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Johh Brougham,, the favorite com
edian, was, taken dangerous ill in Cleveland
on the Oth, and has boen compelled to can
cel all his present engagement.
It is reported that Col. It. G. Ingor
s'oll of Illinois bag been unofficially tendered
the mission to Berlin.
It is charged that the firm of S. & W,
Welsh, Philadelphia, sugar importers, are
the owners of a plantation in Cuba together
with 138 slaves. Mr. John Welsh, who has
been appointed by President Hayes as Min
ister to England, is a member of this firm.
He emphatically and fully denies the alle
gation. .
Cardoz a, ex-State Treasurer of South
Carolina, has been found guilty of the va
rious irregularities charged against him.
The Jury In his case consisted of four white
and eight colored men. Ex-Congressman
Smalls is now undergoing trial, and B. F.
Whlttemore, ex-State Senator, is under in
dictment, both for fraud and corruption.
W. O. Mead, Caskierof the Apploton
City Bank, St. Clair County, Mo., has ab
sconded, owing to a supposed irregularity
in the handling of Kansas City and Memphis
Railroad bonds, $1)0,000 worth of which are
Dr. Paul F. Eve, a distinguished
surgeon and medical writer, died at his
homo in Nashville, Tenn., on the 8d. He
was 71 years old, and a native of Georgia.
The President has nominated Henry S.
Sanford, of Colorado, to be Minister to Bel
glum. TiiESenato ha3 unanimously confirm
ed the nomination of Mr. John Welsh as
Minister to England.
Hon. Lyman Tkumbull, of Illinois,
n---TTiiltr.rT Stilton Senator. was recently united
in marriage to Miss Mary J. Ingraham, eldest
daughter of the late captain jonn juigraiiain,
of Old Say brook, Ct. The bride and groom
are cousins.
Senator McDonald, of Indiana, be
gan his working life as a saddler.
Mrs. Mary J. Proctor,' of Rochester,
N. Y., bequeathed the bulk of her estate,
amounting to about $200,000, to various be
nevolent institutions of tho Episcopal
Hon. A. H. Stephens lives at the Na
tional Ilotel, Washington, and despite bis
desperate physical condition, is a cneery in
valid. A Washington correspondent says:
Ho wears gloves on his hands lis small as
those of a 10-ycar-old child, relishes rich
food, though butter and eggs are forbidden
him ; takes an occasional whiff of tobacco,
and when in health has two ounces of whisky
or brandy after dinner.
Senator Morton leaves an estate
variously estimated from $30,000 to $50,000,
which includes a farm in White County,
bank stock and a one-half interest in the
Indianapolis Journal. The entire property
ic n Yitu wife wlt.li tha re.nup.Mt that it
IS ICl. IV ..u, ...v.. 1
Jo administered for the common benefit of
herself and their three sons.
Dr. Pierce, of Buffalo, the well
known patent-medicine man, has been elect
ed a member of tho New York Legislature.
Senator Ferry, of Michigan, is an
old bachelor and an Elder in the Presbyto
rian Church.
Prof. James Orton, of Vassar Col
lege, died while crossing Lake Titicaca In
Bolivia, Oct. 24th, and was buried on a little
Island in the harbor of Puno, a Peruvian
city on the shore of that lake. He was born
at Seneca Falls, N. Y., in 1830, and attained
high distinction as a scientific investigator.
Prof. Orton had been on two previous sci
entific expeditions to South America, the
first one 1807 and the second In 1873. His
last venture was undertaken about a year
ago, his object being to complete his exami
nation of the head-waters of the Amazon.
Miss Von Elsner, of Cincinnati, has
recently made a successful debut as an op
era singer in Paris. Her stage name is Mile.
Judge Thos. A. Spence, Assistant
Superintendent of the Railway Service, died
on the 10th.
Ex-United States Marshal Shaffen--i
berger, of Colorado, who has been confined
v In the Kansas Penitentiary for the past eight
'months, where he was sent after being
found guilty of robbing the Government of
t $40,000, has been pardoned by President
I Hayes. It is announced that Shaffenbcrgcr
I Is going to Europe.
I The President sent the following
nominations to the Senate on the Cth: John
Q. Smith, of Ohio (formerly Commissioner
of Indian Affairs), to be Consul-Gcneral at
Montreal ; D. X. Coolcy, of Iowa, to be Con
sul atSpezzia, Italy; Alex. M. Stern to be
Assistant Treasurer of the United States at
Cincinnati, O.
? Tho Banking-house of Eli Kinney
Co., of Cincinnati, heretofore cansidcred
one of the strongest in the city, ha become
Insolvent, owing to unfortunate speculations
and unsecured loans.
The Grand Jury at Portland, Oregon,
have found Indictments against 32 Net Per
sia Indians for the murder of white persons
In the recent war.
Near Columbia, S. C, on the night of
the 6th, Sallie Pauline, an unsophisticated
country girl, shot and killed Samuel G.Hen
ry, a married man with three children, re
pectably eoonected,for making an Indeeent
assault upon her person,
i Ex-Marshal George W. Hunter, of
Bardntona, Kj,while In chary of prisoners
tobetakea tothe Penitentiary .fatally wound
ed Sam. Ford, who wai attempUns; to es
cape. Ford was one of the Xurrell gang of
I The Postmaster-General has issued
a order requiring all Postal railway clerks
route sweats wagers aad all other -;
Bjnyeesoftbe Departaseat wfeose business
It Is U aaad) the avails la public, to aai
form tacmsetres la a suit of Mn (speciCca- I
tioas for which aceompaay the rdr),wtia-
In 00 days from Oct. 123th, the dato of the
order. ... - ,j. . v.
rnj i i ti ( Tit
ha gone Into bankruptcy, with liabilities of
about $1,800,000 and no assets to speak of.
Mr. Weed has boen loaning money for other
parties on farm mortgages, guaranteeing the
interest and principal of tho loans. Uls
heaviest creditor are Eastern capitalists.
The Northern Line steamer Alex. Mit
chell struck a snag and sank about four miles
below Keokuk, Iowa, on the 8th. She lies
with her decks about two feet under wator.
No lives were lost.
The steamer John F. Tolle, Capt.
Brady, of the Kountz Line, from St. Louis
to Now Orleans, laden with produce, was
burned at Grand Gulf on the night of the
10th. Boat and cargo a total loss. The
steamer was valued at $23,000, and carried a
small insurance.
A delegation of Ponca Indians had an
Interview with President Hayes on the 10th.
. Ben. B. Groom, a' well known stock
raiser of Clark County, Ky., has gone Into
bankruptcy with liabilities exceeding a quar
ter of a million, and assets worth about one
half that sum.
The County Treasury of Clearmont
County, O.. at Batavia.has been mysterious
ly robbed dl $24,000.
A Memphis dispatch of the 12th says
that a reign of terror exists in the vicinity
of Raleigh In that county, caused by the
shooting of colored men by white dospcra
does, chief among whom Is Mack Williams.
Law-abiding citizens are overawed by the
ruffians, and colored men are fleeing fortheir
The side-wheel steamer Tom Morgan,
of Covington, Ky., wos wrecked by the ex
plosion of its boilers near Greenville, Miss.,
on the 10th. Dr. Powell, who was both
owner and captain, and the engineer were
killed. '
Eleven persons were killed by the ex
plosion of an Argentine torpedo-boat in the
harbor of Buenos Ayres on the 12th.
A Galveston News special of the 12th
Bays that Lieut. Bullis, with a small party of
scouts, crossed tho Rio Grande near the
mouth of Pecos River, was attacked by a
body o 500 Indians and compelled to re
treat. Loss not stated. Col. Young had
left Fort Clark with 200 cavalry to reinforce
Bullis. . , ;.
Anecdote of Daniel Webster.
During one of the college vacations
Daniel Webster and his brother return
ed to their father's, in Salisbury. Think
ing lie had a right to some return for
the money he had expended on their ed
ucation, the father put scythes into
their hands and ordered them to mow.
Daniel made a few sweeps, and then
resting his scythe wiped the sweat from
his brow. His father said, " What's
the matter, Dan?" "My scythe don't
hang right, sir." he answerea. tiis la
ther fixed it, and Dan went to work
again, but with no better success. Some
thing was the matter with the scytho,
and it was not long before it wanted fix
ing again, and the father said in a pet:
" Well, hang it to suit yourself." Dan
iel, with great composure, hung it in
the next tree and retired.
Whatever name or designation is given
to cause of Fever and Ague, or other inter
mittent disease, it is always malaria. Elimi
nate that from the system and a sure cure
is the immediate result. The safest, surest,
most effectual and, at the same time, per
fectly harmless preparation for producing
this fmnnv effect.is Clifford's Ff.brifuge.
It repreents,ln their utmost purity and free
rrom an irritating properties, mo remeuiui
principles of the East India Cinchona bark,
as grown on the Neilghcrry hills. It is the
most powerful antidote to malaria known,
ana yet as narmicss as wrar,
J. C. RiciunDSON, Prop'r,
For sale by all Druggists. St. Louis,
Tdb new styles of Cabinet or Parlor Organs
recently introduced by the Mason cfc Ilnmlln
Organ Co. are said to be the finest instruments
of this class which the world has produced,
both in their musical capacity and elegance of
case. One style of organ with nine stops,
which sells for cash at from $114 to $140, ac
cordine: to elegance of case, is especially de
sirable. Such is the demand for ft that they
are scarcely able to supply it, though they have
more than one thousand organs ol this single
style under way, and turn out more than one
hundred per week.
Prof. Xlco
Promises cold weather next week. Be pre
pared for it by having a "Headlight" Parlor
stove put up witnotit uciav. it was awarueu
the blue ribbon at the St. Louis Fair, as best
soft coal base burner, giving an extraordi
nary heat, having an excellent draft, and
perfect comlniHtion of fuel and gases. Five
sires on exhibition at principal stove stores.
The famine in the northeast of Bra
zil continues to' press severely on the
energies of the Government and the
charity of the nation. About $700,000
has already been spent, and it is calcu
lated that about 400,000 persons are
now utterly dependent on charity.
The I'nlversal Soother!
For burns bruises cots sprains etc, Perm
Davis' " Pais Killeb" is the popular reme
dy. It soothes the pain, produces a healthy
muscular action, ana restores the proper bsr-
mon v to the parts. 1 here is no wiling woen
accidents will occur,
, and it hi well to nave a
bottle ol It.
Mothers, Mothers, Mothers.
Don't fail to proem Mas. WcraiiOW Hoora
ro 8txt for all disrevexw of teething in chil
dren. It relieves ths child from paia, cures wind
colic, KrolaUa the bowel, and. by giving relief
aad health to the child, aires rest to the motor.
Rkeaasattaas Qalrkly rarest.
"Dannrs Bhramatic ReaMdy." ths (real a
Irraai Jtedirtmr. will pontmlT care aar case of
riaraauuraa a the face of ths earth. Pries tl a
bolt , bold by all DracxieSa. tad for eirralar
to Hehihfaatias k. Beatier. Washington, IX G.
Twm siHei aais ddiwred by tbs Rational Pa.
SCT-PhOwc Osl, K?0 Carta street, Painv
atilphia. is irmnreatire aa tie fart eoa, ail orders
arc amssritiy ailed, aad ao aao nerd bas in is
zrraa vnow.
Light, Wholesome Delicious
Are biscuits, bread, rolls, dumplings, etc, made
with Doolev's Yeast Powueii. Always use
It tor the delicious Vienna rolls. Should your
frocar not have, and refuse to get, Doom's
east Powdeb for you, send 30 cents for K
lb., 85 cents for X lb., or 00 cents for 1 lb., di
rect to Dooi.Kt & Bkother, New York, and
It will be sent by mall, post-paid.
i a a' V
of this choice article, both In America and
Europe, shows that lu 1,000 ounces there are
kiit lurn niinnM ii fnrlirn material. Thla la
a degree of purity never before attained.
Be S. Heath, ClltitonTllle, Pa.,
Will send bv mall 25 of theComlcalcst Pictures
you ever saw, for 23 eta. .Regular side-splitters.
South Boston.'
If. BriTitNi t
Drar sir I htm taken swrsl bottles of your VEQB
TINK, and am convtnoed It Is s valuable remixl for
Dwpepsla, Kldnej Complaint, and General Debility of
theSyatani. I can heartily recommend It to all suiter
lug from the aouve ooniplalnts.
Yours respectfully,
Tes;etln Is Sold by All Dragglnts.
Every man who owns a bone should bare a pair of
Furlong's Patent
Which remove all fever from the feet, snrt lcoep them In
s clean, moist and healthy condlUon, alwolnuily prevent
ing corns, contracted feet quartoMracks and scratclies.
Tile moist sponge 19 held securely ou tho bottom of : the
foot, keeping the frog In s healthy, natural condition.
They can be used for a Stufttng-lkiot, and donot cost one
fourth as much as Uie old leather one.. The cut repre
sents Uie Holder and Sponiw on tha foot. The i best
horsemen of the country Heartily Indorso It as one of ths
most humane and valuable InveuUoiu i of the i day.
Horses' foot have been restored from an unsound coiull
Uon to a healthy one In three weeks' time. Its result
surprises every one. For sale by Harness-Makers and
dealers In Turf goods. Slnitle pairs sont to any address
upon receipt of price, 1 .so per pair. In ordering, send
diameter of hoof measuring Mithejwttymofth
Send for dcscripUve circular, with list of testimonials
from the leading horsemen and veterinary surgeons of
Hie country. I have also a valuable Sponge Uul'nent
for bad feet, which I wlU forward with Cooler at U,oo
per quart bottle. Liberal terms and exclusive ; territory
siren to Agents. Address K. 1. Ml APKlt,
" ins Wmlihigton St.. Chicago.
to represent Child at Pratt, (Jlntl.O.
DIP DBV to sell RUBBER BTAill'8. Tennstre,
DlU rAT H. 8. rAHBisn.P. O. Box 386, Chicago
Elegant Gilt-edged Cards, no 2 alike.-vvlth name.
luc.postpaiu. i;. vann;.,. uwui.m,
e a. An yet f at home. Sum pics worth (3
)0 10 Utrtu. 6T1NSON & CO., Portland, Me.
a Day. How to Itfnke It. Something New
and sll latamttd.Mnd for clmUn,
Ab.Vo1 luu loa Wmily FL.H.X.
CIIMC ReVolvers sent free for examlnnt'n. Price-list
UUHO free. GieJtWcst'nUunWorks, Pittsburgh, Pa.
cine, liook Iree. u. J. wood, aukusod, iwi.
J CFancy Cards, Snowflake, Damask, etc., no2
t J5 alike, wltli name,10c Nassau Card Co,,Nft8Bau.N.Y.
.f vnn . i.r.a ..rltl. n.mn 10vl AnmnlpH
iHI.UUVAIWO nil" imn.v, . '-.-('
B-cont stamp. J. MINKLElt a CO., Nassau. N. Y.
Fitsliioiiiihlc Cards, no 2 alike, with name,
10C, poslpalif. UKO. 1. KKKD & CO., Nassau.N.Y.
Laiioe JIixek Cahds, with name. 13e.
40 In case IHc. L'5 styles Aiiialiitance Cards 10c.
Ageufs ontllt inc. IHJWK & CO.. ilrlsUil. Couu.
A NU.HT1I. AtaHN'l'S
If Sni rU. Ul win iuwxiu uuibi-
ties. Send for Catalogue. Van&Co., Chicago.
1GCIITC 3 Subscribers In One
AQCH I O Iy 16-nage Paper, with 18 Ckro-
mos 2rj feet long free.
XA l. auiuur-jMuii, wmuau.
(hi fl ll tll'Y. Agents Wanted. 64
m I II Page Cntalocu nml Mampleii VKRK,
A nV (A Au.nl.. WllllikM st,'i to S7.
Kevulvera S V.'ul. Over 100 Latent Novelties.
SOUTHEHN 8UPPI.V CO Naslivllle. Tonn.
DC TTV I'lnno. Orsan liest. tVLook! startling
DCAI I lnew9.On,'ns,12suii,R5.PianasonlylU0
coil (460. Cir. Free. Daniel Klientty, Wasulngtou.N J.
(kTn A DAY guaranteed with our Well Auger
41U cheapest anil best made catalooues fiucb.
Ad-ess C. A. BltOCKETT A CO. , Kansas City, Mo.
Thisp The " Sure Cure Truss" manufur
I lUaOi tnredhv Dr. 8.:.Krani, Cincinnati. O.
Alsotbe Electric Olove, sure euro fur Nervous Head
ache, Neuralgia, Weak Hack, etc. tend for circular.
ill I 9fiadayauremadebvAfrentsscllins
dt I B3.W Qrirnn,,. ei-yona, rietni Chromo Titnlii.
IttO, Mnipl 'ii, worth KG. Milt ro-lpniil fur HSe. Il:i,atiiilml
CsUIosm free. J. H. PCFFilKP'H HONS. H tti.n. MM.
C OrvsiJllPTio.,, nronchttls,
AathinnnrKl t'atnrrh Cored. New Discov
ery. Cnrea Uusrnntrril, or money reranoeol.
Send Stamp to D1L HOlUti, Pacific Block, CldcagoJll.
An Effectual Specific for
Malarious revert.
Dowel Complaints. Pr-p-pla,
Meutal beinasion,
nansea, uxir,
tack Headache,
Constipation and Blltoosness.
ASKtheiewweieililyvBepaes. BHIom nffersra, victims
of f e T and Ague, uie nH-mirUI dlvx-nj patient, rkiw
tliey reoiivtvd beaith. clieerfnl spirit and fri appMlts
uiey wul tell yuu by taking miuiooos' Liver Beguiaior.
This hMjy-eelenrsted meitlrine Kernlaua the Liver,
prunvsea dlgrauoo, and fgrunes the ayaxa against
larial rtisessn
Frtrset of s letter tram Bwl
Alezandrr H. Stnrrns : - I orra
R-riiil'r h, mtmt my cwhliuisi
rninlres il, Iir. Simrn.i' Liver
hrnilau-, with 'i it It
Is sum. and wits in letter thaa
toon atllw uii jjea."
TTSTIMOMT or thk cHJT.T-trrnc OF
OEOTtOT 1 hew4 SAtmi-i' Livfv Itruiausr fw
eniNJpau-Ni 4 iy tiwHs, riieH by s tm.pvaiy OS
rantnrent ml Uie Swr, f-r fi- larf Virrv m hm years,
and a. vara, when u 1 anrmlitic Uithe dirpronas. wits
SecMHS ln-tn. I funk It w a erf taedklwe fsr tne
raiMH MX tbe Um-i4 I-, sack ha beta aw sec-
' cwavw Ui w 4 o.
HtSAAi m asaks. UJefJwjtice f Osttla
Original and Only Ginulm,
Axracrrsz orn ar
sT. H. ZEILXir sk CO
ains $! akalayalPrsiTrfsni
Tm 6-ms.T BioBb PusintWj
M A Fine Mixed Cards, lartrc sin, Stints, with
U '". lq mil'. 100. AHUNT OO ,,1'IjimohMi.Iii U
A Month-Afreaiti wnnleu
IVw. Address eUl BaoNsorl. Detroit, Mich.
II V L Br humorist " Uurlluirtua tiawkeye.
II irs Funniest best telling nook out. 1400
AllsVWU sold byoasagsat. J.W.Marsli,8t.Louls
sfUllWIIIIllsBoinfriiie staUnuery.Maglo
Pen, Pair Nlreve-Buttona. and Centennial Puule, A IX
-R US 'KMTb1. Aitentawant.'d. Partlcnlars free.
UNsaiHS Pus. Co., 110 li. Watutugton-tt, Chicago. 111.
Intlielrown localities, eanvaating for ins
Vlaltor, (enlargetlj weekly and Monthly.
Paper In the World, with alannuot
eanvaatlng for ths Plreald
nonuuy. atrsrest
...... in i.m u'spm. kilii aiainuioui uiinunaa
rTee. Big Omnmlsslont to Agents. Terms and Outfit
me. AddniM V. O. VlCliliKV, Aaguata, .
tff.aa.alnil to ctire Dnndruff or any Disease of
W HrrlllLBIl the Hi-ahL anil In nine cases out of ten
make Uie Ualr Grow. Prtoe 11 par boUls. Made by
Donald Kennedy, Roxbury, Mass.,
Which begins as above, Is the most tender, touching and
confiding petition which is ever olfered to the Supreme
Being. It is universal In Its application, and has been
repeated by millions In Uio past, is now breathed by hosts
of pure and Innocent children every night, awl will be
by countless numbers in all ages to come.
we have, at a great expense, reproduced tne celebrated
French engraving ombotlylng the spirit (if Oils prayer of
prayers. The engraving represents a beautiful child
kneeling reverentially, and pathetically offering this
touching petition to Its Maker. Tho angelic countenance
of the child stands out lu bold relief, lu the bright and
ahlnlnw Idrlit. of a vflrf hnilllHlimelV-fumlshefl riKlin. Mid
the whole effect Is strikingly sublime and attractive. The
picture Is 18iH0 in slse.on hoavy white paper, and is
perfect In every artistic detail. It Is a copy of the cele
brated French engraving, entitled je urois on uieu,"
one of Uie most famous lu tho entire Paris Art Museum,
where the original has been exhibited for nearly twenty
years, and has excited morn genulno admiration than
any other picture In Oils vast collection. It is only since
tha full nY tl,n Kmnlrf, Mint this eiiirrsvlnff has been
copied, owing to the terms on which It was presented the
museum. Over HIO.IXKI copies have been sold In Paris
and elsewhere wUliln Uie past six months at 25 francs
($5) each, waown tno united states copyngnt, anuii
has been pronounced by the bout connolsseure of fine en
gravings that Uio sale will bo totally unprecedented In
fiii. ..funitrv. :ertAln it is that this Is one of tlio finest
subjects In Uie whole range of art, and that It wlU touch
a resiKinsive chord In every mother's heart. The rrayer
Is engraved In full In clear, handsome letters upon each
copy, and there Is no gift more appropriate for s parent
to present to a child than a copy of this magnificent work
of art. No more appropriate picture can bo hung In s
little child's chamber, and each boy or girl would treas
ure it In after years as a souvenir of childhood's days
and a parent's love pricelOJS lu value and fragrant with
precious memories. . . . ,
We may hero mention that one of the largest art deal
ers in New York offered to pair fl royalty on inch copyi
and sell none for less Uian Si, If he could have the agen
cy for the United States We will send this matchloti
Engraving, postpaid, to your address
On Receipt or 91.
In addltl on, every purchaser will be presented with six
months' subscription to the luaton Weekly Uliilie, free ol
all expense. Thk Wkkklt (H.oiie Is a family news and
story paper, with stories by celebrated authors, an able
agricultural department, all the news of the day, a
checker column, puzzle column, and home topics for the
young, table gossip, choice miscellany, full market re
norts, etc., etc. s pages and 41 columns In all.
GLOD& 281) and 28S Washington stnyt, Boston. Mass.
Tmathe i
tble luue ef tols
m MINET7 DAYS ElefinllaM. SilTar-Waro imFJ 1
Can tie aerarad by all wtio reerlre s eoey ef this week'a eaeer. tm eamHIaeoewlth i tbe i
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eMebls. re., maoafaowcara at rare Colo 8iand.nl Hllter-Nalad Wel, will aMd ,
.iir ooe eollllad le roele Ibe aama, a ef Doable ilre.ruvtal Silver Spoose, and
t ugravs on each spoon any desired Initial. Yes are required u eul em Uie 'I
rr.ll!,wlus Silverware Coupon eud aend It le tbe above Coenpaay, 1U year same end
aitdraaa. aa a caaraotee tbal tbe order eemea threnah thla paper. Toe are alae required J
7fl enu barvtr oovr tpmi mnC cirrio
not hi or. Thea ftpomis r nrnUil to be or
Filter Pl.trt VTvii uil, U IU leltowlog ktur
luj wiU iMtifr i 0fmrv KAWWAt ftn,m
Da ea.TneMM 4 ma rnrMrfl.-Tb Alttimm
niruttc r f t
Urad. leao eaae IU Ibay be aold al ratall by
eatwbaleaalapnoa b SS6 par (reee lit dean).
enetale tbe Sllvarware Coepea, stal s
wlU sot
Os iweript ef tkU Cepa. tatatker wlik 7S eaeaeer Myraae entar
earraalas and anilns ebarraa. we betaby agree Be eaaal a say address a set ef ear
panCala StsaderddeabSKeatrBB' Jad
aad eaeaettiee earn" eaydaatra tnlilal. JeaaralriaWifeJ
iae7Seeniaae as. aa Ike Speeea) wUI be dellrwnd at daoUauaea free el say
bTahrtv dare frees dale ef tble eapav. after arbVMbta rBve W awl
isitw-l' WATIOWAL BILVta PLATlWOCO .rbllBJ'B. Pa.
and vesd.
fAewM n be daatred. tmymf ef eks
aeial. S.-bwe Beawrlad ar Sl.T wbea enald as fm tit re eey
etber war. Rtnembrr. umlev thas arTanganaejnt ea article. J
nxrp kiirvwe, will k soerrBVsxl wlU an inluel aeaurea wiia- ,
y tbe avnBeaf tble Beam a. Ibis IVbaael eia.i.al WWa faag r
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St.LottisFair,0ct. 2,1877,
For Soft Coal,
Giving an extraordinary heat, having ex
' oellent draft and perfeot combustion
, ,. , of fuel and gases,, Adapted to
And sll places where (IBEATIIEaT : required.
tf If your Tinner has uot got au assortment send.'
thv order to
012, OH, GIG, & 018 N. Malu Street,
Paris, 1SC7; Ymn, 1873; Sanliijo, 1S73; riiila., lS76r
Highest Honors f
lt f!SO TUa ' I' ; r!
Demonstrated Superiority.
New 8tyi.es at ri'dncetl prices, from 54
upwards. Cath' Price : Five Octave,
DocblbReed, 100; King 8tom.'!i108v
in Eleoakt UnuanT Pabe, New Style,.
$120. Sold also for install incuts or rented,
until rent pays. A sin nil Orgnn of bent funll
ty may bo obtalucd by payment of $7.21) per
quarter, for ten ounriors. Il.i.usTBATiiD
Catalooues and Pjuce Lists free
lMTreraontSt,, . SMS Union 8.1., liCO Wabash A.,
BoaTo.it. . Mtn Tiiss. tnii ttiu.
An old physiolan, retired from praetke. having re
ceived from sn Kast India missionsry ths formula of a
simple vegstsble remeor for speedy and permanent
cure of eunui;(fon, bron$hti , catarrh, anthma, and all
throat and lung affections; also a eure for nervous de--bilitjr
and all nervous complaints, after having tested
Its enrstive pnwurs in thiwsands of osses, hss felt it his
duty to mske it known to his suffering fellows. Actu
ated by a desire Ui relieve lumen suffering, I will send
fron to nil whodeir it, this recipe in Clennsn, Frenoh,
or Knirllsh.vrlthwf directluns. Address, witn stnmp.
W W,KIIGHAU,12(1 Power's lllook,Roclieter,N. V.
Dr. I.n Fonto'a French
Corset. Somethlna New tni Nov
el. Ladies, If you want comfort,
health and a beautiful form, buy this
Corset; It Is cut tiastiue-flttltiR, with
BhouluVr and spinal snpiiorters: It
holds the IhiwoIs up and luck, ulvmit
ported support; lengthens the wulat.
rounds up tlio body, giving a mislel
Rppearaooe to Uiose who wear thorn.
This t'orsot and Attaclmu'nts are
covered by five patentsi w chal
lenge the world to produce a Corset
embracing as many good features
twrtAiiiliur to he'iltli. comfort and
5 neatness, durability li lirlc We will
give l",noo ensh, as a premium, to anyone presciitlng a .
Corset tlist will compete with Dr. L Konle's French Cor
sot. Agents wanted everywhere. Samples, by mall, (2.1)0.
M co-lists and clnnilarsfor agents accompanying each,
sample, or adiln'ss, Inclosing Dwiit stamp for panic
Tennessrs street, Indianapolis, Ind. P. 8. Onrer slses
two Inches smaller than waist measure over the dross.
INSTITUT E-oaUe, No. SO W. 4th Sfc..
Ctsefaastl. KiUtlUhwl for tha ran f Coeeef,
Tamers, Ulcere, Sereftila. sol Bkla DlanMe.
Korlnfbrmsdoa.aocloMlwo lUnpi ferbooksosuls.
let theory ef IresUMut, tettlauelsls fna pslleels
nrtd, eo4 Bnwelui city rerereoets, eu. ASdreeS'
L. IL GraUgay, M. D, Box US, ClsoUud, O.
f nil v lllustrntetl. Tells all aliotit MORMfrNIHMi
Its hidden Crimes. Secrets, etc. A book that I eonle
have waited for and buy at sight. PRICK LOW !
PAYS lIOt I Agents, don't fool with nWil
hooks, hut send st once for onr Illustrated olreiilars
BRYAN, BRAND CO., Publishers, HU touls.Msv
ehrr: mm prsrM"a
Utm M Maun., wo wjuj
frMi Um ValkMMl KUrtf rutia 0m-
Turn V. FtiHflp-1, F-v.
Wflt Ml BBdcr ttli MrmafeiDMl Vt
..for kae tbe. HJO fee aw. Oe, b,
We IU beeor a. ereV s-blek teaa eat
keaer tke Ceepea after sleety Says
Sdtaartag eaMas w-m be aawt l
as " a erwarang mih
1(1 f.0 1V thinjr for Aeuirrrn.
Bla.Lf e aT.LaTaaaua.sisw
K L.
srajsrw rarf rm Mmrmmnammm,
sate eves rarea aaaee thm etsssSMajawisa
Saa SaVSs pmmmr.
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