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Prove All Things Hold Fast that which Is Cood."
NO. 25. ,
Free Press.
if0 whom a't Lotter should be Addressed,
Okfioe East sido of Plaz.
......r-loadrance ? 00
M j .( j v,0
. Ih n litu Aim VAST. 8.00
Busines. Directory, one ycr, W 00
. ta.uf , H A,luj.rttiimitta will be
Iegi .n.r far the first I II-
rt.rs.a ','.':';- -,. fr-SMh adril
;,Mn.erUon A .qur. J. the
lien" Fractional squares will bo counted full
cm pet "," "
cents per ' oe ,or . nn
'announcing c.ndldauslor ottioe, county. $ MO
vor Uistrtoi or ate ,V. , j r
Obituary notice ol oer ton HueS charged at
one-ball advertising rates.
lYgdltor, Publisher and proprietor, olHoe st
"i, lbiu I'Usa. nearly opposite the Court
MITCIIULL GtiOTBK, Mitchell's Building.
lry iioalt iinl Mrooeriosj.
1K0. T. IIALONE, cast side Plaz:i.
UTCHIHS & TUr.KCK, West side Main Plaza.
' m P, DAILIiY t BROS., Wost sIKa of the Main
wal" "VltSHM, South side of lha Main Plaza.
IfKWaS C. H., North aide of the Main
B. 1'itY South Hide Plaza. .
LL' -ON & SMITH, North Side riiua.
T J. D UUjTi South side Phiza.
B. KERR, North aide Plaza.
Groceries and llnrdware,
O W EOSA1.80N, North side Miiiu Plaza.
DH. COCKEUAM & CO., east aide, of the
)laz!L, opjjoslio Court House.
QHAULUS BOCK, South side Plaza.
DriiKg lull.
TlaA'SOLDS & DANiEI,, north sido of tho Main
II Plaaa.
llffO u;t VMM, TravU Corner
0, lloi
RKVBR, east side Plaza, iwxl lo Hofhelnz
J it y k ft c I it us.
jR. T. S. PiSTTy, ofllco at Hemjr's Drug Store
lR3. WOODS & ULAKKMOIU;oI:lceio tVoods
JL'atd Iia:iiol s jJruy Hi ore.
hHS. jOKNTON & PHNDLKTON. offico Sac
U Autonio Kireet, ne.t to Urauiiu's Drug Store
HR. J. U. COMBS, olllcd North side of of the
a Mailt i'luzn.
I. a.v fem,
JJUT3iIlS05ti& FHAWKUN, ip the Court-hou-e
J B. jIjSIUDK, otfice in the Court House,
jTBRUNQ FL3Hi:R, o.3c Notth sldcPlaU.
jROiTS & 31A.SL0VK, oiHco ia Court Houiie.
I mrt Aeai i ana Xoinry Fatolic.
H. JBI.f AM. oS:i Furu Va.as Bulldini, cast
sidn f Ixs t, neirly ooposite tho Court House.
lyOOTTON KOTEI, on the Au.tln road, one
1" bli.ck Kast 01 Public Square.
WUHia, HOIKL, S.iJ.Uor. riaia.
'KAVI3 HOUSE, wcsHide Tlaza.
riikery n-id C'oniectionarj'.
pt!T2 LASU!;, South tide Plaza.
JKililaery store.
J) nornt-INZ, south side Plaza.
S'ovem anJ liaware.
H. EAS.UiM, Ei.t a'd. Plaza.
P THOMPSON, on. square north of Pli. a
tae au.iin road.
Carjsanter. and ttnllacra. .
T C. EO.J-SJ, ret'.deace : : the IwUtute.
Liver aa4 U Mable.
".II A OS, Sao Amc. .. rel.
Inrmtars tt.iler..
i0 HOi'KISi, East t le 1'
naLhiaaakr 'r Jeweler.
H. IXSSITS .... r-lata.
1 ' J 1 uio. I 3 moil. I 0 mm. 12 moe
,--r,r ; i $ 3.60 1 9 oo I S 0.00 1 i iu.oo
Hi; 4.00 0.00 I 10.00 I 15 00
' j.iir k.ooi u.ooi ao.oo
, .' t.oo io.uo 10.00 I 30.00
J 12 00 20.00 30.00 6C.O0
,, . I ao.00 I 35.00 I 5 1 MO I 7fi.n0
Business'Directory Oontinued.
merchant Tailor.
Tl DOGGER, or Iwualson'i store.
neat market.
nOWRSEND THOMAS, north aide plaie.
Boot and lioeiuuker.
TTT B. CREECII, northwest Cor Public Square.
yyU. It. CROW, Wtit aid. Plaza.
coraaasiuAn Cta dktmot:
Hon. Columbui Upton, of Bwar county.
aAioa Sltr DtsTaicr:
Hon. L. J. Storey, ol Caldwell Co.
lion. J. M . Ilolmea, of Guadalupe Co .
Hou.W.F.Dclany " " "
uiaYaioT oer 16TB DIHTkiet.
Hon. L. W. Moor., Preaidlng Judge, Laflrange.
Tia.i or holiiko ooort.
Uivi, 2d Mondayt In March and September.
soutTi orrioaaa.
Ed R. Kone, Jndge County Court,
li. O. Ilardln, Diatrlct Cierk.
Ed. J. L.Ureen, Comity Clerk.
F.J. Manlovo, County Attorney.
J.. A. Wron. Sherift. C. S. Cock, Deputy.
C. W.Groonia, Juitle. of the Peace Pre. No. 1
n i.nlo.e. " '
W. M. Wratt, " " " " " 3
.Smith. " " "
11. A. UcMeant, County Treaanrer.
A. ilnatun, Aoesvor.
Joe.C. Kve, Hurroyor.
D. P. Hopkinn, Coni'r Precinct No. 1.
O.K. Moore " " " 2.
Peter Schmidt, " " " 8.
J. B. Peal. " " " .
.Tnmeii Foii?ev. Cona ble.
Ti hks or HOLDIKO CODKTT AKO Precikot CouBm
Criminal Couuly Court lt Monday In eacn
County Court for Civil and Probate buaincBi
1st Monday In febrnary A prll, June, August, w
toher and December.
Commlsnloiiera Court 2d Mondays In February,
U.v AiiKHHt and November.
Justice Court Precinct No. 1 1st Friday !n each
moutb, Sun Marcea,
Precinct No. 2 2u mciaymeacn iroram
! jj ad " nimoeriey-n oiiii
i 4 4th ' Dripping Springs.
. ., town orricaas.
Council W. O. Hutchison, T. R. Fmirqurean, L
tr.nn II P rnlftollL
W. Mitchell, V. V. HoyKins, r. it. inruur
Marshal S. L. Townsend. ,
"isif!s;sa':!S. i
iinwrrnmam TI- k 1 rm ia 1 AVl nil I flt
air i uuaho t i icituuiiift uk
Cburch every Mnblifttti. itev. J. o. umtiu, rnovur.
CHIUS'L'I AN. Preaching at the Christian
Cliurch on the itecond and fourth Sabbaths in each
mo run uy iiiiner 4 . ai. tt iiuniunuu.
VKKSHY I Hill A A. rraainilig ti mo rrcsujio
fan Church on the wecond and fourth fcao
. , ...i a... .un Un W I. ITonnnilv
lOiniTl eiiuu intuitu uj njD t .
8011 rill nuiiuny ill wbuii iuimu tv, v .
...j ... '. at f..trfd nii.at-nl.
i. u i . .. : .. t. .f ini ,.j.1apL-
BA.l'T!ST. Preaching at the Christian Church
i ... . .... t n. i. i.' t j ..
on tli o mini sunuayin eacu uiunui, uy niucr
rt.T.j ni'UI 4 Mn OD V CUVTiTTIT A Iff Prannhtnrr
iu mo t i"","1'1 " "" - j
i. . l. a... ,... n t ...I
. n.dluiniiaii Ptmrnh nn thaa Aral Riiniiflr In
oacn mourn t ujr ivev. r. u. ii.
Austin Stase arrives at 12 n'clnck M.i San
Antonio Stag, arrives at 12 o'clock M. Both
Daily arrivals. Mails close st 11;30 a ;
LullUK. arrives Tucudnys and Fridays at4 P. u.
loaves at 7 a. u. next mornmu.
A. Vom Strin.P. M.
Hays Co., eight miles Northeast of Snn
Marcos, five miles East of Mountain
fHJ U Cattle Brand
Rorse Brand.
a on left jaw of all young stock
Mission Valley Nurseriss
G. CNDEEDOM. Prop'r.
We have studied closely the various questions
relatir.g to truit culturo in Western Texas during
the twenty-seven rears of experience and obser
p.Miti. iin'nn bur own irround. We have thus en
abled ourselves to preseut to the public a list of
fruits better anap:ed to onr cumaiu miiu tau ue
offered by any otber eblahltsbnieut.
Our pejrs cannot be excelled anywhere. Any
one who has a good clay snb-soil and good drain
age need not hunt a bettor pear country than this.
Our plums and gropes are of tho ouly classoa
that have been fund snccessfnl here.
Our acclimated lit of peacoes is grafted, with a
sinale exception, from ew varieties orisiuntrd
tloai seed in Weftem Texis. We do not claim
that our peaches are belter than every oibcr, but
wdo claim that our trees are proved as hardy
and prodcotlve as any ecrub seedling, while tho
qualities are uot Inferior to the eld lits.
We propose to introduce our trulls Into the San
M.rcos neighborhood. Wherever you can rsf
srub seedlinirs our trees will do eifially well.
his question of comhininc hardiness, productive'
Ben sod quality Is our leading teatnre.
We can sopnly a good assortment of ornamental
tree, ard pianle. . .
....... .nwtj ta remi ard aee eur orcn-
r.TO iuvv
ards, vineyards, narsariea aud crnameaial
Onr new abridged calalogn furrl-M free on
aeplicat'en. e refer V Utv. John utlleU ol San
U arm. for evidence of onr rcinMhtr.
We have no traveling iw -d ilerfc
B. W. BreediiiC ia our reside.t gf M
M Areas.
For further IcionnaUon aatpiy "
XUdoa Tal!ej,Victw:a CoTeiav
Oct. Ja-ly
A Vlatlon of Mprlnff Time.
W. wandered o'er tho grassy hills, when day was
In Its glory,
And listened, with enraptured souls, to Spring'!
enchanting story.
Clonds had obscured the azure sklos, but .11 war.
now departed,
And Malar., brushing oft her tears, had grown so
The flowers and leaves, kissed by iht br.eis, at
last forgot to quiver,
And sunset's radiant glory fell across the glassy
W. watched th day. god going down, quit, sure
ly, though so slowly,
And e'.r each heart a calmneu stole a feeling
almost holy;
Tot nothing of the kind that fill, the aonl with
deep dejection,
H. went to rest 'mid seal of gold his rodisnt re
flection. Th. glory lingered with ns long, though twilight
badea earn, stealing,
And on. by one th. stars looked down, approach
ing nlgbt revealing.
Bat well w. knew another land was reveling In
And those bright beams had admired,
wero other hills adorning.
So with our lives. Of clouda and tears, w. each
havohadonr measure.
Bat may life's sun at eveniide light up our world
to pleaure.
And may our deeds on earth be ailch so earnest
each endeavor,
That some reflection of our Uvea will linger here
And loved ones fcoll when we havs passed away
from mortal vision,
Amid tho gloom made by onr loss, we brighten
lauds elj slan.
Bulla F. Swtaptit
PliiloHopher Starve In 4.'Isi-
Wo copy tho following from tho
Newcastle Indiana Mercury. Tho
leadins articlo in the May No. of Pop
ular Science Monthly probably his
last is from the poa of Prof, vaughu
and the editor gives further facts con
cerning his sad fate, so disgracoful to
the community in which he lived.
Ed. Free Press.
Tho death of Professor Daniel Vau
ghn nt the ago of 58 years which occur
red nt Cincinnati an Sunday last, re
moves from tho Mississippi Valley its
moat distinguished scientific scholar
and writer. Perhaps of all the thou
sands of people who mike their home
in Cincinnati Prof. Daniel Vaughaa
was the ouly one whoso name will live
and grow brighter in future centuries
Strangest of nil he was without fame
and almost unknown in the city of his
adoption. While the great savants of
Kucopo and learned societies of Paris
and London and other groat capitals
were familiar with his nnmo and his
labors, Cinncinati knew him not and
allowed him to toil and die in poverty
and privation in the midst of the plenty
that she poured out with lavish boun
tyat the feet of the noiyand superfi
cial in science and art. Daniel Vau-
ghan was a native of Ireland, but hod
made Cincinnati his homo for a quiir
tor of a century, and had devoted his
life to the study and elucidation of cat
ural science, especially in chemistry,
astronomy, gcolopy and natural his
tory. Ha was also a fine linjuist and
had command of some six or seven of
tho modern languages besides ancient
Greek and Latin, fie becanio emini nt
as a contributor to the great European
scicntiCe journals, but it is said that
the excellent 'Popular Science Month
ly" of New York is the ouly magazine
that ever paid him adequately for his
work. "We remember that Prof. Vau-
ghan often contributed to the Beeoit
Tree nnd af;erwardsto the Industrial
which were publifbed i:i this comity
a few years ago by IsniiC Kiulcy. Prof,
Vauglian died very poor, without even
the comforts to wake lilc reasonably
endurable. Ilis tecsitive and retiring
nature was jreat'y to llame ft.-r this.
As bis a?e nnd poverty increased ho
locked ibe secret closer to bis heart and
tinaily would not allow bis friends to
even know where he lodged. He is
dead, and; bis ixiinory will now be
honored ar,d doubtless a co.-tly nnrfc
will be pat or?r M? tonij, hat a ftw j
huarlrws placed ia his S.aad. il? he
ts ye v-o!J srirtToaa woul-J. i 't-
lcr bare pre rveJ V.3 viiiab!a Iify J
for nau Tf:ara to corts. Such li fime '
Ii'eoroes too late to tleL.c .i: tibr
who fans it.
I lie. Public School.
Thero seoms to bo a desiro on the
part of some of tho people of this
Stato to abolish tho public school sys
tem and ostablish tho whipping post.
It is not Btranyo that these two de
sires should go together, finco both
denote an inclination toward a return
to barbarism. It is true that the man
ner in which publio schools nro con
ducted in Texas moke them simply a
farco. Any person, bo bo loomed or
ignorant, can establish a private school
and draw the publio money for his pu
pils, during tho tiino each year that it
is supposed to last. Sush a system it
would be wise to abolish. It can nev
er bo anything but a failure. But
that the publio schools of the North
are a failure is untrue, nnd tbe pcoplo
who make tho assertion cither tell a
willful falsehood or know nothing
about the matter, except by hearsay1
No private schools in tho whole couu
trycancoinparo with tbe publie schools
of St Louis in discipline, order, and
thorough training. Tho wholo sys
tem is like clock-work. No tardy pu
pils, no staying out of school. Either,
unless caused by illness, in three days'
time, loses the transgressor his seat in
school. The writer attended the iel-
fcrson publio school of St. Louis some
years ago, and though she has attend
ed some, and vitiitcd hundreds of pri
vate schools since then, her moirory
places it high above all of them iu ex
cellence. Tho richest people of that
oily tent their children thero, not ouly
to give it their countenance, but in full
appreciation of the superior advuu-
tiines it offered for the education of
tho young- Tho teachers were grndu
tea not from flash seminaries, but
from colleges or tho publio schools
themselve3, which arc equal to the bott
of colleges in tbe world. Tho system
of grading was bo perfect that thero
was n time for ovcry study and every
recitation, never varying ono minute
Tho teachers never gavo any com-
luands; a bell regulated every study,
every recitation and every movement
of the pupil. So much for a city pub
lio school.
But it hits been urged that they are
a failure in the country. False agaiu.
Minnesota, as new a Mate as iexas,
has her publio schools in every dis
trict teu months in the year. Some
districts do not furnish more than ten
or twelve pupil?, but have their schools,
nevertheless. Neither is Tom, Dick
or Harry allowed to teach. The teach
era are examined by oompetent parties,
and none can take a school unless hold
ing a certificate that he is competent
to teach. Private schools can not
draw publio money. E.teh district
has its own school Iiouho or school
houses, and the State pays such teach
ers as are there engaged, and no oth
Minnesota has three State Normal
schools, also publio, for the education
of teachers. These are marvels of or
der, discipline and facilities lor laaru
ing and acquiring tho proper methods
of imparting knowledge. They are
doing much toward elevating the peo
ple ol that i-cctioo, inauy of whom are
fcreiguers of narrow ideas, who fixht
the best efforts of tbe wise and good,
though directed toward their own wel
Never will Tcxng take her true place
in the galtixy of States till the follows
the bright cxiiuplo of Uutc little
A. V. H. CrpDter, Esq., tf iMi
waukce, Wisconsio, has most tru'.L.
fully suit) :
"The common. scIko! U the turner
Mono of the courtc ol culture tor rro-
duciuz the bcitt avtnce mau, if it i
whtt it khould be, otlicrjiso it i like
a rotten luiio atriorir iu n bril.-;
Tho Stole i' th rtr.r.-.l nurafcn iA
t!iht ii-;Mti-:n, ard tti'jv.) 2 be .i:!i
lul as l!te tru p t -u' to i.i.i ovr. c!riu.
It Jicj;wrt shuul-i bo ;i.'.toi:. co-i
ii: utir.z':( st "irna": uV
thijri ii lh .i r:l f tiia is ti.e !u-t r 'i:ir
lor r-rrsintorr. ::ci f) .t 'i tr
antl.icii n5?:ir"i;!,i. . 1 ht r ii?; t
rtt art ;;,j.t4 t-r u tiiun vt. ch ii-..'ri;':.
iU c.i
of a rod t.t'fi' j v i.
mz citlr' joursea. I se -ltljr::
educate its ohildren to be good and iu
tclligcnt ciliuens it it experts them to
honor it, or bo loyal to it. Strong
bodied, btrong-minded, grcut nud puru
buaiiud, till theso couio within the
rsngo ol tho curriculum which the
Stato should foster, and entirely dehor
any seoturiau tutelage, whieh ol all
things should bo avoided. We aio
upmiking of lhat culturo which per- s
tains to the product of Aninriouugieat
oess, and t oodness. There is a elaes,
and it is not small numerically, which
Tails at being called upon to support
the couuiou fchool. Wherever it
flouriNhes. it is like tbe "upas tree" in
its efleot upon everything of a truly
American character; and when thero
is found to be too little room for all
parties, sects or persons, in this coun
try, those who dislike to be taxod fcr
I h support of a grand cosmopolitan .
education can best bo spared: their
spirit is out of joint with all that lion
at tho foundutioc of true Anieriejto
greatness." '
Query: (Returning to the subject
of the whippingpost.) Why does not-
Texas do as seme other States bavo '
done, and put its criminals at work
upon tho roads, and in opening tho
miueral wealth of the Stnte? Let each,
county have its work house, and it
would be as effectual and far less de
grading, both to tho criminal and to
the minister of justice. Instead of
the whipping post and no schools, give
us both school houses and work
houses. American Sketch Book.
Somk ono of tho old prophets or
one of the evangelists, wo can't just
exactly tell which just now for wo
loaned our coucordunco to Tom Crooks,
of tho Sherman Courier, to hunt up
authorities to prove that tho Use of
"tho balm" was good for his stomach's
sake and his often infirmities said
"that of tho making of books thero
was no end." Now, it is clear to our
mind, that theyo must have been luw
books, for it is evident there is no end
to the making of laws. Tho session of
Congress before tho last only laid over
five thousand bills that could not be
reached, and how many now sleep
thoir last sleep at Austin, no mau
Thomas Jefferson, tho author of our
constitution, said in his day "that tho
world was governed too muoh." AVhat
would ho sny now, could bo revisit
this mundane sphere and behold tbe
mountain of laws that are yearly piled
up? Of a truth, wo aro governed too
much. McKinncy Edquircr,
A wonderful old man is Paul Dro
mond, now almost an octogenarian.
Ho is tho father of Texas railways,
since ho inaugurated tho Ccntr.il and
International and built them both. Ha
is now spending his last days iu con
structing a narrow gaugo lino from
Houston to Shrcveport, tho ground
upon which was broke on tho 4th. of
July, 187G,and tho fifty. sixth mile of
which has just been roaohed. An ad
ditional twenty miles have just been
placed under contract to bo finished
in time for the fall trade. This will
carry it to tho town of Moscow, Tolk
county, from which it will go forward
to itd final destination.
Tho next elcctorul college will not
bo based on tho' census of 18SU,
Tho electoral vot-js of the states in tho
next presidential election, will stand as,
itify did ia 137(1, tho whole dumber
being three buotlrsd anJ sixty-nine,
with one hundred and cighty-fivo ne
cessary for a choice.
Tho Liator) of tbe world teaches nj
le-soo with more imprecaive aolemuity
than tb': That tho only safeguard o:
a trout intellect ii a pure heart; that
rvil tiO :Oonor take powsien of tli'J
heart, than fully coicruuncvs tin
cono,ii ;rt of the luin l.
Only T.Wl.O'Otf thenewi!rcrJ
lf r. hvj g'i;i ir.lo ?:r.ulati'n rinco
dc c jis';o Wtr.a l.t yer, while th-i
trewf-ury holii CIj.W.'O.-O.
Ijf a',fcer f euncrona i:';-j:rtct we
T;r!- s-.y tLai .:L?ri i. n l'v&!iy
''rn li:i s'cd?rs ar a artlcV.
We Incw ?'ni t- bt o. Tl ty ar
a.i'.h w-jsrlor to ";! t.rn a t?'l
t'.:rr w a won-'.- in.

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