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San Marcos free press. (San Marcos, Tex.) 1877-1892, August 21, 1880, Image 4

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'Ilia. Farmer VollUe,
z. Tlit faruiar Id tlt Ml'"
IUa lb eJllarUI mt Btln,
That tli hi ' ntll"
- xh!. o4D.ootuilou.
Dal is lr4 aa l4 ' blaaaomad,
At Ik grucBllndfrowln(
All lb tprouu f corn war rtiuf,
a ad Up farmar nt ua bating.
Wba Iba matter vu iteoldad,
a ad Ibar aiad lb nomination,
On dtularrd II ulculus;,
Arid toolbar ruination,
till Iba frail gnw rlpa and rallov,
And Ilia wheat wat .lowly rawlrjf
TThll lb hrnr In bit jirdco
Bl bit taralps want koalnf ,
Oll CHy Darrlck.
Womon,"(uoth JoDCi,"iro tho sal
J of lift) ntonco a boon and a bless
ing." "lo one way they'ro salad, in
deed," replied Drown; "tboy take so
much timo in their dressing."
"Save Your Hair." Keep it Beautiful.
The "Loxdos Uair Coljr Kitobe"
is tho moat uo'.ijjlitful nrticlo ever in
troduced to the Auioricnn pooiile and
is totally diffcreut iron) nil oth r Ilnlr
Keftorers, beinjr entirely Ireo from nil
(mpure ingredients that render many
other articled lor tho hair obnoxious.
Where baldneu.or iullingof the hiiir
exists, or p omaturo grnyness, from
sickness or other cuuhm, its uce will
rcstoro the natural youthful culgr, and
ptuno a hoiilthy growth, cleansing tho
scalp Irom iiopuritios, dandruff, io.,
dt the samo timo a most pleasing and
lasting hair dressing, fragrantly per
fumed, re-dermg the Imir solt and
pliable, making it an indispensable
orticlo in evety toilet.
Ask your druggist for London Huir Color
lteitorcr. Prjce 75 teats a bottle. Six
bottles, $4. Main Depot lor the United
States, 330 North Sixth St., l'hilad'a,
General Grant has beep elected Pros
ident of the San Pedro aud Canon Di-
lanua Company, which owps 40,000
acres of land in Son Mexico, including
popper and gold mines. Kastern capi
talists aro largely interested in tho en
terprise. Itching I'llon-Kjmplomx and
The symptoms aro moisturo, liko por"
epilation, intense itching, increased by
scratching, very die-trotting, particularly
at nixht, as if pin worms vycrp crawling
in and about tho rectum; tho private
parts aro s-jiuutimoj uQ'.'ctcd; if allowed
to cjittintio vary sjii'ous remits may fol
low. "Dit. Swavne's Am, 1Iklixo Oint
jbnt" is a pleasant suro cure. Also for
Tcttor, (tch, Salt Klioum, Scild Head,
rysipelaB, Barber's Itch, Dlotches, till
Scaly, Crusty, Cutaneous Kruptlon?.
J'rice 50 cents, 3 boxes lor $1 25. Sunt
by mail to any address on recoipt ofpiiec
)n currency, or three cent postage stnmps.
l'rcparcd only by Dr. Swayno & Son, 330
North Sixth Street, Philadelphia, l'a.
la'iild by all prominent druggists.
Swavne's Pilu tiro tho best ibr all bil
ious disorders. 'Jure Sick and Norvout
llp.idnelio, Dvppcpeiu, Indigestion, ward
08 Malarial Fevers, cleansing tho system
and bawels yl all iinpui'itio.', restoring to
healthy activity all tho organs of tho hu
man tody. I'rico 25 cents a box, five
boxes (1.
The -.rka.nsaH(Jouferonco Seminary,
nt IJarrisou, liooqo County, Ark., an
institution (minded by tho Molhodisi
Episcopal Church, was burned on the
Dight of tbo 20th, together with tin
phurcli adjacent.
"A ltrt 1'ptd or Ikimlrcaialne
Dry. parched, soro throat, pneumonia,
bronchial and asthmatic attacks, we.iktn
cd nod debilitated state of tho fyatcm, all
these dangerous symptoms nro cured by
"Dit. Swavxk's CoMivtxo vBl'l or Wild
fuiKKr " The Jirst dote gives relief, and
the worst cough and sor? ltin;s yield to
its healing properties. An occasional
doso ol "Swaynk's Pills" should be ta
ken to keep the bowels free. They are
excellent lor torpid liver and bilious com
plaints. A Frankfurt Ky.J I'liyiician writes:
Some months ago the daughter of one
ol our prominent ritizces was pronoiinml
n liopclc.-s consumptive. Sho wa very
much reduced in flesh, terrible cough,
her ltlc gradually watiug awny. I rea
pmmeuded her to use "Dr. Swaync't
Compound Syrup uf WiLl Cherry," which
e';e did. lo a short time siio was free
from all fouli aud other symptoms, and
is now ro.-y aud lie iltliy.
iVit,1 j ICfltf
atltl $1 00 a jttlc, or ix Utt!n $J I jrTbl Leetar will prove a bono to thouatid
The lare eixc U tho mt ccocovicl.
i rcparr J only by Dr. iSwaynp A Sjn,,,rM wipi i n cewt, or two pjtaa;c
I'liibd'a. Sold I')' drjirgix .
AV ton Dr. Taoucr logau Lis late
tiaL li n.r ria enmmnnlv ann;n.
laritb t iote ol the variom latiot t'r
Uo are laij tu Lave Ix-cngilUJ witli
. pDorlorc.-ilit, LinJsipht, cr iuVur.t
while ppiritualize 1 by f tarvation. Hut '
ttf Miuoe.iru!i proJipy TOveJ to be
practical throughout, never sotiiot oo
the alilta cf itim'iualjoo or tccturinp
to predict Bthit. l:jooJ hi owo
u?ccManJ tlielcir!ul barae iaipjod
jig that lurtittb daya walcrrjclon.
That he at leaat baa dooe LotLioc l
efUblifh the a!ioti coonoctioa
ttreea aocoai aifbt and atarralioa. Il
i Hictabje, J.o. bear asacb jntera t
people oa the o'.hcr riJeoithe ocraa
kare Ulea ia Tanner, aoJ Low trail,
let doatt ka Leea Cut oa lit fool
faiik there tbaa le e N. )". J-"aa.
' ' A rloaaly canSnrd Ilia leadi to eouillpatlua, In,
dictation, blllciuiurM, loia of uppMlta, ., bill ,
I u. !!-.. a. tin AimrUnt artll atva nrumul rtlJaf , I
An eruption ol Vesuvius began on
tho 23th. coincident with which u sharp
shock of carth(uako was full at Naples,
Improper dlj.illon of food nacratarily pro
ducts bad blood, a loaded atumach, aonr alomaoli ,
baarlburu and ry frequently, alik baadacb.!
Hail;' aalloa Aperient la lb rcnieiljr for al
llieaa troublta.
MonnoD agents found proselyting in
tho iotcrior of Germany bavo bcon ex
pelled tho country by tha Government.
Kniui.n Fichu. Birraaa.-A a powarful Iron
lonlo and fcmala regulator, tbia oomblnatioo
tanda almoel alooa. It It decidedly tb Dioil
valuaul female mcdlclo ar offered tb public
and la bM In blb iteem Ihrouirbout tb conn
try, it curea fcnal wakniiiaa, nonibly aup
vrn.lona. painful natloda, relieves tba hyelerl
cal, Impart Iroa to tb linpovarlihtd blocd
itrengllioiit tba debllllated, Invigorates tb D-dy
ar.d rattorca to bealtb.
A Goorgia woman who lias burled
four husbands has just mnrricd her
Bfth. Who says thero is no courage
loft among tho men of Georgia?
A lady of our acquaintance baa been In quite
fetlil beallh for many yeare-wltb aom com
plaint peculiar to tb aex becam feeble and
emaciated lout her appetite waa melancholy
aleeplena croia and fretful. Uany yeara of auf.
ferine. Indicated Ibal all medicinal were a failure
Ttier bad been ipent o'er three hundred dollar
without rallor. Home one augKoeiea ine uae 01 111
Dromjiole'e XnnlUh Female lilitera.aa It naa not
a Patent nor a aecret remedy. It waa uaed and
atrcn bottlca effected a cure.
' I know a victim to tobacco," said a
lacturor, "who hasn't tasted food for
thirty years," "How do you know be
hain't?" askedran auditor. "Bcoause
tobacco killed him in 1850," was the
OcNcrfptlon ol llnji Coiiiily, cit-
Wo havo struck off several hundrod
coDies of our revised and eolarecd ed
ition of tho abovo, in tho form of au
extra of tbo I'll KB 1'itKMS, and aro now
ablo to supply all reasonable demand
for copies, it gives a full and truthful
account ol tho county with rclerence
to History, Area, Location, cto, Popu
lation; Climato and Health; I'rico ol
Lands nnd Improvement; Politics;
Natural Wonders; Different Sections
of the County; Adjoining Counties;
Terms of Hcoting Land; Exempt
Property, etc, Together with much
interesting supplementary matter.
Pricos us follows: Singlo copies
five cents) each; six copies for 2")
"cuts; fourteen copies lor 50 cents; forty
copies tor H. topics win uo seni
pimipaid to any address at tho above
Wo noed not suggest tho convenience
tiid savini; of timo and labor in send
ing such a paper in answer to inquiries
concerning tho county, rather than at
tempt to answer by letter. tt
Tlie next n union ol this ucbool will ronmwnce
i'pi. l."-th. Knr cf rrnliir npplj to The Milieu
iUkdolpii, Kowk'k Drpcit, Alhonmrl to, Va.
M.iki'H tivo K.illfiiiH uf a dt'lk-ious uml
IJitpnrkliiiR heveraKP, holenome and
j nnirip. Hold by (Irttifiriiii, orient
liymnlUn r?ci-tpt of 25 els. AildrvNi CH AH. K
HlliKi, Manurncturcf, ais rket hi reel, rut-f
li-lpl.it, Vm, Mar. 0 timoi.
Gen. ft. W. O l,rclilrnf.
rlinronirh limlrucllon In I.aniriiaireii, l.llrrnluro'
iid Science; and In tba rroteahlonal Scboolaol
l.nw and KiiKllijcrlnir. Tnlllon anil reea reduced
u a tot. I ol 7. K.xiene from 100 to tiiu for
nine uioiilliH. IiicIuiIIiik tuition anil fee. Next
ea.iii ui'ltlne Si'pt. lllll, 18(1. for calaloirur,
1. 1.. C'AMI'IIKI,!., J 11 , Lexington, va.
Kur llio llluiitratt'il I. lie and
tilvvnliu-ea of
ANTEDFrMTt and Jess i James,
the iiotfrt Weitrrn OikImwr. whove earner of bolt.
mt reckletiK dan lift; lor IS ear U wiiliont para I
lei in hlntory. For to loiijr a pt riotl bntllioK Ihr
u(1.cin of lite law and the tthrcwdfut .tt votive
r.Tceln America, with a reward nftl.l.ftttO fir
thflr apprrhciiHion, deml or tillve, and mill at
I arms the; aio tho wonder tf our clvillxatiun
Uou.T A. Dactia of the St. Louia rrenn, and ex
Mom her of the Minmmri I.ejxulaturc, In two years
if hard labor procured ihc fat: In and prepared a
book more ihrlUinit than Ti'tnanre, but n-tinble
nd autheittio in every detail. The demand fui
it la i in me it xe. A Rent oell A00 to MM lit a county,
for terms atnl full derription writ to
N. U. 1U0M1'60S 1 CO., Pubi..
Aug. 7 3 Si. IamiK Vo.
Juit rublii'lird, Iti a Sealed Envelope. Trice tlx
A lecture 00 the Nature, Tieattnent. and Rail!
cal cure of Seminal Weaknea, nr .tprm ttorrhira.
imlticrd by Self A'Mtur. lnvulutitiiry r.niiKiiiotiit,
I in potency. Nervous lability, and Inipeiliruenta to
MarriAKe Kfiieraiiy; viitiitimpimn, hptirpy, and
Kiln; Mental and t'liylral Incapacity, Ac Hy
UtHlKKT J.Cl'I.VKUttKLL, M U.t author or the
Mlreen liok, .
Tba world-ritttownej author. In tbia almirable
Lecture, clearly proves frni hi own experience
thui the awlul cnie(u-iiee uf Bolt ahu in ay be
'fti'ctuallv r.niove4 wiiLout mrdiciiie, anil with
jot datiKruua auricic.il oieraila, buuaiea. In
trumetita, rinc. or cordiaU: pointing out a mode
I uf cure at who rertain and eflctial. by which
i every aulUrrr, no matter what ln cnditioi tray
01 curv htraaclf cheaply, prftatcly and radi-
1 '
.VJJini tba rblilirra.
TteCalvawonireiical Co.,
uabi.t.x t.: r.,, on.-f Rony-
TRADE Mmt,Tkt ttrntfRADC MfflC.
i' n I I I h
ICrtHrdft . kn
a'.fatlinc cur aV
i r t r m i m
K e aknea. ier
elieaf; that,
-0TB iilU:ifaca Cf W-lft- TbiV;f
bl; a La wf Weraorr, IXreruj It:w4e,
r-B la llirk. I n.v af ,ejii. PrriMitmr
I4 A r !y :fcrr ra iba. 4 t I
MM'ittlVrH p-N. r4i rr-Jt?cr
af"'a:i pirtK-tr ranrb.et. wb-i we
re 1 free I f tni- t ef . trfl
rC Jr'Tie t..14 r.y ail 4tgt at 91 err
r,T'. itr t. ear . ae aw
fry aait ;at rf ih w.mcf ly aetareM-
u Tin: .m nt virnr. r..
---.;.' H efc. rHt.T. XfW-
f" !i Xa KaTHitd iTiaje'e a
Ilt II. lirr .- n
t a.J r.
Cry Tor Pitcher's CavatorU. Theyllk)
It beoaaa It l sweat l Mothora like
Caitoria tecen.e It gives health to
the child t nnd PhyalcUna, hecam.e
It contain bo morphine or mineral.
la natnre'a remedy for aaaimUatlnir
the food. It curea Wind CoUo, tho
railing of Sour Curd and riarrhaa,
allays Teverinhnoaa and KUla
Worm. Thna the Child hi health
and the Mother obtalna rent. Pleaa
nnt, Cheap, and Reliable. .
Th mot effeetlro Paln-rellovlnB aeentj
the world has ever known.
Ovor 1,000,000 Buttle aulil luat yoart
The reaaons for this unprecedented popu
larity, nro evident : the Centaur Lini
ment are mad to deaerve confidence I
they ara abaorbod Into tho atruoturui they
alwaya euro and never diaappolnt.
Ko porion noed lonjor lufftr with
PAI.V in the BACK,
Rheumatiam or Stiff Joint, for the
Liniments will surely exterminate
tho pain. There! no Strain, Sprain,
Cut, Soald.Burn, Bruiae.Sting, Gall
or Lameneas to which Mankind or
Dnmb Brutes are subject, that does
not respond to this Soothing balm.
Tho Centaur
not only relieve pain, but they inoito
healthy notion, subdue inflammation,
and onro, whother tho ayinptoina proceed
from wound of the flesh, or Neuralgia of
tho Norves front contracted Cords or a
soaldod hand I from a sprained ankle
or a gashed foot 1 whether from disgusting
or a strainod joint on a Horse's Leg.
The agony produced by a Hum or Scnld;
mortifloation from Frost-bltca; Swell
ings from Strains; tbo tortures of Rhon
matism; Crippled far life, by romo
ncgloctcd ncciduut; a valuable horso or
a Doctor's Bill may nil bo saved from
Ono Bottle of Contanr Liniment.
No Ilousekoepor, Farmer, riantcr.Teamstor,
or Livorymnn, can afford to bo without
those wonderful Liniments. They can
be procurod in any part of the globe'Tor
50 cts. and $1.00 a bottlo. Trial bottler
25 cts.
IeffeiiKlvo Jtfvtllcation
Itt a precaution which should never he nc-lccU-u
when tlanircr is present, anil there Inro
a course ol the Hitters nt this season is partic
ularly desirable, especial I v for the ieeble unJ
sickly. As a reincily for bilitjusttess, dyspep
sia, nervousness, and bowel complaints, there
is nothing comparable to Una wholcsutuc
For talc by all Druggists and Dealers ,
a n rnllT
l!finufi?(drel nulr ondir the il)nv Trade Mark
bTIhe Kl KlU'KAX 8AI,U'VI,10 MKDlClNK CO.,
of Parit and Leitii.
Iiunietliale Uelirf Warranted, remanent Cnrr
Haarantt'ed. Nt.w rxrluoiTflf ved by all cele
brated Phy-irian of Knrope aid Anirrlra. The
uirlieft Mdical Academy of Paritrrporu tfjeure
out uf ItHiriM1! within tbre dav.
Secret. The only tliPMlrr f the po'aonoQ
Trie Arid which eitt to t'.tt t.ldvd of Kb ram a tic
and Uvuiy I'aiicnu.
II. . Iwry, Caq , 50 Broadway, lnftmmator
J. Uave. 4iT. Wcblrgtn Varket, Chron
ic ftheamataMn.
Hr ;. r..ne, 1 Kat Mmh atreet. (cbalkj i
. ni iioar v r.;iaim.irHlirarn! j
I A. M. Prater. I Newark avfi ae. Jeoej CH, i
Cbratt.ic KliuBatiiM.
John F. i bmteTeii, Fq , Waifcinf Clob, '
bitiloti, l , Itbeamaiic etfj. j
Was. K Afld. raaj U WetbM-t Hf-t. FrwT
iderce, U. 1., f lct.ty year.' CLrt-mc ItbevBua- ;
turn. j
Jikn C. Tutrtte, 10) ! trrft, Jati ,
Frauri, Nearalaia and Viattna.
tr M iltri'iK Int. rmltf, h9 ilito
: Saliici :s a Certain Cere,
wtwe, It II -; rjt l!e t- rn, n m i H
Btlllt' ..IT ... .
$1 a Box f ii b'jxe? for $5.
ft Ire by Kail eareevrpt 4 s
w take - ar cbt'Bfe. m rr '
clci ir.tei t rat. -4
aM rrir4i a4 i l 9erl !- ,e
r a f '-. ml.i ( t W ri
wit v r.
I".: tVaajataj. r. F.m Si . , !, TttJ: S.
Tlic only Safe, Sure ana RDliaWe Cure
L!er Complaints, Jaundice, Dyipepsla, Favtn, Hlf
vcusnesi, Impurities of tha Blood, Inllammatlo,
Cctlenej, Paint In tha Head, Brent,
Sides, Back or Limbs, Female Diseases,
etc, ind whenever in Aperient,
Alterative, or Purgative Med
icine may bo required.
THESE rn.LS are trlel!y TfgclaWe, and mad
tu nit't Uio many dvinanda cnuacd by Oia b
KcUof tlilaclianifcublu and dobilitallng ollinata.
ami nro imrtk-ulurly aJpll to tb Uillou and!
Autuinnul fc'uver ao provalont In tbla climate,
'ibi'y are ei'rtuln nn J actlvo In thuir operation la
removing "lill.E " and illaorderaof tbuatomach,
and aro rocuinmcndud fur Uio euro of thcabov
aiidalmllar Olacnata. jMlbouph ai'archlna, lliry
arc rr.ll.l, nnd o;urta without diaturbanco to tbo
conatimtluii, diet or cmipntlon, and bi-lnf ru
tirclylrco from the objectionable ailplnx tliat
i b.iructci lie moat I'illa, rciul.'ra them cci itablo
to "II. By t!' lr occnalonnl uae the blood la pu
rifi -d, ob.tructlnn removed, tho cmrupllona ol
the iv.l. m h pelted, ai:d Iho wbuleniaciducry ol
Ufa put Into benlihy action.
Tney are pnrtlt-ulsrly cntcnlnM to produce
the desired cll'vct without protluclna Irrllatlon ol
Ilia mucoita coming of tbo Hlutnnch or llowela,
and will not leave a couallpntud uondlllou, but
wilt remove- couatlpatlou. Aa a
they are nnequnllvd. A a
.hey ara acknowledged by one and all uneur
iiuaacd. Aao
they are without a rlvnt, and with proper diet
never fidl to euro I)ypepHlii. Token Into the
TIIEIIl WOliK, removliis nil obatruetlon to
the Oenonil flood Iluultb, whatever tboao ob
atructionamay be.
If tnken in time to remove the bile from the
atomnh, they will counteract tho cnuaee wblt-h
commonly producutbu Velluw or Bilious Fevcra,
Feverand Ague, Ullloua Colic, l'lourlay, Worma,
Hyaentery, Vomlling, Bielt nnd Foul Blomacb,
Uuudache, Losnof Appetite, Flatulency, Bpaama,
C'ougha and Colda, Bheiim.illam, etc. Man
dnya of etckneaa and hour of diatrua may bo
avoided by a timely dose ol MoitLEY's T-X-S
Livf.r Pili.8.
They era o certnln In their rffbet, that one,
and not more thnn two dosce, tnken a directed,
give full and lusting relief, entirely exploding
tho old theory of taking a " peck' of pill to
cure a " pint of discaee, and every family abould
bnvo them on hand for their protection, and
relief when required, for thoao who bava uaed
them find the benefit they acek.
Price, Twenty-five Cents per Bottle.
Prepared only by
Wholesale Druggists,
Lost Appetite,
Sour Stomach,
Sick headache
Foul Breath,
c0stivenes3. .
Dyspepsia, -;
Low Spirits,
enlarqmt or
Spleen, io.
Tt 1i Thlrtv Yenrfl the Oldest, find onlr ten u Ine
Slminoiis' Medicine now In umrket. Prepared only
by Simmons A llAYDicy, 'J810-I2 Clarlc Av. .St.Lmiis
Biircpsson ion. a. ouninons,nx. it. I'm up in voc.
CDiniaiTis uiiiDlil omenai
anaHivait inHkHnina ruiavn,
Rr-inviicorntpia tht iyHtni, PRE.
VtMS and 4'1'KKM Chillis Fevena.
laa-MpajiNln, ainuiiiifr. Female, unci
I.fver ItiMtrdera. Kecommendefl bjr
beait ibaleiiBN.
Pronounced a Medicine ly United
State Kevenae Department.
for tale by mil Jtrngvit nnd JAraler.
HOME BinERS CO., St. Louis, Mo,
A rair; Kraraaw airmlt rett
I Kane-d AW th wfji mt4 mMtt
r tf Sciatnal Entaatoaa and Ianpoteney H ifc oi?
ra . f.rax nif.'tx w I : far -a . f . 41 at tke ! B. TW
? Maav-! .an44 atb laid avvra .-a. eava 4ve et
r1ta t IV -e'raary faaraa.j 1 LtV. Thtm wrt af tat kafl
K aK " er rae, a4 at T maml i tin TWa
rpr: TrtmT -mm ! tm: am aMiLVM at a
u c aTMt oaue
t W t x rfttatcal aaar m -
axaal ml Nt . mm rr t at-ai
rr iTmnt traaac. TV. n.c
M l'Tl.MNnMI',! .W4 UaaMMaVt" '
IkP Kl SR E M EoV C0l5f 7e" MISTS j
MHI a 4 i h Ht-rio, T.I-I lt.
- Tlil-Z .".?- fcX.ii I1J.
JF. fT
I tako tbia mcthoa of informlna my friend ao cusjompm tlmt with tbo
proapect of lino crop, and of the railroad reaching hero iu tho near future, I
aliall prupuro to lava ono of tbo larjcgt Hocks of
at your own price, rcgardlesn of coat. I am now receiving and have ordered
2 Car loads of Bojririog and Ties,
" " " Ikrbed Fcnco wire,
1 " " " Molino Waitong,
1 " " Mitchell Vagotii,
1 " " " Salt,
all of which will bo aold at roclc. bottom prices. ...a i a
As ibS. hallalHO infuture.be Spared" to vJ tho hhrbest market
P.Co n cash for cotton, and have already orders for Kuro,)an bpinnari. By
lair and -quare dealing I shall try to merit tho liberal patronage heretofore be
stowed upon me, and remain Yours truly,
nrM t .
a. H : ii mi umLn tun n i ? tin
' i ' l
I 5 a s' t ( 3 5a Ail ! d -
Ml f ' Ui III! 3 liAZi Ij ! ii llllf H
il 1, i flL iy HIm! iifillS III J illffipiill
I i 3 k as 'sSa aiS . Sa2a 5 lls? ti - i Sss 833? tt-'s'Ss? ilsSs3
TTe will .cn4 ten orth, Sanp. Tr .-n ariaatkn, hr 10 f .:tor itmii l-taaa
an KrcTcloDa-illa In 20 vols., over 10,000 page; 10 per cent, mora mattrr tlian atiy Knclyclopwdla
ever nefofo DuhlisliMl In thia country, and aula,
- . . . .. n ! . 1.
Hair morocco lor fis.ami pruiu'u on iino urnvj !, -iuj, ....e,., ... ... P,
foriO-an enteiprlne ao extraordinary that Ita aucceaa, beyond all precedent In book publl.blug,
may be fairly claimed to Inaugurate a Literary Bevolutlon.
Tn LiuRAaY or UairaMAi. Kaoivi.tnoa la a reprint enllro of tlie last (18JII) EillnbarRli edition of
"Chambera'a Knclyclopaidia," wltb about 40 percent, of new mattrr added, upon matters of upcclal
i ,...,.. ... in,o,ia r,ira. thna niakinir It oniial In character to any similar work, lie'ler tliaiiauy
oiber suited to the wants ol Iho ureat majority ol those who commit works of reference, and altogotli
cr the lateat Rncljclopiedla lu the Held.
Specimen Volumes lu either style will be sent tor examination wllh prlvllego of return on receipt
of proportionate price per vulnmo. .... ,, ... ....
special insomnia to an euriy auiacr,ui!ra. .... . .... r.
scriptivc catalogue ol many other standard works equa ly low in price, sent frcu.
Leadins Principles of the American Hook I.xciiaiifc:
I. Publish only books of real value.
II. Work upon the basis of present cost of malting books, about ono-lialfwhat It was a few years
""I'll. Sell to buyers direct, and save them the CO to fSO per cent, conimlsfloii commonly allowed lo
"ivv'iio cost of books when mado 10.000 at a time la but a fraction of the cost when made COO at
time adopt ibe low price ami sell the large quantity.
V. Use good typo, pnper, etc., do cnrelul printing, and strong, neat binding, but avoid all "pad
ding," tat and hea vily h'.idi'd type, spongy paper and gaudy binding, which are ao commonly resor.
eel to to make hooks appear largo ond line, aud which ej-catly add to their cost, hut do not add to their
VI. To make $1 and a friend Is better than to moko 5 and an enemy.
Library of Universal Knowledge, 50 vo!s.,10.
Milman'sGlbhnn's Home, 5 vols., 2 60.
Haeaulav'a History of KnL'lund. 3 vols., fl 50.
Chambers's Ujclopaidla of Kng Literature, 4 vols
'i oo.
Knight's History of England. 4 vols., f.1 00.
Plutarch's Lives of Illustrious Men, 3 vols.. $1 SO
rieikle's Life and Words of Christ. 50 cts.
Young's Bible Concordance, ail.OOO references
(preparing,) tv
Acme Library of Hlegraphy, 50 cts.
Rook of Fables, Mtop, etc.. illns., 50 els.
Milton'a complete Poetical Works, 50 cts.
Shakespeare's Complete Works, 72 els.
Works of Dante, translated by Oary.50 eta.
Works or Virgil, translated by Dryden, 40 cl.
The Koran of Uoharomed, translated by Sale, 35
Adventures of Don Quixote, tllus., 50 els.
Arabian Knights, illus.,60 cts.
ilunynn's Pilgrim's Progress, illua.,50 cts.
Hoblnson Crusoe, lllus., CO ota.
Munchauseen and Gulliver's Travels, lllus., GO cts
Remit by bank draft, money order, registered
bo aeut lu po8iage stamps. Address
Johm B. Amikv, Manager.
For tho cure of all kinds of Aaua and Chills ltl
has no equal; having stood the test of universal use for thirty yean in the most malarial
districts. It never tails to cure, not merely removing for a time tho symptoms, but eradi
catiug the cause of Uio disease, thereby making a permanent cure. Price only 75 cts.
Manufactured by The Dr. Harter Medicine Co., No. 213 N. Main Street, St. Louis.'
Rev. F. Hackkmrter. Sunt Gorman Protestant Orphans' Home, St Chnrles Rock Roar,
Pt. Louis Co, writinc April Both, 1877, says: "Dr. narltt Fever and Ague Specific la a
positive cure for Chills and Fever; has never failed with us."
Mr. Jno. C Weibors of Kovsport, 111, nys: "I cured a little girl of Aetie of three
years' standinir, with Dr. Uarteri Fever and Ague Specific, after the best physician failed
to benefit her.
Dr. YonjroBLOon of I.lttlo York, Mo, itays: "I have nsed Dr. Harter" I Fever and Agw
Specific in my practice, and can heartily recommend it to the public"
CnaBrpuanl for their Excellent Mo-i.al gnaliiies, Conatractloa and Durability la the Sootbaro
ihr Mat I opnlar
mil T.: The Uwrat in the i,olrr.
Tt KV: Tk ..! Iiiral.
Ilotlk. Ike largrat vaiiety t aelect trm.
uirvrt inr'aT!.Hi
musical iisrsTitxjjyrEisrTS
At a hlralt aui alruil. Caialifcoa toi Piir
II tmil BAK055K
er. awa.
Wr-r - - a'' .rmm T. mmmmw rm a
t r- . a-U i - - . ml t.-n-.- ,k
Cent Each
. . j inn l unfa all Iwiet-Dltld.
very handaomo ly ana well douihi, n cmin loraiu, In
.!.. m u -I , . u ltmliiil Iti liailff It lit ui a a-rllt lnai
Stories and Hullad, by E.T. Alden, lllus,, tl.
Acme Library of Modern Olussics, CO cts.
American Patriotism, CO cts. j
Tnlne'a History of English Literature, 73 pts,
Cecil's Book of Natural History, $1.
Pictorial Handy Leiicon, 35 cts.
Sayings, by autliorof Sparrowgiaas Papera, 50 cts.
Mrs. Hemans' Poelical Works, 7;', cts.
Kino's Cyclopa'dia of Bib. Literature, 2 vols.vf3.
Ilollin's Ancient History, t'i 26.
Smith's Dictionary or the Rible lllus., (1.
Works of Flavlus Joacphus, $2.
Comic History of the U. S., Hopkins, lllus., GO cts.
Health by Exercise, Dr. Geo, H. Taylor, GO els.
I.ibiary Slagnzino, 10 cts a number, $1 a year.
Library Magazine, bound volumes, 60 cts.
Leavi sfrom the Diaiy ol an old lawyer, tt.
Kach of tho above bound In cloth. If by mail,
postage extra. Most of the books are also pub
lished In line editions and line biudings, at higher
Descriptive CntaloRiio nnd Terms
to Clubs vent free on requeue.
letter, or by Express,
Fractions ol one dollar may
Tribnno Huildiner, New York.
Uigitut H lite II .
, ai: airMia r
I J.ta a..l frf. CrrapuOtae au licitt4.
Louis Gruncwald,
ST . Trm Orlean.
Tte 2:zs Sickle Qxiadcr.
txadc tn nrimiil
K Mmrn fc.
i vmw m ir
I 1 tale br II V
I fit - rlr)-
r kQ fJf. F
VPK. rvwi t aV
Powell t Dougtaa,
wasjeegaa, lu.

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