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Free Press.
T. 1
Aem,H fwr B',p,' lr,.
The following gentlomsii art authorised lo re
ceive end rooeipt for subscriptions lo the Faaa
' rates In Ibetr respoeilvo localities:
a. Henton, eq., Ceumy at large.
Iey Delley, Sirliigsewn.
. Martliidale, Martlndale.
MaJ. K. lianoe, Mouutaln City.
J. L. Baionioro, Cedar Valley.
J. D. Cart j, Onion Creek.
XII postmasters are aim authorised agsuti
110313 NEWS.
StntTtyl or Mlolen
From the subscriber on Thursday, tbe
gad lost., a
about six years old, branded 0 II ou
Mi shoulder. Umb id kood order
.nH unshod. Was raised at Hutobi
onn'a ranoh. and may have gone in
that direotion. but is probably yet in
t.ia vininitv. if not taken away.
A suitable reward will be paid for
lis return to mo at oau Marcos,
I. II. Julian.
Owing to the scarcity of house room,
and beiDg oyer stocked in some lints,
W. B. Fry will from this date offer
special inducements in Clothing, Bats,
Boots and Shoes. So now is your
chance to save from .15 to 20 per cent,
Call early and secure these bargains,
lie means just what he soys.
Ha has iust opened a fine line of
Queensware and Glassware, which he
offers lowei than they nave ever Deen
sold in Son Marcos.
He is receiving almost daily Choice
Family Groceries und offering them at
popular prices.
,Cups and Saucers at 20c per set at
Dry s.
--Goblets at 40c a set at
Glass Tumblers at 20c a set at
-Choice Rio Coffee, 4lbs for $1.00 at
Choice La., Molasses at 6oo per gal
lon, at FryV.
Hats from 40o up, at
Priuts, 20yds for 51.00 at
Boots and Shoes at M. Y. cost at
Go to Fry's for your Toys and
Christmas Fruits.
Seyen MacKerel for 25c at
Remember, that Fry keeps tho larg
est assortment of Chewing Tobao
co in town, direot from the Va.,
Fry wishes it distinctly understood
that he will not be undersold in
anything that he keeps in stock.
Raisins, Fancy Candies, Prunes,
Nuts, Citron, Spices, Extraots,
&c, at
See new legal notice on last page.
See advertisement of Mr: Noble of
the head of the river property for sale.
Single copies of the Free Press,
"with or without wrappers, for sale at
the office price five cents.
I was threatened with Consumption,
took Ayer's Cherry Pectoral, and am
Wk are readv for any amount of
Job Printing. Bring it along.
People we believe are "glad twice"
over tbe Cbrintroas holidays when
tbeyoome, and when they are gone.
The Free Peeks aguin appears, and
no preventing providence," will go
straight along, without further omis
sion, to the end ot the year.
Why do not Christian ministers and
people combine to frown down the
worse than heathen style of celebrating
Christmas which eo generally prevails?
For Sale. Wo have a medium sii
i heating stove, bought new only a
few weeks since, which we find rather
mall for our purpose, and hence would
ell at a reduced rate. Call at this of -fee.
Sew Tear' I Hrilsr.
I on!d be glad to have all my old
tutomert call at their earliest eonve
'war and arrange their accounts be
fore commencing on thia year, a I will
doettrjy business on i new hxaii
reifier. C. H. Bkioxm.
i - . , ., . ..
We regret to learn that Dr. Watkiui
is about to.remove from thia plaoo.
Mrs. Ashfort, of Fort Wortha
daughter of Mrs. Kanou, is visiting at
this plaee.
' AtAnstiowemet Mr. 01iphaut,sen.,
father of tho artist, a venerable oitisen,
formorly of Indiana.
' Mr. Triuiblo, of Brown co., 111., who
epuntsotue time iu our midst last sea
son, has returned for a longer stay.
A e met at Ilearne, for the first
time, the noted Nat. Q. IIanderson,of
the Georgetown Record lie was on
his way home from Washington.
We are sorry to hivo to record the
death of Mr. Faust, an amiable and
intelligent young gentlemau. He died
the first of the week at Pr. Combs', of
We take pleasure in expressing our
obligations to Mrs. Bell, Mrs. Nance
and Mrs. Dr. Pendleton for neighbor
ly courtesies and kindnesses extended,
whioh are duly appreciated by us.
We are in.receipt of a letter from
Mr. Powers, formerly of this . vicinity.
He writes from Winona, Minnesota.
He says hia health is not so good as it
was in Texas, and expresses a desire to
Our young friend George Wilson,
well known here, will lead hia typo
graphical.assistance to the Freb Press
office during the remainder of the win
ter, so that we anticipate less difficulty
in ooming satisfactorily to time.
John B. Rutherford, of Mercer,
Mercer co., Pa., writes to a former cit
izen of this place making inquiry con
cerning his brother, Joseph C. Ruth
erford, of whom he has lost trace for
over two years. We notice the mat
ter by request and any one who may
be able to give the desired information
would no doubt confer a great favor
by so doing.
Our Christmas turkey a very fine
one appeared almost oeiore we sug
gested his nun- appearance, 1 hanks
to Mrs. Curran Kyle, tbe present mis
tress of the Burleson homestead,
which under her administration we
augur will sustain its reputavion for
thoughttul kindness and liberality.
As we were compelled to be absent on
Christmas, we reserved the turkey to
grace our family board on New Year's
At Austin we met a Mr. Charles
Drury, of Muscatine, lown, whoso sn
tecedeutB, though pcraonaly a stranger,
had so much in common with our own
in tho way of acquaintance with per
sons and places, that be seemed al
most an old acquaintance. By hiia we
were introduced to a Mr. Chambers,
one of'four brothers, also from Musca
tine, who are now engaged in building
a fine flourine mill of twelve run of
buhrs on the Colorado, near Austin
Our two little girls, Nellie and
Laura, have returned to ub, after an
absence of nearly four years at the
North, and our little family is once
more reunited. We have no disposi
tion to bring our private affairs before
the public but merely refer to the fact
because we feel sure -there are irieuch
among our circle of readers, who have
known something of our troubles and
trials in this country, who will be glad
with us over this long desired consum
mation. We invite attention to the new
prospectus of the Galveston News, not
only the great newspaper but also the
great editorial educator of Texas.
We send some copies of our present
issue to persons who are not subscrib
ers, in the hope that they may like it
well enough to favor us with their sub
scriptions. The new year is the right
time to begin.
Remember that Donalson & John
son's is tbe plaee for bargains, having
reference to their intended dissolution
of partnership.
We learn that enough was realized
at the late Methodist supper to ensure,
with what was before on hand, the
early building of a parsonage.
Wi publish an interesting letter
from El Paso county. Hope to hear
from the writer again.
Tfaaxl ITaatcd
Wanted, aome dry, medium aized
wood, for' offioa stove, t thii office.
Lati Lakxsid b. "Second Cousin
Sarah," by F. W. Robinson ; "atone-1
maton of Saint Paint," cy i-amarune. ,
For sale at thia office.
Acknowledgments or Subscrip
tion, Tho fallowing persons have
paid the amounts sec opposite their
names on subscription to tha Free
Press duriug the months of Novem
ber and December:
Mrs Jane Owen $1 00
R S Fortson 2 00
J W Green 1 00
Mj Barbee 2 00
I U Wootoo 2 75
G Msytield U 00
U V Grooms....
J 00
1 00
2 00
Mm E Howard
J FKIliaou
T R Kourquoran
C F Milieu, Austin,.
H A Mo Mean
Z 00
2 00
1 00
D K Coorehatn...
Dr Cade ,
Mr Jennincs,
2 00
T J Horton 2 00
Gid O Johnson 2 00
8 L DrUkill 60
8 L Pegues 2 00
A Ueatoo 2 00
" " to Maine 2 00
W 0 Mullins 2 00
Hon John Ireland 2 00
O Voglesang 2 00
James L Malone - 00
D C Mitchell ? 75
K Donnell 1 00
F M Noble 2 00
Prof Riohardson 2 00
O L Mogehee 2 00
Otto Gramm 3 00
W A Smith 1 00
William Biles 2 00
SF McAllister 2 00
Curran Kyle 2 00
J H Horn. 2 00
R J Sledge 00
J F Connolly........ 2 00
M A Vanlandingham 2 00
Rev Mr Killough 2 00
W Kyle 2 00
Hutohins k Turner 2 00
Capt Turner, to Tenn f-
J I Chastain 2
Z T Cliett 2
W A H rrisA Co, Kingsbury... 2
Mitchell k Glover 2
Mr Ot'cnbauson ? 2
i nu.:n.
M H Muroheson 2 W
H C SkraggB 2 00
Elder Williamson "
J Billingsly f
J A Tll 1 UU
January rHaoz1iic.
We are in receipt of tho following.
Our space will only permit mero men
tion this week:
The Atlantic. Bos'ms vol. 43 . and
fully sustains its paBt high reputation.
Appleton s drops pictures and en
ters the higher walks of literature and
Lippincott '8 goes onward and up
ward in its ohosen course1
Popular Science is more than
ever indispensable to all who would
keep abreast of the progress or science
nd thought.
The Eclectic gives the cream of
Foreign literature, and like old wine
grows better and better.
The Phrenological is equal to
its best past issues.
Godey promises to be better than
ever although only $2 now instead of
S3 as f Drmerly.
Ballou's is the oheapest and best
for the price, $1 50.
BSrWe will order any of the above
at publishers' prices, or club them wfth
the Free Press at reduced rates. See
Clubbing List in another column.
Notice Extra ordlny :
We offer for sale the best make of
Wagons and Plows. Also both bar
bed and common fencing wire.
Oar stock of Dry Goods will be sold
cheaper than ever. Groceries also very
cheap for canh.
N. B. All knowing themselves in
debted to us will please come forward
and settle without delay. We must
have monei.t
D. R. Cocreham & Co.
My accounts are now made out, and
I am in need of my money. All per
sons knowing themselve indebted to
me will confer a favor on me by calling
and settling at once.
Yours very respectfully.
J. R. Williamson.
Dec. 20. 1878.
The firm of Dooaison k Johnson
will by mutual consent be dissolved
Feb. 1. 1879. Their present stock w
full in all departments and will be sold
at greatly reduced prices, strictly for
Tho indebted to us are earn
estly requested to make early settle
ment, as our books must be closed ty
Feb. 1879.
Donalson & Johnson.
Wx have had steady winter weather
for more thin ten days, yet the mercu
ry baa not been much below the freez
ing point There wan ice half aa inch
thick on the ponds about Ilea roe oa
the 27th ult The sun hae scarcely
shows his face during all this time,
Marriage Licenses issued during
November and December :
A K Daniel, Missouri Runnels ; Otto
Gramm, Annie L Parker; Joseph M
Dixon, E J Harris j E B Lasseter,
M J L Cheney; F R Malone, A L
NeUon; P J C Smith, M E Ivey; G J
Jennings, Annie MoCuiston; John
Noyer, Cheny Nichols; Wm M Crow,
Laura A Lyle; W A Tysen, Laura
Poole; D Brsswoll, Luura B Fretwell;
Peter Thomson, Sarah E MoMullin;
Willis Phillips, Rose Ramsay; Chas L
MoCay, Mary B Garrett; A II Ed
wards, Mary E Allison; A O Elam,
Anna M Perkins; T H Hill, F A
Massie; W J Farris, Alioe Ward;
J C Jones, Z J Fuller; Frank Glenn,
Beoky MoMillan.
Now and then a subscriber insists
on paying for another year months be
fore the time paid for has expired. We
wish certain slow parties might be in
spired with some of ibis prompt spirit.
Oar ClnbblaarL.Ut for 1870.
We are prepared to olub the Free
Press to new or renewing subscribers
with the followm nublioations at the
rales specified below, if ordered at
the same time with our paper. Is the
first column we give the regular price of
eaoh publication singly, in tbe seoond
the price of the same and the Free
Press together:
With tha
Singly. FreePreee,
Llttell'i Llflng Age, $8 00
N. Y. Wexkly Tribune t 00
St Louie Bepnbllcao 1 SO
N.T. Ledger 0
The Graphic (weekly)
The Aldine 00
Loulavllle Courier Journal 1 SO
Detroit Free Preae 00
Saturday Evening Poet... 00
Nov Tork Obterrer IS
Prairie Farmer S 00
Oolman'a Sural World 00
Journal of Agriculture S 00
American Agrleutturttt 1 SO
Soientlfio American ... 8 30
Soribner'a Monthly 4 00
St. Nlcholee 00
Atlantio Monthly 00
Llpplncott'a Magatine 00
oleotlo Magaiine S 00
Phrenological Journal 3 00
Peteraon'a Magaiine 3 "
Appleton't Journal 8 00
Popular Soienoe Monthly S 0U
International Review S 00
Mameine of American Hlntory. . 6 00
ls M
S 86
S 80
4 68
8 SS
8 M
8 SO
8 IS
4 8
3 es
5 66
8 30
3 16
a sa
6 36
4 66
5 86
6 36
6 16
8 60
4 40
6 BO
6 15
6 16
Frank Lealle'a Illustrated Newe
4 00
6 86
8 36
I.udleh' Journal... 4 00
" ' Cblniney-Corner. 4 00
" other publication!
at proportionate
Harper'a Monthly 4 00
Weekly 4 00
" Bazar .4 00
Godey'aLady'aBook 3 00
n.mnrMt'1 Monthlv 3 00
S 86
s in
6 6
6 35
3 66
4 15
8 16
4 15
3 66
8 90
The Nursery IB
Faterion'a Banx note uewwr,
aemi-montbly 8 OO
" Monthly 1 SO
Home-Journal, New Orleana.... 2 60
Amerioan Union 3 60
rtullnn U MaorncinA I 60
4 15
Postage is prepaid on all the above,
ana premiums sum iu buujo u.
particulars inquire at this office.
Wo will nUn order knv of .the above
singly, or any other paper or periodical
at publishers' prices, free of charge.
Connamptlon Cured.
An old physician, retired from practice, having
had placed in hia handa by au East India raiwlou
ary tbe formula of a simple vegetable remedy,
lor the speedy and permanent cure ef cdniutnp
tion, bronchitis, casarrh, aathma, and all throat
and lung affections, also a positive and radical
cure for nervous debility and all nervous com
plaints, after having tested ita wonderful curative
powers in thousands of oases, has felt it his duty
to make it known to his suffering fellows. Actu
ated by this motive, and a deaire to relieve hu
man suffering, I will send, free of charge, to all
who desire It. this recipe, with full directions for
fireparing and using, in German, French, or Kng
lah Seni by mail by addressing with stamp,
naming this paper. W. W. Sberar, 149 Powers'
Block, Rochester, New Tork. 4w
Dr. C. W. Benson's Celbbt ano Camo
eile Pim are prepared expressly to cure
Sick Headache, Nervous Headache, Dys
p ptic Headaofoe, Neuralgia, Nervousness
ana Sleeplessness, and will cure any case.
Price 50 cts a box, 30 pills, postage free.
Sold by all druMists. Office, No. 106, N
Eutaw street, Baltimore, Md.
April 27-ly
Jot to tub Worm. The afflicted may
cow rejoice. A saie, certain and effectu
al antidote to malnrin has been iound.
Clifford's ITebrifuok is a perfect remedy
against all diseases caused by malaria. It
not enly breaks tbe chill, but thoroughly
eradicates tbe poison. Its action is truly
wonderful; it cures malarious diseases of
every kind fevor and Ague, Intermit
tent Fever, Remittent Fever, Dumb Ague,
Periodical Headache and Billious Fevers
of all kinds. It is purely vegetable and
as harmless as water. Try it and be con
vinced J. C. Richardson, Prop'r.
For sale by all druggists. St. Louis.
Query: "Why will men smoke
common tobacco, when they can buy
Marbure Bros. 'Seal of Aorth Caro
lina ' at the same price ?" I eb.2-ly
We wonM respectfully i of oral tbe dttaene at
3am Marae and vicinity that ere aeve rate4 the
room recently occupied t A. Filch, and are aew
resarvd te make aiogree ea4 FertMTBeeef
vary style ad ttn. la a Deal aad artiattc awaawr
a4 guaraaK eatistactleek
We an aire srepar4 te asake OeM aadl aHlvr
Klotee-alreJrieleldlo wif
Machine erf ell klada. Clacks. Welch aad Jew
elry. Barer, adeem. Leeks Flaeele, Ac.
All work eramat4. a. Us re f tTM
ac eecU4. As rre, we W l llw.
tag aaaaW a,tl la :
Err. awbi. Wall, Cartaac, -: . Mr.
Palta.Canfeea-e. M-; Oca. Ba4r, P. M-, Canker.
M4 Om. BUkewy. CWrk f ta Corty Cowrt,
Canker. M4 T. B- TetUe. Jaattoa la Paae.
Carta, . B. McBrteH City Atearewy,
D-. tl-tai.
Mata. Marco. Teziea '
f. CjIWeUoos promptly atteoded t. V
, laugiul U-lyl
Sou Marcos, TVac. ,
Prompt attention paid to Collecting
Claims and Eiamlnlnf Land lUlet. , Feb 1-ly
Raei irtarcea, Hay CamNtjr, Taxaa.
Will lve prompt attention te all legal business
offered him, end especially to tbe Collection r
Claims. aepa-ly
DOOTOB WATKfNB kaa located la Baa Marcc
with a view to the arecUee ef his profession la Its
varioua branches, and respectfully offers hisses
vices tn the public
aWOfflce al Jullua Ismer's Dni8tera dorlet
day, at ham at Bitot. Oct. t-tt
Offlct at Drug Start of BaywAfa 0 Dankl.
Ia prepared to make speoHoatlone end oontraols
for building, te., at reasonable flruree, and feels
confident ol being able lo five satlsfaetlon.
Refers respectfully to all for whom he haa here'
tofora done work. Oct. 6-Sm
W. Z. DEISKILL, - Proprietor
B9Rvery effort will be made to give satlsfee
tion to home patrons and tha traveling public
General Land and Collecting Agent
Office In Court bouse. Will buy and sell lands
examine titles, render assessments, pay taxes
Ao. J anlatr,
(Successor to . N. Dnto tt Company,)
rles, Sponges, Trusses and Surgical Instru
ments. Oils, Varnish and Window Olasa
Rest Wines and Liquors for medical purposes.
ajoTPrescrlptioua earelully prepared, day anj
Sao Marcoa, June 23. yl
cj. H. COIrlBS,
UscnanoAi, and
Operative Dentist
ry In ita various
branches at reason.
work dona In the
neateat atyle. Dis
eased gums and bad
breath promptly re
lieved, Feb. 1, 1-y
malm tx
Has opened at his old ataed in Ban Marcos, where
ne win keep a tun atoca or goooa in nia tine,
and eel! aa cheap aa tb cheapest.
Brandlva, Wlaea, Whlafcf aad Beer
always on hand and sold en physicians prescrip
tion oniy.
Newspaper aid Periodical Agont
Will take robeerlntlont for all tbe leading tTowa.
papere nd Magaslnee, South or Morth. at pah
Ushers' price, fre f char-, r clak taeaa wllb
lh FKRK FBKSrJ at redact retee.
Any bok al fanilsbed. Tenia I ask la aJ
vaac. J
DAN. H0FHIINZ. Proprietor,
I. X. C0B5IB ttXtk.
Tkl s l. sad epade Mr beet ia We
Taaatai4f W laravr atfm a
r tk trvlln BaklM
The eleepiac rsissi are VHreifally ! d alrr,
aad all lu draartaMWte brlfbt a4 asmlsi labia.
Tb tabl will a Sret-Hae lr UM cmrry.
(TSU. BOTH Hi I, la the a batidiac,
baa a aa atack f
xninnT cxrs
Of ta bt nttHf "d wm sasbleaabta at1,
annrr TBlMBIMaad all atkar rk M ibst
treMiaia ataaw aa ta a etyl. rrtm r.
t MM r kevtled t caB aai a- see
able rate.. Allgp.;1 JMl

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