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The World la What We Mak II
l'r lien torn people In thli llfo
Who always sre repining.
Who asver, oseer yet eould
The slomv cloud's illvsr lining.
Thar always somtthlaf It smlis,
From lonrlis to III Mttlng
Tbsl Cod's bane' mads Ibilr map of lift,
They ssi m In wblls forgitllng.
And I hers seen blessed light
Tosla-becloeded rlilon,
(on people who, where'er they be,
Hake ssrlh nan in Klyilia.
Tbsy slwsys the brlghleil lids
Tbf direful shadows tir
Aad keep lb flower of bopi la bloom
Wltbln their hearts forever.
Tbo ono en make the looniest dsy
Seem wondrout ud snd dreiry;
Tb otbor imlles tbo cloud! sway,
And mikei dirk day cheery.
Tbli lift of onra li, ilttr oil,
' About as wo ibill miko It.
If w oin binlih grief and cue,
Ut'i bnu lo undertake It.
To Girls.
Never marry man who baa only
hi" love for you to recommend him.
It is very fascinating, but it does
not make the man. If he is not other
wise what he should be, you will nev
cr be happy. The most perfect man
who did hot love you should never be
your husband. But though marriage
without love is terrible, love only will
not do, If the man is dishonorable to
other men, or mean, or given to any
vice, the time will oome when you will
either loath him or sink to his level.
It is hard to remember, amidst kisses
and praises, that there is anything else
in the world to be done or thought of
but love-making; but the days of lif
aro many and the husband must be a
puide to be trusted a companion, a
friend, as well as a lover. Many a
girl has married a man whom she knew
to be anything but good, "because he
loved her so." And the flame has
died out on the hearthstone of home
boforo long, and beside it there has
been sitting oue that she could never
hope would load her heavenward or
who, if she followed him as a wife
should, would euida her footsteps
to perdition. Maniage is a eolemr.
thing a choice for life ; be oareful in
tho choosing. Belgravia.
A Purpose
The ground of a man's culture lies
in his nature, not in his calling. His
powers are to be unfolded cn aocount
of their inherent dignity, not their out
ward direction. He is to fee educated
because he is a man. not because he
U to make shoes, nails or pins.
Poems and theology and philosophy
which have mado somo noise in the
world, havo been wrought at the work
bench, and amidst tho toils of tho
field. When the arms are mechanical
ly plying a trado, tho mind escapes to
tho ends of the earth ! Often docs the
pious heart of woman mingle groat
thoughts with household drudgery!
A man in earnest finds mcaDS, or il
he cannot find creates them. Without
a vigorous purpose tho best means arc
worth little, and with it tho humblest
becomes mighty.
Proverb Tor Subtler Iber.
A wiso son maketh a glad father, and
a prompt paying subscriber causes an
editor to laugh.
Better is the poor man that walkcth
in integrity, and payeth his subscrip
tion, than the rich mau wbo continu
ally tclleth tho collector to call again.
Folly is a joy that is destitute of wis
doui, but a dcliuifucnt subscriber cau. -cth
suffering in the house of the news
paper maker.
AH the ways of a man are clear in
his own oyes, except the way tlie
delinquent subscriber has in not pay
ing for his newspaper.
Judgments are prepared for scorn
firs, stripes for tho backs of fools, atid
lasting punishment for him who pay
eth not for his newspaper. j
Hope deferred maketh the heart d
sick, is a provcib sadly realized by the
...ui: 1 a. L.t .... kill..
I'uuiioiiL-i w iiu r-vuuciu uui ums. i i.ioeriy, wno waue a Fpcccn at me
A righteous man hateth lyiuir, hence j commencement exercises of the CV
a publisher waxeth wroth against the lege, thought that with proier eocour
fiiWriber who projuiscs to call and agcuicnt the College would in the near
tattle on the morrow, yet jcalieth not future have two thousand students
to K'tt!c.
The gcntlcima wbo attracted atten
tion in cburih Iat week by crjing out.
'"Holy !of." bad no intention of
iliMvrbint; the conprrpstioa. lie had
(wo tacking Jown carpets tbe day be
iorr, and jut a be fat down in bis
pew be remembered that be bad htli
a psporoi tacks in bueoat-kirt pock
et. We tuake this explanation in ;u:
ticetobis fatni!y, who ire b'gLIj rc-rcetabIe.
Poor Ulrl.
The following story is going the
rounds: "They were in the parlor to
gether. The light had gone out, and
they stood at the window in the radi
ance of tho moon. He bad bis arm
about her, and was looking .dreamily
at the queen of night. Softly be spoke:
'Darling, I am thinking how happy we
shall be in our home together when we
are married. It shall be a pretty home,
and you shall be its dear little mistress
We will have a little parlor and a lit
tle dining-room and a little kitchen
for you to manage. We shall be there
all to ourselves, and we shall be so
happy, my darling.' 'Oh, Henry,' she
despondingly uttered, 'I thought we
were Koine to board.' " There were
tears in her evos for him to kiss away,
but he let her remove them with what
facilities she could command.
Says London Truth: Each mother
who thinks on the matter at all be
Iieves her own daughter absolutely
safe and trustworthy, and we may be
sure that the girl does not deceive her.
Whatever others may do, thinks the
matron sitting quietly at home while
her ohild is rambling along across the
park to college, or is inspecting her
male classmate's drawings in the art
school, she is to be trusted to take
eare of herself. But men could te 1
strange stories if they would, and in
the next generation of mothers will be
many women who, taking to heart , the
risky lesson of their own experience,
will keep a sharper watch over their
girls than was kept over them, and will
distrust the youthful assurance of safe
ty' which brings back those glowing
oheeks and sparkling eyes."
Texas contains an estimated popu
lation of 2,000,000. It receives an an
nual increase by immigration alono of
250.000. There are produced in the
State annually about 700,000 .bales of
cotton. The value of this crop is $30,.
000,000. The annual export of cotton
is estimated at $10,000,000 in value ;
of wool, at $1,500,000 ; of hides, at $1,
800,000 ; of beef, in barrels and cans,
at $2,000,000 and other productions
besides wheat at $3,000000. The
present wheat crop will bring between
b!x and seyon million dollars.
There are two negroes in the Bas
trop jail condemned to be bung. There
cases were affirmed by the Appellate
court. They will be sentenced at the
next term of the district court ia Oc
Our State exchanges just now a-
bound with notioes of Texas students
who are returning from colleges in the
old States. Wouldn't it be well for
Texas to spend more money on its own
nstitutions and not so much abroad ?
Tho Silver Oollur.
Letters from California say the new
silver dollar is treated as subsidiary
silver coiu. There is no demand what
ever for it. Tho bankers refuse the
new dollar except as a special deposit.
Tho coinage of tho new dollar has been
practically stopped at tho San Francis
co and Carson City mints.
Tilden is fiercely denounced for
making private exertiou to unearth
the frauds by which he was cheated
out of the presidency. But certainly,
nothing could be more natural or more
proper than for him, the principal su.'
fcrcr, to show that ho was actually e
lected President of the United States,
but was prevented from taking his
scat by the action of a few tcouodrela
who ought to be in the pcuitentiary.
The number of students matricula
ted at the State Agricultural and Me
chanical College at Bryan for the year
just closed was 2l, with an average
attendance of 240. There were 500
applicants but no accommodation for
them. It is thought the State should
mate $100,000 for additional bui'd-
nics and dormitories. Col. Pickett, of
.... ......... .,
I each M-srion.
New Or!can, June 'S7. Mr. Geo.
Nicholson and Mr. V.. J. Ilolbrook,
proprietor of tbe rieayune, were mar
ried this ercoing ii St. Paul's church.
. The lady is weil-known in literary cir
cV nnder tbe m Jt plumt of "l'earl
1 Sixtt miliion I acres of cbool
lands. Ju.-t think what royal inbei
itance that is f jr the children ol Texas.
Buy the "STAB SHIRT." Geo. T. Malonc, Sole Agt.
Galveston, Harrisburg and San
Antonio Railway.
Leaves San Antonio daily, except Sun
dav. at 6.20 AM
" Marion, 7.22
" Seguin, 7.53
" Lulin 8.51
Arrive, at Houston. 4.50 PM
" Galveston. 12.05 AM
Leaves Galveston daily, except Sun
" Houston. 2.08 PBt
" Luling 5.40 '
" Seguin, 6.45
" Marion, . 7.18
Arrives atSan Antonio, 8.30
All trains equipped with Westinghouse
Air-iirake and Wilier coup
ler and Platform.
Only Line in Texas Running Par
lor Carsi
Principal Railroad Ticket Offices
in the United States and
Lowest Rates of Freight & Through
Bills of Lading given to and from all
All Claims for Loss and Damage
promptly adjusted.
G.F. and Pasi. Agt. Au'l A. Fin. Agt.
Gen'l Manager. Sup't.
feb. 24-U
... mi ..1. , tn ha wli til
wonderful merit! of that great American Beuiedy,'
Mustang Liniment,
This llrtlmpnt Terr naturally originated in Ameri
ca, wliero Nature provides iu her luborisiury mfcli
Biirprlfiiiuxuiitidotus for tin) maltlie of Imr chil
dren. Iti iuuiel.au been Hprtiaduijj; for 35 years,
until now it encircles tliu Inibi table globe.
Tho Mexico:: Must a tiff Liniment is a matchless
remedy for ullosternal iiilmMiUof man and beast.
Tu Block owner it hi id farmer it is invaluable.
A single bottle (ill en waves a human life or re
stores tho uselulucBs if an excellent horse, ox,
cuw, or sheep.
It mroa lout-rot. hoof-all, hollow horn, grub,
screw-worm, Hliouhlcr-rot, maugu, tho bites and
at ings of poisonous reptiles ami inserts, and every
audi drawback to stock breeding uml Until i lifts.
It cures every external trouble of horses, such
a lameness, scratches, swiuuy, sprains, founder,
wind fjall. riiu bone, etc., etc.
Tho Mexican Mustang Liniment Is the quickest
cure in tho w orld tor accidents occurring iu the
family, in tho ubfencu of a physician, audi as
burns, scalds, sprains, cuts, etc., and for rheuma
tism, and stidncsa engendered by exposure, l'ar;
tleularly valuahlo to Miners.
It is the cheapest rented? In the -world, for it
penetrates the muscle to the bone, and a single
application is generally si i flic tent to cure.
Mexican Mustang Liniment ia put up iu three
sixes of bottles, the larger ones being projKirtiou
tlely much the cheapest.
Watches ?.lto7. Revolvrrs-
i' iL liver nstiairci invpiut.
Bnt and Cheapest. Satisfaction guaranteed
soldier lam 09 on uott oraer x ii
CHAS. M. EVANS. M.nuf'r.
M W. Fourth Street. CINCINNATI O.
7UU n . j uia street. O A. AAJ u la, iu
perweeh in too' own town, y
e - .ayiromhomeet nlsbt. Too
oa need not le
can Kive your
bole time to tbe work, or only your .pare mo.
menu. We have affema who are making over 2S
perday. All whoenirace at once can m a He mon
ey faet. At tbe present tine mooey cannot be
made soca.ily and rapidly at auy other business.
It costs nothing to try the basine.a. Tenni and
fs ouirit free. Addren at ouce, li. BaLurr
Co., Portland. Slain. Julyll-lr
Uran make money faater at work for
anything ele. Capital not require
-tartyou. 11 per d..y at homo ami
taduslriona. Men. women, bo js
for ni than at
red: will
made by the
boys and girls
waa;ed everywhere te work for 0.. Sow Is tbe
t ane. Cot!y ontflt and terms free. Addreaa
1m k Co, aagnata, Maine.
9. W. Cor. IHaza,
sax marlos, rrx,
W'd aeeeeece 10 their friends ami Die piMic
tsal teey have permaaenilj enfaced fta toe beat
Wltl Ivdiceted.
eTTbe kiakeaa arree pH lor fieJ fat cattle.
X.y U-lm.
Sawpai, not aailly earned In tbeie
timea, but It can he made in three
lit montba by any uue of either lex
I I A in any par ol the country wbo I,
IIU willing to work air. .lily at the
11 emnloTtnent thu we fiimiih.
1 ny All unignma. wmq.
M WaB. Ri
Raw lfkll
mi, iiur
1'ha Tlilin Hell
liorluir nud Bock
Drilling Hacblna UtbeouTi
llv machine mat
will lucceed In Texts, il mane uo oen oi
welli In any toll or rock. One man and one
hone can make from S2S to so i
culara and Texas reference! aunt (roe.
luy Cir
Blgnt iwinaie. Annrena .
LOOMI9 htiwah, iinin.unio.
Smoke the Best I
of mm
Uanuftctund by
Bend Sw Fries Lilt
HBOERICKE & lAr tk a aj
PHARMACY, 130 Canal 8treet, V
A (lilt stock of pure and reliable Homoeopathic
Medioinaa. as well as Family Medicine Cases.
and Books In English, German and French con
Bantiy on nana ac jy ew x ors fnoea.
eenu tor oesenpura s rjs vunviu
Tie SSetaady af the Ittk Cealary.
Barham's Infallible
Manufactured by tht
Strluo PUi CorC9., Suhua. K. 6.
Itamr f-tltto ear tftairrl.oldi
f Flit, wtaea en re li powlble.
Prlte Mat ud boai fldt twll-wallh
fkraltlwd ppllMUo
No. 12 N. Eighth St.
8t Louis. Mo.
Who hat had greater ejperlenee In the treatment of tha
Kxual trotiblei of both male and female than any physician
ui us nnk mmw ttm IV.U1W UI JH. lOnK BHU SUCOBSSIUI
practios In hlalwo new works, Just publlabed, entitled
Book, that are realiv Id f a.d Reir.Iadroriar.lri.il malm
tert pertaining to kood and Wonuihood. ud mpply
wairt loim felt. The? are IwauUf-lly lllasiraud, and in plain
language, eutly undewtood. Tha two bookt embrace M5
pagea and contain valaabla laftoraatlkHi for both married and
ingle, with all the Rcentlmprovementf in medical treatment
Bead what oar home papers aay i "The knowledge imparted
In Dr. Bolts' new worts la in no way or queationable char
acter, but If something that every eae should know The
th, the Tictim of early indiacretiont the Iu, otherwise
perfectly healthy may be, but with wanli
vi inc. aiiu me noaiaBa in mil
irvin ma many nil ner az if
kO. St Louis Journal.
ootn in one volume, i in cloth a
gilt, 28 eta extra. Sent under seal.
cvwjt vi yiMX in UKwry or
37 Court Flue, LOUISVILLE, KY.,
A regalarly edooated and legally qnaUfled phralelan and the
most successful, as his practice will prove. Cores al J forma
of prlvata, oonmle and sexual disease, gpermator
Tltea and Impotoiioy. aaUiereiulto'aelf
ahninln vnnth. MAYil&l eZCfeSSt!slll TnStQrCr TCSrl. OT Other
causes, antf producing some o f tbe fbllowiog effects: Nervous
nasi, Seminal K missions. Dimness of SiR-t, Defective Mem
CTy,PhjrsicalDeoay.Piiupl''a on Pare, Aversion t Society ol
Females, Courmton of Idcia. Lots of Sexual Power, so.,
rendering marriage Improper orpohaiiny, are thorough y
and oermanently cured. SYPHILIS ?'AlT
cured and entirely eradicated Trom the sybtcm; GrUiV
ORRHEA, Gleet, Eitricture, Piles and otlier prl
vatetliseasesquicltly cured, patienu treated by inallorex.
nreis. ronsultatfon fret and invited, charcfts reawnablb
aAdoorreipondenoe atriotly confidential.
Or 200 page, eent to any addren, securely seated, for thirty
Jill) CetllSs BI1UUIU tin iciv tr bm huuich earn (iuvs
)OlMliounbmiA.iLto7 P.H. 8audaya,SWfalis
Madison Dispenoary,
201 8. Clark St,, Chicago, IIU
OK. RUlKIiOVr, hnvlne 30 yenra experience.
loth suxos Rafxlv, Suukly, Puivatkly.
KKKV016 IIFIIIUXV, from sexual abtiM or
excess nroduciug lSmiTRNl'V, PIii,Ka
O.N Til K r'AC'K rendtinug BUdtlAl H
ini'KHPKK, c:m do poiutveiy ana perma
anently cm red. WMlwntTant every cane. Pamj-h-
rrnr-s. ooi qu. His UAIalil.U.K ir l)K Olt BKXI AL
lTlini,IM.V. 3H1I tttTVA nmsi. IM.irsTltATKII. OODlalnlna
much thntwns uvvfa before published, Price BOcts. Lettera
i'UNFIDKVTI Alie FaMAiiB Pn.w. 95, KxtiU Stboiw, $IQ,
&md 40 CL. fur aample itubber Goods, &c by Exprea.
Dr. Crook's Wine of Tar
ix2 ccn:r2PTio:i.
It is the best of Tonics.
Cures Dyspepsia;
, Restores the Appetite;
btrengtaenj the Bystem:
Eolerti the Weak and Dttilttittd.
A trial of it will prove all
we claim. Ask your drug
gist for Dr. Crook's Wine
of Tar; take noother. For
sale by ell Druggists.
8. N. Smith k Co., Prop'n
8aoaisora to Oliver Crook 4 Co,
Female Disorders. Prepared by
The Heme Brtters Co-St. Louis.
Prescribed By Best Physicians,
and Sold by Dealers Everywhere.
ng vigor in in e prima
.1' O
American and Foreign Pat
ents. GILMORB A CO., luceeaiors te Chlpmsn, Roa.
mer A Co., solicitors. Patent! procured la ell
coontrls,. No I'eee in adraect, No
charge nnleas the patent Is granted. Koto, fr
maklog preliminary exaruliiatlona. No addition'
el fees for obtaleiug and conductlne a rehrarine
By a recent decision of the Comnilraionar ALL re
jected applications may be revived. Special nf
leullon ilren to Interference Cue, before the
relent Ufllce Eitenilons before Conervu, n.
frlngement Suits In dlflorenl atatei, and all IIU,,.
Hon appertaining to Invention, or Patent!. Send
stamp to Ollmore A Co., for pamphlet of ilitj
Contested Lind Cain preieenled before the TJ.
S. Oeoeral Land Ottloe and Department of the In.'
terloi. Privite Land Claim,, Mining; and
re-einptlolt Claims, and lloineatead
Cue! attended to. Kind Hcrlp In IU, 80, and 160
lore piece! for tale. Thla Scrip li assignable, and
can be located In tbe name ef the purchaser upon
an j (lovernment land lubject te private entry, at
1.3S per acre. It li of eunal value with Bounty
Land Warrant!. Send stamp to Gilmore A Co'
or pamphlet or Inatrucllon. '
Officer, Soldiers, and Sailors of tbe
ate war, or their heir,, are la many case, enti
led te money from the Government ef which thay
have no knowledge. Write full htitory of service
and Hate amount of par and bounty received. Un
close stamp toGILMOKK A CO., aud a full reply
after examination, will be given yoa free.
wounded, ruptured, or Injured In the late war.
however slightly, een obtiln a pension hv ail.
dreiilngOILMUUK A CO., 82, P . 8t reel, Wh.
ington, ii, m.
Csiei proiecoted by G1LHORR A CO. before
the Supreme Court of the United State,, the Court
of Claim!, and the Southern Claimi Commlision.
Each department of our boslneai Ii conducted
In a leoarate bureau, under charge of the sama
experienced partlei employed by the old firm.
Prompt attention to all busineu entrusted to Gil,.
1IORK A CO, Ii tnui lecured. We deiire to win
lucceia by d nerving It.
Jutt Publlthul in a Sealed Envelop. Price
tie cenu.
A Lecture on the Nature. Treatment, and Pdl.
cal cure of Seminal Weakneee, or Spermat.rrhoie,
induced by ielf-Abuie, Involuntary Kmimloni,
Impotency, Nervoni Debility, end Impediment! to
Marriage generally; Consumption, Rpllepiy, and
Flu; Mental and rnyiicai incapacity, ac Hy
ROBERT 1. CULVEUWKLL, M. I)., author of the
"Green Book," Ao.
Tbe world-renownea autnor, in inn eumirame
Lecture. clearly uroves from hli own experience
that tbe awful coueee,uencei of Self.Abuie mavbe
effectually removed without medicine, and with.
out dangeroui ittrgical operalioni, bouglei. In.
atrumenti, rings, or cordials ; pointing out a mode
of cure at once certain and effectual, by which
every lufferer, no matter what his condition may
be, may cure blmielf cheaply, privately and radi
cally. LjThls Lecture will prove a boon to thousands
and thouiande.
Sent under seal. In plain envelope, to at, v ad
dress, on receipt oj ilx centi, or two postage
Addren tbe Fahliiberi,
The Culverwell Medical Co.,
41 Ann St., Kew Tork ; Post OfPce Box, 4586.
The Greatest Medical Triumph of
Modern Times ! The Mysterious
Chanoel of Disease Discov
ered, and a Certain Cure
Provided. The Stom
ach, Liver and
Bowels the Centre of Disease.
The Groat Anti-Bilious Rente
dvund Miasmatic Dissolve!-.
Are the result of long-continued Scientific Invei
tigatioo, and are Waiuustxd to cure all diaeosei
originating in the Htomacn, Liver, and Botveli.
No griping palm lollow the use of these Pills, un.
less tbe Bowels are inlamed; but RELIEF, IM
MEDIATE KBLIEF. mav be relied upon. Ais
Common Family Physic
Stand unequalled beforo the world to-day. By
varying the dose according todircoiloni, Paaiosi
Puboativ Pilli effectually Poi-irv iuk Bwon and
greally alleviate. If not entirely cure Dypepi,
Scrofula or King'! Evil, Hose, Ervilpelas or 8t.
Anthony's Fire. Abruptions, and Eruptive Diieaiei
of the Skin, Salt Rheum, Tetter, Kingworm, Sorei.
Boils, Tumors, Morbid Swellings, Ulceration!,
Pimples and Blotches.
Moat Complete Satisfaction or No
Full direction! around each box. rhyslclim rap
piled by mail, post-paid, for 2.60 per thousand,
in bulk, cash in advance. We will send these Pllli
to any reliable druggist or merchant to sell oa
commission. Agents wanted everywhere.
Itl'l'rs. Bangor, iriaine
RASCIIO pecan gritixos,
Hays Co., eight miles Northeast of San
Marcos, five miles East of Mountain
RJlCaUle Brand
Horse Brand.
S on left jaw of all youns 6tock.
Great chance to make
money. 11 yoa can't
get gold you can gel
need a persoe l T
ar lowa to take sub-
icrlptioni fir the largest, cheapest and best Illus
trated family publication in lbs srorld. Any one
can become a successful egent. Tbe most elegant
works of an given free to subscribers. Tbe price
la ao luw that almost everybody subscribes. 0s
agent reports making over tlSQ I" a week.
lady agent reports taking over 400 subscriber! la
ten days. Ail wbo engage Bin money fait.
Toa caa devote all year time to tee kssioeae, or
ABlv iMr an.ra lim.. Toa nd he awaV fro
home over night. Yoa caa do it aa well as ethers.
Fall particulars, directions sne- terms free,
gent an4 expensive Outfit free. If ye
eueu nothing te try the business. 5e "ew
eecasee fails to make great pay. idsrese
reopie e joaraal," raruaM, aaise. h
LETTER. CAP A5B BILt PlrS ErrreloaeS,
Ac, attkeFkLB PaVf3 BOOK ITAU-
Anfti woe a la ymr m wa. SSOeintrrro.
kks,rat. Seeder, if ywaweet a beer-s
V U Uat .l et aroe ef either eet c, eake
great pay ell tile tiaee they work, write twr p
Ucilmn te HSuxctt A Cev. PerUaai, Sla-a.

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