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San Ma
'Prove All Things I Hold Fast that which Is Cood."
NO. 19.
Free Press,
T wliom uM Letters should be Addressed.
Office South side of Plata.
oe year, m advance ? ?
ai Mfllltha
1 V,
litre, rooutha "
One square, on. Insortion 1 00 luh .ddltlen
( ui.riioii under one month, M ciwi rr
I mo, 1 1 mo. 6 met. 18 tt.c
1 Square..
4 "
; eo'..:. .
f - :
... J.50
t 6.00 I 7.00
t 11 0l
8 00
8.00 1 11-00
10.00 1 1S.00
13.00 10 00
15 001 16.00
20 tin
35. 0
lot .110
25.00 1 45.00
USUI) 35.00 1 JH0
0ni.i:b in space constitutes square.
U.il and transient advertising pavabllrl;ii:j
n ad, aim..
Locui lotioK, 10 cents per line ..eh Insert.
ADiu-ii.ici tiii candidates for olBe., county, '. '0
For IHatriui or State offices, I'-'1''
OWi.i!i'y .lotlcet ot over ten line charged . t
dvo:tii.l nutates.
uni.ii.iiHr mid ProDtietor, office south-
it corner Main PI"'.", n' uor 10 tUe I""1
TCUKI.L, OLOVEIt A CO., MltchoH'e Building
Ory tinoJ. anil irocerlc.
DOSA-MOS Si JOtttfSOif, North ldo Mnin
f V. HUrCHINS CO., Wast side Main
, Plaza.
m P, D.ULUY s BROS., West elde or me aiain
1 Plata
STK1S & UlKiES, South sde of the Main
IXUQGU C. H., Korth Bide of the Main
y B. FRY, South side Plaza,
p J, C. SMITH, North Side Plaza.
DR. COCItKHAM A CO., north aid. ol the
, plaza, adjoining Unrper'e nable.
QI1AKLES BOCK, South side Plaza.
1) ATN0LDS & DANII'.I,, north side of the Main
QTW OltVlIlt, Travii' Corner..
Pliysicla n.
1-vRS. WOODS Jk BI.AKEJIOK1S, office in ffocds
J.'ad Daniel a Drug; store.
1US. DKNTOX & PKSDI.KTOS, office CoIIpi?o
Unreel, nearly opposite Huuimaon i i"ie
DR. J.H. COMUS, olllea Morla aid. of of the
JJOTCHISON.oi FRANKLIH, lu the Court-house.
g B. McBRIDK, ollic In the Court House,
gTEKUSQ FISHER, offle. in the Court Rouse.
Qt I. BROWIf, ollice over Mltchsll". .tore.
I, mil Asrent analotarr lutlic.
T U. JULIAN, oilk-e Fate Pns Bulldli s, next
IUI.lAS,o;lt;e I
r to uoat oilice.
A, dunr
II oto l
JUAV1S HOUSE, west side Tlari.
llo is r d i ug II o e .
Q WlSI.VH. West aide of puVi suusre.
Millioar- Stor .
COFBEISZ, south sids P i. s.
Uason anil Carriage TTnticr.
P U. RAC, rear of Dc:-iT--y X -. Waet.
H. RAU, res
smith Shop.
V sm
lackniii .
p THOMPSON, 3. K.eor. Ay" i-in-itilo
Carpenter sV i):. ilder.
TOI3ELSA53, . itrat., nrect.
t-lrrT mm .'tables.
g B. Bales, Sa a t-.: ?r-..t.
CMn-l- -vir.
J WARO, ast aide ? T.a .
Watrhsaaker and Jeweler.
II COSRm. ;.?!aia.
coxiwassstAX Cm dktiuct:
Hon. Guslave Schleicher, of DeWIlt Co.
nAToa-alT nirr.icTi
Hon, L. J. Storey, ol Caldwell Co,
Hoi.. J.V. llulcblns, of UoysCo.
Hon. W M.Ruit.of GuadalupeCo.
FIon . L. W. Moor., Prosidlug Judge, UOr.nge.
Time or uomuko cotrsr.
UiV. Id Monday. In March end September.
couKTt orno.M.
S r-ilng Fisher, Jndg. County Conn,
?. .(. Maulove, County Attorney.
. 1. 1. L. Oreen, Clvrk.
Ju. A. Wren, sheriff. 0. 8. Coek, Deputy.
C. W. Grooms, Justire of lho Pease Pre. Ito. 1
I. H. Brsedlove, "
li.O. I.lltle. " " " " " 3
I.. Smith, " "4
i.. a. Mcjie.ni, county Treasurer.
A. Ileatoii, iunwr,
'-:en. C. lLrdlu, Purveyor.
D. P. Uopkiun, Coti'r Precinct No. 1,
). K. Moore " ' " 1.
U. Burleson, ' ' " 3.
.1.1.. llaietnore. ' .
ueo. II. Wurd, Conit.blo,
Vimm or noLnim County ahd Pr.oikct Coota
Cl.niiial County Court l.t Monday In each
County Court for Civil and Probate business
1st Monday lu February April, June, August, Oc
t'tl'W and December.
Cunmlssioiiera' Court Id Mondays In February,
May.Auuust and November.
Justice Court Preoluot Mo. 1 lit Friday In each
a mm, gnu Marcos.
rinnjct 1.0. j so eriuay uieacn monin Micitj
a n iinuvuvj a Mill
4 tilt " Dripping Springe.
towk orrieua.
Mayor-i. B. F. Kerr.
Counc(l4W.O. Hutchison, W.;n. Fry, L. W. If Itch
ell, U.lr llcipklna, P. It. Turner.
MarhalA. U. Dalle J.
MRTHillisr. Preaching at the Methodlat
Church '"ty Sabbath. Ktv. J.S.GIllett, Paator.
CtlRlfiVlltS Prenchlng at the Chrlitlan
Church tut aecond and fourth Sabbaths Id each
month !v- Vjlcr J.J. Williainsoii. .
PHRSH- tIAM. Preaching at the Presbyte.
nan anur- rion in. aecond and lourtu Hab-
DatUin .w tontb by the Hcv.W. L, Kennedy
PRC I'KblVJlT KPI8COPAL. Rervicea second
Motiiiiij!!! -at mouth at 10,' o'clock, a. m.,
T p. hi , 'at iiullark's Cbirrcli.)
BAI'i ;.-:"'. rroaclilng at the Chrlllan Chnrch
on 111.: i.'.irn Muaa; 1:1 eacb month, bjr Ker, Mr,
AusMu t. arrives at 11 o'clnck .: San
Aiiinnlo Stai arrives at 13 o'clock h. Both
Dally urrivalt Hails close t 11 a m','
(lon.r.li'.-.arrfres Tuesdays and Fridays at 6 P. 1
leaves at 4 a.W. niorufnir.
A. Vox Btkin.P. M
Gnnuins Sismons Liver Psesulator,
c? Msdicme,
Uok lor clean uk WHITE WRAPPER with the
rt-'l a?-m:n,iic U'ttei'lntntied upon it In the lorm of
A riiinon raceiunyitrvcii tu to trie let er z em
bracing 'lie emblems of our trade. Spatula, slur
t;ir an.l Gradtiute wiktUe worps A. O. SIMMONS'
I.IVKR i:KCilll.ATO...r S1EDICISK tliereon, aUo
oi.-erve me sii;tiaiui.o i. H. 2KIU9 H CU., iu
rod Ink on tbo side, t
Btwflro ot those whoVnow nothtu of Medical
Compuur!ft wlio put ouintraDif known to our(
ami beinir fin&bzed proviworlljlesQiiouly made
to Ht'ticu toe puiiuc, aii to pirate op toe well
earned rd..utaifofi of rin k Co.'f medicine
TLicho frauds liave yo rftuiation to lantain and
will cheat you fur ft fewk)eBujr every way they
Look carefully to the m4n0ne yon are Induced
to take Inr niacli Miner. ng.tieriuaueift injury au I
evnn deoi'i lia resulted fr improper treatment
auu irom iafciiig un-iiiiusipiepareu meUicme
See who enflorsesuhe Genuine
Hon. .Ui-x H. Sti-pbens,
Kt. Iter. Juo. W. Bixkwiiu, Uhoo of Ga.,
(ion. Jn. . H. Conbin, U. 8. alitor,
j;t. Kt'v, rii!4jop 1 .ttioe,
Ili.n. J' . tilll ?Uoner,
J. Kdgil 1 bompaou,
Hon It. H. 11.11.
Hon J. C. B ert n-M-,
Prof. David ' l. D. D.,
Ci.ief Jim ce Hi j;ti Warner, "
Lew . n utide. , A -'l I . At., i'u
. Pa..
and ;'uot:canils of fl l'l T'om srlil
we have let-
ters 0' coiiiiiiend v. 0.1 and -ecoau
Tul'monla'a are -ece'ved veryVT f-om per.
anna of educa.iwti a'cl prom'iieiicer.ji all nana
of tbe couniry and all that la a.kedl a fr irial.
It a euiii.ni ly a la i: :ly K J'C.o;k,d uv bei Jg
kerit rvi.. y to- fawulia-s -e-orl wil.ava loanv
an hour wl anil- riujr . ii u.j a iir In time
auu doctors' uiiis.
Rend for an A'-.?n-KiTiittion!'
tbt can l - ttr c
.- i ft til .f
1- 4i BAfm i
I -it Iware,
; are! til,
U en y ur Ouartl ..
r .thl. Imit
Lst, .jy .ay 10
- - DpvU Ifal
it and
C'Hn t'ie p e n '
lVtj:aC..J i-t
Dr. 3:i:cc i' i'.ror Regnltor.
A:trr-:r - 'tt T
. ii.z; 11 i.x w col
i 19 Tt Aia BairtcTAI turmtsra.
To Hie INiItllo.
Tho Free Prrss being mo rely
uuwspaper, without sectarian bias, it is
proper wo should oxpluio the appear
rioce of the following article iu
columns. We publish it, at we do ad
vertisement, because toe are paid fur it
la orJur to give fair pluy, we tender
the use of our oolumns for a reply, on
the same conditions. Editor.
Within this reality, is couohed an
other luudunieutul uoetriuo. iitnored
and smothered out, to give place to the
buge propoi tious ot tbe Komau impos
sibiliiy:! he source, aod nature ot the
material, Uod applies for the uuoish
moutof Biu, instead of the lake ot fire
literally (iu an uoknown reului : as
Moses failed to tell us of itt seDurate
creation; it is tne pure mboite sur
roundings ot Uod, as a consuming hre
to men in carnality, and wicked actions;
making it necessary that every stain ot
sin should be burned, purged, and
washed out of soul and body to gain
an entrance by and through those
naming swords, and into the Saviour's
body tor immortality : which naraiue
swords aro to-day, and will be tor nil
coming time, vigilantly guarding tho
lite-Kivine essence. iNo lesson could
be plainer taught, that men in flesh
and blood are incompatible, restless
antacooisras to the sublimated auiut-
escence of original substance of right
eousness with its mlimte surroundings,
as at Mount Sioai, when the people in
their flesh and blood carnality, could
noc even look to the Mount when Je
hovah was personally presont and talk
ing to them. Even Moses, the meek
est man on earth, with all his Duiirv
could not behold "His lace," only His
' buck sides, alter his passing him.
with his hands covering Moses, Moses
whs purified as perfectly as men could
be ou earth, capacitating him for the
immediate presence ot immortality, lid
hold the effect ot his close proximity
to God I It surcharged him with the
burning, startling terror-arousing ef
fulgence if God's surrounding so
thoroughly the people could not look
upon his luce, or even stay in Ins pres
ence, for dread aud torturo ot cousci-
eneo, until JMoscswas veiled! Wasall
this meaningless? Could this dissimi
larity of the natures of God and men
be plainer exemplified 1 see clearly,
every inspired peunian using this pure-heaven-generated
material alone, us an
instrument for burning out sin and
purging to clcnnliness wicked natures.
This state of things between God and
men, being a matter of unerring cer
tainty, it presses rhe assurance ol per-
feet reliability, tho indispensable neces
sity of a pcrlcct intercessor, tempered
to compatibility and pleasantness of
intercourse between God and men,
even to get men in sufficient nearness
to His burning presence to teach them
His will and desieus with them : es
pecially their reconciliation to, and in
Himself, ' He is surely luruished in
"His own Son." begotten through the
covenant with Abraham; "in his seed
shall all tbe nations, families, kin-
Irads, and tongues bo blessed.
Gen. 13:18, Chapt, 12:i5. Acts 3:25.
For it pleased the Father that in Him
should all fullness dwell; and liaving
made neace throuch the blood ot his
cross, by him to reconcile all things
unto himself: by him, I say, whether
they be things iu earth, or things iu
heaven." Col. 1:1 'J, -0. "All thing:)
aro of God, who hath rconcilcd us to
himself by Jesus C'hrjst. and hath civ-
en to us the minister of reconciliation.''
2ud Cor. 5:18. "Who will havo t.11
men to be saved, and to come uuto the
knowledge of the truth." "Wo trust
in the iivinz God. who i the Saviour
of all men, especially ol those that be
lieve." 1st Tim. 2:4, chant. 4:10. Tho
sense of those truths are too manifest
to bo smothered to give pmco to oppo
sition. Two specibo clasocs or kinds
of reconciliation and salvation are here
taught. A special, already attained
recooiliation, and salvation. "Hath
reconciled u to LimMslf, by Jctis
Christ." "Unto ns who are f aved
lst Cor. 1:18. He paved other; let!
him save himself if Le be Christ.''
Luke 23:3.). These were reconcile J
and saved on the earth in their living
state, without doubt, the spiritually
r?nrreetd in theaced of Abraham.
Eph. i: 2t, chupt. 2:fi. The special
Ailv.tion ot all true believer on the
earth. Tbe second claM were mrely
to be reconciled an! paved in tbe fa-
im Ilia I i m vf ,:nfiAffl r.f 1 1 ! m
thing. Aets 5 21. 'nre clearly, tbe !
Saviour ha lime for the "rwncili--!
tion" and "alvation"of men, aod"re-jpsJy TecBtioa of atr.fo ar'pct
tiintion of all thine, (aot one t'me. ' evil work, ia T)niVt fironz!iot
in Catholicism will Lave it) an! injevrr p of tt.e New Ttrranvnt
hee time He condemn, the wtcked 1 -
ol tarei the belieTcrs ; llzit v.3.t' I
specifically nusworing to tho ancient
prophecies "lust lime," "luot times,"
"hiet day," "last days,'' "hitter day,"
"hitter days," "end of tho world,"
"euiisot tho world," aud "the last end
ot tliu indignation" ot Daniel, coin,
pleted by the literal destruction of
eurthly Jerusalem; thus the perlcctiou
aud lust iiuishing stroko lor the purifi
cation ot the church of tho wilderness,
'Mount Zion," "City ot David,'1
"earthly jerusulem ;" spiritually subli
mating tho suine : and "build Jerusa
lem uuto the Messiah tbo Prince;" tbe
lust unequalled gilt to meu for their
fpirituitl entertainment and comfort iu
the flesh, on the earth. All these
"last days," "time"," and "ends" ot
the Jewish ages or dispensations, clear
ly discriminated irom the ultimate end:
after Christ has reigned ou the earth
through his chosen instruments to en
tire completion of wisdoiu, and deliv
ery of all things to predestinod resti
tution in God. lho church ot tbe
wilderness, the Israelitish place for
the worship of God, was so modeled
that men could handle, modify and
make earthly use of it, and as a matter
of easy comprehension, wicked natures
made an instrument of it for self-ng-
grandisement; corrupting it; creating
the uecessity tor expurgation. 1 saw
under the sun the place of Judgment
that wickedness was there; and the
place of righteousness, that iniquity
was thero. I said in mine heart, God
shall judee the righteous and the wick
ed; for thero in a time there for every
purpose and for every work. Eccl. 6:
lb. 17. ihis tulk ot .Solomon ot
general course of judgment in time,
under the sun, in the earth, sounds in
harmonious in tho fs.ee of orthodox
teachings. Christ says: "For judgment
am come into the world. JNow is
the judgment of this world, now shall
the princo of this world bo cast out."
.John y:.J'J, chapt, Js.dl. Casting
whom out, aud Irom what.'' It the im
mortal, impossible fragmeutor had
never been interpolated for God's
teaching, the necessity tor Bucha ques
tion would never have arisen. 1 be
heldsutanas lightning fall from henv
on. liUko W.li. lho scriucs and
Pharisees sit iu Moses' seat." Math.
23:2. Moses' scat, was certainly the
presiding authority in tins church,
place of righteousness, Jewish heaven,
earthly jerusalem. There was cer
tainly no other tioavcn to men, when
all this transpired. Is more necessary
to tbo biblo philosopher, to show who
the prince was, and the placo he was
mode to vacate in order to tho build-
D2 "of Jerusalem unto the Messiah,
the Prince?"' The church, thus purg
ed, made ready for tho '"bridegroom."
hat could hinder its perfect spiritual-
zaiioo and blending to tbo blecuine
Saviour of muukiud; and ull resurrect
ed by tho same nope run man power that
raised tho dead Saviour,,' thus spirit-
ualzinsthe place of righteousness and
exalting it at the right hand of God,
n heavenly high places in Christ Je
sus, with all tho reconciled, stunt,
angels, just meu made perfect. This
stuto of things contmuit)'' by the in
cessnnt judgments of God in tho eanh
til all uro pun lied aud mstituted
his sublimation, in the process of
God's judgments with men, immutably
kes tho place ot righteousness.
lho Kingdom ot Heaven. Irom the
reach and control ot wicked powers
Wicked men may corrupt themselves,
nc deceivo their lol lowers, but there
shall iu no wise enter into it anytbiog
tliat deblclu, neither whatsoever work
tu aboiuiuatioo, or muketh a lie; but
they which aro written in the Lamb's
book of lile." Kev. 21 :27. "lie shall
not tail nor be discouraged, till he have
set judgment iu tbe earth; and the
isles shall wuit tor his law." lsa.
412:1. "From his right hand went a
fiery hiw," Dout. 33:2. With this
law in ills right hand, Christ unmis
takably set judgment in tbe earth; and
woe uuto those who do, and teach
wrong, and expect to escape its imme
diate iuflictiun during their life-time
ou the earth. This law is our exalted
schoolmaster, to bring all to Christ.
"Thine on wickedness shall correct
thee.' Jr, 2:10. "The riphtcoua
shall he recompensed in tbccarih much
more tho wicked and the tinner. '
J'ror. 11 :31. Wherefore the Iiiw wjs
ourschonliiusivr to hring us to L'hrvt."
Gal. 3:21. This "fiery hw" follows
the sinner iuio phyaical dissolution to
i he grave, oo farther. "Tho dead
know not anytbinr, neither havo ths'y
any more a reward." Keel. 9:5. If
Mie dead have no "mere a rcwar."
i wbrrc t!i'r rctrihutino. if not oo the
raiinr iC7orJ trnn re. jungmrai
in tha rurf'i." Hnrir.r the prnnhetic
are, umi.l't d htr- nf irton of jal?
ir.cn t. Solomon ai'l: "J"ccno k.o
tencs anint an evil work Lt not exe-
i-i iV.MfAM ilia V. i - Af
the son of men i fnllj t ii them lo I
do evil." Kn 8:11. Tbie,3-j .fioff'
MtVrth acre' spsru. d ) hi
aii..i'.eri s f awe ot fire.' iloaa. 1 .7.
This is whut tortures tho heart of
evil doers: iu its aDsence tbe culprit's
owu fpirits, ucd "Tbo law written iu
their hearts, their conscience also
bearing witness, and their thoughts tho
moaiiwhilo accusiug or else enousing
one another. Horn. 2:15. "Tho sin
ner being a hundred years old, shall
bo accursed." lsa. (i5:20. Death
overtakes a multitudo in a sirailur di
lemma . What doe scripture say is
their ultimate fate. "Who will repent
himself for bis servants, when be
sceth that their power ia gone, and thero
is none shut up, or left. And he will
say, where are their Gods, their rook
iu whom they trusted; see now iliac
1, even I, am he, and there ia no God
with me; I kill, and I make alive; I
wound and I heal: neither is there any
that oan deliver out ot my band'"
Deut. 32 :3G, 37, 39, 40. There is.
without doubt, a geueral future "re
conciliation," "salvation," "restitution
ot all things," spoken of by all tho
prophets', and coufirmcd by . 1 F the Tes
tament writers. "For tho 1 ord will
not cast off f orevei; though he cause
grief, yet will he havo coinpcHsion,"-
Lam. 3:31. "1 will not cor tend for
ever, neither will I le ii!vv- wroth,
lest the spirits shall fail tfi mo and
the soul which I have maile." Is.
57:86. "He retained! n it is anger '
forever, because he delip'.io 1: in mer
cy." Micah 7:18. Her is no array
of prophetio declaration!), ly recog
nized inspired penmen, k.o plain for
quibbling, or excuse for nn :il .empt to
explain away; yet at iK'ully conflict
with tho fundamental divine philoso-
phy, or superstition c' the Eoman
school and her children. What senso
has all this, and a mult plioity more,
of an exact nature throughout God's
word, all tending or drifting in this
precise channel and vein of reasoning
if we permit this fragmenting gene
rator ot discord to clash and mistily
all? Who is the deceiver; Christ, who
says: "For judgment I am come into
the world." "Now is the judgment of
this woi-ld," or tho inventor of the
great immortal beast of Roniuti chi
canery? This plain teaching of Christ,
that he camo for, and was then judg
ing tho world, and is to-day judging
tho earth, aro forced to give placo to
the weakening deception ull at tho
expense ot Christ's plainest teachings,
aud His veracity. Will the good
meaning, and great hearts of orthodox,
protestantism rise to the diguity of :t
wise error-cxpurging explanation? And
will lho thinking, interested world re
read their bibles, and corry theso
truths with them, compare notes dili
gently and prnyerful'y? "For ho must
reign till bo hath put all enemies un
der his feet- The last enemy that shall
bo destroyed is death." Then will Lo
finished the process of reconciliation
and restitution, commenced by Christ
at his resurrection; continuing lii.t
times of visitation for judgment, con
demning tho wicked and thrusting
them from every ppirituul privilege and
oversight by his angels for their com
fort; and rewarding his saints with uli
spiritual blessings and supervision for
their welfare: until tho last spirit, bod''
and soul shall be restituted, after euol'
individual chango of body and soul
for we must nil bo changed after
death: even in the face of stoiniinc
denial. "As iu Adam all die, even
in Christ shall all be made alive."
1st Cor. 15 :22. Tbe same all through
out tho chapter: "Behold I show you
a ministery; We shall not all sleep, but.
wo ahall be changed, in a moment, in
the twinkling of an eye, at the lat
trump; for the trumpet shall sound,
and lho dead shall be raised incorrupt
ible, and wc shull bo changed; For the
corrigible must put on incorruption,
and this mortal must put on immor
tality" verses 51, 52, 53. ,' When all
thiDgs shall be subdued unto him, then
shall the Son also himself be subject
unto him that put all things under
him, that God may be all in all." let
Cor. 15 :28. Will the great, good and
pure hearts who shape and enforce or
thodox protestantism, puffer an hun
blo. reverential refpectcr of God'a
chosen instruments ou earth, to thrust
before them these bouctit findings
against their tf-rcbiups, for mature,
olemn criticism? And with a godly
fear. meccM that you will be in a
more excusable duty in future yeaw. if
you will rpend equal time and talent, in
making excuses lor the plain express
ion of the word of truth, at tho samo
expense cf tndition too. have hcieto-
fore made aajnioet the truth, to sutaia
an lacoDgruous. irysfifying deceptive
i-heir, of man's invention to the great
detriment and clffficp of tLe rrrgresa
and developing ot the Great Master's
spiritual Kitpdom not that 1 would
intimate that God a niioistrrn agenta
were keeping r-rror ia (lace of right in
tentionally. Jot the fascination for
P."? tradition i
where tte error
th- tB I ?f
eateriaia. and
direct fume ol tceie great miads into
(his smooth, mrtly on ect channel or
mtbod of iotc-rprrtatioo, impererpta
b'y, and aa if ly magic, drawing tho
(Xvlir.ued c liti itgr.

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