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u(,1 ) ; Mil r:i.' i
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'Proye All Things; Hold Fast .that which is .Good."
VOL. Vll.
: f d t .,!') m . : K' i ' .. .
NO. 3.
: in ' '
Free Ptess.
To whom u'l Letters 'should be Addressed.
' -I
Office South side of Plaia.
Rate, of Sub.oriDtion.
nun veer. In advance ? ??
Six months "
Three mouths " "
On square, one Insertion $1 00 each addition
al Insertion under one month, 50 cent per
j I mo. 3 mod. 8 mosJ13 m
1 Squire
a '
n " .
4 " .
H colra. .
5.01) I 7 no I f U 00
ik fin
10 00 I 15.00 i 35.00
u on I 19. OH I 90
13 00 I in 00
15 00 i 15.00
35.00 1 40.110
S6.00 85.00 1 6iln
OnelncU In apace constitutes aqnare.
Legal and trauslent adverting payable strle'ly
In advance. . ,
. ...i in nanta ner line each Insertion.
Announcing candidates lor offlsa, county, $ 6.00
For Dlstrlot or Stale offlce ,u
Obituary notices of over ten lines cnergcu ai
dvertltlng rates.
V editor, Publisher and Proprietor. offlce south
east comer Main Plana, nam door to the post
nan Ice re.
ITCHKIX, GLOVER CO., Mitchell's Building
try ttootle 'i "lit Uroceriue.
DONALS0S & JOHNSON, North side Main
r V. HUrCHlNS CO., West side Main
J , Plazn.
rn p. DULKV 4 BROS., West side of the Main
L Plaza.
OTKIN A UimK.I, South sdeor the Main
U Plus, i
T)RIGG8 C. H., North side of the Main
B. FRY, 8outh side Plaja.
J) J.C. SMITH, North Side Plaza.
n rnrnEilAM a CO.. nonh side of the
. plsia, adjoining Uarpers staine.
1 k O. ME1KERS, West side Plaza.
111 ARLES BOCK, South side Plsza.
D r u R tr I :. t a.
lAYNOLD9 Sl DANIEL, north side of the Main
Xli riaza.
TW G1H.MU, Travis' Corner.
1 It r I c I h lis.
1-vRS. WOODS Bl.AKEMORK, office in Woods
A'aed Daniel s urug store.
lRi.:i)KNT0S.4 PKNDI.RTON, offlce opposite
XS UO!liUatOUdf gUUIIBUU B Biwia.
DU. J. H. COMBS, ofllc North side of of the
JJniu Plaza. .
jii;TCUH0N.t FRANKLIN, In the Court-house.
yi B. McBRIDK, offlce In the Court House,
cTEULIXG FISHER, offlce in the Court House.
Q I. BROWN, office over Mitchell's store.
(jiiiil Atfent ana Notary Public.
T H. JULIAS, ofllcs Frrs Pees Buuuiug, ne
r to cost offlce.
i, door
II tele.
(JBA.V19 H0CSB, west side PUsa.
Koardlnjf Ilouee.
Q WISI.VN. West side of pablic square.
Itlillinerr Store.
HOFHE1SZ, south side Plsza.
It kerf a..d CeBlcclleaerr.
'HEO. SIMON, next door westTot- Post Office.
TOaoren and Carriage maker.
"I 11. KATJ. rear ef Devloney Ce.'e Black
J, smith Shop. -
n THOMPSON, I. .coT.AeeUnMoeetaleete.
rarpeater ttullder.
VOGELSANG, laa Aateaie street.
Urery ' "tafclea.
B. BALIS, tea Aateaie street.
W A ED, east as ef Tut.
Tatckaaaker Jeweler.
. BOBBUS, east siee aUse.
ooxoasssHaa 6t outiicr
Hon. Qustav Scbleloher, of U Wilt Co.
SIHiTOa-SlST niBTtion
Hod. L. i. Storey; of Caldwell Co.
Hon. J.T. Halchlns, of Hays Co. i
Hon. W M.Ruit, of GuailalupeCo. ,. , . ,
Hon. L. W. Moore, Presiding Judge, LsGrsnge.
Hart. 3d Mondays In March and September. '
coukty orncaas.
Sterling rinher, Judge County Court. .. .
p. J. Manlove, County Attorney.
Ed. J. L.Oreen, Clerk.'
Jaa. A. Wron, Sheriff. 0. S. Cock, Deputy.
C. W. Grooms, Justice of the Peace Pre. No. 1
I, M. Brnedlove, " " " " "
H. G. l ittle. " " " " " 8
L. Smith. .. .. .. 4
H. A. MoUeans, County Treasurer. ,
A. Uestnn, Assessor.
lln f! liarriill. HurveTOr.
D. P. Hopkins, Cou'r Precinct No. 1.
I). K. Moore " " "
J. R. Burleson, : .
J.L. Bnavniore. " "
Geo. U. Ward, Constable.
Tixks or uoniitioeKouiiTr .unPaaniKor Courts
Criminal County Court 1st Monday In each
County Court for Civil anil Probate business
1st Monday In February April, June, August, Oc
tober and December.
Commissioners' Court 3d Mondsys In February,
May, Angust ami November.
Juntlce Court Precinct No. 1 1st Friday In each
month, Hon Marcos.
Precinct No. 3 3d Friday In each month MtClty.
" " 8 3d " Wlmberley's Mill
. 4 4lh " Dripping Springs.
town omenta.
Mayor A. B. F. Kerr.
Council W.O. Hulolilson, W.'B. Fry, L. W. Mitch
ell,!!). P. Hopkins, P. K. Turner.
Marshal A. B. Dalley.
METHODIST. Preaching at the Methodist
Church every Snbbslh. Ktv. J. S.Gillelt, Pastor.
CHRISTIAN. Preaching at the Christian
Church on Ihe second and Fourth Sabbaths In each
month by Elder J.J. Williamson.
PRESBYTERIAN. Preaching at the Presbyte.
rlan Church on the first, tecond snd third 8sb
bathin eaeb month by the Rev. W. L, Kennedy.
PhO TEST ANT EPISCOPAL. Services eecono
Sunday in each month at 10 o'clock, a. ., and
7 p. ai., t St. Mark's Church.) Rev. Mr. Aires,
ASK Die recoveied
dyspeptic, Billions
sufferers, victims of
Ftver and Ague, the
mercurial dineased
pi.ient bow Ihsy re
covered health cheer
Inl spirits snd good
sppetiie, they will
irll vou bv tsltllllt
Taa CntAPisT, Pursst ardBsst Familv Mrdioiki
in thk World.
Billons attnck.,SICK HEADACHE. Colic, Depres
siuit ol Spirits, SOUK SIOMACH, Hoart Burn
This linrlvslled Son'hern Remedy Is warranted
no: toconteln a single ir;lcle of Mkrourt, or
any Injurious mineral tuusiauce, ui
Purely Vegetablej
containing thone Sonthern Roota and Herbs,
wlilch an allwine Providence has placed In couit
tries where Liver Dlwasee most prevsll. It
will Cure nil iiieene """ "
Hi.- Iinruiigenicnt of tUo Liver und
ssowcla. ... .,.
THE SYMPTOMS of Liver Comnlalnt are a bit
ter or bad taste In the mouth; Pali1 In the Back,
Hides or Joints, often mistaken tor Rheumati.ui:
v i .in, i, 1, t.o of Aniielite: Bowels
alternately costive and lax; Hea lsche; Uss of
railed to uo ainn.iiui mn
done; llcbilily. Low Spinls.s thick
yellow appearance of the hkln nud Eyes, a dry
Cough olten mistsketi lor t;oniuoipiion. ,
Sometimes men" eMiese vinpioms attend the
dineuse. at others vey tew; but lue Liver, lite
largest organ in ;'.ie body, Is generally ibe sest
of the disease, and if not hegolale I In ilnie,real
suffering, wretchedness and eatll will ensue.
I can reeommend as an efflcacioas remedy for
disease of the Liver, Heartburn and Dyspepsia,
Simmons' Liver Hesulator. LawiS G. Wosnas,
H'i.'.Ma.ler st. Asslslaut Postmaster Philadelphia.
" We b ive tested Its virtues personally, and
snow that for Dyspepsia, Billousaesa, and lhrob-hm-
Headache, it is the beat nieuiciiie the world
. .t.l -Ul.1. n.H.' In ll.vN tlll
ever aaw. We have tried forty oiber medicines
be'oie Simmon's Liver Regulator, but none of
.hem gave v. move ihrn teoipotsry el el; ou'. 'ne
l.ettols'o-no. only relieved, bm cured ua." KD.
lai.SGRarn akd stsssasosa. Mticon, Ga.
J. ll.Zlill.l.'X Ae'.
rn i.ADm.paiA.
II coni-il'. i"w w''v" - - - -- .-
In io ss Je oa,-p p-r"en .uspyt' f ep.
siion. vis - ageoileCa,bsre. i.sm.jh T-.-'e.
a o ieicepiioo.-bls Alir siive. aid a r?r i" C--eci'veoall
uitinri es oi ibe w-y. S'-c- .i-,nsl
.cf.abrs.ieodedlis ase, that is la ..ew le
ge idee a. me
For all disesses of Ibe f.'ie'. Stomach and Spteea.
J: J. V...'.... . v,cvii. n.rrll.int IT.
ii..i..i. . .-. .. .. . .. .
I g5k.s.JU50tCK 1aUEA, BICK HEAD-
ACRK, CUI-lt CUJn; iiw m- Bt.ww.-
As e are a mnSr f la WaUoee offered
taepabiic,ewe! casltea tae eoasxieiiy i
Key ee Powders er Pivpeeee iiiiowui
El fcstCLA'iOlt eehne .e r c-ae wrayper.
with T.ae sta k. Mama aae ligBatere aaenaea.
J. E ZSHs!N & CO.,
Tear vales 4eeJiciae. isate' Uver tfe
laler, bae en mmf tw.' ailU. t es I:
-..Ltw im wka is U ei eso-ie. aae
srrev ivi it fail, t ev vre k i Celie AM
6mse.w. lb say Wales a-e fjasee. g vigiBvw
kil' a .u a. a n- i ...
ket I eaven , ve taa ievi- ' ' t-
-u aia. as a-rlr .be sn at c
tnn aw allcMptaisrs .bs. Jtvse-
K.T.TAnisa. agrasair"i '
' ' For ths sRR.Paat
fjRRfrk'. '
,t srlls rstsca.i '
' Flow can we rest It we would soarl
O, restless souls, that word sublime
" Unrest" o'sr all this universe
Is graven bx the hand of Time.
'' The waters, ts they lave the shore,
i : The mournful winds which wildly blow,
The constant changing of the ikies,
All things wa ses proclsim It so.' '
No wonder that the hugjaa heart , . . (
Shouhl suffer, toe, alike unrest j ' " .
That Joy and sorrow have a place
Alternately In every breast. I
I'd rather be Ibe mountain stream ,
'J hat rushes nisdly o'er the ground.
Than some serene and stsgnant pool
To spread miasma all around.
I'd rather be the keen north, wind
Which comes with purifying breath,
Than some delicious southern bresie -
That beara the hidden shafte of death.
I'd rather bind my bleeding feet '
The rugged mountain heights to climb,
Than in the sunlit valley sit
AtiA Idle all life's summer time.
Uneasy spirits, should ye all i
Rest on the valley's velvet sheen,
Content to live in Idleness, :
; I The muuntsln heights were uever seen ;
And God's vast works, sublimely grsnd,
Age alter age, would hidden be. ,
Creat Father, In this deep unrest ;
' We come through wisdom near to thee.
Washington, D. C.,1
Kov.2, 1877. J
The Senatorial lie Mblicap caucus
Leld oo Saturday uiiFB seemed to re
Bult only in on agree Hnt not to agree
as to the policy of tlie 'Administration
in making appointments. It is said on
as good authority as any that each Re
publican Senator will make objeotion to
the confirmation of such appointees as
be chooses, but that thero was no agree
ment among Senators to support each
other. From this it would seem that
all of them rocognize the necessity for
interfering with some of the notioos of
Mr. Hayes, but that a majority are ei
ther afraid to make an open quarrel, or
wish to postpone it.
While this uncertainly exists as to
confirming appointments; there is no
less coufusion and wavering es to an
acreeuieat oo the other distinguished
features of Mr. Hayes' course the
Southern policy. There M?y not be an
open rupture an either subject at pres
ent, as the caucus seems to have shown
a disposition ou the part of a major, v
of the Senators to give Hayes a ohp.nce
to come back .to his jwvey p.llegiance.
The irreconciluhles are understood to
jave been very few. ,
There is a clear u.'i jorily of Senators
in favor or the bill which passed the
House remonctizing silver, lut it is
now evident that final action will be
postponed uutil the regular session.
This means until Jauunry, i i least, as
the holiday adjournment will come
early this year. Looking astlio work
Congress came here in Extra Sestion
to do. and at what progress it has mnde.
one is inclined to doubt the policy of
holding extra sessious.
What has been done in the labt few
days seems to indicate that.oo increase
of the rimy beyond 20.000 will be al
lowed, aad tiip. fb lie present ibe
force wt I not oo reduced below .hat
The couviction of Cardozo r iJ
Srualh, prominent Republican officials
of South CVolioa, would giro tuoie
geauine satisfaction if it was believed
that they and Others equally gu ty
would sufTr the lenl punishment for
their crimes. Rut no out here belie ee
thft lhy, or Pawcraoo, or Parker, o.-
Cbrmevlflio, or aoyoihe. politician cf
note in that State will get his dew'U
The same spirit of compromise which
has pereoterl full and lair :ove.ira
tion in Louisiana, is gaining control in
Soa:b Carolina. A few convit tioos. if
not followed by the legit! puo'ikiiment
for offences will not satisfy the reop'e
of the country.
We have more Iod'aru here (bit
time civil enough dt-lcatioa of thot
who have sot beta caemic of the
whites. They come with email re-
qaests, w'uich will doubtlet be cTtat-
Missouri womca st i II spin and weave
ia the eld-fatb'CBed a;.
Colored F.daciitloa la Texas.
Texas IuhV purchased fourteen huu
dred acres of land near Austin aa the
site of a state 'university for colored
youth. ' This rather oontradiots the in
dustriously-oiroulated Republican idea
thai the Soulbcro whites are unwilling
to give the blacks suitable advantages
oi educatiou. The whites are sensible
enough to know that ignoraooe ia the
most dangerous dementia any com
munity, and thai as the colored people
are urooug them, and likely to remain
with them, public safety, if no higher
consideration,' demands that the proper
facilities for the acquisition of knowl
edge he provided. ' (
Wo should have been bettor pleased,
however, to have had a thoroughly
good, common school than the pro
posed university. The country seems
to lave run mad in regard to what is
called "higher ed ucation." Now high
er education, even when all that the
name implies, is a useless, luxury for
the great mass of mankind, while low
er education is an imperative necessity.
With the fundamental branches firmly
fixed the student) can easily rise to tho
more ornamental,' if he chooses; and it
he does not choose he has enough to
carry hira through the world respecta
bly. A vast araonn t of time end mon
ey is wasted in trying to give a univer
sity culture to those who do not appre
ciate it or are incapable of receiving
it. Probably in all Texns there are not
a hundred colored youths who have
the desire or ability to go through a
uuiversity course creditably; whereas
there are probably in all Texas not a
hundred who lmvo not tho desire and
the: ability to master a com Jion sohoc
course. It the state authorities are
wise they will abandon the university
project r od secure the common-school
Sc. Louis Republican.
Ileir the Riifthlun Pennant Lives
1 Correspondence of the Newark Advertiser.
The houses of the Russian peasant
ry are built of logs and are thoroughly
filthy, so that no civilized person could
cat or sleej in them if be w:shed. A
lresh egg was the only thing that seem
ed uncootaminated. The peasant
dwells with his horses and cattle un
der the same roof, he abore and they
below, ep that the odor of the Stable
and every other imaginable vile smell
po.-'neatos the whole interior. ' Ono no
accustomed to that way of living can
pot stay within doors, much less eat
their food. Their household furniture
is of the most primitive kind, so also
their farming implements. Indeed
everything makes you feel that you are
carried buck to the Dark Ages. The
people live tu vil'ages altogether. coh
family haviog Iniu apportioned to
'hem according to tlieir numbers, by
the village . commune or assembly,
which also decides as to the rotc.ioo of
cops and the times of gathering them.
Some of the couutry through which we
passed seemed quite fertile, but the
greater part has a barren appearance.
Olten wholo sections would be a coo
tioued w'lderoets, witu a sandy or
corduroy road, fore.s of pine, epVRe
and bi.ch strctchiog away on eilhe;
Tlu fo'.'ow'nj from an exchange.
nukes a Wot that unngs a nearly re
sponse of '..trcu' lrom the inner coa
sciousueM oi all edllo.s uf e:perito
ce: : ..
Dou't ask an editor to do w iiat you
wosi't do yoa.-belf. Tuit is, if vou have
a grievance tod want to whark some
fel.ow ever the head ihr.t hps wootvd
you, uoa't tnako of yo;.. friend. He
editor, a brers. work to iece;e all.;nwt
f.-oii yoor eoeu7. In other wo.-ui,
ocver ask an editor to take up joct
penoorl quarrels or grievioces, thc;-
by iavolring L,ni in uuplcAitt aod
oaproS.ablccoe.rovers're. W'ueayoa
write any.hiog f. r the pres indalgiog
ia the lett ia peraoaali.iet, do o over
your own bigot iii. for it m ecough to
ask the editor .o allow you to exhibit
your torra to the puVie .hroagli lie
paper, withoat inaiatiog that he fhal!
becotae a party to the row, ia which
the pablie Lave bo kind of iDk;t. i
.'Mother td Hon.
There ia no tie in the world mora
beautiful than that which, binds a
mother and a son grown old enough to
be her protector. A daughter loves
her mother, indeed ; but she sees alL
her defeats, as one woman always docs '
aee those of another. No doubt, with
the unconscious arrogance' of jroutb,
she exaggerates them, Bui the son
Lnaa laid tjm vli Ala. awaal. a irl Aa I !raA
he flees her as sua aees "a woman .
that is to say, through a certain halo of
mystery. Reverenoe is in his feeling
tor ner, ana at me same time a sense oi
her need of his oaro he is atonoe her
knight and her son. He ia proud of,
her aod fond of her at ibe same time
Her image is sacred to his mind. Sho
may not be better than other women,
but she seems bo to hiua, .
No man knows the possibilities of
nr I . , . . i 3 1
an aore, we a now mat two nuuureu
i , .i i -
ousneia oi corn were once gruwu uu uuo
acre, and that five bales of eotton have,
been made oo the same area of soil,
but we do not know that the limits of
produotion were reached in eithei case
We should try to find out uetely how
much of any one crop can be produced)
on an aore of land, but how cheaply it
it oan be raised. ' A big crop may not.
in all case, be a profitable one. It
may cost too much to make it. Ice
greatest yield with the smallest possi
ble outlay of capital and labor is what
we roust aim at. As we have said be
fore and we would like to impress the
truth upon the reader's mind our far
mers are often poor, not so much be
cause thoir crops are small and smal)
they are oompared with what they
might be but beeause it ootts tea
much to make them. We must learn
to make large crops with less labor.
To do this, we must go over less
ground, and make science and praotioal
skill properly supplement muscle and
maohinery. Dr. Jaques.
Hon R. C. Winthrop, in his address
to the Trustees of the Peabody Eduoa,
tional Fund, in accounting for dispo.
sition made of the revenue, said: " 1
You will learn from that report
which I have beea privileged to see ia
tdvanee, that, while rigidly adhering to
our original policy of not encroaching
on the principal sum intrusted to us,
we have been able during this period to
appropriate from our income little less
than a million of dollars toward the en
couragement and support of education
in the various States to which our
work was limited by . Mr. Peabody,
And as almost s II our contributions
have been conditioned on the appropri
ation of much larger sums by those
who have bcea aided, it would be safe
to say that the action of this board has
ovolved an ercndilureof at least ten
millioca of do' lavs in the cause of
Souevn cduocv'oo during the past ten
yea-3. ' !
One of those excrescences on l.fe, a
female slanderer, went into a neigh
bor's house the other morning with
her toncue loaded with new venom.
Thece were several women present, and
the slanderer's eyes glistened in antici
pation. Jurow ng ncrheii in cnair
abe sighed and said ; "One half the
world don't know bow the other half
lives." "That aia't your fault," quiet
ly observeJ one of the company. The
slanderer turned - yellow. Danbory
Ccrs tot. Cr-orr. Tte Boston .
Ti aoecript publishes the following cure
forr.oup: .
Croup can be cured m oae minute
aod the remedy ia limply alum and iu-
, l i a a
tr. I ne way 10 accoopusn toe aeea
ia to take a knife orgrar andahave
off ia email particles about a teaspoon.
ful of alum ; then mix it with twice its
quantity of saga, to make it pais tables
and adnraiater it as quickly as possi
ble. Almost insUBtaBeoaa relief will
fol'ow. '
Whe a eirl berias te take sa inter
est ia tb am are ae at of roan
man's necktie, it is as iafallibie sign of
aometbicg Brorr Kfijui than a'utcTlj ,
regard. ,
Se,t Jlr

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