A Gorman of Saginaw, Mich.,
Ttuiarillo. .Mi'. Gorman ih in
terested lu the growing of sumir heels
and is a gentleman vwll versed in the
production of the beei and the niaii
ul'acture of '.he beet into sugar, lie
iiiloinis tlio Daily I'uiiliandl" that
tins region Is Ideal lor beet sugar
production soil, clluitiie, per cent of
bugar and every tailor entering into
the iiiesUoll being complete.
lu a communication to this paper
Mr. Gormaa writes as tollows;
To the Editor of tho luily Pan
handle: Assuming, as l do, that your col
umns uru aUays open to anything
that may lend to the development ,,(
te city or Amarillo and tit" Pan
handle district of Texas in general,
the siiKar beet question as a local
Industry is worthy of serious con
sideration. The development of this stripl In
dustry in this portion of your slate
Is one that needs brain, brawn antl
money all three of those can be
found and that with perfect ease,
from the very fad you buvc the
quality of laud that, lu my judgment,
Is beyond preliminary experiment.
The character of the seasons I know
but very litilH about, but I tun re
liably informed the seasons are in
keeping with lite quality of the
The next step In Ihe launching of
the sugar beet Industry Is to go at
It. In a recen i Isiiie of our paper
appeared fads and figures in regard
to tile sugar Industry from the pon
Q,f H. T Groom and others that are
decidedly correct. This being true,
your city of Amarillo' is represented
to ni as the coming metropolis, if
not the present center of t ho Pan
handle district for the puslilug for
ward of such Industry.
A sugar beet factory of sufficient
capacity to accommodate the acreage
of thp district would cost, from JllOo,
omt to $400,U00, and. lu my judg
ment, Amarillo would be nn ideal
place, for its location, considering
jonr railroad facilities and many
other minor surroundings. Then you
,'' m iii iimiwiiiniiiiii
iriiinllntn'tnii rii'-iiw r ir , ' , , .,, ,.'
an ii tv-m i m u t l , .:'.!.. v i - . j -it
Purity, Mellowness and Rich Flavor
v are the distinguishing qualities of
Sunny BrooS&
It Is distilled In the good old Kentucky way and is especially
adapted for home use. Every bottle is sealed with tho Govern
ment "Green Stamp," a positive assurance of lull proof, full
quantity and a fully matured age. It stands unequaled as a
rlcb and bealtbful stimulant a sure cure for many ol the
minor ailments of the human system.
L. Craddock & Co.t Dallas,1 Tex
H. Brann & Co., Fort Worth, Tex
Bottles $ n
l-Sth Oalloo jU
Ry r Bourboa U
Shipped Is plain boic.
f V A I Shipped Is plala boici. Send remltttm- wltb your ordtr. f I
e of
sugar sect a. i'h" question ot
Miftiir litcts proliiabl,i
by ell
small or large laud owuci' liaJssed
til,, experimental singe and
in loniicr any doubt about
u is
of sugar beet raising being J
l.l.'le liilsilK': J,
'I iit micstion mlt'ltt he a!'l'
tie re
.luiil ah i iiuinieili I. IlliM In
, , ,,i , imiii' li.i
J. H ;a in mi, l i I. -ii, in.
UiM'o will i.e no doubt ol tietijttie
beets. Then ou mi,;ht ask mow
are we going to get the faciorkjet
your leading nli. ns or tho inters
of your Cn.iniber of C'oiuiiieijti).
get her, organize a coi poraiiiLit
jour stock on the niaiKei, snour
nn ilitie.i and I w ill warrant ' 11 in.
w.ihln a bliort time, lm(. tlick
ami means for a ttigar beet fly
I., it,.' citv .,l Amarillo thai l-
i iMiiinod.t e ti.e acivupu of the
i'n,h'M,,n . ili.trl.-t mid be at
(I ii:, 1 1 a tli.it will employ
iiuiiu.nt r laucr at a certain i
in in.. Kcason and vill increase
lu it J values .Mi tier cent within
jeats. And I cau safely say th
niv enlnlon the average eo-i per
f,.',. raisin u: sutur beets will nol
within 40 per cent as high u. it. i
oil her Uii lilnali or Colorado. O'.V
to the quality of land and nature
I llo suit
It will take nine months or ma
to build a factory such as you wot:
need in Amarillo.
1 would be pleased to m''t w
your Chamber of Commerce and
plain fully my views on thas ?..(
tion ami I invite comment on tho su
ject. for In my bumble judgment y
la(. all the preliminary fucllltb
wilii which to start the sugar be
industry. And well begun is hit
finished. am. I
Yerv respectfully yours.
in commonly said of babies who ba
died of the croup. I low unnece.ViU
Hit Is. No hild fver had the crotj
without having a cold or cough t
the start. Jf you will .stop the fii'l
s.Miiptoni of the tough with !5llard
Ilorehound Syrup 4hor0 is no dans
whatever of croup. Sold by L.
Thompson & Co.
inltii m nimmi aunw i vyi' i I ' "J "piji.ij
Bottles f!Pa
I Pull Quarts t.
U Ry or Boor boa
Send remltum wltb year ordtr.
might iuk i"o ,ro '
people hero to grow the
- K2rl
, f f -r r . - r r, r r ' f f r ' . m r n r r . - i
1 i M "" i I i I ' i ' . " " . J .
- .
(SJ lV.AJtS 'Sd
, . - . - I

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