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Free Press.
Enitrtdfai 'Sfwi- i
th tottnffiotatSun Marco, Tt
.UVirtrri of
Tha Ooo4ofIU
PoopiBri"aiwaya very much in
clmed tocomplain of Uie weather.
It hardlyfiver suits them.' It is too
cold or too hoV'tio wet 6r too dry.
Every poor, pitiably little mortal is
prompt to 'suggest improvomento on
pod'a,adinmisutIon of it". . ,.
The aJmost. imexAmplad. .severity
of the present winter hfl multiplied
these complaint ten-fold, i AV ad
mit it has been hard to boat --hard
we mean, with to little to' protect poo
pie from it as usually prevails in Tex
as. And yet we dare 'affirm that it
will prove most blbssod in f8 cbnso
quencos.1'ijM will be i of signal,' benefit
in itoJfi.9a...aXM.aa.aJl iutelli
ncntpurpns know, bosidaa destroy
ing myriad of J. pestilential: insect
and Tannin, to destructiv to vogota
tion and ao annoying to mankind and
the lower animala. Above all, ft will
be of 'the most signal bcrioflt to
BEuri' ' bur long 'iumiSidrs are(' un
deniably' very' eneryaUngi,''jan wben
followed by very mild. Viagra, iue
humanoonstitutipQ cannot, -in .this
latitude, recover from the effect ' of
one before another ia .upon us, thus
steadily : 'sapping 1 the' vital energies.
The fa'ctf s that the often sharp; short
winters af 1 Texijg, jiorthors- Included,
are tb:oae"iedeyiii.';nn 'invito
climate,' but'or'yuipli vpwnA inusf
urely generate thxpugljo'ut jho'r
broad domain. , l They brace vp the
system, bring back the . blood to tho
cheek, the light to the eye, inspire
the brain, and renew she whole man
for tho successful wort of life.:
In. the days Of our 'adolescence we
used to' to dream of the glories of the
-tropical rogiohs, an4 now delightlful
it would . be' , to " spend one's ( days
amidst their paradisaical surroundings
A tmorg oonsummate humbug, never
arose to beguile tho mind . of .many
Granting all .that may ibe Raid in
.their Upraise, ' and "that tmly man is
vile" there, the fuctstatod ln 'tho last
elauscr is undeniable, and quite 'suffi
cient to condemn thdm in the eyo of
reason. , u .. , ,
Then, tlie're is anotijoi great luun
Jbug the idea that there, is any clime
always;, exempt;., from j, unpleasant
change and .extremes. -,. W; have
read recently,, i for instonde, that the
orange crop ' of Florida has been de
stroyed by freezing, and of freezing
cold weather in1 some of the delect
able valleys of Mexico,' wliich' have
been' pictured as, an, oarthly poror
dia' . ' ' .' ,. ;V '.-:'.
Theroforo, brethren and sisters of
Texas follow sinners all) against
thoyclcrk of the: woathor'Vlot'.us
comfort ourselves with those consider
ations, and rejoice anew-: that our lot
lias been cost in so happy a medium
between" polar rigors and tropic
al heats. Only lot ns: not remain
satisfied with our ' present prepara
tions or, winter.! . No wonder we'
suffer from cold, whilo so many, of
our dwellings arp but little if . any
better than are used for Bummer kit
chens and stables at the north.
With the advent - of railroad facil
ities for'procuring: lumber, let the
balloon 'jBtyle of bijfldings be aban
doned,and warm, substantial dwell
ings take' their place, with comfort
able barns and stables for animals,
wood houses, etc., etc. The saving
in fuel and doctors' bills, would soon
pay" the expense. ' , With those op
plknces of comfort the veriest grum
bler in the . land - would scarcely be
found eompaining of such a winter as
the present '." ''."'-
On reader will be glad to bear that
we have received a line from Uoprescnt
ativa Storey promising to let them hear
from bim, lie may Sod time, through
tbe Fan Pacsa. We make tha fol
Juw'.og extract from bit note:
Tbe HoaM has juat reconsidered tbe
Tola upon tbe bill furo'iabing the mem
ber with 12 cople of "aome newfjaper
jiubliihiDg the full proceed inea of tbe
rJoane," and adopted a isolation, an
tborixiog tbe printing committee of tb
Loom to eontraet with sods aewa paper
ot tb stat (publishing tbe lull pro
ceedings oi tbe hogae) for ISt eopiea.
ho that iocteaJ of baviox 12 eopiea for
each member to tend to hia eonatitorata
be will bare nnoe. PlrM notice thia
actios of the Legilatara. at tbat oar
prop; will know why they d sot r
cce papen.
bad ate a copy of tba Fact Fats
duriaf UaMioa.
Tbe following from a letter written
rruen uoogHreai, ptu a large traa
ia cma eompaas :
,- . c . . , 1
AA VW 1W rrm I
fcM Yxm saale to boM A tin except
en tbe aolored saaa aw a enrner atone,
ltd b in tb hand of atrangwr
wba bave not oxderstood bin or hia
JiifM sdais were da awns' dariaf
year lD
L Aiutio.'mmitry 20 Th-4jomaiV
tea an' aducatiqpal affcirs jwportad
W'lWQOnur taJJonatabUh-ly pro
viiVt fat te pirurwliin of'-oue-fodrtli
"wl'the gunerol revenue .fox.
tree school purposes.
- Ilia bill proscribing ft penalty
for non-pnymwitof tmtcswa roturu-
f with tho recommendation that it
(10 pU88.
-11m bill to reduce the vl valorem
tax to forty cunU was reported favor
ably. ; ; ?
by Itainoy t Dill to amond article
115J, cbaptor 2, titlo 28, reviwsd civil
statutes. Referred, and the senate
adjourned till Monday morning.
TUr wu no wmmuod of tbe bouse
J , r . ENAI.
'. Austin, Jan. 31 fcitubbs, of Galtei
top, ireeuU:d a memorial aUjuoii by
twuuty-ttireo buodrutl ciiiavna ut that
olty, asking that ibe lorcigu tailors' bill
paaa.'"'" ' ' ' : '
titeirirt, of Ilouston, presented a
memorial askiuff tuut it do not pi",
liotti were rulorrod and when Ibe ques
tion cornea up sgaiq tbvra will t a live
ly tinbi over it.' ,; . ,,' ..,
The C'umuiittee on I'oDatttutioual
AmondoiCDta reported lavorably ou the
bill changisg the time ot boldiug State
elections, mU It will probably plan. '
' 'Joint rasoluliooa relaliog to equal
taxation ot all persons ia the titpte, ex
stapling tuinutaoluriea from, taxation,
ana fuhift duration of terms of .office,
were reported on favorably. : . .
' ' The Committee on. KduoatiODsl affairs
waa instruoted to ooiinidur the feasibili
ty of establishing a Stat Ulllvlly.,
Ho. 14.' An aot to prevent drnnkeu
ocaa and temporary insanity produced by
ardent spirits from being plead in coune
of justioc in justifloatiou of criminal of
fenses. wa reported advorsely by a
majority of the committee. A minority
report was adopted and the bill ordered
Anrrnnitml.' Tho Oi.v(rnnr Sent in a mes
sage reeommending the abolishment' of
tbe onjoo ot publio weigaer. iwcrreu.
i ' i ' ' HOl'BK. '
,Tbe governor sent in a bill represent
ing tbe viewa of the Texas mcdioal as
aociatiun and reooinmended it be care'
fully considered. Its object is to ea
tablisb a state board of health. Kcf'd
.The hoira of Thos, Toby presented a
memorial asking for pay for supplies
furnished tbe stato during tbe rcvolu
tioo. Kolerred. '
' Henate bill No. 6. an . act lo repeal ar
tide 551, chapter G, title 17, of an act to
adopt .and establish the revised civ
il statutes ofthestatowus taken up and
read, the third time and passed.
" Bill extending the time within which
lands that have been sold for taxes and
bought in by the state may be redeemed
was passed. . i '
By Taylor: resolution looking to re
poal of occupation tax. Referred,
Ttv ronnlution to have an H Im
propriation made for thepurpnseof add
ing three hundred cons to uie penuen
tiarv. Uefnrrnd. '" '
1 By Key: bill regulating the sale of
intoxicating liqitors. This bill imposes
a state tax of five hundred dollars and
county tax of two hundred and fifty
dollars on each rotailer. and oompids
them to do away witb blinds, screens,
ate-, and keen an onn house.
A large number of oommittee reports
were preaented,
,i a a. ,
, Our Convict System.
' Copt Runt lately retired from
tlie bipod of the Soguin Times, la
menting that he had missed his vo
cation, and hod not been appreciated
as an editor,. : We tumk he had no
good reason : for discouragement
We copy the following good and
timelv article from his pon. Those
of our pooplo whohavo Been, tho 'con
vict car" on pur railroad will , have a
fresh appreciation of the justice and
force of the article s '
, AVo see by tm interviovv KvitU the
Governor, pnblishod in the Houston
Post, tlint Gov. Roberts favors the
building of prisons sufficient ,'to con
fine all the convicts inside the walls,
And we trust that ho will urge ' this
upon the legislature. The law con
templates that convicted felons should
be confined, nnd they are sentenced
"to hard labor1 fit we penitentiary
and to take them out to labor in the
fields is a whing, that might from
sheer necessity be 'borne with for a
while, but' the protection of society
demands that as soon as means can
be provided to"' build '. penitentiar
ies for all convicts it should be done
and the law complied with
That the protection of tho 'people
of the state demands it is ho patent
that we scarcely think it nocess iry to
argue it i and we have heretofore dis
cussed the matter as a protection to
the prisoners, from the cruelty of the
irresponsible men who are piacca
over them as guards.
But there is another and a higher
view to be tnkeu in the matter. Our
luw books say that punitihment in
the penitentiary contemplates the re
formation of tho convict; and this
being so, it docs scorn to us that the
convicts ought to be ki-pt in prisons
with experienced and humane supi-r
intendents over thein, appointed by
the governor, and that a wine system
of reformation ouL'bt to le innngu-
I r-ited by punishing the evil disponed.
acpcratrng tho good rrom ina nai.
n mittjng to tho worthy certain parts
of tbrir punishments, and the im
parting of moral and religious in
struction' We bare before stated that tb num
tx-r of con victs onht to bo reduced,
by giving to niriea the diarction to
fii the punWiment of lesser crimi
nals at a luiuIm-T of stripes with the
I By tb time of tbe erfneot for
I i .i: ,l ..u. f .i i.kl.
i wrtera Tcia pn-per will hava inert it
Lan UJ f it Will be turir.t d la
Ttlu f.wriold. T tbe oabr4 f,
jSa A atoaiotec pric of l-.at la a
ready adr.ocea Si wtf prt (rat. trsv I
tbat at which it waa ti six ''&-'
A ggntletaaa of Gdjaxaa-, Oi L- j
invented a roctmasc far txstcrmg j
tha ball from cotton seed.
Tu Austin Bcvisw sports a hand
omDgraved''liead1" -Th' health
of Mr. Lathrop, the proprietor, we
regret to bear remains bad. , J',
A Ma. Ovuuix, of Now Orleans,
lately act ont to make great improve
ments in the FloresviU Chroniele,
and actually succeeded, but we regret
to say baa already left off the under
taking. The Galveston News never
said a truer thing than when it stated
that the country newspapers of Tsxaa
are fur tjo good for the patronage
bestowed upon them.' - ' " '"" ' "
Texas Republicans Visit Gen. Gar
Marshal 8. H. BnssoU, Messrs.
Malloy, Umdenstock, DeGross and
W. H. Terrell, have returned from , a
visit to Gon. Garfield, at Mentor.
The gentlemen are much pleased with
their visit and the very cordial : man
ner in which Gen. Garfield received
them. ' Thoy took dinner with him.
Gen. Garfield asked many ' questions
concerning Texas, and - expressed
gratification at its progress, the in
crease in immigration, and of its pros
pects. He took occasion to say that
he hoped all sectional feeling would
cease, and that Texas, as well as all
other ' sections, would build up, ad
vance and prosper. - The president
elect expressed groat interest in Tex
as, and predicted for it a groat future.
The Cincinnati , Gazotte .tolls Mr.
Garfield to "lot the bosses go" in
making up his cabinet -the "bosses"
referred to being "Conkling, Blaine,
Grant, Cameron, and others," and it
adds: ., j,,..,' j. .' "' :' '. .;".'.
1 "By the nation's election the pres
ident is tne biggest man in tne party.
He con be such in spite of all the
senator dictators. He has the power
to boat any of them that undertake
to make war upon him. By going
outside of them and their nominees
in forming his cabinet he would give
thorn no cause to make war upon him,
and would avoid incurring the hos
tility .which ho would incur from one
by seeming to favor another. There
ore good and capable men outside of
these oligarchs and their partisans.
The Republican party is scandalized
by the assumption of these bosses,
and . would heartily respond to
course of the new president which
should be ludependent of them,
Very good advice, but whether the
President elect will have the nerve to
follow it, romains to be seen,
We understand there is some talk of
forming a new county out of the north
portion ot Blanco, and a part of Llano,
liuruott sod Travis. If Ibis is done,
Blanoo must have attached to it a strip
off Comal and a corner off Kendall.
Thia will make everything all right and
settle tbe couuty-aeit quealion forever,
Blanoo Star-Vindicator.
Kx Governor Ilendrioks, of Indiana,
Who has been sick at Hot Springs, Ark,,
is rapidly recovering bis strength.
Baltimore is to have a teat of the val
idity of tha civil rights bill, a colored
man having beon refuted the privilege
of sitting in a proscenium box at a the
atro in that city.
Mrs. Barnwell Rhett, widow of Sen
ator Rhett, of South Carolina, and the
widow of a foruior mayor of New Or
loans.jiro both auortly to become in-
mute of tbe Louise home, at Washing
ton, established and kept up by Mr.
Corcoran for tbe benefit of deoaved
southern gentlewomen.
A statiaioian in Harper's Magazine
showa that, as to the total valuation of
the national wealth, the United States
stands third, Qreat Britain and France
ouly lead. In avorngo annual income
per inhabitant this country rivals Great
Britain and leads all others. Ia annual
accumulations we are far ahead of all.
At present the republic ia growing rich
at the rate of 2.31)0,(100 a day.
Tux Feuiiuaby Atlantic opens
with two chapters of Miss Phclp's ad'
mirublc serial stsry "Friends A Du
et," which will make ber admirers more
numeroua and enthutiaatio, William
M. Ko.-sotti, in bis second p.iper on
."Wives Jof the Poets," tells briefly the
story of the wives ef La Fontaine, Mo
licre, Hacine. Leuing, Bourger, Goethe,
Schiller and Heine. Richard T. Ely
haa an interexting account of tie "Ger
man Cooperative Credit-Unions." Jno-
I'i.ske asks "Who are tbe Aryans?" and
then annwers it in a way to secure the
hearty thanks of those who have pus
tied thcm-elves over the query. Major
(lea. Pcrley Poor continue hia au'hen
tio and entertaining "Reminiscences of
Waadiugton," with a capital paper on
the Taylor Adminiatraticn. Richard
Grant White returns to hia English tour
witb an srtic! entitled "la London
Again." TLce tssays ar admirably
written as ! are both entertaining sod
full of acute observations. Other essays,
pneana. atorira, renews of aw book, a
well Slled "Coatribator's Club," and a
running ace mot of the books ef tbe
south. enoclaJe a esaallent number of
thia atrrl'Sf macasia. ft 00 a year.
Boeto. Mas.
f.ariot Conk Books, a new lot at
C. R J -Use's News IV .
Hatrra's Tons IV7Y tVe k.-t'
p-ft 1.T V :' t'ra. sra'y S en' a c-y.
" '."'iiiXmlVut. !
;o:a is ai..etstk V iVsoreat's saJ
Mlrr Miii"i- at
V. R. Jrnas's Sears DerL
Llppiuooti Miatios tor Fsbraary is
taa muoou number oi in oaw ssrica
and five moat satisfactory videaes ul
lb improvement promised at mu uni
of th ehani. "Down lb Red River
oi tbe North." by Alio ll.aotrnt, is a
sprightly aod proluwlj illustrated akttob
ul a trip through lb provinc ut Maui
toba, aseetiou of oureuu iunut ibalbaa
attiacted considerable attention of late.
In "A tcie.lial Colony." a grabble d
acription is given by C Baldwiu ot tbat
pari of Has Frsnoiaeo known as China
town, with in scoouul ot tbe life of iu
ibbabiuaU. . Tb interest el tbe paper
ia enhanced by several very good illus
trations, rioltoo is attractively sue)
liberally represented by lb serial . Jul
liib." wbiob iseontinued withiucreaaiug
intarest, and tbrea capital abort storiua,
vis: "Monsieur Paul's Heroism," by
Louis 8. Uouihton : "Tbe KouraaoOs.
by Vera Laponkhyn; and "A Midwin
ter Homaaoe,'' by L. K, Blsok.
Th more solid artioles of tb num
ber allhouah nana ean bs called heavy
are as analytical description of "Welsh
Woman.' bv Wirt Mike ; a discussion,
under tbe litis of "Power Centres," by
as old journalist, ot tbe various typos
ol journals, and th why and tbe where
f'oro of their existence; au able criti
cism of Sarah Bernhardt ia her various
cbaraolera, oy M (i Van Rensselaer ;
aod "A mom tha Cherokeea. an ao-
count of that prominent tribe witb ob
seTvations made during a visit, by A.
M. Williams. A bright akeloh entitled
"A Country Tavern io . Winter," by
Mary Dean, two striking poems, with
tbe usual variety of "Monthly Gossip"
aod literary nriuoisma. form tbe b-l
anee of a ehoio somber of this Justly
popular magatin. .
' The Fubruarv'numbarol thb ECLEC
TIC shows tbeadvaulageot Ibeiuoreucd
sue whioh waa luitiated with the Jan
uary number, it contains all the most
Mrikiut,' and valuable articles from the
current I'oreiiiu periodicals. and ha uob
a variety of matter that there is some
tbiog to meet the taste ot every member
ol an iutelligeut family, Toe list oi
artioles is aa follows ; "On the limits
ol liumsn Knowledge," ly tbe Duke
of Argyll, being No. 4, in tbe series ol
papers ou 'The Unity of Nature ;' 'Short
Notea on Eogliab Poets,' by Algernou
Charles Swinburne: "Coiuuxei ut the
Brain." by Dr. Andrew Wilson; "The
Old Paoifio Capital," by Hubert Louis
Stevenson : "An October Night," from
the French of Allred de Musset -. "hrss
mut Darwio :" rl'he Chain oi Lite io
Geological Time;. "Rambles Amnog
Books. No, 1. Country Hooka ; "Twice
Shipwrecked : A Narrative of the Loss
of the 'American' and the Strikiog of
tha 'Sen"!! ' " bv a Ladv Passenger :
"Yeas" "VillsgeLifein New England,"
bv a Nnn resident American : A r or
eotten Hero;" "The Poetry of Sleep:"
mi - L I J T ,
lue trisn Jjnnuueajjuu sun us ,,ur,
bv T. P. O'Connor. M. P-: Mr. Wal
lace's "Island Life," by Prof. Grant
Allen ; "A Visit to the Oldest State in
Eurone." by J. Theodore Bent : In
sect Conservatism :" '"Mnaic and the
Peonle."bv llrs. Marshall : "A Mad
real," by Auatin Dobaon ; Literary
Notioes; Foreign Literary Notes; Set
enae snd Art : and Miscellunv.
Published by E. R Pelton. 23, Bood
Street. New York. Terms. Jo rer year
-ingle copy. 45 oents; tral subscriptior
lor three months, rl
A Liberal Offer.
Having arranged oluSbing terms with
the Jvorth American Kevuvy, we sre
enabled to offer tbut foremost of Ameri
can periodicals, together with the FREE
Prkss at the low price of $5.15 per year.
The Review is the orgun of the best
minds in America, nearly every writer
of noto in the country beings contribu
tor to it. It discusses the subjeots that
are most prominent in the publio thought
at the time, aod presents both sides o
sll important questions. It combines to
a considerable extent the thoroughness
of thi Cyolopedia with with the time
lioess of tbe daily piper. It should be
resd bv the professional man, the stu
dent, the merchant, the manufacturer,
tho farmer ; in fnct, by every one who
wishes to form intelligent opinions on
the events of the day.
Tnx "Phrenological Journal," for
Fob'y. contains articles on "Some of our
Red Brethren," (illustrated.) Lucretia
Mott (portrait;) Sketches of life in South
Carolios ; Physieal Benefits of Religion
tt s yesr, Fowler & Wells, 753, Broad
way, New York.
Dr. Tanner has turned temperance
lecturer 'or living, and is making a
tour of New Vork State.
Those who have shipped me
the past season will testily that
I Lave saved them money aud
given general satisfuction, both
in clxssiticatioii and prices. By
referring to the official quotations
of the oill'erent markets during
three of tho best Cotton months
of lust wittor it will be seen that
Houston q u tat ions were equal
to and frcqucutly Lisltcr, than
Xew Orleans or Galveston.
Greater facilities this season for
storing and shipping Cotton, will
enable mo to serve my customer
with still better result.
Tbe Terr rapid imirase of mv
sale for tlie iasl two Tears
(dou'i'iiip in atiM.unt rs-h rear)
is the let evidence that this ir
reallr the frrmot distributing
market for Groceries in Texas.
Swh a satisfactory resnlt, in the
face of the sliaq-t eoini-titiii
tri".n .tror,2 ar.t mflut i.tiil riv .
markers i ctrtaji,lv a pu.ni ti-
ti-fct I am able to vifi-r very ui
five svlvantajres.
CfOaa faclar t4 VholnaH Craxar
A New York firm ar building two
awiMatiimwbeel atoSmer ft use in V
thsUacdalena river, South Ameho?
They can bs taken to pieces, sre 110
feet long, m feet twain, ana arewing
10 mono witnout cargo, me auu
ia of steel three sixteenths of an inch
in thickness. The engines are ex
pected to duvolop 400 horse power. .
Tai-Laksid CVoki Books, No. 1
aod 2, complete manuals of practical
cookery, pickling, preserving and useful
information for the housekeeper, 10 ct.
a Dumber, at .' '. t '
C. R. Jpliah s New Depot.
Flihtt to read at P. K.
Nea Depot, for Yonog snd Old
and examiue; anything not on band fur
aiahad ia a abort time.
1 ftaM
maul wuns aoovAanu
OoSa iwumS am smMV.
Una). Hooaa and land in Rood condition.
Apply to H. U. saagf six muea east or
Mountain City. Two Farm Handa wanted
tbisyeor. JanO-sw
Legal .Advertisement.
To the Sheriff or any Constable of Haya
County Greeting:
You are hereby commanded that yon sum
mon, by publication, James M. Cox, whose
reside nco fa unknown, to bs and appear be
fore the Hon. District Court to be held in
and for the County of Haya, at the Court
Bouse thereof in the town or Ban Marcos,
on the iid Monday in March, 1881, then and
there to anawer the petition oi Elizabeth Cox
tiled in said Court against the aaid James M.
Cox, and alloging in Bubstanoa aa follows,
. m 1 : ...... 1 luw. Aria
mbabitant of the State of Texas, and baa
resided in Hars Countv. Tolas, for more
than six months next preoeding the Sling of
this suit; that tbe residence of defendant ia
unknown; that they were married about the
day of , 1TOI, in Maysuounty. iexos,
that on or about the 1st dnr of December,
1877, defendant abandoned plaintiff, which
abandonment baa continued to this day.
That the issue of aaid marriage are William
W. Cox, aged 10 years; 8. W. Cox, aged 0
years; O. A. Cot, aged 0 years; Alice Vox,
teed 4 years: Francis Cox, aged i years.
Plaintiff prays for a divorce, for the cus
tody of said children, for costs and general
Given under my hand and the Seal of said
Court, December Kid, lHifd.
JanlS.4w Cl'k D. C. H. Co.
To the Sheriff or any Constable of Haya
County Urteting:
You are hereby commanded that you sum-
.mon. by publication. James H. Snelling,
whose residence ia unknown, to be and ap
pear before the Hon. District Court to be
held in and for the County of Hays, at the
Court House thereof in the town of San
Marcos, on the 2d Monday in March, 1881,
then and there to answer the petition of
Jennie Snelling, filed in said Court against
the aaid James H. Snelling, and alleging in
substanco as follows, to-wit : That plaintiff
is an actual bona fide inhabitant of the Stato
of Texas, and bos resided in Hays County,
Texas, for more than six mouths next pre
cedinn the aline of this snit, that the resi
dence of defendant is unknown, that they
were legally married on the 5th day of April,
1877. in Hava County. Texas. That defen.
dant has been guilty of outrages and cruel
ties to plaintiff that render their living to
gether longer as man and wife insupportable,
and has likewise abandoned plaintiU' without
cause. Plaintiff prays for a divorce, for
costs aud ceneral relief.
Given under my hand and Seal of aud
Court, January 8th, 1881.
Janl3-4w Cl'k D. C. Haya Co.
To the Sheriff or any Constable of Hays
County (Jreeung:
You are hereby commanded that you sum.
mon, by publication, Thomas Winter, whose
residence is unknown, to be and appear be
fore the Hon. District Court to be held in
and for the County of Hays, at the Court
House thereof in tne town of ban Marcos,
on the 2d Monday in March, 1881, then and
thore to answer tne petition of Martna J.
Winter filed in aaid Court against the aaid
Thomas Winter, and alleging in substance aa
follows, to-wit: That plauuin is an actual
bona fide inhabitant ol tbe state of Texas,
and has resided in Hays County, Texas, for
more than six months next preceding the
nluig of tins suit ; that the residence or the
defeudant is unknown ; that they were mar
ried about the 27th day of June, 1877, in
Hays County, Texas. . That defendant has
been guilty of outrages and cruelties to
plaintiff that renders their living together
longer aa man and wife insupportable, and
haa likewise abandoned plaintiff without
cause. That the isue of said marriage ia
one child, Ueoree SL winter, aged 2 years.
Plaintiff prays for a divorce, for the custody
of said child, for costs and general relief.
Given under my hand and tha bod of aaid
Court, January 6th, 1881.
Jania-tw Cl'k D. C. Haya Co.
NOTICE is hereby (rircn that I friD apply
to tlM Leihliture. of the Stat of Texas, at
ita next regular session, in tlie year 16S,for
tbe pasaai'e nf a special law in anbttance aa
follows, to-wit:
To authorise the undersigned, hia heirs or
aligns, toerectadaui across the San llarros
river, at some point between the upper and
lower corner, on aaid river, of the place
commonly known as the "Milton Wstkim
Home Patra," in Hays County. Texaa, now
owned by the nndenigned, and lying oa the
west bank of tha aaid river. Kwddan to be
joined on to the east bank ot aaid river at
some point on the Thomas O. UrOehee.
home ptara. in aaid Haya County, between
tlx upper and lower earner of amid placw oa
a.4 river. Said dsn so be of sunVieiit
hitrhth to give a fall of water of not more
than flva feet. And providing for tke
aprwiutmeria by tba County Jude of Haya
County of tLrec Con mi iii ia. free-holders
and citizens of Haya Couaty. whooo duty it
haQ be to ! whatever damages mav be
ratrard to the land of aaid Thomas O. Mo
'rrhf bv tbe arerOoa of aaid it Said
CVmTa:skioiw tu have slbor.ty to ,nam
vt b'-ar evidence, ao 1 de.-:dt the
1 a r -it f iuv- and tie a-noant a
. 1 1.. 'I'-m to be pVl V tbe owisof
.".:! -iee pis-: Kf ir tie fry tiro of
-d ivn. Af7Hwl from Ue awcrd af aa I
.gt'.;"aTj 10 b lir C-ctt
Cocot af Ea.-a Cncaty. a&J tne aB,ra
Jwrta buna tha aarbaa Sa ha Snad ia
aai fvn aa aarr cthsr aTv aaaa j
wassvw V. a, GUT. 1
Corner Cedar and
Respectfully invite those wishius
to purchase anylliing in their line to
call and examine their stock. Hay
inr located here permanently, we
will do our level best to please all
who favor us with their patronage.
Sept. 25-tf ' ',,
Texas and louisianu
AL Railroad Ir.... .. uIt1q
TOwasrsKisrD & mioisr,
Manufacturers of and Dealers in
ur i"xjin'y-t.vii
We wilt keep coostantly on hand everything belonging to our lioe, snd will
soil cheniier than the cheapest. Riuginn of Stock Sadtilea a specialty.
Repairing done to order. Satislaction guiranteed. A share ot
tbe publio patronage solicited. Aug. 7-3m
JPreecriptioos Carefully Filled by Day and;Nibt.-8
Constantly ori hand s full line ot Pure, Fresh Druga aud Chemicals, Pateat
Medicines, Perluwery, Oils, Paints, Brushes, 4c, &o.
Il.'ivins bouirlit all my goods, even furniture, new for cash, I am enabled t
sell Into for cmh, aod cuarantee everything bought at my store to be f'reshsnd
genuine. Buing myself a graduntc of tie University of Ucettingeo, Germany,
I feci cnnipeteoc to meet all the requirements of any physician and the pub
lic in general, as to filling prescriptions, analysing, &c, &o.
Aug. 7-ly
Of the Largest Stock of
Furniture, Carpets $ Musical Goods
- T
Ever brought to the State, and Equal to Anything in the South.
Undertaking Department
Receive Prompt Personal Attention.
PFltfFrTl.T. nil Ordinary Ctmriraatir,
PublU Simtkina tto.. TbNtith th lrii tu
Nanrsssi of llrarii fT. tJ Woorierliil feciftntiflc ln?t
tioDaltw lOUliNU DKKI APHONE. New York
Urnl(s, Hpt. i, c. ttuall Hit- arrtrd In 11
Pocket. Over 11.000 In Law IHotrjt-4
Pampblcvt. witb anttdretjai vt Taatiaicnialii from ll
Df in vr .ib wlirn lu Tor own iitMi(hu-r-
hnorl Mat frea. AMR. H: AN UKNTAfUONK CO t
163 W. 4ih CluciBDatl. OU.
Th THptrma a- 1 Prim 3tf4.il I,
rn'nlj" m Kl 'vi'f m f tke hm4
mttekimM Trffrtm im ea cf.iir. aw Svwims, c
lire cat. l.t prt
era rrmT t- mrtiremur ana Irna-.
Aalnaa W SAVIk,rillt,r.
, Si T-. Ai4tm
V Asrvia, Sun,
I asr. Oat-
r. o. ricsar,
"The Li?ei, its Dieasea ud their
ivctrw.vs BiLiaitL Tiorsi rs. c.
4M ma rsi. nr.
MI Sraalaay. Saw lark.
ri.ai rt.T! rLtii rt-arat
T v ' a4tr CTafc. Swat VWairlraa. Trm-
P.-r- rtm, i fri-v-K. rl,, i,rf r'a-a.
at a V T' W-i s rtwa ililM-
rl- -arMOa-a. t rr.rrH l-mrria-
Janri'a Was Waraa, " r 1 - a
uirsi.raA.sca ir.
&c, &c.
Railroad Streets,
TEXA4 v.. V'
And Blankets
-tr ETpy uHp.!..
left at the
laraaTasalBattalwni ( !
tav aa Faa aaal )
This la tha King at Saw aTsrstnsa' li
laws off a a Axt lor hi aoinataai
0,000 ta aaa. Tha ebaapaaS mafititn
aoaaa,aad four warraa tad. OliwalarirwM
Cnllad Sutas BUoabctarlnf Os., Cblsega, WJ
atlaat hia MB aOd fOrt-oBe alaUUaawaEaalawti
ts itaiopa to pf pottaca. .
To anr on forTrl r. w1t COrTr.M PTTOS
or BRONCHITIS, tbt Inforvtatioa ta l Book M
4 fraU valaa : af! h bmj ta (aW wrorMtmcm W ttatl.
p.lnT.wr.i I -a, AOnrsxa,
G25 Every Dot
f I. - Caa aaaaadr aavaaVa aar
N.aWeUAug0.-- & Drill
1-4IMI4C- i" awaai.i
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UUUairV(. la
, oua.
eabcso rtcaa srisc
ITsts Cc Ufct ai'iles Xartha-a't of Sat
Marcos, ir Biles at al McaaU;a
Gv.iU Brand
a Wt jaw t3 rt-T-rf ftrek.

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