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San Marcos free press. (San Marcos, Tex.) 1877-1892, July 24, 1880, Image 2

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J1 R li li i J li J O
jVarViW o frcbi- Vint Mirr ul
the J'vifaftct at San -Marcot, Ttn.
Til ragl PMU l leading n.w.piper end
lverllsliil medium, and lies lb bast edict with.
f tblrtr biIIm. U hai a lair aud loaf eesiaa; elri-
lattoD, or tlit bestaorl.bou locauy ana euereil
A llv papur,' jevu4 t'lmln-rntlos tad lbs
developmeolsnd proreasolUit country, Jelfer
aoolaa Democratic lu pollllcs. Duly and official
bpcr of Ilia count J. Sao Matcoa. the ausnlf
eel.U a growing town of (on. 1,100 inbeblUuU,
located Ilia great hlgbwsy aud etife loata
from Austin, th capital .1 lb. BtaH, via Ban
Aatoui. to Mi-ilm. thirty all, from th. former
dud ftj Iron It. latlar til J, ou lh Dm of the
International Kailroad which It now being MplJlj
pn.hrd westward gmt llai!ocleJ to reach Ible
towoaatly la lb. sooting fell.' It la nolad lor lie
rellg looe and educational privilege., Hd ai Iba
.ipierol a Doe country eDd oicelleolcomaionltyi
.tutor the celebrated eprl.igs, halt a mile above,
blob boil up Irom tba boweli o! lb aertb at tba
fyot of tba meuntelna, forming lb Ban Marco.
Ivor, aud cuuallluili.g at ewe a great aalaral
curiosity and an loeihauilible water power.
1 Advertising agents, aud adv.rtlenrt generally
Ibruogbout the country , will be apt to recngnls.
lu Iba proprietor of the Peaa Paaaa oaa wllb
whom, ae a nawapapar publleunr ol Eastern lu.
dlana during fourteen year, from Bnplenibaf
taoB to December lHtll.-lbey have probably bad
baalueae traoaaetloae, la wblcbbe ean point then
wllb pleaenrt ae tbe but evidence of hit raepon
efblllty and node of doing business.
1C gee table of advertising rttaa on flritpage.
aTTaa Baa. fusee may be fonud on Die at
Dm. P. ewell Oo.'. Kcwepeper Adeertlilog
iureau (ID spruce gt) wbera advertising eon.
tracte may ba made for It In Maw York city.
nUTatr. i. II. Balea, Newspaper Advertising
Agent. 41 ram How (Times iluiwwej, le awuor
lent to ooutract lor eurerll.-roente la Iba fuae
fM at oar beat ratee. . '
for ritE.siDE.vr:
. .... ... ol Pennsylvania.
' "of Indiana.
Ogeja- Fifty Cent for Cani
, We bavo concluded to offer tbe
Ebek I'ress from August 1st to' Pe
oemher 1st four monthg for bny Of y
t . i. . ) ,i i
cents payable ia advance. ,Tbe cam
ruigo booocforvrard wjll bo an ani
mated one, and tbe Fuee Thkss will
bo louud doing ita wbolc duty. We
liopa for largo acocBnions to our hot at
this reduced rate. " Will not tbe frionds
i i i ;
of tbe paper and of tbo objects which
it represents, wait 6 bouiO Bpeeia! effort
in its behalf, and thus rendor it more
influential and efficient?
Ti Future ot Miaa !tlnrcoai
"There la a tide In tbo arTnlra of men,
Whlcb.'taken at lu flood, Icadi on to fortuue."
Never were thoBO Hues of tbo im
irortul liakspearo more applicable
than they ato to tho town of San Mar
cos at this good hour - Woudcrfully
blest jo Datural situation and ca
pabilities, she haH, during the thirty
odd years since tbo Indiau held sole
possession, been mainly noted for theso
attractions.' Taking a new fctart just
after tbo war, sho has slowly progross-
cd to her present status as a thriving
. . - , -t . . .....
country village, with, until reocntly,
no hopo or prospect of Attaining to
anything more. -
IWith tbe near approach of railroad
facilities, however, the scene has
changed. The coming of tbe Interna
tional at an early day is assured. This
alone will surely give a new impetus to
both town and county. The largo
Ixpaoscs of rich vacant land near
town must soon be occupied by thrifty
farmers. The stock-growing regions
of tho ccunt will aluo no doubt be
far more extensively utilised. The
sitea lor water power and other manu
facturing facilities will begin to be oc
culted and improved. In abort, the
dream cf a local rhymer will be no
longer a dream. Our extract Grot ap
peared as part of a New Year Ad
dress in the Free fitEss of Jan. 2,
ea ktarcm! wllb prophetic eya
Tv fatartpiogrwa I darry,
Vb kinarra aoaia ebell tbrvctciac eoeea
Tawsb be lovely baawte tatr ian;
W k-a ell tUe wta'errrd pratra rwaiid
Pell aoilla a raltlewu4 arwaad;
V ar Eiewe fair aall li ae tky eereeta,
r4 gracofeiy beiawte ae fmmry aeata;
a-w may an ana) win abail trlag
TW watra of tar aiirLkn BpHwa.
Ak4 Mrtb taw aearkliu4ma pawr,
Aa frra ae tig-hi, m ery dewr.
Tl, oara-e mm4 rrew4a a-a a.Hrfct arrayed
ia arra, frw m traaerai eaaaa
Raratia Raw'a fririte aa4 aae
T raarai ta Nifw pr baaje
M larabaWalawaWekall (rtw,
Aadctaweyae.aaiai p w taaaaieo
P-w aMIia aa i-an, tar .e ei
All Ikw afcall awaOi MIm km
Tbe ade-at at tb araw law -AI!
ibla. atiwara. aweaiae btaaiie'ai
ta awjd Ufanmrliiia
Wiaaataw wawdr, ae fmwm at aw.
This chaare will take place ttit
nerrly ia Jrae Mam aad Ticiaiiy.
it will prevail thrcatheet toa cowe
ly a4 ex'tai to a-ljatxtt ctl'.c
i" rtlt of diSa; laiict
proven wutnuun w j.iiuuiig
Isihools - and a lhouand nod one other
oliuuKi fur the better will rcult from
tbo influx of illation Iron. ariou
quarters inJ Ilia iuterubaufc-o of ideas !
between old odJ new pcltli m. '
But bh to whether tho mo.t hhultho
madu of our now era, almost every
thing depends on the preient popula
tion of our town- Will tbey; with t
wise foresight, lay broad and deep the
foundations of our prosperity? We
tru,t they will, and tbo movement re
ootilod olacwhero in our present issue,
in lavor of improved roads to the upper
counties, ia a most hopeful indication.
There should be no suoh word as fail
in this matter. Not only should these
roads be made, but others should.be
made good in all other directions
Good roads are the very arteries of
commercial lifo- Tbe best future of
our town is dependent upon our action
on' this subject. It is a vital matter
to San Marcos, and it will Dover do to
ignore or postpone it. Austin to-day
affords a "frightful example" of tbo
eonsequenocs of neglecting tho duty of
making good roads, and we should not
fail to profit by it.
All that we bavo said will, if we do
our duty, oonie to pass on tho advent
of tbe International alono. But this
is not all we may reasonably expect.
At latest advices there was a very
strong prospect that tbe Morgan road
would be extended to this place. And
this affords another strong reason for
our making good roads, for tho greater
extent of country that wo oan make
tributary to us, tho greater induce
ments the managers of said road will
see to coming here. If we can got tho
trade which has been going to Austin,
why should the Morgan road bo at tbe
UdeleuB expense of going there? Will
it not oertainly stop here?
One other illustration as to how we
may mako or mar tho future of our
town. Wo want more men of capital
sad enterprise to settle with us. And
they nro dicposed to come, provided
they can get property at reasonuble
prices. If ihcy cannot, they will go
elsewhere with their means. Is it not
i ..... i
tho obvious duty of thoso among us!
who have proporly for sale not to hold
it at exorbitant pricos, so as to repel
the olass of mon to whom we bavo re
ferred? Is it not clear that by sollinir
a part of their property to sueh parties,
oven at modorate rates, they will so
oohanco tho valuo of tbo remainder
that they will make money by tbo tranB
aotion? On tho other hand, if suoh
mon are driven away now by high prioes,
tho best effects of tbe coming of the
railroad will be lost to our town, rates
of property will not advance as they
nthorwieo would, capital aud enter
prise will seek more congenial chan
nels, and our town will be left, to a
large extent, in its old.stato of stagna
tion. Let us tbereforo take tho tido at its
Hood, and it will load us on to fortune.
San Marcos will probably nevor make
a very largo city, but if we will but use
effectively the leverage now placed in
our hands the will no doubt super
added to her attractions as a most
beautiful and healthful placo of reai
dence take a far higher rank in sixe
and business importance than her most
aaoguioe friends have heretofore ven
tured to anticipate.
Denis Kearney has lost the favor
of bis crowd and is no longer their
Trig British Parliament is opposed
to placing; the statue of the son of
Louis Napoleon in Westminster Ab
bey, and it is thought the scheme will
Gen. Weaver, the Greenback can
didate for 1 resident, proposes to
"tump the United states." and says
he expects to throw the decision into
the Uouse, where it ia claimed bis party
holds the balance of power.
A Da, Tanner, of Minnesota, icrxs
time since undo a water of ilOOO that
he eoald do without eating; and drink
iog lor 40 days. He is making tbe ex
periment in New York, under constant
wafebiogtaJ has already gone through
tare than ball the tisae aecea!ally
Tm letters of scorptioce of Car.
CclJ and Art bar hareappesrrd. The
leaocrauc atan.,, i.oamnt-. alter
a foraval cctiBcattoa of IUarock
Kajrlih of their roatiaatioa. elti t
air lBir l Mr Til.lai IT '
alter a I. is lAokrd ia a ;h let ad
tfx BJorgiairrtttpTr8lcrji.
County Hiatus Meeil-'iif.
At a meeting of tbo Democratic
party of liny County, held at Sun
.... V l .u lulu 17 inmi
. ' . . . .
u, t,0 tUn to Convention to bo held at
h)U, ti e follovrina: delegate wore
elected : J. V. llutohias. S 1). Jack-
man. Ji. Nortlioratt, u. i. juounee.
The following weio oleoted alternates ;
Tbos. Uuotun, 11'. M. Caldwell, Wni.
Owen, C. Kylo.
The delegates woro instructed to
voto for state officers a; follows : O.
M. Roberts f"r Govornor, L. J. Storey
for Lieut. Governor, W. A. l'itu for
Comptroller, W.C. Walsh, for Super
intendent of tbo Land oflicu, and F. IV
Lubbock for Treasurer, As to tho
offico of Attorney Goucal tbo delegates
were not instructed.
Tbe delegates were instructed to
vote in favor of tbo two thirds rule-
K. P. Raynolds.
II. B. Minor,- Chairman.
WAMiuVui-iuvi i.1:tti:ii.
Wawiinoto.v, d. C.
July 14, 1330. f
We have not General Hanoock's let
ter of acceptance yet, to bo read with
Garfield's, but he has formally accept
ed the nomination, and the letter is
promised soon. There was a memor
able gathering of Democrats at New
York yesterday when the nomination
was announood and acoepted. It rep
resented every State, and every phase
of opinion in the party, and it is un
necessary to say, represented the wish
es and feelings of a vast majority of
our fellow-oitizcas. It will add to tbo
solid conviction already felt that Han
oock's election is sure aqd will tend to
bring about an "Era of. good feeling"
suoh as has not been known since
Monroe's time,
Of General Garflold's letter of ac
ceptance, two things should be said,
first that it is a well written paper and
that it is less dangerous to tbe Repub
lican party than was expected by the
party leader". It evades discussion
of many questions, and it leaves no
doubt upon even a Casual roadiog,
that it was written to answer
a party purpose rather than
to express tho author's honest senti
ments. It abuses the people of the
South, of course, for tbo Republican
party could cot bold together for a week
without distrust aud anger existed be
tweeu the sections. It promises or
tries to promiao, a relief to the Pacific
ooast people, on the subject of Chinese
immigration, which Garfield refused
to voto for a year ago. ,0a tho tariff
question it drowns meaning in a sea of
words. As to tho resumption of specie
payments it has to say, only what has
boon said by Republican politicians
for a long time, viz : that the Repub
lican party, and not good crops, the
Republican party, and not ecconomy
in government expenditures since the
Democrats contested the House
brought resumption about. On the
subject of oivil service reform it com
mends Hayes' ideas but says that the
local politicians know better than oth
ers who are the proper persons to se
leot for officers in their neighborhood.
Ilia position on "reform" therefore, is
similar to that of ensign Stebbins on
the prohibitory liquor law. "Iam for
that law," said Stebbins, "but agin its
This in the letter. Tnero is hardly
a seutence in it that is not disiugenu
ous. 1 expect a vastly different letter
from soldier liaucock, and one that
will impress all its readers with the
robust manhood ot our candidate.
Why Not Trust Hancock?
Why not trust Gen. Hancock with
tho administration of the general Gov
eminent as iU Chief Executive officer
for four years?
We do not recommend him as "the
superb." That sounds too much like
an ass's bray in tbis Republic of Equali
We do not recommend him because
ho graduated at West Point. We re
gard that as rather against him.
But then, wo belicvo he graduated
rather low in his class, whioh contain
ed some members calculated to make
the institution unpopular, as it ought
to be.
But we support him on the ground
that his genuine Americanism was too
tough to be spoilt by a military educa
tion, and that in spite of his epaulettes
and decorations he ia pre eminently a
We are not afraid to try him for fonr
Are you? f X. Y. Sun.
Gex. Trcvi.no, of Mexico, was mar
ried on Tuesday, at t-'ao Antonio, to
Mi.s Bcttie Ord, daughter of Gen
Ord. '
Fiftt-NI.ne yesrs aro Stephen F.
Antin crosied tie Ssbioe river and
for the arstltae eoUud the then great
ilJerncM of Texas. The soiael i
before the world. AYbti at expire
h fpnrf ,or,h ; hat lMt htU
, etoturyl
lrv. (UiT Jra n tail La V..i ia
e.irej fcr Ilanexc ael rreixs farora
ab'y f(3ir$U.' '
A (Mood Iflildaacee
There is one feature in llioprciidon
' l!i. I lunnm that all Hood citixeus on
! ki.f h sidtis have a riii lit to congratulate
thcmsclvei upon the ahFence of tbe
annoying and harassing &cutqorn
question that lent bitterness and rao-
oour to tho three preceding oanvanses:
In tho Iluucock ratification mooting
ueld m St. Louis two weeks ego, there
jas a transparency bearing this device,
'The Bloody Shirt Washed, Starched
and Ironed." It told the whole Btory
Tbcro ro no manufactured irsues
smeared with gouts and goro in this,
campaign ; no arpcals to Northern loy
ally in bohaltof apublioorder threat
ened by Southern rebels ; no appeal to
Northern resentment in behalf of
massacred and oppressed negroes.
Tbo nomloinatiou of Hanoock has ef
foctnallv silenced these battorios, A
fow Republican papers, aot'.ng more
Onm Vinhit than reason, make a feeble
attempt to flap tho bloody shirt in the
face of their party,witna view
to rousing it from its apathy ;
but the experiment is a
lnilinrnna fniliire. and the more intcli-
gent Republicans organs reoognize that
the days of authority ot tins paieiui
garment are over.
It is well for the country and well
for national politics that tbe tho dis-
agreeablo issuo between tho north and
the South is thus eliminated from the
oamDaien. It has, too, kept the Beo-
tions in a state of estrangement, fo
mented suspicion and gangrene, and
preventod the cordial fraternization de
manded alike by the interests ot both
North and South, and by tho national
peace. The war is hi teen years pasc-
Ita results bavo become established
facts in history and in tho national
economy whioh no party desires to
undo or oould undo, even if it desired
to. It is time, therefore, to cease bor
rowing party issues from a past Btrifo.
It is high time, in the presenee ot a
census whioh bIiowb a population
greater than that of any other civiliz
ed nation on the earth and a prospei
ity and power proportionate to thai
population that we should turn from
tbo past and set our face to the radiant
future. The disappearance ot war and
reconstruction issues will assuredly
weaken the Republican party ; but
tsna nf iliniuanilii n( nntridtn Rcmib-
licans will rejoice at it' nevertheless.
St. Jjouis iiepuoiicsn.
Sitriived br ft. J. Sletlce. before 0. W. Groomn,
J P.. 11. Co., July 3, 158-), une bay horse, 14 band.
blub. 10 Tears old. branded F L on left aiiotHtler.
ApprfllHeU mi PCUe WHO UrWWil mai c uiwo,
bigb, 5 years old, branded UP (connected) on left
.I..,1,l A nnaaUnil .1 "t'tft
a . - " i J I... s If U.n.,ll... hafAPA t1 W
Alro esiratyu J aa- niio'tiH , "v..
n f d u fn .Inlv K, lAQft Arte wl'ltA
mare, yflsiraiii to nanus uik u.buuou
at i-fa .t.AHl. lnn,.l..wt at aVl K
VU Vll lOtt siiwutuwi. "Kl "' ' W
BTt.nKaa na lltlu Fa KKII.
IIIIMVDD aaaj aaaattia etai " "
" i.irt T r tnnnu
tjUt ii. unriEiii,
July 10-Sw C. C. C H. Co.
Windmill Power
For Pumping and Turning
Light Machinery. All our
Windmills are warranted to
do what we claim for them.
Tbey are equal to any flrat
class mill and superior In
manv respects ; also manu
facturers of the
Porcelain Lined
Iron Cylinder
Pumps, Farm
Pumps, Wood
Save Troughs,
Tubing, ate.
Send for Illus
trated Oata-
InoiiA nnd nrlcea
POWELL & DOUGLAS, Waukegan,"'
wtalrh euppllva a want men of amlneot ability
bare devoted Trare ol study aod experiment to
nud a aprctne fordiaeaae or tha Kldneye. Iliad
der. Urinary Orane anil Kcrvone Syatem and
from the ttraa ot it dticorery bae reoidly Increaa.
ed in laaor. ftalnlnit tbe approval and conndence
of medical men and tboa. aru. hav. oed It ; It
nee oecuir. a tavonte attn an euaaee ana waer.
ever Introduced has anper-eded all otiier treat.
ments. in abort, euch le ita 'intrinsic merit aod
euperiorty, t&at It te now tb. only rccog. ued ra
liable remedy.
are the moat prevalent, datrerens and fatal afTec-
tions that a root mankind, and so varied aud inid
ioue in their character, that peraone ohen snffer
ror a long time oetor. koowtnir wtiat alia tbem.
Tb. moat cbaractertetic eyrnptome ar. araduel
wanting eway .1 the whole body .-pain In the beck
elle or lotne ; . weak, feeble, .ibaoeled letting i
loae of appetite aad dread of exerriee ; acanty and
painful diecbarf. af varioa.ly colored a Hue : Ina
I bllily to retain or etpel the urine; ml pule ehreda
or caaU la.be trine; and woe. the diaeaae leaf
Ion. duration, there la stack emaciauaa aad gen
eral nerveua prostration.
We aayaoaitlvrty. and wltout tear af coctra4ie.
lion that bay'. Kidaey Pad la the Srt and oolv
la.'allible cur. tor erery lm of Kidaedy dieeaae.
It ta tne beat reme-4v .et dioverrd tor thie ca
laiot. aad a. or eff-vtual la ita prativn tbaa
auy olbrr treatment, bj .slag faitbrally aad per
alMently raa. will be taaul a. tnvetera:. as
not u J'.r.a w lu powerful remedial virtue.
is stkoholt c5ix)red.
We have tbe moat aaeqal.oca! U.M-a-mv la He
Curative powers fcwm manv prre.n. of hirb char
rr. Intel licence aud re.puoiib.Miy. ,ur uak
"Mow a Lite waa Savd." rivtac lb. tixory of 1
(kie wen diwrery. aud a urre record of meat re
markaot. cureu, nt free, a nte fc. it- 1
PIT'S KlI5ETrM are aeM by 4-urt at. ar!
will be oral (he poatare. re reor:p. ul ibHr I
lr fm IJ w wenal. ear M,t caae. I
t taa .aiHitr. a.; rt '''. i H
am. U tbe a-r-e err;ilrui K it-
wj Paau i
a saw a nr nyauwu.
r3t3b'S3i.i7.iMirlr lv,J
Lcj i'"tj jt jf
gyi pa'
a!.' take .a ; k,r,j,.tl 4)
Confectionery c&q
Solo agentB for the celebrated
From the Excelsior Brewing Co., St.
luipuiiuu.uu.aui'; .v..
in the West.
July 17 Cm lag Jobbing Orders
My Spring stock is
now complete in all
lines. I defy competi
tion in regard to quali
ty of goods and prices,
and invite my friends
and customers to call
and be convinced that
I can and will sell
goods lower than the
lowest. I call special
attention to my stock
of Ladies' Dress
Goods, White Goods,
Clothing, Hats and
The Rustic Shades,
notwithstanding the
large advance, will
still be sold at old prices.
Kingsbury, G. H., & S. A., Railway.
Also agents for the Celebrated Gliddcn Barbed Wire for fencing.
Satisfaction guaranteed as to quality of our lumber' at current prices.
Prompt attention given to special orders. We keep all kinds of Dressed
Lumber. " April 3. ly.
Texas and
AL Railroad Trsca. July 10-ly
Fanrpasac i for their Ixcallnt Waaienl t)all ica, CoaKmrtiea aod Darability la Ik. Is.lhsin
Clia.ale. ,
thk raaors okgass cf
The Mjtt J',.pnlr Orgimi i tit 7orld. '
M'lTP: The Wwent In ite conwirr. i
lmn: The nM laoeral -
STOCK. Tbe larreat rai ie'r us orTect f-o-a.
nct lr-tavaor aTl .two. of
At .Uuie ad iiOL.;;. awd FHce Lies, mailed Fran. Cwawvauctsc. aottctW.
Adnrnue - .
Lsouis Gruncwald.
ittsatisont r.yewocihis. - - f
"si i r i t,-st r.A9 wors f tic arrw ataT.
?e ltf- .... .......
tha 1 arrest assortment of Fine Gonda
b t -.
promptly attended to.-Taa

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