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Free Press.
.OCT. 20.
A got Tor Ike Fr Pram.
Th following genllemo ara authorl.cd to re
ceive aod reeeipl far abserlptiona lo lb Kami
riiiu In their re.pectlva luc.lltleei
A. IUalou, Biq.
County at large.
Dillcy Dlley,
H. Marllod.lo,
ItaJ.K. Nance,
t. U Baiemore,
Uonnuln Cllr.
Cedar Valley.
J. D. Caily,
Onion Crook.
gf All poetmait.rt ore alio authorlud .gent.
Needles, oil and attachments foi
11 machines will be found at
Ueo. Donlap's.
To Whom It Mar Concern.
All parties knowing themselves in
debted to P. Thomson, blacksmith, are
requested to settle their accounts
without delay.
Aside from the dust, the weather
js now pleasant and invigorating.
We learn there was a slight frost on
Wednesday morning.
Trunks and saddlery and every
thing else in the line of general mer
chandise at low figures at
Job Work neatly executed and at
the lowest rates at the Free Press
office. m
Another car load ot Milburn
wagons will be sold at Austin prices,
at - Geo. Dunlap's.
See prospectus ot Peterson's maga
zine for 1879. We will order it at
publisher's prices, or club it with the
Free Press for $3.65 for both.
Thanks to Mr. Bartholomew, the
secretary, for a complimentary to the
Austin Fair, which begins on Tuesday
next, and will last to Nov. 2. We
presume many of our people will at
tend. I will sell for the next sixty day3,
a lot of pluwsat factory prices Rock
land, Southern Clipper, Dixie Clipper
and Burlord's Sulky. I guarantee all
of them to do as good work as any
plows made. Call and examine before
purchasing elsewhere.
" Geo. Ddnlap.
Have you seen the new No. 8 Sew
ing Maohine ? The mechanism of this
machine has been so perfected that a
No. 60 cotton thread can be used as a
belt, to run the machine. The light
est running loek-stitch machine in tbe
world. Call and see it.
Geo. Ddnlap.
The great and general dwsire which
has for some time prevailed to hear
Schleicher and Ireland together, was
gratified on Tuesday last. Both gen
tlemen aocquitted themselves to the
entire satisfaction, of their respective
friends, and good order and good tem
per prevailed. Some things we might
criticise; but we are running tbe Free
Press, and not the politics of this
Accident and Death. Charles
L. Kone, a young man of this vicinity
of a remarkably powerful constitution,
came to an untimely end in conse
quence of what at first appeared to be
a rather trivial acoident, He trod on
a garden rake a short time since, and
failing to use proper precautions, it re
sulted in lockjaw, from which he died
on Monday last, after several days of
fearful suffering. The event caused
general feeling of sadness and re
gret io this community.
Tickets ! Tlcketa!-lmportmnt
to Candidate.
A liberal supply of election tickets
leaded by the Democratic State Ticket,
but containing the names of all local
candidates, both nominated and inde
pendent, have just been printed for
Hits county.
Other tickets are about to be
PSMXTED, Candidates who may wish
their names printed on said tickets,
and who have not Already arranged
for the printing, will please call im
mediately at the Free Press office
ad pay for the same, otherwise their
names will not appear on tbem-
Qcert: "Why will men smoke
common tobacco, when they can bay
Marburg Bros. 'Seal of A'ortk Car
' at the same price 7" Feb.2-1
The Hof beim Hotel has a new HjK
Our young ex-typographioal friend,
A. F. Harvey, has given us important
and valued assistance in getting out
our paper this week.
Happening at the house of our
distinguished and Worthy fellow
citiieu, Jasob Sanders, on Wednesday
eveoiug, we found the family (Miss
Dora io partioular)rejoioing over a new
piauo which had just been put in posi
tion by Messrs. Hopkins & Mosier, who
prooeoded to inaugurate it by quite a
nice little musical entertainment.
Mr. Sanders is a prominent candidate
for County Couimisiooer, though with
out any notion of his own in that ' di.
reotion and if elected, will be able to
entertaia his "constituents" who may
oall on bim with good musio.
We Lad the pleaure this week of
making the acquaintance of Mr.
Onderdonk, of Mission Valley, Vic
toria Co., a distinguished nursery
man, well known in Western Texas.
He had some offioial connection with
the late conference, but his chief
''Mission" is horticulture, and "mis
sionary work' in that direotion is cer
tainly greatly needed in Texas. By
his advertisement, which appears in
our oolumns this week, it will be
seen that Mr. 0. is challenging tho
attention of our people to his
unrivalled facilities for meeting their
wants in his line, and that he has
sppointed B. W. Breeding of this
town his agent for this locality, All
should read this advertisement care
fully, and leave their orders with Mr.
The Conference.
This body closed its sessions on
Tuesday. Since our last repoit an ad
dress was made by the Bishop to the
Mexican brethren, through an inter
preter. On Saturday night the Bish
op preached in behalf of foreign mis
sions, chiefly the Mexican, and a col
lection was made.
On Sunday morning scarcely half
tho people could get into the church
the ladies occupied it almost exclusive
ly. There was a brilliant array of
beauty, and being compelled to stand
in the door, and look over the congre
gation, their bonnets mado it appear
quite like a large flower garden or con
servatory. The Bishop preached an
impressive sermon, after which several
deacons, most of tbem Mexicans, were
ordained. At night after an able ser
mon by Rev. E. S. Smith and the
communion service, an old-fashioned
revival was inaugurated, which was
oontinued on Monday night, and re
sulted in several conversions and ac
cessions to the churoh. Tbe pulpits
of the other churches of this place
were also occupied by members of the
The list of appointments will be
found in another column. It will be
seen that no changes are made at this
place a fact which is a matter of con
gratulation, we believe, to the great
body of our people.
Peterson's Magazine, the cheap
est and best of tbe Lady's Books, is
on our table for November. J he
nrineinal steel engraving. "For Moth-
S M w
er's Fire," is really beautiful. So,
also, is the mammoth colored steel
fashion plate. But as a cotemporary
says, the stories, the fashions, the
patterns, in short, everything in "Pe
terson" is the best of its kiod. For
1ST!) monthly- Sunnlement will be
given, containing Full-sized Paper
Patterns for a lady s. or cnila s aress,
thus giving to every subscriber twelve
such patterns, extra, during the year.
These patterns alone will be worth
the subscription price. Five original
copy-right novelets will also be given,
besides a hundred short stories. Among
the novelets will be one by one that
celebrated author, Frances Hodgson
Burnett, and another by the author
of "Josiah Allen's Wife." The price
of this lady's Book is but Two Dollars
a Year, the postoge pre-paid by the
nnM;aW. Ta Clubs the prices are
greatly reduced for 1879, vir: two
copies for 3.50. witn a supero
Mextotint (24 inches by 20). "Christ
Hlkssino Little Children." tbe
finest and costliest ever offered, to the
. Mttin uo the club: or four
copies for $6 50, and an extra copy to
.v. ntint nn the club. For
$3 00 six copies will be sent, and an
extra eopy for getUng up me ci
mtt men inch terms offered before!
Specimens of the. Mapiin. are sent.
gratis, if written for, to those wish
ing to gt up clubs. Subsoribe to
nothing else until you have seen a copy
ot this popular Magazine. Address
Charles J. Peterson, 30G Chestnut
Street, Philadelphia, Pa.
. Wootton Hotel. We referred
in out last to the exterior improve
monts in this house. We have since
called there, and find that the interior
has also been thoroughly renovated
and re-lurniBhed, io the way of paint
ing, papering, new carpets, furniture,
&c Everything is as "bright as a
new pin," and the very style and air of
tho dining room would be calculated
to put one in a good humor and give a
good appetite.
Tbia house will be opened to the
publio forthwith. It will be conduct
ed on the plan, universal in the largor
and more enterprising towns, of serv
ing each guest at table with the stand
ard articles of food, and what is other
wise required, independently of all
others. We wonder this plan has not
long since been introduced here, and
don't see why it should not be as ac
ceptable here as elsewhere.
Mr. and Mrs. Wootoo have had con
siderable experience in keeping hotel ;
are persons of sterling reliability ; and
we prcdiot for their House, under its
"new style," a new and successful ca
reer. SonaetblnffNew Ijnmber Yard
at Kingsbury.
W. H. Harris & Co., the well
known Lumber dealers of Marion.have
started a branoh establishment at
Kingsbury, on the G. H. & S. A.
Railway, where they will sell Lum
ber of all kinds as low as it can be
bought in any market. They have had
long experience in the business, know
the wants of the people of this section,
and guarantee satisfaction in every
instance. Their yard will be first
class, consisting of all varieties of
Texas and Louisaina yellow pine lum
ber both rough and dressed, Doors,
Sash, Blinds, Nails, etc. They will
sell rough lumber at Austin rates, and
on dressed lumber will offer induce
moots over any other Western mar
ket. KingBbury being now our nearest
railroad point, and the road there hav
ing recently been greatly inproved,
we see no season why our people who
need lumber should not give Harris,
& Co, their orders. Oct, 26 4w
Editor Free Press : Judging
from the speaking on Tuesday last, I
am convinced that each candidate
thought that it was an easy task to
settle the finanoial problem in compari
son with tbe task of getting into Con
gress. G. V.
Tbe "Sage of San Marcos" we bo
lieve was on hand prepared to demol
ish both Ireland and Schleioher, but
for some reason he conoluded to spare
them "yet a little longer," but it ap
pears could not refrain from sending
after them the above "Parthian arrow."-
The Liocal Paper.
The New York Times, speaking of
ooal papers, says: "You might near-
yas well forget your church, your
academies and sohoolhouses, as to for
get your local paper. It speaks to ten
tiroes the audiences that your local
minister does. It is read eagerly each
day and each week from beginning to
end. It reaches you all, and if it has
a lower spirit and less wisdom than a
sermon, it has a thousand times better
chance at you. Lying, as it does, oc
every table in almost every house, you
owe it to yourselves to rally liberally
to its support, and exact from it as
able, high-toned a character as you do
from an educator in your midst. It is
in no sense beneath notice and oare
unless you yourself are beneath notice
and care for it is your representative.
Indeed, in its character, it is the sum
mation of the importance, interest aid
welfare of you all. It is the aggregate
of your own coosquenoe, a ad you can
not ignore it without miserably de
preciating voureelvea."
The Berlin correspondent of the
Timet telegraphs that notwithstanding
the fact that tbe policemen and mili
tary patrols aconr the street ot St.
Petersburg revolutionary placards con
tinue to be potted in the city. Pam
phlets of an incendiary character are
eeretlv diatribnted and threatening
letters are addressed to the ministers
and leading members of the govern
Subscribe for the Free Pres.
n. f! W. Rtmania'a (?n.uT and Cmdw
an.a Pvi.ia am nmnamil arnvwablv tn HUM
Sick Ueadaebe, Nervous lieadache, Dyt
p ptio tloadaone, Neuralgia, Nervousness
and bleepleunest) and will cure any case.
Price 60 ots a box, 80 pills, postage tree.
Sold by all druguisti. Office, Uo. 100, N .
jsutaw street, Baltimore, out.
April H7-iy
Jot to tbi An uctip. One of our
moat eminent American Chemists has
discovered a process whereby be obtains,
in a palatable form, all the active medi
cinal properties ol the East India Cin
chona bark, without disturbing the ir
ritant and inert matter. In this prepara
tion the alkaloids are in their native
combinations, and the same proportions
of the ingredients are maintained as ex
ist in the eelobrated bark from the Neil
ghetry hills. This preparation is called
Clifford's -Febrifuos, and is last taking
the plaoe of Quinine and the so-called
Ague Cures, etc,, in the market,
J. t . Ricbardson, Prop'r.
For sale by all druggists. St. Louis.
Oct. 6-4w. . ,.-
We are authorized to announce
as a candidate for re election as Rep
resentative to Congress.
We announce HON. JOHN IRE
LAND, ot Guadalupe county, as a
candidate for Representative in Con
We announce CAPT. S. M.
HOLMES, ot Gaudalupe county, as
the People's candidate for Representa
tive in the Legislature from the 64th
We are authorized to announce B.
C. HARDIN as a oandidate for Clerk
of tbe District Court of Hays county.
We are authorized to announce A.
B. F. KERR as a candidate tor tbe
office of District Clerk of Hays coun
ty. county clerk:
We ae authorized to announce ED.
J. L. GREEN as a candidate for re
election to the office of County Clerk
of Hays county.
county judge:
date for re election to the office of
County Judge.
We are authorized to announce ED.
R. KONE as a candidate for County
We are authorized to announce F.
J. M ANLOVE as a candidate for re
election to the office of Prosecuting
Attorney for Hays county.
sheriff :
We are authorized to announce DA
VID A. BARBEE as a candidate tor
Sheriff of Hays county.
We are authorized to announce
CAPT. FERG. KYLE as a candidate
for Sheriff of Hays county.
At the solicitation of many friends,
P. J. C. SMITH announces himself as
a candidate for County Treasurer.
We are authorized to announce H.
A. McMEANS as a candidate for re
election to the office of Treasurer of
Hays county.
county surveyor:
San Marcos, Aug. 14, '78.
To the Voters of Hays Co: I
am a candidate for County Surveyor.
I have no claims to urge, exopt that
I am competent; and promise it elect
ed to attend strictly to the duties of
the office.
Yours Respectfully,
Joe. C. Eve.
We are authorized to announce JOE.
F- BROWN as a candidate for Assess
or ot Hays county.
We are authorized to announce R.
S. FORTSON as a candidate for As
sessor of Hays county.
We are authorized to announce AL
BERT HEATON as a oandidate for
re-election to the office of Assessor of
Hays county.
I am a oandidate for the office of
Justice of tbe Peace in Precinct No.
1, in Hays county.
We are authorized to announce A.
C. DANFORTH as a candidate for
Justice of the Peace.
We are authorized to announce C.
w r.Rrinvs candidate for re
election to the office of Justice of the
We are authorized to announce
didate for Constable, Precinct No.
We are authorized to announce A.
FITCH as a candidate for Constable
ot Precinct No. 1. Hays county.
We are authorized to announce
JOHN H. PATTERSON as a candi
J.ia fnr rVtnatahla of Precinct No. 1.
subject to the action of a Precinct
meeting, should one oe neia.
hide inspector:
TP. b m antlinriaail In announce
MA J. J. M. ADAMS as a candidate
for Hide Inspector of Hays eonoty.
We are authorized to announce
JAMES A. DIXON s a candidate
for Hide Inspector ot Mays county.
tv. am nitBArtml tn nmam T
J. WHITE a a candidate for Hide
Inspector for liars county.
Han Marceav, Texas).
tl. Gjllaetlone promptly attended ta.fa
laugutt aa-);)
San Marcos, Tex.
Prompt attention mid to CoUettiaa
Clalmt and Exaalalug Land TUm. I Fab ! l'
Mmm fflarcM, Hmy Conatf 9 Texaa
Will avlv. nratnnl ittnnlUn Ia all laal hnlnai
offered him n4 tipdallito Ui CoUmiUi. of
DOCTOa W ATKINS b loeatad In San Marco,
with a vlaw lo ilia praetloo of bli profanlvn In Ha
variona branch., and reioactfally off.ra bit wr
k. tb. pnbll.. . '
WOffloa at Moblay at Co'a Drag- Star, dnrlrf
day, at bom. at nlakl. Oel.t-tt
Offlci at Drug Start of Itaynola 4 Danitl.
fimnmTTnn .j titttt ttjt
I. pr.parcd to maka apaalfleatloni aid eonlracla
(or building, Ac, at naaonabla Siaraa, and A.
eanfldant ol bain, abla lo glva aatlilaetloa.
Raton raapaellally to all for whoa ka ha. bare-.
tofora dona wort. Oat. S-Sn
W. Z. DEISKILL, - Proprietor
aKvery effort will ba nada to iW. Mtlifac
tlon to homo patron, and Ih. traveling pnblls.
General Land and Colhctinff Agent
Ofllca in Conrt home. Will bny and lell land,
examine title., render meiimtnti, pay taie.
Ao. J an 23 If,
(SnecMior to A. H. Dxirron As Company,)
rl... SponcM. Trueeee and Surjrleal lnalrn
menu, 01!., Varnl.h and Window Olai.
Beit wine, and Liquor, lor medical pnrpoeei.
3yPrecrlpllone caralully prepared, day anJ
San Marco., June IS. yl
HicHiiiioAi, and
Operative Dentlit
ry In Ita varloo.
branches atreaaod-
abla rat... All yy-
work dona In tn.
ne.leit atyla . Die- V
eatedKumeand bad
brealb promptly re
lieved. Feb. 1, 1-y
Ha. opened at hie old itand In Ran Marcoe, where
he will keep a foil atock of gooda In hla Una,
and Mil aa cheap aa tbe cheapeet.
Brandlaa, Wiiee, WaUkr aad Br
alway. on hand and aald an phy.lclan. preemp
tion only.
Newspaper and Periodical Agent
Will Uke rabeertptlea. for all tba leading itewa
papera aad kUcailnee, Sontb or North, at pab
It hera' prteee. tree at charge, or clak them with
ay aval alea faraiabad. T trail taeh la ad
DAK". HOFHEINZ, Proprietor,
Tal. aw aad eweetate HaaJ-haVeetla Weet
TeaeeowtaUeaf Ut Unrar etUae-aj wow a
,L,.i.i 1.1 of lb. treveUca pablw.
aad all it 'f tae aaa aiml.riaale.
in! T.M. -ma. at-ri aar th- T-
OT-atfta. omUSE, tm ta aaaM waiMiwg.
baa a Aaa eaeck ad
Of the am aWttr aad awM hefcUaaV at,-a.
BONSXT TaJMINa aad atl atkec ta that
.raad -n.W atha.
etna. PU

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