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Marcos Free Prdss
"Prove All Things I Hold Fast that which Is Good."
NO. 18.
Free Press,
To whom a' I Letter should be Addreesed.
Office South side of Plata.
bates or subscription:
n.. tear, la advance ? ?
mi month "
thrss mouths "
1 1
Oa square, on InurtlOB tl 00 1 sack addllloa.
I Insertion under ona stasia, 50 eents par
eaaare. .
- "" "" I me. S moo. I 0 mas. 11 aioi
,-gagare ' 1.50 1 1 5.00 T.O0 $1100
1 ' 4.50 .0 11-00 10 no
J . .0f 10.00 16.00 16.00
? "' g.OO 1100 10.00 50.00
u aalm. ..... MO " 85,B0
.VMM..... 46(4 M40
J ; as oo I 55.Q0 ww loc.oo
On Inch In inaoa constitutes a aqnara.
Legal ' transient advertising payable elrlelly
n adranca.
notices. 10 eents per Una aaoh Inatrtloo,
Announcing candidates for olaee, ooouty, 6.00
m TMitrlot or Stat offlcea
Obituary notlcea of over ten line oharged at
dvsrtlsinc rates.
i uji.... i,ii.i,.r .nd P-nnrictor.omoe soutn.
east corner Main Pliua, next door to the post
rlT0HBLt, GLOW: It & CO., Mitchell's Building
nrf :':! '! Orocerles.
D01AI.S0N J0SNS0S, North alda Main
JV. rirO'll 00., West aide Main
, Plata.
TP. fl.UL.lY & lihVS., West alda of the Main
iiTKl.1 s i :, South a'de of the Main
) PKza.
BR!rt(H C. I., Si.rth aide of the Main
B FltY, Snulli sii'.o Plata,
p J. C. SMITH, Nurt'u Side Plaza.
ii rocorlei.
DK. OoUIWU-' CO., north aide of the
. plaza, adjululng Harpar'a atable.
QtUHI.E BOCK, South side Plaaa.
Urn (tilts.
KAYSOLUS DANIEL, north aid of the Main
QTIO fravls' Corner.
1'hyslcla nu
fiKS. WOOlis t HI.AKKMHEK, offlce In Woods
.'pcl Da:i!l s Urug store
DBS Ui:st'i.N A PKSDr.KTOlT. offlce College
,1,-eet, nearly upponlie HuLohitsa ACu.'e store.
tyt. J. it. COMBS, office Korth lid of of the
t) Main Pius.
JQUTCIlHOSl.ii FUANKXia, in the Court-house
g B. McBltlliK, oMce la the Court House,
gTK-U.Xii Fii 11 It II, office In the Court House.-
f. BiWWX, office over Mitchell'! atore.
tjont aattMotarr Public.
H. J0LUS, o.floo Feaa Paaaa Building, next
door to oo-t oiUce.
11 t . I
A. VIS HOUSE, west side Plaza.
Howard la? Ilease.
WISl .VS. Wast aide of pablie square.
Hilllnerjr Star..
H0FBE13Z, south aide Plaza.
Wageu aad Carriag. maker.
1 If. BAU, raar of Devlnsey Ca.'e Black
J ealtk Shop.
TB0MPS0K. B. eer. Aastin k MonaUla eu.
Carp.at.r Ualld.r.
0GIL6A50. Sea Anwoi at real.
Uierf aaa "al. Stable..
g B. BALES, taa Astasia stmt.
T WABD,eaataf Pla a.
B K0IBT5S. eaat ad plats.
eoaaa ss sunera Miraiort
Hon. SbbUt Sokieloher, of DeWItt Cs.
' oasAtss-Usr snrsiet)
Hon. L. J. More, f Caldwell 0.
aaraaaanaTiTaa 6traiaaieTi
hob. I VY. Hutchlae, of Hapa 0.
Hob. W. M.Butt, of Guadalupe Ce.
mstsiot ooffar Ura aisraior.
Hen, L.W.Moere, Presiding Judge, LaOrange.
naaa at bolsom cmsb.
Hira M afandapa la March and Septeaber. -
oevan omoaa.
Sterling Fleher, Judge County Court.
F.J. Manlort, Coanty Attornep.
Id. J.L.Owan, Clerk. . '
Jae. A. Wren, Sheriff. 0. 1. Cock, Depaty.
0. W. Grooms, Justice of IhePeaeePra. Pa. 1
1. M. Breedlora, 1
H.O. Little. " M " M " S
L. Smith. " a 4. 4
H. A. McMaana, County Treaaarer.
A. H.atoa, Ass Minor.
Ben. C. Herdln, rturveyor.
D. P. Hopklua, Coo'r Precinct Me. 1.
D.R.Moore " "1.
J.B.Burleson, " " " S.
J .L. Basemora. - - t.
Qio. H. Ward, Constable.
Traee or BOLoiaa Conurr akd Pbboikot Cooam
Criminal Couuiy Court 1st Monday In aaek
County Court for Clrll and Probate business
1st Mondey la Pebruery April, Jane, August, Oc
tober and December.
Commissions' Court Id Mondaya la February,
May, Auaatt and November.
Justice Court Precinct M. 1 lei Friday In each
month, San Marcos.
Preelnot Mo. S Id Friday In each month MtClty.
tSi " Wlmberley'e Mill
t 4 4th " Dripping Springs.
town orrieaai.
Mayor A. B. F. Kerr.
Council W.O. Hulshlson, W.B. Fry, Ii. TT. Mitch
ell, D. P. Hopkins, P. It. Turner.
Marshal-A. B. Dalley.
ciiuitcn KS.
METHODIST. Preaching at the Methodist
Church every Sabbath. Ktv. J. S.Gillett, Pastor.
CHRISTIAN. Presclilng at the Christian
(Aurch on the eecond and fourth Sabbaths in each
mouth by Klder J.J. Williamson.
PRESBYTKHIAN. Preaching at the Presbyte.
rlan Church on the second and fourth elab
bathln eaeh month by the Hev. W. L. Kennedy.
Sunday in each rnqnth at 10; o'olock, a. ., and
T p. m., t St. Mark's Church.)
BAPTIST. Preaching at the Christian Church
on the third Sunday In each monlb, by Bev, Mr.
Austin Stage arrives at 12 o'clock u.; San
Antonio 8tage arrives at 11 o'clock u. Both
Dailv arrivals. Malls close st U M',
Gonssles.arrlveo Tuesdays aud Fridays at 6 r, n.
leaves at u a. a. next morning.
A. Voa Stbih, P. M.
Do you want to purify the syst m I
Do you want to get rid of Biliousness I
Do you want something to strengthen yont
Do you waut a good appetite I
Do ynu want to get rid of nervousness I
Do you want good digestion t
Do you want to sleep well I
Do you want to build up your constitution t
Do you want a brisk and vigorous laeling t
If you do,
Sole proprietors Stannous' Liver Regulator,
Home Remedy
Is warranted not to
MiHiiln . .tnffla n.r.
tide of Mercury, or
any luiarious miosr
al aubntance. but is
ABLE, contalnln
those Sinthern Keota
and Herbs, which an
jm.p L I All.Wt.A Providenee
baa Placed In countries where Liver ulsesse most
prevail. It will ccee aix DiaA.a Ms av pa
. m Taa Livxa ana Uowau, KaeuLArs
Taa Livaa amp paavaaT
la emlnenllr a Family Medicine; and by being
kept ready for Immediate resort will save many an
hour of suSeriar and many a dollar in time and
doctors' bills.
After ever Forty Teare' trial It Is still receiving
. k'ii.j mnnl.l, la It. riltneS
from persons of the highest character and respon-
sioiilty. crninen pnysiuaua iev ..
w..n ninrsviDiTinv nfflTtiruit. PAl!f ITt
H.aaC-BtU BW TUaT UltPTU Rll 1(0 ITS AT
DA I l o IDs III inn miivkh -
IN THB KKUIlin urinis niir.i
awatr O I &n V. lD K Rat III IIP R V1L.
Par children eoaplalnicg cf
all, keadacba, r atck uixn
ach.a uaponialarmara will
give relief. Children, aa well
aa ad sits eat aseastlaee to
aiach sapper. r a ae
tkiag wklek dae sot digast
well, pradeaag sewr ataaaack.
keanbera. r reeilesaaeaa; a
im4 daa ef Uvar Begatatr
will give rallel. Thie applie
ta Mraacs al all age. It Is
taa ebeeawet. parM aa4 beat
Paally Madiaa Is thawarMl
. . - ainisoirr ur
www wa rwwaww - .-r "
anu Tr4e MarB. Ptaaap Bed igssr aakres.
Im athar la gasrats.
j. ii ZULU? & co.,
Prle. SI.OO rmi.ipaii.s..
yL 15-ly
Tm the Paibllo.
The Frbi Pkbsb belot merely a
newspaper, without seortrieB biu, it is
proper we should explsin the sppetr-
anoe of the followiog srtlole io its
oolumos. We publuk it, at ve do ad
vertisement!, because toe are paid for it!
and oan admit of no reply save on the
same conditions. Editor. .
The only infallible method of solv
ing; tins endless bell muddle, to insur
ance of pert'eot harmony, and original
u..m nS Al .La fiinffamanlml BArin-
ture teaohings, developing a solution
i : .-.J
congenial WHU roanuu, suuauieuva sua
experience. '"Secret things belong
unto the Lord our God; Dut those
things whioh are revealed belong unto
us and to our children forever."
Tiont 90. 90 Thnaa nf Ood's nrsB-
,st.u. m . my -"
tureg who are capacitated, are expeot
ed to separate to clear view, void of
mystmcation, every reveaiea iun a
mani.1 tvnth In lnlAlliawnf. Anmnrehflil
sion of true believers, or there is a
Mm .1.
want of harmony ana ntness or tnose
things made.with those revealed. Who
will rashly sustain a course whioh
alono leads to confusion and imperfeo
tion of creation ? It required wisdom
above human power or conception, for,
pressing into being what we see and
teel, what human agency could hope to
spring into view, the almost impene
trable revelation, which purports to
come irom an unseen, hidden, myster
ious Bouroe? They are realities, and
there is no alternative left dependent
men but to appropriate them to their
best interest. This is the sage conclu
sion of the purest, wisest men earth
ever produced. Will any man with
rational reflection quibble ovej his
duty? With my experience, or whole
rensrnable existence, I npproprinte
this entire host of wisdom as springing
immediately from a superhuman, pure,
wise reality, to whom all oreation is
directly responsible for past, present
and future condition ; and our para
mount hope for correct knowledge is
primarily derived from this revelation.
One of the mediators between God aud
men says : "All scripture is given by
inspiration." Seoond Tim., 3: lt.
Certainly emanating from perfeot wis
dom of righteousness, through ohocen,
purified human instruments. . All
christians must assent to this; and to
those, especially, I appeal. Every
passage of this scripture I obediently
reverence and seek to obey, by search
ing the original, dear, unoramped
meaning, to perfect barnony in all its
parts ; whioh original harmony is sure
ly partially lost by the christian world
in the gloomy meshes of human tradi
tion: for ohristian teachings are in
unmistakable antagonism to the plain
est scripture positions, as well as crim
inally to each other.
Every protectant religionist openly
condemns the mother church of Koine
as an apostate I And who can gainsay
so sure a charge ? What church lived
and kept its sameness of doctrine and
spirit as taught by the spostles to all
the churches, decontaminated, through
the centuries ol bligbtingdsrkness.wheti
the ecclesiastical world were.soul.mind,
body and strength ministered, and im
mediately supervised, by the universal
authority of the Popes and Councils of
Rome ? This mother church certainly
once held and tauent every fundamen
tal doctrine io its original purity,
under the apostles ministration, with
do additions or detractions, Alter she
acquired aoiversal dominion (which
biBtory clearly sustaius), the entire
churches of God on earth were certain
ly swallowed io completeness, into the
Popo and Councils of Borne. This,
then, being a demonstrable matter ot
history, there are surely no ohristian
hnHies in life, since the acquired uni
versal domination ot authority by
i? - ,kia anvaraiealv and the
proteetant christians. It Rome, to
attain this universal authority, have so
basely corrupted the geoue, loveiy.
sameness ot teachings bequeathed
them, and the protestaota can so easily
verify and point out the additions and
detractiona for base corruption ; why
the risiog generalions are to-day de
manding of the repreeotativea of pro
testantism. Yes. why have they not
made a clean expurgatioo, to the exclu
sion of every schism, which is earoal 7
It certainly is not oecessary to the
fn viva the ennntleas
uiuic Hwivii.n w -
example, of the change of the true
1 -f ;mIa a li t The hiatrrv
RUU VI .MW - - "
of the children of Israel, and the
Romish church with their complication
. J.i-mUm an.l addition!. Otieht tO
tdmonih every bible reader f the
fearful danger ot reiiaae. ia rny way
for doctrine upoa human tradition,
f i. i.at r-fnrners certain! de
serve great credit for eleioeinr the
manner of banaling tne wora oi uoi.
Dut V.u thae made a elaan hoUM of
it? What is the meaning of this mul
j . - -
tiplying of divisions, sharp, crisp bit'
ings, among sinoere believers of the
house ot God ? "I beseeob vou breth
ren, by the name ot our Lord Jesus
Christ, that ye all speak tbo Mine
.hina anil thai thl-B he BO dlVlsiOOS
among you ; but that ye b perteotly
joined together in the same mind and
" .a .is aJt . fl ! .
in the tame judgment. r irsi vor., a
10. Ia argument necesary to oonvinoe
any sensible mind that a great, frag-
. a a A -J A iL.
meotiug enemy iinneniea irom iao
,.il,H shnnhl ia cnmirjinr'ad with
the teachings ot orthodox proteatant-
:m laaaaaina tha wknla hndtf CsB the
WWriVB'. " 0 -
Heannaii thinker harmonise vour
lundamental teachings with God's
word and created surroundings r IM
naaa nf man aa nnt These are the
questions that are to-day stirring up
the muddy depths or ine nouses oi
false teaohers. The day is
I.JIw at hanit fnr revoliitlon and
oleaosing,' to the burning out of error.
The human family is nownere promis
ed any further modification of God's
covenant with Abraham. When Is
rael rebelled in the wilderness, God
proposed to Moses to blot them out;
and make a new covenant with him and
bis house, but Moses interceded tor
them, and prooured an amendment to
the fraotured Abrahamio covenant.
More fundamentally with David, and
the ohuroh in the oaptivity, giving the
Kingdom of Heaven in the body of
Jesus Christ as the last orowning offer
ing to the human family. There are
no further promises to men that God
will modify his mode of government to
suit changeable men. The people may
corrupt themselves and the manner of
interpretation of the groat doctrinal
teachings from heaven, but bo assured
of one faot, God will not hold the
changers and corrupters of this guide
to men, nor those who teach them, for
riArl'a mnrA ia OIlilt.lflaR. T claim tO
have attained to nothing but what
others can easily comprenena ana
make much plainer. I propose to take
hold of the substance ot God's teaoh
itics. and handle tliem rationally, ser
iously, with oaroentnoss end a godly
fear of error, and a constant eye to
present and future retribntioo. I seek
no fame nor worldly gain. I winh to
pour the rubstince of forty years in
cessant, prayerful deduction, as a ser
vnnt ot Christ and the bible, into the
lnp of my struggling, aeiirohing breth
ren, for riaht against wrong; peradven
ture it msy aid God's representatives
on earth to purge to cleanliness what
anil mnra-lneaa. ehriatian be
lievers are thiol tied and hindered
fro n looking into tbe perfeot liberty of
the Saviour, .to their great gain spirit
uallv. "Great men are uot. always
wise ; therefore, hearkeu to me ; I also
will show mine opinion.' Job., 32: 9
1(1. I design grappling direotly with
this seriouH trouble to christian by un-oove-iug
to view the confuini i is
turner, und point him out by the
plaini'Rt teaching of God's word, hon
ing God's reprtwentativew ol the
churches will then make a clean ex
pug.itioo.of God's hoube. I now
spiak with the nio-t accurate theologi
cal preoiniou, with God's whole teach
ings before my mind, knowing I am
respouiiible for every woid uttered,
writ'en, or act done, that the sncrihg
ious Roman hands, in dispolical wicked
8'fihoeiw, for worldly aitjfr.-unlisBttiflut
and power, conceived and p rpetmied
the rash chanee ot the original iuter
pretttion and true meaniugiif the textx
r,( (,.. aarnant in the Garden of E ieU.
changing the real origin aud natural
reality ot tho serpeutlutoso annaiurni.
myiterious wroug.a lie, and by so doing
tinging to ugliness, derision and weak
ness., the crest body of troths, enun
ciated from heaven for mens' comfort
and guide. 1 learlesaly asert that the
true serpent waa elioited, made m ini
fest by the multifarious luuotiousof
the human organism, being so framed,
compounded and diversified in its
meo tauism, or mtkeup, requiring only
a stimulus (which G id alone oau u'iv.)
to arouse it into active manifesta oni.
whioh iscapablo of elieiting two oppos
ite, rootending natures the spiritual
and carnal natures. If the spir.t or
superadded principle can cont.ol tbe
dictating mastery, and force tbe bar
nnns and lltnnnMI ot directions Of the
whole organism into the practice of
obedience to ngnt against wrong va
the spirit's want in all thinga).and keep
thii mastery, a gooa man is ice roam.
But if the spirit fails to control the
orgtnism, the baser feelings getting the
mastery, and retaining it, a wicked
w ..n.l -ia tha raanlL "Rrer
im tannfal whB he 1. drSWB
away of his own lusts and enticed."
Jaa, 1 : 14- V bat tney snow natur
ally as brute beasts, in those things
sk anrrarat thamafllr" Jade. 10.
The natural man receiveth not the
thieri of the spirit of God. for they
are foolishness nnto Dim ; neither an
he know them, tecaae tney re -pirit-eally
disceroed." First Cor. 2: 14.
Mi. was certainly made with a deal
nature, the spiritual aptitude, aad the
earnal proolivity. After the applica
tion of the superadded prinoiplo. or
stimulus from God to the organism,
tbe body elioited "a living soul.'7 Tb.U
living soul, and tha body, throughout
God's word, are the recognised ae '
.,.klu -a.liiiaa "Tha annl thai
sinneth.it shall die." Tha body surely
dies, nowhere is ueaiu oi me
.!.;t .HHnnnnul an that it Bfilllnffl
IUI1I UMMww, - "t
siostb, only oonsenling or yielding tt
base, overwnaimiog lorn ; tne oomi-
.uJm dlntaline enaatervnf indwrillinff
inclination to sin. "The spirit of a
man is the candle of the Lord seanb
log all the inward parU of the bolty."
Prov. 26: 27. "Take heed to your
spirit.' '-Mai. 2: 15. "The flesh lust
etb against the spirit, and the spirit
I..:... .k. e..k."L.ll 6- 17. "The
g 0.1 UE-W IUS aaweeaa vaan. -
spirit indeed ia willing, bat the flesh u
weak. Math, zo: ti. mese enp-
imm J.ni.1 Sa nnl einnnellorii in
man for right. Then the flesh aud
blood ot tbe man lnoootesiBoiy iur
nishea tbe only element tor wrong.
"Death and life are in the power oi tho
tongue." Rev. 18: 21. "The heart ia
. . a k .It aL! J-.KK
deoeittui, ana boots an .mug uoajwr
ately wioked." Jer. 17: 9. "He hath
made everything beautnui in nil time;
also He hath set the world in their
heart'-Eool. 3: 11. "God hath
made man upright; but they have
sought many inventions." Loci. 7: 29.
"The creature was made subject to
vanity, rtom. o: oi. a mus nr-m
be that offences oome." Math. Ih': 7,
"Be not overmuch wicked." Kuel. 7:
17. Can testimony bet moro poiate l
tkat skar aa rilanted in mau's nuiko-
up an indwelling fountain of fi rcn, in.
flesh and blood; tne laenticai. m
vunniaiiA tn answer for the Her
.... .... Wavil neaat. to exact re
quire inent of every call for the temp in t
J bo body sod surrounaings oeruniuy
.liunl..u inrnna lnrinff inneutivos to
right and wrong(disentangled of a mys
terious impossible agenoy). tau uoy
sound mind give a rational iuterpretu
tiou touuy oi tne nosi or similar
sku, oi her than such predipoBitlua
t..iir.u,i. nr made DOSSible of
cliuiiutiiiou iu ' men composition, lor
vaiy ty and trial oi cnaracter iuwu
lionully, tor use? Subjecting the orea
lure to every conceivable trial, to prove
liuu, test Ins composition for develop
uiuut and progression, by trainings and
iiicKssiiut lut-orings in field and torumlor ;
luaniei y Could a wise God have couoeiv-.
...i ,, , ,. fiitinirnlafi aAhAuie.orcate.ory
ol itittnitude ot chances, obauge aud
leartul expeutaooies.cspsoitateu, to try
uud ieL every form ot character, us
the iiiooiup-rable human organism pre
ii i. s, in uontuct with earth and its
cuuutioss variety ot surroundiug?
"Man is learhilly and woudertully
itiadc'-PBs, 138: 14. Why fearfully?
Clearly his tendency or predisposition
i.i l,,.,.t ..ni Hanirer. seek inventions of
cveiy conceivable torm and order, and
lln-oiu'li such maoninauons, alienating
liin teeliius and wisdom entirely Irom
God. Why allow traditionary absurd
ities ot human begetting-, couoeived by
,i;..h.,K,.,.l mnn.lur man. to huilil xmOU-
' i I ll U 1 1 " M UJWW"-w. ... . .
lar, spiritual principalities aud powers,
to deceive men into toeir sutij- viiua
I unnliun ua did the Jewish reDre-
sentativus, "Who have received the
w by the disposition ot angels, aoa
i... bant it " Aets. 7: 6:1. And
siuee the Roman domination, using
this wise, ureal and necessary power to
nr.nd. and mlvhtv delifilS With
ert-d matter and spirit, thua pervert-
a l a ! ..Ll
ingly, to uoauthorizea use, me inMu--
..i....iliuminf nun to ihcir cub
mission aud slavery?. This lever, uin-
brotyied Irom physical nature, con
torted into a frightful, mysferiom. un
iiKirtiil, omnipresent impossibility, was
certainly the body and substance ol all
(he host of additions for the corruption
i n.wA aa tha saapntinl mpauill end
If, iiuuiq, " ' ' - " -
designs of God's lswshad to be clang
ed to fit and square with this in em mo;
anil K thlB tit) A rlhlff fricht. the ourO
pure Roman church was estr.ngnj
into a diabolical monstrosny; ano pro-n-ikndnrv
instead of Dnrging
tbe subsUnce of her wicked ne-s. nup
ped off a few branches, and wrowa
the hideous caricature, subsiaiiii.Jly,
from the cesspool of corruption and
faithfully press tne monster in m.c i to
of thinking, wideawske intell ge i'.
"Tkat -rhinh hath been is named al
ready, and it is known fiat it ia ni "
Eccl. 6: 10. Did Chri t sod 'U
apostles aanotion such s mon-tro i''r
We know they did not Mer is i-r f
ragable testimony, e-pae'i-tfl to f
ever eileoce such perveraion "T 'he
law and to tbe testimony." Upon the
heel of the original transgrca-ioa in he
Garden of Eden, the reaolt of prying
inUt forbidden savrrete. the forv-pareote
est of the fruit, of the knwVlre ot
good end evil, felling from onrinal
puritv, by dlaobed'ieoee. info condemna
tion, moral doth, into bell. TheGod
hed in eommuoloo Immediately aaya:
Tbe man is becMue aa oae of ns. to
L ..4 and ana ! tsi
forth hi bs.d and Uke sleo rf lie
tree of life, and eat. sed liv fnrVfr;
therefore, the Lord GH avnthtm forth
CoM'inmedo Uutpgr.

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