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Free Press.
OoluuHouUn ;IMP. SL and 6:40 P. M.
Ooiutf worm i
s:S5 " and 0:30 A. At.
The lets bualmtM Vocation of the Fin
Pica oo the East aids of the Public Square.
Tb kit U Hi fet front and ruru back 90 ft
to an alley. It U enclosed and snsoeptible of
cultivation If desired. The building consists
of two mai rooms wash 90 feet square.
MJ an extension about ten feet square incloe
Ing an unfailing wall of good water, the beat
perbapa to town no water rent to pay.
The front room la nioely papered and ceiled
overhead, and furnished with shelving
and counters, etai it also Inoludea a private
office. It la well adapted to any small bur
lness, and the location is one of the very
beat In our town, The rest of the building
would very well aocommodate a email family
a a place of residence or it might be used
as a warehouse in connection with the
front room. The roofs are good and every,
thing in fair condition. The premises will
be shown and terms made known to any
one who will call at the Faxn Pans office,
in Judge Wood's building, upstairs.
James Taylor k Bro., keep pure 'fnBt
A full line of Eandreth's Garden Seeds.
Ratnolds k DaMIBX.
Sorghum seed and seed potatoes at
Faomn's Diuo Btobb.
. Straight Louisiana Molassos, genuine and
no mistake, at MoAllistib's,
"' Ssetiom at the Presbyterian and Chris
tian churches next Sabbath.. 1
Onion sets, ' two varieties, in fine condi
tion. Raynolds A Dawiki
Borghum and millet seed at
Gladus A Moshib, carpenters and build-
era. Can give the best of references. tf.
Fob Sal Cheap. A large heating stove.
Inquire at Feu Pbkss offioe.
Babbitt Ural always supplied at the
Fbu Pbkss office, '
Old Kbwspapbbs for wrapping purposes at
the Fbu Pbkss office.
Bdcqlb copies of the Fbeb Pbkss for sale
at the office, five cents eaoh,
. Handsome styles of Spring Dress Goods
offered at bargains, Giesen's store.
W. T. Robikson, Agent.
Go to James Taylor k Bro's for pickled
pigs' tongue, pigs' feet, pickled tripe and
sweet pickles.
'Wagons, plows, fence wire and agricultu
ral implements are sold less than cost at
Giesen's stand. ; W. T. Robinson, Agt.
We sell Flour
6 -00 to $7 liO barrel
.and guarantee satisfaction.
G. W. DonaxjSox A Co.
All our intelligent people are saying thnt
the Fbkb Pbkss is better than ever before.
We have received an invoice of
G. W. Donalson k Co.
But a bedspring from Nance and make
yourself easy in this world, for no man can
tell whether you will rest, easy in the world
to corns.
Gbeat Sliuohteb in prices of olothing,
boots, snoes and dry goods, nardware eto.,
at Bankrupt Store of Giesens.
W. T. Robikbon, Agt.
The money will be refunded in any case
where Dr. Oilman's COHOSH and TAR
fails to benefit a cough or cold.
Ratnolds k Daniel.
San Marcos.
The Giesen Bankrupt stock is not being
replenished, and parties desiring bargains
snouid coll soon and save money.
W.T Robinson, Agt.
Leral Card.
W, D. Wood and Owen Ford have associ
ated themselves together for the practice of
taw in civil matters in liny 8 county, Texas.
Office for the present, at the Court House,
San Marcos. Oct. 25-ly.
Murder I Murder I i The forty thousand
- -dollars general mdse. are daily slaughtered
at Giesons store, (at nearly your own prices.)
Our well known salesmen are polite and at
tentive. W. T. Robinson, Agt.
We beg leave to call attention to the fact
-that the bankrupt stock of Wm. Giesen is
rapidly diminishing, and the entire stock
may be sold any day in bulk, opportunities
ere lost daily for goods at half value by pro-
-u.uu. IT. x. UOBINSOX, Age.
Two dollars per head will tMiwiil for all
cattle branded E on left hip and H on right
up.iau ma extra lor young calves; if deuv-
iou t my pasture or Ue posture or H. .
Heard. D. 8. Corns,
feb 7-4w
The old steady-going reliable house of
Xai. 1. DaOey is still in the mercantile field.
Without parade or empty pretence it pur.
ues the even tenor of its way, giving satis-
jacuoa to its cnut omen. Call and examine.
Bio Fish. We are credibly informed that
Mexican the other day caught a catfish out
the Ben Marcos near Martindale whkh
weighed 150 lb. He need a rabbit for bait
They say it ia not anusnel down there to
eteh them of from 60 to 60 lbs.
C. H. Lewis, druggist, of Cedar Vale.
Kansas' write "I kave sold 'Prickly Ash
Bitten" far the past seven or eight years,
ead eoneider them one of the not reliable
proprietary medicine I handle, as ia evi
A""d by the eoctino-d incTvaaa in aalea
d the alraoat nmvenel satisrax-tioa which
stead their ewe." Feb. H-Zw.
TalssMe CrrleDtdia at a lUrrain.
" have a w copT f lb hire EJin- j
adrlitioa of CUamUrV Cj V.j-viiB. with I
of al ont rrtruthint by Anneriraa j
lEUa-Vmrn waltm It ia 1
Ia b Ik t work nf tb ktrvl fnr
Jf'1 HI tSi, cr Wm. Tall l lb- Fata
Prrw r aoj inio? it
Tub Cumberland Presbytetiaus will begin
a protracted service at the Baptist church
next Friday night at 7; SO o'clock.
Oua various churches are new all supplied
with acceptable pastors, and better equipped
for duty than for some time past. We trust
they will make their Inflnonoe felt in favor
of the moral as well as rollgioos progress of
the age.
Good Boardinr.
Mrs. Hook and Miss Coleman desire a few
more boarders. They have a ploaaant room
for two, and good accommodations for seve
ral others. Their boarding house is very
pleasantly situated In a central part of the
town. We can reoonimend it.
Fine bedroom suites still move from the
Nance store. People are at liberty to take
sides, and argue pro and con as to whether
their interests are best served by patronising
home. Thanks to a most liberal patronage,
Nanoe has been enabled to move his basin ens
beyond the danger line.
The San Antonio papers complain that
they have had no respectable dramatie
troupes the present season. The experience
of Han Marcos In that line has been very
limited, but so far as it has gone, it has been
very much the same. Verily theatricals out
this way are at a very low ebb.
In front of the Monger hotel one after.
noon last week, a Stockman reporter heard
12 50 a head offered for 8,000 mixed year.
lings. The offer was declined: the
parties to whom it was made oQCv
liver the stock at 12 76. N.
We find the above In the San Antonid
Stockman. It does not look much like the
decline in the demand and price for year,
lings which wo hear spoken of In this vi
Cotton Seed.
A small lot of the celebrated Gold Leaf
cotton seed for sale at a bargain, in small
lots, in order to introduce it It mokes
more lint cotton neraore and is worm proof.
Testimonials, both written and printed, from
some of the best farmers or the country.
Full guarantee given when required. For
further information apply to
Rbv. 1. a, UILLBTT,
or B. W. Smith,
at City Mills.,
To make room forsome new goods already
arrived and more late styles of summer hand
made boots billed for here in three days,
will guarantee the best bargains in town.
Call and see prices and goods, tio trouble
to show goods.
All calf sewed boots for 93 60.
Shoes for $1 00.
FuU-stock Boots still for $ 3 00.
My repairing department guarantees work
done every day in the week. Personal at
tention to measure work. Ladies' shoes
made to order only. Work done on short
notice. Satisfaction guaranteed as repre
sented. Respectfully, . -
J. B. Hankla.
The editor of the Lampasas Dispatch
wants somebody to kick him behind his
back, for patronizing a home merchant who
sends abroad to have his printing done. He
bought a little bill of goods of a merchant
of the town, and says:
The proprietor then made out a bill, the
head of which was printed in Galveston,
then rolled up our goods in a band-Dill print
ed in St. Louis. Imagine our chagrin, and
decide for yourself who deserved the kick
ing. We suspect that merchant was trained to
business in San Maroos. His style is still
too prevalent here, though we think we can
recognize a change for the better.
We congratulate Brother Julian of the
Fbkb Pbess. on the ability and truthfulness
of his recent sermon. Now, let the pulpit
speak. Kyle Newt.
We are glad to say the pulpit Is speaking
in this place. . We were gratified to hear of
the hearty endorsement of our late articles
by so good a man and so earnest a Christian
as Rev. Mr. Harris, at the Methodist church
on Sunday night last And Rev. Mr. Joyce
has gone to work to get up a petition for a
vote on the Local Option law, in which all
good people must heartily wish him success.
In short, we believe all the ministers of this
place are right on this subject, but to pre
vent all doubt we think it is incumbent on
them to show their bands in a like un
mistakable way. And we hope to hear of
ministers everywhere speaking out on the
giant evil of the times. The mere agitation
of great moral questions is, like thunder
and lightning, a great purifier, and it is dif
ficult to overrate its beneficent consequences.
Judge Wood Is absent this week.
J. S. Kellam has removed to Wimberly.
Nat Q. Henderson of the Georgetown
Record was in town, and called on us.
Mr. Patterson, of the Texas Express sports
a fine set of new harness.
Mr. Vanevery is now running the board
ing house adjoining Dailey A Bro's.
Mr. Van Wie has sold out the Favorite
Saloon to a Mr. Burns, of Austin.
S. L. Townsend is again monarch of all
he surveys in the meat trade.
Miss May Joyce has finished her term of
school and is at home again.
Col. McCord, of Coleman county, was in
town the first of the week.
Mr. Laumen, the shoemaker, who thought
of moving to New Braunfela, has ooncluded
... r, 1 1 .
to remain wiin us. oenaiiM mu.
We notice by an exchange that J. Ed.
Skelton has got a job as printer on the
Schnlenburg Enterprise.
"Te lishtnine-rod man" has been seen on
our hiehways and byways of late. We
know not whether his victims are many or
Miaees Ella and Alice Denton, of Austin,
and Miss Standi far, of La., came here on a
visit the first of the week, enronte to Sen
8. P. Chastian leaves to-day for bis borne
in Desmoines, Iowa. He expects to return
to Texas as soon as he eaa dispose of his
Dr. Woo toe of Austin was her the first
of the week to as Mayor Cock. We learn
the doctor gf ve a favorable opinion in the
Donahma & Co's new safe lock recently
oat of ex so uy naa
an exTjert to otwn it: be found it a diffi
cult Job, bat anally seceeded.
Mr. From me has pvrehaaed a getvsrator
a .1 mAm. mj. And Will bO
prepared to supply all demands with a sev
penor arbcie.
A. fn bee boweht the Every sUt4e
outfit of VTUlsunm Faria, incfadfflf: the
toa. and ripe ia to opm ia the old Harper
TV. U T ' ilWrra nf tbe Brott
UMMrie! tmnrpe will be rr vt.is as M. !
Lq'a Creoek. anU rwlly isJ't '
U s pW. !
ft A, a fmtiT fart that "nee d trf
rt-ad iv ni prre. Ts AnUmm i
Li.l. Ufh- -Parana Jehaa". erxirU
n aria n e-Tv ah. a T t tm rU
.--e eirrs on jsjT of that orr. '
The atar simulated ihat John Williamson
had killed a strange "darky" or two in his
saloon on Monday night, turned out to be a
hoax. We thought II rather surprising wai
John should develop so sudden a blood-
Uurstluesa. .
Our northern suburb Is on a boom. Both
members of the Arm of Johnson A John
son are building new residenoss on their
respeutive beautiful locations, and Mr.
Franklin is closely following suit Rev.
Mr. Brown, loo, has two new buildings up
in the same quarter.
We learn there is a new war in Germany,
The belligerents are Eiband of the New
BraunfelsZeitungandoneof the editors of
the new paper there. The results thus far
have only been to add to the treasury of the
corporation in the way of fines.
W heard Rev. Mr. Hendon, the new
Baptist minister, on Sunday. He preached
on the leading oharaoteriatios of a true
Christian ehuroh, which, which he said did
not merely imply a large congregation or
very fine church edifice, butoonsistedin the
Christ-like spirit The sermon was a good
one, and well delivered.
Elliott of the Dallas Herald, Hardenbrook
of the Houston Post, and we do not know
how many other newspaper men are asplr.
ants to the position of Commissioner for
Texas at the New Orleans Exposition. A
later rumor is that the Governor will prob.
ably bestow the coveted prixe on his par
ticular friend Hon. J. V. Hutchins, of this
Mrs. Atwell leaves for her home (Hutch
ins, Texas), to-day. She has spent several
months here for the benefit of her health,
which has improved considerably. During
her stay here this admirable little lady made
many friends whose best wishes go with
her. After so long an aosenoo irora u un
bend and children, the reunion will of course
be delightful. Apropos, a fishing, boating
and picnio party was organised at the head
of the river on yesterday, mainly ass "fare
well benefit" to Mrs. Atwell. Besides the
gnest of the occasion, there were pres
ent Miss Russell aud Mr. James, Misses
Bettie and Georgie Coleman, Mr. and Mrs.
J. W. Earnest Miss Minnie Hook, the
Misses Bruoe, Rev. Mr. Allen, Mr. Earnest
from out west, Dr. Cook, a Fbbe Pbess rep.
resentative, and perhaps others. The sport
was interesting if not very successful. Rev.
Mr. Allen bagged several teal, in disregard
of Brother Collins' "warnina to sportsmen".
I A-nica dinner was prepared by the ladies,
fid the day being fine the entire affair was
very enjoyable. Very mucn to nis regret
our reporter was compelled to return to the
offioe soon after dinner.
A Once Prominent Lawyer Commits Sui
cide In the San Marcos Jail A Sad
and Suggestive Case Ills Last Im
pressive Warning.
On Wednesday of last week, Paul O.
Hudson, who had been confined in our jail
for some months on a charge of forgery,
committed suioide by swallowing oarbolio
acid which had been loft in the jail for dis
infecting purposes. He is the man who at
tempted to procure money by presenting a
forged telegram at Glover's bank in this
place. It appears from papers left by him
that he came from Georgia, and has a wife,
parents, brothers and sisters yet living there.
He resided for some time in Johnson conn
ty, Texas, where he was first a teaoher, and
then a practicing lawyer of brilliant pros
pects. Mr. Patton, a member of the late
Legislature from that county, was bis law
partner, and Mr. Brown, the other member
from said county also knew him well, and
made inquiries after him of Judge Fisher,
stating that during his residence there his
character was good, with the exception of
too free a use-of whisky; that he was a man
of good impulses as well as fine ability. He
seemed to be striving to do well, but his evil
habits finally gained the oscendenoy, and
resulted in his throwing himself away as
above stated. Unfortunately for him he
was placed in our jail here during its recent
fearfully overcrowded state. Of course to
a man of education and feeling, who had
seen better days, it was simply intolerable,
and all who read his manly, affecting and
unanswerable appeal to our County Com
missioners, which we give in another place,
will regard his last desperate act with for
more of pity than .of condemnation. He
has made his appeal to a higher tribunal,
where the passions and prejudices of men
cannot reach him further, and there we, for
one, are content to leave him.
He left letters to his wife and mother in
Georgia, which we have been permitted to
copy, and which will throw light on his
character and antecedents. They are as
San Mabcos, Tex., 2-11, 1884.
Mt Dablino Wife: I write these last
words to say farewell forever. I shall
never see you again, and when you shall
have received this I shall be no more. My
darling, forgive and forget me. Obi my
soul 1 Hod I followed your kind and loving
advice my life and its end would have been
far different and indeed happy and honor,
able. I can blame no one but myself. If
there was ever a true and faithful wife it has
certainly been you. Good bye, Mary dar
ling, yes, forever good bye. The only thing
that braces me up in this trying hour is that
I have no dread of the nnknown hereafter.
Yes, good bye to alt May you, dear, be
blessed and happy.
Your ill-fated husband,
Pavl C. Hudson.
San Mabcos, Tex., 3-11, 1881.
Mx Deab Motreb: My last lines to you
are good bye forever I Never again shall I
see your dear face or be warmly embraced
in your loving arms. Good bye, father, sis
ters and brothers! Grieve not forme. I
am the cause of all my woes. Had I walk
ed in the light of your admonitions my fate
would have been otherwise. I do not dread
eternity. I want you all to remember poor
Mary, be good and kind to her far her own
dear sake. When yon have read this my
existence will have ended. I long to die.
I abhor the present suffering that is being
heaped upon me, and cannot endure it long
er. I can write no more. Good bye Moth
er, good bye to all. Your downcast and
gloom-enveloped son.
Paul C Hcmon.
He also left the following message foe his
companions in misery.
I thank my comrades ia prison for all fa
vors shown sm while with them. I also ex
tend to them my heartfelt sympathies for
them, and my best wiabes for their future
success and happiness. P. C Hcneo.
And finally be left the following last sol
emn warning, which was evidently intend
ed for publication:
I have battled and waged a coatinnoue
warfare against aslf -dead si cto for the paM
s aooctba or SBore. I bave now loat all
will-power to mailt aov longer the taapte
tMm. A hopebaa fli M y ead ia at band.
Te the ynsmg aavn sod to the s. mar almas te
ems after aoe. I wnald earnestly aay. be.
vare of cards and wtiMky. Hr-nana.
All tbme writnra giv a fawratile Ua
pfwoa of tba writer, asd indicate that
tbonga tiaa oatra ad furVara. he wws ty
no aniens wlotlr loat to g-nd. At aT.
br fiaa wwnttgr to ng aal niawn
mrct.t to aaaka a rvf"aaVd jwiyraro est
tfcc.r taiwla. It cm t- r wiiw to
rai'aa-nC V-i v-arti vtp rjf tfc.
Fare Fav m tb rawna cumMtiseait nf
Ban new advertiaentttnl of W. D, Clave.
lead, wholesale grocer, Houston, one of the
foremost mervban a a well as liberal adver
tisers la the Bute. . We need scarcely com.
mend his house to our doalara, for they all
know him, and know they can scarcely do
better elsewhere, .
MAEmroAU, Feb. 10, 1884.
Ed. Fees Pases: Our quirt little city la
still boomina. but I see nothing in your val-
liable columns from our city. What ia the
reason what has beoome of all the eorres.
nondeuts from this part of the Garden of
W have had splendid rains lately which
have Put " broad aiutla ou the faoe of the
hart-broen farmer, as well as the dry,
grinnlnB merchant Farmers are at work
as though U7 expeoted to make two crops
in one year We wish them sueoees In all
their atteroPW so do good. Business seems
to be good viLh our merchants, but money
very soarce and hard to get aad harder to
keep when In possession. .... ...
8. L. Mind of our city is quite sick this
week: says ns wants o go uuoro w
i . aak If he don't act well soon.
i; u..i. Martindale. one of the fair
daughters of this place, is visiting relatives
in .hare aha expects to remain for
some weeks. I hear it whispered by some
k.t uu K.nnia would make her visit short
a vinian nf our town, speaks of
W AAV Ma saiMt . ...
mn.in (a Kanaas City. Mo., where he will
i.i. m nnmnation blaoksmithing,
U.UIU. UM W... , ..... 1
Dr. Petty has just moved into his new real,
denoe. lie has had lightning rods put on
every ooruer. 'i quna a j
nn rnn.li ti, naateat in town. O. Cook,
one of our oldest eitlsens, is spending the
week at Kyle with friends ana relatives.
More anon. .
Harried. ;
JOHNSON CONN ALLY. On to-day (21st
Inst. t the Methodist cnurcn, ivev. r.
Horrls officiating, Mr. Thomas 0. John
son and Miss Lubia Connelly.
Bv Invitation, as well as "by authority",
as the regular matrimonial ald-de-oamp of
Brother Harris, "duly appointed, oommla.
sioned and qualified", we were present on
the above happy oocasion. . As we are Just
ooino to Dress, we have only space to unite
in the general congratulations on the union
of two of our prominent young peopis.
They left on the cars immediately after the
marrtace ceremony on their wedding tour,
to. far New Orleans ana otner
points. '
Fanlshment of
Vermont Mar
Apropos of the" current discussion of
the abolition of capital punishment,
Vermont had In the last generation a
case which may have some bearings on
this matter, and which was in all re
spects a most remarkable ono being.
Indeed, almost without a parallel in
the annals of crime. Eugene Clifford,
more than forty years ago, murdered
his wlfo and child by drowning them In
Fairfield pond. He was a deserter from
tho British army, and had gone to Fair
field, a little village of Franklin County,
where he married Mrs. Elizabeth Gil
more, a widow, who owned a small
farm. After a few years of married
life, he became infatuated with another
woman, whom be thought he could
marry were his wife out of the way.
He also thought thnt he would inherit
tho farm and the other property if ho
survived his wife and child. So, led on
by the tremendous forces of avnrieo and
lust, he laid his plans to murder them.
He invited his wife one Sunday morn
ing to cross Fairfield pond with him in
a log canoe, and she accented the invita
tion, taking the child in her arms. - In
an hour or two Clifford returned alone,
and notified the neighbor that bis
wife, while adjusting a shawl around
tho child, hod fallen from tho boat, and
both bud been drowned. The next day
the bodies were recovered, but the
shawls, which it "was known thoy had
worn, and which were of considerable
value, could not be found. This
strengthened tho suspicion that Cliilord
had murdered his wife and child, and
an intense excitement pervaded the
neighborhood. On a given day the
people came together from miles
around, and a thorough search was
made of every foot of tho shore of the
pond, but no trace of tho missing
shawls could be found. And now comes
one of the extraordinary facts of the
case. On the night of that day a neigh
bor, one Mrs. Marvin, dreamed that
she started out to look for the shawls.
She dreamed that she crossed a field in
front of her bouse, climbed a fence
across which a large hemlock tree had
fallen, walked a few yards on the trunk
of tho tree, and thence to a dense
growth of underbrush, near the shore of
the pond, and there, in a shallow hole
in the sand, and partially covered, she
found the shawls. Mrs. Marvin told ber
dream to her husband, but he thought
little of it. She, however, persuaded a
neighbor to accompany her, and,
though she had never before been over
th'e ground, she found everything pre
cisely as in her dream, and discovered
the shawls in the exact place she had
seen In her vision.
With the evidence thus furnished, and
much other of a damaging kind, Clif
ford, on trial, was convicted, and he
was sentenced to be hanged on the ex
piration of one year from his sentence,
April 21. 1843. in" the meontime to be
kept in solitary confinement in the State
Prison at Windsor. As the law then
stood, the tiovernnr's warrant was a
prerequisite for the execution of a con
demned prisoner, and the then Govern
or, from a conscientious motive which
appears somewhat strained, refused to
Issue his warrant for Clifford's execu
tion; and tho next Governor followed
his predecessor's example. In the
meantime, in his solitary cell, Clifford
decayed in body and mind, and suffered
both an intellectual and phyical death.
For a few months, while admitting bis
guilt, he claimed that his act was justi
fiable, and he endeavored to get some
Influence from abroad used in his behalf.
At the end of the timo originally
set for his execution, be began to
have spasms of insane ravin?, when
he was so noisy, abusive and vioU-nt
that It was found arceary to chain
him. Then he was seiaod with the no
tion that be was unlawfuily and nnjnst
ly oVtaiard. and this idea would Irad
h im into fits of violence and inan rage.
Nnt succeeded a wish to be bnng; and
tha nabappy man confided to the prison
phvsiciaa a letter to the Governor, In
which be implored b!m to order his ex
eeiflioa. He (hea attempted to starve
bime:f to drath, tat (be attempt was
prevented by the) prison cftcisbv. Final
ly his mind jrsv war eowple'ely, and
pfr maay nvlfci be coli ant be per
rua led lo atttr a wnH. and at lrfra.
Urr p mttf.omntltA aliKl prve "r
for rears dath came lo hi r--ll-And
aa eiamast'mej nl I is v1t showed
tr atr pstfK! mndrtra as in
miA ..;mI. f k at Aim . I K. ' r tfr-M ft-
ib thrtm of iL . tan rv I
W-ero raw - '"J - - "irw. - J. fc-. friar
rr- rTwa Sbcre trad4 . )ut upr-a aw-'
-Lrw al.mnM.ta aB a-CTT 14-Lr.. t
L-Ovr 158,000 people attended the
fifty-two base-ball games played to
Boston during tha last season. Botton
England has 7.917.0O0 square miles
of oolouios and possessions beyond tha
seas. In extent twloo as largo as ail
Europe, with ZIO.OOO.OuO Inhabitants,
of which 00,000,0)0 are In India,
6,000,000 in Canada, 9,000,000 la Aus
tralia and 1,000,000 at the Cape.
One of tho new private residences
on Fifth avenue, New York, has a
muslo hall and billiard-room, a tennis
court on the top floor, an elevator,
steam laundry aud gymnasium. The
fresoolnff was done by foreign artists,
and the furniture was made In Tarts at
a cost of 1110,000. M Y. Sun.
Charles Goodnight has the latWt
eattla ranch in tha world at tho head of
the Red River, Texas. Ho began bur.
Ins; land tour years ago, gutting 270,000
acres at 83 oents an acre. The prlo
has risen to 2 an aere. Ho Is still buy.
Ing. He controls 700,000 acres. To In
elose his land 250 miles of fenoo are re
quired. He has 40,000 cattle, Chicago
Inter Ocean.
On Manhattan Island 100.000
children are earning a living. Out of
the 100,000 at least 40,000 have reason
to expect to get on in life, and In due
season to beoome respected and respon
sible members of soeloty. The young
est child employed as a bread winner is
four years old, and her services arc
valued at f 1 a week, which. It Is to be
feared, does her very little actual good.
A large portion of tho children Included
In this estimate are cash and errand
boys and girls, nurso girls, and, of
course, faotory hands. Oddly enough,
there are hardly any crossing sweepers
In Now York, while in London tholr
name Is legion. .V. T. Times.
An importer and exporter of furs
gives this information : " Die house cat
Li one of the most vnluaUo of fur-bear-ing
animals, and when thoy mysterious
ly disappear from the back fenoe thoy
often find tholr way to the furrier. It
Is an actual fact that In 1882 over
1.200,000 house cats were used by tha
fur trade. Block, white, maltose and
tortoise-shell skjns are most In doraand,
and are made into linings. As for
skunks, 850,000 wero used In thin coun
try last soason, valuud from fifty cents
to fl.20. They come from Ohio and
New York principally, and, as In pur
suit of the tiger and lion, the bravest
men are required." itetrmi ivsi.
A New Interpretation,
'Tea," said the school girl, who
had risen from the lowest to the
highest position in her class, "I shall
have a horseshoe for my symbol, as it
denotes having come from the foot
Boston Gazette. -
FOR 1884.
Brightest, Best
Newspaper in the South went I
s Daily and Weelly EiUtfom t
irw urn and m.ooiMii
TolUTcn. of Thom.iid. of Prleuda with Hi Begin-
moi. ertus new Tor, and w.utt 10 remind
ttasm of Two or Tlir-a luiher Important
. Fictir
Tin Ifontht ago T Poit commenced Its new
career. Us growth naa bean nniireoarfented. Its
wonderful advance In elreulallou. In ad.ertl.ini, In
Inflnenee, In popularity, warrants the olalm of
leadlnf poiltion In Soulbaru Journall.ra.
No eioente or effort will bo snared until Tub
Foot Is reoomlted as the neaiTirr ai well aa.llie
aaiaovner paper lnthe Sntb.
Ton Post ss toe laadlnr DsaooiATie newspaper
In ibe Southwest knowa no faction, and reeognl
ses no Individual ambitions and aaplratlons saute
from the aeaeral goodol tne parly and Ibe Slate of
Texas. It seeks the triumph of prluelples not
men. It upholds great llemocatlo Ideaa and
Ideals not a notion ore fraction of the party.
At the entrance of the new rear, the new Poet
doelres to express Its gratitude for tho tho hearty
welcome It has received, and the magnificent soooees
It baa already achieved. Ha welcome oomea from
the people, its saecass Is their work. They have
endorsed its merite by more tbaa trebling lie elreu-
latloo In Ave months and Br doubling Its advert!..
Inc. For this thoy are entitled to oar warmeat
Mo Democrat ought to be happy without Tub Povt
Wa oall noon our Democratic frlenda In every town
and hamlet fn the Southwest toetart oluba for Tai
Diitv abo Wbbkly. They will get tho alil.it,
brlghtaat andelieapeot new.paper lu the country,
aa well aa as earnest and alead.'aet m!elonarx of
pure and true Democracy.
But what haa been done Is merely tho hegliinlog.
Tbb Pner will bo Improved during the coming year
la all las departmante. It propoaee to oontluue to
bo above everything eiee, a Journal for the lamlly
as wall as for tha bu.lneaa mau ; and while It pre
tends to noportentloae dignity. It will be clean and
dignified, sod at tbo same timo Sparkling and Vlr
aeiooa. It proposes bo heavy spresd of Indlgestlbles but
will give theglet, the pith, the spirit of everylblag
that tbo readers of a nawspapere want to know. It
will bo aueh a paper aa Ike brisk, nervous active
spirit of lbs country requires.
Tbb Post believes In the Intelligence, aot only of
elaaeos, but la that of a majority of the people, and
II will atady tbo Intereeta of tha whole Irotn a bad
aeee. a political and every other point of view. My
serving tbo Intelligence of-the masses. It has fband
bj actual experteaea II best eervea lleelf,
Tllfc iaii.y pour.
Cestelne all the aewa, eewiplelo aad Interesting.
Well-oaaeldared Kdl lorlale aa every .aided polit
ical or Bedel. Complete Commercial aad Market
Tbb Poor has reason te bo proud of Ite Cemmef
elel Columns. Tble Department la knows and re
ep acted throughout tbo oeantry. and lu progaoeltee
tfome aa to the eearee of prtcee have been eo acaa
raw that Ibey have created not only Ibe large.!
eeoSdeaee la tbo paper but a great deal of appreet
alive earprtee.
b made ap from Ike crease of tbo Dolly Kdlllene.
It M oeaeatlally Ibe paper lev the Pemlly, the Her
ekaM the Permer. tbo Mechanic, lee Artteea. Ibe
Pros-aot ooo I OewtlewieB, aad ia fast. Tbb poena.
II lo ably edited end all eeeebtBee). makes Ikd Boot
Dollar Weekly In The Cobs try.
Hi;ncKipTin.w ratmi
1 Tear - . . TS 1 1 Copy I Tew - - 1BS
taeartba - . Ajoo Oak of SB, 1 Tear,
I Mew Bo ... t.te (oaak) .... J
IMooxa- - - -l.ee
llserslerwvi ' p.malil eHotrle. So el -aUBSSAL
fcOBBIBWuB te allawea. TkMatyeei
per ogoo ee oBorl ibiaiiil.ss an ff-a-
liBBWtBa o-l Pml.tSe.lilsiaT -a e
w.T. MAtcxsaaxx.
ocrros. tsias.
I -If BJ .VV.iT-,.
a. iNM.r-xf c
ui, . bl mn t.
JaJ Kill
eree- u-p OB-einiui SMa,
SrMB-M .mil a-e etele by Brest eo eaaaaoj,
sBwsnasB- SW-aVsje 4s? 9WfMtG1o4 fcrtaWsf,
Se4 aOf liSir-o.,iieaVeeied. SpmlmsBCoaBoo
bvsj4 bV-Ss . at 44ww4bbb
(tend l!s the Kews.
When anybody dies, gets naarried, runs
away steals anvU-inif, bnilda a aooao, makes
abtft aaia, or whla his man or kla wife--
broakka his leg, or (la the senae kicked oat
of hiia by a mule, or does anything that Is
In anyway remarkaUd and yon have reaeua
lo believe that yoo know as much about Uie
eeeetrreaee as anybody else, don't wail for
eorae other person to rciiort it, or trust to
as lo Aud It out by lu-lluot, but coiue aud
toll ns about it, or send ns the facts on a
poet a card, la this way news la supplied,
and it tiikcs a 0xi supply of that naccee
oary niatorinl to make a good borne paiwr.
8ee if you oaunot iniprove this year, and let
ns have every item of news that transpires
In your Bulyhborbood.
One our Indiaua . axohanf es keeps the
above) standing in Hs oolumne. We eem
mend it to our readers Srhom it snay eoneern
and we think It aonoerua a great many of
Wants fe lake tsi UsefaU
Mr. OlaJBtone baa been prosentotl
with an ax. Now, if somebody would
only give the rest of tho European
prim ministers taws and bucks their
might be soma suggestion of legiti
mate industry ia the olJ world
Chicago News.
Tbb Fbu Pbbbs is one of the best adver.
tisina medinma in Wesitern Texas, while ite
Job lMnting OSes ia nnsurpaaeed outaids
tha larger towns and cities of the HUte. All
work Kuarantsed, - Orders by mail or other
wise will receive prompt attention.
, recentlyIssued. ,
new staid Full UewcrlptlCBi mf
IIA1H COIl.ll V All lie IMfl
siloai) stl Towaa, l.tHtw t line
! 91esi, dVo V.
Tho following is o partial list of
the contents :
HATS COUNTY-Historiosi Sketch
Area, Altitude, Location, ete t Pro.
dnctions Btrwinis, ate Climate Health I
Prices of Land and Improvements;, Sections
of the County Particularised The Mountain
Region x Additional notes and Comments
Adjoining Counties.
Towns op thb . Cooktt. Son Marcos,
Romantio Situation, Iroprovomontsi Water
Powor and Business ; Kyle) DuPre; Drip.
Sing Springs; Wimberloy; Purgatory Springs
uutcr. . i .
Rtatistios Tax Rolls for 1883 compared
with iHU'i ; Railroad Business ; SohooU and
School Fund Apportionment.
Hats County SoxNsaT described at large ;
Boat rides on the San Maroos Binriugs as de
scribed by Bishop Doggott and others,
Their Wonderful Fairy Scenery ; Grand and
Beautiful Views in the Mountain Region, de
scribed by tourists. ,
Misopxlanious. 'Why Go to Texas;'
"The kind of People Who are Wanted in
Texas;" The Right Time to Go North and
to Come South; Texas Exemption and
Homestead Law ; Terms of Routing Land ;
State Free School Endowment Fund ; A
Ten-year-old Boy's View of the Situatiou
about San Marcos in 1870.
Poetbt. "The River Ssn Marcos,'1 by
Mollie E. Moore, a beautiful production of
a celebrated Southern poetess ; A Prophetic
Tribute to Sao Maroos ; "Beantiful Texas,"
a graphic and spicy parody.
Just the thing to send to friends and cor.
ropondonts abroad. Orders flllad at tho fol
lowing rot-.'S i
Sinulo copioe, flvo cents onch six copies
for 2tkiti; 14 oopies for TiOots; and at threo
couts each for larger numbers. Ordors from
a distance will be promptly filled, postpaid.
Wishing to eloa out a small stock of now and sea
nnd-hend Books ws have on baud, wa have marked
them down lo very low Sgures.
4. We lovlto attention to tho following list
Any book oa It will bs soul prepaid by first msll on
receipt of prlos.
Every-day Cj'olnpodia of Universal Knowl
edge, for the Paimer, Mechanic, Business man
and Housekeeper. An Invaluable work lo all.
One lergo volume, S39 pagoe, i
The Medical Adviser, for Family Use, by
Kesin mompsoo, SI. u. u pages Illustrated,
bound lu Moroooo, S SO. Tbo author la a cele
brated pby.loian of the South, and lbs work Is a
standard usdical authority.
Life of Capt Fry the Cuban Martyr. - A
rare nooa or mucn intoresi, aanaaomeiy Donna
and lllaslrated. ti 00.
Homo. A beautiful gift book, illustrated. f2
Life of George Peabody, the groat friend of
IBB BOBID. BI1H.' 1 . .
Russian Nihilism and Exile Life in Siberia,
by i. W, Heel, an American, an eye witness aud
b graphic writer. A breml new and very Interest
ing book, profuwly Illustrated.
Schmucker's History of the Civil War, S vols
or iwu pages eB, oouna in scarlet morocco, ana
finely Illustrated, f 1 64 per vol.
Life and Epistles of St Paul, by three emi
nent Divines, uonynearo, liuwson and naeon,vlT
pages, bound la library stylo, lllu.tralad tS 00.
Life in the Holy Land, remarkable Charac
ters snd Places. By Kev.Chtrleo W KM loll SIS
psges, finely illustrated. In library blading, SJ SO
Annals of the West, by James 1L Perkins.
CSt pages, fl.U
Men of Our Day, or biographical sketches of
Pstrlote, Orators, Slaloeman, Generals, Reformers
Plnanoiers, and Msrchanle. Rlegantly lllnstraled
b) 41 portrait from Hie By L. V. Broek.lt, M D
Ono volume of S6S p la embosssd Morocco, (III,
The New York Tombs ; Its Secrets and Its
Mysteries, being a History of Voted Criminals,
with nsrrativoe of tbelr Crimea, aa gathered by
Charles So lion, Warden of the Prison, la Libra
ry stylo, see pagea lllustrsied, SI eo.
Human Rights and their political Guarantees
Judge Buribat. 1 BS.
Delia's Doctors or a Glance Behind Tho
Sssbss. Mr. Creamer. Tnete.
Plain Home Talk, and Modical Common
Seme, . B, Foots, M. D, 1 M.
Peoples' Common Sense Medical Adviser,
la Viols gngll.b. Ur. B. V. Plereo. . SI M.
The Right Word in the Right Place, or
recsei uieuoaary, locta.
Children, ' Management of in Health and
meeaae. Or. Skew, SI SO,
Fair Harvard, a Story of American College
Ufa. Pataaaa A Mes, SI fin.
Early Daya in California, Fsmham, 7ScU.
Walker on Beauty, Intei-marriage, and Wo
atea, ihrea laioroetlag velBmee, SOcta oaeh.
The Principles of Pbviriology applied to the
preoereetlea) es.beelUl, one to too Improvement.
thyalea! aad meaeel eOeeatloa. B AadrewComb,
1 1. A eaaadard erork, $1 SB.
The Const Ultion of Man, eonaidered in ro
lellM te eiteretl eaecU, kj Ooorge Ceesbc.SI SB
Pope's Eanay on Man. J.'xrta.
Five LAngnaffoav LAtin, Italian, Frmrh,
SpsNelt. ad QeroioB.wliboBt a Bracket. 1 vo Si
Poems of Mrs. liemaaa.
Uvea and Adventoree of the James and
Younger Brothers, llloMmtrd.
Ako Juveniie Bcwka, Fine Pirtores He,
Nic Tengg,
WBeSoeale ed
Bookseller & Stationer,
SIS Cinmii Ssreea.
SA1T Alt T0NI0, TEX.
sa. Miaoairs pt4aPTtT intini ro
era am
SalakcnU far tis FETE rP.EKSL
HutcM::n & i: '":t
Ran Maxvots, Tor.
iVomn aftimtio tMf'J to C V
OUIbm and BaamlBlaa Laud t'llee. I - I-.
STsauae nsaaa
s. a. t j.
Attorneys at Lav,
Ed. J. Xi. Qreon,
Collections Made an all AooeeaiUe Points,
D. ils Olovcr 1 Oo.
Spteiat (UUntio paid I eollmtion. JlyM
fHYsiciiis & simm
OFFICE: Reynolds k Daniel's Drugstore
O.T- Buowm
Once la Mitchell Bulldlag.
iaa S-ll .......
Italian Bees and Qneens.
laaMCBlturc.takolBondal tko Apiary of .
BJoktllr MBS. a. 0. MOSHBB,
. Baa MsbboS. Tbbas.
. A. X 8T7ASEY,
Retail Qroccr-
Slers, Ssaikesst Corner Publls Squsrs, Call a
sxaralns slock aad leara prices. Patreesgs sella
ed. BMIf
San Marcos, TeotcCn.
Preeerlpllons carefully Bllod day and Blg'-l
A full line of pure fresh Drags aad Chamtcats, Pal
eot Medicines, Porrumory, Oils, Polnta, Braehee,
etc., oio. - -.- ougU ly
Free Pre s s
Job Printing
r A"orthSlde o Ttaza. I j.
. F O H S A. . Ia X3
... sbvsusi.
Also ono of oho best places asar tiaa Maroos for a
Dairy, tf.
Usfflas aad Metallic Oases all slsss ob short aoMse.
Isaac H. Julian,
Utters of Inquiry aooompanled by a stamp or
rsply, will receive prompt etloalloa. j!
Dr. Iff. B. lUIcIaoany
iiori lit!!
Tenders bis services to tbo people of IN. Moreoa
and vicinity In tha practice of bis profsseJea. AI
work warranted and prices roseoasbla.
or OPriCK In Judge Woods' bolldlng, with Dr.
Combs. . avSlp
; i
OFFICE t North Side Pnblie Stjoare,
Umm Itlarcoa. - TeirUe.
where bo see oalv
Hen's Bscts and Shoes,
Of Brrry deecrlplloo. Cheeper tkoa
- See Solle Tbo
TrBds lark.)
the Cbeepeet,
Which is roroterl bo be frrml hoU la
otnrk and BrurktBatiBCiip.
Can be bad aw vborweker in Son Kwcne.
a Htirni saelil lor Ike re of B) Ibe re
I I L ll'l V ! oil .D.lTMIvreikwi-
Mil 1 or.T.r.rtr z:z
aft BVT
I iTwets, ftotAataVTT V-
Babbitt Jlcfaf;
Ft Sale at Tlis O.T
ar-.vk T-j aal
tturitmyl ( FT.) Cor. tU JAxtrtm.

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