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San Marcos free press. [volume] (San Marcos, Tex.) 1877-1892, May 05, 1881, Image 4

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tree, lea "
a iruTinx
Who tU ' pn
LeaUllful "BOM Of leiaaf S " -
Iv of NM imt, bat Bare w ao
U li priut. nor ere bi-rd of it aulliur ;
vtl ot aua raJ th Kiaiulaar aua
, Fsttroa auaajser llar
... aoao raoa maa.
Jt.i, kera laTa.s, kinki. m mi
TUhMiw' alaier eVeaf
a. ar. Ierl area Ik.l ""'"C t
eeree eVSea m keaaillal Mm.
Inf km In Tessa lae MS selaea kitf kl,
TM Man i Uf Ir eejeer I
Tke Ml ea l ft"w '
A.J iheeeeaerell reaee-ah iaejr.ar.
Jltkmll Tnu laWe keesilfal ,
' NnllWi kfllllMl anal I
AM .eltteelr taknrllek lseall bears.
Al tesaaallat kf t ell
Aaef kfft I Teaes Ikm't kin aiat km' t,
Aas) la ssarsaertat alee. krlkl an aUar,
tt ear. earless el ( ' aeree .
. far aaa Ulrai (WmjHi.
&mf km la Teaee Ikm'a all IMl af sae
Mr leaa I a leessale ellae,
Tkara'a tiaaa aa Ika aselrlee aa frees lalnt
Ta eaelter eesl Ml.. Mia I saw.
' Aaa? kataU Taiaa laere's vf "r
Aa4 SMlaata aa ktefeeef aim laa,
' TkanlakMalakaaiiaaaaaa4aaalBaakaM,
Aa4 hantat Ibal alackea ika lea.
Aaa kata UTaiaa Ikm'a wells aalIM Seles
Uka plalaa amialmr alia
Aa4 am la akaMaaaa aM trtjnkf flails,
aaa aauaual Isserleatl ta.
Aee kara la Teiaa aetataea aa wall,
Tka laralaj aaa easeae. naasis
Aael peas, kaaaa aa4 aaeleas all aalara aiaal,
Aa ika aaafkla amlaa a Ml alaa.
inf km la Teaas a Mranfai I ree.
' . Paknewa u all kat a law. ",'
Met I Irani la keaa a lar keller kaaia
, Wkea I kara lease mj laat sal allea. I
Aaf kara la Tnaa nt Jaaraej eel,
Mr aa ka UM la Ik a (rasas),
Bee I kapa la arrlaa at Ika flarlaaa aa ,
Wke OakfM kla Iraairal akall aaaa4.
Tha kbora u aot to maaio io the Bacrad
IUrp, bak only odo rara U printed. Youn
inilr, ' , A Lotwi or Tuu
Booth Boarjne, Texiu.
Text Itrmi.
W lri a hillpri nnntlv near
Ttrrell by lb iooideutal ditcbtrg of
bi'MTolver. ri ?
The Cathoiio orwned fair In 8io
Aotooio oo the 27th ult., whiob hi
largely attended.
A achool-houaf, the 2it, et Whit
ne, wet altuck hy liihlnin?, end ehet
tcred to the wind blew it don.
The governor hna insuod hi proolamn
ntlion to take pffect May lrt. quarantine
the ttale. Ho haa received information
Ibat yellow fever exiM in Vera Urni.
D. 0. Bcnnolt, of Fort Worth, haa
an arlerian well, and he ii (toinit to eo.
rran arreor (round with a P"nd of puie
water three feet deep, in which to raiae
Col. Piirre in a valuable oilitfn. Ho
propose to givo a thoimund dollar to
ward establinhinn a paper mill in Sim
Antonio. Thi WfimW utilito thituBanda
of dollar worth of old rM in Weitern
Text annually.
Haghe and rMa)woa, who latoly
tm'id the Milled Brother over three
hundred thousand dollr lor their ranch
and ettle, atartod fifteon yor no with
nothing 8o did the young Millett.
Their entire wealth waa forty dollar
!! month for driving cattle for Beth
Ki.ectrio Watch. A watchmaker
at OpenWcn, by the namo of Honder
lierg, i reported to have mado a watch
whinh reqirroa nowindinffup, inaiuiucb
it perform that work itaolf by moan
of an eleotrio "urrent. An elcotrie mag
net fixed ipnide the watoh keep the
pring perpetually in t erale of tension
All that i required to keep the wateb
oing is to preserve the battery in proper
working order, for whioh purpomi one or
two inapeotion in twelvemonth are
aid to bo auffioicnt.
If you happen to iui print a kiss, do
not publish it.
Ayer'a Pilla are a general favorite, be
cauae of their powerful yet gentle opc
rition. Medioal men prefer them for
nervous or delioate conatitutions.
The Memphis, Paduoah and North
ern railway haa become an accomplished
fact, aa far aa the legialative eounoil can
make il so. This insure Memphis an
other outlet to the Atlantio ocean.
Tbe famer oow drive in one balo of
cotton, tell it for fJO. buy tJO worth
f Ciaoi nuiti bacon, tlO worth of St
Lout flour and potatoes, and goe home
and prepares for planting more cotton
thai ever.
A Lrte Mavnaitaclorr-
While it waa well known that the
Mendelsohn Piano was really a reliable
aod excellent instrument, it wa hardly
au'perted by the other manufacturer
that the demand fir it had increased to
such an extent aa to warrant the makers
in erecting the Isrteat piano msnutao
tnryin the world aaaeeatennial memo
rial of the succaa of the iotrnnient ,
hat sneh was the e and to day the
Mendelsohn Piano Manufactory, ifht
storie io beirht. covering oer 78,X):i
nosrefeet of ground, from it location
on the corner of Tenth Avenue and
67th Street, overlooks Ihe Hndaon Riv
r aod the freatrr pnrt of ManhatUn
Island. Chicago Time.
The large factrry of the McurtKL
on l'lioCoIPA!TCroeT of Bfiy
eerenth 8iret and Tenth Avenue, i
veil worth a vi.il. One ea here wit
nes Ihe various and iatermtinc a'er in
Ihe pro -" of Iranaformine ih rorh
Inmber, 0 "' hi'ly fii"'ahel
itatmnMlAa. In theaaleof theae Piane
the Corov have nnderiakea to lrl
be rt'ftt with factory awra. employ
nr imM. IwatmiweeirB are
rial, ad a intllia W what
hey ar and what asaxiral rawU thiek
aoam ikew. ran he obtained y
( far mm iltnatntive aod 4earrir4tTv
Mralorw. Wilh tut paiaiv rl
,d neamm. the Coaaxaav dedine
togfaw diaa-oaks, tliielmc Ihe
Uaaw M their ari sad tk aarit f
tWW rnatda will fai a !'
mtWn m V'- h- M"
rhinr io lUmt Jomnial. Jn'y I In7
Fly lime rproaehetb !
Fred Orsnt ha reslyoed. I
Cbliken. eholera has appeared. Get
out the copperas. i
An ordinary fl'iur barrel holds 1678,
90. Wa wouldn't uiiud having a few
A l-trno box fa rlory waa burned al
N. Y. City oo tha 25ih ult. Luaa ovu
90,000. . .
The (1, 11.4 II. K. ll.i.toberel.id
with steal raila, and b infilled by other
improvement, '
, Australia bests Texaa for heat the
mercury in Ihe shade ri-oa until il burats
tha lube al 128" Fahienheit.
Rer Alex. II. Vinton, rector of Si.
Mark's. N. Y, City, died of pueuiunnia,
April 2fith. .
Hon. M. 1'. O'Oooor, congressman
flora South Carolina, died April 26 of
lamnr la tha ttomacb.
Tba word 'hell" is left out of the
new tranalatioo ol Ih bible, still il will
oontinne to bo used to favorite hrase
by some folk.'
A yot oot t drop of water lis been
found in the town ol Abilene, t dry
prospect unlet stronger liquid do
The steamer City of Austin wrecked
oo Pelican shoala, Florida, April 26
Ship and cargo aro a total lose. In
surance oo sntar, 975,000.
Air Stafford Norlhrolo baa told Mr
Bradlaugh flnlly fhst he would object
to hi admission into the house of com
mons unless be swears.
Tbe assassination of the late Russian
exar baa caused Kmprest Marie to bo
come morbidly hallucinated. Sho it to
by spoil.
A man In De'tn eounty.Texa. was
recently on exhibition at the North
Texaa medical asaooiation with a very
strange deformation, a full formed bind
dcr grown on the outside of hi body.
CommiHsinner Lo Dun, of the U. S
agricultural department, believes thai
farmer can make their own sugar, and
sy that il they will, from ?90.XIO.Ofin
to I20,0.iO,000 will be saved annually
to the country.'
A solution of citrio aeid has been
found In bi tho best substance to kill
animalculiB in water. It should be
prepared fmh every dsy. The dead
matter will full to the bottom and may
be oleansed out.
. The tireittemi IMiMwInar.
A aimnle. i nro. harnili ss remedy, that
vun i every time, and pievnnls din am'
by keeping tbe blond pure, Htnmuch
regular, kidneys and livcraclive. is Ihe
greatuiil blecainir ever conferred upon
man. flop Kilter i that remedy ann
its proprietors are heing hlessed by lh u
aniida wlin have heen saved and cured
bv it. Will you try il? 8eo another
Tho greit Kiso n races wcro run tho
20'h of April, and the American hrtraes
were bad'y boston. Mr. I.orillnrd's
Mistake on me in third iu tho first race,
and hi Wallenstein ran vith the crowd
in the socond.
All rersoii Who Aspire fo Beatify
of peritonei apponnHic) should not ueR.
leet that nntiiml necessity, the hair. By
many it haa been neglected until it haa
grown Oiin, gray, or entirely fiillon off.
Tho IiONdoh Haib Coton Bestorxb re
atores Nntiire'M Iohmch nnd impart a
healthy naturnl eolor, thickons thin
hair, cures diiudruff nnd all itthy erap.
tiona on the sculp, insuring n luxuriant
growth of hair in its nntnrol color.
l'hytu-tamt Ute and Jlnommtud II,
Home eiabt venniauo my hair commenced
failing i top bceniue quite bidd. ' I applied
"London llnir Color ltenlorcr." My hair
not only stopped fulling, but is now growing
ftnelv. and I conaidor it an invnlnolilo nr.
ticlo for restoring the hair. J. W. Aliel, M.
i.. druauiat 1021 Beach street, Philadel
phia, Price, 75 cents a bottle, six bottleB,
4. Sold by druggist Aug. 14-y
Pllm! tlcklaat Pit".!
iTcniMo Pile is oue of the moat annoy
ing diseases in the world, and yot all
can find sure relief by the line of Dr.
Swiynk's OnrrMwrr. It haa been tast
ed in thousands of instances, and inva
riably muxes' sure cure. The symp
toms are moisture, like an nnealthy
perKpimtion, intense itching increased
by scratching j very distressing, partic
ularly' at night, aa if pin-worm were
crawling in and about tho rectum, the
private parts are aonietuuca affected.
Swaync'a Ointment is also a specific for
tetter, itrh, salt rhemu, scnld bead, ery
aipclaa, barber's (teh, blofehea, all acaly
crnsty, cutaneous eruption.
Prioe, AO cents, three boxes for $1.2.1.
Sent by mail to any atUrvaa on receipt of
price in currency, or three cent pnatige
Ktnmpa. IVepared only by Pr. Swaynei
Hon, 3)K North Sixth street, Philadelphia.
Pa , to whom letter ho dd be addnwwd.
Sold by all prominent dr gglstai. Aug. lt-y
Partly Ihe ItltMxt.
Dr. Swavue'a Panacea," the great altera
tive and l)loo,l purifier, and the Boat reli
ablv remedy for
rVnrfvai nlu'ra and white awclling.
ltaraanma, or waxting of fleah, dropay.
rinmtad aore throat, hip JoiuteotupUiuL
Dark bluk-braor dcfectaiii the akia.
ObMraeie or analy rraptiotM. ranrera.
WMikened and debilitated m-atnn.
BniK yellow aiin. pimite on tlae face.
Jleanirial dieaA nlcrraled ante W-ga.
In abort, the n4 kaUhaawne diaraaea
whkh haTe pat rnvy olh saediriB a aV
Banra foraaore thaa a qwutrr of a caatary.
haa txr pnfretly reatnrd by this Rrrat
rgt4aMr rauaaarav la ease of eiaio na
tbe taia. r any part covet iug the ayataar,
by aaaaing aaa of SwayaM'a AO-btaliag
mtaa(rf,:' torsb on, iB kua4ra and core
the aanrt ohatinate eroptivc dinraar, waat
U r bow irwtft ataJB iai ; Daarral ayxaploaaa
al alina IrtVra to Dr. Swaywe 8nB
ranad.4ptiav PaM by dru;aa. KV
nWa A t" . ft lowia ! tet.
SAID a sun, wkfa arn aaanua.
Haa aa krukad-Saaa aaMlliultaa plain
l iraaranl i-a nillaiarwjih
KrviMi U) 'a akaa liaaark (lia
a.a-1 dvltaai iiiwfM'lUy haa lS. Srlirvh
lu.H. l an qIH ir. lr ,lrai a
lu Sim. aud k uoualrad al aal kf lug wall.
Ma a4t.a kla w laka
which b Htil and ! ft. ibtri timt iv hoi
tilr rlltvtl but rt't.
K.ttr,lf ha,d r u(l-rlnn Hli njp-U
r Lifwr fff4Mi Iw ay lurm, .Io k w.ll
' UllMl Ihr U hi! Uk'll fNl It'tMl UMMU
)tiu, but u lb hvnuUiur lifii ib jrmp
twni ttri . w lbuiwl. II b rlli;vJ
ii iwlil tn0rrttif,
la l ot aa aleabolia tiluulaal, but a
that t'l rir wlipti pv-rrlti(nf rlt full
It l f.tttW ItiiHtljr tnriicMl lM Mitl
ftlar M(f lb -jftiirm. UnvMni irf
tle prptat bm umrnV ii rotntHij;, itm
Irlriid uf tvrrf; nut aiirt will not itiiiinliiC
yon. A limit trial will ttwMiviNctj tou thai
Il M tbt cliraptat ami bail r'amllr Mtlictiia
In ilttr word. Ah ilia rrcoivfrpil iljuprpilcsi,
MMIobp uttrarF,:vlvilnia) of ltr anil ai(u
Ihe marearlal i1p-aal palbriii, b ihay rr
rovrrttl ibflr bpalib. cbrrtul lnia anil .
guvd appfl'lt iba will Irll jou bjr lkii.
Simmon? Livr Regulator
r - 1 ' r
for Constipation, Hemlnebe. Pain in
, tho Hbonhlers, Dizziness, Hour Htom- :
aoh. Bad Taste in the Month, llillioua
Attacks, Palpitiition of the Heart,
Pain in the llegiou of the Kldnoys,
Dospondoney, Oloom and Foreboding ,
' of Evil, all of which lire the attVpring
of a Diseased Liver. 1CKLIKVEH
Colic In Children. PUEVENTH ChiUa
and Favor. CUUES Malarial Dinea.
es. Aak yonr Druggist for
siiMiitVioiisrs ,
Hrwara af OaantrrftHiawnilia atily thf (tn
alua 1 1 whiu wrapper with rail la irutit.
irrpwrtJn it at, n. rtiiii at uu
in. av( loots i -
Publlahadbya tCMERRIAM. Springfield, Uaaa.
If Toa Intend eome day to fet
Contains over 118,000 Words,
1928 Pages, 3000 Engraving,
Four Pagea Colored Plates,
4600 NEW WORDS and Meaning,
Biographical Dictionary
of over 9700 Names.
Great amount of Information in tha Ap-al.
pendlx and Tables.
Every eopy ia a vast atorehouao of nae- X
nil knowledge. aj
Tha very beet aid to help a family to be-fYt
com. intelligent.
The 41 moet beautiful and complata Eug- ffl
llih Uictlonnry." X
Has 3000 Kngravlngs. nearly three
times aa many as any other lilci'ry.
Every achool and family should hare it
for constant reference. Xt
9700 Namea of uou-d persons.
Each wont in Supplement lias been se
lected and defined with great care. Ju
SUPPLEMKNT, rnntains over 4600 O
New Words and Meanings. O
T0 pitturrn ol sAt'lM on page 183!), show ffl '
the meunlug of 110 words. X
also Webster's National Pictorial Dictionary.
1040 Pages Octave. (00 Engravings,
617 SteCharlcs Street, St. Loui8,M0a
A ratmlar gnvluata of two MadlH ksllaitataa baaa
ntj citr iiupara dUowituil iui ulil rtiMiilaaU know. Syph
ilis, OonorrhcBii, Oleot, Stricture, Orchitis, Rup
tura.Urlnary Uyobliitia or UercurlalAffecUons
Ol TDrD.H.wKin or nunwearra oaiwtf, -nii)i.
)r TDrD.H.wKin or nonwoarra oaiwif, rnvrnwir.
un.rniAinrrtie.1 H.viib1 Iifiltilltv Ana imuotan
or itsttierMaitof Hait-AlinoBrauxual eicittaatlo ma .
ttirer j wonr oer bTKluwork jroduclog oorvoatioewi
anmfoiil nraluiona. dttbtlUr, dlmDoai of elKht, defac
titm loomorr. pbrilmtl (lauaaToriluo toaoclotr ooo-f-Akraof
lilemaJoMol Mxuaipoirar.olBhi loMea,rea'
dorlnif marrirure lmpror. ourad. Cooaaltatlon at
attic or Itr mnll Iran nnd invited. Pmophlct ooa
Mampa aljdloioaa aunt bjr mall or wpreta. Ooraa
unruntaad. Wh
.1 It rtlD WXHl Tl Hern uuiuni'lWHia utwairnaiaai
b-k a ate I
Vi.'whoUatorT.Wall (olil.aa ttlatrna tollfc.oa tha
ffolkma w awlajaota: Who ronr auarrr. who aot. wbr
.Uuabou? Woraiinbootl,rbit.fcal docar. W bo abonld
nnrrr, bov Nai'plneai may lm inc rawiod, affejcti of cel
baryandaav Ma.aaaJuuuiymora. ThiaMnarrlad or
tontamulatio niarrtHaUaiiiould rrnd It Uiaa keep ea
far tock wid hv. 2B Cts. by mail lo njouey or poa
luta. XnirHah "Mrrnan Franc h roador pokan.
IlL.aU'U Wrx.kis Loat Miinbaod.NflrroTaa
it i ii (Vmfu oo of Idaa, Awartfao to
Duvisju. t-miwuvaj mi
jocIelTpafootlra Memot and
pa byHelf-Abuwa. Drtinltit
LouIttOuraLlnt ttuftuCU H
r. a nin i iiiirvajmii -.
iHf.L rir, Ht. LoalavMo.
709 ChMnut St, 8t. touts, Mo.atoWofflra,
aontlaua t jctimSperiimtorrliajrt. Bfinln'WeaM
Ceaa, fan potency, allfarmi nt Byphlli. I Jon or
rba,a:artUr.navryorBladder rtlawaaea. Ka-
CnftiapkrarM ta a r-wdaya, ptmn n-oHiag
m walfeabua. or aTpoauracapaq fnr life -lth arfo
MpdWioa. lric fnav Crtrvt low. r.illrrwrits
trtctcmf!'lfocv BjTnrtoia Book fnr two itomp
llVIIMP nr Tin?
la (ka Baai mt Taalra 9
Cures Dyaiepaia: L
.Heatores ta Ajjpemr: l
V Jalnaalarai tka) fivataaa: W
' .aa, Heatore ta waaa
aaa Debilitate. I
tu. til lr nr.- I
t SWTIICl..raar5
QlsaaiaaaliaisiiSji .wa a1
.mmitwm. eS aaal Bta.
uus at oaea rwtwy mm
i.. ryvot
aaaaan.asa.risiiiiw ay
i Mimaanhw i i m
BcR-A'lvrrti- ia tLe rFK Tars.
aaScal a tor Jab rhniir.f.
Invits" y.-wr frim-.U hi t" a.-;lfTiH
l".T r.' .'r Pi :.
atM i i us t '" -
Aikiisn U.flki. f. HVtllT, WaslUgiea, . i
PATENT SaUK-T-BurrvaiTs""
has. BaaaM Ika Istav.
Willi l.uoe ol lona to
arTaAJa, ,2!3l"G
UMtlaaaial KilsaStua.
Ku 1JB aad avwuda
aafjnSJTM MygyrhsaAa.
j. tyataaas, lit aula liaa.li Caiaaga. ill.
bUrUiaal IMJ it 12 M. tft Bmt, ST. UmO.
TU k fhrsldaas ta die na if Ibis out I aod wl I kaawj
lMotmnpUr aradualal iloaijd "Ja-aad
auraarr. Y?ara of Jtaoarliiic. lo h..tiaanasal at
bbralaDuaaaa h.r. !yft""''BSS
S3orii thAt olib. ordtnnnr P
scoalrwl a a-tino.l laimUUa IBJOUa
la m4
rlth sa
n nt ImiOM. irt
rrary or riooJ-1
rv or roiuooas aiMuui
,a thoss ot aiutdla ar waa an
M'aAa aaihrtaa Irora IM aa i
it douTi lu rlcllmVlor buitfisMocauntsaa,
kj lavll
LW tl n..lo to Sf SBMSl bf rl,i u SMiuaj " ,
east iiltJ Ins r I" W"S T.
Cr Krln trim S.fl.r. ..iUI
ui L.,. .Li-- to uwir MlsNtoa. ll i. si irs.a;
Eirk T??lMt, waJs.ii.fS3 ".w i.rtjl
Ills, atlla, ISJwrtk ik bfc. au AaaJa. at
Foul Bpiavh
Low Spirits,
NLAnoaVT or
Kisnuvrarsiiier-i'ifiw. pwiwui k
monsslriilrlnaiiow In market. I'lvparedotilvbr
C.-.Bll10NM(''Jfl -) I lark AV.Bt. Louis,
sur'eiisnrs o M. A. Simmons, M. II. Iti6o and
lul. sand cacksges. boid ty ult 'nil. is
t aa Best Bediclse aver alada.
, aad OBndlloh,allUelieMaM
httVaprOPSniM Ol Ml OUW JNMvn,
awJAaW.aad'a.aa Healta JH-tortag
I greaiasr piooa rwiTiar, ""."r
D poaalbly lon(f wbare Hop
a aVUU aJWADUl aaa aaaapaa
To all wl
rmnarj urjnui, i "v "
.lonlo antlmlld BUmulant,
quire an AppeUair
Hn vnattov whaatwrMir f eUlUTf Of ITmptoma
ara what tba diaeaae or all W1100 Hop Bit-
tan. Don'l waitaoUlyouamra hok dub it yon
onlr feel bad or mliwible,luwt,,e oca.
ItmaytmTa your llfe.lt b"l9ir,d b-adrtda.
MOO 00 Plu tor a oal they will not
imTwTorbalD. Do not wffer'le Toar 'ritl.
aff..huttiaaandupM thmB, HOP B
Remmber. Hop Bitters ii nJV drujnrwd
drunken noatraui, but tba Purest
Medlelna ever maue tine -imtj
and onr and no peraon .or
should be without tbeu,
fl i o.if an abaolute and lirealstlbla cure
orUrunkeiin. HB, ub of oiiluuj, tobacco and
Antics. Ail aold by dnurtrlHts. Band ,
for Circular. Of Httare Utf Co,, a
Niurala'M.RWtuin'u.Hcruau IrmaXanoua
ComplanU, fk uvats.Sprfunt .CttUttttr, fTr,9
verm lr aU ftiataa w of tfct SWm .
Stk0 tnntMn, aaVAsfcAc CAmtrm tiler u.
Ague Cure
I a purely TeRpfahlo hitter nnil poiver.
fill tonic, nnil Is wnrrnnteil a siweitv and
certain cum for Fever anil Ague, Ohtlla
anil Fever, Intermittent or Chill Fe
ver, Remittent Fever, Dumb Ao;iie.
Perlwlleul or Bilious Fever, and nil
malurinl disorders. In miaHtnntic dis
tricts, the rapid pulse, coated tonRiie, thirst,
losattudc, loss of appetite, iin in the liflck:
and loins, and coldness of the spine and
extremities, are only premonitions of
severer symptoms, which terminate in tha
ague paroxysm, succeeded hy high fever
and profnae perspiration.
It is a startling fact, that quinine, arse
nic and other poisonous minerals, form the
Imsia of moat of the "Fever and Ague
Preparation," ' Specifics," ' Syrups," aud
"Tonics," in the market. The prepara
tlmia made front these mineral poisons,
although tliev are nlatahle, and may
break the chill, do not cure, but leave tho
malarial and tlieir own drug poison in
the ayslem, producing nuiniaui, diuineaa,
ringing in tho ears, headache, vertigo, ami
other disorders more fonnalalile tluui the
diaeaae tlier were intended to rare.
AVFH'a Am it Ci rk thomughlv' eradicates
theae noxious poiaona fr.no the ayatem,
and alwrava rnrea the aevereat raae. It
ennraina no qnimne. mineral, or any thins;
that rouhl injure the touat delicate pa
tient; and ita crowning excellence, aboro
Ita ortaintr to cure, ia that it learee tlie
arstem as tree from disease aa before the
For I.lrer Coanplalata, 'Arm's Airs
O ar. tir ilirect art ion oa tbe liver anal
biliary aonaiatua, drives out tbe poisons
which produce these ruaiptamta, and wtim
alaiea the syatesa to a vigoruoa, healthy
coealitiusu . .
We warrant tt wtaea tahra aecnrliaa; to
alreertsoaas. I
LaweO, Mas.
ass, a av au. aaseesars I
A tariata ease lar ff xM
- Ceti.trr, aeanlral Waatu
raraa, tmpotanc.
J'"-Taaie-. .a r t -stucs K t!i Isax
s- ' - -yeefwkaSlaM,a r'av
. -f ..-. -um"i n.ia fieev. '-trt
T.TJITA. I tMsra.ljaUi
TiM' r
f in
Wf??F FT! ?n V fii t ?Swh
ItKUOQIUIlDauiUUU, iklll m "-t 1,
DiuouMiisa, . , y Tl
. oouo. is ra.-i5
cat. csnis so rmx. uatttuT rvts,
frn. rmx sno aots, truns
33iHoua Fever.
Indeed, tha what clan of Distressing !
- eaias originating In Biliary Derange
ment, caused by malaria of
. Kareh-MUimlo In-
ta tho moat ptoasant sod certnla euro for CJiOla
an.l Fever eviroiren'U l.i die anllcied: It la
eompoMl of Aromntice. ttlniulsnls and Toulca
so eompouaded thai each Initrrdlenl aU In por
ted aourrrl, rendrrlna; ivlapaca far ksa frcn"
afurluusotluuitliotof.aiiyotliorrcmcdy. Ills
... ' -
Entiroly Vogotablo,
...'. .i
and i!oce not contain any mcdlcino that enn harm
or afl'ucl Uio pntleal uripleaaalilly can be tskea
wilh perfuet sofety and for any lenpth of time.
If loketi nvukirly nnd according to dlreotlone, II
will prove a perfect euro lu Chronic .Ague of
every description.
N. B. A box of T.X I.Ivor mia acaompamaa
every bottle. Thelonle will art with mora ccr.
taintyif tho natlcDt rcmaina lu.doors, and nsea
warm lnsten.1 of cold drinks unM after Oilll
time. Ono dneo must be taken Ihreo times i a day
after the Clulle aro atoppoil, until porf.ct hudih
Is restored.
Wnrrantcd to Csro.
All Druggists Sell It
! . ... '
Colo Troyrlotora,
Oiddisos, Lra Co., TrxAS, I
ti.pleuiUr 19, Ibis.
Iftissns. Konirr Bnoa. : ...
imUtmtn:l havosold your Itedleal prepsr
allonadurine;the past year, and alllmUKll war
ranting oitrli bottle, I have never yet hud a coro
phlnt. Tho Ax"0 Tonic ia AU TU GO it
nuvvr folia, Youra truly,
. 8. C CABOTHEns, Dragalst."
The majority of the Ult of the human
boaTy art from at derangement of the
Liver, affeettng both the elomach and
osvefa. lu order to effect a cure, ft fa
tiecessarv fo remote the eaue. J r regu
lar and Slugainh aetton of the Soieefs,
Head'iehe, Sick net t the Slitmnrli, Pain
in the Bark and Loln,etr., tndleatethat
the Liver It at fnulttand that nature re
v litres aentitance to enable tile ta
throw off Impurltlee.
Prickly Anil BlttcrBnreesjwtnffs;
compounded fbrthli purpone. They are
mild their art Inn and rffeetlre at a
euro i are pleasant to the Mere miff taken
easily by both children and adult: Ta
ken aerordlng to dlrrrtlonr, they are a
yafe an d plea en n t cm re for Dyspepsia,
general Debility, Habitual Con-
wtpatlon, Dlaeaaed Kldneya,
etc., etc. va BlfMMl Parltier Ifccy
era superior to any other medlelnet
eleansing the system thoroughly, and
imparting newlleand energy to the In
valid. It is a medlclno aud not an
Intoxicating beeeraoje.
Alt ion isnoaiiT foi riiciiT am nrrnt,
and take no other. PRICX, (LOO per BotUa.
St Looia and Kanaaa Citj, Ko.
Ll nT-analva Itjr taaklnR moner vhan a
jv aa ) a r-n ennuca ta nnc-rnl, m-rfhT al.
LaLal vajkaati'nKM'rarijr Irora jyr 4aor.
Thttae u alwaja Ufca advatttiiar af tba itooJ
rlticri lr makitt(tnoiejr that art uflrrpti. tttnural-
lf l-arnma r?alih . while tlia wa l notiniprrira
aca caaae-a rraiaih ia aa va-rt. wa want manj
ten, waswan. buta aiul ffirla ta waik lr a rlfbt In
thirawn lfcMit. Tli tios-htraa will par more
lliatt ln tin raltmri wafre. Wa turntrh aa
paariiaa aatfti attd all Miat m aaotj lrr. hm a.a
wla anraM fit la n ka Rn-jr ry rapidly. Y
can :at jor wktla Hm t tka work. r atl)
war apara amati( Fall ttif- rmaitoa airtl al! tliai
U i4-4 t lre. Addrcva ftTifoM at C . pnrt
Und, Main. Decl-lj
MAR MlfoV CQm?$WHmm lTfi
aetrt Bi : 'itr , af l.CTl . Mtl,
TWasasst Isi nil mmt l . i-
J HoakCrTCAaiPoa,ca. Cstiis...
sllll.ss Fra
LM is; 4 t a , n r 1 1 , u lax.
I a i . - - - -- 1
'Mat swra s. ar-ifac rwr
"""O'er sal at tae l ers I'aawieS
Jt ike thiac io the tialere iry t-fit
I.P. el Ibit-C.f. e.
03alBp'l ,r,J si aisjasj.r aafailnat
VV '. ' , I ks-BKej, tare ttar aprri r4 rarrmafarM
e ARitAal KaataMana aai-l IapotB3T - tw t
raa af, rts.. ie.r , l - a. i. c l. pnm-psd Ihi r ' ka Isaaaaaaa. TVa
a at o .' tt isai tl I a aw ii i 1 1 sal ii mm msst mm
ii ub tW as-hsiar i.e.e.aj Ms TV sassa HaasMt aja
f-aaa-'a' aaaara. aaa afea -aa asae.. aasiafa i a m aaa
aaaa4 ata aVaa-sal r a ha aW a -aM rtjasas. aaarsaeal aa araa.
easl af vase. Vjsmj sjat eaja-al ahaeawty fs,,mm,m anaaa TV ki
Sffow is "til; 'Siae
Plows & Ag
I have on hand
Bufonl aiiil Decrc Plows, Cultiva
tors. Double Shovels, etc., wiicli I
offer at "bottom
guarantee to give satisfaction.
Also, "offer. Mitchell j Wagons at
factory prices.
.. ; . " . musical 'Instruments, '
Metallic, Rosewood and MWaluut
Prompt Attention to All Ordors
Msrnh 31, tssi, ' vlw-ntl-Sia
, . Will niiikc, for tho next GO days only, a Grand Offer of
$850 Squuro Grand Piano for only $245.
S I I Yj & (imt-mi cMitiauia tigrfte", w nvm
Its tn
i'ttv raruentltif at'd Imp niti)liiR runii c,tull Iron f mire. Km clt (irtiirt Acilan, Grand
larn. in IVct every nnin'veuieia which can In any w ay iviid lo tha it-itt ciion ol ilia ii.i(rumeDl h
V,J .trios fnf thin lntnm'nt boml and dt-ltfifrftl im hntirti atri at Xew dfcOJ. ((
i ii i1i!i
IM I'Hno will mi m-iit u toi irUI. Plea Kfiiil rafiTt imr II y.'tnin not wnd mnry with order. 0i?
o hi w'tli .nlar will h rcMiiifii-rt ai l Ira -rIu chargr-a puM by im hmh mmy II Vnv If nal Jnai ai reprt
.ftiif.l luthlH A.laril infin. Th aiila m ub. ttvud lur 0ait'gnf. Kwry liMruturui fully War--niilpil
Inr flvf yar
M ftlA4? 'e1 rn "ot 1,1 vrr and Batk). All ultlctly Firht ci.am an1 aafil
'31 A Ml m V li'ilf Kacory prfccM- Tnnae Uihm ntatla una if ilu1 fltlffl lilayi al lh
1 M UO I'm ten i iai KxlillililiMl, Ntirt waiauna' ftn ny rHrftinfMiri1 rnriha tliniiaHitxnM.
he "'nnarfa rontni or N" W 1'jti!! Heal, llif ff'aaiaKt imtivamriil ill Ilia titulary nt piano nukirifr.
(if Uitr-irhtH urc ihe tinaat Im Ami-ru?. Font'lvely wa makf iha IIiicm l lmina. ol ha rtcliat Mine ii
'r-aii onriibilliy. They rf re n mei deii by tha tiljrh-t nnixlrol au luirlilen In ihf atmniry. Otar
14 Odd fit i f. nut tin ttlaoati fif) n rhaiar. all "lalinn ai tl Org. iih enl oil lu ilaia' lrt trial
h'piaht fne f xinmiUtf-ivtary. D-n'l lall in wrile uk lieft.re lnil g I'Mhitlvdy we ofT-r iha haul bir
mIik. atitl-ttiie ntnih il itia. llNinlM ine rilutrait d ami Ijfcrtilve Catalukue ol 4 pagea mailed fur
:i ftantp Kvry 1' -no fnll warrniitait lor li y-ar. . ,
A A Ain our rr r nrnmi Jii-'iiea nruan," ati la art, in the nnai and awaaian tona,
m il fiml UffA orKan aver otltred the mux fen I ptiMle. Il rumaln Kira Ortuveit, Kira Hi
UH1 V ol l(etln. four of 5f I let . enrh. and ui.a ot three Oct me. Tlilrtrfii
It op wilr OK MI OKI N Plupafon, Aienmu, ini, rune, n imi, iMiirei, r.cnn
Ueloilla Porta, Oeles'tlim. Vlollna, Klnltf-K'r'a, Trr-molo, nrAiid-Oririin and Urninl-faell. Knea-Stnp.
leltrht.T in.! UiiK'h, 4.1 1 i i WWih. '-'4 in.i Weight, l.oxeil. J.;n Km. The on-elnt anlhl walnut, veneer
fd with choice wnortit. and la of no eniirel new mid heniMitnl deaten, eNb rail ty aaivi d. w llbra veil
fintieU, nmlcclrelt lump nUii'0-. fret wink. Ac I'll eli-tcanth fliihed. Pn.eKheii it'l the,lrtiet aiidlieat
imttrniVmentit. with great p'ter, depth, billlfancv and a -n pnrlitte qh1Uj l l"e Beatillfnl Na
effert nd perfect ninp ctitin. HeuMUr retail price , : t nr re hoi en!t mtt ivi4 fr iv la htva II
Introduced wl h ntoniiiri Imon. nh $0T n one urann anltl relit uilr rn. ga'I't.hltivtl) n derMlfen
innrico. No iiavmoni rt-rt'ilre-Mtnill y-Mi h-e Inl'y leMad ihe iiriratt in ymir iwti Inmia . Wa "and all
Mrtfuii n 16 dtiyt rt rif aiul pay Irelittit hoili if InHiriinieiii U nni an reprcettt;d Fully trnr
mnteit for n anr nher tyle 8 ittip ortrnn nnly;ft5: 0 ion-, 8Ji; U i'p. 118. I'varlW.iHiOioM,
mdavery Oraan ha given the fnlleat aa:lrclloii. IlluitraiedcirtultrniiWyV. Factory and Wart
ram fiVth.8treet, a-id inih Avanna.
ClIPLVr HI IIW TP nnmt ,l,r' P'11 Catalogue ol awn rholr plafep pent fr So ptamp. Thia
Ml 11 I ItM'Olv Ontnlogtie tnclfl-len mom ( ihi popnlnr limbic nf the day and every4 variety af
muhlenl frmpofliion, be the htm n thorn. AddreH
MENDELSSOHN PIANO CO.. P.0- Box 2C58 New York City.
ec'JS ' ' 1 ' ' '
PVKRY waaisd ar lisjanr. van bv accident, ear an
u HioratWa nniiiiit MiMirr ai ia laia war to a
teoloa. A si pt-tirtotia b iha law tt Jjuinarv, ls7.
eala aarm at dica)-rga ar alaraia af tha eoMier. All
eaitilaa hald apply at aitcv. 1hand wbtt are
naw a rawing Bsanln;ra eat it lad t aa Inert aaa.
saMiera aaJ wUawt mt tha war af 11. ami Mr i.
Icaa war. era aitltled I txraalou. Tasaatoia are
yat aMlUrd tm bwanfy, Wl J wm kiivw II. Pra
ia all caaee $4AX Tay tor every 4acritia al war
aUtaM etvlkcival. KmwIov aa Ati.r tVaatHnw tat
WaaBingtaa. caa alva arMal alivaM m I
yajr aalaeae. Aaaerkaa and foreiga ataMa
Uined a barl ik. fatt4 la tain tot aw
ataat aad axaaiij Ua A'MfXM W.T. I'rvvtaaaia),
V. a. cuim aaniU lck m. W i..ia.ga
it C. feb I7.1MI. IL
Ot. OvBt tkraH ta arHa wi a ta la
I a-y W aaa re-ai mi-l prt' mti- a
Ha-wa. Re-r)tht.g fw. Cvial mM tm
ItfajifaaA. a witl iawaia) ya wrttbig
4J-S f 4 wfawa- I-mIt aM art'l
aat u away ar a wi m, m-rrr vi . .
avar. m te arsjarker antral at
,n wfct tonaw at 'lWra4tan fa4l
- ssaj a-, aafai aaw C la-at. (sa4 d-t
-(acraaa ai. av mm aa- 4- il Mk
i - A Mr mmr-n e-r.j aav ib rm- a
a a trt . m-mrj. rmplmsmnenm. Tk-a-aaaa-wiN
4 - abir4t aartaas
l. MaaLVakTT 4 C . rmlaa1. Mat.
I l If
4ss et yiWal Hi., aus aaa. aaa r i aaia
Sao y is'mi VHjun. lsm Xn.mr4. esr
aaantse t: W wsj ..ry fenra vvurSr. fca. Ajs-aw-aiaasaeaB.wKaj.a.fca
se I - e-f. aiM J. Bf. r ! I V !
.l t aaalHaai r VI.
a lull stock of the
prices,?!, on 'Jil nil
- f
organ s,
mmwmm aa i. .'i ' ' ' (
Congress Avenue, Austin. Texas, '
fialcnl ofiitiruh( -ile, baMmltut cavnt rfttH aiirt
Hays Co., eitrlit miles Nortbwt of Saa
Marcos, fire miles East ol Moantair
Caiile Brand
Horse Brand.
oa kit jaw all r"
as. H nn Han. .siIssH.kil,1r'
to srsNk. a .sua see a. oseo- mr
s.A wirt mm laa-s. S " "
k kh;Tl.SrMka.l'i
-r.re vorr a. . emmy stmt npHnj -stkWMrfaMW
aetrr. T a y
IW tm tkas . tini aal ymt omr T
1- 4. sn M
sr. .k.. re rt-. Tstoe"
ria.KeM. S
aM T. IC a.e.ss. aaiass.
OET Tori
rani: it.k- mffice.
S. rt rasiaa asraS.ke4 W. wh fs relra
1 J I Kt emUMllms la
III ik.l smj m aaa e
I I I . k. lW s. Ir-Z"
1 U-e -"lt e. '

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