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Did yo aw Der ' dronUi,
. a reaolar TAm itowt
No! 4h I'll look my panting muM
And laws or wo
' Tnermomt ninety and nine, "
On hundred degrees at four ; ,
And ninety again at nine P. M.,
' For a full month or more. ,
go hot that you fall aeleep
Over the newe by mall-- ' f
A cow caa't low or a ohickon crow,
. or a watch dog wag Ma tall. -
So bot that men don't apeak
' In a bealtby, nataral tone,
Uut greet a they meet on the etrert
With eoaroely an audible groan.
A taggerlog rooeter reels
After a eun-atrnok fly,
A bog Juit wlnka at an ear of corn
Wbloh ohantea to lie near by.
Not a drop of dew by night -
Y Nor a drop of rain by day; . . .' J
The welle and cittern going dry,
And the oreeke haTe rnn away. : '
"Shoo, shoo,' get home you plaguey
critters!" cried Mr. Babcock, waving
his arms as he chased a dozen sheep
and lambs through a gap in the fence.
It was a wooden fence, and when he
had succeeded in driving the animals to
the other sido of it he lifted it from the
fallen position and propped it up with
stakes. This was an operation he found
he had to repeat many times in the
season, and not only of that season, but
nMrinnR RBOflOnS. " -
01 bevcin r-"'-- , ...i
The truth was that this f enoe formed
the boundary line between ills eaiaie
i .1 t nr. Small, and three cene-
anu whii vi ijj.- ,
rations of men who owned these estates
had been unable to deoide to whom xt
belonged to rebuild and keep n in re-
PaAgain and again had they consulted
the subject,
tneir reBjouw' -s-y. -
and dragged from their ; hiding places
musty old deeds t ana recoras, p.
: --in, thA same result.1' I
Yiajo . .
"I say it belongs to you to keep it in
repair; that's as plain as a Pi-D-,
Tt.Vnnnlr WOlllJ SSV.
a t ..v it beloncs to you any
fool might see that," Mr. Small would
reply ; and then high words would f ol
iow, and they would part in anger,
more determined and oosiinaw uu
fees and the loss by
XIIO 1" J v -
1 tfMYl ft 30,11 other's cattle had
already amounted to a sum su&cient to
have built a fence around their entire
estates. But what was that compared
to the satifaction of having tneir own
At last, one day, Miss LetiUa GiU, a
mni. TflHiieoted in the village,
and of some weight as a land-owner and
tax-payer, sent for Mr. Babcock to come
and see her on dusiiu- --
ummle haste to obey, as how
wuiuu '
could it be otherwise where a lady was
concerned? , -
Miss Letitia sat at her window sewing
a seam, but she dropped her work and
took off her spectacles wnen our.
i a v,ia onnfifirance.
coca iuww - -ri .
a ,mt. mv message; thank you
for coming, I'm sure. Sit down, do. I
suppose my man Isaac told you I wanted
to consult you on business -a matter of
equity. I may say. - rr ,
that we women folks should be the best
. , u-t mnli things, you know.
juaK'Ss .... .
There's Isaac, to be sure, but then he
lives on the- place ; maybe he wouldn t
be exactly impartial in n
about our affairs." .
-Jes' so," said Mr. Babcock. ,
Well the state of the case is this:
When Isaac came up from the long
f dinner they're mowing the
UlCOUVn ww -
meadow to-day, and an uncommonly
good yield there is when he came up to
dinner he louna was siray w
broken into the vegetable garden."
"He did, hey?" . ' '
"You fancy the not made. I declare,
Isaac was almost ready to 'use profane
tn.naa T am not sure he didn't and,
iougu&"' - ...
after aU, I couldn't feel to reproach him
very severely, for we pains no o uuieu
with that garden is something amazing;
working and digging, and watering, and
now to see it all torn antl trampled so
that you wouldn't know which was beets
and which was cucumbers. It's enough
to raise anybody's temper."
"It is so," said Mr. Babcock.
kA that in't JL for. by the looks
n aim - -
of things, they must have been rampag
ing in the orchard and clover field 4je
fare they got into the garden. Just
you come and see," and, putting on her
sun-bonnet, Miss Letitia abowed Mr.
Babcock over the damaged precincts.
Yon dont happen to know wboae
animals did the mischief?" said Mr.
"Well, I didn't observe 4bem in par
ticular myself, but Iaaao said there waa
one with a peculiar white .mark, some
thing like a croaa, on ita Launch."
Wh tWa Hm.ll. U t4iw11
cried Mr. Babcock. "I know the ruarj
as well as I know the nose on my face.
8he had balls on her horns, didn't she ?"
"Yes, so Iaaao said." ' t .'
"And a kind of hump on ber back?"
"A perfect dotnedary," said Miss Le
titia. "I noticed that myself."
"They were Small's cows, no doubt
of that at all," said Mr. Babcock, rub
bing his hands. "No sheep with them,
hey?" -;A: ;
"Well, now, I think of it, there were
sheep they ran away as soon as they
saw Isaac. Yes, certainly there were
sheep," said Miss Letitia.
"I knew it they always go with the
cows; and what do you want of me?" ' ,
"It's to fix the 'damages," said Miss
Letitia. - "As I said before, women
folks are no judges ' about such mat
ters."' : .. . ,
Mr. Babcock' meditated ' a mpment,
and then said: " "
"Well I wouldn't take a cent less
than $75 if I were you not a cent."
"beventy-nve dollars I Isn t that a
good deal, Mr. Babcook ? . You know I
don't' wish to he hard on the poor man)
all I want is a fair compensation for the
mischief done." -.
"Seventy-five dollars is fair, ma'am
in fact, I might say, it's low. I wouldn't
have had a herd of cattle and sheep
trampling through my premises in that
way for a hundred." .... '
"There is one thing I forgot to Btate:
the orchard gate v was open, or they
couldn't have got in; that may 'make a
difference." ' ...,' ,
. "Not, a bit not a bit. ; You'd a right
to have your gate , open, but Small's
cows had 'no right', to run loose,
hope Isaac drove them to the pound,1
"I heard him say he d shut em up
somewhere,' and didn't mean to let 'em
out till the owner calls for 'em. But,
Mr. Babcock, what if he should refuse
to pay for the damage ? I should hate
to go to law about it."
"He won't refuse; and if he does
keep the critters till he will pay. j As
to law, I guess he's had about enough
of that." -"I
am sure I thank you for your ad'
vice," said Miss Letitia, "and I mean
to act upon it to the very letter."
Scarcely was he out of sight, when
Miss Letitia sent a summons for Mr,
Small, which he obeyed as promptly as
his neighbor had done. a . ..
She made to him precisily the same
statement she had made to Mr. Bab
cook, showed him the injured property,
and asked him to fix the damages. ,
It was remarkable before he did this
that he should ask the same question
Mr. Babcock had asked, namely, wheth
er she had any suspicion as to whom
the animals belonged.
"Well, one of them I observed had
a terribly crooked horn." '
"Precisely it's Babcook's heifer;: I
should know her among a thousand
She was black and white, wasn't she?"
"Well now I think of it, she was; one
seldon sees so clear a black and white
on a cow. , ; ' .
"To be sure. - They're Babcock'sani
mals fast enough. Well, let me see:
what you want is just a fair estimate, I
"Well, I should say $9Qwas as low
an he oneht to be allowed to get off
with?" '
"Oh, but I fer that it will
seem as if I meant to take advantage.
Suppose we call it say $75?"
"Just as you please, of course ; but
hanged if I'd let him of for a cent less
than $100, if it were my case."
"And if hn refuses to tav?"
Wh. keen the animals until he
j '
comes around, that's all."
"But there's one thing I neglected to
mention our gate was standing open
that may alter the case,"
"Not at all; there's no law against
keeping your gate pen ; there is against
stray animals.
"Very well ; thank you four your ad
vice," said Miss Letitia; and Mr. Small
departed with as smiling a face as Mr.
Babcock bad worn.
Bnt at milking time that mgbt ne
made a strange discovery old Brin
die was missing!
At about the same hour Mr. Bab
cock make a similar discovery tne
black-and-white heifer was nowhere to
be found ! . ; '
A norabie rairpicion kuw twin
both suspicion that tney would dc
have made known to each other for the
world. ...
They waited until it was dark, and
then Mr. Babcock stole around to Miss
Letitia's and meekly asked leave to
ook at the animala who had committed
tha trespass. He would nave done It
wfthoui asking leave, only that thrifty
Miss Letitia always ahnt her barn doors
at night. 1
) While he stood looking over into tha
pen where the eowa were oonfined,
and trying to negotiate with Miss Leti
tia for the release of the heifer, along
came Mr. Small in quest of Lis Brindle.
The two men stared at each other in
blank dismay, thou hung their heads
in confusion.
It was useless to assert that the dam
ages were too high, for had they not
fixed it themselves? It was useless to
plead that Miss Letitia was in a man
ner responsible for what had happen
ed, on ooount , of the open, gate, for
had they hot assured her that that cir
cumstance did not alter the ease ? . It
was useless to aay she had no right to
keep the eowa in; custody, for had they
not counseled her to do sot. As to going
to law about it, would they not beoome
the sport of the whole town?
"'He that diggeth a pit, he himself
shall fall into it,'" , said Miss Letitia,
who read what - was passing in their
minds as well as if the had spoken, for
the light of Isaac's lantern fell full on
their faoea; f ."However, on. one condi
tion I will free the cows and forgive
the debt." ' :. . . .i
".What is that?" both.,thoght the
question but did not ask it.' '
'-"The condition is that you promise
to put a new fence in place of the old
one that separates your estates, divid
ing the cost between -you, and that
henceforth you will live together peace
fully, so. far as in you lies. Do. you
'"Yes," muttered both, in a voice
annrcelv itadibfe. : '
"Shake hands upon 1 it, then," ! said
Miss Letitia. -They
did so. iir v, v. jm
"Nowrleth the cowsrout, Isaac; it's
time tliev were milked," said she.
And the men went away,- driving
their cows before them, with a 8hanie
faced air, greatly , in contrast to the
look of trumph with wieth they had
before emitted her presence.
The fenoe was built and the strife
ceased when the cause was removed;
bnt it was long before Miss ' Letitia's
part in the affairs came to tbe publio
ear, for she herself maintained a strict
silence concerning it, and she enjoined
the same upon ner man-servant, xsuuo.
A Rare Proof f D?yotfon. "
About a month ago .F,, A.', ..Learott, of
Oakland, an engineer in the employ of
the Central Pacific railroad company,
and stationed in Arizona, was serious
ly scolded by the overturning of his
. . i
locomotive, and one ot nis legs was so
badlv injured that the flesh fell away.
The attending physician told him that
if his friends would eaon contriDute a
small piece of flesh they could repair
tne JimD ana restore it to u uwu use
fulness. The statement was widely cir
cnluted and twenty-eight of his fellow-
workmeu volunteered and bravely bared
their limbs to the surgeon's knife. The
transplantation of flesh was seccessiui
lv made, and to-day the leg looks al
most as natural as does the uninjured
member. The heroic act of the men
was dulv rewarded. The railroad com'
nanv hearinar of the case, leave of
absence was given and two months ex
tra pay was ordered paid to each of the
men. Mr. ivearett is now at nis uunio,
No. 803 Peralta street, and is rapidly
recovering. San Franomco Lnron-
The estate of a rich man is hallowed
ground to the lawyers and they will
travel for miles to prey upon n.
1 c.
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M m For f H Onigguw.
3 I S.I.SWTIlCO..Prcp'r l
J J ATrren.esue.
KM mat km It, m iu..tf ijjj. j I
S. ft. SMITI A CO- neMsrriss, Bans, sV
SS nmy. J T- .
, ?CureDypiilt h
' .Restores tne Appetite; c
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sW mm mwt
rJt"tfiiiiiiii1li L
SUIirMIMtl If mi DR. NARTaM MtDNina w. a m
.'A?' X-iyVyfVj X
TUm mtmtavUu of On UU of the human
body Hm ram a derangement of tho
Liver, affecting both tho ttomaeh and
bowel: It order to effect a euro, it U
neee$$ary to remove tho mum. Irregu
lar and SluggUh action of the Bowel;
Headache, Sickneti at tho Mtomaeh, Pain.
in the Back and Zoino, etc., tndleate that
the Liver U at fault, and that nature re
quire a$eitanee to enable this organ to
throw off impurities.
Prickly AmiMlttermree$peelallp
compounded for thU purpoee. They art
mild tn their motion and effective at
cure ; are pleasant to the taste and take
eatilibtf both children and adulte. Ta
ken according to direction, they are
tafeandpteaoant eureforDympvpaltlt
General Debtltty, HatHtaal Con
tlpatlon, niaeaacil , Kldnera,
etc, etc . A a Blood Partner they
are tuperior to any other medMnet
cleansing the system thoroughly, and
imparting new lift and onorgy te the in
valid, xt tea medicine and not an
Intoxicating boeormge.
All ti mut rtj WHIT uu iimu,
Ud uk no othw. 7X1 CB, IL00 pet Bottla. ;
St. Zxmla aad luw 017, Ka
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V iS nun MCV who axa aofiarlnafroni thacSe 1
- .im whbtfe sa Fill Me !
rtrm mOrtt V , " .. Si.iJl '
lrm M-a.
A eertaa ear Ibr Hrdir)
Debility, Seminal Weafc-rMa-Imootevwav.
n laei-waaMd for UTrJ
aadaa liiuirstrd book of 00 pace tlirta ruj Ok-
racttooa for ilfttat.aent fjeC. A-at"l
-TTT.T.Tawe ass a. eturauajw ia
PAf iBLAMraiCTd ak aOSWnMaawSa.
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al reootallon throonh to oarliX of ocwllcrtod citx.
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-A iMmtM a BBhaaw uaaaw
'r.TJ iWnni itdia!nr.
. .-. . . a i i kn L
61 7 St Chs'les Street, St toiib,.
miMTont brmin
H, uw iwait of BMi-ADan,
iJnwork, prodaolmBMTOi
ibUlW. illmriMi ot Mtat.di
mu, .nnlon to ooli
toap. MdlMnMS br -U oronfc .Oorri
foUowlfki inbiMtai Wt? raw mm, who .wkf
mjrT i how Utn4plo may b. Uy"i l
ot eallbwr ud MOMa, aad inan-poro. XnoM mttU4
uw wvatwH.awfi m
iitiiiM Inrt
iuii Mamonaadl
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A Dmn which la
trnlTarvl raqarm
andnoBaef taaiUi
J 1 amUir ara anbiaet to
baan tliaoorarodwhloB
oilf MONtffnl la
toxv; KRESS'
UnlYOrtol Rem'dy
to which tha liuaua
mora vnlrarHl tana
I no ramodr biu rat
f km proven MtuaJvar
oaring Fevor and
Iatmoaphar U flllad
from Riui.t pool of
with BMlnna, a 1muw
vatar I -ft atuodlog
from tan oranlow dnr
lag lan pnn(,
I which, uoooatUu stag
MM urow
at an aitrat
I out maiarm 10 to Ri
thnt la ordar t3 pn
a bald an tbaar.
that ramadr hoold ba
uad whlc'i will oo nnUcaot lb rrlLand la
caaat wbart tha diaaiaabattakaa bold of
thaTHmnao "ro"B3?7
TONIC. It ! tbiBit8afaaKamady
:nowa, and whararariuedbalairaapar.
fact antlsf act loa. Iallaoomooiltloaaaltb.
cr Qalnlaa, Arieolo, Strrshnla, nor Mare.
urr it tiiad. li will curat ba moat stubborn
eais of AQ'J81nnvarr ahorttlnaaad
lenvaa tha aritani atrsoc and Tlaorwnt to ra.
t'.it II A LABIA. Una bottla uall la
all tbnt I vrill ba reqnirod BDloai la aetraTa
t3Ja!sal vrwhmat'iopatleatlaeoatlatiall
HKjxllob'l poiion, la inch eamt.
aft aooona uo6 -4 ur " fwiiwiiwa.
Ia amall ditaa It will 1 InrarlnMr aonatar
M act tendeoc' tochllla. I KRB3V FBVKR
Tn-Jin I. BOBMnuni
tabluuiad.thoroaahlrtMaaaatod, and
found br experience todo all tbnt
Uclaimod foriL lannjr other ooluran will
be found tha as-wrleaoa
bnra ujed It to which we
Price One DoUur a 0
er!e br Drwcalato, arer
nartiee wba
tie, aad ! f
where. T li X
IX If you kawa the elich,
eat tendency 10
1mm. aAnivTArrftt
I 1 .jal V I I li
iir-ailnal ilaatoaa aa-geae-g
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