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San Marcos free press. (San Marcos, Tex.) 1877-1892, November 13, 1880, Image 4

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! : j
-A ill
Ode la Lol of gtouj'l'N
lofaraal sttlT. tw nuurawtll I Ssosr,
a abas I Was J nlki aro
Sick iMf t ntmtarafl to ibti I a!(M nil
Kaactif saw r1 ltihar wall.
And o.Ur tlma far rtillf day, dram !''.
To pnrri I aair trr-
Hill til lo rilo. Tti'Jilsll that llisadld HI
Jo daliot toma w llhm anlm-li ol II.
1 1 J0 two-Iblrtla put In ilaca and tb.a
fraah you eliblln la Ilia Row agala.
One. mora I trjr. Yoo'ra r.lbar lull of loot,
And I am fal'lm daubed fromb-ad lofool.
I Jam r Uaunb. bat illl I frMr,
Dm ulg fnt d.wo aala aad ralaa it '
(rl lo Caleb, lb pl ', anolber o.
And falllnf acrapa. lha blda all altar aat.
And ibn anwkir plw, (alii wltb a alan.
And 111'" ilia rail iai down and I ia "Daina."
And Ibaa IiIomI bollio, and I aajr,
Dr all tatS Una, I'll t jos arr.
Otict moral ro to work, rr f Uleneoi jrrl
(at all but a limit Mcllan tml.bl.
Aud lUa I am aaoal loplaea, huabl
Tlit chair I aland oil tlpa. Down flat I (!
bila ia and trotnd ait Willi t brrld cratk,
Tkt viola eoniii doarn uln In ana (rand imaib.
And Ucs my tlfa ramaibal "I ncvrraaaj
A man to dumtjl" I lay. "Uold jour J:"
And for a tinman atnd, wlillat rallrt
To watk myialfand twaar, It rant mr
. . -Bmlon Toil.
Two Patriarchal Apple Trow.
Iu iSkowkepfim, Mo., iuo two rtm-
pet ni)'o trecm tlio oltkt wuh
n.u, ' in iiiia. The trou ih ecvrii
hut from tho ground to tlio
branched, .' fiyo ia numlwr, oil
pf yulcli nro very forgo ami iivrrnye
thivtvrflvo feet in length, covering a
Rptira of ground wxty-thrr-o fot t in
ili.tmcti'r. Ju thuso bnuichcii n !y
liom;e fr children him been Imilt for
lmlf a ocntury or moro. Anywhere
roiii tlm ground to tlio brunches it
measures thirteen and lmlf feet.
Tlio trco is mora tlmn four and a
hlf feet in diamoter, and it has
been a good beaver from twonty
Hvo to thirly-fivo biiHhuls of apples
have been picked from it csch year.
Uut lha frost and rain Itavo niado a
scam in the bronchos, and roeontly
0110' of them bus broken, but the
other four are green and bring forth
their fru.it in due season. Tho other
treo.' forty-oight years younger, is a
sprout of tho old treo. It stands
thirty two foet from the old trco, and
bear.f tlio .wtme kind of apples, is
thrco foet in diameter, and perfect in
every wny, . ,
' ' .' Ljo lliimlii).
njrreapondnnt asks how to make
it. Fill a largo kettin full of hard
wood ashes, thon nil up with water
and boil until tho lye is very strong ;
put it one sido to settlo, then drain
olT tho lye; return to the kcltlfl, and
when it is boiling hot put in shelled
corn. Keep boiling as fust as possi
ble for fivo or ten minutes, or until
the hull is eaten off. Skira tho corn
into a calender and pour plenty of
cold water over it, then rume and
nib it in a pan of w.iter, after which
it must be boiled in clear water .for
three or four hours, or until tender.
Bo-eareful not to burn,' mi l put no
Halt in it while cooking. H ive tho
tJii kottle full of boi ing w.iter and
add it to tho corn as occasion re
quires. During tho last hour let
tlio'wator boil away bo that when
dono it will be almost dry. It may
be eaten with cream or wanned up
wit'l milk or fried in bacon grease.
Salt to suit tho tasto in either cuse-
Another Roscnlly Lnntl Sclicino In
tpeolal to 8t Loula ltepubliean.i
Dallas, Nov. 1 -Another scheme
to doeoivo pooplo abroad in tho pur
chase pf laud and alleged city prop
erty has just beeu discovered in this
Etato. It is after the style of the
famous bogus Mineral City sdiemo
pf four or rivo yera ago. The new
fraud is known as Teaso River City,
represented as tho populous and
prosperous county seat of Harde
man county. Elegant plats of the
mythical oity aro in circulation. The
originators are Philip Tobermnn, a
former carpenter of VVeuthcrfoH, as
pi-ibldcn'j, and 0:10 John E. Ward of
(:.... r.i ,... ,.. 1
viili.v, xi., no aiieiaij una WUUD-i
xvecs. No such place as this l'easo
Kive r City is in existence, and Har
deman county is a wi d, unsettled,
Uifcrtfanized region away on the
N'V.'tilweht Texts frontier, nearly
ilOJ miles froin Dallas, mid has not
ubovo a lnmired people w.thin its
Tho American Biblo rovision coin
mittee liavo completed tho revision
i t tho English version of tlio Now
Testament uud transmitted t'10 rc
k:vt of ibi Ubnra to the English
Jx'iLiiih CJmuiiltct:, whioh will meet
m November for lia.J action, and
t!;a uaivernity profaa of Ox'ord an 1
Cuabri'l.-ja expocis ti inu.? tho re
v.s.i New Testament in February.
1SS1. Tiia Old Tt .-t uiunt wiU be
p i'jlishej tw.i or three jv.us after.
Ainerrn revisers hsvj hiv-n their
tJiio and labjr for eisjht je.trs. with
oui, oaijKntf ttioii, Utece vn-
j)jr.so5 buv.ii bi'ia prjvide.l fe.r by
vol notary uibo T:ph..ui. Anr f.-ien'l
01 ibo prtat x.uik v.iiu vid iitiit;il
iltc toward t!i- t xp "jr-c 1. n tln!!nrs
or iii'i t b -'iio I'.-lir.Liry :.. i w.ll
rX'irc a luemoribl .py iif inc first
uurve'iit.. c.Yi'm ,1? t!.e levi-i 1
N x Tvst me .1'. It m l mi -!v b-mn I
m l niKT.bi-L M ,if in 1 1 : u:
l thi pres .1 i; -v.i)r S ::u-a. e li
tis tretrnr..-. M . A'. 1.. Tivljr, it'
Ih-J li lt? -.
Cl- IT ' v. : 1.1 a, 1.
Ona of t .i- . .- 1. -bsat
tvi-'i: n--.T PV1
1! . 1 tv.il.,1
C Cl.li'l I
I ti-.- 'id C.Mll
pviy. J-:-' .V ! .-.-i 1. (-it -,i'.l ( j
h l- t X J -.1,-; !m;."-.t ii i:i S .n
l"ra ii i-r. 1 h ' J i . S. '. y ;.r:
tt'asj;- W. -. iSf ar.-.rel
fh liair - a'i i.i 1 ule t J i'f
rj.TpiT :;r j "i i-ir :x:i.sf I :
u)V ijnidiJ tl: r c-T h'i
A- Sjobii.al n-rS. v.
r-i vt tmri Tn J u-in-:. 1 .? jr -tv
ArtrwJ t'ji c-xin- jvvl oi.
t- f T. . a J:;imv1 j
tzi ai"i h'.'I '' ? -i- T":. ;r!-
ytssj :r.?i ; i'. ' . -" r i "-
Wlijr He Wm In hn rruJU'iil.iry,
An iinporUnt 'uu wai U M be
fore tha Crimiual (Jourt of tho Dii
trioct of Colunibw. Ait o!J culuied
man wan on tho witness sfund. 1 he
District Attorney iuttrro'iitfil the
"W'lmt is your mime?"
"Jolm WillinniK, s;ih."
'Are you the John WillinuiH who
was Kent to thn Albany .Statu jwni-
tcntmry for liireen y :
'No," sah not this John,"
"Aro you tlio John Willmms who
was couvictod of arson nnd w nt ti
tho lfaltimoro penitent iury ?"
'No, Bull. i
Tired of asking frultli sH (jui htioiiK, ;
tho District Attorney suddeiily put a
leading one. t
"Jluvo you ever been in the peni- j
Yes, Full."
All eyes wero now tinned upon the,!
witness. Jlio Jihtiict Aitoiney
Htnil"d complaci'ntly, ami resumed:
'How ninny times havo yon been
in tho peniU-iitiiiry V
''Twice, null."
"Whore I"
'In Uiitiniore, sail."
"Ho long was you thero tho fm;t
time f
"About two houi-s, suh."
"How long tho second time?" ask
ed the attorney, rather crestfallen.
'An hour, nali. I went then? t )
whitewash a cell for a lawyer who
had imMk'iI his client."
The attorney sat down amid the
laughter of tlm spectators.
(iAt.riftTif, Tkxim, Jan. 23, 18.
lfrsira. J. P. UroinRuolo ,f To , tauUvMI. K.
"fillip ui 1' diizrn Kaui.Kii Fmtl.a llirraaa."
1 liomfif on. gcliotl A Co.
Tue abore a Telrmam, anil altowa (lit Rn ai
pnpularllrol lliat frmalo frlrud, Kxul.l-.ll flam
DllTKHa in tho Slala of Trxaa. It lia boi'U Ilia
atanilard frniala ineilk'lua nlicrcvar it baa been
The United States rtvenuo culler
Corwin has returned to San I'miieis
co without any intulligenco of the
missiiig Arctic whalers. Her Cap
tain believes tho Jcaunctto is not
lost, but is wintering north of Si
beria. A auro, fata anil prompt i , i'i i
great demand among married and dingle ludiea, Tel
atrange to aajr. only one ban been oflured and tl.al la
KKOl.mil KfM4i.a llimaa. It reMnrea anil regulateii
all Irregular monthly uterlno action, ciirea fenile
weakneaii acil exemsea. retnovea unnatural olmtruc
tlnno, adiU Iron to the oluoil, atrengihens anil btillila
up the trliulo altem, and curua tbo licrvoux and
Some traders sold tho natives of
tho island of St. Lawrence 11 lot of
whisky lust summer, and the inhab
itants went on a long siiree, failed to
gather provisions for winter, mid fiDO
of tho 71)0 people died of starvation.
Cii" WnilKnl Ollircr .'o. 10.
Tjiincnsti-r, P.I., hnviiip licnn n p cat
sufferer fur year with Kitlu- y ilirensc
reij nc.sln ui to say lliul. tiller tisi im
Ouy's Kidney I'.ul '!' Unys lie leel.
holler tint it ho Inn) bcloru in filtce.n
"A I'iiiI 'I1 or lUirrKlns;
Dry, )tr.!ieil, Horn tlirnnf, jinetitnonin,
Ijninshiiil uml iHlhtinitio nttitckii, wnilti'iic il
nud dcliilitutert Htulov.f tlio nvntem, till these
iltinerous nyinptoniH nro umcd liy Da.
SWAVKn'fl Ce.VtrOUNDSYHt'I'lll' Wij,m(!hhiiiiy.
Tlie iiiMt ilj.'e (divert relkT, mid tlm wnr.t
cuhkIi n:td roio hiiifj.t yield tt it healint? pro.
portiea. An oeunsioieil decs of ''Sw.vyne'h
Pih.u" uliouhl ho tiilwii t keep tlu lmwcls
frco. They nro cxoilcnl fur torpid Uvniu l
bilioiii coniptitjits.
A rmnkfort (Ky.) riiynicitin write
Somo moat!n ngo liio (tanUter of oao of
our prominent citizim1! wits pronmmeod a
hopoless cnufiuniptivd. She wns vory mueh
roclivavl in flesh, terrible ruugli, her life
gradually wasting nwny. I reromiuvnilr-il
her to mo "Dr. Swayne's Cosnp jtniJ Syrti
of Vv'ild Cherry," which she did. Inn sh'nri
tinui bho v.'tii five from till relish nml oilier
fiyniptotn.i, anJ is now roty tei 1 henlthy.
Priee 21 cnnt.i ami i'l.OD a bntl'.e, or nix
bullies fur f.VOti, The lm-,T;c si?e is Ih'' most
ero.ioniifiil. P'Tjinre'l only by Dr. Sw.iyne
Jt Son, l'liKa lelpbin. Sold by Dni.:;:iHl i.
"Save Your Hair. Koop it Beautiful."
Tho "LiNnoN Hair (lor.ntt IIi:ktokv::i" is
fio inout ilmijrliti'iil artielo over introdiifed
t.i the Aan riean pe.iplo nud is totally differ
ent from till other Hair Kent iretv, being vi
t're'y free from U itnp'.ire in;redletil i llittt
rentl.'r tinny other urtteles far lite lw'.r
olmoAloiH. Xi'hem baldnei.'. or falbn of
the h:tir esistt, or ir.'m:ite,re rnyiH-i-i, fnnn
.'U.'lcnesi or titlur i':ni.e"s i:- ite will ivitore
the uat'iral vo:it!:f;il eoior. und eanso n
he.illhy ;;r.iib. el. ,i:i i'itj Ihe n :il, from im
firilie. dteulmf. . at t'ie same time a
m'-a pV--i-'n and la.t'e her ilr-i-ii'i.;.
fi'iratt'y prrftim. 1. r- i l''"ii'--; I'ne ha :
!;d pl.iible. iiM!i:::.j it ei j i ' ' -ele
in eter l.i.h t.
A .k your JiMivii! for ru. ! i.v'r C.-i ;
lle:rir. Prire nil i KitOe.
I'.r for 1. J!.na l!p 'J f T f-e Vl-'t. l
M:i'i-.. North S'.t'. M . r:.i:.i-!.i'i:.t.
iK-lains; Mni;..iin "nil
T'. o-.. .a-. p a-
ir.'. - '. ii.' r i' i. i: I. '
v. ry .:.;r,-i: ... v .! it .'
( n .- :r ir:" er.iul-r ii i'i
i : IV f: - it i n . i i.. ii. if
I i ! If ."'Iii-S'-l t ,1 iti .t t . ; - ' i
t- t .!.. .im A::-
Hl-.t.t . 'i-o'-i." ia ivt., r-it r .-.r--
Vk I - T-.l :7. ' h. S.l ft 1
??! i:r--it Pa-'.r. I' '.. i '- '
-';. .-;... I -r. I - '
Jr-. ' i'--. m ; -. f " "'
.- .1 : . :. 4:.- .t: " ; :i
.-.r:., -. i-. '- ! i-- . - .p . It
: . -. i' !- ;-.-' i i ' N
s r - - i f ft v ! .
Cry for Pitcher i.C!Xtorla. They like
it bMatnM it in nwcet i Mothart like
CitatnrU booni it Rivta koialth to
tbsvblldi nnd Pliyalcluna, keouo
it eoutalna no morpbino or mineral.
It natnro't rsroadjr for naalmllatlnc
tha food. It earea Wind Collo, tbo
raiaiug of Sour Curd nnil Slarrbwa,
nllayt rtverisltnoi.t nnd Kllla
Worma. Thnt tha Child bni beaKh
and tho Motharo)a:n rant. PJoot
aut. Cheap, anil Rolinble.
Tlm mnrt rPf live Pa!a-ro"lov!nrj ctt
tlio world bau over toowui
Cvi r l.ono.iHIO llottlra aolil luat yrnrt
Tho rcoaonn fur tiila unrirfrcilinleil popu
larliy. nre crul.-ntl Ilia Contnlir Iilni
monta nro uiailo to tlotorvo oonddouoe I
lln-y art atiaorbod lum tlio iiruelurui they
nlvrayt euro mid never disappoint.
Nil iorim iiuid luiiitcr aulltr triili
PAIM ia the RACK,
Rheutnatlrmi t-r Sill Julnn, for tht
Liniment'i will -arcljr ertenninate
thopoia. Therein no Strain, Sprain,
Cut, Scald, Burn. Brulae.Stinif.GaU
or Lameness to which Mankind or
Dnmb Brutos aro snhjeot, that doot
not respond to tills Soothing balm.
Tbo Contaur
not only relievo pnin, hut they lnclto
hoaltliy action, sntdtto inflammation,
nud euro, wlitther tlio ayimimnu prueml
from wennds iif tho fiesli, or Kiiiriilula nf
tlio Nerves t from contriictcd Cords or a
t.oaldod land t froi.t n tprninod anklo
or a unshod foot t wliothor from .lijtu;tiug
or a ntraiacd joint on a Hcrso's Lor.
Tlit nony produced by a liurn or .Scald;
raortilicatlsa fnmi Prost bilMi Swell
ings from btritlim; the toi'turos of Rheu
lnatli.mi CrippZeil for llfo, by roino
ncslcctnl nci iib nt. a vr-.Iur-blo bono or
a Dootor's Bill may till bo uavod from
Ono Bottlo cf Coutaui- Linimont.
No lloiwokooper. Farmer, Plnnlor.Tonmaler,
or J.lvcrjimn, c.m niTord la bo without
these wonderful Linimonts. Tlicy can
,o prociirtil In r.ny part cf tho clolbo for
fiO eta. and C1.00 a bottle. Trial bottles
25 cts.
Meets Ihc requirements of the rational mod
Jrnl philosophy which at present prevails, ll
is n perfectly pure vegetable remctiy, embrac
ing the three important properties of a pre
vtrrtivc, n tonic, und nn alterative. It fort
ifies the hotly against disease, invigorates
and re-vltalizcstlic torpid .stomach und liver,
und cllecls a most salutary change in the
entire system, when in a morbid condition.
For sale by all Dm prists and Dealers
generally. ,
Kilnt lttrli flso Sv-ti'iHt lRI j
f MS nml t ItS thillo. vtT,
IM -ri.i. KiMiiiiMr. I'rmnli'. nml j
l..rr liMrtt't-o. lU-romiiiraiilrd by !
mS -lirtniat. , j
ProTionncal a MdiHne hy TJplied ;
Stat Hivpttoei Ufpartmcot
tor r Ujttt: lrrMj.'it tt1 lfhr,
HOME BITTERS CO., St. Louis, Mo. !
,1 i.n'i t- - . t f-Hl H . - t-n r-
. -re 1- sti'.--'' I" eJ ti.a fif ! "-r.
t l - ' -'' e !
i' ..it; !! le-r a- t .ar .f ft
.. .. ll - . ' i. a ' ? t It rn -rr.
. ,-i-r- . .-. tt. -'i ' .
.i .? I a fil-. T li fc. l:-, ? -t.
N ' f -
i Mi & I Ob
;:r'l 1 (, N-- V. ail nvhi.-A
It a I a ' li!!mr""rrl'Jl Tr i I I -
Cathartic Pills
Combine the rhnlrest rntlmryo principles
In innilieiiin, In proisirilons ueeiimtuly ail
justed lo siiairn netivlty, ccrliiinly, ana
niiiformilv of effert. They aro the result
of years of rurelul stittlv and prai.tlcol ex
periment, nml nre the must eltirtuiil rem
edy vet iliwovnreil for diseases eniised by
di rniilfeinent of the stoiniuh, liver, and
bowels, which reqtilro prompt and effectual
treatment. Avr.it's Viu nro siieciidly
opplleiildo to this class of diseases. They
ai t diroetlv ou tlio tllurstlvo nnd onsiinl
lutlve proeesses, nnd restore repailur
liinlihv action. Their extensive use by
iihvsliliun In their practice, nnd by all
civilised nations, Is ono of tho iimny
proofs of their vnluo ns a wire. "rn. nud
perfectly reliable purgative medleino.
llohiR compounded ol tlio concentrated
virtues of purely veKCtnblo substances, '
thev nro positively free Irom cnlonml or
anv injurious properties, nnd can bo ncltuiu
istercd to chililreu with perfect safety.
Arm's Pit.tJ nro an effectual euro for
Constipation or Costlvcncss, Inillne.
tlon, Uyspepilm Loss of Appotlte,
Foul 8tomnvh and Ureoth, T)lv.liiess,
llendiielie, lossof Kloinory, Numbness,
llllloltMiesH, Janmllee, Rheumatism,
Kriipllons und hklu lllsenscs, Dropsy,
Tumors, Worms, Neurnlp;! ('olio,
Gripes, Dlnrrlioea, Dysentery, tiouf,
I'lles, Disorders of tlio Liver, and all
other diseases rcsultlnp; from n disordered
atato of tho digestivo apparatus.
As a Dinner Pill they liavo no equal.
Wlillo pentlo In tltclr neilon, these Pills
nro the most thorough nud searehlnp; cathar
tic that can bn employed, mid never Rive
pain unless tho lion-els nro inflamed, and
then their influence Is healing. They stimu
late tho npimlito nnd digestive organs; thoy
operato to purify nnd enrich the blood, and
Impart renewed health and vigor to the
whole, system.
Prepared by Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co.,
rractlcal nnd Analytical Chemists,
Lowell, Mass.
sold nr all DnuuoisTs ErcRrtrnitns.
How Lost, How Restored!
JUtt puhlMiml, new (Million of Vr
( ulverwfll'tt O'li-lirati-d Kcnay on l lie
ruiKcttl cure (wlt.MHit uinlfclnei ol
Hptirnmlorrbifii orSeuilnnl WcnkneH-',
iiiviilu- tnrv Hi'init al Itiiptpii.
c', UrnUI nti'l I'hy leal limnpne U, ni nlim.-t t- h
Marriuf, fic ; il.-u ('iiMitrijiiiii, KjiiM'tm, nml
Kim, f:iductl hy eli-iiilu!;t'ixe or rxual vx
imvniraiit', . , , ,
I In; c h brui'-'l ii'illior. In till" flflnilrn! Ii K-flv.
clfarly il-Miion-irati-. trt.m n ll.iny lr, micciH
ml pmrlittf, lli.it h Uruih: c.niMM'iii'r .1
-llal(U' umv l" rntie.illy oiir.-il -nInm( ihf
ilnitK-nnm ut- of Intii'iiHl meiHciiie or tint nppli
rutli.N ii' tin- ki ite ,itiliiili(K n niorif ol etire
al niirf oimplf, ctiinln, ttMi t'lT'Tlinl, hv iiM-mirt ol
whicli i-vt-ry Mi!TTiT, rt:i mnttrr whnt liln cim.iIi
tlon imty b'f, iiiu i-uic liliiitell el.c:ipy,pilv4tifly.
atnl rrt.ll.'illly. ........
Mi" Tlit. l.fCiiiro ti1 ouhl bn In (hi n mils ot
every miI,i and t ve ry rihii in Hv I n il.
Hvnt'tMiilir M-nl. In fl )lln et.vi'lupi'.lo nliy ml--tlrem,
pu"t p.. i'l, on riTcipt o( ii. ccnu or nv i
purMuf ntni'ip.
Ailitn-xK lie I'tihlMn'M.
41 Ann St.. New Yo.k; Post CUloo Ikn. 4"8.
m :.i'rA'Ti i:::i!f. i k : iik
Windmill Powes m
rurl'Tiipliis '"1:1 TiiniliiK "'1f ':''
I.iu'lu Ma-ii-ni-ry. AM .u:r Ltt
W in !in;l';i ;ir- .::'r-i -'I l j.'k
(I i WIIIH IV! i::;u..i i"i rn V'hirl
i .it-; i-'ill il 1
c. .T;s m.l! : . 1 1 I ::;.!'
iiu'tiv ii-.'i 1 ; ii'.m'..-
Mii-tu lCf.ii 1 11 j.:..mi..- 1 1, j
Si'ii'l i in:u 'i-.ii.-.to ' r-- A- Vvli
tratcrt Cita-SV!
Inane Mil l iriccs frlSisMaasM
P0W2LL & U0JOLA2, WauHaa-'
i,".i,,;A?SFMT FREE
lll.cntnli.rii.-S V- I M I lliul.
SlWvfaliMffn, 1!!., Maniifndiiinr Jn
Jf Jivwrl.T nnd i!i-il r In SCI.CLL
LSTHtS. IT.rtVI-l i lU'lLU.asHii-'i
CHAIRS, Small Sail Hunts, Games,
Moutli OrianH, nicycles, VclocU
pcilos, Tuyp. etc.
Catiilncns, OrUcr-blanka and en.
velopos fixe.
Izii Lost A
Kl? SouaCl
oun 3T0MACH,
"tT Poul BnEATH
Ile.Mv. rrit'ie' 1 T't. awdot'lr pemi'nr Kim-
mrAt t. rnMrtrt'dcmlvl'
I Lnt;k' m. i I 'Ci z
.v - h -t.-sr. T.r- si. mtf'M it. -r.
I I -tr i I la 1 VJwa: .-I L-v V .
j gfjfj GFFH!"'"'
H arrn-.i- ar. -r-.t.d (
itr'.ia U ant 1- 11 1
IMmiih, r a r r.. i :' ; ifatf J VOSh-,
. il" !.. ' 1. Lit,. ' t !l
;'".. Iif',-. .-V t - ....: r.T.T ,
; S25f verLDay ggj
7 V P 1 1 AUlZCrS OaV UriilB - - 1 :" .a-in :-r.-m
tV " LX r VrI r. -f-ar.iDU ta..-ai.iar1 1pr . fr r
W Oseectn cat BDfaf rreslfrt W 1 - , a,. - . . L. I .m. Tas)
Te s. tfl c-lj ira. ,-r tfc- 1 -' W wr- -v - - titr:.-t--t,ito,iH
Hani n vmr rw- -JY eTaw. ' , :.wt v umI , - . i - r..- , .
" waR.i oiswuuT7. eta. i rv.-; zri?r J.sE:I
X A N T I i A t Tl : N TS 1
I,, .-. ,.M.,..i-l.l.!!..it.: j hARSI'S CWIf tV CO. tl CMCWISTS.
-. . 8-.W - -i --. . r I '- 1-. 1"
. yt 4. .1 .-WV. . I !
i'AR'UliS Ci'CLOi3CI1l ? HuSsaSiU Srfsie?. ;
whlcb siippllet want mm of amintnt ability
hv dcfuivil piri vl itudy and fxperluiant to
flml pwiUo for dUvaM of tha KIJ'iya, Mini'
dr, I'rlniry Organ and h'crvoiu fljain and
from tballiM ol Itadlacuvary liaa rapidly Ifwrwa.
d In lavor. (talnl'iR lha approval and conlldiica
of medteal man and HiommIio hava used Hi It
baa lieeom a larortla ltb all claoaa and wbr
tv?r Inironoci-d bai iuprdrd all oihar trrat
inanu. Iu abort, aueh U ha lulrliialo Dierlt and
auptrlortr. ilMt It U now tba only recogi.lt vd rl
Habit ramaiiyT
are (he tnot pravalant,danirreiii and fatal affec
tion that aflJct mankind, and o varied and lntd
Itiua In ibflr character, ibat peruiis often aotlvr
fur a lonn time bvlore knowina; wbat alia tbeni.
The moat characteristic aymploma are gradual
wauling away ol the whtile hudy pain In the beck
aide or lolne t a weak, feeble, rxhauitrd (felti'B i
Iom of appetite and dread of exerclna t acanty and
Calnful (lltcharge of variously colored orlna I lna
llliy lo retain or eipel the urlnei mli ute ahred
or caita In Ilia trttiw; and when the dlieaae la of
on duration, tbera la tnucb eibaclallou aud Ken
oral oervoua prolraiion.
VTe eayponftlvely. and wltoul fear of contradic
tion ibat Uay'a Kidney Tad U ibe rlr-t and only
iii.'allibleciire lor every form or Kidnrdy dUeaae.
It la tba beat remedy vet discovered for Ibli com
plaltil. and more effectual In Ita operation than
any other treatment. Hy uln lal lb fully aud per
eUtettily no casta will be fottt.U ao Inveterate at
notloMdto Ita powerful remedial vlrtuee.
We biro ibo moat unequivocal tentlmnny to Ha
curative powera train many pernna of blRb char
vr, Intelilffpiicfl and texponalbllfty. Our book,
"How a Lite waa n'aved." giving tba bllory ol
I lit new discovery, and a l.tftfo record o( moat re
marbable enrea, actit Irt-o. W rite lor It.
DAY'S KIDNKT PAHS arc aold by drupfl-t, or
will be aent ('ree of pOKtait-e) on receipt of ihvlr
prlcot KrRUlarti mt; Hpeclal. for obattnnte caaca
ol Ionic a ai.dlnir, iVt.llO ; rhtldrep'a. $1 tV.
Addreaa. U t'$ KiONKY 1AU CO , TOLEDO.
CAUTIOX. Owing to the many wortbltii Kid
ney pad a now aeeklne: a aale on our repnuatton,
we deem ft due the aiflic'en to warn tb-m. Ak
for la.va Kidney I'jd, take no other, aud yt-U will
not be deceived.
I lat a Pad dlD'arlnc from al 1 otben,
Ii copibnpa, wttu 8lf-Ar)juiUnf
Wall In csinwr, nUrptil twllloall
tamlllnna nf ll.at kn.lv. ark II. thai
Hallin tbunpria back tba
with the FUrar. With light
lay anJ nlgUt. aaJ a ndtcal curt certain. Ilia aaaj, durable
tad ctitap. Uaotby mall, Clrculon fnw.
'ff A Yi'AH indexpetmeH t attentt. Out-
Hi r i e. Adtlrttaa r. t. Vlt KKHY.
Anit'iMn, Milne.
A DV3r.TI323I eend fur our Hetect 1.1st ol l.ocul
tV SlVt-Jls'll,
dtrvet, Neu Yuik.
14 Stop. 4 Scti Iteed, ttly 986
I'm n on e-'i.i uii. I'uper Tree.
Adilreaa UAJilKI. r. UK A I'll,
WttubiiiKifii, N.J.
i armars aud
armers sons
er in mill, iliiriinr P..II ami " ImcM'i cvi ri
b c.Mj.it)-. Iiil..iilnixn-Ml v.itlini.lr In iirtnalloll
W illi lull I'arllcll ar..ivti. A.Hlrt'fiH, .1 imcp,
i.C. Jlc;UlllJ it- C'-.,St. Liiula, Moi
B. I'll KAT,?
7.7 Itroinlu ay. K.Y .
ii'iltier ot Mral-maH mid-
crlptiiui nvdn, piv.'H Htt'siily fmiitiivniitiii to AjreiH
a srl nil Mkiiitf n cl.aiiKr In lni-iiii'h. I iti rnln
irriilnrx ol lit-w HimKH iti.il pn of I lift I I"iO p'T
nionl'i In innde.Keiit on n Dpi cnl ). iiovl.l 4a
utv und very tiilriicf i ve Styicu ure
no iv ruuriy.
ittfST caiunkt on I'Mti.ni;
tiiiiiicrK of lilht dUlfnr Inn
l rvcry crent world' rxldid
i Inn Inr ilifrte-u jeuri. I'riee.
$'1, foT, ;tl, $Ai, 910S, !
f.ViO ami iipwiiril. Fur ea-j
payment. $U :t a (pmrtt-r nnd
ll p w a r il- rtnhiijjtli'i fie e
00.. 154 Tremont si., MOSTON:
411 Kail Nil. St. .(ITiiinn Square.)
SHW yOUK ! 140 WatMrli .
line, uniciiKo. 4vv.
. Capsicum
Red Pepper
AITttrd quick relief when applied
ais per ill imrniiini Kt nMIT ihi k
Quirny, Sore iliral, lilit iitna Urn
Nfiiralgui, I'd in I y, l.iinilino,
Sluirp pn itia In ihf t'lifit, Side or
Buck, Sudden Culil.-. Kuluey Com
plaiiiM.'t'tc'. Iu t'M-' rii.d fn flai
cifea, ri-lfel Is elT-Tik-d in fr m
Jiec tit er! minute, ar-d ui'-k
out miHii''' ' htiylifstt inc on -vtnieH'e
or jmia- Miltl evi-ry.
where. novi;; 4v
t::z r;:v tccd
IIIKItK lino i-reitrr Klood Prmlueer and Mft
af.ratiiin I'riivcil'lr lit Hip world uf luid ur
m- liicinr lhau Mull (iiuera prr-pare I .nn Huft-r-menie2
Mall, Hup, aid y,tht nn I In !r?d I lie
bu t ai'il ttie t-rain, t-nnn, ( OlnU. M'lmlty t!ie
t."ittjs) bJidni tl,sa m life It q ,lct d, n -iifs, cluer
tl.e nit Ml. prrsrrt tlijtnu. reb-iiUt Tt.e ainn.arb
and Uwivela, clt-aie inr dv.-r atnl k tltie . n-j .
Ulla- wi.h itM :tc -vrr. 11 ml ul ili lait-lj. Itrwnn
taatia Ur similar! iamil. 1. k iur ih- -uui-pa:iy'
avltntatnrd wnici. ep;te-r t'a.H'y uh
) I of every b..i:. '!! ever It r Mill lii-
H Htl a.. HMUt, r.
i Ajp '! locUiair-r CM4c on A m
V - A "4. f 'r-rti"- tsf h .rMlr l
(Vi ."sT"T '" v - - - "
iit Sc ra
0(5 . i?;
And all rflaeaaea l Ibe Kidney a, Madder and
Ulluary Orajana by Hearing tbe
Improved Excelsior Sidney Fad
It U a MARVEL of JIRAM.VO and tt If LIEF,
Nlmplrt Nnilblpf IHritl, liila
lea. Power till.
ft fi! URN where alt tlit fa Hi. A RRVRLA
TION and KKVOI.L'TION In Medicine. Aba rpiimt
ur direct appllcatluu, aa nppoed to miai (elector
Internal medlcluea. tend lor our treatlat on Kid
nty trouble, eent fret, hold by nrungliu, or aent
be null, on receipt of price, f'l.OO. Tblt la tbo
Urlffinal and Utnutuo Kliluty fad. Ak lor It and
take no otbtr. Add ree
The "Only" Lung Pad Co.
VII.I.I4MH Ill.Of K. '
i:i itoii . .iii ii.
An Kncyctoprdla In SOvola,, over 10,000 paa;ea; 10 per cetit.ra r m itter tluu any KnclyclopaadU
trer before publlai.ed In ibla country, and aold, very handsomely aitd well bound, In clolb for )u, In
half morocco lor $16. and printed on fine heavy paper, wldo niarviile, bound In hall ltula, (lit top,
forfttu an enterprise io extraordinary that He aucceaa, beyond all priced eui iu book publiablu,
ui-iy be talrlj-claimed t ilnauitirate a Literary Devolution,
Tiia LiaiAttv or Umivkmal KKowkrima la a repilnt entire of tlio laat (1170) KdlnburRh edition of
"Cliambera'a Kiiclclo)iulia," witb about 40 per cei. nt new niatttr ad ltd, upon nuittt r ol apcclal
lnieret to American reader, tints makinKdt equal In character io any afmilar wor k bt'ivr ibmi any
oiber nulled to the wan not the great nrnjoriiy ol tbwte wbo coiiault wurka of iolereu,ce,and altogttba
er tbe latt KntclopiL'tla In ibe tie Id.
8iiechnen Voi'Jir.ai in eliber at le will be lent lor examination wllb prlvlkfte of return ou rece Ipt
of proportionate price per vulunie.
Special lilfcoutite lo all early kitlivcrlhere. and extri discounts 'to dune. FnllpRrtlcittirt with de
acrlpilrc catalogue ol niauy otber tttamlard work equa ly low In price, tent fice. . ,
Leading Princlplei of tht American Uuok ft.XGbuarc;
I. riibliah only books of real value.
II. Work upon the baU of prestut cost of making books, about onfbnlf whit ft wj a few years
ago. .
IK. Sell lo buyers direct, and save them tlit r.0 lo CO per cenl. coimT.ittloh cmiinioi.ly allowed to
1 . Tbe coat of book when made 10.000 at it time Is but a fraction of the ensl when made COO at
time adopt ibe low price and sell tbe large quantity.
V. I' good type, peper, cto ,d careful pi inline;, and Hrnns;, neat Mudlng, but avoid all "pad
rilnp;,' lat tuiil beastly leadel type, poii(ty paper and gaudy binding, whlrb aro ao coiiMimtily resort
ed to to niae booka appear largi and Siitj, and whlcb gruy add to their oofit, but do nid add to tbi-ir
VI. To make 1 and a ft) end h better than to make A3 and an eneniv,
Library of Unlreranl Knowledge, SO vn.,$10.
1 Xtluiau'MGiltbon'ri Itunie.S v.. la.. $'1 SO.
Hacaulav's fllxlury r Knulaud. 3 vols., tl 60.
Llumbera'a CjclopiudU ot tug Literature, 4 rotfi
wt ou.
Knight IIMnry of Fnland. 4 vols., (3 00.
f miarcb'a Live of ltluirhiiM Men, H vols., 1 60
Oeikle'a U e and Words, of Cbrl-t. fiO c.
Young's Hibte CVncordHtice, 311,000 referencoa
(preparing.) t2 60.
Acm! I.lornry ol riii-granliy, 60 cts.
Rook of Fables, -Sop, etc.. illtm., fiO ota.
Milion'a LomnMe I'oullcsl rt'oik. fid cl.
ShtikeppeHrVa Complete Woiki.Ta eta.
Woika ot Oanio, triuutntcd by Cnr.v.f-Ocia.
Work nf Vfrgtl, lrfltinlaled by Dryduii, 40 eta.
Tbe Koran uf Uubatuuied, trauMuted by 8u)e, 3i
Adventures of Don Quixote, Hint., 60 Ola.
Arabian K Night 8, flhi.,fiO ct.
B-iii van's Hllilm'K frogi. ill tin., 50 cts.
KobiiMnn Crinn. tlhit., fill fi.
Huticbausem and Gulliver TraV' l, llltts., 60 ct
Remit by It.ink draf-, money n-der, registered
be aeiit-iu postage atninjm. Addru
Johx D. Ai.nKx, Jlanajer.
A AT AO l. i
Ml 1 11U UO IV) UllVJA
Uliliri.l.sl.il TIIK HKI.KIlllATKII INSrtilMII'MS Or
Uiuarpaaar.l furth.-lr Rxeallent Musical (j mlltins,
THE I'AMtll i. Ili.li VX3 (IP
rtui K, rtJt:(tr "J'U' WorlJ-
'ITH-l-: III" lim.t lilitral.
BllAK. rTbe lurKi-al vutii-ty to .cliot rrom.
. l-irecc ln,i.i-lailn ct nil kltuls f
At H l,ule..lo .,,,1 lletnll. C.talgu.s at.U H.lcJT
Var. 0-10 mo.
I luko this mcllioi) ol informing my fricmJs nnj cuatoiiiors tlmt with tho
profiwnt ol line crops uud ol I he milrouj leiiching litre iu tile iiuur lulure I
bball prepare lo liuvo oiic ol the Inrgest t-lnrks ot
cvor brought to tins mnrket. I will leave iu n lew days lor the Kastcr cities
In heleit my goods iu person, aod iu tbe tneamiiiiu 1 will sell my prosen stuclc
ol . i
at your own piito, regardless of cos-r. I tun now receiving and Have ordered:
'1 Ciir loads til IJaptiiun and Ties.
I Larked Fence Win;,
1 Molina Wneons.
1 Mitche'l WaAiotif.
1 Silt,
all of which will he sold at ror-k-bottom price. i
As in Hast. I shull til.-o inlulare.be prepared to piy the hinhcst tnarlcl
piico hi .cash Inr -i tun. and have already orders lor Kiirnpeau t-'pioners. By
Ijir and pi-ire d. alinir I shall tiy to merit the liberal patronage htrctotorc be
stowed ujioii inc, and reoiaiu Yours truly,
y . SWjHav'
. r-)C-'
fisaafafAaaaaV ' taUSkf mJm
or halt lr all ITb'-lraal aa4 ttXail ISralm. A.k faar H, urn Tmkt OlStcak
laV-sn,-K ti-V-4 mi tfetf VT- A 1 '-. 1 -. 1-b-1 XXt JK J f 7 Wrir.
i-i -rn.roa-i'W-! r ftn w eyvassMaw .-eart-avI a:te. WnA -a
aa af luiti. rr- . iTmtmlm 4 .,Tm4)fr-ft f:-ai rr m
C aaa-aacaeer CBkaift t t at wtrsm .y V-aea vlxrt a T rxtc at amMtT
Vrrd ty TP. tt. TITU, mt?. CO. :i3 V SKZ, St lait.
tort, lijr
Breathing TB0UBLE3
'l II ilVCS II III ilie.r.lem curalivt tgrina
il liratlnff madlelnak.
It Uiilll tllllll tbt iliita.cd parta tlia
nol.nn. Ibal can, d.alh.
i'liouaunai. ttisiirr Is) Ha rlrluoa.
lou't de.palr un'll sou bavt tried tfali enalbte,
Kaaily Applied and l(diciallr ft.flclul
Mold bv OruffulMa, or tent by mall to receipt of
Price, 3 no. Hend for teatlmonlaU and our book
rbroe .11 illlonu M Vair. oei.t fret.
The "Only" Lung Pad Co.
n ii.i.uiH iii.ook.
isiaicun. .uich.
atorlc m d nallsd. br R. T. A Men, Ulna., $1.
Acme Library of Model u.lua)c,6u uia.
American Puirlot'am tOel.
Taliic'a HlKtory of Knglirh Literature, Iu cts,
tiecil'a llook ul Natural HNtorj, (1.
Pictorial Handy Lt-slcon, 36 cts.
laying, by nuthorol Hpatrowgiasspspera, TO cts
Mi. Human 1'oeilcitl Work. 75 eta.
Kltto' CyclnpwdU of Bib- l.tiermuie, 5 vols., (2.
I.oIIiii'h Ancient lllalorv, 2Ti.
Smith's I Irtiounry of the Hlble Hint.,
Worlc of I'I nvi u Joiephux, $i.
Comic Hli'lory ot ibe l'. S., Uupklni. Illii., 60c's.
Health by Kxercl-e, Ur. tleo. ii. T.n lor, f.iitie.
I.Orary il&giizlne, In rm a tnm.l.fr. 91 a vi-ur.
Library Magaxlne, bound volumr, tut cu'.
Li'av. a from ihe Ulaty ol an oltl Ltwi or, 91.
Kacb ot ibe abovu bnund In cloth'. If by mull,
pnMage extra. Mot of Ibe bonk; are also pub
lii!'fd in flue edition aud Hue binding, at higher
sCMvrlpfivo riifiilAajiin ntid TrrtttK
iu iJiiibs mil trwon rqiiiHi.
leticr, or hy Kxpreia, Frc lone ol one dfillar may
Tribunu Sluillit;, tv Vork.
esunurne'lnn and n;irnlilllty In tlif.Soulliorti
(.,, nri pre0, Correspcndenco , llclt..
Louis Grunewald,
ii a rt.i ,
lS,l V. 80L'UI.,nc.ST.
Aile Grease ortUt? UnitEtl States
Is ao'J ia mr an4 Coonlr fa tba
raion, Md it fiay wll boat a rlnt. tf
tniTLwir.riathi. I act rwxtniaod that n.:mT
ns lwtmnai ba.t hra Dad., aU daiminr
to b aa-cnl as tba FRAZEtt. Una TirliuLr
triTnitliisritaauperiorii- bomptraifato..' a
tmoc la baa:c to alm off a atnout axtkl;
rmt . wIm. hCTia OUT tnuM aifirk.
d-aVrs and miunn a. tbla to du-.in-
S TOi..-,.,trlhhitmmi.aaylUiiiS
. M UxaaaalTtt agaiaat tba lauadad
s ...... r.i
- i u nit- -aj HI itiiw-ii riiiiL
.. ..... r..- 4
-r si
jw : I m if a-a-. : ..-j.-1 " "
.hi it .
V Cl TsW tL la TW t-tsi fcr .
X 11 ,rV le :a aaw Vt kl;
-. j Uj'A.i.'.V-' -
: ti-. il . . j . a lrriijt a.i
iteratia axtrjk.
1 - - . ... '
i ..r. . ..

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