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San Marcos free press. [volume] (San Marcos, Tex.) 1877-1892, February 01, 1883, Image 4

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11.0 Inmuurul Kill wr. 4 M.iur n a i...u. ; " VviUSu re io
but was ... ot t'10 srin.l.vt .Iron j,:,!, "'I j ;
Austin !mi cvr witpft-vil for n lonj,' time. , j,'onr iosT Omoc. S.m MArcnu.
Free Press.
i-imwiUfiiil yoiircorreouliiH in uuoijmI
- Zditor. (" t,,rt 1 sk ,r d' r,ji" 11 ' ln" ",,iT,r i
I i.sTBKKif at iin: nm wrm ws mahum
1 .r IM r::;:!9'.v 5:5trfU All th iinrtisiJJ i tWi
ao was co-ni.IrM in ev.-ry jrticMr, tnkiiiK ! ft 1 1 C Q I A M f J I H I L I S ISl '
,Voom'il.ti.mt!, Willi-!'"1 .
fm, Km Mar,.-. wro JI-, J. V. I FX'LE LIFE IN SIBERIA.
lVon'ft r Wntrr Work,
Mr. HV.um, h ijurlJi'.c:! 1 it ' tli Attstiu
tJ.K iiu.l J1 2 ., Iw" fan wt of the
Wk nml nn k r..jM)sitiftH for mipi1)in
bar tow.i with wit ;r 0.1 a uaw pla uJ tn
Tor.i1ildbr.nt. WJ "O t t''1 "P30
week t a into d-t iiU H i ll so it to iy
tli it t!i.l ir.ip..sitii.i m tfiwn 1-y Mr. HoIiiioh
ii, tint if llio town will Ktnrantee ?i,hmp
p'ranu-.f.t. top 17 T.r t'i. ihj of hydrant
t iIm mil ly t'nin )irrii)!i in onaofttro
u 1 for other purposes, t'.io work will be put
t'lrouijli, cntirrly ut his exp-use. The
partita m olffriii't wo l.'uru, have the re
ipiisito aiiiount of capital to carry out their
p'.Ati. Tlio ratn to l. flmr;.l cousuinors,
it wn Ktat.nl would b 'r lK f buudred
-iIloiw. IS,M) i tlto i-Ktiinatifd cost of
tin work Wo harn our town council,
w'ubh in:ioti ta Tuesday mzt, lmvo the
nutt-riribr coiiNidoration. nn.1 v.-e earnest
ly liop tho desired result 111 iy bo reached.
. '
V.'mr.E ut Austin on Momliiy. wo looked
i 1 0.1 th'i IfiKlaturo a short timo nt their
lio n.) in the temporary capitol, which w
about as ."ol hk the old one. Wo thought the
"asst'inblsl window" made n better show
t'.ia-i their iminodiato pre lo essors, especial
ly the House, in which piito an animated
d tt'i 011 the roa I law v,n ia pro-rcss dur
i.i ; o ir Ht.y.
We met CaA. Swishe r while at Austin,
Monday, and he presented us some doeu-ich-uts
on the (ireer county ijuestion. giving
!!.,: results of his investigations on that Biib
jjct. The question is before both Congress
mi I our State Legislature. Col. K. has
been tin who?l-horHc of the investigation on
t!:.! side of Texas, and we trust may meet
the Kii,:eess and the reward ho ho justly
HiitchinH aud lady, Capt. K. Jl. M-irliu iuid
lifly, Jnbo Ko:ie, i.ud other
Dr. lenton h,H moved Ins f.-.ijin out nr.d
taken charge of the Luuatic Asylum.
(Mud to wetho I'nr.R Pit.ss nf.;:t.iting the
mibject of giTing ft ball ut the court house.
J. E. Laxu.
Wk are la.l to ba able to nanouuee to our
reader that uur Austin correspondence,
begun iu another column, will bo a regular 1
nt H, Vr Pi-vjw lur nu tho sesKiou , " -"" . 'V.l u. it
.1., ...... -o t Kipvr.plirri or me aiunor uuinn --
of the legislature. Tho wrih. gentle- j, inVS
inim well knoowu "in these parts, is in ,,, rnre ,r writirn : noi rauld forlM bui
position to bo well informed a to the topic. Spi
1 : .1. 1 . I ........ ...1 A,.. .jniii Mn. itin.tmtlrn). Price f'i.iiO.
5.. hook Ilk. II on c.rtl.. Onl.elli nil ,"
Clrculr' ni full prliculr. or n.l ft ceitt In
. 1 . 1... -n.a.hlir Out til.
fn.HiifV it vianipn iur UUDIlfiov - r.
Aciiilrk mid ecut flnl choice of lerrUory.
febl-Sl 2u2 310 Pine 8lrf t. l. "
HY J. W. Bl'EL.
Pil r-l-nrtl'l rw l.ouk prer.t tl.rllllnf pno.
Xlu'f lull reiUhl. l.l-or. of '';-'M,-,J"1
Kivrn Die ui.wrluan Ubtory of lh Kui
HlMl.bf mymerlou. mUriinire lir mycl.i iou.
prolr. Udr.crlbe. deip' bii.l- e..ni.
!.M..lbpl...l.i...d knlv. hi c.ot room ".
Iwren 'he pnllce end NlhlllM. Il -lnl. hXILK
LIKK IN KII1KKIA In tlvl.l end lerllln '0,'- , ,
r.l.lr. f.mnu. I.not. .fid .dveniuree lh wild Ml
mil. on ih frown plain, of the fr Worlh. I rf
the llr.l lim epo.e. fli rf.l ""T0""' " " 'f""
mntf Ih. Kll.rrl.n rentlcl.. dfrin. '""
11,1. In.truiiirnu 01 tort nr. t.nclloii.d and o0 n.
.k. ti.-.i.. nr.r.m...i It rrl.tr. Ibe PrrMn.l
FitOM Al'SilX.
L-Vi'da'.ivti Xolcs.-In.uiKal Tall, otc.
Ai ihtix, Jan I'.'th. 1S'8:.
-The 1 uiil aiurj h 111 full
upou which ho writes.
Washington Ir((or.
(From our ltegnlnr Corresjioudent. )
Washinotov, January 22, lss3.
Just at present it is the Navy that Con
gress is talking about. Tho Navy, mark
you, the-Vrtr, wants itseit mcreaseu oe
causo forsooth, it is tho ' laughing stock of
Europe." If there is auy rolo tho Navy
cannot eudurc it U th 0 rolo of a laughing
stock, hence every year is repeated this cat
apult nrguweut : "our Navy is the laugh
ing stock of Europe." From a naval point
of view the Navy of tho United States liven,
moves and has its being as tho cynosure of
European admiration. Aud to be laughed
at by Europe. Oh I horrors. It is fortuu
ato for tho United States that this morbid
love of admiration is couflnod principally to
tho official personnel of tho Navy. All of
them havo been to Europe at Government
expense, aud the most that their travels has
taught them is to be ashamed of their
country beenuso it does not live for war, and
has fewer aud less imposing ships aud guns
than the monarchies of Europe, which live
to fight aud fight to live. If '.iio United
States should endeavor to remodel itself in
every lino in which it is the laughing stock
of Europe it would have a stupendous task
before it and our naval 5unthornes may as
well faco their share of European derision.
But there is a lesson that both the Army aud
oili.iinl nnsomu-1 should bem to
learn : Our traditions arc not wavlike : our
chief industry is not war: the flower of
or.r population is not under arms; wo have
not aud cauuot havo a personal interest in
tho armed balance maintained by the colos-
V.n. Fi:r.i! F.tr.ss: The 1 giil inirj is in full I demoralizing life and aud treasure sap-
b!a4. U seems that each member is trying j ping establishments removed from us.
in iritmihi.-o. Ill : most bills, as yet most of ! thank heaven, bv thi-eo thousand miles of
heaving sea. If our army and navy officers
Miern linger iu the committee rooms and
ha . e not been acted upon by the houses.
The first bill introduced was for making
:m appropriation for the mileage aud per
dk'iu pay of the members and officers.
1 1 V Y.'inv.bach. of Bexar To withdraw
the public lands of the State: from sale.
By lVv.ia of Ciay A bill to give further
protection to the wool growers of the State.
C'.icreham of Dallas-Concurrent resolu
tion instructing cur senators ami ropiysenta
tiws to vote against any tax on ipunino.
Labatt, of Galveston Joint resolu
tion requesting the Texis delegation at
Washington 1 1 urge the establishment of a
quit-antine station by tho National Govern
ment at St. Louis Island, oppose Galves
ton Island.
Hill of Po'.k The art concerning public
lands heretofore surveyed by railroads or
corporations for the benefit of free schools.
Townsend. of Colorado To appoint a
committee from both houses to negotiate
for the purchase of the Alamo, and to erect
suit iblo monument at Goliad aud to Fan
nin's men.
I'rvmier, of Houston Joint resolution
re-piTing Committee on Judicial Dist.. to
re-:irran;e aud equalize the several judicial
districts of this State.
Vy McDanicl. of Hill To withdraw from
sile'al! the school. University and Asylum
lands, herctofor? itutlurized to be sold by
any law of this State,
By Mr. McBride, of Hays To authorise
aud require county commissioners' courts to
provide for the payment of all claims due
t m hey-i of the public free s.-hoils. audited
as valid claims under a.-ts of the legislature,
approve 1 Aug. "7l". or April '"'..
By Senator Fleming An act making it
the duty of railroad companies to burn the
grass of theT rights-of-way. and fixing a
penalty for their failure to do so.
S -h .Uj Bill M An act to prerent certain
county others, their deputies and employes
from purchasing property at tc. sales ; was
r.vi. I tin" third time and passed.
Senator rfcufferas chairmau of the com
who inspected the Govenior's Mansion has
.otid-'MieUfd the funiitr.r. and fixtures as
"rubbish" and recommended an appropria
tion of I. "'Vi to iut the same in a habi
t ibl. condition. The resolution was at
u o adopted.
C.:itr..-tor Saiith. who built the tempo
r;ry capiul. w. Uf.ire tlie Senate Finance
I'outmitt.-e with n cl'.iiii 'f .ttoti for extra
w..rkcaUMlbv the f .illing of the building
la-t sui;i!:i, r. it i thouut to Im a just ilahu
a-id l.opt-.I he W..I 'lrfs.sti".l.
11 in a f :vr d:r. Th. bill has alr. ;ulr
l--rn prir.t.sl and t the "orj. r of the
i iy" f.-r one liy tLi wetk: it will lonbt-l-t
t-an-.' a J'-.U of 1liss4niM.u1 in loth
I r in-1. of th lb-; ; a cr. ..t ni '.:iy r.r cf
t:.e ri.!?iKn tLtt if tt is not il Ir-t .si it 1.1
Liif to W m J:fi i A gojl d
l"h. now.-th. chtinu 1x1 of ititeranl impT
it. wiT iutr.v.Tice the celv ort-.l nil
feel themselves de tvop without war ships
aud armies for a setting so much the worse
for their profession aud so much tho better
for the country. The United States can
well all'ord to be laughed at for beating
swords and spears into implements of hus
bandry, and if we havo fewer iron clads and
guns than any great Europeau power, wo on
the other hand have more threshing ma
chines than all of them combined.
There are at least three branches of the
public service for which wo pay a great
deal and for which we have very little use.
Theyaro the Diplomatic, the Military and
the Naval establishments. It may be well
to keep skeleton military and naval estab
lishments as a nucleus of National defence,
but the diplomatic corps is an antiquity, ut
terly useless in modern times. We had no
use for it before the laying of tlu lirst At
lantic cable, but since then it has had no
shadow of excuse for remaining above
There was a spirited debate in Congress
on Saturday relative to the Naval bill and
the discussion will be continued to-day, but
no real reform need bo expected until an
other party has control of legislation, and
executive matters.
Daring the course of the debate Mr.
Knott of Kentu.ky said there werj iu com
mission thirty steaming vessels, for them
were 2:.l engiaeers officers at an aggregate
pav of lUi.OtlO for sea duty. Though
these iientlomon understood their duties
theoretically, he undertook to say that with
the exception of a few men like Melville.
none of them ever had a monkey wrench or
an oil can in their hands since they had
been iu service. Twenty-five officers of
this cii'dneer corns were so loaded with
rink and dignity that there was not a shir
iu the Navy big enough to hold them. If
some indiscreet secretary of the navy should
order a chief engineer, a pay director, aud
11 m.vli.ikl inspector for dutv on the 6ame
ship, the vessel would inevitably siuk.
Th.rw was another corns of which tho
couutry has heard a good deal the marine
coqt which bad a long list officers. The
duties of every one of these officers could lx
us we'd performed by an officer detailed
from the hue of tho Navy : and if he had an
onnori.iuitv he would offer an amendment
k.jokir.2toth.it result. He would also offer
anicndtiients for the gradual alioutiou 01
tb pny corps, and for a reduction in the
rn'ince r corps.
Tn crown fruit trees, peach, rlum.
appl. -r and all kiDds of tree, el" P
For our popnl.r nnd fa.t .ellinR puhlicat lotia em
bracing lie following Mandard workl:
KVRRTDAV CYCI.OPK.IA of n.efill knowledge.
MO.bOU Fuct- lor 100. 1)00 people, a prrirc. ..
Ilonnry if Kriry Day Want., C50 page., o0
MORMOSISM n.NVSII.F.D, o'tbe Life nnd Confr.-
.I.m. of Jhn U. !ee. in.mry 01 r.jB....
fromlL rln; tn th present lime, with (traphlc
aecotiiitof the Mountain lle.-lovr Maarre. In
ul.:b 120 men, women and children were bulch-rrrd.
THKATRW A I. Ann CirtCC MPK. oc Secret, of tho
St.pc. (irren Knom anil low i'u. .irrun,
vealinu the mjHlerie. of Ike Theatre. Cirdi,
Vnrirlv Show. Concert Dive ; Ballet GlrN,
Mather. M.tljee. Ac: Home and Private Lite
of Aetor. and Actre. ISu he.ntlful en
rr.vlntf. and eleirnnt colored lithraph.
lion, on Steel anil woon.
Cniiil torni trt tlveacrrnta on the ahore works.
$110 per month guaranteed. Circulars Free.
Jnn2.V4w ST- LCCIS'.MO.
Atarnetluiticitlpltatyou. Settetim from f.
taiout ttockin the Souih-Wft. 6oodii C. O. D.
11A prix-ilege nf tiatxinalion. Gnat tcrir.ii In thtu
basierv aove: or.f - " - -----
1 Al.OGVK. nntatoinv otn- 100 M,.;inHo
JJttX touoWr in oil Hootin 9 and hmdlina a Oun: alto
eon 0 gant and Ian lav af Ttxa: " rut -w
adtinu iilaMv and rnmlim thu mper.
inclcverythln.s else, In Hunt cr Soft Va
tcr, without danger to fabric or bauds.
Save Lnbor, Time, and Soap, nniaz
insjly, ancl is of great value to housekeepers.
Sold by all Grocers but boo that vile Counter.
fcitM arc not urged upon you. PE.VI1LIJJE
is tho only safe article, aud always bear;
tho Lame cf JAMES PI LE, Sew York.
- . i . . . .
I Niar 1'ojt Ornfr, Son M-wos.
Thn mnlnrttti of the ills of the human
body arite frotn a derangement of th
Liver, effecting both the stomach and
toirrt. In order to effect a cure, it it
ncces3ftnj to remove tho cause. Irregu.
lar and SluggisKaetion cf the Bou-elt,
21eadnche,Sickness at the Stomach, Pain
the Liter 1$ atfault,and Uiat nature re
quires tzsrUttince to cruibla tills organ to
throw offimpttritir
Pricfcly nitteTaareespecialtff
tcmpnuuded for this purpose. XUcyare
mild in the'.r cclioi and effective, as a
enrct " pteatant to the taste end taken
easily by both children end adults. Za
Jfcro aeeordiny to directions, they are a
General Debiiity,IIatUual Cca
ttlpatlon, xlsc-iel Iildneys,
ctcetc. -da31ox2rariCerfcnr
ore snperlor to mnjf other medicine t
eleantimff tho rw.frc thorough:, and
imymrting new lift and energy to the in
rnltd, It Is a medietas o.md not an
Intoxicating bererae.
Ail t:-i iKEcuT m mciiT asi iirms,
ad taa to FBIC2.IL00pcrBotUa.
6t Zzin asA Zsxssm Cty. Jtot
B ww wm Bt,fA SkM WL aa wvmm ,liai ava
n 1 uiiPisM u u
Anil nrrlvin" cveiy ilav, tho Largent Stock fiua Dost na?ortmrat
Drv Gooils,0Groot ric(C Clothing, Hardware, Hats, Crockery,
Boots anil Shoes, Wood ftnd Willow AVure, Notions, and Ladies'
and Gents' Furnishing Goods ever offered iu this market.
Called to Zigler's Hand Mudo m
Philadelphia Boots and Shoes for
which wo are Sole Agents. Every
pair warranted unequalled for Dur
ability and Comfort
Onr Stock of Clothing is now Complete embracing a Beauti
ful Line of Scotch and English Cassimeres and French
Diagonal Suits which we are offering at prioes which defy
competition. Call and Examine them before the Stock is
Broken no trouble to show goods.
We arc the West Texas Agents for
The Avery and Caldwell Wagons.
Every Wagon Guaranteed. We
are selling at bed rock prices, and
ask all our friends to call and ex
amine our goods and prices.
3 an 18-lm.
Giving to the exceptiojially good prospects of
ttie crops and the satisfactory prices paid for
Cotton and other produce, I have, to meet tlw
demands of the trade, bought a larger Stock of
Goods tluin ever before, and having now cnnvle
room to display my Goods, I am prepared to
is usually kept in a General Store too numerous
to detail, at the very lowest prices,
I make a specially of HARDWARE and AGRI
CULTURAL IMPLEMENTS, amongst which I men
tion the Deere and Bit-ford Hows, ' Standard
Cultivators, New Braunfels Planters, Moline
and Jackson Wagons, Ohio Barbed Wire, etc.
T -riopii:i. ii'PPk'lii ft nnrlr,nrl. nf Wpst mil. Prr.rfll CP,
which I sell at Austin prices. The highest cash
vr ice void for Cotton, Corn, Oats, Wool, Hides,
lew ' '
etc. Polite attention to evenbody.
, Yours Truly,
it .
Hazzard, Raymond & Co.,
1 VX'
A. merits for
Cliicl vering Pianos.
Estcv, and
Bridgeport Organs.
WSatisfaction Guaranteed.
BUS lj
f V

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