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Free Press.
I. II. JIL.1A. Kitfr.
Ojttial Paper of Hay and Jilancd
Cotmtiu. ;
Wl tend ibis issue' of tht Fair.
Press to a number of persons who ire
not subscribers hoping tht, upon e
tminttioo, they will like it so woll ss
to fsror us With their subscriptions.
But they need hove do fear tbst it will
be oontltjued, unless ordered and pid
lor. We never try to force our pap&r
nr. anybody,
Bishop MoTitbc was called to
preach the funeral ot Bishop Maryin.
Thi extra regiments have been or1
Oomoriss is io regular session, and
tho President's message' , has been
dentin. z- ;
TRR last issue of the San Marcos
Vrbb PRR88 oomes out enlarged to
nearly double its former site. We wish
itsuocess. The editor and proprietor
of the paper, Mr. I. H. Julian, offers a
lot of good printing material for sale
t cheap rates.
We are under obligations to the San
Saba New for the above.
A Washinoton letter bays : "Those
whoaidths government as contribu
tors to the revenue by the use of liquor
or tobaoco, must bo gratified at the re
sults of the business of last year as
shown by the report of the Commis
sioner ot Internal Revenue. Liquors
paid a tax of $57,469,429.72, and tobao
co 41,106,546.92, the largest sum over
realized from this sourne in any year.
Crockett Boonk, editor of the At
lanta, Texas, Expres U the nearest
relative of Daniel Boone, Kentucky's
famous hunter. Mr. Booue has lately
been the recipient of a relio, whioh
formerly was the property of bis dis
tinguished ancestor. The relio is a
large pewter dish, and was used by the
elder Boone daily.
M ustCAL The services ot a superior
performer on the violin miy be scoured,
for a reasonable consideration, by ap
plying at the Free Press offioe, and a
favor at the same time extended to a
worthy gentleman. We commend the
matter to tho attention of managers of
balls concert and others whom it
may concern.
Good. Half a milliou dollars, at
least, will be distributed in Texas as
back pay to the army and for the sup
port of military posts and ereotion of
Government buildings. This will cer
tainly result in a decided mitigation
of the money famiue.espeoially in West
orn TexaSj
Badlt Bold. We have reoeived a
letter from a lady at Dallas making in
quiry after one Will P. Cone, real es
tate broker, who offered to deed ber
640 aores of land ib this county if she
would send him 1200, whioh she was
foolish enough to do, since which Bhe
can get nothing satisfactory from him.
It seems Cone was at Kansas City
when he thus swindled the lady. She
ays she is informed be once resided io
this county, but old citiien inform us
they never knew bim. He probably
belong to the gang ot land swindlers
whose dark doings have been partially
unoarihud- Wa may pubiii.li the lady's
letter in our next as a warning to oth
er as well as a matter of curious in
cos We are very glad to fay that
Prof. 0. W. lfeusley. late conductor of
Bryxul & Stratum's Commercial Col
leit at Indianapolis, loJ.j will open a
similar institution in the store room
ol Maj. Barbec, 11 this place, on Mon
day nrxt, the 10th inst.t ai(J will co n
tinue to May 1, 1878. The (ranches
tautht will be Book-keep nt, k?nm .n
ahip. Commercial Lawt Commercial
Arithmetic, Correspondence, Actual
BusoeM Practice. Terms for the i n
tiro course, 140, Penmanship per
month, 5. payable in aJvanet. Hours
from 9 to 11 o'clock a. m., and from 2
to 4. aaJ fro 7 to 9 p re.
Pr 4. Itensley n a criduate of a eorj
frn-H -.?c. aal almoin peamao
ill qualifications as a teacher
at eLioable. Those wiahiac to
(Ulead ahaald haad it t' eir nametear
lv. a h coanc i t I "py
all the tinte.
CoNriRENCE. W have, as yat.
seen no published report of the pro
ceedings ot the Methodist Conference
at Corpus Christi, but have learned of
the following appointments os to our
own locality and ministers. Rev Mr
Fisher is continued hero as presiding
elder of this district; Rev Mr Gillett
remains in charge ot this station ; Rev
Mr Joyce goes to Seguin as miuister in
oharge; Rev Mr Belvin to Corpus
Phlati nrAnidinv elder: Rev Mr
Garrett goes back to Be'eville.and Rev
W H Killough (lately recommended
from out district conferohoe)is aHsftlued
to Lavaca mission.
Marriage Licences issuod during
November: .
Autouio Martenns. MargarotU Alans
Scott B. Magan, Caroliue Sims.
O. T. Browu, Pauline E. Belviu.
Walter C. Dugger, Mary E. Pegues, t
Hays Bunton. Martha Kennedy.
Jos. A. Butler, Klisa A. Hamilton.
Theeutes Reason, Sarah J. Moore.
Anton Rotielle, Mary Cook.
Harvey Jenkins, Elian J. Johnson.
B. K. Patton, Alioe P. Bell.
A' TalaaUe PremlMia
Thr Informer is an eightpiae month
ly, published at Elgin, Illinois, at f 1
per annum. It is opposed to steAiies,
intemperance, war aud tobacco, each
department being in charge ol a special
editor. We have an arrangement with
the publishor by whioh we are enabled
to offer it free tor ooo year toeaoh new
subscriber to ur paper, and to all old
ones whoreuew their subscriptions and
pay in advance. They will thus get
two papers for the price of one. Let
those who desire to do so sond to or call
at the Free Press office.
An orgao not a newspaper, but
one of Evtey's make has oreated a stir
in the Christian Churoh at Ban' Mar
cos. Deacon Green swears the machine
shall remain, whilst Elder Drink ill is
equally as emphatio in his vows thativ
shall be put out. The fun grows furi
ous, and in the meantime the Free
Press man taking alarm has barred
doors and shutters, mounted his artil
lery and calls his attitude "armed neu
trality." Discord of church musio is
proverbial, but this is tho most horri
ble discord that ever smote the ears ot
mortal. Atutin Cupital.
Mah Lbttinos. Our P. M., has
handed us a copy of the U. S. Oovero"
ment advertisement inviting proposals
for carrying the mails in Texas for
four years from July 1, 1878. Pro
posals received until Feb. 2. The fol
lowing concern this locality :
From Luling, by Prairie Lea and
Martindule to San Mafcos, 26 miles,
twice a week and back. Bond requir
ed with bid 9600.
From Austin by Cedar Valler, Drip
ping Springs, Tyner, Blanco, Stone
wall, Fredericksburg, Cberry Spring.
Loyal Valley, Hedwig's Hill, Masoo,
Menardville, Fort M'Kavett. and Ben
Fioklin, to Fort Concho, 247 miles and
back, six times a week. Bond requir
ed, MO.OOO. Present pay $40,200.
This is a "big thiug."
From Austin by St. Elmo, Onion
Creek, Mountain City, San Marcos,
Stringtown and New Braunfels to Mu
rion, 60 miles and back, six times a
week. Bond required 14,000.
1'hr Uelrell I'rev Screws
By way of calling attention to this
favorite paper tor the coming year, wu
oannot do better than to quote from a
late letter of the managers to us, as
follows :
The Free Press is one of the very
few Northern papers having any con
kiderable circulation iu the South, or
which desires and publishes Southern
correspondence. There is hardly a
locality in the South where this paper
i not taken, and where it has oot se
cured warm friends, lor the iuterest it
has taken in Southern affairs, it has
advocated all measures looking to the
development of new industries, the es
tablishment of permaneut peao and
friendship, and the election to office ot
representative men whose administra
tions must be prolific ot peace and
During the coming year The Free
Press will publish articles from the
pens of various State governors in the
South, letters from centers of business,
and communications from those in po
sition to know the needs of their State
and ran suggest beneficial changes.
We further desire to hear from plant
er, fruit grower, stock raisers, miners,
and manufacturers. Their com muni
rations will interest thousands in the
North who are restless for a change of
abiding place, aoimust be of benefit
to the South.
All other departments in The Free
Press will be maintained and made foil
of iotret to all readers, and it hopes
to make maay flew friends.
The price of the Detiwtt Vet trm
is 12.00 a year. We will takf pleasure
ia ordering it, or will club it with the
Sea Marcos Free Pbej at only f3 25
for both, esh in advance
Bell county has a population of
Tho Rothschild case, at Jefferson,
has been set for the 17th of December.
A, B. ilexphill'a cotton gin, Bas
trop county, burued. , Loss 2,000.
Last year TeXaii made 64,000 more
bales of oottoo thun acy other state in
the Union.
Over 900 cars of cattle were shipped
from Texurkuua during the month of
Thirteen counties in northern Texas
produced last year 7,000,000 bushels ot
The trial of Ham and Tallin, the
land swindlers, was set for the first
week io December at Austin. The
latter was sentenced to the penitenti
ary. Since the first of January last Cnero
has reoeived 2,812,000 teet of lumber
and shingles in proportion.
Texarkana has eighteen saw-mills
within a radius of ten miles, which cut
300,000 feet of lumber per month.
Mexican dollars, good as new. are
taken for ninety five cents only in Gal
veston. Quarters and halves are pro
portionately reduced in market value.
One sheriff and one deputy-sheriff
s re now serving tonus in the Toxas
State prison for firing on and killing
prisoners who were trying to escape.
An exchange notes the fact that
quite a number of land agents are in
voluntarily retiring from business and
taking up quarters in the various jails
of the country.
Apsrtyot Evangelists are makings
tour of Texas. They are said to be
traveling in a wagon, and to pitch their
canvas tabernacle wherever their reli
gious admonitions are most needed.
It has come out at Austin that the
temporary lessees of the penitentiary,
Messrs. Burnett & Kil pa trick, have
been a part of the firm of Ward,
Dewey & Co., as silent, partners.
Rusk Observer: The new penitenti
ary begins to show finely. The build
ing will bo a most exoelleot oce, well
constructed and of the best material.
The work is progressing steadily and
Dr. Sam Houston, the eldest son of
the illustrious President of the Repub
io of Texas, thinks of leaving the pro
fession of medicine for that of an edi
tor, and will probably locate rt Long
view. Now is the time that most people
renew their subscriptions to periodicals
and newspapers. We propose from this
time to do a general subscription busi
ness, and will furnish any oue with
United States, at publisher's prices.
It taken in conjunction with the Free
Press, and the flush paid in advance,
we will make a reasonable deduction.
This wi 1 save to the subscriber the
trouble of writing, hunting up proper
funds to enclose, &o., and he oan sub
scribe to any paper he may desire
without risk, as we will guarantee
the funds until the first number shall
arrive; after that our responsibility will
cease, as we Cannot guarantee the regu
larity of the mails, or publishers' hon
esty in mailing their publication. Sub
scribe for aoy paper or periodical you
w mt AT HOME.
Will buy and sell Land and Town Lots
for a reasonable commission, pay taxes
for non residents, and do a general
Land Agency business An extensive
acquaintance and Correspondence in
other State, and ir) " Immigration cir
prompt and careful attention to busi
ness, are among the advantages he Can
offer to his patrons.
His position as Notary Public Will
be a further advantage in facilitating
the business.
Office in the Free Press bail ling,
next door to the Post Office.
Between WiriM acre af laed, abawtltf
ilea eoath.sseat from Ban Mara. abeam
ikfrd of H le good lor caltivatloa. would neke
plmrflS twt ta all kiMt 1 alack. Mr
tiaktr aaa rack far kalMinf an4 tHa par
ao. . aelaan aaa-tkirS af watvr-kaU. Will
all Hi qaaatiiiaa u aaii parakaMM.
trra ted-Pa. 41k. lstr, ky J. a. ariaa,
Cat fwlatl Ka.l. Bara aaa kraam baraa,
IS Tran ala, kraaSaS wilS taantak kfas. Alaa,
aa 4m mm. itcatla la rMa, lar t jaara aM,
kraaaia aa tka krft afcaaMcr.
Witaaaa mj kaai. Dae. 4, 1T7.
Dw. lar ClattC. C. H.Ca.
I, lit of .lent '
Romaining at the Postoffice in San
Marcos, December 1st, 1877:
Riiraaoir. M. O.
H.Mdun. Mr.
K.nujr, J. A.
,ubla, f .U.
Purlar.J. A.
Davii Joliu W.
Ourr.J. W.
Pair, Mri.l.lMla
Ul,;.T.B. (Ml")
1.11 . mm
Tarry, SirrlliiK
Wooda. lei.
Persons culling for these Letters will
plesso say "advertised."
A. vom Stkis. P. M.
100,000 Copiw of ST. NICHOLAS
rua mi
Wiilf 83 CenU m CT.
Bona Ida of lha attraelloni ottered la tba
of St. Kic.mi.Ai, of which 100.000 eoplii will bi
locd, will be Mint iron. ha following ! Jh
h, Fr'.nk H. S ock.on. -Tb. P.l.rk . J Otar. j.
by l.ncratu r. ni I a pu - " .
. . j ...u. luiaMn tba mannera
noiiana, ana wwim.i. -.
of younn folk. In old tlmu and aowidaya by Gall
J INC mWTJ W I ' ... v . 1 . , .uv " ' n
the brglnnliiR of the new aerial by Hle Alcott,
n. . ..... .1 ..( ty.m faatnrala
entlllea onoerme maca, wi.u hiuhiim.u.
Hary Hallock foola.
The ObrUtaiai Number eontelne Uo the open
ing of a new aerial Slory lor Boye, a lale of Irop
Ical life, by (3uiaa Frankrneteln, enlllled Tower-
lloutita'ln.' admirably lllnetrated by the artlati
U..n .nil K.llv 1
wlih a ikelch of her life t eeral poema oy two
... 1. ni.i. puv atiil a chrlitmaa
lllll iimfrw.H , j
Carol (et to made;) and bait a doien complete
bort alortea, ongni, launj. rjkcitiua au f.m..,
Ac Ac
. .' ...... 1. k. ,. Vnnliah Artlal. Walter
'Jrane,' the famone denlguer of "The Bab j'i Ope-
" ST. ItM:ilOI.t. FOR 1S78.
Benldee Mlel Alcott'i iBrlsl for Girl", and ibo
three neriala for lloyk, to loiiow eacn oinar in irv
id .ucceloo. will contain a ehort aerial itary by
IUV I.IIIVI VI 1., .-.nv.-.'B L. '..
an article, 'Around The World in a Fucnt, Bojri.'
baa been promnen oy a orunau n.r.,
Ihe actual tour of Ibe world in hie own yjebt.
There will be contributions by a daughter of the
Famoua Peter Parley, and a Letter to loung
Americana by
Tha'HOW ierleiof tnsttuctlTo iaper, by iil
out enthori, will tell Bow Io bind your own book'
How they mine coal Bow to enjoy j..urmi
at home How to be an agreeable euenl How to
entertain company How to be a carpent, r How
to make an Ice-boat How to bulid a honae How
India rubber la gathered How matchea are made
How money la muda How niacken I are eauabt
Bow they laid the Allant'o cable-How they
mine in California -How they work In the i tea
country How to be a parlor magician, etc. There
will be alio a ieilee ol storied aod rtetchei or
Foreign Life,
such aa 'Old Mlcolal,' (a Huxalan atnry.) 'A Day
among the Welsh l'iitl..' 'Kaaer in fierniatiy.'
'The Indiana of Ihe Amainn.' 'How Kitty was
Lost in a Turkish Baiaar,' 'Master Vontesnma
(a Mexican story,) 'Bsusa, the Lapp Maiden,' and
many others,
Jack-ln-the-PulpIt,' 'Younir Oontilhutnrs' Pr.
partment,' 'Lettei-Boi,' 'Kiddle-Box,' and 'For
Very Little Folks,' will be continued.
The four bound volumes of Sr. BicBoiAi
ready published are Ihe moat Wonderful, beautl
ful and atsrucllve Clirletmas Present for Toung
People. Kach valnnie la cnmpleto In Itself. Vols
1 and 3, S3 O0 each; vols. 3 aud .4, (Wsscb.
Subscription Prlt. $3-00 a Teas, postage paid.
Single copies, Vi cents each.
Sold by all Booksellers and Kewadealeri.
743 Broadway, R. T.
Teiana are alqnalnted orongbttobe wilk tba
wonderful userlta of that great American Eearady,
Mustang Liniment,
This liniment rarr naturally originated m Ameri
ca, wliera Mature pro. Hlrs iu lier lisbaratury such
aurpnsing anlidntre for the sualadm of her chil
dren, lie rause has k . u arealiiig for 34 yeare,
until now it euclrclca I..- haMtable gkabe.
The Mrxsea Mustang Liniment la a aaatchlaaa
ramrdr fnr.all (jTternsI ailments of nianand braat.
To stNk owners and famiera It la turaluabla.
A slncle bottle afteu aarea human Ufa or re
ataroe the usefulnras ,if an eocellaut koraa, aa,
cvw. or sheen.
It curve fuotmt. hanf ail. hallow horn. grub,
acrew-wona. a!suMer-nit. BiMigM tit b,ts aad
atlnga of rsHaonnus rrpt Ilea an4 ioaerta. and erTT
auch drawlsark to slock breeding ajd aush Ufa.
It cures eeerv eilerbal trouble of borers, eacht
aa boieneaa. acratrliesi awtiiay, apraiua, foaader.
wind gall, ring bone. elr.. etc.
TbeMrlkan Mustang Liiiliwral K fhe a.ulckaa
run. in the workl fur accident a occurring la tba
family. In tlia aatrsce of phyairiaa. each aa
our ua. araid. epratna. cwta, etc., mn4 for rbousna
tisa,. aod aliltnxs eats u4re4 by eapaaar. t Par;
tkalarly TaluaMa la Miaeta.
It ss Usa clieaprot rreaoeW b th varU. for It
peaettatra tba Muscle to tho boa, and a aiafla
arrucatioa H anally eaSMrat to cam
Mexvaa Mnatang Liaiaeeat ia pat ap ia three)
alare af kotlna. Hot kvgoT oaoa besac H uma
atoiy aaaeh too sbsap est.
DR. W. H. DOHMtfN,
OBVaat Old Foot OSke, Rear Coraer Araaaa Ra.
Ofttee boars daily fro- 1 to 1; at IsaHeejca froaa
AT ALL niti
San Marcos- Texas
Hare on h.nd and art dally reoelrlng iddltloni to
their large and well seleelei Hock of Oenersl
Mercbsmtlse, annslailng of
Brown and Hleael.ed Domestics. Sheetings Tick
ings, Duck Drilling. Cotioii Flannel. Denlmi,
. Sli pee and Checks. Cbeyiote. Uuseva,
Tweeds, a large slock ol Jeans and
of all qualities- etc.
Notion., a foil Hue of Cotton and Woollen Hosl.
ery for Udlaa,Mlieea,Oenia and Boys .ii,e.
Cotton and el Ik handkerchiefs, Hlbboue, ,
Crm-ali, Lacei, Ladlea' Belts, Shawl.,
LES, snd everything else to make up
a first-class assortment of Notions.
t all prlcei and qnalltlea.
Forladlii.OtntiiToulbs, Bojiand Olrla.
We are eipeotlng a ary large siocslanel will ielf
tbem at reduced prloes.
a well aasorieo eioea m sii'n j."--... . -; -fer
Induoementa IntNaiiU. reneo Wire,
Borse-shoes, Hollow-ware, alo.
a in 1.-77? i l.
We hare the celebrated John Deere, Clipper, and
Bork Island Flows, and lorlte farmer, iu need
of n plow to call and examine our eiock.
We also hare an assoriment ol Cutlery..
furnished at market rates.
J62P Cash for Cotton, Wool and
Hides. so23-tf
Just publlslK'rt, a new edltiun of fJR. CULVER"
WELl'S CELfBRATRD tSSlY on the radical cure
(without medicine) ol Hrr Km rokiiniBs or Seminal
Weakness, luvnlutiiary heminat Losses, 1h?otkr
cr, Mental and I'b.velcal Incapacity, Impediments
to Msrrlsge, etc.; n'.sn. ConsueiTinN, Krihirsr
and FiTS.Iiiiliiced by self-indulgence or sexual ex
travagance, Ao.
f Price. In a sealed envelope, only six cents.
I'hecelebraied author, in thin admlrahle ICsssy,
clearly drmonstrates, from a thirty years' success
ful prsctlce, that Ibe alarming consequences ol,
sell-almee my berndlcally cured wlthouttba dan
gerous use of Internal medicine or the applfca'ion
of Ihe knlte: pointing out a mode ol cure at once
simple, certain, and effectual, by mi ana of whicli
every sufferer, no matter what bis condition mar
he, may cure hinisrll cheaply, privately, and radi
cal!. aTwThls lecture should be in Ibe bands slavery
youth aud every man In ibe laud.
Sent under seal. In plnin envelope, to any ad
dress, post paid, on receipt ol tlx cents or two
puatsge stamps.
Tho Culverwel! Medical Co.,
41 Ann St , Sew Tork ;Posl Of a Box, 45-
The Greatest Medical Triumph of
Modern Times I The Mysterious
Channel of Disease Discov
ered, and a Certain Cure
Provided. The Stom
ach, Liver and
Bowels the Centre of Disease.
The fir rat Antl-Hilleia Hrme. '
tlrassal miaamalie SMaaolrer.
Are the raealt of long-eootlaaed Sclent I fie iaves
tlgatloa, and ara Waaaaa-ra to car all HI sea see
erigiaailng ia tba Mioaiack, Uver, aad Bowels.
Ba griping pains follow the ese of ibew Pills,
loea the Rwli ara InSaesea; bat KKUKK.
NKDtATR gJKF. aaav be relsed apoa. Aa
t oesasoa Family Physic
S and aneaaalfed before tba world te-aay. By
varying tka aooe accardiag tv dtrrattotia, Paaawe
PraBaTiTB Ptna effertaally prairr laa rao a
greatly alleviate. If oot ealirelr core iiropepeta,
Scrafala or King's Evil, Boa. Hrvelpeiao or at.
Aatboav'e Plro, groatioM. and Rraptlve Weeaoe
af tka Skia.Sall bkeaa. Teller. Klagwaim. Sorea.
Bassa. Taasora. Iloraia todhage. Clrerouoao,
riBpleaaad H etc be a.
Most Cemplat atisfat,a) or
Pan directions anasd ecb kov. Pbyatraas ecp
pHebyaiall. po-t pasi. for t aw per 'boawoe-J.
a llk, cook asa. Wawtll aewd tbooe Pj
to Sy retiaM oragaie or aarnrwaai tssal"
iismaisslsa. Agcaaa warrd aewrjwbaew.
Js&Mf JJ'rr.BalC'e,

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