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In the Senate, on the 18th, a concurrent
Kiolutlon to extend the session until
Wednesday evonlng was adopted. The Bun
Inr Civil Approprlntion bill occupied nearly
entire sosalou, und wits tltially disposed
i hv tlic Senate, but the House refused to
ri,7,',,r in snuie of the Somite amonUuient
nil a Conference Coiinntttoe wan appointed,
toe resolution of the House of Ueprexonta
JJL in retorouco to tlio attendance of Sena
Vnr Matthews as a witness before the
amine Committee was referred to the
Siiiimltteo on 1'rlvlloKos and Kindlons.
Srhe House bill for the relief of settlors on
i,.hlio lands passed. It extends the provls
Inns of the act ol March 8, 1877. so as to allow
ttlel'i WUO lliyl thClr crops injurod by
Choppers to loftfe thoIrpom.:ciias W ,
KrllV tor the purpose. Ql Obtui.Tiltf slls
fenance. The Uouse concurred In the Senato
concurrent resolution decliirinu; that the
treaty with Oklna, nllouhiK unrestricted
immigration to this oountry, sliould be mod
iried and callinB the uttontion of the
President to the subject. After con
nirrinK in tho 6onate amendments to
various bills, the Senuto substitute for tho
hUl repealing the Uosiiraptluu act wusrond,
nd Mr. Fort moved to concur in tho Sounto
intendments. Mr. Ewini? said: "I object to
tlio present consideration of the Treasury
lienartinent substitute for the bill." I Cries
if" Order." The Senate amendments were
finally non-conenrrod In for want of tho
necessary two-thirds majority 140 to 1(K
to that tho bill fulls. The amendments were
to make greenbacks receivable for 4-Tier-cunt
bonds and for customs du
ties The voto was taken after much up
roar and excitement, nud was a mixed ono,
both as to politics and localities. Mr. liutler
submitted his views on tho Kliumel resolu
tion. Ordered printed. Mr. Stonier moved
to suspend the rules and puss the Senuto bill
IimviultiK for the muuner In which Jumes
I Kuds shall be paid for opening tho chan
nel at the South Vass of tho Mississippi Uiv
er Agreed to without tho yeas and nays.
Mr Townsend (111.) moved to suspend tlio
rules and pass tho bill to repeal that section
of tho Resumption act which authorizes the
Halo of United States bonds for the pur
noses of resumption, and to provldo that
f nlted States notes shall bo recelvahlo for
duties on imports. Kejectod-yoas 114, nays
,i'i,inh tho necessary two-thirds in tho
affirmative Mr. Pound moved to suspend
the rules and pass tho Senato bill extending
- ... .1... ll.n.. . nft.., A lllfl XT.I,-
IOr 1U erS fcllU HI UWI1I1I1DTO Vl.UA.UIV.I-
ern Paelllo ltailrond. Defeated yens SO,
.rai. Tlio Senate resolution extending
tlio tiino for adjournment until Wednesday, 0
p. m., was concurrou in.
In the Senate, on the Will, after the ap
pointment of several committees of confer
ence on tlio Sundry Civil bill, tho amendments
were finally agreed upon and the bill passod.
Th. President mo torn, announced as a com
mittee on the part of tho Senuto to consldor
the subject of tho reorganisation of tho Army :
Messrs. Iturnside, I'lumb und ltutlor. The
House bill relating to claim agents and attor
neys in pension cases, passed. It makes it
unluwlul tor any iiiunney, iieiwiuii iiom ur
other persons to demand or receive for
rlnta anv irv.tnr.er Hllll) tllflll SIS. Ulld
provides that no fee contract shull
IiBieutter be filed with the Commis
sloncr of Pensions in any case. The
select committee appointed to make inquiry
concerning the ulleged connection of Senutor
Muttnews witu mailers rviuuvu w liiu iaw
Presidential election in Louisiana whs au
thorized to sit during recess. Mr. Saunders
pulled un the Senate bill to establish tho Ter
ritory of Lincoln and to provide a temporary
government therefor, which was discussed at
some lengiu una lurtiiuruoiiBmoniiuui uns
poiled until December next. Tho usual reso
lutions of thanks were voted to ollicers of the
Senate. The hour of adjournment was twice
extended, tho last time to 7 a. m., at which
hour tho Senato finally adjourned
In tho House, Mr. Ewing moved to suspend
tho rules and puss the bill to retire national
bank notes, and substitute Treasury notes
for them. lSejeeted yeas 109, nuys 1U. The
result wus greeted with applaiiso on the Re
publican side. Mr. Southard moved to sus
pend the rules and pnss the following bill:
Thut on and after tho 1st of October, 18,8, le
gal tender notes of the United States shall be
received at pur in payment of customs du
ties. Agreed to and the bill passed yens
153, nays 53. Mr. Haskell moved to suspend
the rules and pass a bill providing
that all ponsions, on account of
death, wounds received or disease
contracted in the service of the United States
during the late war, shall commence from
the date of death or discharge, and for tho
payment of arrears of pension on that prin
ciple; and also providing that no claim agent
shall be entitled to any compensation for
making application for arrears of pension.
Agreed to yeas 161, nays 62. Mr. Clark
(Mo.) moved to suspend the rules and pass
the Senato bill to create an Auditor of Kail
road Accounts. Agreed to yeas 187, nays 13.
Mr. Conger moved to suspend tho rules a nd
pass Joint resolution proposing constitution
al amendment forever prohibiting the pay
ment of any claim for property takon, used,
Injured or destroyed by tho United States
troops during tho war of the rebellion unless
the owner was loyal to the Government, nnd
gave neither aid nor encouragement to tho
enemy. Agreed to yeas 144, nays 61. Mr. Crit
tenden moved to suspend the rules and pass
the bill known as the "pro rate" bill
to establish a Board of Pacific Bailroad Com
missioners, ltejocted veas IB, nays lot, not
the requisite two-thirds in tho affirmative.
Mr. Cox of New York moved to suspend tho
rules und pass a bill to fix the pay of letter
carriers. Agreed to yeas 1411, nays W. Tho
result was hulled with appluuse. Tho bill
provides that in all cities containing a popu
lation of 75,000 or over there shall be two
classes of letter-carriers, tho tlrst class to
have a salary of $1,000 and the second class a
salary of fstib; that in cities of less than 75,
W0 there shall be but one class of letter-carriers,
whose sulury shall be $)v0; that a third
cluss may bo established on application of
the Postmaster, to be called auxiliary letter
carriers, and to receive $100 a year, and that
tho letter-carrier system may be estab
lished in cities of 20,000 inhabitants.
The Speaker announced the appointment of
the following committees: On Reorganiza
tion of the Army Messrs. Ilnnnlng, Dibbrell,
Itragg, Strait, and White (Penn.). On Trans
fer of the Indian Bureau to the War Depart
mentMessrs. Scales, ltoonn, Hooker, Van
Voorhees and Stewart. On the Labor Ques
tion Messrs. Hewitt (New York), Ittddell,
IHckey, Tucker, Thompson, Itico and Boyd.
The Post-route bill passed. The Speaker an
nounced the death of Representative Qulnn,
of Sew York, and appointed a committee to
attend bis funeral. The Conference Commit
tee's report on the Sundry Civil kill having
been passed, and other minor matters dis
posed of, at 7 a. m. the House adjourned sine
Prior to the adjournment of the Senate,
Senator Ilruco, by request, introduced a bill
o establish a National Academy of Educa
tion, giving preference to the genius and tal
ent of the bind and to the orphans of the
"Public. Referred. It provides that the
'TP-blent and Viet;-President of the
Inited States, Chief Justice, Speaker
and. Chaplain of the House of Represent
stives, Secretary of the Smithsonian Institu
tion and C'oinmiVsinner ol Education snail be
a body corporate, to be known asthe Nation
al AcaiU-ny of Kducation. They are to es
abli.ii academies in the soveral States, and
J tress to appropriate annually one-thirtf
he amount mw-Hn- fortheiraupport pro
jwing the Mate LegUlaturr and peoplw of
Joe Mate, contribute the other two-thirds. It
"rt her provides that there shall beestablish
in ti, Di.trii-t of Columbia an aradrmy
P"i a ba-i. of equality with anv university
's the world, which shall be tlie model for
Mat ardemi In the II i-e,
th rn,i''n olf.-re, a resolution declaring
. in tin- invotig.itinn ol the charge pre-JT-d
c,inst lne .lt iMwirkccper of the
'".. J. U. pniij, nothing ha been hown
aseeting hi personal Integrity or reflecting
?"" honorable, man. and allowing
'wo months' extra pav. Agreed to.
KimvrM cor.imrr an4 hence It is that
J rnitle th tosiUre Influence of Dr. Bull's
fj Svrop oTcrcooats soquicUy the disor-
of EiVhool
The Sundry CItII Appropriation BUI.
Washington, June 20. The Sundry
Civil Appropriation bill as passod contains
the Senate provision for the payment of the
fisheries award of the Halifax Commission.
The Senate amendment providing for ante
bellum Southern claims is stricken out. The
items for continuing the work upon public
buildings at Boston, Philadelphia, Cincin
nati, Chicago, and St. Louis, which were made
$300,000 each by the House of Representatives,
but increased one -third by the Senate, are
compromised by the Conference Committee
at $150,000 each. The Semite amendment of
$327 ,MJ0 to construct a building in Washington
for the Printing and Kugrnvlng Bureau is re
tained, but the Senate provision tor the pur
chase of the Freedtnau's Bunk building Is
SttfokcH out.
The Senate Item ol $400,000 for commencing
the north wlll5 of the new State, War, and
Navy Department is agreed to, utter reducing
it to $350,OOJ, nnd the amount for continuing
the work on each wing is compromised ut
The other Items for puliHo buildings nre, as
finally fixed in the bill, as follows: Kvans
vllle, Ind., $,000j Urnud Rapids, Mich., $-17,-000;
Lincoln, Neb., $12,600; Topeka, Kas., $10,
000; Memphis, $25,000; Little Rock, $30,000;
Helena, Mont., $10,000; Nashville, $35,000;
Parkersburg, W. Va., $0,000; San Francisco,
TbeSonnte provisions for continuing tho
Hot Springs Commission nre retained after
being umended in sundry matters of detail.
By a clerical error In engrossing the bill,
this section Is rendered entirely nugatory.
Tho Senate amendment authorizing the
President to detail an engineer olllcer for
service us Commissioner of the District of
Columbia, without regard to rank, Is stricken
out, so the requirement of the recently-on-actud
law requiring apermnnontformof gov
ernment for the District that such oflloer shall
not be below tho rank of Cuptuin remains in
force. This excludes Lieut. Hoxlo, present
District Engineer.
All tho Senate amendments providing for
an increased number of lite-saving stations
nnd for the salaries of superintending ollicers
created under the Cox bill are retained.
The Senato amendment is retained which
appropriates $40,000 for a light house on Un
due Point, Lake Michigan.
The Senate clause authorizing commercial
rates to be paid for tho Government adver
tising since April 10, 1877, and hereafter, is re
tained. Tho Senate item of $12,000 for tho purchase
of Washington relics is stricken out.
The Conierence Committee agreed to tho
amendment appropriating $I0,W0 for erect
ing tlio Americun building nt tho Paris Ex
position. The Senate item of $50,000 for a military
telegraph line from Bismarck, link., to Fort
Kills, Mont., is retained.
The Senate appropriation of $2'0,000 to in
demnify States for enrolling and equipping
troops during the late War is stricken out.
Tho Conference Committee agreed to the
Senate provision for the payment of Capt.
Kuds for tho Improvement of the South Puss
of the Mississippi.
The Senate provisions for the construction
of a free bridge across the Mississippi River
near Fort Snelling, Minn., are retained.
The Senate appropriation of $75,000 for the
completion of the development of the water
power at Hock Island Arsenal Is retained.
The Conference Committee agreed to tho
Sonnto amendment providing for the report
by tho Secretary of the Interior us to the
value of lunds adjoining the Capitol grounds,
with a view to selecting the site for the pro
posed new Congressional Library building.
Tho clause authorizing the Secretary of the
Interior to appoint a commission of three
persons to visit the Rod Cloud and Spotted
Tail Indians to confer with them about their
permanent location und to provide for their
removal is'retained.
The Senate item appropriating $220,000 to
pay tbeirrenrs of the interest on the Chick
asaw Indian Trust-fund bond is agreed to.
The Senate amendments providing for an
invostlpation of the discuses Oi swine and to
complete tho work of the United States En
tomologicu Commission are both retained,
but reduced in amount to $10, 40 each.
The item of $83,333 to pav tho balance duo
the Pacifio Mail Steamship Company forserv
ice in 1800, under tho China muil contract, is
strioken out.
The deficiency Horn for the compensation
of Postmasters is reduced from $ '50,000 to
$75,01)0, and that for deficiencies in the postal
revenues is reduced from $5k000 to $250,000.
The Sonnte provision for $250,000 for de
ficiencies in the expense of United States
Courts is reduced to $150,000.
noOTtNU T.nas A teasnoonful of
vinegar put in the water will keep tho
eggs from breaking wnen oeing poacn
ed. Waffles. Take 2 eggs, 1 quart of
flour, 1 tablespoonful of butter, 1 pint
of sweet milk, 2 teaspoons yeast-pow-dcr,
a little salt ; mix very lightly ; bake
in waffle irons. Muffins can be made
as above, only a little thicker, and add
a spoonful of sugar, and bake in the
oven in rincs.
. 0
Ciiildrf.n's Pudding. 1 pound fine
ly chopped suet, 4 pound, bread crumos,
i pound of brown sugar, anJ a small
quantity of any fruit sirup or dissolved
jelly. Mix the dry ingredients, add the
simp, and a little milk if not sufficiently
moist. Put the mixture into buttered
cups and bake for half an hour, turn
them out, and serve with sauce flavored
with fruit sirup or with dissolved fruit
Duchesses. Take half a dozen po
tatoes, boil them, pass them through a
sieve and work into them in. a bowl 1
gill of cream and. yelks of 3 eggs; add
pepper, salt, and nutmeg to taste, and
some parsley chopoed fine. Whea they
are well mixed and smooth, take them
up by tablespoonfuls, roll each in a ball,
flatten it, and flour it slightly. Lay
them all in a satite pan with plenty of
butter melted, and cook them slowly.
Turn them over when one side is done,
and serve hot as soon as both sides are
Yeast. Peel 3 potatoes, boil till quite
,nw inh with m fork, add i pound
brown sugar, 3 dessertspoonfuls of flour,
ateaspoonful of salt; mix the whole
with cold water to the consistence of bat
ter ; next put 2 quarts of water in a sauce
pan with 2 good handful of hops,
boil for 30 minutes, then add the above
mixture, heat agiin to boiling, take it
off and strain into a stone bottle. Let it
cool till mi'.k-warm, then add i pint of a
previous make. In default of this M
1 pint of brewer's yea-t, or a little Ger
man yeast mixed with warm water. Al
low tbe stone bottle, with content., to
stand looely corked in a warm place
near the fire till tbe following morning;
then crk tight, and put away in cool
place. The yest will keep for a month.
' Driving Through a Stump.
It is well known, or ought to bo, that
the Yosemi'o tourist, who goes via So
nora, passes directly through tho Tu
olumne Grove of Big Trees, as flue as
any in the State. In this grove are two
stumps larger than any others on the
coast, w. C. Priest, one of the lose-
mite Commissioners, bos lot a contract
to bore a holo through one of these
stumps for the stages tq pass through.
This stump is 33 feet in diameter, and
the hole Mil be cut' through it, 12 foot
wide by 10 feet high, and will bo com
pleted on tho 10th of this month. . This
fine grove has hithorto boon neglected,
but will now bo put in order for the in
spection of tourists. Trails will be cut
through it and tho underbrush cicarod
away, so that it can bo thoroughly ap
preciated in all its stately magnificence.
Sonora (C'ai.) Independent. i
Stutterers aro compelled to take
life easily, whether they will or no.
Two men thus afflicted were at work at
a forge. The iron was red-hot and
placed on tho anvil, when tho first one
said: " John, s-s-striko it hard." Tho
other answered: ' Jim, wh-wh-where
shall I hi-hit? "No m-m-matter now,
its got co-co-cold," was tho reply, and
the bar was put into the forgo again.
Safc.Permnnentund Complete are the
cures of Intermittent diseases perfomcd by
Clikfokd's Feuiupugk. Dumb Chills,
Fever nud Ague, and all bIHous disorders
are speedily eradicated from tho system.
Health nnd vigor are obtainod more rapidly
und more permanently by tho use of this
great natural antidote than by auy
remedy heretofore known. It disinfects,
cleanses and eliminates all malaria. As a
Tonic, it acts as au Antiseptic and Blood
PuriHer, bringing renewed energy and vi
tality to the budv worn down by disease.
J. 0. Richardson, l'rop'r,
For sale by all Druggists. St. Louis.
Wir.noFT's Fever and Ague Tonic This
medicine is used by construction companies
for the benefit of their employes, mheii en
gaged in malarial districts. The highest testi
monials Have been given by contractors and by
the Vresideints of some of thclcadingrallroads
in the SouMi and West. When men aTC Congre
gated in Isrge nunrbers In theneiglWiorhoodof
swiinips anil rivers, Wtlholt's Tonic will
firove u valuable addition to Hie stock of nicd
vincs, nisi will amply reward the company in
the saving of time, "hi' or and money. We
recommend it to all. Viii:i:lock, Finlay &
Co., Proprietors, New Orleans.
Von Saj.e v all Dhuuuists.
Ooolcy's) Ycnst Powder
This t-uly unrivalled baMuir powder stands
on its merits alone ; and because of its perfect
purity and excellence, and from the fact that
every package is strictly full 'weight, the peo
ple have adopted it in their households,- and
have the utmost confidence iii it It always
does the work effectually, goes much further
in use, and makes better and more wholesome
and nutritious biscuits, bread, rolls, muffins,
cakes and pastry than auy other powder iu the
War of 1818 Soldlera and Widow
Pensioned for 14 days' service. Writo Col.
L. Bingham & Co., Attorneys for Pensions,
Patents, Land Titles, Washington, D. C.
Foe toner life, good health, use Swiss Ague
Cure. It renovates the system. Try it.. "
Partic.ci.aks regarding Electric Belts free.
Address PulvermnclierGnlvauicCo.. Glncln.,0.
1 IK'uurU It us a Valuable
Mr. H. R. Stevens: Jam. 1, 1878.
Vrur Sir I take pleasure In Haying ttint I have used
the Veeetlne In tot family, with bikk! resulti, nnd I have
known of several rases of remarkable cure elfected by
1L I record It as a valuable family medicine.
Truly yiuis, KKV. WM. MfDONATJ).
Tlie Rev. Win. McDonald Is well known tlmiuab the
Dnlted States as a minister In the M. E. Church.
Vaetlne Is Sold by All Druggists.
For dK-klndt of riles, tei
rmti, Scrofula, feller or King
Worm, Soft Klieum, and all bit
'ante nt Hue Skin and Maori, ONE
cases or Piles; from Onb to
three Bottles all cases of
.luMoits. If your Drucdist has
'it ?ot it, ask bim to seuu fur 1L
Price, tl jwr bottle.
List of Medicines there
are none that are eiiial
for cuniiie bnrsj'. HrlKbt's
lllwase. Kidney, Bladdpr and
Urinary Cnmplalnts. Ocnoral
Debility. HiSTNRKl
:iV ciaesi'iceaslve Intern
reranm. (IravpL Diabetes.
Pain In the Baek. Mu and Loins, aid all leases or
the KMner. HlaoMor and I'rlnarj Oaeaua. Pnmlclam
asellVST'tt RtlKDV.
W1L & CLARKE, RrOTtdenee. X. L
Mrs. William Lawrence, wrltlns to
Mr. Fellows, says : I cannot tell yen
bow many ban called -to Inquire if I
really bad been as HI a reported,
and It U was tbe Syrtm alone which
sowundertully nature me (a eon-
Afc (urn pure) to such Ioa bealtn. Wltb
cbdnea I U-ll thtn all that my r
tm e tarn la due to Fellows' Compound
Srmp of Uypopboapbltea, wltb tns Ucaauic of God up
on It.
Fellows Hrpnpbnnltr brlnf peraUar la Its effect
and composition, M oUmt preparation Is a snbsutote
for U.
Ir. Earle'a Teatinsonial.
For neralunothi past I haw used Fellows' Com
pound syrup Hrporfc!t-
Int pbUilalt. rbmtilc broneftlUi. and oUier aUTUoos of
taw cheat, and 1 sun M kMUOoa la suunc thai tt
ranaj larrmxM amocfw Vx rauedfcw d "i Ue
X. 1 EAIUJC. JA, at. rx
It Ma K a. Jamary.
larttrwlarw of wtttxTIt'y. " Wi t"F.
' As u ttmrf.telR L. Lam smliJ'liUPa
A tlfl K limnrnn town. Terms and
SowUAIno.AddraU Ha.KaaiaJ'wtiaod.mlo.
C0rC Tn 1 1 1 RT-re1 rnne-Uot of fVale
Mitt IU ALL CKIOtCAL0,rlnlS.ld.
P!f Wares "i;imraD! W!nW. amr.W frew.
tr i, tm TcUvstVin. StrrV" wnrth ftVS
J , JU irr. Aoia j.ijo fyi w.4.
The Gseat Biood PuwriEflV'
AT tbla aMooa of tlM yoar th htunan systsm k llabls
to beoorna dlaordarad front tbo mout&oWiat offarta of lbs
Hysrtodlacbaiw Uie emoem of Mis. If nators kt not
r n bar offorta, mat bilious sttaoka, or
prostratlnf fonts DoooHArlly follow, eauauif mat suf.
ftrln and sn death. A UtUs ttmoly praoaonon, now
sm, will prereut all this, and may bo found In that la
nrito household remedy, auUtuKir LDKtt HsXlD-LAT0U.
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... k.i, aiKiUiiirola not on alnsls Instance
on record where It has failed to effect s cure when takon
In time, according to tho directions. It u wunouioouoi
tho greatest Uvw Jf edlrlim In the wotldi U per
... i.u u. Mnff MMfuhi ramnounded from rare
J III. vw.uS ' "
roots and barbs, eonuilnliut no mercury or any Injurious
mineral substanoe. ittaus ins puwo m quuiira km
calomel, audbai auperaeded Uioae meillclnot In plaoas
where tbey have heretofore been eitenalvrly used. Fro.
cure a bottle at once from your druggist, do not delay
tin It a fair trial, and yon will be more than iatlafM
wltb tbe result obtained. . ; ...
As there are a Dumber of tmlta
Uons ottered to the public, we
would caution tbe ooniinunlty to
buy no Powders nc Prepared
'' TOlt, unless in our engraved
, wrapper, 1tb Trade -Mars,
Stamp and Signature unbroken.
Rone other Is genuine.
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J 1 II C i'l 1 Al;t vsoj a ' v- 1 i
80, no two alike, 10c, AlluXTACO.,rtScott,han.
Fashlonnhlo Cards, no 2 alike, wlthname,
100.. iKMtpald. .OKO. L HHKUatCUHWassaiLHf:
STILUOX GIBUS KleRant Oabinot Case
Sowing Mariana. All VnpI?Z w li ii
in perfect onfer. Manufac tun WMiM
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laiO pp. Unusuul ti'mi
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BOOK ANW mULB HOUSE, Clilcago, or SU LoulJ.
RI1IIMI, lCi;ilER and Cheque
MtsnnpH. Neiil Vrrmrm. IHe, WlKeM. etc.
PONT.n ASTKHS'SlaiSP, with 2 dies. Send Stamp
for circular. J. GoLuauojiounir. 1(1 S. Iitb St. Piillad'n.
U Jill I Ii V Craniui'o I inlet IfacU fortlie House
hold, tho Irailcs and the Professions. Just the book for
the Unios. Special territory. No competition. Now Is tlie
"Harvest 'JClmo." is. U. HUSSiSIA, Pub., Huston, Mass,
WUolraalfl and retail. Send for price
list. UxwlH sent 0. 0. B., Anywhere.
Sole Affcnt for the "Mdltifukm."
Ws0t luaue W oratT ana wmrauweu.
Tint ople' Remedy, for Internal
emit External tVoo.
Pile, blind and blmlliiiti tlniuimitlnns and
UleerntloiiM ; lleitifirrlinae from any organ
Nose. Gains, Lungs, Bowels. Kidneys, Wuuiu, eto.
Cona:eioii. IIillllrKenieiK".
lor lsynentery anil JtlieiiuiatlHiii : Innannns-
tlnn of Kyea and KyeliilH: Inflammation of
OvHrleH: V'nglnal l.eueoil'liett ; Vau'lcose
VeialH; sore Silpile
TO rAllMKRM Ponl' Fxtraet. T!o Stoca
llri.ml.,r no I Ivmv M nn ean attonl to be without It.
It is iih'hI by all the leadline Livery Stables, Street
ttallroans auu dim Horsemen in cew rora 1117. 1.
has nn eiual for Sprains, Hamms or Saddle Chaf.
lugs. Stillness. Scnitches. Hwellliurs, Cuts, Lacera
tlons.lll 'edluus, I'm uinonla, Colic, Dlarrhn, Chills,
Colds, etc. Its ranite ot action la wiile, and the ro
ller It affords Is m prompt that It Is Invalnable In
every Pann yard as we l as In every Farm house.
Let It be tiled once and you will nevi-r lie without tt.
CAI TIO I I'oiiil'n Kxtrnet has lieen liniuted.
The genuine article has the words Pond'o Kl
traet blown lii each boUle. It Is prep ned by Uie
onlv ieioiiM living who ever knew how to
prepare It properly. Iteluf all other preparations
f WitrJi Han 1. Tills Is the only article used by
Physlriana, aud In tbe hospitals ot tula country and
Bind It V anil Ttaea of Pond's F. a tract, In
pamphlet form, seat tn on application w
Laoa. Aw Xork.
Cheapest and Best Manner
B. H. r.ltC, til Walaat Street, 8U Loela, Be.
prnnera received tor any Westers Suts. Seat
11 nal.oe
The r Bf4 (bp Afpn I.I-b. rAatw
tscf (4ifc uc Bcrrrcsa m btup m
lsrMB IB P-e-f-f MUO W. 1y f--1 l...'p Ul
U .b. ind BarU. Vof cap. Tekm Tear
Choir w over IOUOQ rmt A3tHuf
If w.em OP -X t RCof f B IOC WW AfPBtaft
iaai tfc t U.;'M, aaraxl U.rrt CCB4 BtsVafi I
LN.SI3 liArjM f FwVlrftl, ! 42. W lBfftA, L
k -i:o nn ?.m t i .so.
1 iwiw p
I . . rrw I HimmmI I 1
. wt KTT- Aru. I
I vra. PuxT Jaid1u I
Pi's mil !
47 tsi
CA Cent Brailllan Gold Rlnrs. A methvsi set
ill Itlngt ; ohoapeat lulbe wnrliL Novelty t'nUlufnof reav
V v Aonts wauled. Lsaghlua, WUaun 4 Ou., Culcagu.
TF,0 The Choicest tn the World Ira
I CAwi porter' ptVet Largest Oooipanj In Amo
lira-aiaple arUde-ploaaea wn rylsstr Tiaife eonUn.
ally lucreaaluir ArenU wanted everywliere-vnl h
durenienu-dunt waal tflne-aend fur Circular to
Rum S kLLs, 4S Veaty SL, K V., P.O. Bus l!l7.
BRPflRM srvma or RHirriM a
Do lure bi lend for our LATKS1 A t AUWUt and VimiV
LaaawitliNawrrtLEii, kkiiitii. ran ks and much to-
tia-uiatlon Bent rtte.
unaun. Kw York or Otilauia
ii ninl..fiiwi tlitilun at
nwUx, olU Hall AOlm BU
la Mowr, oaipu lu.lt u all pot
UMOriUWkMy.wblK ike bAlllo,
u. ns pynaaos tack o in--t-stlnesjuat
a nereoa.
wniU with tho flnaor. wu
Uthl orMUK lb. ll.iaU ! hm
amrlya7aaaJ(at,aii4 a rallMl rariMrula. (WaoH).
ianbltandrtiMp. H.htbytaaU. ClrwUr.tnM
Every DayT
I'alng the TiruB
Wki.l Riiaiitn aud
Unnv null I tkiflKll.
enma. Th labor Is all don by bora. No ralent
Bight swindle. You get your money worth in
machinery and toola. irrutnra IVee.
Address; LOOM La o WMAW. Tllllw, OhU.
!! ONWARD !!
w vavuuAVisltfrir
USWAlin is ine nanie ui .. JjUio a
forSlNlllNOCIASSHS for Uin aeasiiii of 11J
new anil ireae cuiri-inni m i"j. .-v.".
MUSIC, with a lull iiiBinivwTu .pu.w.
please onainlne. t r.a r,(l ijiu'redTunea, and IB An-
Uieuis are provided. , l'rice H.BlTlior duseu. , ,
rnninlli-d h 3. P. COHII. and designed for Musical -
Conyvntliais, Societies. Festivals, ete.,ete. A hmiwuou
of nnunibivut the best Choruses. Sacred and Secular.
144 large pages, (.rijyur uun-u.
The Church Offering !
.v ' A . AI.Ia glnav liAn WAtnTtl1V1al Bk
Unnilml Anthems, Motets, etc., all of the il'l'f.
Itlsallnebiwiltforaiiy choir, and w II bo extensively
uVd asanAnftiem Hook. Ws lltst lftMweiJs
ferthnusouf Ki iwal Cmiias, anil It has the gwu
est variety ever brought tngnUier of, Ant hems. Vol ntM.
CantatcsTJubilntes, (llorliis. and of all other pleoej used
n, ti,.i.rvio,,. Should bo universally usud. (.Sfii pei .
Ol.ir Kit PITBOW fc CO.. HowtQR.
la vrarcly rrwtalile and perfectly harmless. It acts
nnon tt i- fowl In tlio stomach, preventing Its being
convened Inf'i fat. Taken In hncordanro with di
rections, It will reduce a fat peiaoa frosa two to Ovo
orpulenoe Is not only a disease Itself, but the
narlilniiiT of olliera." So wrote lllppocratea two
thmi.-imi wiirs nua. and what was truo tiica Is none
Sold by ilruwlsta, or sent, by express, upon re-
asiutorsije. uuartcr-uotea ss.ua. Auureas,
rovrieton, Buffalo, It, X-
Vibrator Thresliers, "
And Bteeuas Thresher EnglBM,
Hade only by
TUB Mncchletw Ormlu-riaTlnn Tlntita
aUrlBg, bu4 M'ftMr-cWvTifiK TiATtWitrB W Ibll ttaf M
mmwmUam. sJI lUvaJrv las BU ratal bTcssbl. laama,
" MMiilwr. lUBBtvd sit bUtbJTT bbt bUbU Wot, fa
M t9bbmU4 tM far SBfinf ttnlft turn WwUf,
6RAIII Riltfnirlll nmt flflknlt fA
oortBASM BMUfi f OrBlB tt Us lalriof work iVriw by
IM iHMBiiiBlBiB,TThil firifTtmii tlii IffiiiBm
rrS CffTIRS Tbrnblnt mln.
mmA S(UB tUl tW lhl BBUltthtt m f (MslB Bf
last aUu Orala tU V JU Bf Isbmbj Imyrwt - f,
NO HrWlnf flhaftt To1d t fVy
Ple. fcaltferlr fjtM lr bWosib. rvtrafB, kVi'llaa
sWa4 gjl BTB UaBO-SBBtlM rBlBBPB1lB wbbb4I
B-BslWM. fBrltWlf rttaptsBtl i !( BtBstB BsXj fetBeftttsBM (4 '
HOT nfT Ttlf 6rr1r fkv Wbnl,
OavU, Itof f, kj; n4 La ttrmiBB, kui Um rtvi Bjsatv
CMBBf Bi nflBset iU risft, TrBBBiBB. Mtllgy, OsSPBsT, B1 .
W bbwbM hmm trtOsi b 1ibb j
UARTCf.Oril tmr mpriy of Trf,
rtme I... tla ... ,,u im Ms SOS Mmis
sal a, IlilMlaaa m Sasllailaia
FOITat PI erf faetx rater HaJe, rwor
t.C tfm lu. to T.H.. SmwMl twmstmel
Hinn Umm rmn to Hi., 4
STBASI Power Threokerw faerie fry.
ssjiiiiil emememem maf siiiitolf am fi
AtTst TJwrlsrat4 fttraea Ttrewsier (
as rMi, wit. immi i
IU Tbwroerfe JTorwi, ItlerwwC .
rOtoa. hnmNS i,.SIii,ii.
fPOK Partlealarsa, emit em ermr Pealsep
Kyi 7t
a wmiriMu re AAratarrrBaa,
plf w emef emm ie Aelrerttm mm tog
a (sue totor. Alt i aai i m eikmtm kmmm
ImisaS srtwv-w (aVrer A41feem mmtm
Newest Music Books.
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