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In the Scuato, on the SOth, Senator Ferry,
Uepiibllcan, was nominated and elected Pres
ident pro tcin,, by a vote ol ft) to is. A mo
tion to substitute the name of Senator Tliur
man, Democrat, was rejected by tho suiiio
vote. Senator Davis of Illinois voted with
tlio Democrats. No business of general In
terest was transacted In the House, Mr,
Steele, from tho Committee on Agriculture,
reported back the bill for the appointment
of a commission to investigate the origin of
and the best means nf destroying the cotton
ariny-woriu. Tho bill appropriates $ln,000
for expenses of tho commission. Kcferivd to
Committeeof tlio Whole. Mr.Chalmersmiide
quite a lengthy political speech in reply to
one made by Mr. Uurtlcld lust week. (ion.
Ilutler spoke upon tho currency iiestlon, de
claring himself for full restoration of silver
to the coinage.
In the Senate, on the 27th, Senator Alli
son introduced a bill to providofor tho entry
of lands by Indians under tho Homestead
law. Referred. Tho bill to authorize a long
bond for the investment of savings was then
takon up, and Senator Wallace explained the
provisions of tho bill at length. Ho said there
wero two purposes in the bill one to pro
vide a fund for the investment of the carn
lngsof the poorer classes, the other to ini
tiate the policy of a diffusion of the public
debt umong our own people by a popular
loan, at a low rato 01 interest,
to run ou
t ...... i i ... .1.'
raVinS, ,,,! n
taxation and keep our surplus
burden of our
earnings at home. It antagonizes syndicates
and anneals to our own neonle. It looks bo-
yond the national banks and finds an anohor
for public faith with the people themselves.
In the House, tho bill authorizing tho
president to review tne court-uaurtial pro
oeedinirs of 1864. in tho oase of ex-Surireoii'
General Hammond, to annul the same and
pluco Dr. Hammond on the retired list
as Hurgoou-tieneral, but without giving
him any right to past, present or future pay
or allowances, passed without debate. The
bill pensioning soldiers of the Mexican war
was then taken up. Messrs. lirogden and
Davis, of North Carolina, advocated the bill,
and tho latter denied that the bill would
place the name of Jeff Davis on the pension
rolls. After considerable discussion tho
Houso adjourned without action on the hill.
In the Senate, on the 28th, Mr. Chalice,
from the Committee on Territories, reported,
with amendment, the Senate bill to estub
lish the Territory of Lincoln and provide a
temporary Government tneretor. J'lnceu on
tho oaloudar. The resolution of Mr. Plumb,
submitted a few days ugo, directing the
Secretary of tho Interior to lnquiro of tho
Government Direotors of the Union Paclllo
Railroad as to tho nature of securities taken
or held by that company for aid granted by
it to the Colorado Central and other roads,
was agreed to. At 3:10 p. in., a message
was received from tho House of Repre
sentatives, announcing that that body had
passed the bill authorizing the coinage of a
standard silver dollar and to restore its legal
tender charactor, notwithstanding objections
of the President thereto. Mr. Allison moved
to postpone pending and all prior orders, and
proceed to consider the Silver bill. A number
of objections were interposed, but overrulod
by the President pro. tern., and Mr. Allison's
motion was carried. The Silver bill was
thon read, ufter whioh the veto message of
the President was road. Mr. Whyto moved
the bill and message be printed and laid on
the table. Rejected without roll call. The
President pro torn : "Shall the bill be pass
ed?" A Senator: "Notwithstanding the ob
jections of tho President?" The President
Ero torn: "The Chair uses the words of tho
onstitution." The Clerk then proceeded to
call the roll, and the bill was passed over the
veto yeas 40, nays 11). The Senato then ad
journed till Monday In tho House, in
Committee of the Whole, consideration was
resumed of the bill to pension soldiers of tho
Mexican and Indian wars. After
speeches by Messrs. Williams, of Ala
bama; Williams, of Oregon; Ryan,
White and Riddle, tho committco proceeded
to considor the bill by sections. During tho
speech made by Mr. Singleton, he sent to the
Clerk's desk and had read a letter from
JefForson Davis, requesting him (Singleton)
to inform friends of the bill that if the suc
cess of the bill depended on excluding him
(Davis) trom its tienent, lie nopcu tnut sucn
provision would bo inserted in it. Witn
out action the Coramittoo rose. A message
was received from the President announcing
that ho had vetoed the Silver bill. Tho mes
sago having been read, in the midst of pro
found silence, the Speaker stated tho ques
tion was. Will the Houso, on reconsideration,
pass the bill? Mr. Stephens: "On that I move
the previous question." Clapping of hands
and other demonstrations of approval among
members. J Tho pre ions question was second -ed
and tho main question ordered; tho result
being yeas I'M. nays 73. The Speaker an
nounced the vote and said: "In obedience
to the requirement of the Constitution, two
thirds have voted in the affirmative and the
bill has passed, objections of tho President
to the contrary notwithstanding." The an
nouncement was received with goncral hand
clapping and other marks of jubilation. Tho
bill and veto message were thoreupon sont to
the Senato,
The Senate was not in session on the
1st In the House, Mr. Shelley in
troduced a bill to aid the Great
Southern Railroad Company to construct
a line of railway in Georgia and Flor
ida. Referred. It provides that the
company may Issue bonds to an
amount not exceeding 1S,000,000, payable
in ftO years in gold, at the rate of 5 pur cent,
interest per annum, and authorizes the Sec
retary of the Treasury to indorse the guar
antee of the United States for payment of tho
interest on said bonds. A number of private
bills were disposed of, when the Houso ad
journed till Monday.
In the Senate, on the 4th, Vice-President
Wheeler In the chair, Senator Thurman,
from the Committee on Judiciary, reported,
with amendments, the Senate bill known as
the Pacillc Railroad sinking lund bill, and it
was placed on the calendar. Senator Cock
reli introduced a bill to authorize the de
posit of silver bullion or bars and Issue of
certificates therefor, and it was referred to
Committee on Finance. It authorizes per
sons to deposit such bullion or bars, and the
issue of certificates therefor by tho Secreta
ry of the Treasury in a sum not less than $20,
in tho same form as the certltlcates now is
sued for gold bullion; such cer
tificates to bo receivable at par
for duties on imports and all public dues.
Senator Cockrell called up the House bill to
authorize the construction of a bridge across
the Missouri Kiver, at or near Glasgow, Mo.
Passed. Senator Dorsov called up the Senate
bill authorizing the Arkansas River Transfer
Company t conatiuet a bridge across tl.e
Arkansas River. Pansed Ill the House,
many bills were introduced, anion them one
by Mr. Gibson, providing for a Commission to
supervise the navigation of the Mississippi
river. The Senate bill, granting pensions to
the officers and soldiers of lsli, and restor
ing to the pension rolls those names stricken
threfmm on account of disloyalty, but pro
viding that no Imck pay shall be allowed,
was passed yeas -til, nays 11.
Ths Final VoU th Silver Kill.
r-Mmni llion, lUllev, Beck, Bruce,
fhallee.Corkrell.Cnke.Cnnover, Davis (111.),
Davis (W. Vs.), Dennis, IKnwjr, Kuxtts, Ker
ry, Garland. Gordon, Grover. Harris, Here
ford, U ill. Howe, IniraJIs, Johnston, Jones
(FIs.). Jnn- (rr.), krllnmc, Kirkwood, Me-
rrr, McDonald, McMillan, Matbewa, Max
y, Mrrrlmon. Morgan, Paddock, Patterson.
Piuaib, Saulaburr, launders, sprncrr. Teller,
T hut-roan, Voorbeea, Wallace, Windotn and
.Van M-m. Bamum.Rayari, Blaine. Rnt
W, Conkiing. lam, talon, Hamlin, Hoar,
kVrnaa, Lamar, McPbmon, Mitrball, Morrill,
Kandoiph, Rollins, feargent, Wadlcrlgh ana
hvt I.
A it required a two-thirds rote to paa the
bill, palm, to lie Miami, wrre two droruM
4 tbc wmwiiire vita ooe opponent, and tttrr
vre aanoanoe4 a follow: op-k-sby and
atanaona, wbo would nav voted In tbe affirm
atiTe,with Antbony, wbo would hav ron-d
la tbe nrfiUTf; Cimma (Wis ), and Booth,
wbo wonid have vota-d in tbe afflnnaciT,wita
Rnnia1r. wbo would bare rot4 ia tbe a
autt;iani (Pa.) and Ansutrong, who
would liavo voted In tlio ntllnnntlve, wltli
KrimuiHla, who would hnva voted In the nop;
atlve. Mussrs. Chriatliincy aud Sharon wei'O
- ' inmate.
Vena Mugsra. Aiken, Aldrlch, Atkins, Tinker
IIIIU.1, llllllllllllt, imvuu, UfllUHIlUt, liK K-
null, lUauklnirn.lilii'ml, Blount, lluonti.llouck,
nuyu, iiiukk, lirunt, liruwer, llrltfK, iinkiii
liroKden, Urowiie, Jiuvkner. Unuily.Utirclmi il,
llurdluk. Uutlur. f'ulilwiill KS. L'aklwel
(Tunu.). Calkins. L'unillor. Can non. Ciirllxle.
t'liswoll, Cliuluiurs, Clarke (Ky.)i Olurk (Mo.),
Clurk (lowu), I'lyiner. Couli, Cole, Connor,
Cook, Uox (Ohio), Cox (N. V.), t'ruviins,
i;riut ntiuu, uuiuurson, I uiiiiiiingH, t in
li'i'. Danfuril. Davidson. Davis (X. U.).
Diiurtnsr, IMIjrell, Dlukoy, Dunni'll, biirliiiiu,
Kdnii, Khun, Kills, Krrutt, Kvnns (lull.), Kviuis
U ' L',..l... L'..l... SW..I.... 1. L'.....
Foster, Franklin. Fuller. Uurtli. Uiddiiiun,
Glover, tioocle, Unutnr, Ilnmllton, llimiiu,
Harris (Gu.) .1 1 ni'i IsO'u.) , IIurrlsoii,lliirtridKU
linmoll, llaskujl, iliitcner, Hayes. llii.liton.
ituuuurson, iioury, iiuwitt (Alii.), iii'riieri,
Hooker, Houso, llubuull, Hunter, llunton,
iiiiiupnruy, ittnor, Jonus (Am.), joiich (umoj
Kulglitly, Kellov, Kuunn, hnnpi, Knott, I. an
tiers, Liithroi), Lltfon, Luttrull, Lyndu, Muck-
.... tr...... u....i. it.. ..I...... 11 A....... u.
y, .iiuiminM, jiuiDU, muuniii, piuuunnn, ,iu-
Kcnzlo. MoKlnloy, McMnlion, Mtttcalfn, Mills,
Mituhell, Money, Monroe, Moruun, Muldiow,
Neitl. Oliver, l'ue, 1'nttiirsou (S. v.), I'alter
ho ii (Col.), 1'Utlps, I'hilllps, I'ollnrd, l'ounU,
I'ripn. Prlfliiiimi'M. kminv. It Aiiilnllill. IJna.
Iteugun, Kice (Ohio), lilddlo, Itouhins, Kou-
eris, KODertgon, nouinson iinu.j, ityan
l: . Q..n a....l..u . .... uV..i
.1 OftlllirDUU, OHIIU, OHI ml, DlVfl, C?Ulrl, OIIIU'
lonhorKer, fchelloy, Singleton, Blomons,
smalls Smith rtia V. 8nn.rk?. Snrliiiror. tftnnln
Stephens, Stone (Mich.), Stone (Iowa), Strait,
i nompson, xnornnurgu, Troomuorixjii, Tip
ton, Townsend (Ohio.), Townuend (N. Y.),
Townshend (111.), Tuoker, Turner, Turnoy,
Vance, Van Vorhes, Waddell, Walker, Walsh,
Wololv White (Ponn.). White find.). Whit-
tliome. Wlfrginton, Willinms (Wis.), Wlllianig
(Alu.) Williuius (Oregon), Willis (Ky.) Wil
lots, Wilson, Wren, Wright, Ycates and
i ouiik lm.
Kant .Messrs. Ilacon, Bnp;loy,Bnkor (N. Y.),
Ttallou, Hunks, Iteebe. Ilislieo. Jllair, Miss,
liiinifs, Cain, Camp, Campbell, Chittendon,
Clutlin, Covert, Crapo. Davis (Oal.), Denlnon,
uwiguc, tames, ticauotr, tuswortu, tieiu,
r reeiuan, r ryo, uuineiu, uioson, iiaio, liar
denberxh. Harmer. Harris (Mass.). Hart. Hen'
dee, Hewitt (N. Y.), Iliscock, HuiiRerford,
James, Jones (X. II.), Joyce, Ketchum, Lap
ham, Llndsey, J.ockwoo'd, Lorlng, McCook,
Morse, Mullor, ' Norcross, O'Neill, Overton,
Potter, Powers, Pugh.Reed, Rice (Masfl.).Uob
inson (Mass.), Itosa, Schllechor, Sinnickson,
Smith (Pa.), Starin, Stengcr, Stcwnrt, Veeder,
waru, WHinev, watson, Williams (anen.i
Williams (X. Y.), WUliams (Del.), Willis (X.
1'.) and Wood 73.
A Pora dispatch of the 26th says:
The terms of peace are not yet signed. Gen
eral Gourko, with 30,000 men, is matching
to San Stefuno. Russian officers and sol
diers are forbidden, under penalty of death,
to enter Constantinople without special per
mission from Russian headquarters. Bar
racks Just outside of Constantinople are be
ing prepared for Russian sick who can find
no other cover.
London reports of the 27th had a
more warlike aspect. Lord Napier of Hag
dala, Governor of Gibraltar, arrived and had
a long conference with tbe Duke of Cam
bridge, Commander-in-Chief of the forces.
The afternoon papers announced prominent
ly that it had been decided to employ Lord
Napier as Commander-in-Chief of any
expeditionary force that, may bo
sent out in case of war, with
Major-General TVolseley as Chief of Staff.
Tbe Standard, in its leading article, says:
" All that is really implied by the selection
of Lord Kapler of Magdala as Commander-in-Chief,
and Sir Garnet Wolseley as his
Chief of Staff, is that the terms of peace, if
unmodified, can not be sanctioned by En
gland. We have been brought face to face
with war by the arrogant and aggressive
conduct of Russia."
A Berlin dispatch reports Germany ia
preparing to send eight iron-clads to the
Mediterranean in the event of war. A Vien
na dispatch says that the Government has
asked for a credit of 00,000,000 florins. There
was considerable opposition to tho pro
posal. It was reported on the 1st that the
Porte was fully prepared to sign the treaty
of peace, with the exception of the clause
providing for the surrender to Russia of the
iron-clads. Hence the delay. A telegram
from the Turkish Minister of War orders
the Governor of the Dardanelles to prevent
any more men-of-war, whether British,
French or Austrian, from entering the Sea
of Marmora. '
Although the precise terms of the
treaty of peace will not be made public un
til after the treaty has been submitted to and
ratified by the Emperor, the following pro
visions are reported as reliable: The cash
indemnity is reduced to $GO,000,000,
and Russia abandons her claims to the Egyp
tian and Bulgarian tributes. The cession of
the Turkish fleet is also relinquished. Kara
and Batoum are both ceded to Rus
sia, together with Ardalian and the
entire district of Bayazld. Tho ques
tion of the straits is reserved for
further consideration. The question of
navigation remains in statu quo. A zone
will bo left between Montenegro and Servia,
so as to enable the l'orte to maintain com
munication with Bosnia and Herzegovina.
It is confirmed that Bulgaria will include
Bourgas, Varna and Kustendge, but not
Salonica or Adriannple. Russia is to have
power to cede the Dobrudsha to Roumania
in exchange for Roumanian Bessarabia.
The trunk of a tree 800 feet high or
a section of it from Mississippi, is to
be among the wonders of the Paris Ex
hibition. Last year1! geological surrey
in Southern Utah revealed tbe fact that
the areas occupied by standing timber
are much smaller than those which are
capable of supporting such growth. The
destruction by fire greatly exceeds that
of the woodman's ax, and it seems de
sirable that some methods for prevent
ing forest fires should be devised, and,
as a measure of public economy, adopt
ed in Utah, and perhaps in other Terri
tories. Chickex Salad. 2 large boiled
chickens. 4 beads of celery, 6 hard-boil
ed eggs mashed with i pint salad-oil, 1
pint of vinegar, 1 gill mustard (mixed;,
1 tca'poon cayenne pepper, 1 teaspoon
salt, 2 raw eggs beaten, I cup cream.
Bone and chop the chickens, tben add
the celery and other ingredient.
Cookies. 2 eggs, 14 cups of sugar,
I cup of butter, 2-tablespoonfuls of sour
milk, i teaspoonful of soda, flour to
mix soft j bake in a quick ovou.
L.ADY-FIKOKRS. X6IKS 01 6 eggs,
beaton light, with 1 cup white sugar,
teaspoon baking-powder; mix flour, rpll
thin, cut in strips size of a finger; flavor
to taste.
Ginger Cookies. 3 citps molasses,
4 cup lard, 4 cup sugar, 1 tablespoon
ginger, 1 teaspoon soda dissolved in a
little hot water, flour to mix. Roll thin
and bako quickly.
GlNQER SNAPS. 1 CUpof Sugar, 1 Clip
Ot molasses, 1 cup of shortening, 1 tiv-
l1 1 ," 4 L - 1 ' . 1
uiuspuoniui oi ginger, i luuicspoomui
of vinegar, 1 tablespoonful of soda";
knead very stiff, roll thih, and bake
quickly. . ... :
Variety Cake. 1 cup of butter, ,S
clips of sugar, 1 cup of sweet milk, 4
clips of flour, 6 eggs, 2 teaspoons of
baking-powder,! teaspoon of ammonia,
1 teaspoonful each of cinnamon,' all
spice, and cloves; bake in tin-puns' j put
frosting between. ,
a .
Biscuits. 1 quart of sifted flour, 2
teaspoonfuls of Royal bnkmg-powder, 1
tablespoonful of lard, 1 small teaspoon'
f ul of salt ; mix the powder dry with
the flour ; add the other ingredients, and
then sweet milk or water (milk is best)
enough to make a soft dough as soft as
you can manage it. lie expeditious :
knead as little as possible ; roll thin and
bake, in a hot oven. ,,
England, as a Military Power:.
Major-General Sir Garnet Wols'eley
contributes to the Century a significant
article, entitled "England as a Military
Power." The following are his conclu
sions: ;
" At no former period has England
been so strong in a military sense.
Were war to be doclared 400,000 drilled
men would fall into line, supported by
372 field guns, manned and horsed by
royal artillery. That number would be
roughly made up as follows : Standing
army at home, 99,000 men; army and
militia reserve, 40,000 ; militia, 85,000 ;
volunteers, 180,000, and second-class
army reserve, 10,000; total, 414,000. In
this calculation I have put the figures
very low, and have left out altogether
the 10,000 yeomanry, who wonid be lia
ble for home service. I have not taken
into consideration the number of regu
lar troops that would be available for
war when the Mediterranean garrisons
were relieved by the militia. Thus it
will be seen that we could at once take
the field with two full armies of more
than 80,000 soldiers each, leaving a
similar force of the regular force at
home for reserve. When I compare the
military strength of England now with
what it was in 1854 I am as amazed at
the condition of the military weakness
and helplessness in which we were when
we began the Russian war of that year,
as I am at the ignorance of those who
are now croaking over our supposed
want of strength and alleged consequent
inability to fight."
Palatable. Powerful. Antlpcrlodlc
and Tonic All the necessaries of a great
popular remedy are combined in ClitTord's
eoruuge. as a tonic, in ueiniiiaieu siui.es
of system, this remedy standspre-cminently
at the head. Yet it is more than is usually
understood by that term, for no other pre
paration known exercises an eradicating
power over intermittent uiscases, aiancoiu
narable with it. As it is probable that, in
the intervals of the paroxysms of these dis
eases a train of morbid actions is going out
of our sight, so it is equtlly probable that
this remedy produces in the same system an
action equally mysterious, which supersedes
that of the malady and thus occomplisbes
tbe restoration of the patient.
Forsale by all Druggists. St. Louis.
No Time to be Lost. In tho incipient
staees of Consumption, the first symptoms are
generally a backing cou;h, pains in the chest,
difficulty of breathli.g, 'or oppression of the
lungs. Something should be done at once to
check the congh, allav and heal the irritated
parts. Allen's Lure Balsam will break up the
cough in an incredibly short time, also prevent
the formation of tubercles. Where turbcrclca
are once foraicd. the disease Is hard to cure.
For sole by all Medicine Dealers.
False Economy.
Is it true economy to use cheap, adulterated
baking powder, which is highly injurious to
health, merely becsuce It is cheap) Common
sense and extierlcnce say nol Dholf.t's Yeast
Powder, which lias been well known for
twenty years as su alisolutrlv pure, whole
some, and, in every respect, reliable article, is
within the reach of ail those w bo practice true
economy in this tw:iect.
flotlirns Tlotlirra, .tloihera.
Don't fail Ui pnir'trs Mas. WlMMXiw't HkjtH
rxo Brnrr fur all diaeaans of lerthinj in chil
dren. It reliexea the child from pain, cures wind
colic, refrauitcs the bowel, aid, hy giving rlief
and health to the child, nm rest tu the
RbrsmalUm Qnlrkly Cured.
'Dura !((' Khramiair lt-mlv, the great a
temai will puMtirrly cure any caae of
rheumatism in the faoa c.f the earth. Price tl a
bolt'. fMi hj all limcaiaU. Head for cirrwlar
to Helphrnati'ne A B-ntiey, Waahingtoa, D. C
Pa, Piesce's OoLnEX MimrsL Disoovkbt
will cure a enoc b in ooe-baif the time nerew
aarr to core It with any other medicine; and
ft d It. w trr drvlng It op, bat t'T rcmor
fng the nase, sabduioat the Irrltatkaa and
healing the aflectcd partaw fold by irugglf.
Pimrrut irtrardinr Elertrle Belts free.
Address Pulrcrmacber Owlrsutc Cot, CinciaO.
THt Gmat Bioon PumntS
Boston IIomk, 14 Tilxii dtkir, )
, UosruM, Aiiril, 1876. (
B. R. Snmms i
xvr Sir Wa fwl that Ui fMMrm In our Horns hsra
bwii KTvutlr bfiii'lUed biUieVKOKi'tNH you liaye so
kindly slvi'ii u from Unic ti tlitttv wpoclally those truu
bind with the Scrofula With rwrnxt.
Mas, N. WoiiMELL, Matron.
VKtlne Ia Sold bjr All DrafClata.
tfjspeptfci bilious mflsf
l art, victims if ftver mt
'icna, a manorial dis
eased vatlsatt bow they
reoorered health, ebeer
rnl spirits and gwxl app
k tits the will ttU faabT
Tk Cheapest, Pnrea and Best Family
Medicine In the world I
rorTiTsriTSil, COCTTOATioit. Jsunrtle TCHous A
xa sine llKAiurRK. Colic. IVuroMlun of blllntt,
oub BTOkura, liesnourn, ., e i
This unrlvallnl Southern Remedy Is wimintM not to
aantain a muffin naitirle of MxacuaT.oraui Injurious
auaerai suuaiaiico, diu is , ('',.
Mintaltilnff tttna finnlharn llmta and tffltXL which
all-wlae I'rovlcleniK linn plwrd In comitrlin whras liver
Diseases most prevail. 11 will cure all llaHaf
cnuoi il by loranci'iii'lt of tbe Uver and
Bow r la. , i
The symptoms of l iver Complaint are a hlttw or bad
in in i up mon in l i'in in iiih juica. s um ur joiuia.
often inlsuiki'ti for il'ennBtl-in ; Mnur MoiiikcIi
Lou or Apix tltsi Untti'l slIiTiintrly owllw and lax :
lleadacne : Ia of Mi mory, with a painful sohsattnn of
havliur fatfrd to do nii!tlilnK wliti h ought to have been
done; Wcbilltr. Low "iili-ll,oll.lch.yrllowp.
pearanre or ine sum ana rocs, a ury iwuiu, oiteu uua
uuieu i or uousuuijtuuu. -
Sometimes many ot tluw svinDtnms attend the dlnase.
at nt ham venr fi'W ! lint tin- LlVKit. the lamest Orsran In
the uoly, la generally tint wilt ot tlie iliaeas and It not
Iteirukited In time, meat sulttilliL', wiuul e.lnias aud
VUTH wiu ensue.
' I can racomir.erd as sneffcncloua remedy for disease
of the Liver, Heal llmrn and Iiyma'i ta. Simmons' Liver
Begulator. Uwts Q. Wlkder, ln-'S MasrxK Stuext,
Assistant Tostmasteh, riiM-AinxriiiA.
"We have tested Its vlrtuot, personally, and know that
for livxr.ei aia. MUhumh km 111 d '1 hrobblliir If eailaehe it
la the iieat iiioiltrliie Hie win-Id ever aaw. We have tried
forty other remedies before Simmons Liver Regulator,
but noli" of them suve 11.1 morn than temporary relief
but the Itemiiator not only mlieved, but cured us." KSk
BANl'rACTUilKD 0!tLY BT ' ,, ,
J. H. ZE1LIN & CO.,
rrU $1.00. Sold by all DruftcUtta,
WAKIIAWTKU a nerfert curt In all at wont
form of 1'ir.Ks. sciiopula, Salt Rmkum, ana all du
mm of the skin and Bi.ikiii. Kntivtlu VeaetabU. Jfotk
y returned in oil vtua of failure.
ii. ii. run i.e. oc aiHmn'ui unu jkismfu.
Bold everywhere, tl a bottle. Send fur l'ainplileta.
Cures Kidnev , Blad
der and Urinary Diseases,
Diabetes, ( ravel, Dropsy
and Retention and Inouii
tinonce of llrlue.
IV run's Pain In Uie
Rack, Side, Loins, Ncrv
oiih Prostration and
RrlKht's Disease. UUNT'M KEMKIIY cures all
Diseases of the Kidneys, Rliidilur and Urinary Organ.
Send for Pamphlet to
WM. E. CLARKE, Provldonce, R. L
Of Hine Tears' Standing1,
Cured by the Syrup.
I have been, for the last nine years,
a treat sufferer from bronchitis and
Asthma, at times so ill that for weeks
I could neither He down or tako any
nourishment of cnnsemience. and
during- the tfme miirered Intrnsely. 1 liidlim no relief
from all the medicines I had taken, I concluded to try
your Compound Syrup of Hypophiwphltea. I have, In
all. taken twelve bottles, and now I feel as stroiiK and
well as ever I felt in my life, and for the last year have
not had one moment's sickness, and neither does damp
ness or draught have the least effect upon me.
Compound Syrup of Hypophosphites
Is prescribed by the first physicians In every city and
town where It has been Introduced, and it is a thorough
ly orthodox preparation.
Thm Peopte'm iioutetiy. for internal
mntl External I'me.
PII. bllml and bicpilinc; Inllnnimiif lonn and
tlrertiiii: iimorriiiiu: ir un anyorvno
Norn, (iiim., l.tinw. Jot'h, KMns, Wuinl. eto.f
CoiiffftinnH, KiiliiriecniMitiH,
KTKA("r I VAl.tAltrR
foe l3 H-mry anil IUm-uimaiImiii : 1 nils m ma-
(inn in W4yrm iiiki rj finis : iiiniiititii"ii
Oviirlnit; Vaui)i:U l.t urorrlivu) 'nrlco
ViJtt tor .iipltmv
TO KA KM Kit Itul'H Kvfrnrt. KO H'ork
Jmtjfinr. no J.lvcry Mnri pan niinri vo wiuinin ii.
II In iihiI Itjr nil thf iV.nHn'j LI very ritnhlft, MivH
I;a lnivls a.nl iIitsI lfinwiiiiii ji Nfw Y-n-k tVj. II
ha if. imiimI for SiimliH, HartiMs or HuMUi Chaf
IlllfH. Siifill"H-l. STi.VlKH. Swlllii, Cuts iJU'Cni
ti: n Hl. p.llii:'. iMi iintonlii. Cullc. ih il, hillt,
I'oiN. He. It nniin nf ifLm. Iiml le, an 1 the r
liff It alt'imlri lit o nrintit fliat It I ltraltnb! In
fvcry Kann-yar l aiKiM ai In rvurf r'anii-nou.
Tir It lr tiUvl and vou Txiil iKTfr tn witli-it IL
CAl TM ! I'nr W,trnct U m ltnliaf.L
unnin ftrtwi iim tim wont I'onit
trni-l hl"n liiiurh I'ltl. His fnpi.iJ J um
nn It roii( IIvImv who e'ir rH-w h--w ta
prranaU pnpTly. Htfu-t all ulir pniratl'int
of Ultrh llai l. T In tlw only artirU-iw-U li
'tiM iana. and In Uie Itoaplu of Il.u0.unu7 ana
UIH I OKV unil rMf Fo Fxlracl, tS
panip.uei lorrn, mui 11 ) 00 aw icaiion iw
Laos, ftw .UL
Hershey School of Kusical Art,
At llrcaliryr nwain sia-a. i mh-hi-alltanrheanr
l.la-"liliN laiiffhL L'namial Iar1l:il'-s offered. Oio-
eertA. :la- s In Hno. "j. msih i ikl it. luilin, J
caoljo. dc, n aU Vl- S jk! lor CUoilar.
Ckrm Iw KiTSD rant Don't spill, spoil pen
I m.i anMa. Wrlla ajnarteaa laauk KuaUawW M. I.
Aft Mixed Cards, gnnwtUke. Damask, Ac, bo
ay Vi ansa, wtta aaiiMVluc. J.Miuuar st.s
J1nfS Nir4. mitti nam. In eaaa. IV.
lU sue Ar-att'eaUM- 1"C beanaTurarr.lt
r saw, in atywa antaj
Car Cw.Nasaaa,!L I.
a. Hit. Vow lo if air H. SvmtOumt Sem
Jmr 4SMS. t (. rOA VK at CO. SL tern-. Met.
WFaahkmahls Cards, bo alike, wlUaasatk
IDs, aaataaaa. tltt t BJXO AOU. Wiawa.aVt
Tf Mixed Card,with name.pnatpaid.10e. .
JJ Xxii '-rUn I'r.. u auwMk-U.UIraaaa.lll. 1
f)r Wares Sommer and Winter. Swmples freo.
Dill arliMlCawiawOSb.SuBW. Miawia st,OltSaas.
IkaitWI, ts41saaa
7-abot rernreer. srlta
am faiivim assi ai
a-TTAM SJM.!Sirf.l0
geaat a. r aAi-fl. .aia
aa.lL I.
,:ta sv44, !
Samples of Cholro Perd fur .1 cent
a llur to AarcntB.
WaU lies (1.1 to
w UHI ltrad Nna.
T. Kevolveraii.ln. over MSI latest Nov
alUea. SUUXI1K1U bH'fLl CU. Nashville. Pnia,
nil linC BetaUprlcV0onlym far-
A Mosilli Af'itta Wmilefl
HA bMat-aelllliff artfcletl 111 Uie a urld : I mdinhla
'Ass. Addms JI Uanssu' . IVlroit, Ulcsk
t tScroll-oiii'tv mimI llrlll. Turn- mr
Ins ami llrin ijit'A SHnds'onn. vise and An- ?
vlt AudroM W.X.Siovoiia, 1. llniokilelil.Uaaa a-a
a WATCH aad CHAIN osiv $2
ri..tt Lm il. VirIJ I Smut
WaTi.'II and CHAIN rRUKta-
aaaka & M. UN1NUTON. Jaciao St. Chkwgs.
Jll 696t('aJra,ir'tnnrnTA(rentsse'lllns;
ZILSJL ia diimaio.. Oianns. rklnr. Chrvrna raft,
ta taail'., wwib BS.miii ixmiimT.1 f,ir NSn, II i,.i..lt'
CasiaisM rraa. 4. a SUrruuUa SUNS, a aim. Haaa,
WAIITFli nt: Bute for th
if Hn I CM a Ucleollve Hervlce, and for
poftcrlma Paylluoral. Incloao itanipand aiMrrwa Amer
laaa and European teens Harriet Co.. iicluiiati. Otda, .
Wioliiwle and retail. Send for pries.
INt. (IimkI.i Kent 1'. O. II.. anvwham.
oleAs"iitfiir Uie "Mui timihm."
w is made tu older anil warranted. .
VI WMt auua su
114 It IT
Cl'RKU by Pit flKCRU muj
known and sura netnedy. wo
t'llAHfiB for Diiatment audi
aauad. Call on or addnaa UK. J. C. Hatt'K.
11 Jehu titr t. ClwetwaiaU. Ohle.
1 I'aaj byDr,Rosi'lipllpifRMdlM. TsULPaoaaaa
' BcsTraaa. Oarri tpMdr. atwolnu and ptnaaataa,
Addraia BOSS BROS, Na. ill Mala 81. UicHMOso. las.
COLOR la racBMSnad by lh
Mftriciiltiiral ore... ti.J ux.l (y
ilmtnaMliArihahMl dalivim'u.
It you wUh to know what U U,
whkt ilMMtf,who uim Itwhf rf tt
f-flt. wnt to Well. Hlehinin'T,
Co-tfroprUiott, Butllnnttm. VI
Iptht'lrown liH'nlltlca. raiiT(vMnir fiu Uie Flral1 '
Vlwltor. (wil;ii-UivH Winiy and A1on.hly. sLnrflrat
avrir In I In World, with .M-mmoth Clironwa
Pttw. Itlit-i'oniijilloMf, (i A in' nt . nun anil OiUU
Wve, Adiliran P. it. V 14 K : V. AhsiuUi. Um
INUTITUTE-OUtu,Nioil Ur.4ltiHU.
Clnclnaatli tttiibrl Tor theenrf of Caniiy
Tumom, IJlccrH, Hi-rofuln, Hklo 1iu...
t'nuoercurtd wlibont tbe um of ih knife ur outlot,
rrlnformftt1nii,'tii'liiictwoiumit fortawilcnnuli
ItiR ihuor of IreHmuiit, icitlmuailAl from tniinu
rjiiri'tl. Mini llrsl-clM rllr rfi?rln,'', W. AiMrcM
la. It. iirutlctiy, M. II.. l'.tf, CluclLmU.O
Bones. Hoofs, Cracklings
Highest Cash Prices Paid.
ChUaao, Mil., mr Katent. Llm, Jll.
Or, BAVUM4V SOX. Philadelphia, em.
N. B.-aIm fur Meat Hone Ml I la. address as above,
Every Day!
Using the Tikkiw
Wkli. IUiuino and
E JUH.K V.itl. I.l.n t.l.w-
CHTNB, The labor is all done by horse. No l'utent
Bight swindle. You get your money's wurth la
macninery aim tnoin. i irrmiir. in-r.
Address, LOOMIM at NV4Si, Timn. Olilo.
Haw Uook ltrady for Agents, hj
Samaniha at the Centennial.
SHndforolrrularatuAilEKH'AN l UllUblilMO (XX.
Button!, CLi Toledo, Ui i ld a ;o, 111.
w amum
To One iiikI All. Are you suffering
hm amuirh f-iiiH HNtlima. hronebttia or any of the va.
rlous piilinuiiaiy troubli, that so often terminate In om.
sumplldii i If wi, uiw " wtlbor't ur Vol Liter Oil and
Lime," a aafe and eltleadous remedy. This la no quack
fireparatl but ia resularly prescribed by the medical
acuity. Mniiiifacf ured only by A. 11. WlLBoa, Ctienil
JJoslon. Sold by all drugsists.
Cough, Cold, or Sore Throat,'.
Jtoqnlres Immediate attention, as tMgtecA.
oftentimes resnlU In some Insurable Long
are a simple remedn and will Blmosi lay.
Tarlably r1t ImmedlaU relief.
ba medicines.
Ready lor Bervice. Open lor Urcaa.
irtrretnterl vVrenarr 4-mpmrlfir. Eel
J'Birer. i hreiftrr M'rtrr thm
Amu Msrr MM.
l-ararrrria. H.U, Man f4th. Is;
S feembela arr hanar only 4 Iht f-Tj-
hich atiu. r HisiioT
nanm. tr u. Marra a. ljii.
falsIT ka.li.la arr karai a nrh mill aa
OM BtiUfT" laika, t H Hi WT.
WM Miner teiaa. Miller r T. ! A
ftrvOaara El rr . ran-v . I " 14. I"" .
Voeir ta lark mill - lapafa Mr d-rae
rR Trrui tr. . ;7.
fae " laek mill- !. Bawlr I all asV
aatieaV War Scaraaaa 24 aaat f t Immrvrf.
H t M1 imox
DivtiuiK ElT.rntra.ia ?V IS31.
VSairrai atae afawal rr fcair aa
11 Bm a una Maarea In yeara, vt aatiarttar.
emu a.a. f
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