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Sao Marcos Free Press
"Prove All Things t Hold Fast that which Is Good."
NO. 50.
Free Press.
Published Every Thursday by
Xo whom all Letters should be Addressed.
OFFICE East Side ofPlaza.
a... war.lu advance I J 00
Klx month
Tores month "
1 31
One qure, oi.e Insertion $1 0d; each, addition.
Insertion under one tm.mh. 60 cent per c,nre,
- 1 mo. 3 mot. 6 mow. 18 won
1 1 3.60 I 5 00 I B.00
1 Square-
lfi 00
; I
i colm. I
9 (H) 11.00
10.00 I 30.00
.. I 13 UO I 20.00 I HO.UV
i " !........! 30.00 1 36.00 RMKI
Bulne Cards, oneuicUor lew, one year, 8 00
Card Business Directory, one year, ft 00
Legal and Transient Advertisement will be
ri.srgnl (ne Dollar per iquar f.T th- first in
sertion. Fifty (,lt Per l"iuro fnf ob
tlotial Inserl'on. A i-quare Is tbe space of one
Inch. Fractional square will be counted a full
cl and Business Notice will be charged ten
rrnt per Hue for Hi rt Insertion, and eight
tout per line tor each additional insertion.
Announcing candidate torofrloe, county, f 5.00
Itar District or State offices, 10 o
Obituary notice of over ten lines charged at
eue-Ulf a.lvertulnx rates, v
Hook, stationery and Fancy fioodi.
188 MAKY UU39KI.L, Near Faaa Paasa Office.
( Hun hern.
lUOVKIl A CO., North side of Main Pioz.a.
Ulioit'sitlc Grocer.
AP.NN HINZIR, Southeast corner PUza.
Irry Good.
QKO.T. MAt.ONK, South side Plaza.
Dry tlood ind lirocvriew.
TOHSSON & JOUNSOX, Mitchell Building. Sorth
fl sitleVIr.a.
) It, TUUNRU, A Co., West side Main Plazn.
f J. DAILKT, West aide of the Wain Plar.a.
yU. OIKBK.V, South side ol tbe Mitln Plaza.
IJA1I.EY BIN)., S. W. Corner Plaza.
p J. Ifil Kl! ART eaM. aide of the plaza,
Jj. oppo.-lie Court House.
. Merchant Tuilor.
) DCGGER, Mitchell Building, upstairs.
I) PITCHFORI) Soutb aide Plasa.
Grocer leu mid Hardware
n W. DONAI.SON k CO,, Kaat Mile Main Plaza.
T W. NASCR, nearly opposite Hinzie'a Grocery
. 8tore.
Drug's: is I.
I) FliOMME, South fide Plaza.
pAYNOLUS DANIEL, North aide of tbe Main
H Plaza.
Dentist. a
j jit. COMBS, offlce North side of the Main Plaza,
B. ROSE, office in the new L'ank Building, up-
0. HUTCHISON, office in the "Kew Building,
. north side Main Plaza.
A T. BROWN, office in tbo old PostoRica Build
"' il'K.
Notary Public. ana General Asrent.
T U. JULIAN, office Pkk Pukms Building,
Bakery and Confectionery.
PRtTZ LASGK. South sid Plnza.
Stoves and Tinware.
QE0.HF.NHE, Kaat side Plaxa;
Livery and Nate Stables.
JkLES k 60S, Sao Antonio street.
Watcuuakerstt Jeweler und Upti
JiOBBlSS. A BISHOP East aide plata.
."Heat market.
TJ'KIK k POPE, 5ortbeat of Public Square.
ISoot and Shoe.
f H A5KI.A, Kaaafactarer and Dealer, 5ortb
' id riaza.
Planiatr FIUI rtc.
IMSIXG CO., hap Boiith Hide R-.llroad De
t, aioiaing CbnaiiaB's Lansber Yard.
Fox etx
at niisorricE.
The Cotton Market
Is now steady at settled prices.
If you desire to obtain the best re
sults of the most active marliet in
thestatet ship your Cotton to
Wm. D. Cleveland,
the well hiown Cotton Factor and
Wholesale Grocer, at Houston.
Large raceipts, extensive transac
tions, admirable system, prompt
avd correct returns; these fea
tures of his business enable him to
guarantee satisfaction to all Ship
pers, and have made his business
what it Is. Send for Daily or
Weekly Cotton lleports.
St. Peter's ami Paul's Boarding School.
New Brauxfels, - - - 'Iex.
Paront und gua dl.ins, desirous of receiving for
their childien or ward a. besides a good elemeutary
education, d a ruction in embroidery, plain and
fancy ne die-work, etc., should avail Ihi-uiselvea of
tbr- I'pportunity here ofered. Th Sisters of Divine
Providence, wvll known as efficient IfiicheM. will
open th above named School on tbe 4th ot tieptein
bet. Pupils received at any time during the season.
Clia'ges for Board, Tuition, i to , etc., blight Dollars
per month. Address.
ect.19 1m New Braunfela, Comal Co., Tex.
Istrny Notice.
Ksfrayed by S. Hutens before David Lynch, J P.
Hays Co.. Oct. H. 1882, one light brown i.-are mulo
about :6 year old. 13 , bands high, brandod RD
connected, nn left shoulder, appraised at 430,00.
Also Kstrated by T P. PUN before J. C Howe,
J. P. Ha Co., Oct. 15 188J. one sorrel horse, 8 yra
old branded pnnlr.b bisnd en left thlgli One dun
horse 12 years old. brandei A. J. on left shoulder
One oav mare clt one year old. not branded.
All appraised at 55 00.
Witness my hand Oct. 30. 18S2. Kd. J. L iRkn,
Clerk Courtv Oou-t Hay County. oci2S) 3w
Ague Cure
Is a purely vegetable bitter and power
ful tonic, and is warranted a speedy and
certain cure for Fever and Ague, Chills
and Fever, Intermittent or Chill Fe
ver, Remittent Fever, Dumb Ague,
Periodical or Bilious Fever, and all
malarial disorders. In miasmatic dis
tricts, the rapid pulse, coated tongue, thirst,
lassitttde, loss of appetite, pain in the back
and loins, and coldness of the spine and
extremities, are only premonitions of
severer symptoms, which terminate in the
ague paroxysm, succeeded by high fever
and profuse perspiration.
It is a startling fact, that quinine, arse
nic and other jmisonous minerals, form the
basis of most of the "Fever and Ague
Preparations," " Specifics," "Syrups," and
"Tonics," in the market. The prepara
tions made from these , mineral poisons,
although tbev are palatable, and may
break the chill, do not cure, but leave the
malarial and their own drug poison iu
the system, producing quiuism, dizziness,
ringing in the ears, headache, vertigo, and
other disorders more formidable than the
disease they were intended to cure.
Ayek's Aoitr CmK thoroughly eradicates
these noxious poisons from the system,
and alwavs cures the severest cases. It
contains no quinine, mineral, or any thing
that could injure the most delicate pa
tient; and its crowning excellence, aboya
its certainty to cure, is that it leaves the
aystera as free from disease as before the
For Liver Complaint, Atek's Aces
CritE, bv direct action oa the liver and
biliary apparatus, drives out the poisons
which produce these complaints, and stim
ulates the system to a vigorous, healthy
"We warrant it when taken according to
directions. .
Prepared by Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co.,
Practical nd Analytical Chemists,
Lowell, Mass.
Sawing Made Easy.
Tl the rt-
i: t Li rasw " "-r
, 1-, M , 77t 1. rtr -r t""-''
Household Article for Universal
Family Use.
For Rearlet and
Typhoid Fovors,
Diphtharla, KaU
ration, Ulcerated
Sore Throat, Rntall
Pox, Moaales, and
Eradicates '
all Contagion Dlaeaae. Person waiting on
th $lck should ua it freely. Scarlet Kcver ha
never been known to spread where the Huid was
used. Yellow Fever ha been cured with it after
black vomit had taken place. The wont
cases of Diphtheria yield to it.
FeveredandRlckPer. I SMALL-POX
mnnm fr.i mtul I " and
Med Sore prevent- I PITTINO of Smnll
ed by bathing with
A member of my fam
ily was taken with
Small-pox. I used the
Fluid : the patient was
not delirious, wa not
pitted, and was about
the house again in three
weeks, and no others
had it. -I. W. Pakk
INSON, Philadelphia.
Darbv Fluid.
Impure Air made
harmless and purified.
For Horn Throat it is a
sufe cure.
Contagion destroyed.
For Frosted Feet,
Chilblains, Pile,
Chaftugs, eto.
Rheumatism cured.
Soft White Complex
ions secured by its use.
Ship Fever prevented.
To purify the llreath,
Cleanse the Teeth,
It can't be surpassed.
Cutrtrrh, relieved and
Kryaipelns cured.
DurnsrelieveU instantly.
Hears prevented.
Iysenlery cured.
Wounds healed rapidly.
Scurvy cured.
An Antidote for Animal
or Vegetable Poisons,
Stings, etc.
I used the Fluid during
our present affliction with
Scarlet Fever with de
cided advantage. . It i
indispensable to the lick
room. Wa. F. Sanu
ford, Eyrie, Ala.
' Prevented.
The physicians here
use Darby Fluid very
successfully In the treat
ment of Diphtheria.
A. Stollenwkrck.
I . Greensboro, Ala.
Tetter dried up.
Cholera prevented.
Ulcers purified and
. healed.
In cases of Death it
should be used about
the corpse it will
. .prevent any unpleas
ant smell.
The eminent Pliy
slclan, J. MAKIOff
KIMS, M. V., New
York, says: "I am
convinced Prof. Darby
Prophylactic Fluid is a
valuable disinfectant."
Scarlet Fever
Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tenn.
I testify to the most excellent qualities or rrol.
Darbys Prophylactic Fluid. As a disinfectant and
detergent it is both theoretically and practically
superior to any preparation with which I am ac
quainted. N. T. Lupton, Prof. Chemistry.
Darbys Fluid is Itecommended by
Hon. Alkxandhk H. Stbphkns, of Georgia;
Kev. Chas. F. Dkbws, D.D., Church of the
Strangers, N. Y.;
Jos. LbContk, Columbia, Prof., University, S.C.
Kcv. A. J. Battls, Prof., Mercer University;
Kev. Gno. F. Pibmce, Bishop M. . Church.
Perfectly harmless. Used internally or ,
externally for Man or Beast.
The Fluid has been thoroughly tested, and we
have abundant evidence that it has done everything
here claimed. For fuller information get of your
Druggist a pamphlet or send xo the proprietors,
Manufacturing Chemists, PHILADELPHIA
P . rv OTP tow l
: . We recommend Carter's Iron Pills to every
woman who is Weak, Nervous and Discour
aged ; particularly those who have Thin, Pale
Lips, Cold Hands and Feet, and who aro with
out Strength or Ambition. These Pills quiet
the Nerves, give Strength to the Body, induce
Refreshing Sleep, Enrich and Improvo the
quality ot the Blood, and Purify and Brighten
tho Complexion. They cure Palpitation of
llio neart, Nervousness, Tremblings, Nervous
IiooUacho, Leticorrhcra, Pains In the Back,
and other forms of Female Weakness. Bo
member that Iron is one ot the constituents ot
the Blood.and is the great tonic. Carter's Iron
Pills are also valuable for mn who aro troub
led with Nervous Weakness, Night Hweats. fcc.
In metal boxes, at Q O cents. Bold by all drug
gists, or sent by mail. ' Address
New York City.
Mission Valley Nurseries,
Twelre Miles From ictona, Texas.
These Nurseries have claim upon tbe people f
To give to western and aoDthern Tessa a list of
trait aaaptei to in cumaiio requirement" i.
ohl-ct to which the proprietor has dvnict hi life.
Urn hs been ahU to bring to bis aid tbeadvanug-
of early borticnliaral traioing. and by the tx
unrfunr. ol .r.r twentv thon-aod dollar In exper-
t .- nMM am. - .nrnndwh. cIom aha-rvatioB
and stady throoab tbe qaarter of a centary daring
wblca BomcuiiBfii siaoj, rp"-Tiw -""-
ba bee) bis leadlag parsolt be baa beea able M
becenie aeqaaialed with tbe pecaliar wanta ear
rv sxcaiiar climate.
Taking ad vaaiag ef the principle well e stahlisbed
by physical a-eecrapblsts, vt4 that all frail tree
aretmpreeed v balnr carried tewaH tkelr polar
limit, sod Uat ibey are Seeriorae4 by het ac car
ried tewarda thetr eqaatoeisl linli he be n.i
kisexpeHmeau and rartaNtehed bi naerle Ur
ibeeatk tkaa aay ether ral areri lathe
Catted Siale. Be sell a. cheep aonhersj trek
U hi eartaer. RtatreM aad aU areikerelere
better aalt te Texas caliar than tae-se ef aay
MkerawtabUskBeiM la the n.tli-
Onr Berwe. anl ra4.rilrd: aM atx
ty.flre sere fl kertirahere. arlU kelreely akewa
te vis'wra every y Wat Sasrfar-
UrdM lar tree e4 SaM ree4d Vy atail,
lhe v af r earise4 aa-esHa.
Cuiltim et free every appiieaat. Fee
ferUev iatermattee oer-'y
, I l.Br sri" i' v . a w .
V'Mit Valiey.TkieTta Ceaetv.Tcxa.
it a " m
Linen Suarjestcd by an-Electlon.
Vbal mean ihWthrlti of humble men,
From lb loo barulei, and tbe quiet val I
Math War's bsrsU truing awtketbe WMidlauJ (leu,
And doth this tumult speak the dreadlil Islet
And are deserted (hop and schools the tokea
That the bright, llkn bond of Peace are brakes t
Or bath 0pprelon -lron-eeptr4 powerl
La.hed to re.lstanc th's tree soul olanaa J
Or bull -born Anarch, with k.r deathful dor
Of all the evil crowded la life' span
Cast her toll plague upon th startled air,
Engendering hydra lormi of'dark despair I
Or bare tba dweller on Columbia' anil
Who daily toll together side oy aid,
Come lorlb to yield thmelv a couqueror's spoil I
Or gas with reverence on klogly pride J
Aud all unmindful of tbe ir ju tl worth.
To bow the knee to poor worm ol earth t
Jtol-'neatb tba flag of Freedom, fairly streimlng
Mid th tbe bright drapsry of the ature heaven.
Tbe tun-God' blessed emblem I now Is beaming
On men, to whom fA prl U oMitn U given
T kotc no lord in arth or Ait, 'ir' His,
At whot drul nam all MrtMy pomp gro dim 1
Lone dweller In the twlllgbtof the Pattl
Pilgrim 'mid ruined dome and fallen fane I
Mourning the mighty wreck which time bath cast,
The hade ot earthly glory that remain,
From the dim region of primeval night,
Rxalt tby gate to see or of Promise brfght I
Thou, who bast wept the faded pride of earth ;
, Thou, who hast melted o'er her history;
And marked the star that tang upon her birth
Dim In tbe twilight of h r long decay,
Beholl ! revivifying Freedom's sun
Proclaim Oppression's mad career I ran I
What read we In the page of the past
But the vain triumph of barbarlo pride t
Lobe " Tadinor' marble wastes" this lesson cast
On Time' remorseles, twifily-rolllng tide,
And Rome and Athens' sepulchred renowu
!n awful tones of death attll speak it down I
The course of Empires and State ol old
Has only cUanyed the theatre of wo ,'
Successive conquest over earth have rolled.
But Jfnn, A lord of earth, did never know
Bis dignity. All hall the glorious dy
That awepl tbe shades of Ignorance away I
We have tho page of Knowledge to Inlorm,
We have thy light, Religion ! to Ulnar, -And
in the tielter of our God' right arm
'Neath which tbe fiendish hosts of hell consume
To the bright goal of Liberty we move,
In the Hriu brotherhood of Peace and Lpve I ........
Tes I while Man' aonl shall kaep i'.s native tone,
And thrill to Freedom's heaven-breathing strain
Though other land 'neatb fell oppression groan,
Aud wretched hour still swell to days of pain,
Bright o'er tbe gloom Columbia's bacn -light
Shall gleam, to guide tbo wanderiug world aright I
August, 1843. 1. H. J.
A Trip np tho Country.
Gay sBwunos, Hayd Co., Texas, )
Oct. 23, 1882. (
Editor Fbee Pbess : Thinking that per
haps a few items in regard to a portion of
the adjacent western country might be re
garded as news to some of your readers, I
will submit the following brief account of a
trip made recently up through. Hays, Blan
co, Kendall and Kerr counties ; by the way
of Cedar Valley, Dripping Spring-t, Blanco
City,, Boerne, Comfort, Center Point, Sis
terdale, &c.
Cedar Valley is located on the road lead
ing from Austin to Fredericksburg, about
sixteen miles frjm Austin, and near the
south-western division line of Hays aud
Travis counties. At Cedar Valley are two
stores, post office, blacksmith and wood
shop, house of public entertainment, wag
on yard, tc. From this place to Dripping
Springs, nine miles distant, the road runs
through a hilly rough couutry, but is dotted
along with sheep men and thejr herds.
Drippidg Springs are situated near the west
Bido of a large, beautiful, fertile valley.
This place (situated iu Hays county) took
its name from an eternal dripping of water
from underneath shalviug, or projecting
rocks from the craggy bluffs of a doep ra
vine. The little villago at Dripping Springs
is improving very rapidly. The academy at
this point is a well constructed, roomy, rock
edifice, that would do credit to any inland
town. There are throe mercantile houses
in operation now, and two taore nearly
completed, also public enterttinment, potst
office, church-house, Ac The road loading
from Dripping Springs to Blanco City, for
the first ten or twelve miles, passes through
most beautiful country, with occasionally
rich. tuitefsJlv improved, thrifty looking
farm. Then mountains and hills set in on
the right, while Onion Creek, with here and
there a good farm is seen on the left. Bnt
now the roa I leads over a high mountain di
vide between the head of Onion Creek and
tbe Blanco river, and when the tap is at
tained, the eye w greeted with a brokd vai
hv of table land which is beautiftd to be
hold, and to add to the grandeur of the scen
ery, miles b?mJ are seen tos lowering
peak of t'.; TVia Si -Or mrr.trvn whtcu
are equated between the Blaaco, and Gaal
Jtim river. When th v3cy of the B'jaa-
co rt-al is r srhed. no rre cmM wib to
m.-r- b'antifaJ; ricX sad pr.idnrtire looking
i--; and ti pre tat growing cotton crop
is extremely fine. Crops of all kinds have
been good this year. Blanco City, sitostsi
on a beautiful plateau of land on the north
side of the Blauoo river, in a very thrifty
looking mountain town. It hi a half doz
en or more dry goods and grocery ttorsi,two
or three drujj stores,- ons or mora hotU, a
feed stable aud wagon yard, oourthooMj out-
ton gin, churches, Ac Thure is also a gin
about one mile below town, and one about
the same distance above town, all of which .
seem to be doing a fine bauness.
On the road leading from Bianco to Bosnia, ,
a distance of about forty miles, after
leaving the beautiful valley of th Blanco,
quite a rough mountainous country is loon,
which continues until within five or tlx miles .
of the Ouad:tlupe river, when a delightful '
couutry again is seen, and the valleys imms- .
diately ou the Guodalupo ore unaurpuaoU .
for beauty and richness, and some of the
most thrifty German farmers live here.
Thenco to Boerne in Kendall county is seen
a very pretty country all the way, which is ,
about nine or ten miles. A large majority .
of the populathm of Kendall county are ,
Germans, who seem to be as clmtanled and .
thrifty as they desire to be, seeming to re- -gard
honesty as the best policy in all things.
Boerne, situated on the north, bun of the
Cibolo, is probably as neat, tidy, and heal
thy a town as there is in tftie west; every,
thing looks so life-like. In this place is a .
hotel which would be an ornament a , well
as a substancial adjunct to any city in the
state. It presents a one hundred and eighty
feet front, is full twe stories high, with up-,
per and lower galleries the entire length of
the -building; it is builded of rock) and to
every appearance of the choicest material. ,
The back part of the building so con- .
structed as to make the whole in the form
of a T. I was not in the house, and conse
quently cannot speak of its internal appear
ance. The American hotel is a large com
modious wooden edifice, beautifully situated
and surrounded. Thore are other hotels in .
this place which I did not notice particular
ly, and all other -necessary business etrtab---"'-lishmonts
in proportion, mills,, gins, Ac On
leaving Boerne in the direction of Comfort, .
which is west a distance of about . eighteen :
miles, tho road passes through a very pretty
farming country for several miles, and then
crosses a mountainous divide back to the .
valloyB of the Guadalupe river, on which
stream the remarkable town of Comfort is v
located-. The land here is very beautiful, v
rich, productive, and healthy. On.,eery :
hand are thrifty. German farmers, ,a greater
part of whom live in good etoro. houses.
Comfort is probably the most remnrkable
town in tho state of Texas, . if not in the
United States. It contains somewhere from . '
five to six hundred inhabitants, and there is
not one single American, Mexican or Negro ,
living in it, n6r do I think there is one of '
any other nationality except Germans. But
most of these speak good English. There ,
is a good English and German school com
bined, in which, both languages are taught
perfectly, now in successful -operation at
this place There is not a more generous,
kind, social, and apparently honest people ..
living on the globe, perhaps, than at Com
fort. Everything seems to be- thrift, life,
peace, and enjoyment among all ages and
sects ; in fact the place seems to indicate its
own name (Comfort.) In this place lives
neither a lawyer, nor a preacher, nor a
drunken rowdy or outlaw'. ' But a lively, so
cial German did tell me that there was liv
ing out in tho country a lawyer, a doctor, '
and a preacher, but that the preacher won
the hwyer, and the lawyer was the doctor,
and the doctor was the- preacher, and that
the three always went together, whether the it
business was spiritual, legal, or medicinal.
Jlills, gms, and every convenience neesasary
to meet the peopJeY ioterestj are found
A .mu2h as I like to linger Lere,. I must
bid, it adieu and fjo taC'entcc .Fokit, a dk- .
tanco of nine or ten miles, every - mile of
which is through . the, broad, rich sllavial ,
vallies of , the Guadalupe . river. . Center i
Point is in Kerr county, and is Ipeatad w a.
plateau or table land extending, for Ujilej ,
around, which is nnsurpassed for beauty tbd..:
fertility The setters here are snvstly
Americans, and I hardly need to aid they
are kind and generous, for this is a natural
outgrowth of a frontier mountain country.
At this place ia a church and school hou e,
and an appearantly intelligent, thrifty 50.-.
day sshool was t in suasion when. I arrived
there. A gnd hotel, a kirze store and oth
er minor establ ebnents for the pallia con--venn-ftc
are f xiaJ Leta, In fact, from all
tbe surrcun ling cf Center Point, it ev;- .
dftutly tnnt4 ever L av tbxifly. growing.
hrClbv inlanl Mi Sieterikle U kxsctii )

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