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I. H. mu; Idltor. u
Tub following In stated to be the
text of England's note to Russia: "Her
Majesty's Government bogs to inform
the Emperor that the Porte is ready to
open peace negotiations."" The ' Emper
ror's wisdom ond repeatedly expressed
love of peaoe Justify Her Majesty's Gov
ernment ia tlte hope that he will lend a
favorable ear to the Sultan's request."
Russia's reply to England's 'note is
stated to be substantially as follows:
That while the O.ar wishes poaoe anil Is
ready to conclude the war on such terms
as Russia would consider acceptable,
yet no steps ,'cati .be takon until Turkey
is willing to givo preliminary guarnni
toes of her dosire 'f or "actual peace-' and
not roerelv for 'delay. The course Dug-
cestod is for Turkey to make a 'proposi
tion for' armiyticb' 'directly to7 the Rus
sian Commandor-ln-Chicf in the Hold,
so that Hie first steps may be: arranged
on a military basis. MhmU ,..,.,.,
i' I" ,uii." ' i i i . i i 'ilt oli.i !
Wkixb, Faroo Co.'s 7 statement . pi
tho production pf precipus metals in the
Statos and Territories west of the Mis
eouri River, including British Columbia
and the, west coast of Mexico, during
1877. shows an affjrrecate yioiu 01 y,
600,000, being an exoess of $7,560,bd6
over 1876, the greatest previous annual
yiold. California . gives $10,250,
000 gold and $1,250,000 silver j Ne
vada, . $1C0,000.; ' gold , and . $44,-
820,000 silver bullion. This so-called
silver bullion, however,1 Is: about 45 per
cont. gold. California also gives $1
750,000 base 'bullion',' 'and Nevada $6
750,000 of tho ' same; I which oontains
about 28 per cent, gold; Arizona gives
for the year $2,890,000, of which $123,
000 is gold, $500,000 silver bullion, and
the balance ores and base bullion. tx
ports of silver from San Francisco to
India, China and the , Straits are given
approximately at $19,00p,000. .,
. . .. v ,; ;, , ..j. .
The Hot Springs, Commission have
completed thoir investigation of claims,
950 . of which wero filed. The Hot
Springs Mountain, embracing 245 acres,
was reserved from sale; and tho Com
mission recommend the reservation also
of Whippoorwill Mountain (600 acres)
on tho opposite side of the valley, for a
publio park, the land being unavailable
for building purposes, and covered with
a thick growth of evergreens. .
The New lork Tribune announces
that the British and American Mort
gage Company and the Mercantile-Trust
Company have issued orders to their
agents in Western cities not to loan any
more money on mortgage,unloss those re
ceiving the loans agree to have a clause
inserted in the lond for the payment of
the principal and interest in gold. It
is further stated, that the banks of that
city are pretty, nearly a;iunit against
making any loans on bonds of Western
and Southern cities except on a gold
basis, until the Silver bill should be
eithor passed or defeated. '''' ' '
The loss of "property on Western
rivors during the past year is set down
at 5,830,000.1 This includes the ico
and coal-boat disasters on the Ohio Riv
er, amounting to $4,000,000. .The
number of lives lost during the same
time was 70, more than, two-thirds by
explosions and burning of steamers.
A Commission composed. of two army
officers designated by "the "President and
a third member id be 1 selected by Gov.
Hubbard, of 'Texas, is to v investigate
the afl'uir at San Elizario', with power to
summon wiThessrs and 'take testimony
as to the part Mime in that bloody busi
ness by citizens of Mexico. .' ;
. i fr-rt .
The Washington ,.W. and fibroid,
both lenioeratic papers, say that all
the Democratic Senators, with the pos
sible exception of Eaton, will hereafter
vote for the confirmation of such ap
pointments as may be sent to the Senate
by President Hayes, unites the nominee
shou'.d be personally objectionable.
E.x-Qi een Isabella, of Spain, has
written to the Paris Fiyaro, protesting
against the expulsion of Don Carlos, and
repudiating the accusation that she was
cnuspiring with him against King Al
phonso. The London Time! Paris cor
respondent says it is rumored the Span
ish Government is likely to take a very
serious step to mark its displeasure at
Isabella's conduct.
Nfar Negaunee, Mich., on the 2d, a
box-car was being loaded with nitro
glycerine at tho Jackson mine, when the
whole mast exploded, inotantly killing
even men ana aemousnmg ice car.
The locomotive was lifted into the air i
and r thrown 60 feet, and landod
In a oonfused bin or woo6f"id Iron.
Of the killed, BrXmeeleTiid son
and .waiter ana lira inncsuey wore em
ployed-M the NitnGlyceriWorkiM
Those three were blown toatoms.no
piece larger than two pounds being dis
ooverable. The other four were rail
road employees, and were in the eab of
tho engine when the explosion
came Thoir blackened and .man
gled 'remains were found with, the
flesh stripped from their faces and limbs
and their bones broken. Thoir names
are Wm. Myers, Wm. Tallman, Charles
Ruillerand Jerry, Foley. Ishpoming,
throe miles away, plainly felt the shock,
and tho damage ia Negaunee was prob
ably $2,600. Several persons there were
reported seriously injured by the con
cussion. . . .. ,. j
Tub publio debt statement ( for De
cember shows a decline in the debt for
the month of $71,623, and the following
balances in the Treasury : Currency,
$5,498,844;' special funds for redemp
tion of fractional currenoy,1 $100,000 j
special deposits of legal tenders for re
dumption certificates of deposit, $328,
300? coin, $139,618,405, including cob
certificates of $33,424,900 ; outstanding
legal tenders, $349,948,776.1 :
'I il . ij ' ' ''. II I ' ' 'I . I : I'll'
A kw Pacific Railroad bill will be pre
sented to Congress, at an early day. The
eastern terminus is to be( at Memphis,
thoreby forming a connection with the
present railroad facilities to all points
north, east and southwesterly.' The pro
posed route is from Jefferson, Texas,
by the International and Great Northern
Railroad "to San Antonio, thence
in &' northwesterly direction
to El Paso and Del Norte, to connect
with any road or roads to the Pacifio
Ocean, now or hereafter to be built,
thus affording communication with va
rious military posts on these lines and
the Valley of the , Rio Grande. The
projectors of the road ask for $13,000,
000? all to be refunded to the Govern
ment as rapidly as money may be earn
ed by the transportation of mails and
Government supplies. '
Thb Cincinnati Price . Current esti
mates the number of hogs packed up to
Jan. X at 8,020,000, against 3,636,000 up
to the same time last season. Estimates
for the entire season indicate a total of
5,800,000, against 5,100,000 packed last
winter. Weights are heavier than last
year. Generally, farmers are packing
more than for several years
' ' At Ferndale,' Northampton County,
Pa.,:on New Year's 'night, John Had
dock, ; an unsuccessful suitor for the
hand of Miss Lizzie Davis, in a fit of in
sane jealousy killed that lady and then
took his .own life. The murder was
committed at the residence of the young
lady, where Haddock had gone fully
prepared for the deed. He first attack
ed her with a butcher-knife, but not be
ing immediately successful in killing her
on aocount of her desperate struggles, he
fired three shots at her, one of which
proved fatal. , Tho maniac lover, after
satisfying himself that his victim was
dead, proceeded to his own home, where
the fourth shot from his revolver ter
minated his own life. The murderer
left behind no words of explanation,
but on the paper collar which he wore
he had written in a bold, legible hand
those words : " Forgive me, mother."
An enthusiastic Silver meeting was
held at Blooniiugton, 111., on the even
ing of the 2d. Senator Davis, though
not present in person, authorized the
announcement of his entire sympathy
with the objects of the meeting; while
Judge Tipton,' Representative in Con
gress from the Bloomingtou District,
and several other prominent gentlemen
made speeches strongly favoring tho re
monetization of silver: '
Mrt'H significance is attributed to a
rocent speech by the Earl of, Carnarvon,
one of tho British Ministers, in which
he said : "I hopo sincerely that the
Russian Governniout and people will re
member that many of the questions
arising at this moment are questions not
for the belligerents alone. They involve
European interests. They are Europe
an questions, and we, as members of
the European family, have not only the
right to be heard upon them, but it is
very important that we should have a
distinct voice
in tho final decision of
G. P. Kirklaxd, Deputy Collector of
Internal Revenue at Spartansburg, S.
C, makes an official report that a posse
of United States officers ia Union Coun
ty wero recently resisted by a company
of 200 armed men, some of them uni-
formal. miiI mmwllMl ti mMM hra
. ' . . . v
prisoners w bo wero under arrest cnarjj-1
r, ..... , 6 ,
ed with violating tho revenue laws. Jao-
(perGibbs, a Trial Justice, and B. A. j
, Gregory, his Constable, are said to have ,
i been the principal parties enared in ,
the affair. The authorities at Washing-
r r"
ton say that the malefactors shall be
brought to justice. " ,
1 . .... . ' I
ifrhU of Liberty, a new secret
political rgnisatiovoompoMd mostly
of workingmen, held a session at Read-
ing, Pa., on the 1st, at which delegates
were present from several States. The
object 'of 'the "order Is sa!d to be tho
formation of a pew national party. The
organization insists on the remonetiza-
tion of silver" and tho payment of the
'J.Li I. .'il.'. -! LLll-
uuui in suvcr coin, nut iu gviu.
Quits a serious Indian fight is re
ported to have taken place ' recently on
the south Bide of the Red River, in the
pan-handle of Texas, paused by the at
tempt of the Cheyennes to drive the ag
gressive Pawnees from off their hunting
grounds. Thirty Cheyennes and 12
Pawnees are reported killed, beside a
number of Arapahoes, but what part
the latter took in the fight is not known.
A report has been received at St.
Petersburg that the Chinese have mas
sacred 15,000 men, women and children
at the Kashgarian town of Manas, com
mitting most frightful atrocities. ' i
The Chicago Tribune Washington
correspondent learns that a plan is in
contemplation at the Treasury Depart
ment to send to ' the Senate a' bill in
tended as a compromise foe .the , Bland
bill. The proposition will; be to, ,so
amend the Bland bill as to make the
silver dollar equal to a greenback, and
a legal tender to the same extent as the
United .,, Statos. ,:,notes , are. .j This
movement, , however, will,,, ,not
be made ,, if.,; . the amendment
prevails Jn the Senate restricting the
legal-tendeliniit pf the dollars., .An
other proposition of the opponents of
the Bland bill is to coin a dollar of the
same value intrinsically as the gold dol
lar on the basis of the present price of
silver. It is manifest, from the fact that
those different expedients are being con
sidered in official circles, that the Presi
dent is anxious to avoid a veto, and does
not desire to break with Congress upon
the silver question. i .! ; ., .. ; . ! ,
It is reported that a bill if' now1 in
course of preparation, providing for the
issue by the Government of a bond of
low denomination for the purpose of
funding the' public debt. ' The idea is to
adopt, as near1 as 1 possible, the French
system, and make the ' denomination of
the bond as low' as;,$5, in order to
bring it within the reach of small
depositors in savings-banks.' i It is
estimated the $900,000,000 now in the
different savings-banks would be imme
diately withdrawn and invested in such
a loan, and the loan will .be accepted in
place of National savings-banks. It is
proposed that the Government shall
issue the bonds directly and not employ
a syndicate or other outside agency. It
is believed a loan of this description
would be vory popular. ' ,
Dispatches received by Lieut.-Gen.
Sheridan from department commanders
in the Northwest bonfirm the report that
tho renegade Indians belonging to
Spotted Tail's and lied Cloud's bands
had ' gone north to join Sitting-Bull.
These Indians, it will, be romembercd,
broke away during the march of the
tribes from the old to the new agencies,
a couple of months ago. They number
ed about 200 lodges, and oonsist of San
Arcs and Minneconjons.
Hon. A. H. Stephens, it is said, will
introduce in the House a new project
for the equalization of " our bi-metallic
currency, in the shape of a bill providing
for the coinage of a metal dollar of 258
grains, to bo composed of 222 grains and
a fraction of a grain of silver, 25 grains
and a fraction of a grain in copper, and
9 grains, and a, fraction pf a grain in
golu. . The gold value of such a dollar
would be at the present figures a fr'ac-
tionover 94 cents. ,. Mr. Stephens has
written a letter to Dr. Lindermann, the
Director of the Mint, requesting him to.
have dies' prepared and some specimens
strhek off of this goloid dollar. This
request has been complied with, and or
ders have been sent to the Philadelphia
Mint to have the dies prepared at once.
John Bonner & Co., a well known
firm of Now Tork broker, failed on the
Slut, with liabilities amounting to wme
$4.0,000; no tNcU. The tutpeiulon aUo
brought down the Banker' and Broken
Anociation, with whom they had large deal
ins. .
The Legislatures of New York and
Penonvlvania convened oo the lit.
A charivari party who were serenad
ing a newlv mmrriad eouole. Mr. aod 3Ire.
Philip Mertx, at Monroeville, Allen County, j
Ind., the otbrr night, were fired upoa with
' , ... . . ' .
buckhot, srvf rl of the party bring bully
Harness was hanged at Clinton,
Tnn., oa the ink, for Um murder of Imuc
WbKa, committed more than 14 rear afa.
The German Savings Bank of Lafay-
etto, Ind., has gone Into liquidation, but
promlMt to pay alldeposlton In full.
The old Bull's Head , Bank of New
Tork City Is to be wound up. IU oaplul Is
aid to be impaired to the extent of $50,000,
but depositors will be paid In full.
Henry Underwood, said to be one of
the Union Paslfle train robbers, known as
Thomas Nixon, was recently arretted at his
houie," 72 miles west of Sherman, Texas, and
loded In Jail at Oniaha. There appears to
be some aueation as to bis Identity.
r Marahall Jewell. President of the
Charter Oak Life Insuranoe Company, in
forms policy holders that unless they con
tent to the scaling down of their policies 40
per cent, the company must go Into bank
ruptcy. '
" The banking-house of Jacob Buna,
SDrlnirfleld. 111., suspended on the 2d. Lia
bilities about $800,000, and assets sufficient
to pay all debts, It is said, If time Is allowed
and property not sacrificed. The large
amouat of unproductive real ostate hold by
tbe house is Bald to be largely the cause of
their failure.
. A frightened team backed a wagon
oontalnlng Mrs. Morris Gooaloe and four
children, off the, bridge over Obion River,
Tenn., oa the 2d, resulting ;in the drowning
of the four children.
The State Savings Bank of Indianap
oils has petitioned and obtained authority
from the Auditor of State to surrender its
charter and (fo into liquidation. The assets
are sufficient to cover all liabilities. Twen-
five per cent, will be paid to depositors at
once, and the balance within six months. ...
The llollinsford Savings Bank at Sal
mon Falls, N. H; has suspendod, with $750,-
000 of deposits. The asBets are said to be
amply sufficient to pay all claims, if time can
be had to realize tueir value.
. The banking-house of I. N. Thomas,
at Des Moines, Iowa, closed on the 3d. De
posltors are promised to be paid in full.
Virginia experienced an earthquake
shook on the 2d.
There was a fraternal gathering of
Mexicans and Americans at a boll given by
the Mexican officers at Matamoras, Mexico,
on New Yoar's night. A large number of
officers of both armies were present, and the
most cordial feeling was exhibited.
: Steam-boiler explosions in the United
States during 1877 caused directly the death
of 131 persons and the maiming of 123 oth
At Montpelier, Blackford County,
Ind., on the 4th, J. J. McOrew, a merchant,
shot and killed Kitter Ereutzner, a farmer,
The latter was known as a dangerous char
acter, and the shooting was' the result of e
threatened attack upon MoGrew by Ereutz
ner. .
At Wheeling, West, Va., on the 3d,
Henry Daub, a well known citizen, once
wealthy., shot himself on his first wife's
grave, after a quarrel with his second wife,
in which it is said she turned him out of the
house. '
A number of Fenian prisoners who
were sentenced to life-long penal servitude
in 1800 hare bee'n released on ticket-of
leave. Among these are Color Sergeant
McCarthy, Corporal Chambers and Private
O'Briea. . : .
The Panama Star and Herald has
further particulars regarding the loss of the
steamer Ataeama, from Valparaiso to Cal
lao, which went to pieces on a rock near the
Chilian coast on the night of Nov. 30. Out
of 124. persons on board, only 30 were saved.
The old established banking-house of
Peddicord and Burrows, Decatur, 111., sua
pended on the 6th.
The Pottsville (Pa.) Bank suspended
on the 7th. . This is the fifth banking-house
that has suspended there within 18 months.
The New Orleans Clearing-house As
sociation have passed a resolution .protest
ing against the passage of the Bland Silver
A dispatch from Bogot, Slst, says :
After an exceedingly difficult passage over
snow-covered mountains and frozen foot
paths the vanguard of a Hussian division has
occupied the Balkan passes between Arabuk
on a k and Sophia, and cavalry has already
been stationed on the Sophia road.. The
Turks were taken by surprise, consequently
the Russian loss was small.
A dispatch from Bogot, 3d, says:
Gen. Gorko fought a severe battle on the 31st
of December, at Tashesan. Before securing
the Turkish entrenchments, the Russians
lost 700 men in killed and wounded. The
Turks retreated at nightfall toward Sofia,
pursued by the cavalry. After a halt for rest
and reorganization, Geu. Gourko resumed
hi advance upon Sofia.
The Turkish forces have evacuated
Sofia. The Russians have occupied Ilidja,
thii completing the -cordon around Erze
roura. An official dispatch, received at St.
Petersburg on the Oth, says that Sofia was
entered on the 3d Inst., after a okirmish in
which the Kurt-inn lost only 24 men. A tel
egram from Urn. Gourko announces a del-
pi-rate f-n jspemnt on the 2d, near Bogrnr.
The Turks attempted to surround fire
battalions of Russian infantry and a
brigade cavalry, but were defeated, leaving
1,000 dead on the field; tbe Russians lout
200. The Kunian detachment under Gen.
Dadeville, which supported Gen. Gourko In
his movements over tbe Balkans, had 53 men
frozen to death in one night, and
939 frost-bitten. Aa official dispatch
state that the Rumiana lost
oa crofwiog tbe Balkans, bowerer, was not
so great as it was firt supposed. The Turk
uffrrd eoormouriy, and immeate number
pnaitiona oa December SI. The whole plaia
of Kxmsrli wm rtmra with TurVi,h corpus, j
- ! Albany, performed tbe ceremony n
A rorK-TXAB-oti boy in Middletown, 1 ing them man and wife, after which they
Conn., smokes and swears, jul like his crossed tbe river to return as mncb
Pp , mixed relations. LvuUrilU Xer.
A BKiLLiAt Bceno Kerosene
This' story! abefjit the Hon. E. if.
Stoughton ia irop the Arcadian: Ha
was reoently introduced to a prominent
gentleman of the West interested la
pork-packing, very stout and very
wealthy. Said, the, latter gentleman:
" Delighted to meet you, Mr. Stough.
ton. I have seen your name in print
often enough. I use your bitters my.
self." ,!...',
When Washington was carving his
way into the hearts of his countrymen,
do you suppose he ever leaned upon kis
sword to ponder that the day would
oome wher his portrait would look
down benignantly from over a bar up
on two red-nosed snoozers putting away
bad whisky, nnd jamming their noses
into each other's eyes, as they disouss
ed, in mangled English,' the boons and
blessings r of,,,, freedom? Cincinnati
Breakfast-Table!. ...
Akaumkr, having been terribly an
noyed by drummers, put up a sign,
"No sewing-machinos wanted here; got
one." It was no use. The next drum
mer wanted to see, ;the, machine, " and
perhaps he'd hitch, a. trade.", So the
farmer, put up, "Got the small-ppx
here." That worked well for a little
'while, but then came along a drummer
frightfully pitted with the small-pox,
who smilingly -said " Seem' you've got
it bad here, they've put mo on this
rente." -' '" '
Half of a house was cut off in Napa,
Cal and proved. away, The family
that continued to reside in the remainder
temporarily stretched muslin across the
open spaoe. That evening a crowd
gathered to see the shadow pantomime
that the inmates unconsciously made for
public amusement. .The supper table
was close to the curtain, so that the
movements of the eaters were seen in
grotesque silhouette on the cloth. Then
the husband kissed his wife, and that
sight made the spectators laugh so loud
that the show was instantly broken up.
There are times in the life of an ed
itor when all is not dark and dreary;
when he is reminded that there are but
few persons who feel that cheerfulness
should occasionally flash across his dis
mal physiognomy ; that an editor has
feelings which can be made to vibrate
with the enjoyments of this life, and
their endeavors to brighten' his life are
as an oasis to the weary traveler across
the dreary desert. ' We refer to the old
lady who sent us in a squash. Brocfc
ville (Pa.) Graphic. '
He bought a guitar and practiced for
six long weary months. But at the end
of that time a smile of joy lit up his wan
and weary face, and his brow grew
radiant with joy, as he inspected the
corns on the thumb of his right hand.
The hour was 10 p. m., and he wander
ed through the stilly night te the boarding-house
where she, lived, and directly
under that window which had been so
often sanctified by her presence, he com
menced to toot: (Twang, twang, bim).
" I wandered b-i-i the brooksido (kling,
elang, boo), I wandered by-i-i the mill"
and the sash was gently raised with &
crash, and a deep bass voice yelled out:
" I vish as you fall into your brook off
your brookside und trown yourself in
dose mill, oder I plow my vissil and call
a polizeidiener." It was cruel of her to
have changed her room without letting
him know.
Marrying His Father's Wife.
The special dispatch to the ' Evening
News yesterdays announcing the elope
ment of a Kentucky gentleman with his
step-mother, and, their, marriage at New
Albany, has proved, .substantially true.
Mr. Thos. H. Ellis, tho junior' proprie
tor of the Ellis Housed Bardstown, Ky.
and Mrs. , Mollie E, j Ellis, are the
dramatis persona: of this little sensation.
Whether the elder Ellis is alivo or not
we can not presume lb say, and if he is,
we would just like to know his opinion
of women in general and sons in partic
nlarr'' 'The parties seem apparently well-to-do
people, and the unnatural son lav
ished considerable money on his wife,
who, no doubt, liked him belter as
" dear hubby" thaa a cold-hearted step
son. When a .Vcw reporter called on
the elopists at the Central Hotel, "e"
Albany, yesterday, they were coolly eat
ing their dinner in a manner of perfect
indifference, and on stating our niissio'
we were received with a kind of caustic
cordiality, Mr. Ellis remarking that b
was a kind of printer himself, and dida
want any thing in the paper about hi
running off; and, furthermore, if we did
print it, be would make cold meat of n.
To show him how badly scared we were,
we went directly to the lelegrapb-offi
and sent that dispatch. Father Kin.
of the German Catholic Church,

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